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BigScott's NFL preseason report with incredible download

OK, in case you didn't know, I am a HUGE football fan, as much as I am a fan of music, football has served
as an incredible diversion for me for decades, I can lose myself in a game much like I can in music......this blog is not the proper place to pontificate about the upcoming season, in particular Teddy Bridgewater's season ending injury, or the Vikings controversial acquisition of Sam Bradford......just wanted to lay out my thoughts before Sunday. And mostly I have a very cool downloadable bonus for any real football fans who happen to be here, to 95% of the readers here, it will mean nothing, to the other 5% they will simply be amazed.

OK, quickly, let us preview the NFL season.....I am a vikings fan, have been one since 1969, and, even living in Ohio I have rarely missed a game in that 47 year span.......anyway, I am usually pessemistic about their chances, I was thinking that with a healthy Teddy Bridgewater this year they really had a good shot, but of course, (only the vikings), he was lost for the season in practice on a NON CONTACT INJURY....NON CONTACT! His career may be over, for all I know, hell they say the guy came close to possibly losing his fucking LEG. But, a theory......

Sam Bradford was the #1 overall pick in the NFL draft a few years ago. He's been hurt a lot, been on some bad teams and in 20 different systems.....not predicting this is going to happen, BUT, picture, a perfectly skilled NFL QB, on the best team he's ever been on, with the best running back of all time helping him out, and one of the NFL's best defenses (REALLY GOOD, best in many years, the great Anthony Barr, Eric Kendricks, Everson griffin, Xavier Rhodes, Harrison Smith, Sharif Floyd if he can stay on the field......

When I look at any sports teams, preseason, I asses the team and try to compare it with a team of the past....the team I see reflecteed in the 2016 Vikings is the 1980-83 Raiders, just after they had picked up Jim Plunkett.....like Bradford, a former #1 overall pick......like Bradford, problems with injuries and awful teams......like Bradford, the guy knew how to play football, and four years later keyed around the running of Marcus Allen and a killer defense, they had won two championships (1980, 1983).

I am going to predict the Vikings win the division, (I usually DO NOT)....they've pulled stuff like this before,
bringing in Warren Moon or Jim Mcmahon or Brad Johnson Act 2 or Randall Cunningham or Jeff George or (GAG) Donovan Mcnabb.....Bradford had FAR more (and I really do mean FAR more) upside than any of those lads had. Many fans of the team disagree with me, but I think the pickup of Bradford is a fairly low-risk aquisition, considering the upside of the player involved. Certainly they'd win NOTHING with Shaun Hill, so at least they give hope to the fan base. Looking forward to the season, a bit hesitantly, but I LOVE me some Vikings football. I've never given up on them, other than the Chicago Cubs, possibly the most difficult team in sports to be a hard core fan of.

REAL quick, here are my predictions for 2016, PLEASE (if you are a football fan) share yours, whomever comes closest will win, well, we'll figure something out........anyway here it is, and again, I'd love to see yours, although I know my love of Vikings football is not REALLY what this blog is 'bout, but actually, it's 'bout whatever I'm feeling, and, this week, feeling the NFL season in the motherfucking air!

AFC EAST                      AFC NORTH                        AFC SOUTH                         AFC WEST

1. New England                 1. Cincinnati                              1. Indianapolis                        1. Kansas City
2. NY Jets                         2. Pittsburgh                              2. Tennessee                          2. Oakland
3. Buffalo                           3. Baltimore                              3. Houston                             3. San Diego
4. Miami                            4. Cleveland                              4. Jacksonville                       4. Denver

NFC EAST                       NFC NORTH                           NFC SOUTH                        NFC WEST

1. Washington                    1. Minnesota                               1. Carolina                            1. Seattle
2. NY Giants                     2. Green Bay                               2. New Orleans                    2 Arizona
3. Dallas                            3. Chicago                                  3. Tampa Bay                       3. San Francisco
4. Philadaelphia                 4. Detroit                                     4. Atlanta                             4. Los Angeles

AFC WILD CARDS: Oakland, Pittsburgh
NFC WILD CARDS:  Green Bay, New Orleans



OK, this is only for hardcore football fans, these are likely somthing you've not seen before......what I have
here are the actual playbooks for some of the NFL's great- and not so great teams of recent times.....I'll list the teams for you in a second, but for a football fan, this is a dream come true to look at.....I have a bunch of them from some of the great NCAA teams as well, and I'll try to get them up next week sometime

NFL PART 1-1969 Redskins/1981 Eagles/1982 49ers/1983 Chargers/1985 49ers/1985 Rams/1986 Redskins/1989 Packers part 1/1989 Packers part 2

NFL PART 2-1990 Bengals/1991 49ers/1991 Bills/1994 Bills/1994 Vikings/1995 Steelers/1997 Bills

NFL PART 3-1997 Packers/ 1998 Raiders/1999 Dolphins/1999 Rams/2000 Giants/2000 Rams

NFL PART 4-01 2000 Seahawks/2001 Cowboys/2001 NFC Pro Bowl/2001 NY Jets/2002 Broncos/2003 Patriots/2004 Patriots part 1/2004 Patriots part 2/2004 Saints

NFL PART 5-01 2004 Steelers/02 2005 Panthers/03 1998 Vikings

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