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A Little Known Gem......

(scott) this is another John N selection (where DOES that guy get all this stuff anyway?) that I managed to
slip in amongst all the Electric Orange.....this is pretty cool, "Eat to the Beat, The Dirtiest of Them Dirty Blues".......this is a fantastic collection, damn near essential I would say......I hadn't heard about half of these tracks before, but they are ALL fucking great.......look here ya get great shit from Dinah Washington and Screamin' Jay Hawkins for example, but just peruse this track list for a moment.....YOU WANT THIS, trust me, this is a phenominal submission, and if you check it out (and you need to) be sure and direct your thanks to John N, this is a great one.
       1. I Want a Man (Who's Gonna Do Right) - ANNISTEEN ALLEN
  2. Mother Fuyer - DIRTY RED
  3. Long John Blues - DINAH WASHINGTON
  4. Fishin' Pole - TOM ARCHIA
  5. Weddin' Day Blues - COUSIN JOE
  6. Hard Driving Blues - AMOS MILBURN
  7. Move Your Hand, Baby - CROWN PRINCE WATERFORD
  8. Don't Come Too Soon - JULIA LEE & HER BOYFRIENDS
  9. I Like My Baby's Pudding - WYNONIE HARRIS
  10. Sixty Minute Man - THE DOMINOES
  11. Big Ten-inch Record - BULLMOOSE JACKSON
  12. Rotten Cocksucker's Ball - THE CLOVERS
  13. My Ding-A-Ling - DAVE BARTHOLOMEW
  14. Poon-Tang! - THE TRENIERS
  15. The Walkin' Blues - JESSE POWELL
  16. Laundromat Blues - '5' ROYALS & CHARLIE FERGUSON
  17. Keep On Churnin' - WYNONIE HARRIS
  18. Big Long Slidin' Thing - DINAH WASHINGTON
  19. Don't Fuck Around With Love - THE BLENDERS
  20. Drill Daddy Drill - DOROTHY ELLIS
  21. Work With Me, Annie - THE ROYALS
  22. (I Love To Play Your Piano) Let Me Bang... - THE TOPPERS
  23. Think Twice (Version X) - JACKIE WILSON & LAVERN BAKER
  24. Hard Driving Blues - SNATCH & THE POONTANGS
  25. Stoop Down Baby - CHICK WILLIS
  26. L.A. Women Love Uncle Bud - BOOZOO CHAVIS
  28. Somebody Else Was Suckin' My Dick Last Night - FRED WOLFF COMBO

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