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Rory Gallagher Part 4, wrap up

A few more live albums, some posthumous releases, and some of this and that that are still on my shelves
after the first three parts......Rory was a great one, kind of an "anti-star" almost, and maybe not the most imaginative guy ever to set foot on stage....what he was, was a GODDAMN ROCK N ROLLER, killer guitarist, fine singer, and absolutely dynamic stag performer.......he is missed.  Here's what I have left:

The two discs "Live at Montreaux" set is an ass-kicker, a career spanning epic and as good a live document of his performances as exists....all my faves are here at least...."Cradle Rock", "Laundromat".....this is a fine live album.

"A Blue Day For the Blues" was released after his death, something of a "greatest hits" effort except that it focuses on his time on IRS Records.....thus no "Laundromat, et al, but plenty of good stuff, especially for the dabbler.

"Etched In Blue" is another posthumous mishmash of tracks, again, OK for the dabbler, but if you've been paying attention, I've covered most if not all of this stuff.....since I have a copy, though, dig in if you want it.

"In the Beginning" gives us some previously unheard tracks from Rory's WAY early years.....you can hear the seeds of his greatness here......this is NOT for the dabbler, but for real fans of Mr Gallagher's works.

I had forgotten completely about "Stage Struck" another live effort which was released during his
lifetime.....once again, stellar onstage guitar and shoutin', as I've said multiple times, Gallagher was FAR more comfortable on stage than in the studio.

Finally, "Wheels Within Wheels", another posthumous release....some like this, I'm not crazy about it, it accentuates his softer, folkier side, which was not his forte in my estimation......still, I do have one, and here it is if you wanna hear it.

I also have a copy of "Big Guns", a "greatest hits" effort" that I'm not gonna post, unless someone asks, because I think I've covered all the material on it anyway.

Rory Gallagher was a bad ass......I know many who called him "generic", but all I know is the man rocked the yard, every time, on stage especially but also in the studio. God bless you Rory Gallagher, th world was a better place with you in it, but you sure as fuck left your mark on it.

LIVE AT MONTREAUX DISC 1-01 Tattoo'd Lady/02 Garbage Man/03 Cradle Rock/04 Tore Down/05 Laundromat/06 I Take What I Want/07 Calling Card/08 Secret agent/09 Bought and Sold/10 A Million Miles/11 Do You Read Me/12 Pistol Slapper Blues/13 Shin Kicker/14 Last of the Independents/15 Mississippi Sheik/16 Too Much Alcohol/17 Shadowplay/18 bad Penny/19 Moonchild/20 Bankers Blues/21 Philby

LIVE AT MONTREAUX DISC 2-01 Big Guns/02 Continental Op/03 Moonchild/04 I Wonder Who/05 The Loop/06 Tattoo'd Lady/07 I Could Have had Religion/08 Ghost Blues/09 Out on the Western Plain/10 Walking Blues/11 Pistol Slapper Blues/12 Messin With the Kid/13 2-13 2-13

A BLUE DAY FOR THE BLUES-01 I Ain't No Saint/02 The Loop/03 Calling Card/04 As The Crow Flies/05 Off the Handle/06 Bullfrog Blues/07 back On My Stompin Grounds/08 Empire State express/09 Continental Op/10 Shin Kicker/11 Public Enemy No. 1/12 Pistol Slapper Blues/13 Don't Start Me Talkin'/14 Nothin But the Devil/15 Alexis/16 Barley and Grape Rag

ETCHED IN BLUE-01 Loanshark Blues/02 Bought and Sold/03 bad penny/04 Cruise On Out/05 Crest of a Wave/06 I'm Not Surprised/07 Un-Military Two Step/08 Alexis/09 Edged In Blue/10 They Don't Make Them Like You Anymore/11 The Devil made Me Do It/12 Too much Alcohol/13 I Could've had religion/14 Shin Kicker

IN THE BEGINNING-01 Wee Wee baby/02 How Many More Years/03 Take It Easy Baby/04 You've
Got To Pay/05 Worried Man/06 Norman Invasion/07 Pardon Me Mister

STAGE STRUCK-01 Shin Kicker/02 Wayward Child/03 Brute Force and Ignorance/04 Moonchild/05 bad Penny/06 Keychain/07 Follow Me/08 Bought and Sold/09 Last of the Independents/10 Shadow Play

WHEELS WITHIN WHEELS-01 Wheels Within Wheels/02 Flight to paradise/03 As the Crow Flies/04 Lonesome High/05 Bratcha Dubha/06 She Moves Thro' the Air Ann Cran/07 Barley and Grape Rag/08 The Cuckoo/09 Amazing Grace/10 Walkin Blues/11 Blue Moon of Kentucky/12 Deep Elm Blues/13 Goin To My Hometown/14 Lonesome Highway Refraining

RIP Rory Gallagher, you done great!

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