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Guns N Roses Family Tree

OK, I was looking at the list of stuff Brian compiled, having to do with the posts I have made, and then, once
the links expired, rarely did I re-up anything.......As always, rethinking and trying to find ways to improve this here blog thing, (I want it to be the worlds BEST ), so my current feeling is this: Although I have many many MANY discs we haven't shared yet, I have to (personally) understand that a hell of a lot of good music has been here, and then expired......hell, I've been bitching about"re-up" requests for year, but, fuck, everyone hasn't been here for years and years.......it takes a minute to realize this, sometimes, but basically here is what I am saying: If there is anything you want to hear, or read, or whatever, please, this is about what YOU want, not about what my selfish notions dictate.......

Again, this blog changes and I like to think for the better........this improvement should allow for to actualy ask for something I have, and, no longer do I plan on being  a gloating smartass about it......as it should be: if it's something from "our" world, I'll locate it if at all possible.....

I guess it just dawned on me as I realize so many people did not even realize the blog's true history, a lot of rare stuff has passed this way.It is not only selfish, but counterproductive to operate in such a manner......so, here is how it be now.......you want to hear something, be it previously posted or just something you've wanted, hit me up........if something from GG Alin or Lilly Allen (cute huh?) or Black Pearl or Black Rose or Black Sabbath or Black Debbeth or Blackfoot or whatever......ask away, I won't even make fun of you anymore.......see, Madame Angela has mellowed my spirit and taught me how to not abuse my fellow man, no matter HOW much fun it is.

OK, to start this "new age" off, my homeboy Spider asked the other day about this one......I THINk I've
posted it before, not sure and don't care enough to go searching, but what  we DO have here is a quite interesting 2 disc set, "Guns N Roses Family Tree"....as I'm sure you know, GnR sprung from Hollywood Rose and LA Guns, but there is enough rare shit here that even if you think Guns and Roses suck, you will likely still find this of interest.

Some highlights: First disc, an ancient "Welcome to the Jungle" from parts of Hollywood Rose, "Sex Action" by LA Guns, "Elected" (the Alice Cooper jam) from Duff, Matt, and Steve Jones of the Pistols.....there is also a rare GnR track, "Nice Boys", which I don't think I've    ever seen before......this album is a gem, assuming you have SOMETHING of a soft spot for Guns N Roses, to me, they summarized 1980-90's glam-metal better than anyone else was doing it. Guilty pleasure, perhaps, for some of you, but I do dig this album.

As well, disc two.....the band lineups aren't nearly as set in stone as they were before.......Tracii Guns and Gilby Clark take on Aerosmith's "Toys in the Attic", a totally silly Def Leppard cover, guest appearances by Tommy Shaw, Stephen pearcy of Ratt and more......really this is a good album, both historically significant and (as a bonus) rocking like fuck as well.

here ya go Spider, don't be a stranger you burnout motherfucker you!

DISC 1-01 HOLLYWOOD ROSE-Anything Goes/02 Welcome to the Jungle (Gilby Clarke, Tracii GGuns, Kevin Dubrow)/03 No More Mr Nice Guy (Slash with Roger Daltrey)/04 Sex Action (LA Guns)/05 Sweet Child O Mine (Gilby Clark)/06 Killing Time (Hollywood Rose)/07 Elected (Duff Mckagan, Matt Sorum, Steve Jones,Billy Duffy)/08 My Michelle (LA Guns)/09 It's So Easy (Tracii Guns, Gilby Clark, and Fred Coury (Cinderella)/10 Last Cigarette (Hollywood Rose feat. Teddy ZigZag (Slash's Snakepit)/11 You're Crazy (Gilby Clarke, Tracii Guns, Stevie Ranchelle (Tuff)/12 Nice Boys-(rare track, Guns N Roses, Axl, Slash, Duff, Izzy, and Steven

DISC 2-01 Pour Some Sugar On Me (LA Guns)/02 Rocker (Hollywood Rose)/03 Mr Brownstone (Bang Tango Feat.
 Tracii Guns/Gilby Clarke/04 Toys in the Attic (Tracii Guns/Stephen Pearcy (Ratt)/05 Jailbreak (Hollywood Rose with 
Mick Taylor/06 Used to Love Her (Gilby Clarke, Tracii Guns, John Corabi (Motley Crue)/07 Gypsy (Slash/Tommy Shaw
(Styx)/08 Wanted Dead or Alive (LA Guns)/09 Patience (Gilby Clarke, Tracii Guns, John Corabai)/10 Don't Cry (Spike 
(Quireboys), Tracii Guns, Gilby Clarke)/11 Shadow of Your Love (Hollywood Rose)/12 Lay It Down (Stephen Pearcy (Ratt)
and Tracii Guns

Guys, I think that some of you may like this one....I'm sure I've posted it before, but was listening to it today, and damn, 
it REALLY sounds good......I really did enjoy a good bit of the music of GNR, and this set REALLY does put it in the 
best context that I can come up with.
You guys all doing alright? I love all my people, really, I LOVE you......I want, when I am long cremated,
that someone (my son? Madame Angela?) keeps this thing alive, it's just a silly web blog, but it means a lot to ME, 
it's something that I created, and I want for it to be my fucking legacy. If the blog has touched any of you, at anytime, for any 
reason, then you ARE a part of what I am trying to achieve.

Sorry, I'm kind of a different person now than I was a month ago or so.......LOVE YA MADAME ANGELA!  (hey, I am 
perfectly allowed to do that, it's MY blog, and, anyway, I'm a fucking teenager( Even I couldn't keep a straight face for THAT one)
in love what do you expect?

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