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Rubber City Rebels

Been looking around for this one for a while, since my vinyl copy disappeared......like the Busboys, I was never even certain it was released digitally......anyway, thanks to once again John E, I have rediscivered the, uh, magic.

My son will be attending the University of Akron in the fall, last time we visited the city/campus I saw a mega-huge mural of DEVO painted on some building.......way cool, DEVO post coming soon, but also from Akron were the MUCH less well known Rubber City Rebels, keyboardist Pete Sake, drummer Stix Pelton, bassist Donnie Damage, Buzz Clic on guitar, and singer Rod Firestone......I know they made a split disc early on with the Bizarrros (used to have that one too, any other copies out there) and coughed out a couple of albums, the only one of which I have ever heard, and likely, the only one you will ever need to hear, is this self titled debut (1980)......

And a good disc it is, for what it is, stoopid "punk rock", fun from top to bottom......it opens with a pretty rocking take on Fleetwood Mac's "Somebody's Gonna Get Their Head Kicked In Tonight", really a pretty good and funny take. "Child Eaters" is an abortion song, the original single used the actual phrase "Get an abortion", they chickened out on the album and changed the lyric to "get rid of the little brat" (not a terribly "move de punk rawk" and to me decreases my enjoyment of the song (if ya never heard the single likely you wont care). "Young and Dumb" was a single and a good one, perhaps their best, summarizing exactly what the boys looked for in the ladies of Akron ("She's so young and dumb, young and dumb")......there's even a Pistols cover ("No Feelings").......

It's not great.....it WAS a part of my life around 1980 or so, and thinking of Akron a lot later as my baby
boy prepares to move on........

01 Somebody's Gonna Get (Their Heads Kicked In Tonight)/02 Paper Dolls/03 Gonna Be Strong/04 Child Eaters/05 Laugh/06 Young and Dumb/07 Lonely Fool/08 Bluer Than Blue/09 Rubber City Rebels/10 No Feelings/11 Surprise Surprise/12 Brainwave/13 Caught In a Dream

Long forgotten, so may say justifiably, but this has it's moments......just glad, personally, that it has returned home after 30 years or so!

Mazzy Star

Everyone comfortable? Ready to mellow down in the ultimate sense of the term? Then thank God for Mazzy
Star, a longtime personal favorite of mine, for reasons we'll discuss here shortly. Early 1990's, Mazzy Star were basically guitarist David Roback and vocalist Hope Sandoval, once again this year's winner of the sleepiest-sounding/most bored sounding female singer alive (the male winner is generally Jim Reed from the Jesus and Mary Chain, the two once did a duet "Sometimes/Always" on one of the Chain's albums, sort of one of those things that you really have to hear to comprehend).

So the first Mazzy Star album, 1990's "She hangs Brightly", was a fine piece of shoe-gaze, paisly underground light psychedelia, "Blue Flower", the title track, "Before I Sleep", and most everything here are sleepy, dreamy stuff that is perfect for falling asleep to, getting a massage (not kidding), playing back-to-back with The Velvet Undergrounds "White Light White Heat" (AM kidding), this is an acquired taste by definition, but I DO love me some Mazzy Star!

OK, so, likely I never would have heard of them if not for the follow up "So Tonight That I Might See" and it's stunning single "Fade Into You".......when my wife was pregnant with our son, she listened to this album nonstop to keep her calm (it was a problem pregnancy, bed rest, etc), and eventually the baby grew to love/respond to it.......I'd always like to think that Hope Sandoval and Co. had a hand in our finally having a healthy baby boy, one who turns 19 in June and heads for the U of Akron.

Anyway, that's just a personal take, this is thier best album (imo).....they show musical brains with a lovely cover of Arthur Lee's "Five String Serenade", "She's My baby" is a winner, and that incredible "Fade Into You".......never get tired of hearing THAT one, even given my personal attachment. Solid album, as I say, if you only want ONE........

And finally we have athe follow up "Among My Swan".......similar, really, to the other two albums (did you expect they were going to turn into the Plasmatics?), more slowed down trippers like "Flowers and December", "Look on Down From the Bridge", and "Rhymes of an Hour" are typical of the Mazzy Star sound and feel, I say if you've enjoyed the first two, this is for you as well.......as I said, though, acquired taste.

Mellow out this evening with some Mazzy Star, perhaps after some punk from Chelsea or the Rubber City Rebels........this is really good, almost anti-rock, but cool and relaxing beyond description. Love this stuff, some of ya may hate it, and either way, there will be something else later tonight or tomorrow anyway!

I read they've done some other stuff since but I havaen't heard it and really don't care that much, I'm sure I can envision what it sounds like!

SHE HANGS BRIGHTLY-01 Halah/02 Blue Flower/03 Ride It On/04 She hangs Brightly/05 I'm Sailin'/06
Give You my lovin'/07 Be My Angel/08 Taste of Blood/09 Ghost Highway/10 Free/11 Before I Sleep

SO TONIGHT THAT I MIGHT SEE-01 Fade Into You/02 Bells Ring/03 Mary Of Silence/04 Five String Serenade/05 Blue Light/06 She's My Baby/07 Unreflected/08 Wasted/09 Into Dust/10 So Tonight That I Might See

AMONG MY SWAN-01 Disappear/02 Flowers in December/03 Rhymes of an Hour/04 Cry, Cry/05 Take Everything/06 Still Cold/07 All Your Sisters/08 I've Been Let Down/09 Roseblood/10 Happy/11 Umbilical/12 Look Down From the Bridge

Hope ya like these, a sort of closet-favorite of mine.......

Let Me Tell Ya Bout Wayne, Again......

Few weeks back I did what I thought at the time was a semi-clever post on the theme of "Jail Guitar Doors" (look it up, links are still good), based on the Clash song of the same name about Wayne Kramer, Pete Green, and Keith Richards......wanted to post an unusual/rare album for each of them.....well, as best laid plans often go awry, I Tunes , for some reason, wouldn't copy my "Hard Stuff" by Wayne Kramer, which was to be the centerpiece of the post......anyway, I don't forget (sometimes I don't), and been playing with ITunes a bit and finally got it to work......so finally, and a bit late, here is the GREAT "The Hard Stuff" a great 1998 release from the one and only Brother Wayne Kramer.......can still rock most kiddies under tha table and have enough juice left to beat thier asses, "Hard Stuff" is fab,,,,,,,,"Crack In the Universe" (tremendous), a reworking of "Poison" (from "High Time"), "Sharkskin Suit".......on an on, this is a GREAST album and I'm sorry I made ya wait so long for it, but it'll be worth it......one note.....on the original CD there is a hidden track, after the last track there are FORTY blank track before the hidden track.....I eliminated all but two, because 1) I hate hidden tracks and 2) didn't feel like copying 38 more blank tracks deal with it! Meantime enjoy this killer of a rock n roll album by one of the true legends of the game!

THE HARD STUFF-01 Crack in the Universe/02 Junkie Romance/03 Bad Seed/04 Poison/05 Realm of the Pirate King/06 Incident on Stock ISland/07 Pillar of Fire/08 Hope For Sale/09 The Edge of the Switchblade/10 Sharkskin Suit/11 Blank/12 Blank/13 Hidden Track


Thought this looked interesting, another John N submittal (and PLEASE consider how much work he does
to send me dozens of links that I can use, not use, whatever.......very generous).....anyway, thought this sounded cool (I've read of them, not heard them before)......some European post-punk noise rock, of recent vintage.....again, as with all more recent releases, if artists/label wants this removed, say so and it will be done.

So, Savages are singer Jehnny Beth, guitarist Gemma Thompson, bassist Ayse Hassan, and drummer Fay Milton.......Siouxsie and the Banshees blended with more minimalist rock such as PIL was my first impression, both of these albums are good upon carpet bomb-listening, and not exactly Top-40 radio friendly, hell if you're a regular here, I'll almost guarentee these for your pleaseure.......

We got LOTS more to come soon, thanks for staying with us and for contributions/requests/comments.......please keep the good, interesting stuff coming, it's what keeps us going.

SILENCE YOURSELF-01 Shut Up/02 I Am Here/03 City's Full/04 Strife.05 Waiting For a Sign/06 Dead Nature/07 She Will/08 No Face/09 Hit Me/10 Husbands/11 Marshal Dear

ADORE LIFE-01 The Answer/02 Evil/03 Sad Person/04 Adore/05 Slowing Down the World/06 I Need Something New/07 When In Love/08 Surrender/09 TIWYG/10 Mechanics

John N even includes a video link for you to visually observe the band, what more do ya want

VIDEO:     https://youtu.be/cL7uHhCo4qw

DEVO for my Akron U bound baby boy

Like it or not (not), my baby boy BigGrant97 heads off for the University of Akron in the fall, as mentioned
before, Akron being the home of The Rubber City Rebels (see yesterday) and of Devo......my personal take on Devo is I loved that first album "Are We Not Me? We Are Devo", a collection of herky jerky robot rhythyms and neo-stupid lyrics about de-evolution, which they argued was the current human state at the time.....(hmmmmm. Ever seen "Idiocracy"? Ever hear Donald Trump? maybe .....).....the whacked cover of "Satisfaction", "Uncontrollable Urge" (done better in a raved-up live version on "Urrgh a Music War), "Shrivel Up", "Space Junk""Jocko Homo".......LOTSA stuff I like here....I said "Stuff I like" instead of "Good stuff"because at the time, 1980-82 or so, in my circles (both metal AND punk), this was probably the most disliked band in the world.........so, when did I ever care about something like THAT?

OK, Devo were Mark Mothersbaugh on guitar/keyboard/vocals, Bob Mothersbaugh on guitar/voclas, Bob Casale(now deceased) (guitar, keyboards, vocals), Gerald Casale (keyboards, vocals), drummer Jim Mothersbaugh, and drummer Alan Meyers (now deceased).....thier unique sound and dorky costumes made them extremely polarizing, although after the first run they kind of ran thier course anyway.......I do happen to have a SLEW of thier stuff here, they were always great for some odd-ball cover versions (my fave: thier stunning "Workin In a Coalmine"), which will turn up on the double disc set at the end here, but before that, check these "proper" Devo releases, see what you recall/love/hate/forget...........all in all the ULTIMATE period piece, and you know I love my period pieces.

First we have the debut, I've already described it above, great album to my ears, so we'll jump to "Duty
Now For the Future", a huge drop off from the previous release, despite another cool cover version "Secret agent Man" from Johnny Rivers, a winner......other than that, stuff like "Blockhead", while alright, seemed to point to an early detour toward suckcity.

Worse yet it is that damn "Freedom of Choice", which proved the Lord God had both a sense of humor and a masochistic sttreak by allowing that horrid "Whip it" to become a world wide hit......my yet-to-be-first wife was a big fan, and if THAT isn't enough said, I don't know what it......in fairness the title track and "Girl u Want" are decent enough tracks.

"New Traditionalists" is a return to form, two cool singles for my money, "Beautiful World" and "Through Being Cool" are memorable standouts. Next up was "Oh, No, It's Devo"......gonna be honest, I'm sure I've heard it and don't remember a damn note of it, gonna guess typical Devo-fare, what can i say? Pretty much same for "Shout", although it includes an inside out version of Hendrix'"Are You Experienced?" (really, it does.....)

"Total Devo" contains yet another oddball cover ("Don't be Cruel") in this case, also the ambitious "The Shadow.......perhaps the only underappreciated Devo album. "Smooth Noodle Maps" came out in 1990 and I swear to God I never heard of it until researching this, I grabbed a copy but didn't listen......gimme a full report if you dare. 

Allegedly, there is a "new" album out there, "Something For Everyone"......I found it easilly, so I'll include it
for the completists, not gonna listen to it though unless someone gives me a good reason.......

The two disc "Hard Core" Devo is too bad ass......lots of demos, early versions of the stuff on "Are We Not Men?", and plenty of them cool cover, notably my fave "Working In a Coal Mine"......don't miss these, please! Other than the eebut, I recommend these more so than anything here.......these volumes really give you a sense of what this band was REALLY about!

Q ARE WE NOT MEN? A WE ARE DEVO-01 Uncontrollable urge/02 (I Can't Get No) Satisfaction/03 Praying Hands/04 Space Junk/05 Mongoloid/06 Jocko Homo/07 Too Much Paranoias/08 Gut Feeling/(Slap Your Mammy)/09 Come back Jonee/10 Sloppy (I Saw My baby Gettin')/11 Shrivel Up

DUTY NOW FOR THE FUTURE-01 Devo Corporate Anthem/02 Clockout/03 Timing X/04 Wiggly World/05 Blockhead/06 Strange Pursuit/07 SIB (Swelling itching Brain)/08 Triumph of the Will/09 The Day My baby Gave Me a Surprize/10 Pink Pussycat/11 Secret Agent Man/12 Smart patrol/ Mr DNA/13 Red Eye

FREEDOM OF CHOICE-01 Girl U Want/02 It's Not Right/03 Whip It/04 Snowball/05 Ton O Luv/06
Freedom of Choice/07 gates of Steel/09 Don't You know/10 That's Pep!/11 Mr. B's ballroom/12 Planet Earth

NEW TRADITIONALISTS-01 Through being Cool/02 Jerkin Back N Forth/03 Pity You/04 Soft Things/05 Going Under/06 Race of Doom/07 Love Without Anger/08 The Super Thing/09 Beautiful World/10 Enough Said

OH NO! ITS DEVO!-01 Time Out For Fun/02 Peek-A-Boo!/03 Out of Sync/04 Explosions/05 That's Good/06 Patterns/07 Big Mess/08 Speed Racer/09 What I Must Do/10 I Desire/11 Deep Sleep

SHOUT-01 Shout/02 The Satisfied Mind/03 Don't Rescure Me/04 The 4th Dimension/05 C'mon/06 Here To Go/07 Jurisdiction of Love/08 Puppet Boy/09 Please Please/10 Are You Experienced

TOTAL DEVO-01 Baby Doll/02 Disco Dancer/03 Some Things
never Change/04 Plain Truth/05 happy Guy/06 Don't Be Cruel/07 The Shadow/08 I'd Cry if You Died/09 Agitated/10 Man Turned Inside Out/11 Sexi Luv/12 Blow Up/13 Some Things Never Change (Cassette Version)

SMOOTH NOODLE MAPS-01 Stuck In a Loop/02 Post Post-Modern Man/03 When We Do it/04 Spin the Wheel/05 Morning Due/06 A Change Is Gonna Come/07 The Big Picture/08 Pink Jazz Trancers/09 Jimmy/10 Devo has Feelings Too/11 Dawghaus

SOMETHING FOR EVERYBODY-01 Fresh/02 What We Do/03 Please Baby Please/04 Don't Shoot (I'm a Man)/05 Mind Games/06 Human Rocket/07 Sumthin'/08 Step Up/09 Cameo/10 Later Is Now/11 No Place Like Home/12 March On

HARD CORE DEVO VOLUME 1-01 Mechanical man/02 Auto Modown/03 Space Girl Blues/04 Social Fools/05 Soo Bawlz/06 Satisfaction/07 Jocko Homo/08 Golden Energy/09 Buttered Beauties/10 Midget/11 I'm a Potato/12 Uglatto/13 Stop Look and Listen/14 Ono/15 Mongoloid

HARD CORE DEVO VOLUME 2-01 Booji Boy's Funeral/02 Can U Take It?/03 Bamboo Bimbo/04 A
Plan For U/05 The Rope Song/06 Goo Goo Itch/07 Be Stiff/08 All Of Us/09 Baby Talkin Bitches/10 I need a Chick/11 U Got Me Bugged/12 Chango/13 Fraulein/14 Dogs of Democracy/15 37/16 Bottled Up/17 Working In a Coalmine/18 I Been Refused/19 Fountain of Filth/20 Clockout/21 Let's Go/22 Man From the Past/23 Doghouse Doghouse/24 Hubert House/25 Shimmy Shake

OK, lotta stuff here.........some good, some maybe not so much, but it's here......I have a couple live boots but I can't locate em this second, any that any of you wonderful folks have are of course welcome for submission.........I've put up a lotta shit this weekend, MAYBE more to come tonight, we'll see, but hope ya like it, as always!


A Reader sends in a Mazzy Star boot!

(SCOTT)- A new (I think) contributor drops a Mazzy Star boot for us to inspect and enjoy.......I've never heard this one, sure will by tomorrow though..........M.D. Milner submits this one, from 1993 Black Session from French Radio.......gonna have to check and see if we can find a track list, be right back!

OK, this MAY be the wrong track list, I'll know more after I listen, but for now this is what I find:

MAZZY STAR 1993 BLACK SESSION-01 Mary Of Silence/02 Ghost Highway/03 She hangs Brightly/04 Bell's Ring/05 Nalah/06 Blue Light/07 Ride It On/08 Into Dust/09 Give You My Lovin'/10 Blue Flower/11 Tonight That I Might See/12 Wasted/13 Rock Session


Thanks to MD Milner, if you figure out that I have the wrong track list before I do, please speak up and I'll fix it!

From Cliff: Boogie On Reggae Woman part 1

(Scott) Always great to hear from Cliff with another of his dynamite submissions, this one featuring some of
the women of reggae........more stuff I am unfamiliar with BUT interested as hell to hear, so rock on Cliff, and thanks a million!
Reggae music often refers to male musicians or bands, too often, female artists get overlooked in a genre that can be male dominated. So I thought I would try to show alongside the great male reggae artists there are some equally wonderful women. I haven't sent our Scott any female led reggae before so I thought it was time to rectify that.

First up is a wonderful compilation "Studio One, Women".  This contains everything you want from Jamaican music, Ska, rocksteady, funky reggae, roots, dub mixes, disco mixes. There's not a bad track on this album. Studio One is the greatest label in the history of reggae, anyone who is anyone who became a star in the 70's and 80's started out and cut their teeth their.  Quality is guaranteed. Therefore you will know that the second offering "Studio One Presents Jennifer Lara" is one well worth listening to. A wicked 1970's album from a highly talented but sadly underrated singer. For over 35 years Lara was associated with Studio One, adding backing vocals to the songs of some of the camp's biggest names, including Delroy Wilson, Freddie McGregor, Dennis Brown, and Sugar Minott.

Third up is Marcia Griffiths with "Sweet Bitter Love" produced by Lloyd Chambers for Trojan Records. Marcia Griffiths is known as the Queen of Reggae. "Sweet Bitter Love" was released in 1974, the same year Bob Marley invited Griffiths to be one of his backing singers as the I-Threes, alongside Rita Marley and Judy Mowatt. Marcia Griffiths made her debut with the group on the album "Natty Dread" and became a crucial presence in the Wailer's stage and recording lineup until Marley's death in 1981.  "Sweet Bitter Love" is soulful reggae at heart as Griffiths covers a number of pop and R&B material with a smooth laid back feel.

Mine final offering is Sister Nancy and her debut album of "One Two". Sister Nancy whips up a classic collection  of lyrical delights, brazenly informing us all that there "ain't no stopping Nancy." Until Sister nancy came along, Dancehall was very, much a boys-only club but she smashes her way in; the track "Bam Bam" is worth the price of the album alone. One to get your feet tapping and your hips swaying to.


STUDIO ONE WOMEN:  1. Give Love Another Try-Claudette McLean  2. My Man-Jennifer Lara 3. Deh Pon Dem-The Soulettes 4. Dream Land-Della Humphrey 5. Consider Me-Jennifer Lara 6. War No Right-Denise Darlington 7. I'm Just a Girl-Hortense Ellis 8. No Bother With No Fuss-Anglea Prince  9. There's a Chance For Me-Jerry Jones 10 King Street-The Soulettes 11 Tell Me Where-Jennifer Lara  12 I'll Give It To You-The Tonettes  13. Tell Me Now-Marcia Griffiths  14. Come To Me-Jay Tees/ 15. You a Fool Boy-Angela Prince  16. I Am In Love-Jennifer Lara

Link:  http://www76.zippyshare.com/v/mP0RLzTX/file.html

STUDIO ONE PRESENTS JENNIFER LARA: 1. Woman 2. A Change Is Gonna Come 3. Hurt 4. Close
to You 5. Impossible 6. Loving You 7. Our Love  8. Love and Harmony 9. Ain't No Love  10. Rockin Tonight

Link:  http://www115.zippyshare.com/v/OqaNdB7g/file.html

MARCIA GRIFFITHS-SWEET BITTER LOVE-1.  The First Time I Saw Your Face  2. Play Me  3. There's No Me Without You 4. I'd Rather Be Lonely  5. Gypsey Man 6. Sweet Bitter Lover  7. Here I Am Baby 8. Everything I Own  9. Green Grasshopper  10. Children at Play  11. Play Me (with Lloyd Charmers)

Link:  http://www114.zippyshare.com/v/IC2bce09/file.html

SISTER NANCY-ONE TWO- 1. One Two  2. I Am a Geddion  3. Ain't No Stopping Nancy  4. Gwan a School 5. Coward of the County  6. Bam Bam  7. Transport Connection 8. Pegion Rock  9. Roof Over Mi Head  10. Only Woman DJ With a Degree

Link: http://www59.zippyshare.com/v/cvXe4FOq/file.html

A Rubber City Rebels bonus

When I mentioned that my copy of "Rubber City Rebels" didn't include the cool "Brain Job", Jonder came through with a copy of the original split EP (I think with the Bizarros)......anyway, this is side two of that release, "From Akron", and  DOES contain the classic "Brain Job", and a couple more not on the album I posted.......

FROM AKRON-01 Kidnaped/02 Such a Fool/03 Brain Job/04 Child Eaters/05 Rubber City Rebels

A dandy and rare bonus from the annals of Jonder, thanks a ton man!

SSSHHHHH.....don't tell anyone.....

I usually don't do this, but John N has sent me a copy of the yet to be released "IV" from Black
Mountain.....now, if you know from my posting history here, I LOVE Black Mountain, I had heard they had a new release upcoming, and I am going to put this up.......as always, with current material, if there are ANY objections, it will be removed with quickness......but to give some early exposure to one of my favorite of current bands is a chance too good to pass up!   Here is even a review of the album John N attached:


"We were toying with the idea of calling the album Our Strongest Material To Date" laughs Jeremy Schmidt. The Vancouver outfit's keyboardist can afford to joke about what they describe as "the dog-eared ace of spades of all rock band platitudes." It was during a solo show under his Sinoia Caves alias that he performed a revelatory electronic prototype for Mothers Of The Sun. This quintessentially Black Mountain tour de force kicks off the renamed but still accurately titled IV. "It's actually an older song which we couldn't get quite right before," explains Schmidt. "It has all the elements that we gravitate towards, built into one miniature epic."
Chief among these elements is the distinctive voice and breathtaking range of Amber Webber, whether she's powering through interstellar boogie on Florian Saucer Attack, setting the celestial tone for her beautifully orchestrated ballad Line Them All Up, or constructing the choral midsection for Space To Bakersfield, a psychedelic soul finale inspired by Funkadelic's deathless Maggot Brain. "We'd meant to have an actual choir, but I ended up singing all the parts. It's a choir of me! I'd never written an arrangement like that before."
The group's sense of rediscovery as a creative whole is tangible throughout. They were joined in the studio by spiritually attuned bassist and veteran purveyor of the riff, Arjan Miranda (formerly of S.T.R.E.E.T.S, Children, and The Family Band) whose roots, heart and soul are connected to the same soil and cement that Black Mountain were borne from. Recording was primarily done in close collaboration with Sunn O))), Wolves In The Throne Room and Marissa Nadler producer Randall Dunn, at his trusted Avast! facility in Seattle. "It's got some grit," enthuses guitarist and co-vocalist Stephen McBean. "And there's a history there: Northwest punk, grunge and general weirdo outsider stuff, plus it houses the same Trident mixing board used for Alice Cooper's Billion Dollar Babies."
A heightened mystique and dramatic yearning can be heard on such perfectly formed earworms as Cemetery Breeding, described by drummer, engineer and occasional pianist Joshua Wells as "a dark pop song with an emotive urgency to it that taps into my teenaged eyeliner-and-trenchcoat wearing sensibilities." Wells' eclectic tastes and multitasking flair – his supple percussion also provides the backbone for Dan Bejar's world-conquering Destroyer ensemble – inform Black Mountain's wider palette as well as their rhythmic choices. "It's like painting. All sound colour. And space is really important. People think of us as this heavy rock band – and we are sometimes – but it has to be tempered with space. There has to be these emotional cues. It's not just about rocking out."
Check out the way Amber and Stephen's harmonies telepathically entwine on cosmic standout Defector, or Constellations' unforced confluence of synthesizer pulse and double denim riff. In addition to being blessed with a melodic facility that eludes most rock groups, Black Mountain effortlessly echo the limitless possibilities of the internet age. Sonic tributaries that never met in the real world – AC/DC and Amon Düül, Heart and Hawkwind, King Crimson and Kraftwerk – flow together on IV as they do online. It fits with McBean's unifying theory of the modern YouTube stoner, wherein "kids discover their own alternate universes online, from Cologne to Melbourne... Detroit to Laurel Canyon.. the ice age to annihilation. There's a new scene with a different set of headphones creating a postmodern futuristic Fantasy Island. All those fledgling heads in waiting escaping within their computer screens!"
This impulse to connect is reflected by the band members' activities and journeys outside the mothership. Josh and Amber have their self-run Balloon Factory studio and pop-noir Lightning Dust project. Stephen relocated to Los Angeles six years ago. Traveling and creating via his Southern Lord released hardcore unit Obliterations and ongoing post-punk rock 'n' roll combo Pink Mountaintops (whose heady sometimes electronic throb led to the majestic, mantra-like You Can Dream). "There's something very West Coast about us all." he says. "That rambling restlessness of keepin' on guides us and keeps the music alive. Whether it's the gravitational pull of the Pacific Ocean that draws us back together or simply a good taco... The turning up, turning on and getting down is Black Mountain. It's home, and it always feels good to come back to. "
Back in Canada, meanwhile, Jeremy, channelled his analogue synth mastery and youthful John Carpenter worship into the hugely acclaimed cult science fiction film score Beyond The Black Rainbow. He's been busy of late conceptualizing Black Mountain's "mystic Concorde" art direction. Referencing the hallowed aircraft's future/past iconography, his designs are emblematic of IV's spatial diversity and maximalist astral-rock vision. You know, it really is their strongest material to date.

So, here is is, if you want it.......Black Mountain is great, haven't listened to this one yet
but will be here is a few minutes! Thanks to John N!
  1. Mothers of The Sun
  2. Florian Saucer Attack
  3. Defector
  4. You Can Dream
  5. Constellations
  6. Line Them All Up
  7. Cemetery Breeding
  8. (Over & Over) The Chain
  9. Crucify Me
  10. Space To Bakersfield

Beatles Uncovered-Tremendous!

Found this posted on "Voodoo Wagon", (http://voodoowagon.blogspot.com/) posted by blogging
wunderkind Jobe.......I don't TOO often borrow/steal/creatively acquire other people's posts (I never would without securing permission, as Jobe generously granted in this situation), but I found this so tremendous that I wanted to get it to the biggest possible number of Beatles fans possible.

OK, what this is is a 2011 release brought forth by a publication (UK I assume) TMOQ Gazette.....the information on who compiled, any backstory, etc, are quite sketchy, but the music is PHENOMINAL! Great alternate takes on many, many Beatles greats, if you are a Beatles fan this is a must have, must hear. Also included is an illustrated booklet (I haven't read it, too lazy to blow it up to suit my blind eyes, if I had, likely I'd have more info).......anyway, I DID include the booklet also, and anyone with any knowledge of this collection please inform me.....we've had a good bit of great Beatles-related stuff the last couple of months, but there's always room for Beatles!!

And, come to think of it, it's even more appropriate with the recent passing of George Martin, who likely was responsible for most if not all of the studio hijinx used to add or subtract from the original mixes......one of the most interesting collections I've heard in sometime.

DISC 1-01 I Saw Her Standing There (No Handclaps)/02 I Want to Hold Your Hand (W Count-in, no handclaps)/03 A Hard day's Night (Different Remix)/04 Can't Buy me Love (Original Solo)/05 I Feel Fine (Complete Backing Track)/06 Eight Days a Week (w/count-in, clean intro, no handclaps)/07 In My Life (No Solo)/08 In My Life (Hammond Solo Edited In)/09  Wait (No Overdubs)/10 Yellow Submarine (Bare Bones Mix)/11 She's Leaving Home (Elements Combined)/12 Being For the Benefit of Mr. Kite (No Circus Effects)/13 Good Morning, Good Morning (No Overdubs/Effects)/14 Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band (Reprise) (Full Ending)/15 Hello Goodbye (No String Overdubs)/16 I Am the Walrus (Newly Created Mix)/17 Back In the USSR (Paul's vocal and basic drums)/18 Come Together (Several Overdubs removed)/19 Something (Paul's Vocalized Solo)/20 Maxwell's Silver Hammer (No synthesizer overdubs)/21 Oh! Darling (Stripped Down Remix)/23 Here Comes the Sun (No Handclaps and Moog Overdubs)/24 Polythene Pam (John's guitar and Ringo's drum, full ending)/25 I Me Mine (Unedited Backing Track)

DISC 2-01 Do You Want to Know a Secret (Restored Version)/02 Ticket to Ride (single tracked vocal mix)/03 Norwegian Wood (This Bird Has Flown) (no sitar)/04 Think For Yourself (no fuzzed guitar overdub)/05 Michelle (Complete backing Track)/06 Michelle (Paul's Single Tracked Vocal)/07 Girl (No guitar overdub)/08 Run For Your Life (remix)/09 Paperback Writer (Vocal Tracks Opened Right Up)/10 Lucy In the Sky With Diamonds (Complete Backing Track)/11 When I'm 64 (No Clarinet overdubs)/12 Lovely Rita (Less Overdubs, More Vocals)/13 A Day In the Life (Reconstructed from Different Source)/14 All You Need Is love (Backing Track)/15 Hey Bulldog (Backing Track with count-in)/16 Revolution (single tracked and much less guitar)/17 While My Guitar Gently Weeps (No vocal and acoustic guitar)/18 Birthday (No overdubs and backing vocals)/19 Oh! Darling (guide vocals mixed in)/20 Octopus's Garden (piano)/21 Fool On the Hill (Love Version)/22 Girl (Love Version)

You Beatle-ites oughta thank the great Jobe and the Voodoo Wagon Blog for this gem!

Brian Returns With Some French Synth Electro-Punk

(SCOTT)-Brian allowed me to preview these (some of them) a while back and I freaked for them, like
nothing I've heard before..........tremendous stuff here.....his review below is quite concise so I'll let him talk to you about these, but for my money, this is some total bomb-ass shit that needs to be heard! Don't delay!

I've been procrastinating with this one for weeks. I just didn't know how to get around to writing about this band. You don't know it yet, but there's three other posts I've completely assembled and written (including three original covers comps) since I uploaded these files. So, my history of the group will be concise cuz I wanna get this one done.

During that magic time in '75-77 when punk was bubbling up simultaneously in many disparate places, the French end of the music revolution was taken up by the boys in Metal Urbain. They had the distinction of being the first group released on Rough Trade Records, as well as being left in various stages of disbanding and reforming, hence these three releases by three different groups that consist of many of the same members. Look up their history somewhere. The liner notes are quite involved and I don't know the whole story offhand. On to the music, because it's what matters. I'm gonna get impressionistic for a sec here....

These guys were the bastard child of The Stooges and Suicide, a cherry-red 50's Hot Rod somehow born out of an Anthony Burgess novel... Carl Perkins playing a Korg MiniPops in a Marseilles leather bar... Baudelaire jamming with a drunken, angry Kraftwerk.... Jacques Brel fronting The New York Dolls with a cyborg heart. With the drum machine backing and the frontline guitar squall, they were unbelievably influential. Big Black copped a lot of their aesthetic from Metal Urbain. I know the early Jesus & Mary Chain albums bear the stamp of the group as well. And sooooo many Goth bands ripped off these guys.

The Urbain disc (Anarchy In Paris!) is the genre defining moment, with the synth drums clicking manically while the guitars grind away James Williamson-style. You may not know what "Lady Coca Cola" means, but you'll scream along with it. One of the most original first wave Punk albums. And did I mention the vocals are in French?

By the time the group evolved into Metal Boys (Tokio Airport), the formula had been refined. The guitars were meatier, the synth sounds more piercing, the bottom end deeper, and songs started being sung in English. Just check out the cooing, creepy "Suspenders In The Park". And the title track is structured like a Crass song, mixing singing and spoken word pieces about the history of Tokyo. And I dare you to listen to "Colt 45" and not hear Big Black's "Cables" in your head.

The Doctor Mix & The Remix Wall Of Noise LP was the last music from this time. It's a mixture of synth punk originals and rock n roll covers. And with it being covers-heavy, it's very accessible. "No Fun", "Brand New Cadillac", "Hey Joe", Roxy Music's "Grey Lagoons".... hell, these crazy fuckers even cover The Velvet Underground's "Sister Ray"! Definitely worthwhile.

The bonus link for this post isn't a comedy album. It's a live rock album, but also happens to be about the funniest live album ever made. Maybe you have it already, maybe you don't. Either way, there's no way in hell I can mention the artist's name here, so that puts it firmly in the Bonus department. One of my faves, so please check it out. And hey, any new readers to the blog.... head back to the big Dylan cover songs post on 9/27/15. Some of those links could use a bump. One love, y'all.

The Minutemen

I know I make fun of 1980's music a lot (it's fun, and SOOO much of it DID in fact suck), so it always
amazes me when I drag out another great band from that decade.......in this case the Minutemen. A trio from San Pedro California, The Minutemen were singer/guitarist D Boon, singer bassist Mike Watt, and drummer George Hurley......I assume the name of the band came from the extreme brevity of their songs, sometimes making the Ramones seem like Rush.

In 1980 the trio released an EP, which I think is a fairly hard one to locate, "Paranoid Time", seven quicky tunes highlighted by "Fascist" and "Joe McCarthy's Ghost", ....following closely was "Joy", which featured only THREE tracks ("Joy", "Black Sheep" and "More Joy") and I think is also something of a hard one to track down.

The first full length was "The Punch Line", although a full length record, the longest of the 18 tracks here clocks in at 1:18, most of them are shorter than a minute. "Search", "Ruins", and "Warfare" standout as experimental punky blasts.

Next was another EP,("Bean Spill") couldn't find my copy but found one easy enough on the Bay, wouldn't want to be without "If Reagan Played Disco", now would we? The next EP, "Buzz or Howl Under the Influence of Heat", was made with some assistance from some members of Black Flag, notably Rollins providing the title for the instrumental "Dreams are Free Motherfucker!"......"Cut" is a good one as well, and the band actually cracks the THREE minute mark on "Little Man With a Gun in His Hand". All these EP's are worth your while imo.

So, finally in 1983 came "What Makes a Man Start Fires?", it's a pretty fair (4 star say I) album, again the machine gun approach used on the earlier discs works well, in particular on "Sell or Be Sold" and "Life Is a Rehearsal".....the first REALLY essential album they had in them.

It wouldn't take them long to come up with the next one though....one of the 5-star classics of the decade, "Double Nickles on the Dime" ....it is overkill at its finest, FORTY THREE tracks, and most of these are DAMN great songs: "This Ain't No Picnic", "Jesus and Tequila", "Do You Want New Wave (Or Do You Want the Truth?)", fuck it, it's ALL great, if you only want one here you go, but you'll be selling yourself short.

"The Politics of Time" was next, it's something of a mess, with some interesting but VERY poorly recorded
live tracks, I have always thought the version here of "Fanatics" was just unlistenable, but while doing some psuedo research on the band, I discovered this story via Wikipedia.......check this out:

Part of the sleeve note on the back cover facetiously asks listeners to "note the quality of the recording" on the live version of "Fanatics" (from The Punch Line). While the recording is an almost undiscernible mess, the cut is apparently included for its historical importance as according to Henry Rollins in his book Get In The Van, on this night at the end of the song, D. Boon had jumped into the audience with his guitar on, hollering the title word of the song while "knock[ing] those skinheads [in the audience] over like bowling pins"

Huh, never knew that......anyway "Politics" also contains some studio material for a Minutemen album that never was to be. I don't call this anything like as essential as the previous pair, but fans will love this one too.

"Three Way Tie (For Last)" is another step backwards, I think, even given the over the top oddball covers of CCR's "Have You Ever Seen the Rain" and BOC's "The Red and the Black"....some of the short length blitzes remain, but several were by now cracking the 2-3 minute mark......not a personal favorite of mine honestly, I do know people who like it.

After the release of "Three Way Tie", Boon was tragically killed in a van accident, effectively ending the Minutemen, although there would be some post-humous material......most notably was "Ballot Result", an interesting concept....a ballot was included with "Three Way Tie" and fans were allowed to vote for the stuff that would appear on this one......good choices, pretty much, too, a combination of live stuff (MUCH better than those on "Politics") and previously released tunes, it's a fitting memorial for Boon, I think, although not originally intended as such.

Another release was the EP "Project Mersh", ("Mersh" being the band's term for "commercial"), I don't care for it much at all, it contains a six (!) minute track as well as (wait for it) a cover of Steppenwolf's "Hey Lawdy Mama"......not a huge favorite of mine.

And that about does it for MY Minutemen stash, there are some other comps out there, to my knowledge they break no new ground, I think there's a "greatest hits" thing, kind of an odd release for a band of this nature, and I think there are some CD roundups of the several EP's.......no matter.

This was a band that had a great and unique run........along with Husker Du, The Replacements, U2, and a bunch of others, firmly entrenched as one of the best bands in 1980's rock n roll.

By the way most if not all of these are FLAC files, as you know by now, the format in which I have them is the format in which you get them......you can get a FLAC-MP3 converter for free on line if you really hate FLAC as much as many do.

PARANOID TIME-01 Validation/02 The Maze/03 Definitions/04 Sickles and Hammers/05 Fascist/06 Joe McCarthy's Ghost/07 Paranoid Chant

JOY-01 Joy/02 Black Sheep/03 More Joy

BEAN SPILL-01 Split Red/02 If Reagan Played Disco/03 Case Closed/04 Afternoons/05 Futurism Restated

BUZZ OR HOWL UNDER THE INFLUENCE OF HEAT-01 Self-Referenced/02 Cut/03 Dream Told By Moto/04 Dreams are Free, Motherfucker!/05 The Toe Jam/06 I Felt Like a Gringo/07 The Product/08 Little Man With a Gun in His Hand

THE PUNCH LINE-01 Search/02 Tension/03 Games/04 Boiling/05 Disguises/06 The Struggle/07 Monuments/08 Ruins/09 Issued/10 The Punch Line/11 Song For El Salvador/12 History Lesson/13 Fanatics/14 No Parade/15 Straight Jacket/16 Gravity/17 Warfare/18 Static

WHAT MAKES A MAN START FIRES-01 Bob Dylan Wrote Propoganda Songs/02 One Chapter in the Book/03 Fake Contest/04 Beacon Sighted Through the Fog/05 Mutiny In Jonestown/06 East Wind/Faith/07 Pure Joy/08 99/09 The Anchor/10 Sell or Be Sold/11 The Only Minority/12 Split Red/13 Colors/14 Plight/15 The Tin Roof/16 Life as a Rehearsal/17 This Road/18 Polarity 

DOUBLE NICKLES ON THE DIME-D's Car Jam/Anxious Mo-Fo/02 Theatre is the Life of You/03 Viet Nam/04 Cohesion/05 It's Expected I'm Gone/06 #1 Hit Song/07 Two Beads at the End/08 Do You Want New Wave or Do You Want the Truth/09 Don't Look Now/10 Shit From an Old Notebook/11 Nature Without Man/12 One Reporter's Opinion/13 Political Song For Michael Jackson To Sing/14 Maybe Partying Will Help/15 Toadies/16 Retreat/17 The Big Foist/18 God Bow's To Math/19 Corona/20 The Glory of Man/21 Take 5, D/22 My Heart and the Real World/23 History Lesson part II/24 You Need the Glory/25 The Roar of the Masses Could Be Farts/26 West Germany/27 The Politics of Time/28 Themselves/29 Please Don't be Gentle With Me/30 Nothing Indeed/31 No Exchange/32 There Ain't Shit on TV Tonight/33 This Ain't No Picnic/34 Spillage/35 Untitled Song For Latin America/36 Jesus and Tequila/37 June 16th/38 Storm In My House/39 Martin's Story/40 Dr. Wu/41 The World According to Nouns/42 Love Dance/43 Three Car Jam

THE POLITICS OF TIME-01 Base King/02 Working Men are Pissed/03 I Shook Hands/04 Below the Belt/05 Shit You Hear at Parties/06 The Big Lounge Scene/07 Maternal Rite (Tracks 1-7 Live 11/81 Fullerton CA)/08 Tune For Wind God (Live 4/83 in the Mojave Desert (!)/09 Party With Me Punker/10 The Process/11 Toy Jam (Tracks 10/11 recorded live KPFK in Studio City) 12 Tony Gets Wasted in Pedro (1979 pre-Minutemen tune (The Reactionaries)/13 Swing to the Right/14 Raza Si!/15 Times/16 Badges (15/16 demos by Mike Watt alone)/17 Fodder/18 Futurism Restated/19 Hollering/20 Suburban Dialectic/21 Contained/22 On Trial/23 Spraycan Wars (tracks 17-23 live 12/80 Studio City California)/24 My Part (live Copenhagen 2/28/83)/25 Fanatics (live 3/83 Brixton)/26 Ack Ack Ack (live 3/83 Ahrus Denmark)/27 The Big Blast For Youth (live 9/83 Wilmington CA)

THREE WAY TIE FOR LAST-01 Price of paradise/02 Lost/03 The Big Stick/04 Political Nightmare/05 Courage/06 Have You Ever Seen the Rain/07 The Red and the Black/08 Spoken Word Piece/09 No One/10 Stories/11 What Is It?/12 Ack Ack Ack/13 Just Another Soldier/14 Situations at Hand/15 Hittin the Bong/16 Bermuda

BALLOT RESULT-01 A Little Man With a Gun In His Hand/02 Political Song For Michael Jackson to Sing/03 I Feel Like a Gringo/04 Jesus and Tequila/05 Courage/06 King of the Hill/07 Bermuda/08 Mr Robot's Holy Orders/09 No One (remix)/10 Ack Ack Ack/11 History Lesson Part II/12 This Ain't No Picnic/13 The Cheerleaders/14 Time/15 Cut/16 Split Red/17 Shit You Hear at parties/18 Hell/19 Tour-Spiel/20 Take Our Test/21 The Punch Line/22 Search/23 Bob Dylan Wrote Propaganda Songs/24 Badges/25 Tension/26 If Reagan Played Disco/27 No! No! No! To Draft And War/Joe McCarthy's Ghost

PROJECT MERSH-01 The Cheerleaders/02 king of the Hill/03 Hey Lawdy Mama/04 Take Our Test/05 Tour-Spiel/06 More Spiel

Lemme know yer thoughts, I find them to be one of the more underapreciated bands of the 1980's, unique, humorous, rocking, profound, and experimental, all at once!

The Tomcats

With the onset of Strat-o-Matic baseball, as well as watching the NCAA Tournament, rather than working my aching fingers to the bone as I did yesterday with The Minutemen, I think we'll dip into the bullpen for some of John N's links (there is an endless supply trust me).......I've always thought this was an interesting album, although I never had a copy of it.....short version, this was a UK band that set up shop in Spain as a Spanish "answer" to the Rolling Stones, thus the liberal dose of so-so Stones covers......however, the highlights here for me are their frantic takes on some of the local Spanish hits of the time....in particular :"A Tu Vera" and "Pena Penita Pena" get some hardcore fuzzed out makeovers, as does perhaps the albums highlight, "Que Familia Mas Original".

As best as I can determine these guys never released a proper album, rather issuing a series of EP's in Spain....this collection, "Running at Shadows", collects, I think, everything they released.......all between 1965-66. Interestingly enough, the core of Tomcats went on to become late-60's psych legends July, whom I'd make a clever double post with if I could find it.........anyway, let me know what you think about this one, I like it a good bit, and thanks again to John N.

RUNNING AT SHADOWS-01 Macarenas/02 A Tu Vera/03 Seventh Son/04 Get Off My Cloud/05 Roadrunner/06 Walking/07 For Your Love/08 You Gotta Help/09 Paint It Black/10 Pena, Penita, Pena/11 Looking For My Baby/12 Satisfaction/3 Don't Let It Go/14 Cocaine/15 Monday Monday/16 It Ain't Right/17 Somebody Help Me/18 Running at the Shadows/19 La Neurastenia (19th Nervous Breakdown)/20 Que Familia Mas Original (Shame and Scandal in the Family)/21 Don't Ask For Me/22 Yesterday/23 Two Minds In Tune


Another interesting link from John N, and, again, another newer release......as always, if  artist/label/anyone else objects to the posting, please notify me and it will be removed with quickness......I can only guess as to whether new bands would prefer the small amount of exposure I can give them, or prefer if I did not.......I enjoyed this album, and think many others would as well, thus the post.

"Warm Places" is the first album from Medication, whom are comprised of members of UK punk greats Leatherface and Canada's Sainte Catherine, it is unfortunate that Leatherface guitar ace Dickie Hammond passed away before the release of this album. Closer, I'd say to the grungy punk of Leatherface than the slamming bar punk of Sainte Catherine, but the influences of each comes through loud and clear for an exciting, rocking album.......2016 is early on, yet, but I expect this might be on my year end list, I liked it that much.

Hammond's guitar work is stellar as ever, and there are ten songs here, most of which do have merit......."Fishing", "The Secret of the Marlins", and "Gods and Glory" are the one that stood out for me,  there are a few slow moments, but over all a pretty fair effort. Please let me know what you think, and thanks once again to link-machine John N!

WARM PLACES-01 Memories of Youth/02 The Secret of the Marlins/03 Gods and Glory/04 Fishing/05 The Last Rainfall/06 Saptor Raptor/07 Sweet and Sour/08 My Friends Will Call/09 Paranoid/10 Stalingrad

Black Mountain 10th Anniversary Special Release

Lets have one more for today from the link-machine, John N......I posted this album quite a while back, it
was originally released in 2004 or 2005.......anyway, I posted thier newest release ("IV") the other day, and discussed briefly how much I always liked the band (btw, "IV" is excellent as well).....but Jon N was aware that the debut classic was re-issued in a tenth anniversary special edition with bonus tracks.....personally I had no idea, but ALWAYS thrilled to hear some Black Mountain

If you are unaware, briefly, Black Mountain are a wonderful stoner/space band, somewhat reminding one of a modern day Hawkwind/Kyuss hybrid, very, very good stuff with hard rocking guitars swirling keyboards.....I have not listened to the bonus tracks yet, but I certainly will by tonight, love me some Black Mountain!

This is gonna do it for me for this Friday, as in but 2 hours the opening night of the 2016 Springfield Ohio Strat-O-Matic baseball league will take place, if you don't know what that is it is a LONGTIME passion of mine, our league has been extant since 1983, and four of the 8 of us who participate are charter members!

(Somewhat funny story, maybe not......1985, my first wife and my marriage was in it's final stages....she called me about 8:00 PM on a Thursday night to "discuss our relationship and blah blah blah"....as the vikings Bears game was about to kickoff, I said no thanks, I'm going to watch the Viking game. She started SCREAMING "YOU BASTARD! ALL YOU CARE ABOUT IS WATCHING THE FUCKING VIKINGS, GETTING STONED, AND CHASING SLUTTY WOMEN!"........it would be the last time I'd speak to her, but as I hung up the phone on her, I said to myself, "man, if she'd remembered the Strat-O-Matic baseball, she'd just about have me pegged...."

What's this got to do with Black Mountain? Well, not a fucking thing, they were likely in grade school at the
time, but every now and again I think of a humorous life anecdote that I just feel the need to share......sue me.

Enjoy the Black Mountain special, and of course thanks to the "Amazon.com" of music links, John N!

BLACK MOUNTAIN SPECIAL EDITION-01 Modern Music/02 Don't Run Our Hearts Around/03 Druganaut/04 No Satisfaction/05 Set Us Free/06 No Hits/07 Heart of Snow/08 Faulty Times/09 Druganaut  (Extended Remix)/10 Buffalo Swan/11 Bicycle Man/12 Behind the Fall/13 Set Us Free (Demo)/14 Black Mountain (Demo)/15 No Satisfaction (UK Radio)/16 It Wasn't Arson

Jonder contributes You Am I

(Scott) So many submissions that I am unfamiliar with, I am struggling to catch up with hearing all of
them.....Jonder will tell you all you need to know about You Am I here, I carpet bomb-listened to a bit of it earlier and did like what I heard.......plan on giving it a thorough listen this evening.......thanks to Jonder and everyone else, keep sending me stuff, I LOVE discovering new sounds and then sharing them with the few unlucky folks who check this blog once in while (I know that "one blog" that hates me/my blog so much continues to talk shit about me, but there's no hard feelings on this end, I just continue to wonder why they dislike me so much and continue to repost stuff I posted long ago.......it's cool though, anything I post is for ANYONE to use as they please!)

I mentioned in my recent Figgs post that they are my favorite group in the Northern Hemisphere, so here is my favorite band of the Southern Hemisphere -- You Am I.  You Am I has been around for almost three decades (like the Figgs).  Both bands draw from classic rock influences such as the Stones, the Who, and the Kinks, as well as the Replacements.

You might remember hearing "Berlin Chair" from You Am I's debut on college radio or on MTV, but the band never really caught on in the US.  You Am I is hugely successful at home in Australia, and was a major influence on other Australian bands that ironically found greater fame here in America, such as Silverchair, the Vines, and especially Jet.

Singer/guitarist Tim Rogers is a prolific songwriter who has released six solo albums, one of which was recently turned into a play.  Last year, Rogers made an album with Australian funk band The Bamboos, and You Am I recorded their tenth studio album, Porridge & Hotsauce, at Daptone Studio in New York with the Dap-Kings horn section.  

Here are some of my favorite songs by You Am I.  I put them in chronological order with the exception of the first song (Cathy's Clown), because it's always been one of my favorite mixtape openers.  

01 Cathy's Clown/ 02 Berlin Chair/ 03 Trainspottin/ 04 Minor Byrd/ 05 The Applecross Wing Commander/ 06 Purple Sneakers/ 07 Trike/ 08 Mr. Milk/ 09 Rumble/ 10 Heavy Heart/ 11 ...And Vandalism/ 12 Round Ten/ 13 Gasoline For Two/ 14 Satisfied Mind/ 15 Get Up/ 16 Kick A Hole In The Sky/ 17 Crash/ 18 I'm A Mess/ 19 Givin Up And Gettin Fat/ 20 Frightfully Moderne/ 21 The Ocean/ 22 Bon Vivants

Brian's Bad-Ass AC-DC cover project

(Scott)-this is a good one, listened to the whole thing last night, and as I told Brian I enjoy some of these hard slamming
covers more than the originals.....the Two Cellos thing is beyond amazing (I hope we can get a whole post out of those guys soon, their "Welcome to the Jungle" and "Smells Like Teen Spirit" are off the dial as well)....like Brian, I greatly prefer the Bon Scott era AC-DC, for a few reasons, not least of which is that Brian Johnson (formerly of the band Geordie) was chosen simply for his somewhat-similar voice to that of the late Scott, while lacking much of any of the latter's lunatic spirit and self-destructive excitement. Just my two cents worth, I actually saw them two times, once with Scott and once with Johnson, was like seeing the "real" band, followed by a tribute band or something.......anyway, this is a sweet compilation, and does justice to the memory of the late great Bon Scott.....by the way this one is dedicated to my friend Alan H. who has seen the band TWELVE (!) times.......a list of artists I would see 12 times: maybe Liz Phair or Gwen Steffani,or that babe from Lacuna Coil provided it were in my bedroom...
Thanks to Brian for another ingenious creation!
With this AC/DC project, I didn't want to mimic one of the albums or greatest hits packages, just gather a bunch of cool songs. And all of these except one are Bon Scott-era tunes. And it's not that I out-and-out hate the Brian Johnson stuff... it's just it became a different group, and then proceeded to get really overplayed over the last 35 years.

If I may be so bold, this comp fucking rocks!!! Things start out with the group 2Cellos playing "Highway To Hell". Yep, that's a distorted cello you hear riffing along with the guitar. Metal bands Annihilator and Iced Earth turn in great covers. Flipper's "Problem Child" is a glorious and greasy noise-punk mess. German Oi band Oxymoron deliver a great, snarling version of "Dirty Deeds".

Rockabilly band Full Blown Cherry do a great version of "Jailbreak", from an otherwise forgettable rockabilly tribute disc. The 80's Sunset Strip sound shows up with two great cuts by L.A. Guns and Faster Pussycat. I really like the Guns' version of "Let There Be Rock". Dead on. I just want to crawl inside that savage guitar tone!

German metal band PostMortem do a great, ugly version of "Sin City". The Dwarves'"Big Balls" is just strangeGuns 'N Roses' dynamite live cover of "Whole Lotta Rosie" is from the Make My Day '88 bootleg. I love that the audience instantly does the "Angus!" line during the intro riff. The DT's are a European blues rock band, and their version of "What's Next To The Moon" (one of my fave album cuts off of Powerage) is killer! Really, really good.

Anthrax's "T.N.T." was recorded live in Chile. It's got a great crunch to it. Aussie band The Beasts Of Bourbon do a perfect version of "Ride On", from their classic The Low Road album. There was good response when I posted that album last year. The live version of "Rocker" is from an unidentified band, but I think you'll agree they kick it's ass! I mean, just demented. Anybody got an idea who it is?

Current retro-rockers Dirty Skirty have a good run at "Girl's Got Rhythm". Death metal band Six Feet Under's "Rock and Roll Ain't Noise Pollution" is my favorite cut on this comp. Not only is it the only Back In Black song I can still listen to, but those death-style vocals are great! It goes perfectly with the idea of noise pollution! I had to dig to find a good cover of "Riff Raff" (Big Scott's fave AC/DC tune), and finally scored this one from the 2011 touring version of Guns 'N Roses. It ain't like it was, but they do it justice, and Axl definitely has some guitar heroes onstage with him. The video is on YouTube.

Capture A Lag do a great, grooving excerpt of "The Jack", that I then use as an intro into The Wolf Blues Band's unintentionally hilarious take on the song. I don't know where they're from, but listening to those heavily-accented choruses of "Sheez goht ze Jack!"....I damn near pissed myself! Good harmonica playing, though. And to end on an even funnier note, I've included Jim Breuer's brilliant send-up, the "AC/DC Hokey Pokey". 

1.) 2Cellos - Highway To Hell
2.) Annihilator- Live Wire
3.) Iced Earth - It's A Long Way To The Top (If You Wanna Rock and Roll)
4.) Flipper - Problem Child
5.) Oxymoron - Dirty Deeds (Done Dirt Cheap)
6.) Full Blown Cherry - Jailbreak
7.) L.A. Guns - Let There Be Rock
8.) PostMortem - Sin City
9.) Faster Pussycat - If You Want Blood (You Got It)
10.) The Dwarves - Big Balls
11.) Guns 'N Roses - Whole Lotta Rosie
12.) The DT's - What's Next To The Moon
13.) Anthrax - T.N.T.
14.) Beasts Of Bourbon - Ride On
15.) ???? - Rocker
16.) Dirty Skirty - Girl's Got Rhythm
17.) Six Feet Under - Rock and Roll Ain't Noise Pollution 
18.) Guns 'N Roses (2011) - Riff Raff
19.) Capture A Lag feat. Magic C - The Jack (Intro)
20.) The Wolf Blues Band - The Jack
21.) Jim Breuer - AC/DC Hokey Pokey

The bonus link for this post is an album by an S-N-L alumnus. I haven't thought any of his movies have been funny for years, but I've always thought his albums are funnier anyway.

Starz-Attention Shoppers!

Not to be taken seriously, this is in fact a pretty awful American hard rock album from a pretty awful American hard rock band ........it just happens to come with a fairly interesting story which typlifies what losers these guys were.

In 1978 when this came out, Circus Magazine (an extremely poor man's version of Creem/Trouser Press) used to have a "Reader's Poll" each issue, where supposedly readers would select the top current albums (I seem to recall "Black Sabbath Volume 4" being number one for nearly a year.) Anyway, ONE issue, and one issue only, Starz "Attention Shoppers!" was the Circus Number 1 album, even though is was not even on the list the previous issue, nor would it be the next issue? Why?  Because this lame ass band actually voted for their own crappy album thousands of times, just to get it to #1 in the poll and draw attention to themselves. A lame stunt, to be certain.

Today, it sounds like more of that late 70's comical hard/glam rock typlified by this band as well as Angel, funny enough if you listen with the right attitude. Just came across this one and remembered the story, got some huge posts coming soon (The Animals, Elvis Costello, Elliott Smith and more), so I just put this one up as a lark.....enjoy.

ATTENTION SHOPPERS!-01 Hold Onto the Night/02 She/03 Third Time's the Charm/04 (Any Way That You Want It) I'll Be There/05 Waitin' On You/06 X-Ray Spex/07 Good Ale We Seek/08 Don't Think/09 Johnny All Alone/ 10 Texas/11 Wind

If you are a huge fan of these dopes, don't get your panties wadded, it's only psuedo rock n roll (but I h
ate it!)

Brian presents Exile on Covers Street

(Scott)- Rolling Stone magazine once picked "Exile" as the greatest rock album of all time......while I don't
agree (by a long shot), it's certainly a classic. Brian did his usual stellar job of creating a covers project (LORD, I have to do a few of those myself sometime, don't judge me!).......couple of unrelated thoughts.....I know I once did a Pussy Galore post, I'm sure it was long enough ago that their kinda cool track- for- track cover of "Exile" is long gone, it's much more interesting than listenable, but worth tracking down for the curiosity factor......also, in case you were unaware, Liz Phair's classic "Exile In Guyville", long a favorite of mine, is supposed to be a song for song "response" to the Stones "Exile", however, I've listened to it 1000 times and have NEVER made any such connection........perhaps if Liz wishes to come to my home and explain it to me while she sits on my face it would become more clear......anyway, Brian turns in another classic, it's great as you will see, and I've got so much shit backed up for the next couple of days you guys will be exploding in gratitude (or, perhaps NOT)......

This one is probably my last Stones cover project. I thought putting together a cover version of Exile would be easy, but it took a lot of digging. I actually started this right after that cover version of Hot Rocks! I knew going in that Pussy Galore did a version of the whole Exile album, but given its fractious nature, I didn't want to use more than one track. That's why it took me longer. These things can wear a brother out....

Alt-Country group The Old 97's kick things off with a great version of "Rocks Off". Fortunately it downplays the horns a bit. Billy Squier (of all people) shows up for a rocking live cover of "Rip This Joint". German rockabilly powerhouses The Bosshoss deliver a killer version of "Shake Your Hips", which the Stones themselves covered from Slim Harpo. I've never heard of Privettricker, but this is about the only cover of "Casino Boogie" I could find, and I think it's good. The Gaslight Anthem's "Tumbling Dice" is as bleary-eyed and gorgeous as the original.

As a surprise, Jerry Lee Lewis himself does a cover of "Sweet Virginia". He changes "shit" to "shine", but it's a great performance anyway. I really like Blue Mountain's  "Torn and Frayed", from the alt-country Paint It Black tribute. Reggae group Wailing Souls do a great sun-drenched reggae version of "Sweet Black Angel". The Black Crowes perform a faithful live take on "Loving Cup". Those boys sure love the Stones, huh?

I had to dig for a version of "Happy", until I found this one by Elvis Costello. Forgive the fidelity and the phasing, but I couldn't pass up putting Elvis here. And I couldn't find any other good versions. I've never heard of Wrong Turn, but their take of "Turd On The Run" is almost psychobilly in it's intensity. Richard Hell's "Ventilator Blues" is as jagged as you'd expect from him. Phish deliver (of course) a long, jammy version of "I Just Want To See His Face".

I finally use Pussy Galore for their feedback-fueled rave up of "Let It Loose". Sheryl Crow does a good live cover of "All Down The Line". She's always good for a tune. The White Stripes make "Stop Breaking Down" sound like on of their own. Then I bring back Jennifer Warnes's great version of "Shine A Light". (NOTE: the version of this song I put on that anthology of hers a few months ago was shortened; you might want to copy this MP3 and retag it for that album.) And finally, I had a hard time finding a cover of "Soul Survivor", which was surprising. Then I found this by what I believe is a Japanese bar band named Brian Lunch. Maybe it's meant to be "brain lunch"...I don't know. But it rocks, either way.

1.) Old 97s - Rocks Off
2.) Billy Squier - Rip This Joint
3.) The Bosshoss - Shake Your Hips
4.) Privettricker - Casino Boogie
5.) The Gaslight Anthem - Tumbling Dice
6.) Jerry Lee Lewis - Sweet Virginia
7.) Blue Mountain - Torn and Frayed
8.) Wailing Souls - Sweet Black Angel
9.) The Black Crowes - Loving Cup
10.) Elvis Costello - Happy
11.) Wrong Turn - Turd On The Run
12.) Richard Hell - Ventilator Blues
13.) Phish - I Just Want To See His Face
14.) Pussy Galore - Let It Loose
15.) Sheryl Crow - All Down The Line
16.) The White Stripes- Stop Breaking Down
17.) Jennifer Warnes - Shine A Light
18.) Brian Lunch - Soul Survivor 
As always, hope this is enjoyed. The bonus link for this post is an early album by a great Scottish comedian/singer. He won't need explaining to UK readers, but to you folks here in the U.S., remember that ultimate badass Il Duce from The Boondock Saints? Did you know he was funny?


And, at Brian's request, I am reposting the link for the ultimate cover project of all time, Brian's "Dylan" project.....some of the links are about to expire, and if you have not checked these out, DO SO NOW, do not ask for a reup in 2018, I will only make fun of you.......here is the whole thing, NO EXCUSES, every music lover on earth should have this, it's THAT great, and took more work than probably any post I have ever seen ANYONE make!


A great surprise from Zigzagwanderer

(Scott)-This turned up in my email a couple days ago, Zigzagwanderer has been around for a spell, and he
contributes some fine links here for us featuring some Devo boots and some Mazzy Star related projects (one of the most unbelievable responses, to me, for any post ever, was the INCREDIBLE popularity of the Mazzy Star albums, I thought they would sink quietly, they have been on fire, the Devo post has done well too, but the Mazzy Star has amazed me) I think maybe the easiest way to handle this one is just paste his email up, and then see if I can find some track lists for each of the projects that we have......btw these are Mediafire links, rather than the zippyshare I normally use, I doubt that makes a difference......anyway thanks a billion to Zigzagwanderer, MAN I have some incredible contributors to this blog and I can't thank them enough!

Hi Scott ,
                 Here's some Devo & Mazzy Star [& related] stuff you might like .......

DEVO - Walker Art Center, Minneapolis - Nov. 3, 1978


Devo - Live at Max's Kansas City Nov. 15. 1977


DEVO - Akron OH, Crypt , ?? February 1977


Going Home - April 22. 1985

The only thing we know about Going Home is that it was Hope Sandoval's first group before she joined Opal (after Kendra Smith left), which then mutated into Mazzy Star.
This collection of four songs were performed April 22, 1985 at Texas Hotel Records when Going Home opened for Opal. Hope must have been about 18 years old when this was recorded.


Hope Sandoval & The Warm Inventions - Cafe Le Danse Sept 2002


Mazzy Star -Live In The Metro Nov. 12 1994



DEVO-Minneapolis 11/3/78-Wiggly World/02 Pink Pussycat/03 Satisfaction/04 Too Much Paranoias/05 Praying Hands/06 Uncontrollable Urge/07 Mongoloid/08 Jocko Homo/09 Smart Patrol/Mr. DNA/10 Sloppy/11 Come Back Jonee/12 Gut Feeling/Slap Your Mammy/13 Devo Corporate Anthem/14 Red Eye Express/15 The World Gets Stuck in My Throat

DEVO-Max's Kansas City 11/15/77-01 David Bowie Intro/02 Satisfaction/03 Too Much Paranoias/04 Praying Hands/05 Uncontrolable Urge/06 Mongoloid/07 Smart Patrol/Mr DNA/08 Gut Feeling (Slap Your Mammy)/09 Sloppy/10 Come back Jonee

DEVO-AKRON OHIO CRYPT 1977-01 Praying Hands/02 Social Fools/03 Be Stiff/04 Uncontrollable Urge/
05 Secret Agent Man/06 Shrivel Up/07 Last Time I Saw St. Louis/08 Fraulein/09 Too Much Paranoias/
10 Huboon Stomp/11 Space Junk/12 Mongoloid/13 Falling In Love Again/14 Soo Bawlz/15 Blockhead/
16 Jocko Homo/17 The World Gets Stuck In My Throat

GOING HOME-TEXAS HOTEL RECORDS 4/22/85-Unable to locate set list, however, here is a video link 
as well to go with the DL link...https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r1xwnNIHGxc

Clear Day/03 Butterfly Running/04 Friend of a Smile/05 Around My Smile/06 Charlotte/07 Bavarian Fruit 
Bread/08 Silver and Gold/09 Lose Me On the Way/10 Play With Fire

MAZZY STAR LIVE IN THE METRO 11/12/94-01-Flowers In December/02 Ride It Out/03 Into Dust/04 Give
You My Lovin'/05 Fade Into You/06 Halah/07 Ghost Highway/08 Blue Flower