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Female Metal Power Volume 2

As I told ya before, this is a fab creation made by someone, God knows how long ago, but it is FUCKING great as there is NOTHING better than HOT CHICKS screaming out the metal.....hey, I give a year's pay to eat the panties of these delicate flowers, but, like volume 1, there is some fabulous hard rock here, and, of course, that is why we are here for, right?

AN IMPORTANT REQUEST: OK, this file needs to be split due to the Zippyshare limit......some downloaders have a difficult time with these split files.....It's an issue for ME, because, as I already have the files, I don't have to download them......now, knowing what I know,  I know that some people have issues with these type of split downloads, and what I would like to request, is COULD SOMEONE who knows how to do this, ie, download split zippy files, PLEASE type out easy to follow intructions as to how this is done, so we can all be on equal footing? I KNOW from the download numbers that a few of ya know how to do it!

FEMALE METAL POWER VOLUME 2-01 AFTER FOREVER-Two Sides/02 AFTERMATH-Us/ 32 IMPERIA-Secret Passion/33 KRYPTERIA- Now (Start Spreading the Word)/34 LACUNA COIL-Heaven's a Lie/35 LACUNA COIL-Swamped/36 LEAVE'S EYES-Elegy/37 LEAVE'S EYES-Hell to the Heavens/38 LEAVE'S EYES-Legend Land/39 LEAVE'S EYES-Misseri-Turn Green Meadows Into Grey/40 LEAVE'S EYES-Mourning Tree/41 LEAVE'S EYES-My Destiny/42 LEAVE'S EYES-Norwegian Love Song/43 LEAVE'S EYES-Tale of the Sea Maid/44 LEAVE'S EYES-Twilight Sun/45 LUNATICA-Avalon/46 LUNATICA-How Did It Come To This/47 LUNATICA-Introduction/48 LUNATICA-New Shores/49 LUNATICA-The Edge of Infinity/50 MARTIN KESICI FEATURING TARA TURUNEN-German Top 100 Singles Chart/51 MORTAL LOVE-Adoration/52 MORTAL LOVE- Mortally Beloved/ 53 LUNATICA-54 SIERNIA-Beyond Life's Scenery/55 SERNIA-Oscurqa Realidad/56 SERNIA-Seven Widows Weep/57 SERNIA-The End of It All/58 SERNIA-The  Other Side/59 SERNIA-The Path to Decay/60 STREAM OF PASSION-Wherever You Are/61 TARJA-500 Letters/62 TARJA-I Walk Alone/63 TARJA-Kuin Henkays Ikuasduusta/64 TARJA-Lost Northern Star/65 TARJA-Poison/66 TARJA-The Good Die Young/67 TARJA-The Seer
Returning to Life/03 AMBERIAN DAWN-Sampo/04 ANCIENT BARDS-Across this Life/05 ANETTE
FOLZEN-Falling/06 ANGTORIA-God Has a Plan For Us All/07 ANGATIORIA-Original Sin (The Devil's Waiting In the Wing)/08 ANGATORIA-Six Feet Under's Not Enough/09 CORANATUS-Mein Herz/10 ECHOES OF ETERNITY-The Forgotten Goddess/11 EDINBRIDGE-A New Tomorrow/12 EDINBRIDGE-Higher/13 EDINBRIDGE-Shadowplay/14 EDINBRIDGE-Shine/15 EDINBRIDGE-The Centerville Prophecy/16 ELIS-Show Me the Way/17 EPICA-Chasing the Dragon/18 EPICA-Death of a Dream (The Embrace That Smothers Part 7)/19 EPICA-Fools of Damnation (The Embrace That Smothers Part 9)/20 EPICA-Sancta Terra/21 EPICA-Solitary Ground (Single Version)/22 EPICA-Storm the Sorrow/23 EPICA-The Second
Stone/24 EPICA-This is the Time/25 EPICA-Unlaeashed/26 EVANESCENCE-Good Enough/27 EVANESCENCE-Hello/28 EVANESCENCE-Imaginary/29 EVANESCENCE-My Immortal/30 EYES OF EDEN-Man In Flame/31 HALESTORM-Here's to

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