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From John N a big favorite of mine Radio Moscow

(scott)-I've posted most of this before (long ago), but of course John N has some material I don't
have.....bad ass-hard psych/stoner rock from Story City Iowa, thus far, I have really enjoyed their releases (haven't heard the latest one), the lineups have changed a bit over the years (between 2007-now) so I wont try to track everyone, I will just say this is the story of a band that started out as a blues/metal duo type and morphed into a sort of retro-70's band with some modern day stoner rock touches.

The band was a hard rocking duo when the self titled debut was released (2007, fun fact: Dan Auerbach produced), honestly a fairly run-of-the-mill hard rock album. Much better is "Brain Cycles" (2009) as the band tries to heavy- and psych-up their sound......it is successful, they were a prefectly legit second-tier mid-late 00's stoner band......there were a LOT of great ones, and these guys were up there. For my cash, "I just Don't Know" is the highlight here, but there are other good ones here. Recommended (by me).

The next album may be the best, "The Great Escape of Leslie Magnafuzz", still plenty hard rocking and psychish-stoner-y......although adding back in some garagey-blues-ish touches. This was, I think, their best effort......it is also where they and I ended association, I guess......until now.

By the release of "Three and Three Quarters, the band was basically multi-instrumentalist Parker Griggs, this album comes off as somewhat experimental on first listen, but still worth having....."Magical Dirt" is a "new" release (2014! Where have I been?)....HAVE NOT HEARD this one yet, of course, I'm putting it up there, my admiration of the band's past work requires that. hope it's a good one......

Thanks to John N we also have "Live in California", which is the ONLY in-concert material I have EVER heard from this great band (ANYONE else got any more?) as well as a handful of non-album tracks....this may be (or maybe not, who the fuck knows?) the "best" Radio Moscow post EVER, except I can't REALLY call it that or that douche over at the blog that doesn't like THIS blog will get all upset.

RADIO MOSCOW is one of the better hard rock practitioners of the last few years, if you are unaware and
missed my first attempt to make this point, this new and improved posting will certainly drive the point home!

RADIO MOSCOW-01 Introduction/02 Frustrating Sound/03 Luckydutch/04 Lickskillet/05 Mistreating Queen/06 Whatever Happened/07 Timebomb/08 Deep Blue Sea/09 Ordovician Fauna/10 Fuse

BRAIN CYCLES-01 I Just Don't Know/02 Broke Down/03 The Escape/04 No Good Woman/05 Brain Cycles/06 250 Miles/07 Hold On Me/08 Black Boot/09 City Lighats/10 No Jane

THE GREAT ESCAPE OF LESLIE MAGNAFUZZ-01 Little Eyes/02 No Time/03 Speed Freak/04 Creepin/05 Turtle Back Rider/06 Densaflorativa/07 I Don't Need Nobody/08 Misleading Me/09 Summer of 1942/10 Insideout/11 Deep Down Below/12 Open Your Eyes

THREE & THREE QUARTERS-01 You're Doing It To Me/02 The Look on My Face/03 Here I Come/04 No No Mister/05 We're All Troubled/06 She's Mine/07 About to Crash/08 The Stomp!/09 On Yoaur Own/10 Confusion/11 Dog Show/12 Time Bomb (Middle the Room)

MAGICAL DIRT-01 So Alone/02 Rancho Tehama Airport/03 Death of a Queen/04 Sweet Lil Thing/05 These Days/06 Bridges/07 Gypsy Fast Woman/08 Got the Time/09 Before it Burns/10 Stinging

LIVE IN CALIFORNIA (2016)-01 I Just Don't Know/02 Death of a Queen/03 Broke Down/04 I Don't Need Nobody/05 250 Miles/Brain Cycles/06 Before It Burns/07 The Escape/08 City Lights/09 Chance of Fate/10 Deep Blue Sea/11 These Days/12 Rancho Tahoma Airport/13 No Good Woman/14 So Alone

NON ALBUM TRACKS-01 Open Your Eyes/02 Magical Diart/03 The Stranger/04 These Days (Instrumental Version)/05 I Just Want to Make Love to You

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