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Return of Eric Impakt with a great one!

(scott) Eric Impakt checks in now and then with some great bootleg recordings, this one is extra-fab as it
contains THREE Mazzy Starr shows, Mazzy Starr both being a fave of mine, as well as a blog fave (according to the numbers when I post their stuff).....an acquired taste if ever there was one, if you aren't a fan of Mazzy Starr's semi-psychedelic-shoegaze-post-hippie stuff, here is your starting point.....if you are already down with Hope Sandoval (gorgeous, and the world's most bored-sounding chick singer), you know you are in for some fantastic shit here! Thanks Eric, your shares are always fab, and yes, you ARE a valuable member of the team. Don't be a stranger, love your shares!

Hey Growing Board, Back Again!
   Great minds do think a like and that's why we both realize how incredible Mazzy Star is. I've been a fan from the moment i heard the haunting Fade Into You. Like most people that are fans, i needed everything i could get of there's. Unfortunately, I never got to see Mazzy Star live myself, but these bootlegs have definitely helped fill the void a little. 
   So here's what we've got...
   I cleaned up,TRACKED and boosted the sound ( like i do ) of 3 great live shows.

Chicago at the Metro 11- 12- 94 
   1. Flowers In December  2. Ride It On  3. Into Dust  4. Give You My Lovin' 5. Fade Into You  6. Halah  7. Ghost Highway  8. Blue Flower

NYC Terminal 5 Club 11- 20- 13 (reunion tour)
   1. Look On Down From The Bridge  2. Cry, Cry  3. In The Kingdom  4. Lay Myself Down  5. Ride It On   6. Does Someone Have Your Baby Now?   7. Into Dust  8. She Hangs Brightly   9. Halah   10. Fade Into You   11. Blue Flower   12. Disappear   13. So Tonight I Might See   14. California 

Zurich, Switzerland  7- 18- 12 
    1. Blue Flower   2. Disappear   3. Ghost Highway   4. Halah   5. Still Cold   6. She Hangs Brightly   7. Look On Down From The Bridge   8. Fade Into You   9. Lay Myself Down   10. Flying Low   11. Blue Light   12. So Tonight That I Might See 

And I also added this single form 2014. I was hoping it was a teaser to a new album but so far this is the last original music the band has made i guess. It's a great 2 songs... 1. I'm Less Here   2. Things

I know you're going to love these as much i do. Mazzy Star was amazing live. The same calming mellow moods that the albums have, they were able to capture live. 

Plus can I add I love how this blog has just exploded in this last year! So many contributors that your over 500 posts so far for 2016! The art, comics and music are why i'm so glad to be even a small part of Growing Board For A Living! 

Enjoy,   Eric Impakt

Here'sTHE LINKS...



I'm Less Here single

Till next time!

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