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A Guest "fills up the suitcase", MORE Throbbing Gristle

After yesterday's massive post, imagine my surprise today to recieve email from a long-timer, Lo-Fi
Larry......Larry left a comment on yesterday's post, with a logical explanation of the volume "numbering" system:

"Cassette IRC 01 is the original Best Of album, called "Best Of Volume II" - I believe there was no Volume 1 initially (jokesters). When reissued, they added IRC 00 and called it "Best Of Volume I".

I have them both, happy to upload for you and post when they're up. 

PS: "IRC" stands for Industrial Records Cassette; vinyl releases have only IR in their catalog number."

Well, thanks Larry, but ESPECIALLY thanks for hooking us up with the rest of the mammoth "24 Hours" set.....first of all, he gives us "IRC00" and "IRC01" which he explains above, and as a SPECIAL bonus, he adds "IRC19" (for which I had a link which would not work), and "IRC23" which was omitted from the set that I took yesterday's post from. 

Here's the track list, the imaginations had to be working double time for this one.....

IRC00-THE BEST OF VOLUME 1-A Side: Untitled (1:11), Untitled (2:19), Untitled (0:54), Untitled (1:41), Untitled (14:59), Untitled (1:40), Untitled (1:09), Untitled (2:55), Untitled (1:09), Untitled (0:58), Untitled (8:30), Scars of E (6:14), Untitled (0:29). 
B Side: Untitled (0:40), Untitled (0:58), Untitled (10:02), Untitled (1:09), Very Friendly (Part One) (11:06), Very Friendly (Part Two) (9:27), We Hate You (Little Girls) (Version One) (2:36), We Hate You (Little Girls) (Version One) (2:39), American Magician Talking (0:58), Neil Young - New Mama / Look Out Joe (2:56). 

The last  two tracks are not Throbbing Gristle. The first is a recording of an American magician performing a trick with a small audience. The second is of Neil Young's "New Mama" ending, then the end plays again and "Look Out Joe" begins before ending abruptly.

IRC01-THE BEST OF VOLUME 2-A Side: Very Friendly (Studio) (10:42), Very Friendly (ICA) (3:58), Scars of E (Studio) (5:19), Slug Bait (Studio) (4:40), Untitled (Studio) (3:26). 
B Side: Slug Bait (ICA) (4:14), 10p for a Pack of Cigarettes (Studio) (2:58), We Hate You (Little Girls) (Studio) (2:08), Dead Ed (ICA) (4:05), Dead Ed / No Two Ways (Winchester) (14:28), The End (ICA) (1:23). 

IRC19-AT THE NOW SOCIETY, SHEFFIELD UNIVERSITY-01 Weapon Training/02 Convincing People/03 hamburger Lady/04 Interlude/05 Chat Up/06 What a Day!/07 Persuasion/08 Five Knuckle Shuffle

IRC23-(Studio) 01 Pastimes/02 Industrial Muzak

OK, thanks to the DIY or Die blog, and to Lo-Fi Larry for rounding out the gargantuan "24 Hours" set, I hope that for most of you it is at least an intereseting curiosity. Also thanks to old reliable Brian, and to Rob from Canada for the additional material. 

This was kind of a tricky one, as I said I had WANTED to do it all as one post to simulate IRC's commitment to music in BULK, but I was missing a few pieces.....thanks to all who helped bring this thing home!

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