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Some great links from New friend John Norris (PART 1)

Before we get to Lemonheads 2, I want to post something else first.......couple things, YES they are FLAC
files......if they were FLAC files when I downloaded them, they were burned to disc as FLAC files, etc.....in this casse I took the easy way out and let Zippyshare split the files (they have a 200mb/upload limit), which is why they end with stuff like Z1......OK, NOT the best way to do them.....I'll go back and split them by hand (trust me they are MUCH more manageable whe I do that).......I will do it the HARD WAY in the name of quality from here out (ie, use the actual CD's which are split at the proper place rather than make extra work for the downloader.....)

Out of nowhere comes John Norris with an amazing looking submission, since he sent his submissions in another format (I won''t name it), they have a limit on the amount I can download, unless I pay for upgraded service and do you think I'd do that? I couldn't even keep a straight face TYPING that!.....anyway, I'm going to break his WONDERFUL submission up in as many pieces as I need, he has sent FIFTEEN links for Brian Jonestown Massacre stuff that we didn't have access to before (as well, as, much appreciated, a stray Magnapop link)........I am going to download his links and re-zippy them, so it'll take a second, but here is PART 1 of the new John post, hopefully I can get some more of these pulled down tonight (hope they don't expire soon), but this is a TREMENDOUS contribution that I know will be popular with some of you!

There is a good bit of material here, so likely it's a good thing I couldn't bombard you with ALL of it' or you'd OD.......

First up we have a 1999 EP entitled "Bringing It All Back Home Again".......pretty damn good, actually, and I just learned that one track "Arkansas Revisited" is a reworking of the Charles Manson non-classic "Arkasas".......another interesting thing thier Wiki page reveals is this was the final release to feature bassist Matt Hollywood (he returned in 2012), who left the band in an onstage fight, documented in the great film "Dig".

BRINGING IT ALL BACK HOME AGAIN-01 The Way It Was/02 Mansion in the Sky/03 Reign On/04 The Godspell According to AA Newcombe/05 All Things Great and Small/06 Arkansas Revisited

Next, John presents us with the album "....And This is Our Music", packaged in 2003 along with the single "If Love Is the Drug The I Want to OD" (see below).....lotta good material here, check this one out.

......AND THIS IS OUR MUSIC-01 The Wrong Way/02 Introesque/03 Starcleaner/04 Here to Go/05 When jokers Attack/06 Prozac vs. heroin/08 Maryanne/09 You look Great When I'm Fucked Up/10 Here It Comes/12 Prozacc vs Heroin Revisitied/13 A New Low In Getting High/14 Somethings Go Without Saying/15 Tschuss/16 The Pregnancy Test/17 The Right Way

Very good addition to your library. Next up, he sends us one for the dabblers, and a good one. this is the
two disc career retrospective (I don't think I have this, so likely did not post it when I did a post on the band earlier)....fine stuff on here, it is titled "Tepid Peppermint Wonderland: A Retrospective", and as I've said before, I you just want ONE on your shelf/hardrive, whatever, best let this be it.....

TEPID PEPPERMINT WONDERLAND: A RETROSPECTIVE DISC 1:01 All Around You (Intro)/02 Who?/03 When Jokers Attack/04 Servo/05 Open heart Surgery/06 If Love is the Drug/07 IT Girl/08 Sailor/09 Straight Up and Down/10 Anenome/11 Wisdom/12 Just For Today/13 Stars/14 Vacuum Boots/15 Prozac vs Heroin/16 She's Gone

TEPID PEPPERMINT WONDERLAND: A RETROSPECTIVE DISC 2:01 Nailing Honey to the Bee/02 That Girl Suicide/03 Nevertheless/04 Evergreen/05 Starcleaner/06 Let Me Stand Next to Your Flower (Live)/07 Hide and Seek (Live)/08 In My Life/09 Mary Please/10 Talk-Action=Shit/11 Oh Lord/12 This Is Why you love Me/13 Not If You Were The Last Dandy On Earth/14 Swallowtail Live/15 Feel So Good/16 Fucker/17 #1 Hit Jam/18 Ballad of Jim Jones/19 Free and Easy, Take 2/20 Stolen/21 Mansion in the Sky/22 Sue

And finally, ("finally" only for right now, this is about a FOURTH of the stuff he sent me, I hope he sticks
around, this is the bulky type of submission that saves me personally TONS of work, and also gets me some fab new tunes for my stash)......John presents us with  single "If Love Is the Drug I Want To OD", backed with the "....And This is Our Music" version of "Skycleaner".......

This is a GOOD post, you'll get the rest of it as soon as I am allowed to download the rest of them......there may be more yet tonight, I'm unsure what the "download/time limit" is, so I'll get popping on Lemonheads Part 2 in the meantime.......I know Brian has another excellent covers project (he told what it is and it's an exciting one, as they generally are), so keep your eyes peeled, my I'm still working on my Throbbing Gristle monstrosity (24 Hours PLUS, it'll likely be called, I MAY just do it all in one post, just to replicate the experience of music, PURELY in "bulk" form)......so fans of Throbbing Gristle, BrianJonestown Massacre, Brian's cool cover projects, and the Lemonheads, stick around, I'm cranking this stuff out as fast as I can!

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