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Keith West's Tomorrow

Some pretty fair acid psych from 1968....I had a friend growing up named Keith West, he wasn't the
sharpest tool in the shed and never did get it when we would reference this album...oh well, anyway.....

Some pretty great psych here, the best known track is "My White Bicycle", but the entire album really needs investigation if you are into psych......Steve Howe turns in some fine guitar work on the album, and it's a true and wonderful period piece.......always liked this one, give it a listen and see what ya think, NOT  the "hard psych" of that era that I love so much, but a lighter, spacier acid sound......this is a good one!

1. My White Bicycle - 3:18
2. Colonel Brown - 2:53
3. Real Life Permanent Dream - 3:17
4. Shy Boy - 2:27
5. Revolution - 3:50
6. The Incredible Journey Of Timothy Chase - 3:18
7. Auntie Mary's Dress Shop - 2:46
8. Strawberry Fields Forever - 3:59
9. Three Jolly Little Dwarfs - 2:28
10.Now Your Time Has Come - 4:53
11.Hallucinations - 2:43
12.Claramount Lake - 3:02
13.Real Life Permanent Dream (Alternative Early Mono Version) - 2:24
14.Why - 3:59

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