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The "Other" Beatles Part 4

Back again with the #4 installment of this killer project, mind you I am taking NO credit for it, as jose kortozirkuito, proprieter of one of the best blogs currently in existence, http://tommentonenlacuadra.blogspot.com.....go there and check out his fine work, that is one great blog.....if you are english speaking like myself, there is some Spanish language stuff there, but for me personally, that is just another plus.....
these creations were from last summer, by the Spanish Blogger All-Star team, headed by my great friend

Well, at this point as we "cover" the career of the beatls, they were on top of the world, could do no wrong, and were cranking out masterworks every few months.......and Jose and friends do a fine job of capturing the feel of these great discs, these are TRIBUTES, but to the degree that (I'll say it again) they are more LABORS OF LOVE.

We lead off with the incredible 2-disc "White Album", what a great album it was to begin with, I couldn't wait to hear the covers version......so lets see what we got here anyway.....well, I love most everything on this set......the most interesting stuff here is the stuff that (I'd think) would be damn near IMPOSSILE to cover without sounding stupid, Dwight Twilley pulls this off on "The Continuing Saga of Bungalo Bill", Joe Anderson/Salma hayek turn in a FINE "Happiness is a Warm Gun", and the Moments do a respectable take on "Rocky Raccoon"......MAN those, to me, are some HARD songs to cover without sounding stupid.

The second disc of the "Other White Album" is just as great, who could resist Pau Weller taking on "Birthday", Fats Domino's version of "Everybody's Got SOmthing to Hide Except Me and My Monkey" is pretty well known (and GREAT), and, on another "hard one to cover without sounding stupid (many have tried, and done exactly that), Ronnie Peterson & Betzefer take on, respectably well, the infamous "Helter Skelter"

So, we move along to "The Other Yellow Submarine", GOD how I remember seeing the film in the
theater at a very young age......well, never mind......it's a short effort, and hw could anyone resist Echo & the Bunnymen tackling "All You need Is Love"? Or pscyh legends the Gods going at "Hey Bulldog". The Beatles gave the world some incredible material, noone could argue that.

One more on this part, "The Other Abbey Road"....."Abbey Road" may be my favorite, along with "Revolver" and the "White Album"......with a gun at my temple, I'd likely pick "Abbey Road", it was great, catchy, rocking and SOOOOO complex, and, again, a HARD effort to cover.....but it leads off with a SLAMMING "Come Together" from Ike and Tina Turner, be sure and check Paul SImon, Graham Nash, and David Crosby's take on "Here Comes the Sun", and a very fave band of mine, Cornershop, do thier thing to "Mean Mr. Mustard/Polythene Pam".......not terribly crazy about the Phil Collins stuff, but what are you gonna do? Again, this is a masterwork, Labour of love, DONE UP RIGHT.......please check these out, go to Jose's site and compliment/thank him, but also (just out of my own curiosity), please leave comments here.....I think this set is wonderful, varied, and most of all, just a joy to listen to. Thanks Jose and Company!

CLARKS-Dear Prudence/03 JOHN KILZER-Glass Onion/04 ARTHUR CONLEY-Ob-la-Di, Ob-la-da/05 THE SQUIRRELS-Wild Honey Pie/06 DWIGHT TILLEY-The Continuing Story of Bungalow Bill/07 BLACK BIRD BAND-While My Guitar Gently Weeps/08 JOE ANDERSON/SALMA HAYEK-Happiness Is a Warm Gun/09 BERTOLF-Martha My Dear/10 PHIL CAMPBELL-I'm So Tired/11 SOLEIL MOON-Blackbird/12 LUIS EDUARDO AUTE-Piggies/13 THE MOMENTS-Rocky Raccoon/14 FIELD MUSIC-Don't Pass Me By/15 THE LIGHTNING KIDS-Why Don't We Do It In the Road?/16 MATHIEU SAIKALY- I Will/17 CASSIA ELLER-Julia

THE OTHER WHITE ALBUM DISC 2-01 PAUL WELLER-Birthday/02 EUGENE MCGUINNESS-Yer Blues/03 THE KINGS SINGERS-Mother Nature's Son/04 FATS DOMINO-Everybody's Got Something To Hide Except Me and My Monkey/05 DAMILLS-Sexy Sadie/06 RONNIE PETERSON & BETZEFER-Helter Skelter/07 ASTRID AND STANLEY SAMUELSON-Long, Long, Long/08 KENNY NEAL, LUCKY PETERSON, & TAB BENOIT-Revolution 1/09 MEEK-Honey Pie/10 PETE GREENWOOD-Savoy Truffle/11 SAMIAM-Cry Baby Cry/12 KURT HOFFMAN'S BAND OF WEEDS-Revolution 9/13 SARABETH TUCEK-Good Night

GRAVENHURST-Only a Northern Song/03 JOY UNLIMITED-All Together Now/04 THE GODS-Hey Bulldog/05 STEVE HILLAGE-It's All Too Much/06 ECHO AND THE BUNNYMEN-All You need Is Love

THE OTHER ABBEY ROAD-01 IKE AND TINA TURNER-Come Together/02 BOB DYLAN-Something/03 MONA LISA TWINS-Maxwell's Silver Hammer/04 ANDRES CALAMARO-Oh! Darling/05 NICOTINE-Octopus's Garden/06 ERIC GALES-I Want You (She's So Heavy)/07 PAUL SIMON, GRAHAM NASH, & DAVID CROSBY-Here Comes the Sun/08 PEDRO AZNAR-Because/09 GLENN TIBROOK AND NINE BELOW ZERO-You Never Give Me Your Money/10 GOMEZ-Sun King/11 CORNERSHOP-Mean Mr. Mustard/12 CORNERSHOP-Polythene Pam/13 THE YOUNGBLOODS-She Came In Through the bathroom Window/14 PHIL COLLINS-Golden Slumbers/15 PHIL COLLINS-Carry That Weight/16 PHIL COLLINS-The End/17 DOUBLE FANTASY-Her Majesty

Guys these are gifts to the world from Jose and his amigos.....I thought they were so good that I would try to give these extra exposure....check em out, see what you think, and please tell me, but MIORE importantly tell Jose & Co. what a fine job did here....I LOVE THESE COVERS PROJECTS, please please please please, others (Not you guys, Brian and Jonder), create a version of your favorite albums......I know, it's a lot of work (look who is talking, after all), but the end results generally show how much respect that you have for the tributed artist.

Still more to come, hoping and hoping that you guys like these. I know I do!


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