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The "real" Scott on various issues

Ok....hello all......this stuff is the down but not out BigScott62.....I have been away for a while, and
am lucky that my contributors have stepped up and kept the blog alive.

Few random things I want to ramble about, first of which is the origination of my lack of Internet service. Well, here goes.....as some of you know, my wife of 30 years and myself have decided we are finished, plenty of blame both ways, mostly ammicable....we will always have a wonderful son together, which is the main accomplishment for both of us.

Anyway, a couple weeks ago, while our son was away visiting in alaska, and while I was at work, my wife came and took a bunch of furniture, aND ALSO SHUT OFF MY INTERNET/WIFI, which was much worse than the furniture.........she f ucking knew what this blog means to me, and rather than allow me to enjoy one small fraction of my life, decided to cut THAT off as well.

Well, I must say I had a LOT of trouble with Time Warner, getting reconnected, as of Friday 7/15 I have me connection back, finally.

I want you ALL to know, however, that in the downtime I have met someone very special.......her name is angie, but to the blog sphere she will be Madame Angela......she is quite knowledgeable on music, and will be writing and assisting on some future posts. Like to mention, as well, that I am TOTALLY IN LOVE WITH HER, at this point it's just fun to keep telling everyone.

THANKS SO MUC H to everyone who kept the blog afloat while I got it together.....Brian and Jonder especially, but Jose & the Spanish All-Star Blogger team, John n (buried in links!), Jon S, StudBoy, Clifff  from the UK, and GODDAMN even Andie James and DAVE SEZ! WOW!

OK, lets back to posting some sounds......my first post back is a John N submission, live recordings from three bands that will likely draw interest here.

First we have The Fall, whom have been a hot topic around here for a spell, live at Reykjavik Iceland,
9/12/83.....having never heard this one, ought to be a good one.   TRACK LIST: 01 Tempo House/02 The Classical/03 Eat Y'self Fitter/04 Hexen Definitive/05 I Feel Voxish/06 The man Whose Head Expanded/07 Garden/08 Kicker Conspiracy/09 Look, Know/10 Backdrop

Next up John N sends us a fab Keith Richards boot, "A Stone Alone", which I've also not heard and seems to come 
from fairly recent sources........this one sounds way cool as well.....

TRACKLIST-01 Whole Lotta Shakin Going On/02 Say It's Not You/03 Don't/04 Blue Monday/05 Oh What 
a Feeling/06 Sing Me Back Home/07 The Nearness Of You/08 Apartment No. 9/09 All I Have to Do Is Dream
/Key to the Highway/11 Worried Life Blues/12 Sing Me Back Home/13 She still Comes Around/14 Apartment N0.9
/15 Sing Me Back Home/16 Worried Life Blues/17 Apartment No. 9/18 Say It's Not You

And finally, buried under a zillion other links from link -God John N, "Live From Chicago park West,
1978"......I don't THINK this one was included in the batch I recently had up, so this may be fresh material for all of us anyway!

TRACKLIST-01 The Big Country/02 Warning Sign/03 The Book I Read/04 Stay Hungry/05 Artists Only/06 The Girls Want to be With the Girls/07 Don't Worry About the Governement/08 The Good Thing/09 Uh-Oh Love Comes/10 Love>>Building on Fire/11 New Feeling/12 Psycho Killer/13 Thank You For Sending me an Angel/14 Take Me to the River

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