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My Man Anonymous Tosses us Some MORE REM Boots

Hey, hot off the e-mail, haven't heard a note of them, and as you can see from his email (below), apparently

there is an issue with Sendspace, so these are Zippyshare.......no track lists, I ain't got time for THAT shit, (normally I do, of course, but I'm trying to throw a bunch of stuff at ya, so that September 2016 goes down as the GREATEST MONTH IN THE HISTORY OF THE BLOG.......or, MAYBE NOT, too, but you can't argue that we certainly have put a BUNCH of stuff up there this month, helps keep me sane, and I hope you guys enjoy the music, the non-music stuff, and (mostly) the variety. As usual thanks to all guest contributors, love you all!

Some more R.E.M. liveBOOTS uploaded for you. I realised after using Sendspace to host them, that this doesn't allow subsequent multiple downloads at the same time, so have used Zippyshare instead:

Live @ Seattle Crocodile Café 23.10.2001

Live @ Atlanta Omni 21.11.1995 [CD 1]

Live @ Atlanta Omni 21.11.1995 [CD 2]

Live @ Rock In Rio Festival 13.01.2001 [CD 1]

Live @ Rock In Rio Festival 13.01.2001 [CD 2]

Live @ Stockholm Vinterträdgården Grand Hotel 09.11.1998

Live @ Greensboro Colliseum 10.11.1989 [EP]

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