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The "Other Beatles" Part 3

Perhaps the Beatles at thier very apex, (perhaps not, it is argueable) this third part of the "Other
Beatles"  covers project covers the fine albums "Sgt. Pepper", "Revolver", and "Magical Mystery Tour".....I commented before so in a minimum of wording, it's amazing how much they changed/grew/evolved in such an amazingly short period of time. Unparalleled, in music history, I think, with the possible exception of the Clash.

Anyway, this is a project constructed by  Jose Kortozirkuito and the rest of the Spanish blogger all star team over at the fine blog   http://tommentonenlacuadra.blogspot.com. They created these this past summer, I grabbed them and enjoyed them, and I think that enough time has passed that anyone who missed them might catach them here, especially with all of the various cover projects posted here by Brian and Jonder in the last few months (yeah, yeah, I'll get one done myself at some point).....anyway, I like these Beatles efforts, if you do please go to Jose's blog and thank him, he really does great work.

As before I'll touch on a few of the more interesting tracks on each effort, BUT the best (imo) way to hear these is straight through, after listening to the original Beatles effort (that's just me), but however you listen to these they are great.....again, there is some Spanish language material here, I LOVE non-English rock, but I know some don't, but regardless, there is great suff here, a fine fine effort.

OK, first off, we have "The Other Revolver", one of my fave Beatles albums, and the great songs on here are given respectable cover versions....I like the Dakotas take on "Eleanor Rigby", which I think would be a difficult tune to cover, Spanky & Our Gang take on "And Your Bird Can Sing", and Loose Ends gives a fine performance of "Taxman"....one complaint, if you can call it that, is the version here of "She Said She Said", which is a good enough version by the Feelies, but the Black Keys version is my all-time favorite of ANY Beatles cover......I know, I'm free to make my own version should I desire.....just LOVE that Black Keys' version of that one.

The definitive Beatles album for a lot of folks is "Sergeant Pepper", which is presented here in an
"Other" version as well.....due to the production/programming of the original, this one was probably hard to assemble, but the team did a good job, I must say......Phish (of all people) nail "A Day in the Life", Patti Smith turns in a wonderful "Within You Without You", and the Black Crowes'"Lucy in the Sky With Diamonds" is MUCH better than I would have imagined.

Finally, we have "The Other Magical Mystery Tour".......very well done, as well, including Cheap Trick's take on the title track, a finhe "Strawberry Fields Forever" from Los Escarabajos, and a FAB "Blue Jay Way" from Lord Sitar, which matches the feel and weirdness of the original.

All of these sets are great.....Jose and friends did a MASTERFUL job, it is my privlege to be able to pass them on to you........again, I offer MEGA-thanks to Jose and the Spanish All-Star Blogging team for these, if I can get them a LITTLE bit more exposure, I'm glad......these rock, and there is more great stuff to come in this series!

THE OTHER REVOLVER-01 LOOSE ENDS-Taxman/02 THE DAKOTAS-Eleanor RIgby/03 THE VINES-I'm Only Sleeping/04 THE BEATERS-Love You Too/05 THE MUSTANG-Here, There, and Everywhere/06 JOHN FOSTER & SONS LTD. BLACK DYKE MILLS BAND-Yellow Submarine/07 THE FEELIES-She Said She Said/08 THE EYES-Good Day Sunshine/09 SPANKY AND OUR GANG-And Your Bird Can Sing/10 CILLA BLACK-For No One/11 THE VANGUARDS-Doctor Robert/12 JIMMY & THE RACKETS-Want To Tell You/13 CLIFF BENNETT & THE REBEL ROUSERS-Got To Get You Into My Life/14 MONSOON-Tomorrow Never Knows

THE OTHER SERGEANT PEPPER-01 BRYAN ADAMS-Sgt. Pepper's Lonely heart's Club Band/0 THE BEACH BOYS-With a Little help From My Friends/03 THE BLACK CROWES-Lucy In the Sky With Diamonds/04 STEVE HILLAGE-Getting Better/05 THE FRAY-Fixing a Hole/06 SYREETA-She's Leaving Home/07 AL DI MEOLA-Being For the Benefit of Mr Kite/08 PATTIS SMITH-Within You Without You/09 LOS SHAKERS-When I'm Sixty Four/10 FATS DOMINO-Lovely Rita/11 THE ZUTONS-Good Morning Good Morning/12 THE CANDLES CHAMBER BAND-Sgt. Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band (Reprise)/13 PHISH-A Day In the Life

HATCH & JACKIE TRENT-The Fool on the Hill/03 BUD SHANK-Flying/04 LORD SITAR-blue Jay Way/06 JOHN OTWAY-I am the Walrus/07 MODULOS-Hello Goodbye/08 LOS ESCARABAJOS-Strawberry Fields Forever/09 BASKERVILLE HOUNDS-Penny Lane/10 CANARIOS-Baby You're a Rich Man/11 ALFREDO DOMENECH-All You Need Is Love

Pretty solid download numbers on this series, I hope everyone is going to Jose's blog and giving him his due thanks and credit......I'm just the middle man in this one......but I'd like to hear some comments on these efforts, here on MY site, just because this is such an ambitious undertaking (a lot like Brian's Dylan project a while back, when something takes someone so much work, and it still comes out great, to me, the result is a pure LABOR OF LOVE..........what could be better, for fans of a particular act? And, in this case, The Beatles?   Come on, talk to me about these, share your thoughts..........see ya tomorrow with Part 4

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