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Brian presents Exile on Covers Street

(Scott)- Rolling Stone magazine once picked "Exile" as the greatest rock album of all time......while I don't
agree (by a long shot), it's certainly a classic. Brian did his usual stellar job of creating a covers project (LORD, I have to do a few of those myself sometime, don't judge me!).......couple of unrelated thoughts.....I know I once did a Pussy Galore post, I'm sure it was long enough ago that their kinda cool track- for- track cover of "Exile" is long gone, it's much more interesting than listenable, but worth tracking down for the curiosity factor......also, in case you were unaware, Liz Phair's classic "Exile In Guyville", long a favorite of mine, is supposed to be a song for song "response" to the Stones "Exile", however, I've listened to it 1000 times and have NEVER made any such connection........perhaps if Liz wishes to come to my home and explain it to me while she sits on my face it would become more clear......anyway, Brian turns in another classic, it's great as you will see, and I've got so much shit backed up for the next couple of days you guys will be exploding in gratitude (or, perhaps NOT)......

This one is probably my last Stones cover project. I thought putting together a cover version of Exile would be easy, but it took a lot of digging. I actually started this right after that cover version of Hot Rocks! I knew going in that Pussy Galore did a version of the whole Exile album, but given its fractious nature, I didn't want to use more than one track. That's why it took me longer. These things can wear a brother out....

Alt-Country group The Old 97's kick things off with a great version of "Rocks Off". Fortunately it downplays the horns a bit. Billy Squier (of all people) shows up for a rocking live cover of "Rip This Joint". German rockabilly powerhouses The Bosshoss deliver a killer version of "Shake Your Hips", which the Stones themselves covered from Slim Harpo. I've never heard of Privettricker, but this is about the only cover of "Casino Boogie" I could find, and I think it's good. The Gaslight Anthem's "Tumbling Dice" is as bleary-eyed and gorgeous as the original.

As a surprise, Jerry Lee Lewis himself does a cover of "Sweet Virginia". He changes "shit" to "shine", but it's a great performance anyway. I really like Blue Mountain's  "Torn and Frayed", from the alt-country Paint It Black tribute. Reggae group Wailing Souls do a great sun-drenched reggae version of "Sweet Black Angel". The Black Crowes perform a faithful live take on "Loving Cup". Those boys sure love the Stones, huh?

I had to dig for a version of "Happy", until I found this one by Elvis Costello. Forgive the fidelity and the phasing, but I couldn't pass up putting Elvis here. And I couldn't find any other good versions. I've never heard of Wrong Turn, but their take of "Turd On The Run" is almost psychobilly in it's intensity. Richard Hell's "Ventilator Blues" is as jagged as you'd expect from him. Phish deliver (of course) a long, jammy version of "I Just Want To See His Face".

I finally use Pussy Galore for their feedback-fueled rave up of "Let It Loose". Sheryl Crow does a good live cover of "All Down The Line". She's always good for a tune. The White Stripes make "Stop Breaking Down" sound like on of their own. Then I bring back Jennifer Warnes's great version of "Shine A Light". (NOTE: the version of this song I put on that anthology of hers a few months ago was shortened; you might want to copy this MP3 and retag it for that album.) And finally, I had a hard time finding a cover of "Soul Survivor", which was surprising. Then I found this by what I believe is a Japanese bar band named Brian Lunch. Maybe it's meant to be "brain lunch"...I don't know. But it rocks, either way.

1.) Old 97s - Rocks Off
2.) Billy Squier - Rip This Joint
3.) The Bosshoss - Shake Your Hips
4.) Privettricker - Casino Boogie
5.) The Gaslight Anthem - Tumbling Dice
6.) Jerry Lee Lewis - Sweet Virginia
7.) Blue Mountain - Torn and Frayed
8.) Wailing Souls - Sweet Black Angel
9.) The Black Crowes - Loving Cup
10.) Elvis Costello - Happy
11.) Wrong Turn - Turd On The Run
12.) Richard Hell - Ventilator Blues
13.) Phish - I Just Want To See His Face
14.) Pussy Galore - Let It Loose
15.) Sheryl Crow - All Down The Line
16.) The White Stripes- Stop Breaking Down
17.) Jennifer Warnes - Shine A Light
18.) Brian Lunch - Soul Survivor 
As always, hope this is enjoyed. The bonus link for this post is an early album by a great Scottish comedian/singer. He won't need explaining to UK readers, but to you folks here in the U.S., remember that ultimate badass Il Duce from The Boondock Saints? Did you know he was funny?


And, at Brian's request, I am reposting the link for the ultimate cover project of all time, Brian's "Dylan" project.....some of the links are about to expire, and if you have not checked these out, DO SO NOW, do not ask for a reup in 2018, I will only make fun of you.......here is the whole thing, NO EXCUSES, every music lover on earth should have this, it's THAT great, and took more work than probably any post I have ever seen ANYONE make!


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