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The Doors Part 14 (Of many)

On and on w go with this Doors series, I guess SOME could complain, but the Doors wree one of the most important of American bands,  and I think it's cool that I happened to find this gigantic torrent of damn near every note they ever recorded. This one is huge, NYC, SEVEN discs, hey, I don't do shit half assed! Knock yo selfs out Doors lovers!~This is SEVEN DISCS, enjoy/destroy/whatever!

As I said, SEVEN discs here, typical Doors shows (1970), lets make a QUICK investigation of each disc......Disc 1, is a VERY standard show, nothing wrong with it, but nothing specacular here. DISC 2 Jim seems a little more "out of it", maybe that is just me, but he seems a good bit incoherent...nothing wrong with that, he was the definition of  a fuck up......

Disc 3 offers more of the same, Jim seems wasted and is telling joke, etc.....there is a quite good version of "The End" here......Disc 4 is apparently a later show, again, standard Doors live set, glad to hear "Moonlight Drive", which doesn't turn up all that often.

DISC 5 gets pretty crazy with a frantic "Peace Frog", and an insane version of "When the Music's Over to (nearly) close the show.......no matter what ANYONE says, the Doors were a TREMENDOUS live act, it comes through on ALL these discs, and I hope everyone appreciates EXACTLY what I am trying to accomplish herer.

Disc 6 rocks out as well, standard stuff but sounds like Jimbo may have ingested an intoxicant or
two....it's a good set, good disc, and HEY, who ELSE is reconstructing the Doors legendary career?

Disc 7 is the real gem here, it features but three tracks: "Going to NY Blues", a fine "Maggie McGill", and an alternate version of "Rock With Me".......Doors fans, you can't be without it!

DISC 1`-01 (Start of the Show 1)/02 Roadhouse Blues/03 Ship of Fools/04 Break on Through/05 Tuning, Breather/06 Peace Frog/07 Blue Sunday/08 Alabama Song/09 Back Door man/10 Love Hides/11 Five to One/12 Tuning/Breather/13 Who Do You Love/14 Little Red Rooster/15 Money/16 Tuning-Breather/17 Light My Fire/18 More More More/19 Soul Kitchen /End of Show

DISC 2- 01 Start of Show/02 (Jim How Ya Doin')/03 Roadhouse Blues/04 break On Through/05 Ship of Fools/06 Crawling Kingsnake/07 Alabama Song/08 Back Door Man/09 Five to One/10 Pretty neat, Pretty Good/11 Build Me a Woman/12 Tuning/breather/13 Who Do You Love/14 Tuning/Breather/15 Wild Child/16 Cheering/Tuning/17 When the music's Over

DISC 3-01 Tuning/Breather/02 Light My Fire/03 (Hey Mr. Light Man)/04 Soul Kitchen/05 Jim's Fish Joke//06 The End/07 End Of Show

DISC 4-01 Start of Show 3/02 Roadhouse Blues/03 Ship of Fools/04 Break On Through/05 Tuning Breather/06 Universal Mind/07 Alabama Song (False Start)/08 Alabama Song/09 Back Door Man/10 Five to One/11 Tuning/Breather/12 Moonlight Drive/13 Who Do You Love/14 Calling Out For Songs/15 Money/16 Tuning/Breather/17 Light My Fire/18 More More More/19 When the Music's Over/20 Good Night/End of Show

DISC 5-01 Start of Show 4/02 Roadhouse Blues/03 Peace Frog/04 Alabama Song/05 Backdoor man/06
Five to One/07 (We Have a Special Treat)/08 Celebation of the Lizard/09 (Alright Let's Boogie)/10 Poontang Blues/11 When the Music's Over/12 (More More More)

DISC 6-01 01 Soul Kitchen/02 (For Fear of Getting Too Patriotic)/03 Petition the Lord/04 Light My Fire/05 (Only When the Moon Comes Out)/06 Close to You/07 The Encore Begins/08 Rock me/09 (What to Do Next)/10 Going to NY Blues/11 Tuning/Breather/12 Maggie M'Gill/13 Tuning/Breather/14 Gloria/End of Show

DISC 7-01 Going to NY Blues (alternate)/02 Maggie M'Gill/03 Rock With Me (alternate)

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