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Some garage/psych from Australia

Four discs worth in fact, and there are more to come.....the Australian/New Zealand scenes of the 60's
were quite good, as I'm sure anyone who was there will tell us. I've loved Australia for some time, not that 've been there, because I haven't, but the way those chicks talk.....yummmmmmmm. I especially love that Emile de Ravin, who played Claire on "Lost" (my fave show ever, by the way), on of the finest babes in the lengthy history of my personal Babeology.

OK, what was I talking about? Emile always manages to get me sidetracked. Oh, yes, the quite well-known, four disc set "Ugly Things", packed with all things Aussie and Kiwi from those late great 1960's. Just seconds ago finished listening to Disc 1 in its entirety, VERY good stuff here....The Missing Links, The Creatures, Trevor Gordon & the Bee Gees (!), The Running Jumping Standing Still and a ton more. Pure garage noise, BUT with a special twist, which is what makes each of these internal sets some damn unique and special,

Volume 2 continues to pile em on.......The Birds, Grandma's Tonic. The Clefs, Laurie Wade's Cavaliers (to name but a very few). Volume 3 gives us Machine Gun Kelly's Rejects, The Chants R&B, The Easybeats, and the La De Da's.....

Volume 4 attempts to get more psychedelic as the band names (The Hi-Revving Tongues, Inside Looking Out, The Wright of Waye) and the song titles ("And I Heard the Fire Sing", "Krome Plaed Yabby", "Slightly-Delic") would imply, and pulls it off nicely, all in all this is a very good, fairly essential set if you're at all interested in the Aussie/Kiwi sounds of this era, and as I said I think I have another set that is (if I remember correctly) a bit better than this one, I'll have to check on that one!

Want, Need, Love You/03 THE ELOIS-By My Side/04 THE MOODS-Rum Drunk/05 THE EASYBEATS-Goin' Out of My Mind/06 THE VINCE MALONEY SECT-No Good Without You/07 THE SUNSETS-I Want Love/08 THE WILD COLONIALS-Get the Picture/09 THE CREATURES-Ugly THing/10 THE CULT-You're Just My Kind/11 ATLANTICS-Come On/12 THE D-Coys-Bad Times/13 TREVOR GORDON & THE BEE GEES-Little Miss Rythm & Blues/14 THE FOUR STRANGERS-Sad & Lonely/15 THE IN-SECT-I Can See My Love/16 THE JACKSON KINGS-Watch Your Step/17 THE RUNNING JUMPING STANDING STILL-Shes So Good To Me/18 THE VACANT LOT-Don't Let Me Sleep To Long/19 THE HERGS-Style Of Love/20 JEFF
ST JOHN & THE ID-Sunaroid '67

DISC 2-01 BOBBY & LAURIE-Jump Back/02 DEREK'S ACCENT-Ain't Got No Feelin/03 BARRINGTON DAVIS POWERPACT-Raining Teardrops/04 THE BIRDS-Dust In My Pants/05 THE LA DE DA'S-Little Girl/06 THE BLUE BEATS-She's Coming Home/07 THE JET SET-What Did The Man Say/08 THE FIVE-There's Time/09 GRANDMA'S TONIC-Lost Girl/10 THE SUNSETS-The Hot Generation/11 THE ATLANTICS-It's a Hard Life/12 THE PURPLE HEARTS-Just a Little Bit/13 THE THROB-I Need You/14 THE CLEFS-I Can Only Give You Everything/15 VYT-Why Do I Cry/16 LAURIE WADE'S CAVALIERS-To Win Your Love/17 TONY ORSLEY-Talk About Love/18 TONY COLE-Beat It!/19 THE CHEROKEES-I've Gone Wild/20 RAY COLUMBUS & THE ART COLLECTION-Kick

DISC 3-01 THE LOVED ONES-Everlovin Man/02 THE PLEAZERS-Hurtin All Over/03
MACHINE GUN KELLYS REJECTS-I'm Going Back/04 THE OTHERS-Why Can't She Be Mine/05 THE TWILIGHTERS-I'm Not Talking/06 TONY BARBER-I Want Her Too/07 THE LOST SOULS-This Life Of Mine/08 THE THROB-One THing To Do/09 THE MODES-Baby Please Don't Go/10 THE LA DE DA'S-How Is The Air Up There/11 CHANTS R&B-Neighbour, Neighbour/12 THE BLUESTARS-Social End Product/14LARRY'S REBELS-Flying Scotsman/15 THE BOBBY JAMES SYNDICATE-Hey Hey Hey/16 THE SHOWMEN-Naughty Girl/17 RUSS KRUGER-Keep Me Satisfied/18 THE EASYBEATS-For My Woman

DISC 4-01 THE JAMES TAYLOR MOVE-And I Heard the Fire Sing/02 THE WRIGHT OF WAYE-Sun God/03 INSIDE LOOKING OUT-Long Live Sivinanda/04 THE EASTBEATS-Particular Hole In the Sky/05 THE WILD CHERRIES-Krome Plated Yabby/06 JEFF ST JOHN & THE ID-Eastern Dream/07 THE HOUSE OF NIMROD-Slightly-Delic/08 THE VEGETABLE GARDEN-Hypnotic Suggestion/09 THE BUCKET-I Can't Help Thinking Of You/10 THE HI-REVVING TONGUES-Tropic Of Capricorn/11 THE MASTERS APPRENTICES-Living In a Childs Dream/12 PROCESSIN-Listen/13 LARRYS REBELS-Halloween/14 VYT & THE WORLD-Tiny Timothy/15 SIMPLE IMAGE-Spinning Spinning Spinning/16 THE TWILIGHTS-Time & Motion Study Man/17 THE LOVE MACHINE-The Lonely Hearts Club Christmas Party/18 THE QUESTIONS-And THings Said Unsaid/19 TERRY BRITTEN-Bargain Day/20 THE DAVE MILLER SET-Mr. Guy Fawkes

Good set today......please leave comments.......I have a deal with Emile de Ravin that if I recieve enough
comments on this set, I win the chance of performing orally upon her! So please help me and Emile out!

Links In a little while!

Emile de Ravin...yummmmmmmmmmy!

LATE EDIT: Track 20 on Disc 1 is damaged and will not play.......sorry!

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