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Lemonheads Part 2

In part one of this post, we got up to "Car Button Cloth", album wise, which, by chance is as far as my
knowledge of the band goes......I DO have a bunch of singles and EP's here, some pretty rare stuff here.....by the way as to Part 1: I know the Flac splits are fucked.....I was lazy, it's less work for me.....what happens is zippy's maximum upload volume is 200mb/per...these FLAC albums are always bigger than that and need split. As my stuff is on CD (FLAC on CD in this case), a split-by-hand is neat and clean, between tracks as needed....when I lazilly let zippy split them, it splits them RIGHT AT 200mb, plus whatever is left, which can lead to some issues. I'm not going to do it anymore, it was just to save time, TOMOROW, I go back and FIX the albums from part one, splitting them by hand for YOUR convenience. Thought it might work, but like all great ideas, sometimes old-school is just better.

OK, this band leaves us a treasure trove of singles, they have MANY alternate versions, live versions, demos, and just plain unavailable elsewhere tracks......I was gonna make an "album" out of these, maybe "Lemonheads Rarities", I've done stuff like that before, but I always get to thinking that some MIGHT prefer them presented the way the artist at hand wanted them to he heard and experienced.....so, if I have them as singles, singles you will get.......see below for the singles track lists, they are pretty amazing, really. As are the EP's, not much different than the singles, really, 4-5 tracks per and crammed with some rare gems.

I'm also going to put up a kind of odd one, from 2001, Evan Dando released a double live CD. The first
disc, "Live At Brattle  Theater", combines Lemonheads classics with some other original stuff, and the second disc, "Griffith Sunset", takes on a number of country songs.......you know how much I dislike country music, but, while the subject at hand here was trying to "expand" or whatever, I thought I'd put this up too......see what ya think, in my "objective" view, it's not horrendous.

OK, that's a buncha Lemonheads........if any of you have MORE of it (from their peak period), let me know, I'd LOVE to hear a live version of "Allison's Starting to Happen", MY fave by far (evidently not Evan's though!)

Singles and EP's are ALL FLAC but are small enough that no splits are needed......the double live effort I'll fix it so it works for ya!

SINGLES-CONFETTI-01 Confetti (remix)/02 My Drug Buddy/03 Ride With me (live)/04 Confetti (Acoustic)

IT'S A SHAME ABOUT RAY-01 It's a Shame About Ray/02 Shakey Ground/03 Dawn Can't Decide/04 The Turnpike Down

MRS ROBINSON-01 Mrs Robinson/02 Being Around/03 Divan/04 into Your Arms

MY DRUG BUDDY-01 My Drug Buddy/02 Being Around/03 Mrs Robinson/04 Dawn Can't Decide/05 Shaky ground

INTO YOUR ARMS-01 Into Your Arms/02 Miss Otis Regrets/03 Little Black Egg/04 Learning the Game

ITS ABOUT TIME-01 It's About Time/02 Rick James Acoustic Style/03 Down About it (Acoustic)/04 Big Gay Heart (demo)

THE GREAT BIG NO-01 The Great Big NO/02 Rick James Style/03 Down About It/04 Big Gay Heart

STYLE (PROMO DISC)-01 Style/02 Godflesh Style

IF I COULD TALK ID TELL YOU DISC 1-01 If I Could Talk I'd Tell You (single version)/02 I Don't Want to Go home/03 How Will I Know (Acoustic)/04 Seagulls Aren't Free

IF I COULD TALK ID TELL YOU DISC 2-01 If I Could talk I'd Tell You/02 It's All True (No Drums Mix)/03 How Will i Know (Electric)/04 Sexual Bryceulidge

THE OUTDOOR TYPE-01 The Outdoor Type (remix)/02 Pin Yr Heart/03 Losing Your Mind (Live, acoustic)

EP'S-FAVORITE SPANISH DISHES-01 Different Drum/02 Paint/03 Ride With Me/04 Step by Step/05 Skulls

IT'S A SHAME ABOUT RAY (LIVE)-01 It's a ShameAbout Ray (Live)/02 Confetti (Live)/03 Mallo Cup (live)/04 Rudderless (Live)

BIG GAY HEART-01 Big Gay Heart/02 Favorite T (Live In Session)/03 He's On the Beach/04 Deep Bottom Crove

EVAN DANDO -LIVE AT BRATTLE THEATER 2001-01 Down about It/02 The Turnpike Down/03 The Outdoor Type/04 My Drug Buddy/05 The Same Thing You Thought Hard About Is the Same Thing I Can Live Without/06 Ride With Me/07 Frying Pan/08 Excuse Me Mister/09 Thirten/10 Stove/11 Half the Time

EVAN DANDO-GRIFFITH SUNSET-01 Ba-De-Da/02 Fraulien/03 Sam Stone/04 Nothin/05 My Baby's
Gone/06 Tribute to Hank Williams/07 Ba-De-Da (alternate version)

LOTSA STUFF here.....and as always, should you have anything interesting to add to it, please do.......that's how we do things here, we WANT everyone, yes everyone, to have thier PERFECT customized music collection!

Look for great stuff soon from Throbbing Gristle, The Fall, more great Brian covers projects, much more Brian Jonestown Massacre.........hey, we love doing it, I hope you guys appreciate it......the hit/download numbers tell me whether or not that is the case!

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