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Last Call-Vancouver Independent Music 1977-88

This is an extensive two disc set of Vancouver music, most of it highly obscure....the tracks on the first disc are pretty much "punk" stuff, ("Fucked Up baby" by the Skulls, "Slave To My Dick" by Subhumans, "UJ3erks" from Eisenhower and the Hippies, Pointed Sticks, Active Dogs, plenty more. Haven't done anything like this is a little while, this one just turned up while I was looking for something else, but I carpet bombed and found it most enjoyable, hell who DOESN'T love long, obscure regional punk collections?

Disc 2 goes off in a few different directions, more in the what some may call the "alternative" direction, going so far as to include a few "better known" bands such as Slow, Nomeansno, and a few others, much more variety of style on this disc.

Basically the whole package is worth your time, check em out!

LAST CALL DISC 1-01 THE FURIES-What Do You Want Me To Be/02 SKULLS-Fucked Up Baby/03 DOA-Disc Sucks/04 STIFFS-Fuck You/05 GENERATORS-I Wish I Was a Girl/06 DISHRAGS-I Don't Love You/07 ACTIVE DOG-Nothing Holding You/08 BIZ-I Don't Give a Shit/09 SHADES-New Clientele/10 POINTED STICKS-Real Thing/11 PRIVATE SCHOOL-Science Fiction/12 SUBHUMANS-Slave to My Dick/13 YOUNG CANADIANS-Hawaii/14 FEMALE HANDS-Divided By Three/15 UJ3RK5-Eisenhower & the Hippies/16 MODERNETTES-Barbata/17 INSEX-Off the Deep End/18 AKA 634 Dog/19 SECRET V'S-Waiting For the Drugs to Take Hold/20 TIM RAY-Seen a Fight/21 CORSAGE-Shame I Feel/22 POPULAR FRONT-Synchronized Swimming/23 54-40-Yank/24 SCISSORS-Mystery Movie/25 LOS POPULAROS-Can't Come Back/26 MORAL LEPERS-Music Is Your Body/27 ENIGMAS-Teenage Barnacle/28 ACTIONAUTS-Party Dog

LAST CALL DISC 2-01 FAMILY PLOT-The Crush/02 NOMEANSNO-Self Pity/03 WORK PARTY-Work Song/04 BOLERO LAVA-Inevitable/05 I, BRAINEATER-Edge/06 GO FOUR 3-Just Another Day/07 ANIMAL SLAVES-Learning To Live/08 BRILLIANT ORANGE-Happy Man/09 SLOW-Have Not Been the Same/10 SHANGHAI DOG-American Desert/11 NO FUN-Be Like Us/12 CANNON HEARTH DOWN-Bone of Contnetion/13 LOST DURANGOS-Evil Town/14 HERALD NIX-Dirty Ol Town/15 POISONED-To Tell the Truth/16 BOB'S YOUR UNCLE-Talk to the Birds/17 RHYTHM MISSION-King Blood/18 SCRAMBLERS-Solitary Man/19 OVERSOUL SEVEN- 1+1 Is Three/20 Hip Type-Darker Than This

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