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New contributor Nazz sends a couple of DAMNED albums, COOL

(scott)- Naz has been around for a bit, but I don't think he's sent us any material before......so, right now,
he's giving us some classic DAMNED albums, and not a one of us is going to turn THAT down, right? Thiws blog is open to ANYONE who wishes to submit any KILLER ROCK N ROLL, and welcome to NAZ if he wishes to be a regular contributor........these two albums are CLASSICS, nothing but, and let us thank Naz for sending them........Naz, please join the "team" and submit often.......I LOVE the submissions, and the readers love them too......helps make us what we "are"......great submissions, and PLEASE continue to send em in, we'll get em posted, THAT part I promise!

Hey, Scott.

I didn't see these on the blog, and they are a couple of my favorite punk albums... hell a couple of my favorite albums period.  Both are by The Damned.

Machine Gun Etiquette:

The DOWNLOAD LINK is http:// www113.zippyshare.com/v/E6hVeCxI/file.html
(added space to keep Yahoo from adding a hyperlink)


(From the 2004 Chiswick Reissue)
1 Love Song    
2 Machine Gun Etiquette    
3 I Just Can't Be Happy Today
4 Melody Lee
5 Anti-Pope
6 These Hands
7 Plan 9 Channel 7    
8 Noise, Noise, Noise
9 Looking At You
10 Liar    
11 Smash It Up (Parts 1 & 2)

12 Love Song (Ed Hollis Version)
13 Noise, Noise, Noise
14 Suicide    
15 Smash It Up (Part 2) (Backing TRACK - Singalonga Damned)    
16 Smash It Up (Part 4)    
17 Burglar    
18 I Just Can't Be Happy Today (DJ Edit)
19 Ballroom Blitz
20 Turkey Song

(from the 2004 Emergo re-issue)
1 Rabid (Over You)
2 White Rabbit (Extended Version

(from the 2004 Chiswick "Smash it Up" CD SINGLE
1 Smash It Up (Parts 1-4)

The Black Album

The download link is http: //www54.zippyshare.com/v/T9ElZizK/file.html (added space to keep YAHOO from adding a hyperlink)


1 Wait For The Blackout    
2 Lively Arts    
3 Silly Kids Games    
4 Drinking About My Baby    
5 Twisted Nerve    
6 Hit Or Miss    
7 Dr Jekyll & Mr Hyde    
8 Sick Of This And That    
9 History Of The World Part I
10 13th Floor Vendetta    
11 Therapy    
12 Curtain Call

You can just call me "Naz" in posts... this EMAIL ADDRESS is listed as "Naz Nomad" but I have posted in comments on the site as "Naz Fride" a couple of times from my Google+ account.  They are both me, so it's simpler to just call me Naz I guess.

I hope you like these.  My tastes run to old-school punk, British Invasion, rockabilly, garage, psychedelia and stuff like that, but I love all kinds of music, from Dylan, Costello and Bowie to doo-wop and funk.  I hope I have more stuff you're INTERESTED IN. Glad to help out if I can.


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