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Brian - This Is A Hijacking!

(Brian here)

Since I'm briefly at the helm of Growing Bored, I want to stump for some old links of mine, including some comedy that was hidden. But first something Scott wanted put up...

"Day Of The Dead" comp

Three disc set of Grateful Dead covers from 4AD Records. While Scott and I aren't Deadheads at all, this is a great listen. I mean, it's 4AD! Check it out.

When I did that P Covers post awhile ago, this was one of the files that I'd hidden a link for. It is a compilation of P songs from all over: B-Sides, movie tracks, odd mixes, latter day singles....there's also him doing a live version of R•diohe•d's "Creep" at Coachella. Please check this one out.

Adam S - They're All Gonna Laugh At You!
Great comedy album from back when he was funny.

Stevens & Grodnic - Somewhere Over The Radio
Great 70's comedy album based around FM radio. A lost classic.

David Brenner - Excuse Me Are You Reading That Paper?
Funny shit. Kind of a comedy concept album about growing up in Philly.

Roy Orbison - Greatest Monument Hits
You all need more Roy in your life, so get to it.

Redd Foxx - 2 Albums
The ultimate smartass.

G.G. Allin Compilation
That ugly little masterpiece I made. I listen to this one on shitty days. Give the world the finger.

Pebbles from the Spanish Garage Rock Era!

(Jonder here, helping out Big Scott by posting some of the excellent guest contributions that have been submitted recently.  Keep 'em coming and we will post 'em!  As Scott wrote a few days ago, your support of the blog means a lot to him.)

All the way from Spain, here's Jose K!  Jose says that he wants to "contribute to the greatness of this blog, in these difficult times" (according to Google Translate).  Today he is sharing what he calls the Spanish equivalent of the "Pebbles" series.

The series covers the years 1964 through 1973, and each of the five volumes is dedicated to a particular style.  It's a carefully curated bootleg selection of rare vinyl records made in Spain during those years, that are sought out by collectors.  Google translates "cosecha" as "harvest".

The titles of the volumes aren't easy to translate, but Wikipedia says that yé-yé music (yeah yeah) was a Beatles-influenced movement popular in France, Spain and Italy, with rock songs sung in the native languages of those countries.  The style gradually lost popularity as the blues revival and psychedelic rock captured listeners' attention, just as it did in Britain and the States.  Volume 3 features "rough" yé-yé songs, and Volumes 4 and 5 focus on the later years of the original Spanish garage rock era.

Jose recommends all of the tracks, and this certainly sounds like something cool and unique that you won't find easily on other music blogs!    You can find the tracklist here (and see cuánto dinero these vinyl comps are selling for these days!):  discogs.com/label/924473-Viñedos

Jose, hicimos todo lo posible para traducir fielmente sus palabras a través de la magia de internet!  Muchas gracias por su contribución rara y única a Growing Bored!

An unexpected collaboration from first-time contributor Eric Impakt!


Eric writes, “I'm a huge fan of the blogsite, love the music i find on here. It has gotten me into a lot of great bands and helped me find stuff i wanted anyway. I sometimes grab live concerts from SugarMegs.orgbut hate how they download as one long track. So on my own I use MixPad and fix the volume and track out each song. I'd like to contribute one I've just finished for your blog and hopefully some more in the future.”

"Being a fan of the re-emerging Psychedelic scene, I love the new collaboration of Les Claypool and Sean Lennon, The Claypool Lennon Delirium. The group is currently on tour and this is a live show I've tracked and cleaned up from SugarMegs originally."

Eric has done a great job with this one! His work will be appreciated by anyone who has gone through the laborious process of taking a concert recording and splitting it into individual tracks, fixing the volume, identifying and tagging each song, etc.  And who would have imagined Sean Lennon and Primus bass virtuoso Les Claypool making music together?  They have an album out called The Monolith of Probos, and they are on tour through October.  Here are the details on this live set from Eric Impakt:
"Recorded at the Crossroads Club Kansas City on 6/06/16. It's a great show featuring some awesome covers as well. Here's the set list and ENJOY!”  

The Cricket And The Genie Movements I & II
Breath Of A Salesman
The Monolith Of Probos
The Cosmic Highway (Frog Brigade)
Bubbles Burst
Mr. Wright
Boomerang Baby
Oxycontin Girl
Astronomy Domine (Pink Floyd)
Captain Lariat
Tomorrow Never Knows (Beatles cover – Amazing!)
Southbound Pachyderm (Primus encore)

Welcome to the crew, Eric.  Hit us up with more good stuff soon!

Finally at last..... Boogie On Reggae Woman Part 2

Cliff, a longtime Grow Bored contributor, writes:  "In the mists of time I sent our main man Scott a reggae post featuring female reggae artists. Ill health intervened, but I have finally got round to sending a follow up to it."
"Reggae has always been a male stronghold, but when you dig out some of the female artistes you will soon see that they had much to offer as well. Rita Marley and Judy Mowatt were two-thirds of Bob Marley’s backing singers I-Threes. Although they will probably always be better known for this; they were however fine artists in their own right and had already had long established careers before joining Marley.  For me, the Judy Mowatt album is the stronger of the two. Her sweet, rich, alto sings the praises of Rastafarianism, spouting positive vibes and female-empowering themes."
Rita Marley - Harambé (1982)
1. There Will Always Be Music/ 2. My Kind Of War/ 3. Harambe/ 4. King Street/ 5. Love Iyah/ 6. Retribution/ 7. One Draw/ 8. Fussing And Fighting/ 9. Who Is Your Neighbour/ 10. Who Can Be Against Us

Judy Mowatt - Mr. Dee-J (1981)

1. Mr Dee Jay/ 2. Glad Song/ 3. I Am Not Mechanical/ 4. Big Woman/ 5. Trade Wings/ 6. On Your Mark/ 7. Think/ 8. Get Happy/ 9. Only a Woman/ 10. King of Kings

"Phillis Dillon was a rocksteady singer with soul and pop mixed in to form the complete package. She recorded for Duke Reid’s Treasure Isle label in the late 1960’s, early 1970’s. Her One Life to Live is a fine album, although the covers of the Beatles’ "Something" and The Carpenters’ "Close To You" do nothing for me; they seem a bit out of place and come across as just filler tracks. The cover of Stephen Stills’ "Love The One You’re With" is much better. Although the album sounds a bit dated today (it was released over 40 years ago), it is still worth a listen as Dillon’s voice is worth hearing."

Phyllis Dillon - One Life to Live (1972)

1. One Life To Live, One Love To Give/ 2. Love The One You're With/ 3. Long Time No Nice Time/ 4. Something/ 5. I Can't Forget About You Baby/ 6. Picture On The Wall/ 7. Woman Of The Ghetto/ 8. Close To You/ 9. Eddie Oh Baby/ 10. We Belong Together/ 11. The Love That A Woman Should Give To A Man/ 12. You Are Like Heaven To Me

"Sister Carol was one of the dancehall era's few successful female DJs. Leaning heavily on socially conscious material, Sister Carol delivered uplifting and cautionary messages drawn from her Rastafarian principles, while always urging respect for women. She was more of a singjay than a full-time toaster, capable of melodic vocals as well as solid rhyme."

Sister Carol - Jah Disciple (1989)

1. Ram The Party/ 2. A No Me Name Peggy/ 3. Jah Disciple/ 4. Potential/ 5. Get It Straight Africans/ 6. Lost In A Space/ 8. Intelligence/ 9. A No Me Mommy & Daddy/ 10. Wicked Collie/ 11. Remember When

In case you missed it, here is Part 1 of Cliff's "Boogie On Reggae Woman": growboredbigscott62.blogspot.com/2016/03/from-cliff-boogie-on-reggae-woman-part-1.html

Can't Get Enough of Sleater Kinney?

(Jonder:  one more for today from Big Scott's inbox.  This is one of his favorite bands, and another welcome share from Mr. Milner!)

Here's three boots I think you may dig: a Sleater-Kinney set from Austin last year (I think it's the Austin City Limits gig? Not 100% sure), a set by Corin Tucker's band from 2012 (a great record, I can't recommend picking up a copy enough if you haven't heard it!) and finally, a set from Janet Weiss' long-running band Quasi from 2010, when it was still a trio. 

Pay attention... we're Wire!


Jonder again, with an update to a collection of Wire covers that I posted a few months back.  I promised another set, and I actually have FOUR in all.  Here's the second volume, and I'm reposting the first one.  A blog reader named Lewdd sent me a cover of "Mannequin" by the band Track The Curse -- thanks!!!  Another reader recommended the Wire covers by the Feelies, so I've got their take on "Outdoor Miner" today, and their performance of "Mannequin" coming up in Volume 3.  Wire continues as a band to play and record, and this year they released a mini-album called Nocturnal Koreans

WIRE COVERS I (repost)

01 BIG BLACK - Heartbeat/ 02 CEREMONY - Pink Flag/ 03 NEW BOMB TURKS - Mr. Suit/ 04 THOUSAND YARD STARE - Strange/ 05 DAG NASTY - 12XU/ 06 HENRIETTA COLLINS - Ex Lion Tamer/ 07 MONUMENT - Dot Dash/ 08 fIREHOSE - Mannequin/ 09 KUSTOMIZED - Surgeon's Girl/ 10 WAX IDOLS - Sand In My Joints/ 11 BAND OF SUSANS - Too Late/ 12 SCRAWL - Reuters/ 13 HEAVY FRIENDS - Mercy/ 14 CHARLES DE GOAL - A Question Of Degree/ 15 VALKYRIANS - I Am The Fly/ 16 KLONHERTZ - Impossible/ 17 HER - Champs/ 18 DYKEHOUSE - Map Ref. 41ºN 93ºW/ 19 MONKS OF DOOM - The 15th/ 20 BLUE AEROPLANES - Outdoor Miner/ 21 LEMONHEADS - Fragile/ 22 NOUVELLE VAGUE - Marooned/ 23 SCHOOL OF SEVEN BELLS - Used To/ 24 GAZELLE TWIN - Heartbeat

WIRE COVERS II (new post)

01 DIVE - Heartbeat/ 02 FISCHERSPOONER - The 15th/ 03 LIGHTNING SEEDS - Outdoor Miner/ 04 MOOSE - Kidney Bingos/ 05 MY BLOODY VALENTINE - Map Ref. 41°N 93°W/ 06 TRACK THE CURSE - Mannequin/ 07 BAND OF SUSANS - Ahead/ 08 TRASH CAN SCHOOL - I Am The Fly/ 09 GODFLESH - 40 Versions/ 10 THERAPY? - Reuters/ 11 DIE KREUZEN - Pink Flag/ 12 MINOR THREAT - 12XU/ 13 aMINIATURE - A Serious Of Snakes/ 14 YO LA TENGO - Too Late/ 15 THE ANGRY ANGLES - The 15th/ 16 REM - Strange/ 17 LEE RANALDO - Fragile/ 18 THE FEELIES - Outdoor Miner/ 19 THE VACCINES - Mannequin/ 20 LOW - Heartbeat

Brian's Got Some Bobby McFerrin (no, really.....)

It can be aggravating when you're a big fan of an artist, and all other people know about them is that one annoying, stupid song that they did. That is most definitely the case with one of my favorite musicians.... 
Bobby McFerrin is an amazing singer, with a great range, perfect pitch, and a captivating way of singing a cappella, making music using many aspects of his voice. He's also classically trained, an expert on Mozart, and a very gifted conductor. Years ago, I saw him lead the Toledo Symphony Orchestra in a program of Mozart, with a long vocal improvisation in the middle...

*pant, pant, pant* Whew! OK....

Surely one of the most annoying 80's songs next to "We Are the World" and "Walking On Sunshine", "Don't Worry" was a smash hit that was everywhere. And I remember even as a kid, it rang false with me. I'd seen Bobby perform on TV before, and I thought what is this? The faux-Jamaican accent, the flat vocals, the ridiculously simple tune.... it's like if you got Placido Domingo to sing the theme from Three's Company! It's just not representative of the man's talentIt was a fluke hit for him, but that was the zeitgeist at the time.

"Don't Worry..." - and the album it came from, Simple Pleasures - are nowhere near this post. What we start with are his two earlier albums for Elektra - The Voice and Spontaneous InventionsVoice was an eye-opener for the jazz world, performed entirely unaccompanied. Bobby alternates bass lines, drums on his chest, becoming his own rhythm section. And he can make his voice sound like a muted trumpet, soloing over it all. Key tracks are his versions of "Blackbird" and "I Feel Good", the great "Medley", and the fantastic "I'm My Own Walkman".

Spontaneous was my first CD of his, and still my fave. It's a bit jazzier affair, featuring versions of "Walkin'" (with Wayne Shorter) and "A Night In Tunisia" (w The Manhattan Transfer). Also has one of my fave Beatles covers, his take on "From Me To You". And his duet with Robin Williams, "Beverly Hills Blues", is just phenomenal. Both these albums were recorded live, by the way. They're in one file.

The next album, Medicine Man from 1990, is a bit different. Bobby creates background vocals by multi-tracking himself. It's a great, organic sound. "Sweet In The Mornin'" features a group called Voicestra singing with him. On "Discipline", Voicestra and Bobby Sr. help deliver a solid, gospel-tinged number. The whole album has a mellow, funky world-beat kind of feel. A great summertime CD.

Bobby has had a long friendship with pianist Chick Corea. I have two CD's where they collaborate. This first one, Play ('92), is a live album of duets. There's amazing versions of jazz standards like "Round Midnight" and "Autumn Leaves", as well as "Spain", which is a variation on the Concerto D'Aranjuez. This album sneaks up on you; it's that good.

The next disc, The Mozart Sessions, has Bobby leading the St. Paul Chamber Orchestra with Chick playing piano. Bobby sings as well, but it's not the focus of the music until "Song For Amadeus", where he and Chick improvise off of "Sonata No. 2 in F Major". Gorgeous classical music. If you don't have any Mozart CD's, start with this one!

Again featuring the St. Paul Chamber Orchestra, Paper Music is a varied program of classical pieces. There's more Mozart, but there's also Stravinsky, Mendelssohn, Bach, Tchaikovsky, Vivaldi, Fauré, and Boccherini's "String Minuet". Bobby sings on 5 out of the 9 tracks. A perfectly realized album. Haunting in its own way, really. 

The last disc here is Mouth Music. It is a Sony compilation of his 90's material. Repeats four tracks from the previous classical discs, but it's not a throwaway. Has a different version of "Round Midnight" featuring members of Miles Davis' 60's Quintet. Also several tracks with Yo-Yo Ma, as well as two great "Circlesong" tracks from 1997. 

Brian - A Small Sampling of the Mighty Sunn O)))


Experimental doom/drone titans Sunn O))) are one of my favorite groups, and I've wanted to put some stuff of theirs up for a long time. I saw them live twice a few weeks ago, and that gave me the impetus for this post.

I saw them in Chicago and Detroit. Two of the best gigs I've ever been to. The place is filled with fog, and there's four hooded figures onstage in front of a WALL of cabinets, making the most earth-shaking racket you've ever heard. A jet engine going off in your chest, hearing a building collapsing from the inside, being overrun by a wall of sound as you scream your exhilaration back at it. The sound actually becomes a physical element, like you can grab it and pull it into you....

And despite what you may have heard, there is a a show going on onstage. The mighty Attila Csihar spends the first part of the gig in a monk's robe, intoning and screeching, gesturing with his hands through the fog. It's captivating to watch. Then, after a break, he comes back out in this black outfit with mirrored shards all over it. He's got small lasers in his gloves, which reflect off his face and outfit as he's howling. It's an amazing sight, if you can remember to keep your eyes open while being pummeled like an anvil by their sound. Great show. They rarely tour the Midwest, and I was honored to see it twice. You don't look into the void; you're enveloped by it...

Anyway, on to what I'm giving you. I have their entire discography, but wanted to just give a small sampling. The first thing is their album Black One. It was their first record to heavily feature vocals, and is an amazing, dark masterpiece. There is also a link for Solstitium Fulminate, which was a bonus disc that came with rare vinyl editions of the album. A few of you already downloaded this awhile ago, since I had misplaced a link on that "penguin" post

Next is a link for their EP Oracle, featuring two warped 18 minute tracks. Also included is the rare 45 minute collage "HeliO)))sophist" as well as the track "Her Lips Were Wet With Venom", the bonus track from their collaborative album with Boris, Altar. Beautiful cacophony.

The last file is their live album Domkirke. It was recorded in a very old church in Norway, in front of a captivated audience. If you crank this one REALLY LOUD, it can just approximate what one of their gigs feels like. While I admit this file sonically pales when compared to my vinyl album, it's still a great listen. When the applause comes at the very end, it's great; you can tell the audience had to be snapped out of the state they were in. I know what that feels like!

I hope the adventurous among you find something to like here. And if you ever come across actually copies of their material - especially vinyl versions - buy something. A group this committed to boundary-pushing should be supported.

Brian - Welcome to the slightly thinner Growing Bored For A Living!


During Scott's downtime from the Internet, I wanted to do something good for the blog while I was at the wheel. So I went back - waaaay back, up to five years - and thinned out posts with dead links. When I started, Growing Bored was up around 1725 posts. I've managed to whittle it down to around 1050 posts. So, the blog is about a third smaller now. Thankfully, I got Scott's blessing, and I ran with it.

While having these posts around attracted hits, it also gave Scott headaches, like innumerable re-up requests. This was especially true of the "Best ____ Post Ever" and psych series posts.

We've had a definite increase in readership the last 6-10 months, and I wanted the daily read count to more accurately reflect what we have up, not what used to be. And rest assured, I wrote down everything that got deleted in a master list, should Scott get the urge to upload something again. Just don't ask him about the Hendrix!

So, I invite you to go way back in the blog and poke around. I haven't taken care of every dead post, but I've gotten many of them. There's still live links going all the way back to his Le Tigre post in early 2013.

Going through all that, I noticed some trends, and I have a pretty good sense now of what hasn't been posted around here. That's what I want to devote the next few months to: jazz, blues, soul, funk, etc. Basically, I'm gonna blacken things up around here! That's meant two ways, since we could use some far-out extreme metal too.

There will still be random cover projects and comedy, don't worry. Gonna get into soundtracks some more, too. You guys seemed to like that last batch. And the Big Guy should be getting his internet back soon, so things will resume en masse I'm sure.

And hey....if you guys do go way back and find something else that's dead, come back here and let me know, OK?

Brian's Got Some....De Sade jazz?


The Dissection And Reconstruction Of Music From The Past As Performed By The Inmates Of Lalo Schifrin's Demented Ensemble As A Tribute To The Memory Of The Marquis De Sade

Found this in a cobwebbed corner of the Internet long ago. Needless to say, the title jumped out at me. Quite a handle, huh?

So, what is it? Well, with a title like that, you'd expect it to be someone screaming into a piano soundboard while some other Mad Hatter banged a pan and recited snippets from "Philosophy In the Bedroom" or "The 120 Days"? Something like the audio equivalent of watching El Topo, maybe?

No, it's actually just a jazz album, and I admit one that's not near scary enough for a title like that! Mr. Schifrin  was known at the time for his jazzy film scores like The Cincinnati Kid or the Mission: Impossible theme. He doesn't stray too far from those roots. What he does do though is take aspects of 18th century music and apply them to a swinging, mid-60's jazz context.

You hear the gentle opening guitar notes of "Renaissance" and you can imagine them being played on a harpsichord. When an actual harpsichord shows up on "Beneath The Weeping Willow Shade", it seems appropriate under those period-style vocals. And then when that track kicks into gear, it still works. And man, on "Versailles Promenade", the guy is working that harpsichord like Bud Powell!

It's brave that the title track, "Marquis De Sade", has the most pop melody of the whole set. Imagine seeing that song on a hit parade! "Blues For Johann Sebastian Bach" is a great piano-led swinger. "Bossa Antique" is a dark little number, reminding me more than a little of Angelo Badalamenti's work for David Lynch.

Putting this in a kind of historical context - this album came out in 1966. Ten or fifteen years before, De Sade had gotten his first major reprinting and critical reassessment in his native France. The play Marat/Sade had opened in Germany in 1963. In fact, this album's long title is a homage to the full title of that play -


So, in a way De Sade was kind of an icon of the underground/avant-garde back then. How he inspired this well-played but still mainstream jazz album is beyond me. The 60's were a strange time all over, I guess.

But this is a swinging little oddity! Put out by Verve Records, produced by Creed Taylor, recorded by the great Rudy Van Gelder. Was put out as one of those Limited Edition CDs, now runs for $100 or more. Files sound great @320 Kbps, and also includes full art.


Last night I (Jonder) saw Flag play Atlanta.  If you have the opportunity to see these guys, DO IT!  Chuck Dukowski, Keith Morris, Dez Cadena, Bill Stevenson, and guitarist Stephen Egerton are playing the classics, from the Nervous Breakdown and Jealous Again EP's through the first half of Damaged.  

Keith Morris announced (jokingly?), "We're here to drag the legacy of Henry Rollins through the mud." Keith didn't mention the other guy, but I'm pretty sure I heard him sing "You're jealous again, and again and again, and again and again, and fuck you Greg Ginn." He also incorporated the Circle Jerks'"Don't Care" into "You Bet We've Got Something Personal Against You" (a song directed at Morris after he left in 1979).  Keith also sang "My War", which Dukowski wrote about the band.

Flag doesn't really have a beef with Rollins.  They are celebrating the first four years, before "everything went black".  Chuck Dukowski (1980-82) was front and center, beaming at the crowd.  Dukowski literally bounced across the stage when Flag came back for their encore.  Chuck and Keith are in their early 60's, but you wouldn't know it to see and hear them.  Bill Stevenson (1982-85) was a powerhouse on drums, and Stephen Egerton (Descendents, ALL) killed it on guitar.  Not a slavish imitation of the records, but he played a familiar looking Dan Armstrong guitar and got real, real gone when he soloed.

Morris sang most of the songs, all the way through "Gimme Gimme Gimme", "Police Story", "My War", "Depression" and "Rise Above".  Dez Cadena (1981-83) took the mic for "Six Pack", "American Waste", "Spray Paint The Walls", "Thirsty and Miserable", "Damaged" and "Louie Louie".  Dez was always my favorite Black Flag frontman, and it was a real thrill to hear him sing again.  Dez was diagnosed with cancer of the larynx last year, but he looks good and sounds great!

Flag is playing three Florida shows in the next few days before they leave for Europe.  Again, don't miss the band if you have the chance to see them.   Brian said he was going to blacken up the blog, and what's blacker than Flag?

Close to the Wire

Jonder's third volume of Wire covers returns to the Japanese tribute album Post Flag (tracks 11-16).   I also got some songs from Soundcloud, southernshelter.com (#22), and sugarmegs (#25). 

I love the way "Fragile Mystery" interpolates the Wipers' song "Mystery"!   The band Meat Wave recently covered "Mystery" too.
Los Sedantes have a lovely album that is free on Bandcamp, with covers of Joy Division's "Heart And Soul", Neil Young's "Harvest Moon" and "Bela Lugosi's Dead":  lossedantes.bandcamp.com

I edited out the "Bobby Moore Is Innocent" half of the Serious Drinking track.  Once again, you can find "Real Cool Time: Feelies Covers, 1977-2011" at doomandgloomfromthetomb.tumblr.com.

01 CALLERS - Heartbeat/ 02 TREMBLING BLUE STARS - Kidney Bingos/ 03 THE GRAYS - Outdoor Miner/ 04 CASPER BRONZE - Fragile Mystery/ 05 pHOAMING EDISON - The 15th/ 06 DR. KLOOT - Strange/ 07 PHRANQ - I Am The Fly/ 08 ROY MONTGOMERY - Used To/ 09 GRASS WIDOW - Mannequin/ 10 BOSS HOG - 12XU/ 11 AND ABOUT HERS - Mr. Suit/ 12 HARUKAZEDOU - 106 Beats That/ 13 FLUID - Straight Line/ 14 TOTSUZEN DANBALL - Ex Lion Tamer/ 15 ACCIDENTS IN TOO LARGE FIELD - Feeling Called Love/ 16 YOLZ IN THE SKY - Pink Flag/ 17 KUSTOMIZED - A Question Of Degree/ 18 FILL SPECTRE - Field Day For The Sundays/ 19 SERIOUS DRINKING - 12XU/ 20 DUSTMITES - Strange/ 21 LOS SEDANTES - The 15th/ 22 CASPER AND THE COOKIES - Dot Dash (live)/ 23 ELEVENTH DREAM DAY - Lowdown (live)/ 24 THE FEELIES - Mannequin (live)/ 25 SALEM 66 - Fragile (live)/ 26 TED LEO - Outdoor Miner (live)/ 27 PHAEDRIDER - Heartbeat

The Smiths - self titled


[(Brian) - another shuffling of an old post. It used to be a "best Smiths ever" post, but all that was still alive was the debut album.]

Seated next to Patti Smith (yesterday) on my shelf, we have one of the most consequential bands of the 1980's here, and I know/knew people who simply despised this bunch, and not a little bit... again, like some others (I cited the Jam recently), so overwhelmingly "British" that some of my fellow yanks couldn't really take them... lots of good stuff here, though, some good albums, especially good singles, and some rare and live stuff there for the taking if one is inclined.

The Smiths were guitarist Johnny Marr, bassist Andy Rourke, drummer Mike Joyce, and vocalist Morrisey (no joke, when I was a kid I knew another lad, right here in Ohio, whose name was REALLY Morrissey... why he never took a hatchet to his parents I will never know, but you can imagine how much he loved being compared to the "real" Morrissey once the band got popular)... their sound was a unique rock/pop melding, quite simple actually, and their lyrics were often beyond bizarre, moping stuff which at times could make Joy Division sound like "The Ramones Leave Home".

The debut album (1984) was controversial in that the lyrics to some of the songs, notably "Rally Round the Fountain" as well as "The Hand That Rocks the Cradle" seemed to deal with the topic of pedophilia (kind of sounded that way to me as well, you judge for yourself)... this was followed with a string of exceptional singles, most notably "How Soon Is Now" and "Heaven Knows I'm Miserable Now", which for the most part are collected on "Louder Than Bombs", "Hatful of Hollow" is another singles collection from around the same era.

THE SMITHS-01 Reel Around the Fountain/02 You've Got Everything Now/03 Miserable Lie/04 Pretty Girls Make Graves/05 The Hand That Rocks the Cradle/06 This Charming Man/07 Still Ill/08 Hand in Glove/09 What Difference Does It Make?/10 I Don't Owe You Anything/11 Suffer Little Children




[(Brian) - rescuing another good single upload from way back. Who doesn't need some more hardcore? And BTW, part 2 of the Dead Kennedys is long since dead, so please don't ask]

Yesterday someone asked for some DFL, I was as honest as I could be (ie: "I never heard of them"),
but I did investigate, DFL was a hardcore punk crew, ca. mid-1990's, ("Dead Fucking Last" in case you were wondering), early on the lineup seemed to consist of vocalist Tom Davis, guitarist/vocalist Monty Messex, bassist Adam "Ad-Rock" Horovitz of Beastie Boys fame, and drummer Tony Converse, with occasional drumming from also-Beastie Boy "Mike D" Diamond.

They released the albums "My Crazy Life" (1993), "Hurricane/DFL-America's Most Hardcore" (1994), "Proud to Be" (1995), and, according to which source you care to beleive, a few different cassette only or vinyl only issues......I DO know that after checking that they had a track on the "Punk O Rama" compilation that I posted long ago.

OK, so a check of Pirate bay yields us a copy of "Proud To Be", presented here in all it's glory.....what does it sound like? Well, basically Ramones-length (less than 2 minutes) blasts, 1980's west-coast hardcore style vocals (Germs/Black Flag/etc).....the unique factor seems to me, at least on this album, is that everything has that echo-ing production finish, very similar to the Beastie Boy's "Check Yer Head" album, and specifically the single "So What You Want?"

Gave the whole thing a listen this morning, not likely to become a big favorite any time soon, but I really do try to fill requests, in whatever limited capacity, if I can. Give it a listen, at the very least, if you don't like it, it won't take up too much of your day.

PROUD TO BE-01 Proud To Be/02 Word of Mouth/03 Lost Cause/04 Return of the Knucklehead/05 Mr Popular/06 Function at the Center/07 Home Is Where the Heart Is/08 Hit the Floor/09 Club Stupid/10 Minus Adam/11 Better Off Dead/12 SBGC/13 Free Haircut/14 Society's Pressure/15 Self Pity/16 Action Everybody/17 Sourpuss/18 Insane Authority/19 Good Cop, Bad Cop/20 What's the Difference/21 (BONUS) Thought Control (From Punk-O-Rama Compilation)

The Dead Kennedys (Part 1)


[(Brian) - Rescuing one of Scott's posts from way back. "Demo" and "Skateboard" are dead, so don't ask.....]
The Dead Kennedys were a hardcore crew from San Francisco in the early 1980's, leader Jello Biafra has long been a vocal advocate of free speech, and an avowed critic of censorship, much as I myself attempt to be, so more power to him......Ticketmaster would not even print the band's name on its tickets when they toured, referring to them as the "DK's", much like the current Washington Redskins fiasco. The early lineup, by the way, was Biafra on vocals, guitarists East Bay Ray and 6025, drummer Ted, and bassist Klaus Floride, they cranked out a Pistols-like din, although
unlike the Pistols who seemingly were motivated by anger, the Kennedy's, fronted by Biafra's helium induced yelp, seemed inspired by fear of the world in which they lived. So, album #1, 1980's "Fresh Fruit For Rotting Vegetables" is thier best, an important album in the context of its release, and quite enjoyable to listen to today.....a fine album, stacked with the likes of "Kill the Poor", "Let's Lynch the Landlord", "California  Uber Alles", "Holiday In Cambodia" and LOTS more....you want this, if you've not heard
it, a couple of more notes: even the Ramones would not be able to keep up with the speedy "Drug Me", and, for some reason (much to my surprise), my favorite track on the original album has been removed from the CD reissues ("Police Truck"), which is no prob as we'll just use my convenient VINYL RIP for this one!

Next up was the great EP "In God We Trust Inc", which is also stacked with some fine shit, notably the graphic "Religious Vomit" and perhaps their best known track, "Nazi Punks Fuck Off" which helped to shed some light on skinhead attrocities in the Bay Area at the time. A note: the original cassette release (I don't have one) had all 8 tracks on one side, the B-side being blank, with the following note: "Home Taping Is Killing record industry profits. We left this side blank so you can help".......gotta admire that, and Bow Wow Wow used the same tactic on "Your Cassette Pet".
So, next release for the lads was 1982's "Plastic Surgery Disasters", a pretty good effort which features such material as "Winnebago Warrior" and "Terminal Preppie", among others, although IMO not up to the standards of the earlier releases.

1985's "Frankenchrist" is also a fairly so-so effort, with occasional winners like "Soup Is Good Food", and "MTV-Get Off the Air"... the final "official" release was 1986's "Bedtime For Democracy", and the joke was about over... like similar bands, this could only go on for so long... it's here, should you want the complete set....
 ....and this entire collection is dedicated to the memory of Marshall Phillips.   He would have liked this post, I think, so Marshall, my friend, this one is for YOU. Rest In Peace Brother!

FRESH FRUIT FOR ROTTING VEGETABLES-01 Kill the Poor/ 02 Forward to Death/ 03 When Ya Get
Drafted/ 04 Let's Lynch the Landlord/ 05 Police Truck/ 06 Drug Me/ 07 Your Emotions/ 08 Chemical Warfare/ 09 California Uber Alles/ 10 I Kill Children/ 11 Stealing People's Mail/ 12 Funland at the Beach/ 13 Ill in the Head/ 14 Holiday In Cambodia/ 15 Viva Los Vegas

IN GOD WE TRUST (EP)- 01 Religious Vomit/ 02 Moral Majority/ 03 Hyperactive Child/ 04 Kepone Factory/ 05 Dog Bite/ 06 Nazi Punks Fuck Off/ 07 We've Got a Bigger Problem Now/ 08 Rawhide

PLASTIC SURGERY DISASTERS- 01 Government Flu/ 02 Terminal Preppie/ 03 Trust Your Mechanic/ 04 Well Paid Scientist/ 05 Buzzbomb/ 06 Forest Fire/ 07 Halloween/ 08 Winnebago Warrior/ 09 Riot/ 10 Bleed For Me/ 11 I Am the Owl/ 12 Dead End/ 13 Moon Over Marin

FRANKENCHRIST- 01 Soup Is Good Food/ 02 Hellnation/ 03 This Could Be Anywhere (This Could Be
Everywhere)/ 04 A Growing Boy Needs His Lunch/ 05 Chicken Farm/ 06 Jock-O-Rama (Invasion of the Beef Patrol)/ 07 Goons of Hazzard/ 08 MTV-Get Off the Air/ 09 At My Job/ 10 Stars and Stripes of Corruption

BEDTIME FOR DEMOCRACY- 01 Take This Job and Shove it/ 02 Hop With the Jet Set/ 03 Dear
Abby/ 04 Rembozo the Clown/ 05 Fleshdunce/ 06 The Great Wall/ 07 Shrink/ 08 Triumph of the
Swill / 09 Macho Insecurity/ 10 I Spy/ 11 Cesspools In Eden/ 12 One Way Ticket To Pluto/ 13 Do the Slag/ 14 A Commercial/ 15 Gone With My Wind/ 16 Anarchy For Sale/ 17 Chickenshit Conformist/ 18 Where Do Ya Draw the Line/ 19 Potshot Heard 'Round the World/ 19 DMSO/ 20 Lie Detector

Please share and comment, in memory of my great friend who passed away this past weekend... Marshall Phillips had more influence on my musical tastes than did ANYONE, this blog likely would not exist were it not for him introducing me to so much great music... please leave a comment, just in memory of Marshall, 1956-2014, a great guy, a great friend, and a tremendous influence on my musical tastes.... sorry to keep talking about this, but this just SUCKS, I love you Marshall and THANK YOU FOR ALL YOU DID FOR ME.

SCARS re-up by request

Scars was a Scottish post-punk quartet that debuted in 1979 with an excellent single, "Adult/ery" b/w "Horrorshow".  An EP was followed by an LP (both were titled Author! Author!).  Scars made two John Peel sessions and were getting good press.  The single "All About You" became popular.  The band fired singer Robert King and continued as a trio with guitarist Paul Research singing, but the momentum was lost.  King put out one solo single in 1982.  He later became a professor of ancient languages.  Scars bassist John Mackie played in a few other bands, and he and his brother Paul Research became DJs.  Original drummer Calumn MacKay became an engineer and still plays music.  Scars' second drummer Steve McLaughlin became a music producer who has worked with Tom Petty, Sting and others.

Dave Sez shared some Scars rarities here awhile back, and Mike F. requested a re-up.  I have added tracks from videos posted to Youtube by Scoorieboy (John Mackie) and by Vibracobra23. Look up those Youtube user names:  their channels are full of great stuff! Paul Research wrote a band history at his site, scarsresearch.com.

Fast forward two decades:  interest is renewed in the post-punk of the early 80's, and "Horrorshow" is sampled by the trip hop duo Lemon Jelly on their popular "Shouty Track" in 2004.  Paul Research put out the first and only Scars CD in 2007 (also called Author! Author!)  Copies are now scarce and expensive.

Scars reformed for an Edinburgh concert in 2010, and in 2011 they recorded a BBC Session with Marc Riley (wherein Riley admits to stealing a Scars lyric).  Sadly the partnership with Professor King ended again, and King started a new band called Opium Kitchen.  

Scars is an unsung band from a great era.  Paul Research is underrated as an innovative guitarist, and Robert King's lyrics are well-written and inventive.  Adult/ery and She's Alive are stories in song.  Other tunes (like All About You and Leave Me In The Autumn) lean toward an indiepop sound that was successful for U2, the Bunnymen, etc at the start of the 80's; and I think Scars could have been as popular as their contemporaries if they had stayed together.  Earlier songs like Horrorshow and Your Attention Please are outstanding post-punk: sharp-edged, aggressive and striking in their originality.

Totally Wired

Wire made astonishing leaps of invention from their first album (Pink Flag) to the third (154), and the band had become sick of playing its old material.  Wire once hired a cover band called the Ex Lion Tamers to open for them and play the crowd-pleasers.  

On the live "12XU" from Document And Eyewitness, a member of the band addresses the audience's request with angry disdain, and the recording itself is sabotaged by the band when someone (accidentally?) pressed the record button and intoned, "I don't need to go to the Arctic tonight; it's cold." 

Wire split up in 1980, and reformed five years later. Pink Flag was a touchstone for hardcore punk and bands like Mission of Burma and the Minutemen, who were inspired by the new possibilities suggested by Wire's short, fast, lean songs with no guitar solos and very few choruses. 
(12XU toon copyright Jon Kelly Green, jonkellygreen.blogspot.com).

The most frequently covered Wire songs are 12XU, Ex Lion Tamer ("Stay glued to your TV set") and 154's lovely Outdoor Miner (which is about an insect, the serpentine leafminer, which burrows under the "roof" of a leaf). 

"Face worker, a serpentine miner/ The roof falls, an underliner/ Of leaf structure, the whale's vagina..."

All good things must come to an end -- and so must some things that seemed like a good idea but, in retrospect, were perhaps a bit too much.  Like collecting almost 90 covers of one band's music.  But here it is.  Again.  And it's called... 12XUXULT!

Fall Covers and Tributes to Mark E. Smith

My collection of Fall covers and songs about The Fall and leader Mark E. Smith.
Volume I is a re-up with a new link.  Enjoy! -- Jonder.

01 Me and Your Granny on Bongos - Armitage Shanks
02 Hit the North - Frank Sidebottom
03 Totally Wired - Terry Edwards
04 Southern Mark Smith (original) - The Jazz Butcher
05 Mark E. Smith and Brix - Barbara Manning
06 Mark E. Smith - Shrag
07 How He Wrote Elastica Man - Elastica with Mark E. Smith
08 Stalking Mak E. Smith Around NYC - Necropolis
09 I Am Mark E. Smith - Fat White Family
10 The Story of The Fall - Jeffrey Lewis
11 Winter - The Fiery Furnaces
12 Psycho Mafia - Sonic Youth
13 Various Times - Wreck
14 The Classical - Pavement
15 Fiery Jack - The Yummy Fur
16 Totally Wired - Yo La Tengo (live on WFMU)
17 Who Makes the Nazis - Deerhunter (live on BBC Marc Riley)
18 Hip Priest - DUSTdevils

Volume II is new.  Searching For The Now is actually Brix's version of Rebellious Jukebox.  There's a song on the same 12" called Fat Hell (anagram alert!).  I ran it backwards and discovered the chanting was from the Fall song Elves.

01 Southern Mark Smith (Big Return) - The Jazz Butcher
02 Searching For The Now - The Adult Net
03 Elves (lleH taF) - The Adult Net
04 Fat Hell - The Adult Net
05 Jumper Clown - Marc Riley
06 Frank's Indie Medley - Frank Sidebottom
07 Bingo Master's Breakout - Terry Edwards
08 Dice Man - Terry Edwards
09 Container Drivers - Terry Edwards
10 Container Driver - Jack O'Fire
11 Rowche Rumble - Sonic Youth
12 Totally Wired - God Is My Co-Pilot
13 US 80's 90's - Boy Division
14 US 80's 90's - Dymaxion
15 Fiery Jack - S.Y.P.H.
16 Mark E. Smith And Brix - Woog Riots
17 Wings - Creeping Nobodys
18 Psycho Mafia - J Church
19 Dice Man - Cobra Verde
20 Lucifer Over Lancashire - Boyracer
21 Psycho Mafia - Woolen Men
22 Hey M.E.S. - R. Stevie Moore (on John Peel's show)

The Tom Collins (the band, not the drink)


I (Jonder) have added labels to the blog, so you can find all of Brian's creations, Cliff's reggae posts, or genres that Big Scott loves -- like psych and stoner rock.  Scott's post on Electric Wizard reminded me that my son loves that band: he says he can listen to them louder than Black Sabbath because Ozzy's voice hurts his ears.

Which in turn reminded me of The Tom Collins.  Just as Electric Wizard is massively indebted to Sabbath, the Tom Collins was like Led Zeppelin without Robert Plant.   No disrespect to Plant:  I grew up on LZ and kept their albums even after I  dumped all my Rush, Styx, and Kansas records (in the days of punk).

The Tom Collins' drummer Kyle Spence plays uncannily like Bonham.  Spence later joined J.Mascis And The Fog.  Singer/guitarist Fran Capitanelli became a sideman for Butch Walker and Gavin DeGraw.  But the trio of Fran, Kyle Spence, and bassist Craig McQuiston IMO rivaled the complex rhythms and riffs of Houses of The Holy and Physical Graffiti... if those records had been made without Robert Plant.  Take a listen (link in comments section) and see if you agree.

The writer James Barber called the Tom Collins a "musical powerhouse that refuses to apologize for an undeniable debt to Led Zeppelin, but it's a cryptic sort of debt that imagines that Jimmy Page was ripping off Television's Marquee Moon when he was making In Through the Out Door. This is a power trio: echoes of Cream ripple through the album, but the Tom Collins is also undeniably Southern, somehow conjuring Tom Petty, R.E.M. and the Allman Brothers all at once."  (You might not hear all that until the last 10 tracks.)

The Tom Collins made their third and best album in 2005, but they never broke out of the Atlanta/Athens circuit. They are one of those underappreciated bands, like many that Scott has shared. Here's a 75 min comp of my favorite Tom Collins songs.  (That's Fran jamming with Brent Hinds and Mastodon on the left.)

Brian - Return Of The Disco

It's the Disco sequel you didn't know was coming. Hell, I didn't even know it was coming! But while I've got several cover projects brewing to celebrate a year of doing them, I've been spinning some interesting disco albums lately. I found all of these on Song365.   And compared to my previous disco post (growboredbigscott62.blogspot.com/2016/02/brians-got-some-disco-oddities.html), this one is a lot bigger. But, before we get to the studio band obscurities, let's get to the famous names in this post...

Isaac Hayes - Disco Connection (1976)
Among all the soul/funk stars to try their hand at disco, I think it was easiest on Isaac Hayes, due to his already masterful writing for strings. Plenty of good Stax-flavored funk to be found here.

James Brown - Jam/1980's (1978)
The Godfather returns for another slice of disco, one titled "1980's" even though it was released two years before. And look at that cover; my man is a superhero! Kidding aside, this is a great funky album, though the 18 minute "Jam" does wear out it's welcome. Plenty of other great funky disco, though. From a slightly crackly but very warm vinyl rip.

The J.B.'s - Jam II Disco Fever (1978)
Following James's example, his backing band The J.B.'s turned out a disco album too. Though it lacks some originality - every song has the word "disco" in the title - there's some fairly good jams.  But...."I Wanna Hug My Baby At the Disco"? Sounds like it could've been on one of the Sesame Street disco albums!

Van McCoy - Disco Baby (1975)
One of the ground floor disco albums. Has the perennial song "The Hustle", as well as a good version of the Ohio Player's "Fire", and several others. A good club disc - it's more than just the hit single.

Disco Rock Machine - Time to Love (1978)

Can't find any info on these guys. Appears to be one of those studio band albums - I'm sure the gal on the cover has nothing to do with it. Has two interesting covers - one of Stevie Wonder's "Living For the City", and one of The Kinks'"You Really Got Me". The original "Time To Love" is anthemic in that kind of way that late 90's techno was. "Loving Styles" is a bit too poppy for me. All four tracks are 7 minute dance edits, so get your boogie shoes on!

Magic Disco Machine - Disc-O-Tech (1975)

Apparently there was more than one "disco machine" back in the day! I think this came out on Motown. Well played stuff.

D.D. Sound - Disco Delivery (1977)

Man, doesn't that cover scream Seventies? D.D. Sound was a German studio outfit that only made this one LP. Might be my fave out of all the "studio band" albums.

Haven't done a comedy bonus in quite awhile. This one is a two disc album by the best black comic of the 70's. I'm not gonna say his name. Enjoy.