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(Scott)-I did a huge 'mats post several years back, I had several boots in mine, and yes, Jon S is
ABSOLUTELY correct, 'mats boots, in general sound like shit, so much so that I am not about to go dig them out again.....however, the 'mats were one of THE great bands of te 1980's, no question, and I am thrilled to see these releases in duluxe-expanded versions! Tremendous!

Oh, the head reels......"Here Comes a Regular" is one of the best songs ever written by ANYONE, "Waitress In the Sky", "Gary's Got a Boner".......what a fun and great band!

Also can't wait to read the fuckin' BOOK! Thanks Jon S for continuing to submit stuff that is near and dear to my heart!

Just found this book after reading about it and figured I'd pass it along, even though I haven't read it yet. And, then I thought "Fuck it, I'll pass along the rest of The 'Mats stuff I have." Only one boot; most I've heard are shit. I know some don't think much of them after a certain point but either you're a fan down the line or you're not, its up to you. Most of these are expanded sets, in case you don't have em already.

Trouble Boys.epub

I'm In Trouble (single)

All Shook Down

01 Merry Go Round/02 One Wink At A Time/03 Nobody/04 Bent Out Of Shape/05 Sadly Beautiful/06 Someone Take The Wheel/07 When It Began/08 All Shook Down/09 Attitude/10 Happy Town/11 Torture/12 My Little Problem/13 The Last/14 When It Began (Demo)/15 Kissin' In Action (Demo)/16 Someone Take The Wheel (Demo)/17 Attitude (Demo)/18 Happy Town (Demo)/19 Tiny Paper Plane (Demo)/20 Sadly Beautiful (Demo)/21 My Little Problem (Alternate Version)/22 Ought To Get Love/23 Satellite/24 Kissin' In Action

Don't Sell Or Buy, It's Crap

01 When it Began/02 Kissin' in Action/03 Ought to get Love/04 Satellite/05 Like a Rolling Pin

Don't Tell A Soul
01 Talent Show/02 Back To Back/03 We'll Inherit The Earth/04 Achin' To Be/05 They're Blind/06 Anywhere's Better Than Here/07 Asking Me Lies/08 I'll Be You/09 I Won't/10 Rock 'N' Roll Ghost/11 Darlin' One


01 Hootenanny/02 Run It/03 Color Me Impressed/04 Willpower/05 Take Me Down To The Hospital/06 Mr. Whirly/07 Within Your Reach/08 Buck Hill/09 Lovelines/10 You Lose/11 Hayday/13 Lookin' For Ya/14 Junior's Got A Gun (Outtake - Rough Mix)/15 Ain't No Crime (Outtake)/16 Johnny Fast (Outtake - Rough Mix)/17 Treatment Bound (Alternate Version)/18 Lovelines (Alternate Vocal)/19 Bad Worker (Solo Home Demo)

Inconcerated Live

01 Talent Show (live)/02 Answering Machine (live)/03 Anywhere's Better Than Here (live)/04 Another Girl, Another Planet (live)/05 Here Comes a Regular (live)/06 Achin' to Be (LP version)

Let It Be

01 I Will Dare/02 Favorite Thing/03 We're Comin' Out/04 Tommy Gets His Tonsils Out/05 Androgynous/06 Black Diamond/07 Unsatisfied/08 Seen Your Video/09 Gary's Got A Boner/10 Sixteen Blue/11 Answering Machine/12 20th Century Boy/13 Perfectly Lethal (Outtake)/14 Temptation Eyes (Outtake)/15 Answering Machine (Solo Home Demo)/16 Heartbeat - It's A Lovebeat (Outtake - Rough Mix)/17 Sixteen Blue (Outtake - Alternate Vocal)

01 I. O. U./02 Alex Chilton/03 I Don't Know/04 Nightclub Jitters/05 The Ledge/06 Never Mind/07 Valentine/08 Shooting Dirty Pool/09 Red RedWINE/10 Skyway/11 Can't Hardly Wait/12 Birthday Gal [#][_][Studio Demo]/13 Valentine [#][_][Studio Demo]/14 Bundle Up [#][_][Studio Demo]/15 Photo [#][_][Studio Demo]/16 Election Day [_]/17 Alex Chilton [#][_][Alternate Version]/18 Kick It In [#][_][Studio Demo]/19 Route 66 [_]/20 Tossin' N' Turnin' [_]/21 Can't Hardly Wait [#][_][Alternate Version]/22 Cool Water [_]

Sorry Ma, Forgot To Take Out The Trash

01 Takin' A Ride/02 Careless/03 Customer/04 Hangin Downtown/05 Kick Your Door Down/06 Otto/07 I Bought A Headache/08 Rattlesnake/09 I Hate Music/10 Johnny's Gonna Die/11 Shiftless When Idle/12 More Cigarettes/13 Don't Ask Why/14 Somethin To Dü/15 I'm In Trouble/16 Love You Till Friday/17 Shutup/18 Raised In The City/19 Raised In The City (Demo)/20 Shutup (Demo)/21 Don't Turn Me Down (Demo)/22 Shape Up (Demo)/23 You Ain't Gotta Dance (Studio Demo)/24 Get On The Stick (Studio Demo)/25 Oh Baby (Studio Demo)/26 Like You (Outtake).mp3/27 Get Lost (Outtake)/28 A Toe Needs A Shoe (Outtake)/29 Customer (Alternate Take)/30 Basement Jam (Rehearsal)/31 If Only You WereLONELY

The Ritz, NYC 7/27/87

01 I.O.U./02 Nevermind/03 Hold My Life/04 I Will Dare/05 Loveliness/06 Can't Hardly Wait/07 Little Mascara/08 Swingin' Party/09 Bastards Of Young/10 Within Your Reach/11 The Ledge/12 Waitress In The Sky/13 Sweet Home Chicago/14 Favorite Thing/15 Tommy Gets His Tonsils Out/16 Unsatisfied/17 Go/18 Nightclub Jitters/19 California Sun/20 Another Girl, Another Planet/21 Kiss Me On The Bus/22 Skyway/23 If You WereLONELY/24 Color Me Impressed/25 Takin' A Ride


01 Hold My Life/02 I'll Buy/03 Kiss Me on the Bus/04 Dose of Thunder/05 Waitress in the Sky/06 Swingin' Party/07 Bastards of Young/08 Lay It Down Clown/09 Left of the Dial/10 Little Mascara/11 Here Comes a Regular/12 Can't Hardly Wait (Outtake-Acoustic)/13 Nowhere Is My Home/14 Can't Hardly Wait (Outtake-Electric)/15 Kiss Me On The Bus (Studio Demo)/16 Waitress In The Sky (Alternate Version)/17 Here Comes A Regular (Alternate Version)

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