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Don't even know what to say about Jon S's latest.....

(scott) Really, that's what I told him too (that I don't know what to say)........these Pavement boots are great,
great, great, and at least I personally don't have ANY of them.......fucking awesome, Pavement being one of the great bands of the 90's.....incredible submission, like most that we receive, all of which helps us to make this blog what it "is".........


The Cattle Club, Sacramento 5/19/92

01 Loretta's Scars/02 No Life Singed Here/03 Trigger Cut/04 Baptist Blacktick/05 Debris Slide/06 Zurich Is Stained/07 Forklift/08 Lions/09 Box Elder/10 Home/11 Perfume-V/12 Two States/13 Summer Babe

The Uptown Bar & Cafe, Minneapolis 6/11/92

01 So Stark-You're A Skyscraper/02 Here/03 Perfume-V/04 Frontwards/05 Home/06 Conduit For Sale/07 tuning/08 Summer Babe/09 talk/10 Texas Never Whispers/11 talk/12 No Life Singed Her/13 Loretta's Scars/14 introductions/15 Trigger Cut/16 In The Mouth A Desert/17 talk/18 Debris Slide/19 Two States/20 Zurich Is Stained - false start/21 Zurich Is Stained/22 Feed 'Em To The Linden Lions - false start/23 Feed 'Em To The Linden Lions/24 talk/25 Angel Carver Blues/26 Mellow Jazz Docent/27 Greenlander/28 She Believes/29 encore/30 Box Elder

Shank Hall, Milwaukee 6/13/92

01 Trigger Cut/02 Mellow Jazz Docent/03 Two States/04 No Life Singed Her/05 Lions (Linden)/06 Loretta's Scars/07 In the Mouth a Desert/08 Baptiss Blacktick/09 So Stark (You're a Skyscraper)/10 Zurich is Stained/11 Perfume V/12 Summer Babe/13 Spizzle Trunk/14 Here

The Square, Harlow UK 8/25/92

01 Our Singer/02 Here/03 Frontwards/04 Fame Throwa/05 Perfume V/06 Summer Babe/07 Spizzle Trunk/08 Unknown/09 Zurich Is Stained/10 Two States/11 No Life Singed Her/12 Trigger Cut/13 TRINITY TITANS/14 Lorettas Scars/15 Mouth Of A Desert/16 Debris Slide/17 Angel Carver Blues/18 Mellow Jazz Docent

The Palace, Hollywood 4/21/94

01 Box Elder/02 Range Life/03 Brinx Job/04 Brink Of The Clouds/05 Unfair/06 Easily Fooled/07 Best Friend's Arm/08 She Believes/09 Silent Kid/10 Black Out/11 Summer Babe/12 Elevate Me Later/13 Heckler Spray_In The Mouth Of A Desert/14 Fight This Generation/15 Debris Slide/16 Two States/17 Stop Breathing

Great American Music Hall, San Francisco 4/23/94

01 Box Elder/02 Brink of the Clouds/03 Brinx Job/04 Forklift/05 Heaven Is a Truck/06 Unfair/07 Cut Your Hair/08 Angel Carver Blues - Mellow Jazz Docent/09 Debris Slide/10 Fight This Generation/11 Grounded/12 Black Out/13 Silence Kit/14 5 - 4 = Unity/15 Summer Babe/16 Conduit for Sale!/17 Two States - Gold Soundz - Maybe Maybe

Shepherds Bush Empire, London 4/11/97

01 Intro/02 Father to a Sister of Thought/03 Shady Lane/04 Silence Kid/05 Transport is Arranged/06 Stereo/07 Old to Begin/08 Stop Breathin/09 Blue Hawaiian/10 Painted Soldiers/11 The Hexx/12 Grounded/13 Cut Your Hair/14 We Are Underused/15 Type Slowly/16 Range Life

Tilberg, Netherlands 11/16/99

01 Intro/02 Shady Lane/03 Spit On A Stranger/04 Billie/05 Rattled By The Rush/06 Major Leagues/07 Stereo/08 Cream Of Gold/09 Ann Don't Cry/10 In The Mouth A Desert/11 Gold Soundz/12 You Are A Light/13 The Hexx/14 Give It A Day/15 Folk Jam/16 Stop Breathin/17 -break-/18 Range Life/19 Date With IKEA/20 Whip It/21 Debris Slide/22 Fight This Generation

Williamsburg Waterfront, Brooklyn 9/19/10

01 intro banter/02 Cut Your Hair/03 Date With Ikea/04 Rattled by the Rush/05 banter/06 Elevate Me Later/07 Grounded/08 Frontwards/09 Shady Lane/10 Unfair/11 Perfume V/12 Fight this Generation/13 Silence Kid/14 Box Elder/15 banter/16 Stop Breathin/17 Two States/18 Father to a Sister of Thought/19 banter/20 Heckler Spray_In the Mouth of/21 banter/22 We Dance/23 Summer Babe/24 Fin/25 Stereo/26 encore break/27 Spit on a Stranger/28 Trigger Cut/29 banter/30 Starlings of the Slipstream/31 Gold Soundz/32 Kennel District/33 Range Life

Central Park Summerstage 9/21/10

01 Shady Lane/02 Frontwards/03 Heckler Spray-Elevate Me Later/04 Starlings of the Slipstream/05 Stereo/06 Kennel District/07 Grounded/08 Rattled by the Rush/09 We Dance/10 In the Mouth of a Desert/11 Perfume V/12 Unfair/13 Fin/14 Gold Soundz/15 banter/16 Debris Slide/17 Range Life/18 Trigger Cut/19 banter/20 Cut Yr Hair/21 Perfect Depth/22 Fight This Generation/23 Box Elder/24 encore break/25 Date With Ikea/26 Shoot the Singer/27 Conduit For Sale!/28 Silence Kid/29 Heaven Is A Truck/30 Stop Breathin

Central Park Summerstage 9/22/10

01 intro banter/02 Heckler Spray/03 In the Mouth of  Desert/04 Perfume V/05 Trigger Cut/06 Unfair/07 Range Life/08 Starlings of the Slipstream/09 Spizzle Truck/10 Shady lane/11 Fight This Generation/12 Summer Babe/13 Cut Yr Hair/14 Kennel District/15 Gold Soundz/16 Zurich Is Stained/17 Stereo/18 set break/19 The Hexx/20 Two States/21 Spit On A Stranger/22 Grounded/23 Silence Kid/24 Father to A Sister of Thought/25 banter/26 Stop Breathin/27 encore break/28 Date With Ikea/29 banter/30 Lions (Linden)/31 Here/32 Conduit For Sale!

Central Park Summerstage 9/23/10

01 Intro/02 Grounded/03 Gold Soundz/04 Silent Kid/05 Date With IKEA/06 Unfair/07 banter/08 Spit On A Stranger/09 Rattled By The Rush/10 Stereo/11 Loretta's Scars/12 banter/13 Frontwards/14 Stop Breathin' [false start]/15 Stop Breathin'/16 Shoot The Singer/17 banter/18 Trigger Cut_Wounded-Kite/19 banter/20 Cut Your Hair/21 Fight This Generation/22 Two States/23 Fin/24 Summer Babe/25 She Believes/26 Range Life/27 encore break/28 Kennel District/29 Shady Lane/30 Starlings of the Slipstream/31 Our Singer/32 banter/33 Heckler Spray/34 Angel Carver Blues/35 In The Mouth A Desert/36 We Dance/37 Box Elder

Central Park Summerstage 9/24/10

01 Heckler Spray/02 In the Mouth of a Desert/03 Frontwards/04 Spit On A Stranger/05 banter/06 Shady Lane/07 Date With Ikea/08 Grounded/09 Cut Yr Hair/10 Perfume-V/11 Conduit For Sale!/12 Father To A Sister of Thought/13 Stereo/14 Starlings of the Slipstream/15 Gold Soundz/16 banter/17 And Then (The Hexx)/18 We Dance/19 Silence Kit/20 Unfair/21 No Life Singed Her/22 banter/23 Stop Breathin/24 banter/25 Elevate Me Later/26 banter_jamming/27 Here/28 encore break 1/29 Rattled By the Rush/30 Heaven Is A Truck/31 Summer Babe/32 encore break 2/33 Kennel District/34 banter/35 Debris Slide/36 banter/37 Range Life

Wonderful submission

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