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MD Milner with another recent Sleater Kinney boot

Once again, there is no question as to whom my favorite (current) band is, Sleater Kinney is, for my
money, the Beatles/Stones/Clash/Nirvana of this era.....it has been a blessing and a privlege to enjoy their albums, their live recordings, and to see them live again after their energizing layoff in Columbus last December. Spectacular, NEVER made a bad album, never played a bad live set (that I havae heard).....so, that's why, ANYTHING submitted here from this incredible trio, will be shared here.....I have 100+ of their live shows etc.....posted them all once and MD Milner shipped me a cuople of fresh ones from the "No Cities To Love" tour (2015) evidently, he has located another one, and I'm more than happy to post it, unheard.

In case it has escaped you, I love Sleater Kinney, truly, and am ALWAYS on the search for new shows of theirs.....for some reason, I can't get Dime A Dozen to work anymore, but if any of you can, I'd bet that perhaps some more of their 2015 shows may be there (Columbus?!?!) if any of my little helpers would search out that site for any 2015 shows I don't have, you'll make me very happy and receive a special prize which will be beyond your imagination.

OK, this show is dated 7/18/15, from Chicago, unsure of what venue......also, having not listened to it yet, I am unsure of the source (soundboard, FM, audience) or quality......but I do know this, this is Sleater Kinney. My favorite band. Love you Carrie, Corin, and Janet!

SLEATER KINNEY 7/18/15-01 The Fox/02 Jumpers/03 Bury Our Friends/04 Oh!/05 Surface
Envy/06 No Cities to Love/07 What's Mine is Yours/08 Ironclad/09 One More Hour/10 Fangless/11 All  hands On the Bad One/12 Price Tag/13 A New Wave/14 Sympathy/15 Words and Guitar/16 Entertain/17 Dig Me Out/18 Modern Girl/19 You're No Rock N Roll Fun/20 Little Babies

What a great set list.....of course it's easy when you have no bad material to have to consider. I don't get all "fan like" on more than maybe ten bands, but, for certain, this is one of them. On occasion, I guess, the inner teenager sneeks out of all of us!

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