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From Jon S-PS Eliot

(scott) In December of last year, my son Grant and I went to see my favorite band, Sleater Kinney, perform
in Columbus Ohio....the opening act was (the very good, actually) Waxahatchee, with, whom, at that time, I was not familiar......

Flash forward, I have gotten an education and a half on them, with multiple submissions, I had no idea of their depth and influence, really.....here Jon S presents some work from PS Eliot, a Waxahatchee-related project (actually PRE-Waxahatchee if you read his write up).....gotta say haven't yet had time to listen to this one, but REALLY want to, even after enjoying them opening for the great SK, blog submissions have gotten me far more interested in the  fab work of twin sisters Katie and Allison Crutchfield........and PS Eliot is their "roots" for certain (Katie went on to form Waxahatchee, Allison formed Swearin' a you can see from Jon S' write up. Anyway, another FANTASTIC submission. I am speechless over the quality of contributions I have been receiving of late. It's what makes this blog readable, in SOME people's eyes.....and, those of you who DISLIKE the blog......well, sorry about your luck, I happen to LIKE how it's been going of late.

From Wikipedia: P.S. Eliot is a pop punk band formed in 2007 in Birmingham, Alabama by twin sisters Katie (guitars, vocals) and Allison Crutchfield (drums). They released two albums: Introverted Romance In Our Troubled Minds (2009) and Sadie (2011), both on Salinas Records. After the band broke up in 2011, both members pursued their own musical projects--Katie started Waxahatchee and Allison started Swearin'.
In June 2016, The Crutchfields announced that they would reunite P.S. Eliot for a tour that September

The Bike Wreck Demo (EP 2008)

01 Bike Wreck!!!!!!!/02 Broken Record/03 Entrendre/04 Like How You Are/05 Tonight/06 Troubled Medium/07 Untitled

Introverted Romance In Our Troubled Minds (2009)

01 Tennessee/02 We'd Never Agree/03 Hail Mary/04 IncoherentLOVE Songs/05 Augustus/06 Like How You Are/07 Tangiable Romance/08 Tonight/09 The Cyborg/10 Zoroaster/11 Sore Subject/12 Troubled Medium

Living In Squalor (EP 2010)

01 Broken Record/02 Cry Uncle/03 Acid Flashbacks/04 Dark/05 Bear Named Otis

Sadie (2011)

01 Talk/02 Cross Eyed/03 Sadie/04 Asphalt/05 Pink Sheets/06 Untitled/07 Shitty And Tragic/08 Jesus Christ/09 Peach/10 Diana/11 Dead Letters/12 Mood Ring/13 Watch On Mute

2007-2016 (Compilation (2016)

This is a remastered collection of all recorded output plus demos. 

01 tennessee/02 we'd never agree/03 hail mary/04 incoherentLOVE songs/05 augustus/06 like how you are/07 tangible romance/08 tonight/09 the cyborg/10 zoroaster/11 sore subject/12 troubled medium/13 talk/14 cross eyed/15 sadie/16 asphalt/17 pink sheets/18 untitled/19 shitty And tragic/20 jesus christ/21 peach/22 diana/23 dead letters/24 mood ring/25 watch on mute/26 brokenRECORD/27 cry uncle/28 acid flashbacks/29 dark/30 bear named otis/31 broken record/32 entendre/33 like how you are/34 tonight/35 troubled medium/36 cross eyed (demo)/37 incoherent love song (demo)/38 asphalt (demo)/39 hail mary (demo)/40 cry uncle (demo)/41 the cyborg (demo)/42 tangible romance (demo)/43 jesus christ (demo)/44 dead letters (demo)/45 bear named otis (demo)/46 untitled (demo)/47 diana (demo)/48 watch on mute (demo)/49 sore subject (demo)/50 zoroaster (demo)

Market Hotel, Brooklyn 9/15/16 (recorded by nyctaper.com)

01 Broken Record/02 We'd Never Agree/03 [banter - thanks]/04 Hail Mary/05 Asphalt/06 Pink Sheets/07 [banter - the zine]/08 Cry Uncle/09 Bear Named Otis/10 Shitty and Tragic/11 Crosseyed/12 [banter - NYC]/13 Sadie/14 Like How You Are/15 Tonight [Spica]/16 Sore Subject/17 Watch On Mute/18 Troubled Medium/19 [encore break]/20 Untitled/21 Tennessee

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