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Who here knows about Kratom? Well, the short version here is its a leaf/herb grown mainly in Thailand. It
has long been illegal in Thailand, because (this is important) it's usage undercuts that nations ability to collect it's opium tax. As far as Kratom being a "dangerous""narcotic", well, all I can do is roll my eyes (again)

Kratom does so many good things that it is hard to list them all. It relieves most chronic pain (especially arthritis).....it can be used in detoxing opiate addicts. In different doses, it can be a relaxing sedative, or it can make one more alert. It's the ONLY cure that's ever worked, for me personally, on my restless leg syndrome.....it's a fine supplement, one, as far as I know, without a negative side.

So, of course, the DEA has unilaterally decided to make Kratom a Schedule 1 narcotic, effective 9/30/16. So, REALLY? Kratom = Heroin? Or, is it similar to the situation in Thailand, where if the opiate industry can't get their hands on a piece of it, it must be "bad".

Well, it's NOT "bad"......I've used it fairly regularly for 5-6 years, never once had even a slight negative reaction to it in any way, nor has any other user whom I know.

What can be done?  I'm guessing nothing, but if you are more optomistic than i, there are petitions out there
on the issue......the petitions, from what I have read, have been doing quite eell, I'm not, though, sure what that means......here is a link to one of them should you wish to try your luck:


In my city, Heroin capsules can be purchased for five dollars. Many doctors are
terrified to write a script for pain meds, making their black market cost sky high
and pointing MORE people to heroin.......now, if opiates are scarce and expensive, 
Kratom is unavailable, don't even ask about medicinal weed, AND, to top it off, 
heroin capsules are readily available and dirt cheap, where would  YOU expect
drug users to turn?

So do me a goddamn favor. STOP, just STOP, whining about "heroin destroying 
lives! Destroying our cities!".......sure as fuck looks like it's by design to me......
please sign the petition, who knows, and if you've never tried Kratom, and want
to, hurry, you don't have long left. There are many online botanical
shops from which it CAN  be purchased (for now), it really is a fine, helpful, and 
harmless product. 

With so many real issues threatening to rip the world apart, blaming our troubles
upon a harmless weed (yes, AGAIN) is an idea which would make perfect sense
in an America governed by Donald Trump......let's try to be a little better than that,
just once?

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