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By (MY) Request: Skywave (redux)

Today's stuff has all been of the contributed nature (I stress, NOTHING wrong with that, I love it), this one
stems from a week or so ago when John N sent me Skywave's "Killerrocknroll" compilation, which I had never heard and thought was great. Asked him if he had any more, he generously sent a BUNCH, likely close to their complete body......again, I haven't listened to these yet, so not much I can comment on, but if it's anything like the previous comp, take the wonderful noise rock of A Place to Bury Strangers and combine with the weird melodic drones of  The Jesus and Mary Chain, and you'd about have it. I'll be listening to these soon, I recommend them (based off the comp), and thanks to John N for this submission.

TOOK THE SUN (1998)-01 Drive/02 Sixteen/03 Coast Drive/04 Mary's Shadow/05 Sanddune/06 Die For One More Day/07 Watch You Fade/08 Walking on Stars/09 Snow/10 Sanddune

ECHODRONE-(1999)-01 Under the Moon/02 Nothing/03 Baby It's Just You/04 Got That Feeling/05 Sixteen/06 Get the Girl/07 All I Had/08 Slow In Space/09 Girlfriend's Dead/10 It's In Your Eyes

WITHOUT YOU (EP) (1999)-01 Without You/02 Seen It All/03 Dream You're Alive

Seen It All (Live)/02 Oh Oh I Love Her So (Live)/03 Mary's Shadow (Live)/04 Took the Sun (Live)/05 Nightmare (Live)/06 Ceremony (Live)/07 Drive (Live)/08 Water (Live)/09 RX (Live)/10 Nothing (Live)/11 Get the Girl (Live)/12 Is She Dreaming (Live)/13 Down (Live)/14 Dreamtime (Demo)/15 Baby It's Just You (Demo)/16 Cool breeze (Demo)

WALK MY WAY (EP) (2001)-01 Watch You Fade/02 Walk My Way/03 Big Blue Sky/04 Slow In Space/05 Summertime

DON'T SAY SLOW (SINGLE) (2002)-01 Don't Say Slow/02 Took the Sun/03 Forever You

INTERFERENCE (CASSETTE COMP) (2002)-01 All Alone/02 Walk My Way/03 Dreamscape/04 You Left Me a Letter/05 Baby It's Just You/06 Space/07 If I Were a Man/09 Cool Breeze/10 Heartbreaker/11 And You Wonder Why/12 Coming After Me

01 Tsunami/02 Here She Comes/03 Don't Say Slow/04 Nothing Left to Say/05 Over and Over/06 Fire/07 Wear This Dress/08 Angela's An Angel/09 Knife/10 Adore/11 I Believe/12 Life To Take Your Hand/13 Kill Me Dead/14 Kiss

SKYWAVE-I've Seen It All/02 SKYWAVE-Sunny Sunday Smile/03 GOLD-Seekers/04 Hurdy Gurdy Man

LOTTA  material here, I hope it's HALF as good as the "Killerrocknroll" compilation PLEASE check these out and gimme a full report, and again thanks to John N!


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