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More Garage Rock from Freedom End

(scott) Yesterday this guy sent a track from a band he played in, fine by me, I wish every garage band
in the world would send in a tape.....short on sound quality, long on energy......today he sends several links of sound/video (I haven't had the chance to check them yet), and I'm going to try and piece his story together from the emails I've gotten from him:

drummer of freedoms end, more songs coming your way within the hour or so.. more info,,,last recording featured me on drums, anthony lead guitar, ruben lead guitar frank bass this one coming up only feature me drums anthony lead guitar ruben is replaced with big mike lead guitar no bass was available, all live all loud all raw all original this one is heavier, mikes influences slayer, anthonys influence king diamond mercyful fate , me john bonham ,psychedelic rock 

rubens main influence el tri (three souls in my mind) metallica 


which you prefer this one or the other one. 2 different sounds anthony used different gear on this one, not as psychedelic perhaps pantera was a influence on anthony not on me thats for sure. but its heavier, anthonys voice is more blown here not up to his usual high standard. deep purples ian gillan comes to mind. glad I can give something back to you for all you do on this web site, lets you know im grateful. thank you steve I may give up metal anyway and join a country band , were see. I go deaf sometimes 

ruben sadly has moved on to a new band fz10 a pretty famous mexican band, he does have some level of fame and is friends with the leader of el tri. rest of us are nobodys.. but tomorrow I will have a special treat. me drumming with fz10 on 2 songs black sabbaths and ted nugent stay tuned... 

fz10 roadhouse blues https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p-4Sx-VEvsQ ruben is with the hat, the recording with ruben from yesterday was a old recording were not in our twenties, this one here is a more recent recording of a semi reunion of the original band. like I say we never played a gig, all garage gigs and some studio sessions 

but honestly this recording gives me a headache somewhat now. the heavy tone in it, but I think it rocks certain parts.. what do you think of it scott? a review? 

thats not a great video of my friends band, he has played some pretty big places long beach arena for one, tomorrow also I take out my two man band me drums/lead vocals ruben lead guitar this one really rocks. and its a bit different as well and were hear the 2 unreleased fz10 tracks I play on. only recordings I made with them. have a good day thanks for listening 

I wont take up any more space, but I also should add, yesterdays recordings were from 1988ish maybe 1989 we were on drugs at that time, thats why on this one anthonys voice has lost some of the gusto is more recent. I never shopped these recordings to anyone, I have 100 or so of these in my collection of freedoms end. some sound better than others. we formed in 1985 but were too fucked up to ever get anywhere. 

in a sense then we were at that time in our twenties and you were correct in that assumption in 1989 I was 24 anthony 22. this recording were old men on .. take care steve G 

Wellll, OK then.......ya certainly can't say we don't give a fair chance to ANY submissions here.....rock on steve!

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