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Cilff back with more regggae!

BIT OF CULTURE FOR YER                                                                                              

Culture is a Jamaican roots group that was formed in 1976, and the only
constant member was Joseph Hill. They mostly perfromed music penned by Hill,
and indicative of his keen sense of the keen sense between Jamaica's history and its social and
political climate at the time.  Hill was hip that the message went down best
hooked to a catchy beat. Over the years the lineup changed but the group never lost
that sound of beautiful close harmonies backed at one time or another by genre
luminairis such as Sly Dunbar, Robbie Shakespeare, Ashto Barrett and Skinny Lindo.

Two Sevens Clash is their debut album and one of the best reggae albums of all
time; if you only listen to one of these albums make sure it is this one.  That's not to say
the others here are not worth lending an ear to.  The problem is they just don't live up to
that masterpeice. A while ourback I sent Culture's International Herb to ourand
main man Scott and this got posted.  It is well worth going back to track that one down
as well as give it a listen if the link is still working.

TWO SEVENS CLASH:  1. Get Ready To Ride To Zion/02 Black Starliner Must Come/03 Jah Pretty Face/04. See Them Come/05 Natty Dread Taking Over/06 Calling Rasta Far/07 I'm Alone in the Wilderness/08 Pirae Days/09 Two Sevens Clash/10 I'm Not Ashamed

Link: http://www9.zippyshare/v/nclbflr3/file.html

BALDHEAD BRIDGE: 01 Behold I Come/02 Zion Gate/03 So Long babylon A Fool and I (And I)/04 Them a Payaka/05 Baldhead Bridge/06 Love Shines Brighter/07 Jah Love/08 How Can I Leave Jah/09 She Wants Money/10 Wha Gwan

Link: http://www98.zippyshare.com/v/RQoVWU1E/file.html

CHANTING ON-01 01 Slice of Mount Zion/02 Chant Down Babylon/03 Outcact/04 Old tttoo/05 Payday/06 Capture Rasata/07 Praise Him/08 One Stone/09 Hand a Bowl/10. Share the Riches/11. This Way/12. Legislation/13 Writing on The Wall/14 Chanting on/15 Addi Abbaba/16 Psalm of bab marley/17 Statan Company/18 Election

Link:  http://www102.zippyshare.com/v/uXDHCpdJ/file.html

HARDER THAN THE REST-01 Behold/02 Holy Mountain Zion/03 Stop the Fussing and Fighting/04 iron
Sharpen Iron/05 Vacancy/06 Tell Me Where You Get It/07 Free Again/08 Work On Natty/09 Love Shine Bright/10 Play Skillfully

Link: http://www69.zippyshare.com/v/4BAyZSTB/file.html

MORE CULTURE AKA MORE INNOCENT BLOOD-01 Innocent Blood/02 Iniquity Worker/03 Iron Sharpenth Iron/04 Weaping and Wailing/05 Callie Weed Seed/06 More Vacancy/07 Play Skilfully/08 White Belly Rats


The Muggs - 1. need ya baby, 2. gonna need my help, 3. rollin'
b-side blues 4. monster
5. should've learned my lesson 6. white boy blues 7. hard love 8. said and done 9. underway 10. if you please 11. doc mode

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