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Gonna take me some time to catch up, but should be fun......

(Scott) Ok, latest blog news is that of COURSE we can overcome THIS bump in the road, Jonder and
Briqn did an INCREDIBLE job of running the blog while I was out of commission, John N. continued to submit literally HUNDREDS of links, which I have yet to sort through (you'll be seeing a bunch of them).....while I was gond the MIGHTY Cliff stepped up with more reggae, even long-time contributors from WAYY back, DaveSez and Andie James (WHERE have you guys been? DO NOT be such strangers!) steppd up and contributed.......I still have some stuff that some bands have sent me that I want to put out there as well, and I REALLY hope that Jon S and Studkid will be bqck, they've been MIA for a while, and they are both tremendous contributors. I know others contributed while I was gone, MD Milner, and Jose and the Spanish Blogger All Star team to name a few.....thanks to you ALL, you've helped ME to understand that a LOT of people DO dig this blog, and some bitch on a  hisy fit isn't going to clome close to destroying what we have built here.

My new great friend Madame Angela, is going to be a find addition, I think for a while she will be commenting a lot on stuff like Tori Amos, Melssia Etheridge, Sletater Kinney, etc, but the breadth of her knowledge is FAR greater than that, and she has a wonderful personality/sense of humor/way of speaking that I think will eventually fit right in here. AND I'm crazy sick flipped over her, so gimme a break for a minute!
PLASE Everyone continue to contribute.......Jon S and Studkid, We miss your unique contributions PLEASE come back! this blog is going to get better and MORE diverse in the future.......please don't miss it. I'm damn proud of this blog, and I (as well as my team) SHOULD BE, we do our best, trust me!

A Washington DC Band called Dot Dash sends me a couple of MP3's, there is also a streaming link for their album......as we all know, this is NOT my favorite method, but since I've been away a bit, I'm going to allow it.......

Here are the links for the songs "Daddy Long Legs" and "The Infinite"........and, as much as I don't want to do this, here is the streaming link for their album  "Searchlights"

If you hear it before I do, let me know......I have a lot of catching up to do here for a while....

OH, and fuck.......why not add part NINETEEN of my Doors series, this one fairly lame, 2002 "Live in America", a mush mash of various performances from this/that locale, this/that date......anyway, you know I am committed to send you ALL this stuff, so here you be...........TRACKLIST-01 Light My Fire/02 Been Down So Long/03 Back Door Man/04 Lover Hides/05 Five to One/06 Touch Me/07 The Crystal Ship/08 Break on Through/09 Bellowing/10 Roadhouse Blues/11 Alabama Song/12 Love Me Two Times Girl/13 The End

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