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A Sleater Kinney request/trade.

OK, here's the story.....my favorite (current) band? NO QUESTION, Sleater Kinny....they have been
the greatest band in the world, imo, since thier debut, they took a long break, and came back as wonderful as ever.....very, very few bands go their entire career and never make a bad album, but thusfar, Sleatear Kinney has done exactly that......

Anyway, years ago, I poseted ALL my Sleater Kinney Boots on this site...it wsa popular, hit a lot, but it WAS a while ago......Oh, My God, I finally got to see them with my son in December 2015, and they were everything I ever expected, meaning, AWESOME, INCREDIBLE, whatever adjective one could use....

Anyway, a reader named JD Milner told me he has some stuff from the 2015 tour......I don't happen to have any, so I'd LOVE to make a trde for whatever he requests.....he wants the BBC sessions, which I have, and some boots from the "All hands On the bad One"/The Hot Rock" era....I think I can hook him up, and then we can enjoy a couple of NEW (to me at least) Sleater Kinney boots......

OK, first HIS stuff.....well, he has the KEXP set which I have posted here before, no problem, other than it's hooked onto the end of one of the discs I aim to post here, not THAT bit a thing though....because he DOES have a couple of sets I don't have, from the 2015 tour......I wish he had the Columbus Ohio set from December, but you can't have it all......anyway, here are HIS links, and wonderful they are!


The first link is for the KEXP set which I have, have posted before, and actually will turn up again in THIS post.......the second is a short set from NPR radio, ealy 2015, which includes an interview, and, finally, the third is a near full-show in Spain, may 2015......DYING to hear it!........

So thanks MD Milner for these, Here is how I am "paying you back" I guess......
BBC SESSIONS-01 One More Hour/02 I Wanna Be Your Joey Ramone/03 Turn It On/04 Banned From
the End of the World/05 Words & Guitar/06 End Of You/07 Not What You Want/08 Get Up/09 Words & Guitar/10 Good Things/11 Ballad of a ladyman/12  The Professional/13 You're No Rock N Roll Fun/14 Fortujate Son

WASHINGTON DC 8/3/06 DISC 1-01 One Beat/02 Not What You Want/03 Wilderness/04 The Fox/05 Jumpers/06 #1 Must Have/07 Steep Air/08 Rollercoaster/09 Burn Don't Freeze/10 Nightlights/11 End of You/12 What's mine is Yours/13 Modern Girl/14 Let's Call It Love/15 Entertain

WASHINGTON DC 8/3/06 DISC 2-01 Little babies/02 Iron Clad/03 Get Up!/04 Buy her Candy/05 Turn it On/06 Dance Song '97/07 Words and Guitar/08 Sympathy/09 Dig Me Out/ BONUS-SLEATER KINNEY ON KEXP, Interview and live performances of Wilderness/Jumpers/Entertain/What's Mine is Yours

MIDDLE EAST CLUB 6/1/99-01 Get Up/02 One Song For You/03 Hubcap/04 The Day I Went Away/05
Tapping/06 The End of You/07 Maraca/08 Heart Factory/09 Was It a Lie/1`0 Banned From The End of the World/11 God Is a Number/12 A Quarter to Three/13 Start Together/14 Wipers/15 Dig me Out/1`6 Banter/17 Buy Her Candy/18 Anonymous

VANCOUVER 9/2/00-01 Intro/02 Ballad of a ladyman/03 ironclad/04 Words and Guitar/05 All hands On the bad One/06 Milkshake and Honey/07 Dig me Out/08 You're No Rock N Roll Fun/09 The Professional/10 One Song For You/11 Was It a Lie?/ 12 The End of You//13 Turn It On/14 Fortunate Son/15 I Wanna Be Your Joey Ramone

Hey, I probably have 100 Sleater Kinney boots......I posted them all before, and will again, provided you contributes something cool for the blog. All hail Sleater Kinney, one of the greatest of ALL American rock bands!

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