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Peggy Lee-Bewitching

Oh, shut up, I was just talking about VARIETY a minute ago.......to briefly summarize, Peggy Lee's "Fever" has always (and I mean ALWAYS) worked as well as Viagra on this guy.......and, the love of my life Madame Angela (she'll have some more of HER stuff up over the weekend) is going to be singing that very song in a local talent contest in a couple weeks.......what the fuck could be better?

"Fever" was a hit in 1962, the YEAR I WAS BORN (!), but it is SUCH a sexy song, Madonna (who, believe me, I would do in a second) and her weak cover of the song cannot hold  fucking half a candle to Peggy Lee's orgasm inducing version..........

Anyway, I'm putting up Peggy Lee's "Bewitching" album, which is a spot-on PERFECT title for it, Peggy Lee absolutely WAS bewitching, sexy as fuck and about 40 years ahead of her time......ONE sexy ass woman, one sexy ass vocalist, and, frankly, one sexy ASS........

Hey. It's what I do...variety is the spice of life, or some shit, and this REALLY IS a good fucking album, just be sure that when you listen to it, that your lady is nearby, because if not, you'll need to.....well, nevermind......

BEWITCHING-01 Why Don't You Do Right/02 Don't Smoke in Bed/03 It's a Good Day/04 Alright, OK, You Win/05 Golden Earrings/ 06 Hallelujah I Just Love Him So/07 Fever/08 I Don't Know Enough About You/09 Them There Eyes/10 While We're Young/11 Manana/12 My Man

An absolutely tremendous album, IMO some of the sexiest music ever released, and this is from a fan of Liz Phair, Peaches, Bif Naked, you get the idea, I LOVE those sexually liberated women, and Peggy Lee was (as I said before) about 40 years ahead of her time. if I ever get my time machine thing worked out, Peggy needs to free up a couple of hours on her schedule.

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