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Another batch of Electric Orange

(scott) We won't to the end of these yet, today we have a batch of singles and compilations and the
like.....again without commentary, as I haven't heard these yet, but once again, be sure to offer thanks to John N who provided this massive collection......he's sent me some other great stuff recently as well, just want to get through this one, we'll start on some more of his sends soon....for now, you KNOW you want some more Electric Orange...

HOL RTEST (12" PROMO SINGLE)-01 Hol Rtesst/02 Wurley/03 Coop

RECHNUNG OFFEN-01 Six Fives/02 Natural Electric/03 Patients Pop/04 Rechning/05 Sun/06 Quantas/07 A Slow One/08 Join In/09 A Vaporized Dance (Remix)/10 Mocuba/11 Kyoto Sacrifice/12 Melusa

TONBANDRESTE-01 Borrowed Toothpaste Paranoia/02 Back From the Funny Farm/03 Transit Ins 
Jenseits/04 Ein Tag Im Leben Eines Leslies

1995-9495-01 Sx/02 Mother's Cake (Original Version)/03 Tartisma Zemini (Original Version)/04 Nindia 
(Original Version)/05 Electripity Chapter 99 (Elektro Mix)/06 Xs/07 Cows In Space Part II/08 Infra-Sonic 
Vibes (Remix)/09 Disillusion (No-Guitar Version '96)

ZWISCHENPATTE-01 Endstation (Erste)/02 Anihal/03 Suspense I/04 Suspense II/05 MS Leslie/06 Reel Axe/07 Bloob/08 Ambeins/09 E-Tonic

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