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From Cliff: Boogie On Reggae Woman part 1

(Scott) Always great to hear from Cliff with another of his dynamite submissions, this one featuring some of
the women of reggae........more stuff I am unfamiliar with BUT interested as hell to hear, so rock on Cliff, and thanks a million!
Reggae music often refers to male musicians or bands, too often, female artists get overlooked in a genre that can be male dominated. So I thought I would try to show alongside the great male reggae artists there are some equally wonderful women. I haven't sent our Scott any female led reggae before so I thought it was time to rectify that.

First up is a wonderful compilation "Studio One, Women".  This contains everything you want from Jamaican music, Ska, rocksteady, funky reggae, roots, dub mixes, disco mixes. There's not a bad track on this album. Studio One is the greatest label in the history of reggae, anyone who is anyone who became a star in the 70's and 80's started out and cut their teeth their.  Quality is guaranteed. Therefore you will know that the second offering "Studio One Presents Jennifer Lara" is one well worth listening to. A wicked 1970's album from a highly talented but sadly underrated singer. For over 35 years Lara was associated with Studio One, adding backing vocals to the songs of some of the camp's biggest names, including Delroy Wilson, Freddie McGregor, Dennis Brown, and Sugar Minott.

Third up is Marcia Griffiths with "Sweet Bitter Love" produced by Lloyd Chambers for Trojan Records. Marcia Griffiths is known as the Queen of Reggae. "Sweet Bitter Love" was released in 1974, the same year Bob Marley invited Griffiths to be one of his backing singers as the I-Threes, alongside Rita Marley and Judy Mowatt. Marcia Griffiths made her debut with the group on the album "Natty Dread" and became a crucial presence in the Wailer's stage and recording lineup until Marley's death in 1981.  "Sweet Bitter Love" is soulful reggae at heart as Griffiths covers a number of pop and R&B material with a smooth laid back feel.

Mine final offering is Sister Nancy and her debut album of "One Two". Sister Nancy whips up a classic collection  of lyrical delights, brazenly informing us all that there "ain't no stopping Nancy." Until Sister nancy came along, Dancehall was very, much a boys-only club but she smashes her way in; the track "Bam Bam" is worth the price of the album alone. One to get your feet tapping and your hips swaying to.


STUDIO ONE WOMEN:  1. Give Love Another Try-Claudette McLean  2. My Man-Jennifer Lara 3. Deh Pon Dem-The Soulettes 4. Dream Land-Della Humphrey 5. Consider Me-Jennifer Lara 6. War No Right-Denise Darlington 7. I'm Just a Girl-Hortense Ellis 8. No Bother With No Fuss-Anglea Prince  9. There's a Chance For Me-Jerry Jones 10 King Street-The Soulettes 11 Tell Me Where-Jennifer Lara  12 I'll Give It To You-The Tonettes  13. Tell Me Now-Marcia Griffiths  14. Come To Me-Jay Tees/ 15. You a Fool Boy-Angela Prince  16. I Am In Love-Jennifer Lara

Link:  http://www76.zippyshare.com/v/mP0RLzTX/file.html

STUDIO ONE PRESENTS JENNIFER LARA: 1. Woman 2. A Change Is Gonna Come 3. Hurt 4. Close
to You 5. Impossible 6. Loving You 7. Our Love  8. Love and Harmony 9. Ain't No Love  10. Rockin Tonight

Link:  http://www115.zippyshare.com/v/OqaNdB7g/file.html

MARCIA GRIFFITHS-SWEET BITTER LOVE-1.  The First Time I Saw Your Face  2. Play Me  3. There's No Me Without You 4. I'd Rather Be Lonely  5. Gypsey Man 6. Sweet Bitter Lover  7. Here I Am Baby 8. Everything I Own  9. Green Grasshopper  10. Children at Play  11. Play Me (with Lloyd Charmers)

Link:  http://www114.zippyshare.com/v/IC2bce09/file.html

SISTER NANCY-ONE TWO- 1. One Two  2. I Am a Geddion  3. Ain't No Stopping Nancy  4. Gwan a School 5. Coward of the County  6. Bam Bam  7. Transport Connection 8. Pegion Rock  9. Roof Over Mi Head  10. Only Woman DJ With a Degree

Link: http://www59.zippyshare.com/v/cvXe4FOq/file.html

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