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New Wave Hits of the 1980's Part 3 and OUT!

WHOA, just watched the Cincinnati Bengals (NOT my team, you know I am a Vikings fan) GIFT
WRAP and willingly hand over a playoff game to a divisional rival, I REALLY don't think I've ever seen a game, especially a playoff game, have that type of an ending, I don't care what they do, but if I were running that organization, I'd say to myself, "How can YOU NOT fire a coach who cannot keep his team from acting like thuggish fools with 2 minutes to go in maybe the franchise's most importanta game in 20 years or so?"......well, these things are not for ME to decide, and, tomorrow, after the Seahawks thump the Vikings, we'll all be in the same boat, but I HOPE the Vikings simply lose because they are the lesser team, not because they make a door-prize gift out of the game as did Cincinnati.......that team should be ashamed of thtemselves.

Moving on, as this is not a sports blog, lets get back to this New Wave 1980's multi-disc set, we've been through 12 discs and we have 5 more to go, as I've made clear I have VERY mixed feelings about this set, I think it contains a bit too much "obvious" material (although, as aknowledged, much of it is very good/essential), however, I think there is a good bit of more esoteric material as well, all in all, I think it pretty nearly accomplishes what it set out to do, just curious as to the near TOTAL absence of much of ANY "punk" related stuff, I am assuming it was intentional.

So, let us advance to my much awaited views on the remaining discs.....Volume 13 leads off with, of
ALL things, Frankie Goes To Hollywood's abysmal "Relax", but other than that, this is a pretty good collection. Wang Chung's "Dance Hall Days' was a good one, we get a track from the WAY too rarely comped Bus Boys, pluse Echo & the Bunnymen, Ultravox, and the Bangles are bands of the era that are certainly representative. (Confession: until maybe a year ago, I thought the lyric to "Dance Hall Days" was "we were cool on Christ", when it is actually "we were cool on craze".......fuck you.)

So , shall we investigate Disc 14? I always really liked (for SOME reason?) After the Fire's "Der Kommisar, we also get some Art of Noise, Colour Field, Let's Active.......all either good OR fairly rarely comped tracks, a worthwhile disc.

The final "regular" disc of the set is Disc 15 (hold on, there is more) hasome good stuff on it (one would guess they had run out of "obvious" material by now, myself, I'd MUCH rather hear the lesser-known stuff than the stuff I already have on ten comps)......I always liked "Walking On Sunshine" by Katrina and the Waves (shut up), and there is some fairly out there tracks on this one.....Strawberry Switchblade, Scritti Politti, Lords of the New Church..........hey, if you've hung out THIS long, you will probably be wanting this one, too, without any description from me......

OK, there are a three OTHER discs to this set.......aside from the "official" 15 volumes......these
"other" three discs DO contain some over-lap with the previous discs in the set, but there IS 9trust me) enough worthwhile stuff here that you'll want to investigate.....as I've said all along on this one, program as suits your needs! First up, I guess we'll call it "Volume 16", is "New Wave Women", of COURSE I am going to love THAT just for it's title, but, check this out.....Berlin's awesome "Sex (I'm A.......)" (hey I know a lotta people hate that song. Fuck you it's great), The Divinyls wondersome female masturbationode "I Touch Myself", The Eurythmics? Lene Lovich? The Pandoras? sounds essential to me........

Next up (we'll call Volume 17) is New Wave Xmas.........lotta good ones turh up here, DAMN I wish I woulda located this one a month ago, but there are still some great tracks here,  we get XTC, that bizarre David Bowie/Bing Crosby duet on "Peace On Earth"/"Little Drummer Boy", Root Boy Slim and the Sex Change Band's "Xmas at K-Mart", Squeeze, Throwing Muses, The Pretenders.........we can forgive a little bit of overlap for all THAT right?

OK, the final, 18th disc of this series is New Wave Halloween....arguably the best disc of teh series (for some reason, this stuff melds really well with goth-type-stuff), it opens with "The Time Warp" from the "Rocky Horror Picture Show", which is wonderful, we get the fantastic (and NEVER comped MX-80 Sound) as well as the great Ministry, we have Siouxsie and the Banshees, Dream Syndicate (IMO thier best track, "Halloween"), Dead Kennedys and Roky Erikson & the Alines....if that isn't enough for ya you be on the wrong blog.

OK, wanted to get THIS set done, I have a BUNCH of ideas/drafts in reserve that I want to share
with ya before I gotta go back to work.......really, been working hard to try to compile some things that I hope are of interst to you, and of course, as, always, I want to thank my guest posters, they are wonderful, and give the blog a more multi-layered personality, rather than just reflecting MY OWN (boring) personality.

Go Vikings........a fan since 1969, WIN OR LOSE.........look out in 2016!

VOLUME 13-1. Frankie Goes To Hollywood - Relax (4:01)/2 Wang Chung - Dance Hall Days (4:01)/3 Bangles - Hero Takes A Fall (2:55)/4 Nik Kershaw - Wouldn't It Be Good (4:14)/5 Tompson Twins - Hold Me Now (4:48)/6 Banarama - Cruel Summer (3:36)7. China Crisis - Working With Fire And Steel (3:40)/8 Bus Boys - Cleanin' Up The Town (3:00)/9 Dwight Twilley - Girls (3:30)/10 Alarm - The Stand (3:17) /11Special Aka - Free Nelson Mandela (4:08) 12 General Public - General Public (4:27)13. Fiction Factory - (Feels Like) Heaven (3:33) /14 Ultravox-Dancing With Tears In My Eyes (4:11)/15 Icicle Works - Whisper To A Scream (3:48)/16 Echo & The Bunnymen - The Killing Moon (5:46)

VOLUME 14 1 Art Of Noise - Close (To The Edit) (3:54)/2 General Public - Tenderness (3:37)
/3 After The Fire - Der Kommissar (4:06)/4 Bronski Beat - Smalltown Boy (4:05)/5 Til Tuesday - Voices Carry (4:23)/6 Murray Head - One Night In Bangkok (4:08)/7 Belouis Some - Imagination (3:35)/8 Assembly - Never Never (3:47)/9 Corey Hart - Sunglasses At Night (3:54)/10 Untouchables - Free Yourself (3:38)/11 Let's Active - Every Word Means No (2:53)/12 Truth - Exception Of Love (3:01)/13 Colour Field - Can't Get Enough Of You Baby (2:19)/14 Miracle Legion - The Backyard (4:03)/15 Rubber Rodeo - Anywhere With You (4:01)/16 Red Hot Chili Peppers - True Men Don't Kill Coyotes (3:38)

VOLUME 15-1. Katrina & The Waves - Walking On Sunshine (4:00)/2. Tears For Fears - Head Over Heels (4:19)/3. Men At Work - It's A Mistake (4:34)/4. Dream Academy - Life In A Northern Town (4:18)/5. Charlie Sexton - Beat's So Lonely (5:18)/6. Gary Myrick - Guitar, Talk, Love, & Drums (4:18)/7. Strawberry Switchblade - Since Yesterday (2:56)/8. Animotion - Obsession (4:04)
9. Kid Creole & The Coconuts - Endicott (4:29) /10. Scritti Politti - Perfect Way (4:06)/11. OMD - So In Love (3:31)/12. Arcadia - Election Day (4:34)/13. Paul Hardcastle - 19 (3:40)/14. Bronski Beat - Why? (3:58)
 /15. Belouis Some - Some People (4:01)16. Lords Of The New Church - Like A Virgin (3:49)

VOLUME 16 (NEW WAVE WOMEN)-1. Go-Go's - How Much More (3:01)/2. Bangles - Walk
/12. Lene Lovich - New Toy (3:18)/13. Joan Armatrading - I Love It When You Call Me Names (4:24)/14. The Belle Stars - Sign Of The Times (2:54)/15. The Pandoras - In And Out Of My Life (2:54)/16. Laurie Anderson - O Superman (8:24)
Like An Egyptian (3:25)/3. Eurythmics - Sweet Dreams (3:37)/4. The Pretenders - Brass In Pocket (3:06)/5. Berlin - Sex (I'm A...) (3:32)/6. Bow Wow Wow - I Want Candy (2:47)/7. Divinyls - I Touch Myself (3:47)/8. Josie Cotton - Johnny Are You Queer (2:46)/9. Romeo Void - Never Say Never (5:55)/10. Animotion - Obsession (4:05)/11. Altered Images - I Could Be Happy (3:31)

VOLUME 17 (NEW WAVE XMAS)-1. XTC - Thanks for Christmas (3:47)/2. Squeeze - Christmas Day (3:48)/3. The Pogues / Kirsty MacColl - Fairytale of New York (4:29)/4. Los Lobos - Rudolph the Manic Reindeer (1:56)/5. The Pretenders - 2000 Miles (3:33)/6. Throwing Muses - Santa Claus (3:45)/7. Miracle Legion - Little Drummer Boy (3:32)/8. Root Boy Slim & the Sex Change Band - Xmas at K-Mart (2:38)/9. David Bowie / Bing Crosby - Peace on Earth / Little Drummer Boy (2:36)/10. Captain Sensible - One Christmas Catalogue (3:57)/11. Timbuk 3 - All I Want for Christmas (3:21)/12. Wall of Voodoo - Shouldn't Have Given Him a Gun for Christmas (4:02)/13. They Might Be Giants - Santa's Beard (1:51)/14. The Buzz of Delight - Christmas (3:19)
15. Chris Stamey Group - Christmas Time (3:43)/16. Sun 60 - Mary Xmess (4:15)/17. Mono Puff - Careless Santa (2:15)

VOLUME 18 (NEW WAVE HALLOWEEN)-1. The Rocky Horror Picture Show - The Time Warp (3:19)/2. Ministry - Every Day Is Halloween (6:36)/3. The B-52's - Devil In My Car (4:28)/4. Oingo Boingo - Dead Man's Party (6:24)/5. Ramones - Pet Sematary (3:32)/6. MX 80 Sound - Theme From Halloween (3:21)/7. Comateens - The Munsters Theme (1:48)/8. Dave Edmunds - The Creature From The Black Lagoon (3:41)/9. Siouxsie And The Banshees - Halloween (3:42)/10. The Dream Syndicate - Halloween (6:10)/11. Sonic Youth - Halloween (5:08)
/12. Dead Kennedys - Halloween (3:36)/13. Misfits - Halloween (1:50)/14. Mudhoney - Halloween (6:11)/15. Roky Erickson & The Aliens - Creature With The Atom Brain (4:10)

Hope you've enjoyed this big ol set, I have some more ideas for stuff I anna do the next couple weeks, I hope I can get em all done.......I am the kind of person that "starts" 30 projects at once and finishes them.......well, whenever.....I do take a BIT of pride in the blog though, and I TRY to (along with my wonderful contributors), to keep it fresh, DIFFERENT, and something you can't see on every share blog.....believe it or not, I DO THIS STUFF FOR YOU GUYS, even those who hate me and call me names and don't even understand what I am doing here....AT LEAST I made them THINK, at least for a MINUTE, and maybe that is ALL i can contribute.

In a posting mood, don't be surprised if I post tomorrow and a few days next week, I have so many
ideas I want to put out there....I know Brian is working on a great project too, I won't tell you what it is, But WOW it's going to be badass when he gets it done.....

Come on VIKINGS........just don't embarass me and we'll be fine........this team went 11-5 with maybe 9-7 talent......as I've been saying all along, 2016/17 THAT is the target, not 2015......shouled the lose to Seattle 56-0, as long as they make maximum effort to ensure the next couple of years, I, as a fan of the team, will overwhelmingly approve of the job they have done this season......AND, imagine, by some chance, they were to WIN tomorrow? Doubtful, but it would be one of the biggest wins in the history of the franchise!

Just thinking about Badfinger for no reason

There are some bands that I was WAY into, searching out every note they ever recorded.....Nirvana,
Rocy music, Mott the Hoople, The Velvet Underground, Sleater Kinney.........and then, there are thousands of other bands whose music I love, but I am really just a dabbler.......Bwhile thier adfinger would be a fine example of this......while thier "best of" is (I think) the only one of thier efforts on my shelf, every now and then I slip it on, and ....well, wow.......modern day power pop would be unimagineable if not for these boys....well that may be overstatement, BUT if you are a power-pop fan, listen to this stuff, and be amazed by how far ahead of its time this stuff was.

The band, roughly, was Pete Ham, guitar/vocal/keyboards, Joey Molland, guitar/vocals/keyboard, Tom Evans on bass, and Mike Gibbons on drums, with some other guest contributors and replacement members along the road. Thier music served, to me, as the PERFECT link between The Beatles and Cheap Trick on the awesome clean-yet-sonically-pleasing power pop-meter.......PLEASE check out the amazing (if you are uninititated) "Baby Blue", "Day After Day", and "No Matter What", classic singles all (I am especially partial to "Baby Blue"), as well as second-team material, such as "Come and Get It" and "Without You".......OK, I'll admit to being not a real fan of thier albums, but pop on THIS comp, and groove to an hour of pure-power pop excellence.

Just got to thinking about them a while ago and decided to pull out this disc, sounded so good, I HAD to put it up. Rarities, live recordings, demos, etc, would be thought of as gifts from God, should any of you have them. Consider this a "bonus post", for NO REASON WHATSOEVER, from the BigMan!

THE BEST OF BADFINGER-01 No Matter What/02 Day After Day/03 Baby Blue/04 Name of the
Game/05 Maybe Tomorrow/06 Come and Get It/07 Rock of All Ages/08 Carry On Til Tomorrow/09 Midnight Caller/10 We're For the Dark/11 I'll Be the One/12 Without You/13 I'd Die babe/14 It's Over/15 When I Say/16 Dennis/17 Lonely You/18 Love Time/19 Meanwhile, back at the Ranch/Should I Smoke

Just sitting up tonight, looking forward to the Vikings game tomorrow.........got some plans for the blog the enxt few days, a couple glam comps, a few Beatles "cover album projects", some foreign language thrash metal from Poland and Germany........ALL stuff the discriminating rock n roller will have trouble living without!

RIP David Bowie

No doing too well with the passing of L'Bowie, one of my faves, (also one of my wife's favorites, and
one could even say one of my Dad's, as well, as he took me to see L'Bowie on my 12th birthday)....saw him a few times over the years, the last about 20 year back when he teamed with Trent Reznor for that fine series of concerts (I'll post one when I get to the "real" tribute).

Coz this ain't it....I already had theses in the works, a few choice glitter/glam comps of the 1970's.....while I love the simple/goofy glam rock of the era, there are a few things wrong here.....while there is plenty of Bowie, the contexts are awful, breaking up side 2 of "Ziggy" or side 2 of "Diamond Dogs", well, it just ain't right.....and as a "tribute", rather than a silly goof, it assumes that we can put Bowie (as well as Roxy Music, they both transcended the scene by MILES) in the same general category with Slade and Suzi Quatro, it doesn't REALLY fit, it'll be ok for now,but once I construct a PROPER tribute fans of L'Bowie should be happy. (btw I know Brian has some good Bowie stuff on the way while I finish THIS one up......I just want to stress, while this is titled "RIP David Bowie", it is NOT "My David Bowie Tribute".......that will be soon, you will be happy with it.

But, what we got here? well, like the titles tell ya, first we get three discs of "The Golden Era of Glam
Rock 1971-76"......plenty of obvious tracks that we could argue for inclusion, lots of Bowie tracks, T Rex, Slade, Quatro, Sweet.......nothing rare imo, but if you were a "glam novice", perhaps you'd begin here...by the way, who the fuck decided the fucking Osmond Brothers "Crazy Horses" belongs here? I recall someone covered it on the great "Sucking in the Seventies" set, but HERE? OK, man....

The second disc of the set includes some CLASSIC tracks, such as Mott the Hoople's "All the Young Dudes" and Roxy's "Do the Strand", "Suffergette City" from Bowie, all destroyedby the context in which they are programmed.....I hope most of you have this great music, on the original albums......hopefully VINYL! Another disc with PLENTY of Sweet, Slade, T Rex, and a couple lesser known acts, Chicory Tip and Blackwood Sue.....glitter/glam did not offer up a "deep" field of music, when tracks like Blackwood Sue's, for exmaple, emerge, they are a fine addition to these comps (a three disc, Nuggets-type anthology of unknown glam tracks of the era would be a Godsend.......perhaps I'll put it on my list........

More great Bowie tracks (heard in thte wrong context again, sigh, "Drive In Saturday" and "Rebel Rebel" are among his best, but they need to be heard in proper context, sorry......Sweet and some of the other regulars of the series turn up, but this third disc contains the most varied example of stuff, such as Wizzard, Showaddywaddy, MUD, and even Sparks.

As a tribute to Bowie, this doesn't work......there are good tracks here, buried in between Gary Glitter and Suzy Quatro, this works more like a K-TEL set......had Bowie not left us, this would be just a fun batch of records, but things change.....all I can say is wait for my REAL Bowie tribute (tomorrow? we'll see!)

Next up, another 3-disc set, somewehat similar with a bit of overlap, "Glam Rock Anthology".....The
Dolls turn up here, they missed the other set somehow, classic Dolls tunes as well...the Runaways tear into "Saturday night Special", Bowie/Iggy Pop's duet on "China Girl" is memorable, we also get a wider spectrum of lesser known selections.....Hello, Robert Glass (covering "Life on Mars"), great tracks from Suede, Cherie Currie's post-Runaways take on "Cherry Bomb", Patrick Star, Geordie......I think the inclusion of some of theses acts, as well as better programming makes this the superior effort to the one above.

Last batch for tonight, from ME at least, is a mere TWO disc selection, along the same lines....."Dynamite, The Best of Glam Rock".....many of the same representative acts show up here as on the other two sets, plus stuff from Angel, Medecine Head, Cozy Powell ("Dance With the Devil"......a fine drumpiece that has (?) to do with glam rock........

Anyway, as I said I was already working on this when L'Bowie passed, so I decided to go ahead with it.....I'm torn when one of the greats passes, as Lemmy did the other day.....should I get up something to tribute them at ONCE? Or take my time and get a REALLY good one out there?

In the case of L'bowie, he was such a great that he deserves the best......I'll be working on his situation
the the enxt day or two, but PLEASE......if you have ANYTHING of interest (rare/live/demo/spoken word) NOW is the time to remember the great David Bowie and how much better he made our lives.....I know for a fact that mine is better, and I thank you David Bowie, for your greatness.

GOLDEN ERA OF GLAM ROCK VOLUME 1-01 T REX-Ride a White Swan/02 SLADE-Coz I Luv You/03 SWEET-Wig Wam Bam/04 GARY GLITTER-Rock n Roll Part 1/05 SUZI QUATRO-Can the Can/06 ALICE COOPER-I'm Eighteen/07 DAVID BOWIE-Life on Mars/08 ALVIN STARDUST-My Coo Ca Choo/09 T REX-Hot Love/10 SLADE-Look Wot You Done/11 SWEET-The Ballroom Blitz/12 GARY GLITTER-baby Please Don't Go/13 SUZI QUATRO-48 Crash/14 ALICE COOPER-Under My Wheels/15 DAVID BOWIE-Starman /16 THE OSMONDS-Crazy Horses/17 T REX-(Get It On) Bang a Gong/18 SLADE-Take Me Back 'Ome/19 SWEET-Hell Raiser/20 GARY GLITTER-I'm the Leader of the Gang (I Am)/21 SUZI QUATRO-Daytona Demon/22 ALICE COOPER-School's Out/23 DAVID BOWIE-Ziggy Stardust

GOLDEN AGE OF GLAM ROCK VOLUME 2-01 BLACK WOOD SUE-Standing in the Road/02 T REX-Jeepster/03 SLADE-Moma Weer All Crazee Now/04 SWEET-Blockbuster/05 GARY GLITTER-I Didn't Know I Loved You (Till I Saw You Rock N Roll)/06 SUZI QUATRO-Devilgate Drive/07 ALICE COOPER-No More Mr Nice Guy/08 DAVID BOWIE-Suffergette City/09 CHICORY TIP-Son Of My Father/10 T  REX-Telegram Sam/11 SLADE-G'udbye to Jane/12 SWEET-Teenage Rampage/13 GARY GLITTER-Do You Wanna Touch Me/14 SUZI QUATRO-The Wild One/15 ALICE COOPER-Elected/16 DAVID BOWIE-The Jean Genie/17 ROXY MUSIC-Do the Strand/18 T REX-Metal Guru/19 SLADE-Cum On Feel the Noize/20 SWEET-The Six Teens/21 GARY GLITTER-Hello Hello I'm back Again/22 MOTT THE HOOPLE-All the Young Dudes

GOLDEN AGE OF GLAM ROCK VOLUME 3-01 WIZZARD-See My Baby Jive/02 DAVID BOWIE-Drive In Saturday/03 THE RUBETTES-Sugar baby Love/04 T REX-Children of the Revolution/05 SLADE-Skweeze Me Pleeze Me/06 SWEET-Fox on the Run/07 GARY GLITTER-I Love You love Me/08 MOTT THE HOOPLE-All the Way From memphis/09 MUD-Tiger Feet/10 DAVID BOWIE-Rebel Rebel/11 THE RUBETTES-Juke Box jive/12 T REX-Solid Gold Easy Action/13 SLADE-The bangin' Man/14 SWEET-Action/15 SPARKS-This Town Ain't Big Enough For Both Of Us/16 MOTT THE HOOPLE-Roll Away the Stone/17 T REX-20th Century Boy/18 SLADE-Far Far Away/19 SWEET-The Lies In Your Eyes/20 MOTT THE HOOPLE-The Golden Age of Rock N Roll/21 SHOWADDYWADDY-Hey Rock n Roll/22 COCKNEY REBEL -Make Me Smile (Come Up and See Me)

GLAM ROCK ANTHOLOGY DISC 1-01 T REX-baby Strange/02 THE GLITTER BAND-Rock n ROll Part1/03 MICK RONSON-Only After Dark/04 SWEET-Ballroom Blitz/05 HELLO-New York Grove/06 ROXY MUSIC-Virginia Plain/07 ALICE COOPER-No More Mr Nice Guy/08 MUD-Rocket/09 THE NEW YORK DOLLS-Personality Crisis/10 THE RUNAWAYS-Saturday Night Special/11 LOU REED-Walk on the Wild Side/12 IAN HUNTER W/MICK RONSON-Once Bitten Twice Shy/13 MOTT THE HOOPLE-Love Now/14 IGGY POP/DAVID BOWIE-China Girl

GLAM ROCK ANTHOLOGY DISC 2-01 SUEDE-Animal Nitrate/02 SUZI QUATRO-A Girl Like Me/03 DANA GILLESPIE-Andy Warhol/04  COCKNEY REBEL-Mr Soft/05 SHOWADDYWADDY-Trocadero/06 THE GLITTER BAND-Rock On/07 GEORDIE-All because of You/08 T REx-Children of the Revolution/09 SLADE-Cum On Let's party/10 SWEET-Little Willy/11 FOX- S-s-s-ingle Bed/12 HELLO-Tell  Him/13 NEW YORK DOLLS-Looking For a Kiss/14 ROBERT GLASS-Life on Mars

GLAM ROCK ANTHOLOGY DISC 3-01 LOU REED-Viscious/02 CHERRIE CURRIE-Cherry Bomb/03 IAN HUNTER/MICK RALPHS-Roll Away the Stone/04 MIKE RONSON-Billy Porter/05 SUEDE-Trash/06 MUD-Tiger Feet/07 T REx-Hot Love/08 SWEET-Teenage Rampage/09 THE GLITTER BAND-Just For You/10 JAMES WHILD LEA-Let Me Be Your Therapy/11 MOTT THE HOOPLE-Born Late 58/12 IGGY POP-The Passenger/13 COCKNEY REBEL-Sebastian/14 PATRICK STAR-Saturday Night's Alright For Fighting

DYNAMITE DISC 1-01 COZY POWELL-Dance With the Devil/02 SWEET-Ballroom Blitz/03 GLITTER BAND-The Tears I Cried/04 ANGEL-Good Time Fanny/05 48 CRASH-Suzi Quatro/06 SLADE-Mama Weer All Crazee Now/07 T REX-I Love To Boogie/08 HELLO-Good Ol USA/09 GEORDIE-Goodbye Love/10 MUD-Dyna Mite/11 GARY GITTER-I'm the Leader of the Gang (I am)/12 SPARKS-Girl From Germany/13 STEVE HARLEY & COCNEY REBEL-Make Me Smile (Come Up and See Me)/14 BLACKFOOT SUE-Standing In the Road/15 BARRY BLUE-Do You Wanna Dance/16 SILK-The Kids a Punk/17 KENNY-Fancy pants/18 BAY CITY ROLLERS-Yesterdays Heroes/19 CHICORY TIP-What's Your Name/20 SHOWADDYWADDY-Rock N ROll Lady/21-MEDECINE HEAD-One and One Is One/22 DAVID BOWIE/LULU-The man Who SOld the World

DYNAMITE DISC 2-01 SLADE-Get Down Get With it/02 SUZI QUATRO-The Wild One/03
BLACKFOOT SUE-Sing Don't Speak/04 COZY POWELL-Na Na Na/05 CHRIS SPEDDING-Motorbikin'/06 GEORDIE-Don't Do That/07 MUD-The Cat Crept In/08 GARY GLITTER-Do You Wanna Touch me (Oh Yeah!)/09 JOHN KONGOS-He's Gonna Step On You Again/10 COZY POWELL-The Man In Black/11 SILK-Forever and Ever/12 SHOWADDYWADDY-Hey Rock N Roll/13 GLITTER BAND-Angle Face/14 ANGEL-Little Boy Blue/15 HEAVY METAL KIDS-She's No Angel/16 BONNIE ST CLAIRE-Clap Your Hands/17 HELLO-Tell Him/18 JOHN KONGOS-Tolehoshe Man/19 HOT CHOCOLATE-You Could've Been a lady/20 KENNY-Hot Lips/21 WIZZARD-See My baby Jive

OK, as a tribute to the late great bowie, this doesn't get it done for me........I'll find some more respectable material tomorrow to bring this thing home.......for now, though, at least relive the 1970's glam/glitter era, which was wonderful if you were there!

Brian talks Bowie, Weird Al, Stones Covers, and something for the comedy fans!

....What the FUCK?!?!? This keeps happening... I'm trying to put things together for a post, and suddenly I get confronted with another musical hero dying! I'm hurt like I haven't been in a long time. Really, this sucks. I got a bad feeling about what's ahead, y'all...

Bowie's passed away. The Thin White Duke has left His Court. Ziggy has gone home. David Robert Jones has died. All Monday was Bowie day for me. I listened to Ziggy Stardust andChristiane F., shed some real tears, then drove while listening to an NPR rebroadcast of an interview with him, bought Blackstar, went home and shed a few more. And no, I'm not posting his new album. It's the man's final deliberate document! A great record, too - fans of Low will definitely like it. It's a beautiful, fucking spooky experience... just listen to "Blackstar" or "Lazarus", knowing now that he knew he was dying, and not feel a shiver go down your spine! And then there's the silence after the last track "I Can't Give Everything Away" ends. That's all she wrote, folks. Damn it. Now go buy it, guys. YOU OWE HIS MEMORY.

                                                          "Look up here, I'm in heaven
                                                            I've got scars that can't be seen
                                                            I've got drama, can't be stolen
                                                            Everybody knows me now.

                                                        Look up here, man, I'm in danger
                                                             I 've got nothing left to lose
                                                      I 'm so high it makes my brain whirl
                                                      I dropped my cell phone down below
                                                                     Ain't that just like me?"
                                                                             ---from Lazarus---

But, to commemorate this sad time, I did want to give you something. This file contains two albums. Christiane F. is a soundtrack he released in 1982. It's basically a small collection of his Berlin era stuff. This one is perfect for you if you're unfamiliar with albums like Low, Heroes, Station to Station, etc. A great listen for fans of the period, too. It also contains the German language version of "Heroes", which was largely unavailable til those post-2000 reissues. This was the one that made me feel his death the day I heard, especially with it ending with the ethereally beautiful "Warszawa".

The second thing in the file is LiveRarest. It's live stuff from his first decade. I don't know the facts of this release; I don't even know if this is complete, but it rocks. Check out Mick Ronson's squealing guitar solo on "Moonage Daydream"! "The Supermen" and "Width Of A Circle" both have that great glam crunch, too. "Life On Mars?" is really good. "Five Years" - the Bowie song that got the hooks in me years ago - is great 'cept for those background vocals. I've read some of this is from the Santa Monica '72 album. Either way, it's a good live sampler of his 70's period. The Spiders From Mars were a kickass band!

I'll miss him. My condolences go out to his wife of 24 years, Iman, as well as his son Duncan Jones and his very young daughter. You're daddy was a legend, honey. And we're losing legends too fast, guys. And if you ask me, we're not getting new ones near fast enough. (Sigh). Now, on to the original beginnings of this post.. 

As some may have noticed, the comedy links in my last post got taken down within 3 days. Glad maybe 30 of you got them before they disappeared. Interestingly, Scott's post didn't get zapped, just my RB links. Some random dick decided I shouldn't post that stuff. Jeez, thank you for that. But I won't repost them, promise, boss....

I'm not gonna be mad at this. But here's what's gonna happen: there will be no mention of comedy anymore. When I post other stuff, there may be an additional link in the comments that's a comedy album. There will be no mention of it in the post, who it is, or any pics. I'll make a promise not to repeat an album, but comedy fans will have to keep their eyes peeled. And Minions, pay attention...there will be passwords on those specific files. The password will be comedy. Everybody got that? comedy. No capital letters. This is the only time I'm gonna mention that fact. Putting these up is way more of a pain than it's worth - it's the reason I don't have a blog anymore - but I know they're appreciated.

Happier stuff, now... I put together a few comps! I've been a fan of Weird Al since I was a kid. As some may or may not know, on most of his albums, he does a Polka Medley of current pop songs. This is a collection of those. As bookends, there are two specific medleys, of The Stones and Queen. This is funny stuff! My favorite is "The Alternative Polka". "Polkas on 45" is good too. I would of course invite people to buy Al's proper albums...consider this a sampler. If Al has ever made you laugh, you need this one!

And while assembling the Weird Al comp and listening to "The Hot Rocks Medley" a lot, I got a bit of inspiration.... The Stones! Should I do an album? Nope. My intro to The Stones - like a lot of people - was the '64-'71 Hot Rocks collection. It's a necessity, if you don't have it. I recommend it on vinyl, even an old copy. (The Stones always sound better on LP). Assembling this covers comp, there was a wealth of versions; usually 2 or 3 good ones for each track. And I tried to keep from well-known stuff, mostly. So, can I walk you through it?

Things start out with two versions from the time period. The Tremoloes'"Time Is On My Side" has some great pop vocal harmony work. The Nightcrawlers'"Heart Of Stone" is pretty straightforward. Then things get odd. Yat-Kha is a Mongolian group that incorporates throat singing with Western music styles. Their version of "Play With Fire" has some real menace to it with those deeeeep vocals! I love it. Otis Redding brings that Stax soul heat to his version of "Satisfaction". Isn't that the song that really blew away the audience at Monterey '67? I think I've heard that.

Hard to believe croaky and creaky ol' Marianne Faithfull could once deliver something as pretty as her version of "As Tears Go By", huh? I didn't know about The Eyes, but their version of "Get Off Of My Cloud" from '66 or so has a nice pop-ish garage snarl to it. Tesla's "Mother's Little Helper" is a great, faithful cover; sounds like it's from their Five Man Acoustical Jam period. The Standells - of "Dirty Water"Nuggets psych-rock fame - rip up "19th Nervous Breakdown" pretty good. The Flamin' Groovies - always reliable - give a great rendition of "Paint It Black", with a nice 70's studio sound to it.

I didn't ever know that The W-h-o covered "Under My Thumb"; they're perfect for it. Give it a good
listen - you can tell they had to really dampen Moonie's drums! Julian Lennon's great take of "Ruby Tuesday" stands out as my fave cover of the song. Was gonna put in somebody else's cover of "Let's Spend the Night Together", but in light of current events, Bowie's great version stands. 60's oddballs The Godz deliver a nice scuzzy take on "Jumpin' Jack Flash".

The Ramones and "Street Fighting Man"... do I need to say anything else? And Motörhead's version of "Sympathy For the Devil" is perfectly gnarly. Neither Scott nor I knew about this one! When they drop the hammer in the middle, it is a beast! Dammit Lemmy, now I miss you more. Albert King's "Honky Tonk Women" drips with bluesy soul - and check out those guitar licks! Patti Smith's great version of "Gimme Shelter" is yet another pick from her great covers album Twelve.

The Black Crowes live take of "Midnight Rambler" captures the spirit of the original perfectly. Def Leppard's version of "You Can't Always Get What You Want" might be the best surprise in here for some of you. It was recorded in '92, back when they could do beautifully sparkling acoustic songs. They really do it justice, guys... don't judge. Def Lep is awesome! Little Richard's take of "Brown Sugar" is also astonishingly good! I love the bellow in that man's voice. That's rock and roll! To close things out, we have The Flying Burrito Brothers' gorgeous version of "Wild Horses", which surpasses the original in my opinion. Hope you guys dig this. I tried to make a comp for More Hot Rocks as well, but that fell apart quickly.


NOTE: though this track list is laid out like the 2 disc set, it's one 21 track album file.

1. The Tremoloes - Time Is On My Side
2. The Nightcrawlers - Heart Of Stone
3. Yat-Kha - Play With Fire
4. Otis Redding - (I Can't Get No) Satisfaction
5. Marianne Faithfull - As Tears Go By
6. The Eyes - Get Off Of My Cloud
7. Tesla - Mother's Little Helper
8. The Standells - 19th Nervous Breakdown
9. The Flamin' Groovies - Paint It Black
10. The Who - Under My Thumb
11. Julian Lennon - Ruby Tuesday

1. David Bowie - Let's Spend The Night Together
2. The Godz - Jumpin' Jack Flash
3. The Ramones - Street Fighting Man
4. Motörhead - Sympathy For The Devil
5. Albert King - Honky Tonk Women
6. Patti Smith - Gimme Shelter
7. The Black Crowes - Midnight Rambler
8. Def Leppard - You Can't Always Get What You Want
9. Little Richard - Brown Sugar
10. The Flying Burrito Brothers - Wild Horses

Hope you guys like these comps, as well as David's stuff.


Tribute to David Bowie

How am I supposed to tribute David Bowie? Those glam comps I put up the other day were far from
tributary, if anything, they tend to insult the guy, putting him on a comp with the fucking Bay City Roller......hell I was going to put up a ton of rare shit, but I have SO MUCH it would take days and would be so much work (to do it correctly).......so, here's what we'll have......today and either tomorrow or over the weekend, we'll put up a handful of stuff, sorry if you already have some of it, I'm picking pretty much at random.

First up: "Absolutely Rare", it contains some live tracks from the early 70's,  duets with Marianne Faithful  and Lulu, and a handful of demos......pretty haphazard, but this is the kind of thing I have a bunch of......

Next set is simply titled "Outtakes and Rare Singles", great versions of "Width of a Circle", "Rebel Rebel", "Lady Stardust" and more......included because there is a good bit of stuff I havene't seen on the web the last few days.

Forget where I got this one but it's not as good as it sounds like it would be, is prettty rare tough I think..."Bowie-1973 Lost Sessions W/Lou Reed and Mott the Hoople".....we get Bowie fronting Mott for "All the Young Dudes" and some other fun throwaways, Lou Reed joins for vocals on "Sweet Jane", then Reed fronts Mott for a few tracks.....an interesting curiosity.

Next up I just found an EP "1971 Outtakes", which is just what it sounds like, there is a tiny bit of overlap with "outtakes and Rare Singles", but enough unique material to make inclusion worthwhile.

Gonna close this up for today with two discs from the next 'phase", the 1976 PNE Vancouver Live Rehearsal tapes, fairly rare, I think, as well, which features some good post-Ziggy material.

I know I haven't quite waxed poetic on these albums, but what can you say? Enjoy them, I have a bunch more for the next couple days. RIP David Bowie, gone but DEFINITELY NEVER forgotten.

ABSOLUTLEY RARE-01 My Death/02 Sorrow/03 Time/04 Everything's Alright/05 Space
Oddity/06 I Can't Explain/07 The jean Genie/08 1984/Dodo /09 I Got You Babe/10 Rebel Rebel/11 Dodo/12 Can You hear Me?/13 Right/14 Somebody Up There Likes Me/15 Golden Years

OUTTAKES AND RARE SINGLES-01 Holy Holy/02 Rebel Rebel/03 Take My Tip/04 Sweet Thing Reprise/05 Lady Stardust/06 Little Toy Soldier/07 Space Oddity/08 The Supermen/09 Right On Mother/10 Rupert the Riley/11 Looking for a Friend/12 Shadowman/13 Lightning Frightning/14 Cygnet Committee/15 Unwashed and Somewhat Unslightly Dazed/16 The Wild Eyed Boy From Free Cloud/17 Width of a Circle/18 Fill Your Heart

LOST SESSIONS W/ MOTT/LOU REED-01 All the Young Dudes/02 It's Alright/03 Henry the H-Bomb/04 Sweet Jane/05 Shakin All Over/06 Please Don't Touch/07 So Sad

1971 OUTTAKES-01 Tired of My life/02 Shadowman/03 How Lucky you Are/04 I've Got Lightnig/05 Looking for a Friend/06 Rupert the Riley/07 Rupert the Riley (with effects)

LIVE REHEARSALS VANCOUVER 2/2/76 DISC 1-01 Station to Station/02 Suffergette City/03 Waiting For My Man/04 Word on a Wing/05 Stay/06 TVC 15

LIVE REHEARSALS VANCOUVER 2/2/76 DISC 2-01 01 Sister Midnight/02 Life on Mars/03 Five Years/04 Panic In Detroit/05 Fame/06 Changes/07 The Jean Genie/08 Queen Bitch/09 Rebel Rebel

Tribute to David Bowie, Part 2

Tonight the second part of my multi-part Bowie tribute, not sure how long it will go......I just have
TOO MUCH good stuff to not put it up right now.....for tonight we have a four discs set of BBC Sessions, "The Rise and Rise of Ziggy Stardust".......no need to go on and on about the tracks here, if you refer to the track list below, the dates and locations of the performance are given.....

Enjoy, this is an essential Bowie rarity set.

DISC 1-(Tracks 01-05 from "Top Gear" 12/18/67) 01 Love You Til Tuesday/02 When I Live My Dream/03 Litttle Bombadier/04 Silly Boy Blue/05 In the Heat of the Morning/ (Track 06 from "Top Gear 5/13/68) 06 When I'm Five/ (Tracks 07-19 from "The Sunday Show 2/5/70 07 Amsterdam/08 God Knows I'm Good/09 Buzz the Fuzz/10 Karma Man/11 London Bye Ta-Ta/12 An Occasional Dream/13 The Width of a Circle/14 Janine/15 The Wide Eyed Boy From Freecloud/16 Unwashed and Somewhat Slightly Dazed/17 Fill Your Heart/18 The Prettiest Star/19 Cygnet Committee

DISC 2-(Tracks 01-03 from The Dave Lee Travis Show 10/20/69) 01 Unwashed and Somewhat Slightly Dazed/02 Let Me Sleep Beside You/03 Janine/ (Tracks 04-07 from "Sound of the 70's", 3/25/70) 04 Waiting For the Man/05 The Width of a Circle/06 The Wild Eyed Boy From Freecloud/07 The Supermen/ (Tracks 08-16 from John Peel's Sunday Concert, 7/5/71) 08 Queen Bitch/09 Bombers/10 The Supermen/11 Looking For a Friend/12 Almost Grown (Geoffrey Alexander vocal)/13 Kooks/14 Song For Bob Dylan (George Underwood Vocal)/15 Andy Warhol (Dana Gillespie Vocal)/16 It Ain't Easy

DISC 3-(Tracks 01-06 from The Bob Harris Show 9/21/71) 01 The Supermen/02 Oh! You Pretty
Things/Eight Line Poem/03 Kooks/04 Fill Your Heart/05 Amsterdam/06 Andy Warhol/ (Tracks 07-11 from "Sounds of the 70's" 5/18/72) 07 Hang Onto Yourself/08 Ziggy Stardust/09 Waiting For the man/10 Queen Bitch/11 Five Years (Tracks 12-15 from Sounds of the 70's 1/11/72) 12 Ziggy Stardust/13 Queen Bitch/14 Waiting For the Man/15 Lady Stardust

DISC 4-(Tracks 01-05 From "Top Gear" 5/16/72-01 White Light White Heat/02 Moonage Daydream/03 Hang Onto Yourself/04 Suffergette City/05 Ziggy Stardust (Tracks 06-09 From the Johnny Walker Show 5/22/72) 06 Starman/07 Space Oddity/08 Changes/09 Oh! You Pretty Things/(Track 10-13 from "Sounds of the 70's 5/23/72) 10 Andy Warhol/11 Lady Stardust/12 White Light White Heat/13 Rock n Roll Suicide/(Tracks 14-16 bookended by DJ talking to Rick Wakeman 9/21/72) 14 John, I'm Only Dancing/15 Lady Stardust/16 Star

More to come over the weekend, hope you enjoy them.

Bowie VH-1 Storytellers

Brian suggested this post for today as well, I thought I had a copy of this but wound up borrowing
one off of the Bay.......here's Brian's quick review of this one!

Years ago, I was lucky to come across this on TV. I'd been off current Bowie for a bit, but was drawn in by how engaging he is in this context. Believe me guys, this is worth it just for the between song banter! At one point, when he says "Oh, the stories I could tell you..." You know that he could. Talking about Marc Bolan or The Small Faces or Iggy...it's great to hear. The should've done at least two of these!
But it isn't just the stories; the performances are great. "Rebel Rebel" is a story that turns into the audience running through the chorus. "Life On Mars?" is as beautiful as always. He wails "Drive In Saturday" just like he used to. "China Girl" is an interesting arrangement: it rocks like Iggy's version, then has an outro just like Bowie's Let's Dance version. Also has two good versions of songs off his then-current Hours... album. Definitely add this to the pile of Bowie you already have. Good latter-day stuff.
VH-1 STORYTELLERS-01 Life On Mars/02 Rebel Rebel/03 Thursday's Child/04 Can't Help Thinking About Me/05 China Girl/06 Seven/07 Drive in Saturday/08 Word on a Wing

Tribute to David Bowie, Part 3, and , Sadly, Out......

I think this is going to have to do it for the Bowie tribute......I was checking, I probably have 50 or so
live shows, and I hate to get into redundancy.......besides there ARE other projects I wish to get to. I'm going to make this a good one, I hope, I good combination of good listening/rarities, I wish I could put up ALL my live/rare Bowie stuff, REALLY I DO, but it's just not in the cards right now......I've put up a good, (I hope) representative bit so far, and I hope this next batch helps you find something you've not heard before, and IF there is a specific concert for which you search LET ME KNOW and I will post it if I have it (I am NOT going to list all of them).......

By the way, Dale Griffin of Mott the Hoople passed away......Mott was one of probably my ten favorite bands, ever, and to lost the great Buffin (a fine, Ringo Starr-styled drummer) sucks, I think I have posted all my Mott stuff a couple times so I don't think I'll do a tribute there, but PLEASE RIP Buffin, the drummer from one of my favorite bands ever to take the stage.

So, in wrapping up this Bowie thing I had to whitle the stack down to a few, a LOT fewer than I had awnated (I mean, WHAT to leave out? none of it is "bad", ALL of it is at very minimum "interesting").....I begin tonight with "Early On", and when they say EARLY on, that's the case......here's a batch of tracks from 1964-67, WAY before most any human being had heard of Mr. Bowie (Jones, at that time at least for part of it)......again, you will enjoy this, it's not "great", by any meanas, but it is great to hear the seeds of the brilliance that would come to bloom in the next decade. For a Bowie "completist", this is a must.

Next I have an album called "Live Ziggy Stardust", it is NOT the motion picture soundtrack I'm not
really sure what it is, actually, I include it because I can't seem to find another copy of it, giing me the feeling that it MIGHT be "rare"? if it's not, forgive me, but, great "Ziggy" era live tracks and a "John I'm Only Dancing"/"Waiting For My Man" encore. A good album, wish I could identify it a bit more accurately.

Well, a little "research" (luck) tells me that the above is Disc Two of a 2 disc set, the other half being "The Alternate Ziggy Stardust", still can't find much info about who put it together, or ehn, or why, or etc, but it's great listening......."Velvet Goldmne" and "Round and Round" don't turn up all that often. Both discs are here, if afnyone has any information about them, spew it........they seem to be FAIRLY hard to find, and are quite good.

Next up, "Somebody Up There Likes Me", which I gather to be a fan-club type release from about 1984, there are a BUNCH of this type of thing around, as you know Bowie's following was/is huge and rabid. Not the rarest bunch of songs in the universe, but "Footstompin" and "Sorrow" don't turn up all that often. Please bear with me, I'm selecting pretty much at random with the stuff I have left, just pretty much grabbing stuff by the handful.

Well. let me see......I have something called "Resurrection on 84th Street", I post this to deiate a bit from the glut of Ziggy-era stuff, this gives us some fine stuff from "Aladdin Sanae", ("Panic In Detroit", a great and terrifying song, rarely turns up on these sets, and is here in an interesting, lengthened version also a good bit of stuff from "Station to Station", notably a lengthy version of the title track. This is recorded live at the Nassau Colosseium, and exists in a few different (slightly varied) versions with a couple different titles.

Oh, how I wish I had infinite time and space and etc to do up ALL these live shows.....as you all know Bowie was an unmatched live performer, SOMETIMES it didn't transform all the way when transferred to record, but those of us fortunate enough to see him live know what I'm saying......

At random, I wanted to go with at least one "Ziggy" era live show, I selected a London show from Bowie's "farewell" tour (remember that?), I select it for it's inclusion of "All the Young Dudes" (RIP Buffin, once again), and some guest guitar from Jeff Beck on a rocking "Jean Genie"

Something a little different that I found cruising the web the other day, have never heard this one,
"Gotta Get It Right" it's a kind of muddled rehearsal tape for Marc Bolan's TV show, "Marc", from 1977......a very unique recording, It gave me a chill the first time I listened.....NOT going into heavy rotation for anyone, that I can imagine, but I also can't imagine someone with an interest in Bowie and the entire early 1970's glitter/glam scene not taking interest in this.

I have to stop somewhere, and here is where it will be. The last time I saw Bowie was in 1995, when he teamed with Nine Inch Nails for an incredible tour, the show I saw In Columbus Ohio was staggering, wish I had a copy of it, but instead here is one from St Louis, 10/1/95.......simply stated, this was a historic undertaking and you REALLY need to hear this, I need to go into ZERO detail..And, while DIME-surfing I found another show from the same tour, FLAC file, sorry,(EVERYTHING on DIME is FLAC) but from 9/14 /95 In Hartford Connecticut. Similar setlist, but since I don't have to reup another CD, I'll give ya this one as well.....an audience recording with some unfortunate cuts, notably the opener "Terrible Lie" starts part way in. Can't have it all, can we?

OK.....I have (lots) more, but I am moving on.......There is no limit to the tribute I could pay to David Bowie, much like I felt about Kurt Cobain, if you recall I thought about on the anniversary of Cobain's death posting ALL of the Nirvana shows I have.......but since I have about 200, wheredo you draw the line?  I am trying to avoid redundancy, keep things fresh, etc, but I want to tribute the greats, and have no doubts, Bowie was IMO one of the TRUE great artists of our time, or any other time.

Farewell David Bowie. I hope this tribute is satisfactory.......btw John Baker, when you see this, YEP, interested in whatever rare stuff you (or anyone else) has.......this triute can go on forever if there is a steaady flow of good, rare stuff out there that we'd all love to hear.

EARLY ON 1964-66-01 Liza Jane/02 Louie, Go Home/03 I Pity the Fool/04 Take My Tip/05 That's Where My heart Is/06 I Want My baby back/07 Bars of the County Jail/08 You've Got a Habit of Leaving/09 Baby Loves That Way/10 I'll Follow You/11 Glad I've Got Nobody/12 Can't Halp Thinking About Me/13 And I Say To Myself/14 Do Anything You Say/15 Good Morning Girl/16 I Dig Everything/17 I'm Not Losing Sleep

LIVE ZIGGY-01 Five Years/02 Soul Love/03 Star/04 Moonagae Daydream/05 Life on Mars/06 hang Onto Yourself/07 Rebel Rebel/08 The Supermen/09 Ziggy Stardust/10 Suffragette City/11 Rock n Roll Suicide/12 John, I'm Only Dancing/13 Waiting For the Man

ALTERNATE ZIGGY-01 Five Years/02 The Supermen/03 Moonage Daydream/04 Starman/05 It
Ain't Easy/06 Lady Stardust/07 Sweet Head/08 Hang Onto Yourself/09 Ziggy Stardust/10 Suffragette City/11 Rock N Roll Suicide/12 John I'm Only Dancing/13 Holy Holy/14 Velvet Goldmine/15 Round and Round/16 White Light White Heat/17 Waiting For the Man

SOMEBODY UP THERE LIKES ME-01 Rebel Rebel/02 John, I'm Only Dancing/03 Sorrow/04 Changes/05 Moonage Daydream/06 Youn Americans/07 Can You Hear /08 Rock N Roll Suicide/09 Somebody Up There Likes Me/10 Footstompin

RESSURECTION ON 84th STREET-01 Station to Station/02 Suffragette City/03 Fame/04 Stay/05 Panic In Detroit/06 Changs/07 TVC15/08 Diamond Dogs/09 Word on a Wing/10 Rebel Rebel/11 Jean Genie

LONDON 7/3/73 ZIGGY FAREWELL TOUR-01 Intro/Hang Onto Yourself/02 The Wild Eyed Boy From Freecloud/03 All the Young Dudes/04 Oh! You Pretty Things/05 Moonage Daydream/06 Changes/07 Space Oddity/08 Suffragette City/10 Jean Genie (Jeff Beck guitar)/11 Love Me Do/12 Rock N Roll Suicide

GOTTA GET IT RIGHT-REHEARSALS FOR "MARC" SHOW 1977-01 Sitting Next to You/02 Sitting Next to You/03 Intro Hehearsal/04. Intro Hehearsal//05. Intro Hehearsal/06. Sitting Next To You/07. Intro Hehearsal/08. Madman/09. Madman/10. Madman/11. Unknown Title/12. Unknown Title/13. Unknown Title/14. Walking Through That Door (Rumoured to be Bolan,Bowie and Gloria Jones from 1975)

March of the Pigs/03 The Becoming/04 Sanctified/05 Piggy/06 Burn/07 Closer/08 Wish/09 Gave Up/10 Down In It/A Warm Place/Subteraneans/11 Scary Monsters (& Super Creeps)/12 Reptile/Hello Spaceboy

NINE INCH NAILS/DAVID BOWIE-LIVE HATE ST LOUIS 10/1/95 DISC 2-01 Hurt/02 Look Back In Anger/03 I'm Deranged/04 The Heart's Filthy Lesson/05 The Voyeur of Utter Destruction/06 I Have Not Been to Oxford Town/07 Outside/08 Andy Warhol/09 Breaking Glass/10 The man Who Sold the World/11 We Prick You/12 Joe the Lion/13 A Small Plot of Land/14 Night Flights/15 Under Pressure

/2 March Of The Pigs/3 The Becoming /4 Sanctified/5 Piggy (Nothing Can Stop Me Now)  /6 Burn
/7 Closer To God /8 Wish/9 Gave Up/10 Down In It/11 Eraser (instrumental)  /12 Subterraneans/13 Scary Monsters/14 Reptile /15 Hallo Spaceboy /16 Hurt

01 The Voyeur of Utter Destruction (As Beauty) )/02 The Heart's Filthy Lesson  /03 Breaking Glass
/04 I'm Deranged  /05 A Small Plot of Land /06 Joe the Lion /07 I Have Not Been to Oxford Town  /08 Outside /09 We Prick You  /10 Jump They Say/11 Andy Warhol/12 The Man Who Sold the World/13 Teenage Wildlife/14 My Death/15 Nite Flights

Since the next to last track here is "My Death", what more is there to be said. Fans of Bowie, I hope I have done a good job with this, is you have stuff to add PLEASE share it with the rest of his fans.....if you are looking for a specific concert (especially from the Ziggy era) let me know, if I have it, I'll put it up for you......I have a few projects I've tabled due to Bowie's passing, but of course it's the right thing to do. Please comment, please share, please contribute.

One final time: Rest in peace, to one of THE all-time greats. Please give me a minute or two to get the links upped, thanks for some patience!

The "Other" Beatles, Part 1

So, what's the best share blog out there right NOW? Well, sure as fuck it isn't THIS one, but if there jose kortozirkuito, who is a wonderful guy, and his tremendous blog, http://tommentonenlacuadra.blogspot.com.es/........go there. share. contribute. enjoy. His blog is  phenominal....he and his team post tons of great stuff, and this project, which he postd this past summer, is not only off the charts, BUT it fits in nicely with some of the cover projects we've tried to post here over the past year or so. BTW, Jose gave his blessing (I asked) for me to repost this incredible project here for you hosers.
was an official vote, my pick would likely go to

OK, the project in question here is "The Other Beatles"......a simple title, yet so much more than that....each and every Beatles album, and a few comps as we will see, done up "cover" style, the way I LLLLLOOOOOVVVVVEEEEE  when Brian or Jonder sends me a cover version of a classic rock album (Yeah, I KNOW I should do a few myself, I'll get to it soon)......

The Beatles have, IMO, become somewhat UNDERappreciated in recent times. Some people tend to underestimkate thier incredible influence, which can be summarized easilly.....they were only a band for about 5-6 years......and yet look at the incredible amount of unarguably CLASSIC albums they released....compare them say, to someone (picked randomly) like, say, Rush.......been around since I was in Junior High School, 35-40 years, any "classic' material? well,  for my cash, MAYBE "2112", which is a total of ONE, compared to the Beatles short-term/long range classic catalouge.

OK, I don't wish to argue the Beatles' greatness, not the idea at this time.....Jose led off his project with "Please Please Me", as I will as well....what can I say? It was a great album, and the Beatles, for whatever reason, tend to be among the most "coverable" (whatever that means) of all artists....tracks I personally find of interest are The Rajahs "I Saw Her Standing There", the title track by The Score, and a couple of tracks from the Shirelles, whom I loved as a small lad and see no reason not to continue to love today.

Next up came "With the Beatles", an unquestionably great album, the highlight here is (for me at
least) Peggy Lee's smoking "Till There Was You" (always LOVED Peggy Lee), we also get the fairly common "Money" by Barrett Strong, but, hey, we are also talking versions by the Stones, Chuck Berry, Richard Thompson, The Pretenders, and Wreckless Eric, just to name a few, and if THAT lineup isn't enough to entice you, perhaps you have wandered onto this site by accident?

Gonna wrap this one up (and trust me, there is more to come and it is ALL FUCKING GREAT) for tonight with "A Hard Day's Night", worth it alone for Ella Fitzgerlad's "Can't Buy Me Love", and as a true "bonus' we get Bob Dylan and Joe Cocker, not to mention April Wine who slam "Tell Me Why"into the ground

OK, I'm not huge on borrowing from other sites, but Jose is a great friend, has an incredible blog, and THIS project is similar to some of the things we have tried to post here.......if posting this motivates MY lazy ass to actually do the work required to create some of the "cover/comp" albums I've had in the wheelhouse, that'd be great (I've been saying I'm going to do Love's "Forever Changes" forever, and my 18 year old son has been working on the Pixie's "Surfer Rosa" for nearly as long).....I LLLOOOOVVVEEEE these projects, they REALLY (to me) show what a fan REALLY thinks of a band that they love, what possible better tribute could we pay the bands that have shaped our lives?

LOTS more Beatles cover albums to come in the next few days, hope you guys like these, please comment and by all means, let these inspire you to create a cover version of your OWN favorite album(s)......I love these projects, REALLY i do, and I TRULY hope that some of you out there attempt to create something along these lines....I love them, and, judging by the numbers, so do the readership.........love all you guys, really, hope these are fun for you!

THE "OTHER" PLEASE PLEASE ME-01 THE RAJAHS-I Saw Her Standing There/02 KENNY LYNCH-Misery/03 ARTHUR ALEXANDER-Anna (Go To Him)/04 THE COOKIES-Chains/05 THE SHIRELLES-Boys/06 THE SMITHEREENS-Ask Me Why/07 THE SCORE-Please Please Me/08 THE HAIRCUTS-Love Me Do/09 THE RATTLES-PS I Love You/10 THE SHIRELLES-Baby It's You/11 BILLY JOE KRAMER & THE DAKOTAS-Do You Want to Know a Secret/12  BILLY DEE WILLIAMS-A Taste of Honey/13 THE KRESTELS-There's a place/14 THE TOP NOTES-Twist and Shout

THE "OTHER" WITH THE BEATLES-01 RICHARD THOMPSON-It Won't be Long/02 THE SMITHEREENS-All I've Got to Do/03 THE GUESS WHO-All My Loving/04 KAMI THOMPSON-Don't Bother Me/05 WRECKLESS ERIC-Little Child/06 PEGGY LEE-Till There Was You/07 THE MARVELETTES-Please Mister Postman/08 CHUCK BERRY-Roll Over Beethoven/09 THE TREASURES-Hold Me Tight/10 THE MIRACLES-You Really Got a Hold On Me/11 THE ROLLING STONES-I Wanna Be Your Man/12 THE DONAYS-Devil In His Heart/13 THE PRETENDERS-Not a Second Time/14 BARRETT STRONG-Money

RABEATS-I Should Have Known Better/03 THE SMITHEREENS-If I Fell/04 RANDY BACHMAN & BURTON CUMMINGS-I'm Happy just To Dance With You/05 ASFALTO-And I Love Her/06 APRIL WINE-Tell Me Why/07 ELLA FITZERALD-Can't Buy Me Love/08 MELANIE-Any Time At All/09 JOE COCKER-I'll Cry Instead/10 BOB DYLAN-Things We Said Today/11 THE CHRIS COBB BAND-When I Get Home/12 IAN GOM-You Can't Do That/13 HERB ALPERT & THE TIJUANA BRASS-I'll Be Back

I am gonna try to get you guys this entire series posted this week, we'll see, I have a college visit with my son this weekend, and after all, it IS NFL playoff time......but I had a lot of this stuff planned out before Bowie passed, and I HAD to do SOMETHING (as insignificant as it was/is) to commemerate his legacy........but I will try to work double time to get these BRILLIANT beatls covers projects up the end of the week, there are a BUNCH of them to come.....if you try them, and like them (You WILL like them) make certain and drop a note of thanks to the great
jose kortozirkuito, possibly the world's current #1 blogger (last I checked, I personally was # 344567789, but moving UP!)

Couldn't let Buffin pass away without SOMETHING

I know I'm in the midst of Jose's Beatles masterpiece, and I know I've posted a TON of Mott shit over
the years, however, while "lookin around", I found a Mott boot that I did not previously have, and out of respect for Dale Griffin (Mott's drummer who passed this week), I cannot think of a better time to post this, it's a new one to me, perhaps it is for you as well......the Beatles stuff will resume Thursday,  I've been putting in some serious time on this stuff, but IT IS WORTH IT, you music lovers deserve it......Mott the Hoople was one of my probably 10 or so favorite bands of them all, and when thier drummer passes AND I find a boot I haven't previously heard OR posted, I sort of feel an obligation.....this is from 1970, Fairfield Halls.....I have NOT listened to this one yet, some of thier good, pre-"Dudes" stuff here, and, at least according to the track list, two versions of "Thunderbuck Ram", one of their greatest numbers, not sure if that's a misprint or it's really here twice, also could be a paste together of musltiple shows.

Anyway, I didn't have this one......check it out, any member of Mott the Hoople deserves SOMETHING of a rememberance......

"Cross over shade, like the wise dove,
Who cares not for fame, just for shy love,
Rejoice cause the king ain't lost his throne....

He's still here, you are not alone

You are not alone"

-Mott the Hoople "Hymn For the Dudes"

01 Ohio/02 No Wheels to Ride/03 Rock N Roll Queen/04 Thunderbuck Ram/05 When My Minds's Gone/06 Keep A Knockin/07 You Really Got Me/08 Long Red/09 The Original Mixed Up Kid/10 Walking With a Mountain/11 Laugh at Me/12 Thunderbuck Ram

A small dab of research reveals taht indeed, tracks 9-12 are indeed from another show, 1971, Sweden.

The "Other Beatles" Part 2

Picking back up on Jose Kortozirkuito's  (and the rest of his blog all-star team, pleae check http://tommentonenlacuadra.blogspot.com.es/ for other greatness....) we delve back into Part two of "The Other Beatles" cover project with cover version renderings of "Help!", "Rubber Soul", and "Beatles For Sale".......excellent work Jose and friends, and I thank you again for generouslly allowing my re-use of them (numbers for the first part were great!) Oh, please understand some of these are in Spanish, as you know I just LOVE foreign language rock, if you don't, well, sorry....

Couple highlights, let's start with "Beatles For Sale".....Marianne Faithfull doing "I'm a Loser" could be written to order, and David Ball's "I'll Follow the Sun" is interesting enough.....the original "For Sale" had a lot of covers on it anyway, but the album is still faithfully reconstructed, including Wanda Jackson with "Honey Don't" (A Carl Perkins tune that the Beatles covered on "For Sale"), and the Beach Boys take on "Rock N Roll Music" (Chuck Berry)....solid effort.

Next up is "Help!", glad to see the somewhat forgotten Teenage Fanclub turn up with "Tell Me What You See", I love the Dillards "I've Just Seen a Face", "Ticket To Ride" by Los Dracs is a interesting interperetation, and another good "cover of a cover", King Size Taylor and the Dominoes with "Dizzy Miss Lizzy".

We get a really mixed up grab bag on "Rubber Soul"...."Michelle" gets an interesting treatment from Ben Harper and the Innocent Criminals. The Yonder Mountain String Band has a fine "Think For Yourself". Yellow Matter Custard, a triubte band I assume, deliver a surprising "Nowhere Man".....hell even Nancy Sinatra turns up with "Run For Your Life" (quite good).....

I don't want to talk TOO much about this, this is Jose & friend's project, if you enjoy it, visit his blog and TELL HIM how much, he is a great guy and enjoys hearing compliments about his work. Once there, also, you will find TONS of great stuff.....so great you may never come back here (please no, you can fit us BOTH in!)

FAITHFULL-I'm a Loser/03 LOS MUSTANG-Ninos de Negro/04 THE BEACH BOYS-Rock n Roll Music/05 DAVID BALL-I'll Follow the Sun/06 THE MERSEYBEATS-Mister Moonlight/07 BRENDA LEE AND LITTLE RICHARD-Kansas City/Hey Hey Hey Hey/08 THE BEAT MIXERS-Eight Days a Week/09 JEFF LYNNE-Words of Love/10 WANDA JACKSON-Honey Don't/11 LOU ANN BARTON-Every Little Thing/12 MEEK-I Don't Want to Spoil the Party/13 THE FANTASTIC DEE-JAYS-What You're Doing/14 CARL PERKINS-Everybody's Trying to Be My Baby

THE OTHER HELP!-01 LOS JAVALOYAS-Socorro/02 LOS TELSTARS-The Night Before/03 THE ODD PERSONS-You've Got to Hide Your Love Away/04 LOS MUSTANG-I Need You/05 GEORGE MARTIN & HIS ORCHESTRA-Another Girl/06 LOS DARTS-Tu la vas a Perder/07 LOS DRACS-Ticket to Ride/08 SERGIO Y ESTIBALIZ-Act Naturally/09 LOS SHIPPYS-It's Only Love/10 THE CHALLENGERS-You like Me Too Much/11 TEENAGE FANCLUB-Tell me What You See/12 THE DILLARDS-I've just Seen a Face/13 LOS HH-Ayer/14 KING SIZE TAYLOR AND THE DOMINOES-Dizzy Miss Lizzy


Something WAY different from Brian

(Scott)...I'll take a few minutes break in the Beatles project in order to give my full attention to
Brian's latest creation.....he just sent it a few minutes ago, can't say I am familiar with ANY of this stuff, but my mantra is ANYTHING GOES here, you submit and I'll post (within reason, of course, I had a guy email me yeterday and ask for Def Leppard! Reminds of a classic joke, "What has nine arms and sucks big time?"......"Def Leppard!", funny huh?)  Anyway the eccentric type of stuff that others send here is the life blood of what we do, and THIS, no doubt is eccentric. Gotta a bit of a road trip this weekend, so, my family just may get a heavy dose of this stuff. Take it away Brian........
NOTICE: I've been dealt a crippling blow lately. My favorite MP3 site - Song365 - has become a popup-ridden pit. I can't access it through my phone's browser anymore. Has anybody else tried it and had problems lately? It literally changed overnight, between Sunday and Monday.

The main point of me telling you this is: Song365 was my go-to place for finding all the mp3s that make up those covers compilations you guys have been enjoying. That place was it. Without that site working, I don't think I can compile anymore. Every other MP3 site is a pain in the ass, and 365 was the only place I found that had a good search function and subdivided things into artists and albums. So, any advice, people? It was the spot where I found a lot of good, strange, and rare music...and that's what I want to highlight in my next few posts: things I found there. And I really want to thank whichever reader just downloaded every one of my uploads since September - some of them needed a bump! So, on to the music....
Lately, I was pondering some of the things I've gotten into this past year. One interesting thing I've found is bands that use ukuleles. I should stress, there's no kitschy albums here. I didn't want to go goofy with this, just showcase some great music. This also ties in well with all the covers stuff flying around the last few months.

This group will look familiar. I put these two albums up here months and months ago...not sure if the files worked for people. These are new, properly tagged files. Either way, more people need to hear the Ukulele Orchestra of Great Britain! Look at this track list...

1. Running Wild |2.Born to Be Wild |3.Miserlou |4.Life On Mars? |5.Anarchy In the UK |6.Hot Tamales |7.Teenage Dirtbag |8.Pinball Wizard |9.In A Monastery Garden |10.Yes Sir, I Can Boogie |11.Satellite Of Love |12.Wuthering Heights |13.Whistling Bach |14.Sex and Drugs and Rock and Roll |15.Melange |16.The Dambuster's March

1.Dr. Jazz |2.Silver Machine |3.The Good, the Bad, & the Ugly |4.Rock Around the Clock |5.America |6.Shaft Theme |7.Slave To the Rhythm |8.Two Pints of Lager |9.Only You |10.On the Beach At Waikiki |11.Je'Taime |12.Rikki Don't Lose That Number |13.Limehouse Blues |14.Thunderball |15.Leaning On A Lampost |16.Fly Me Off the Handel

Talk about an eclectic mix! And it should be said: the novelty factor of it all being played on ukuleles dissipates. You don't even notice after a few songs...it's just well-played, amazing music. I won't dissect the whole thing, but a few of my favorites: the gently strolling cover of "Anarchy In the UK", the perfectly lovely "Teenage Dirtbag" (which is actually a Dawson's Creek tune!), the racing and whooshing version of Hawkwind's "Silver Machine", and the dead-on take of "The Good, the Bad, & the Ugly", as well as "Theme From Shaft". My favorite moment is definitely "Melange", which weaves so many songs amazingly throughout its length I can't write them all here...it might be the single greatest medley anyone's ever done. Really. Both albums are in one file. Enjoy. It's worth it.

Ukulele Club De Paris - Manuia!
Another good find is the Ukulele Club De Paris. I don't know anything about the group, but they sound like their name. Like you're walking down the Rue de Whatever and stumble into a smoky, dimly lit club with candles stuck in wine bottles, and they're playing on stage. I believe this is their only album. There's tracks with kind of an island feel (Hawaiian or Caribbean), sad Edith Piaf-style love songs, salsa, jazz, blues.... Hell, "Honolulu Baby" almost sounds like a great Tom Waits tune. And having a very faithful version of "Teddy Bear's Picnic"? I don't know what to say other than I dig it. A great, diverse group. And I looove that album cover!

No Sugar and The Sun

The Ukulele Clan Band is a great Spanish folk group. They sing in English, and definitely have more of an indie feel. Reminds me of the Violent Femmes. The title track of The Sun even reminds me of The Strokes a bit. It's unfair to compare, though; these guys are just really cool. And that reimagining of "Money For Nothing" is genius. File contains 2 albums. If you like 'em, check their Bandcamp page

Amanda Palmer Performs the Popular Hits Of Radiohead On Her Magical Ukulele
This next one was a recent find. Amanda Palmer is/was the singer in The Dresden Dolls. While her normal solo output is of the band-based, indie kind of thing, this one-off EP is a novelty. It is it's title; she performs Radiohead songs solo singing and playing a ukulele, with occasionally piano or strings backing her. This looks to be kinda rare. And the emotionally naked performances contained herein have to be heard. The "Hungover at Soundcheck" version of "Creep" is amazing, "No Surprises" is heartbreaking...it's all great and a must for Radiohead fans!

And to give this all a kind of context, I've included this comp that came out on Rhino. It shows the history of the Uke in popular music through the years. From native music fads, through oddball songsters through to it's modern use as a colorful solo instrument, this one is a great listen!

Enjoy, guys. Some great music here. And if anybody has good MP3 advice, let me know. (And keep an eye out for the bonus.)


The "Other Beatles" Part 3

Perhaps the Beatles at thier very apex, (perhaps not, it is argueable) this third part of the "Other
Beatles"  covers project covers the fine albums "Sgt. Pepper", "Revolver", and "Magical Mystery Tour".....I commented before so in a minimum of wording, it's amazing how much they changed/grew/evolved in such an amazingly short period of time. Unparalleled, in music history, I think, with the possible exception of the Clash.

Anyway, this is a project constructed by  Jose Kortozirkuito and the rest of the Spanish blogger all star team over at the fine blog   http://tommentonenlacuadra.blogspot.com. They created these this past summer, I grabbed them and enjoyed them, and I think that enough time has passed that anyone who missed them might catach them here, especially with all of the various cover projects posted here by Brian and Jonder in the last few months (yeah, yeah, I'll get one done myself at some point).....anyway, I like these Beatles efforts, if you do please go to Jose's blog and thank him, he really does great work.

As before I'll touch on a few of the more interesting tracks on each effort, BUT the best (imo) way to hear these is straight through, after listening to the original Beatles effort (that's just me), but however you listen to these they are great.....again, there is some Spanish language material here, I LOVE non-English rock, but I know some don't, but regardless, there is great suff here, a fine fine effort.

OK, first off, we have "The Other Revolver", one of my fave Beatles albums, and the great songs on here are given respectable cover versions....I like the Dakotas take on "Eleanor Rigby", which I think would be a difficult tune to cover, Spanky & Our Gang take on "And Your Bird Can Sing", and Loose Ends gives a fine performance of "Taxman"....one complaint, if you can call it that, is the version here of "She Said She Said", which is a good enough version by the Feelies, but the Black Keys version is my all-time favorite of ANY Beatles cover......I know, I'm free to make my own version should I desire.....just LOVE that Black Keys' version of that one.

The definitive Beatles album for a lot of folks is "Sergeant Pepper", which is presented here in an
"Other" version as well.....due to the production/programming of the original, this one was probably hard to assemble, but the team did a good job, I must say......Phish (of all people) nail "A Day in the Life", Patti Smith turns in a wonderful "Within You Without You", and the Black Crowes'"Lucy in the Sky With Diamonds" is MUCH better than I would have imagined.

Finally, we have "The Other Magical Mystery Tour".......very well done, as well, including Cheap Trick's take on the title track, a finhe "Strawberry Fields Forever" from Los Escarabajos, and a FAB "Blue Jay Way" from Lord Sitar, which matches the feel and weirdness of the original.

All of these sets are great.....Jose and friends did a MASTERFUL job, it is my privlege to be able to pass them on to you........again, I offer MEGA-thanks to Jose and the Spanish All-Star Blogging team for these, if I can get them a LITTLE bit more exposure, I'm glad......these rock, and there is more great stuff to come in this series!

THE OTHER REVOLVER-01 LOOSE ENDS-Taxman/02 THE DAKOTAS-Eleanor RIgby/03 THE VINES-I'm Only Sleeping/04 THE BEATERS-Love You Too/05 THE MUSTANG-Here, There, and Everywhere/06 JOHN FOSTER & SONS LTD. BLACK DYKE MILLS BAND-Yellow Submarine/07 THE FEELIES-She Said She Said/08 THE EYES-Good Day Sunshine/09 SPANKY AND OUR GANG-And Your Bird Can Sing/10 CILLA BLACK-For No One/11 THE VANGUARDS-Doctor Robert/12 JIMMY & THE RACKETS-Want To Tell You/13 CLIFF BENNETT & THE REBEL ROUSERS-Got To Get You Into My Life/14 MONSOON-Tomorrow Never Knows

THE OTHER SERGEANT PEPPER-01 BRYAN ADAMS-Sgt. Pepper's Lonely heart's Club Band/0 THE BEACH BOYS-With a Little help From My Friends/03 THE BLACK CROWES-Lucy In the Sky With Diamonds/04 STEVE HILLAGE-Getting Better/05 THE FRAY-Fixing a Hole/06 SYREETA-She's Leaving Home/07 AL DI MEOLA-Being For the Benefit of Mr Kite/08 PATTIS SMITH-Within You Without You/09 LOS SHAKERS-When I'm Sixty Four/10 FATS DOMINO-Lovely Rita/11 THE ZUTONS-Good Morning Good Morning/12 THE CANDLES CHAMBER BAND-Sgt. Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band (Reprise)/13 PHISH-A Day In the Life

HATCH & JACKIE TRENT-The Fool on the Hill/03 BUD SHANK-Flying/04 LORD SITAR-blue Jay Way/06 JOHN OTWAY-I am the Walrus/07 MODULOS-Hello Goodbye/08 LOS ESCARABAJOS-Strawberry Fields Forever/09 BASKERVILLE HOUNDS-Penny Lane/10 CANARIOS-Baby You're a Rich Man/11 ALFREDO DOMENECH-All You Need Is Love

Pretty solid download numbers on this series, I hope everyone is going to Jose's blog and giving him his due thanks and credit......I'm just the middle man in this one......but I'd like to hear some comments on these efforts, here on MY site, just because this is such an ambitious undertaking (a lot like Brian's Dylan project a while back, when something takes someone so much work, and it still comes out great, to me, the result is a pure LABOR OF LOVE..........what could be better, for fans of a particular act? And, in this case, The Beatles?   Come on, talk to me about these, share your thoughts..........see ya tomorrow with Part 4

The "Other" Beatles Part 4

Back again with the #4 installment of this killer project, mind you I am taking NO credit for it, as jose kortozirkuito, proprieter of one of the best blogs currently in existence, http://tommentonenlacuadra.blogspot.com.....go there and check out his fine work, that is one great blog.....if you are english speaking like myself, there is some Spanish language stuff there, but for me personally, that is just another plus.....
these creations were from last summer, by the Spanish Blogger All-Star team, headed by my great friend

Well, at this point as we "cover" the career of the beatls, they were on top of the world, could do no wrong, and were cranking out masterworks every few months.......and Jose and friends do a fine job of capturing the feel of these great discs, these are TRIBUTES, but to the degree that (I'll say it again) they are more LABORS OF LOVE.

We lead off with the incredible 2-disc "White Album", what a great album it was to begin with, I couldn't wait to hear the covers version......so lets see what we got here anyway.....well, I love most everything on this set......the most interesting stuff here is the stuff that (I'd think) would be damn near IMPOSSILE to cover without sounding stupid, Dwight Twilley pulls this off on "The Continuing Saga of Bungalo Bill", Joe Anderson/Salma hayek turn in a FINE "Happiness is a Warm Gun", and the Moments do a respectable take on "Rocky Raccoon"......MAN those, to me, are some HARD songs to cover without sounding stupid.

The second disc of the "Other White Album" is just as great, who could resist Pau Weller taking on "Birthday", Fats Domino's version of "Everybody's Got SOmthing to Hide Except Me and My Monkey" is pretty well known (and GREAT), and, on another "hard one to cover without sounding stupid (many have tried, and done exactly that), Ronnie Peterson & Betzefer take on, respectably well, the infamous "Helter Skelter"

So, we move along to "The Other Yellow Submarine", GOD how I remember seeing the film in the
theater at a very young age......well, never mind......it's a short effort, and hw could anyone resist Echo & the Bunnymen tackling "All You need Is Love"? Or pscyh legends the Gods going at "Hey Bulldog". The Beatles gave the world some incredible material, noone could argue that.

One more on this part, "The Other Abbey Road"....."Abbey Road" may be my favorite, along with "Revolver" and the "White Album"......with a gun at my temple, I'd likely pick "Abbey Road", it was great, catchy, rocking and SOOOOO complex, and, again, a HARD effort to cover.....but it leads off with a SLAMMING "Come Together" from Ike and Tina Turner, be sure and check Paul SImon, Graham Nash, and David Crosby's take on "Here Comes the Sun", and a very fave band of mine, Cornershop, do thier thing to "Mean Mr. Mustard/Polythene Pam".......not terribly crazy about the Phil Collins stuff, but what are you gonna do? Again, this is a masterwork, Labour of love, DONE UP RIGHT.......please check these out, go to Jose's site and compliment/thank him, but also (just out of my own curiosity), please leave comments here.....I think this set is wonderful, varied, and most of all, just a joy to listen to. Thanks Jose and Company!

CLARKS-Dear Prudence/03 JOHN KILZER-Glass Onion/04 ARTHUR CONLEY-Ob-la-Di, Ob-la-da/05 THE SQUIRRELS-Wild Honey Pie/06 DWIGHT TILLEY-The Continuing Story of Bungalow Bill/07 BLACK BIRD BAND-While My Guitar Gently Weeps/08 JOE ANDERSON/SALMA HAYEK-Happiness Is a Warm Gun/09 BERTOLF-Martha My Dear/10 PHIL CAMPBELL-I'm So Tired/11 SOLEIL MOON-Blackbird/12 LUIS EDUARDO AUTE-Piggies/13 THE MOMENTS-Rocky Raccoon/14 FIELD MUSIC-Don't Pass Me By/15 THE LIGHTNING KIDS-Why Don't We Do It In the Road?/16 MATHIEU SAIKALY- I Will/17 CASSIA ELLER-Julia

THE OTHER WHITE ALBUM DISC 2-01 PAUL WELLER-Birthday/02 EUGENE MCGUINNESS-Yer Blues/03 THE KINGS SINGERS-Mother Nature's Son/04 FATS DOMINO-Everybody's Got Something To Hide Except Me and My Monkey/05 DAMILLS-Sexy Sadie/06 RONNIE PETERSON & BETZEFER-Helter Skelter/07 ASTRID AND STANLEY SAMUELSON-Long, Long, Long/08 KENNY NEAL, LUCKY PETERSON, & TAB BENOIT-Revolution 1/09 MEEK-Honey Pie/10 PETE GREENWOOD-Savoy Truffle/11 SAMIAM-Cry Baby Cry/12 KURT HOFFMAN'S BAND OF WEEDS-Revolution 9/13 SARABETH TUCEK-Good Night

GRAVENHURST-Only a Northern Song/03 JOY UNLIMITED-All Together Now/04 THE GODS-Hey Bulldog/05 STEVE HILLAGE-It's All Too Much/06 ECHO AND THE BUNNYMEN-All You need Is Love

THE OTHER ABBEY ROAD-01 IKE AND TINA TURNER-Come Together/02 BOB DYLAN-Something/03 MONA LISA TWINS-Maxwell's Silver Hammer/04 ANDRES CALAMARO-Oh! Darling/05 NICOTINE-Octopus's Garden/06 ERIC GALES-I Want You (She's So Heavy)/07 PAUL SIMON, GRAHAM NASH, & DAVID CROSBY-Here Comes the Sun/08 PEDRO AZNAR-Because/09 GLENN TIBROOK AND NINE BELOW ZERO-You Never Give Me Your Money/10 GOMEZ-Sun King/11 CORNERSHOP-Mean Mr. Mustard/12 CORNERSHOP-Polythene Pam/13 THE YOUNGBLOODS-She Came In Through the bathroom Window/14 PHIL COLLINS-Golden Slumbers/15 PHIL COLLINS-Carry That Weight/16 PHIL COLLINS-The End/17 DOUBLE FANTASY-Her Majesty

Guys these are gifts to the world from Jose and his amigos.....I thought they were so good that I would try to give these extra exposure....check em out, see what you think, and please tell me, but MIORE importantly tell Jose & Co. what a fine job did here....I LOVE THESE COVERS PROJECTS, please please please please, others (Not you guys, Brian and Jonder), create a version of your favorite albums......I know, it's a lot of work (look who is talking, after all), but the end results generally show how much respect that you have for the tributed artist.

Still more to come, hoping and hoping that you guys like these. I know I do!


The "Other Beatles" Part 5

This is the final installment of this great set created by a great friend of mine, Jose Kortozirkuito and his wonderful Spanish All-Star Blogging team, although, I will ADD a bonus of afterwards of a bunch of Beatles covers that I found, not going to be organized into albums, sorry, a "Labor of 'Like'", rather than of love perhaps, but as I've told ya before, please go to jose's blog (http://tommentonenlacuadra.blogspot.com) and compliment him on this great effort (and while you are there, check out the other great stuff he has there....by the way, ONCE AGAIN, I offer up a huge "GRACIAS" to Jose and his great team for compiling these, AND, mostly, for giving me permission to repost these on my site.......it's an honor and a privlege to be permited to do so.

Tonight's cover projects focus on the "Let It Be" album, and as well as the two "Past Masters" sets. The quality that has been evident thooughout the first four sets is carried on here, makin this one hell of a job, I've compared it once before to Brian's Dyaln Epic, it's that kind of monumnetal.

"The Other Let It Be" gives us another memory of David Bowie, with his "Across the Universe". Aretha Franklin turns in as good a version of the title track I've evr heard. Beth Orton's "Dig It" is a fine surprise, and Ike & Tina Turner's "Get Back" is frantic, they used to do it regularly live in thier shows.

"The Other Past Masters Volume 1" of course will have some overlap with some of the other sets, but is is MATERIAL overlap, anyway, NOT artist overlap, in other words, we get SECOND cover versions of some of the Beatles classics. Little Richards' (original) "Long Tall Sally" is a wild classic, The Inmates take on "I'll Get You" isn't too bad, I think the highlight may be the closing "I'm Down" from the Wailers......as always, feel free to comment on these youself, let me know what you like/dislike, like the Dylan set, I have hardly found a track I would call "uninteresting", be they good or bad.

The last entry in Jose's effort (remember, I'm gonna  add a sort of "supplement" to this afterwards.), is "Past Masters Volume 2"...Well, I always liked Richie Havens version of "Lady Madonna", and Wilson Pickett had a large hit with his version of "Hey Jude". Al Green who could scorch ANY song he covered, owns "Get Back"....also, oddball entries from Whitesnake (!) and Scorpions (!!)......

Been a great set, had fun reposting it and maybe giving it  a bit more exposure....thanks again to Jose and his great team!

THE OTHER LET IT BE-01 R. DEAN TAYLOR-Two of Us/02 ST VINCENT-Dig a Pony/03 DAVID BOWIE-Across the Universe/04 MARC FORD-I, Me, Mine/05 BETH ORTON-Dig It/06 ARETHA FRANKLIN-Let It Be/07 CW STONEKING-Maggie Mae/08 5TH DIMENSION-I've Got a Feeling/09 WILLIE NELSON-One After 909/10 RAY CHARLES-The Long And Winding Road/11 MONTI BETON-For You Blue/12 IKE & TINA TURNER-Get back 


THE OTHER PAST MASTERS VOLUME 2-01 WHITESNAKE-Day Tripper/02 COLDPLAY-We Can Work It Out/03 THE BEATS-Paperback Writer/04 BABELAIN-Rain/05 RICHIE HAVENS-Lady Madonna/06 THE SOULFUL STRINGS-The Inner Light/07 WILSON PICKETT-Hey Jude/08 Jim Sturgess & Joe Anderson-Revolution /09 Al Green-Get back/10 PAOLO NUTINI-Don't Let Me Down/11 THE CALIFORNIA POPPY PICKERS-The Ballad of John and Yoko/12 GARY BROOKER-Old Brown Shoe/ 13 SCORPIONS-Across the Universe/14 LOS BERZAS-Letra B (Let it Be)/15 YELLOW MATTER CUSTARD-You Know My Name (Look Up the Number)

Well, I have to say, this is a grat set compile by Jose and friends......as a Beatles fan, as well as a fan of skillfuly crafted, homemade-cover projects, these I think are fantastic....I hope that someday I getthe CHANCE to do similar projects on some of my fave albums (ONE of which you know is "Forever Changes", the others we'll keep secret for now until we see if I can construct a covers project out of them.

The "Other Beatles", BigScott's personal "supplement"

Somewhat mis-titled, as BigScott62 had zip to do with creating this Torent, found it on the Bay while posting Jose's amazing series......Just felt this would be a good time to post it, after Jose's classic project, here is a decent big Torrent I found a couple days ago, a BUNCH of random Beatles covers/rarities......I willm be honest, I am postingthis BEFORE hearing it, havent got the chance yet.....just thought it would "fit" while I was reposting Jose's project. Sorrys, if some of the tracks are mislabeled or unidentified, I wanted to get this up and wrap up the Beatles thing......

OK, first of all, this is, unlike Jose's stuff NOT structured in any conceptual manner, merely a hodgepodge I found on the Bay rececntly........a BIG bunch of Beatles covers, some of with which I am familiar, some not as much.......this entire thing is all about THE BEATLES, I remember (seriously) listening to (and loving) thier stuff AT THE AGE OF 2, with help from my Dad who cranked thier stuff 24/7  (Funny sidebar: You would simpl NOT BELIEVE how much my ears and brain HATED Bob Dylan at this same time (as a small child).....when I was little, not only would my Dad fill the days with Beatles/Stones/Doors and the like, I also got a BUCNH of Dylan....I thought hos voice was vomit-inducing......HEY I GUESS you just need to forgive me, I was maybe 2-4 years old.

OK, this Torrent.....like I said, haven't heard it, but I tCome together hink it REALLY fits with the earlier "Other" Beatles project......Big Beatles fans may or may not find a track or three on this that they don't already have.......

Switching gears after this one not sure to where, yet, though.

Jude/03 STEREOPHONICS-Don't let Me Down/04 LULU-Day Tripper/05 U2-Help/06 BOYZ-Get Back/07 ALLISON MOORER-Here Comes the Sun/08 BEATLES-It's Now or Never/09 BEATLES-Hey Jude (Alt Version?)/10 BEATLES W/TINY TIM-Nowhere Man/11 JOE COCKER-Something/12 FAIRGROUND ATTRACTION-Do You Want to Know/13 BEE GEES-A Day in the Life/14 BOYS II MEN-Yesterday/15 BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN & JON BON JOVI-Come Together (Live)/16 CROSBY, STILLS. NASH, AND YOUNG-Blackbird/17 DEEP PURPLE-Help/18 ELVIS PRESLEY-Something In the Way She Moves/19 FLYING PICKETS-Here There amd Everywhere/20 GEORGE HARRISON W/ERIC CLPATON-Here Comes the Sun/21 GEORGE MICHAEL-The Long and Winding Road/22 HERBIE HANCOCK-Norwegian Wood/23 PAUL WESTERBERG-Nowhere man/24 JON VON JOVI-Here Comes the Sun/25 KRIS KRISTOFFERSON-Paperback Writer/26 MARRILION-Let It Be/27 MEETS-She's Leaving Home/28 SERGIO MENDES AND BRAZIL 66-Day Tripper/    29 NANA MOUSKORI-Let it Be/30-NATALIE MERCHANT-Nowhere Man/31 NINA SIMONE-Here Comes the Sun/32 NO DOUBT-Ob La Di, Ob La Da/33 OASIS-You've Got to Hide Your Love Away/34 RADIOHEAD-Something/35 SERGIO MENDES-Here Comes the Sun/36  SERGIO MENDES AND BRAZIL '^^-Fool On the Hill 37 SHAM 69th a Little Help From My Friends/38SHIRLEY BASSEY-Fool on the Hill/39 STINGDay In the Life/40THE CORRS-Long and Winding Road.41 DOORS- Beatles Cover/42 THE WALLFLOWERS-I'm Lookin'/43 THOMPSON TWINS FEATURING MADONNA-Revolution/44 TORI AMOS-Shes Leaving Home/45 TRAVIS-Here Comes the Sun/46 XTC-I Am the Walrus

OK, I just tacked this onto the end of Jose's great Beatles project, as I said, without even listening to this one, I very rarealy do that, but I wanted to run the gamut of this particular theme for now.....if  this thing sucks (before I get to listen Wedensday), let me know and I will get rid of it....I .am not about to post anything that would detract from Jose's project, but if the stuff listed above is legit, at least about half of it sounds MEGA-interesting!

Brian Presents Some Far Out World Music

(Scott)-as often, Brian's submission is so different from the norm that I have little knowledge of
it.....I'm sure it's fab, as was last week's uke post......LOTSA people checked that one out, and if you are a fan of the different stuff that Brian sends us at times, this should be for you....I've only heard a bit of it, but what I've heard is certainly of interest.

Now things get a bit strange. I wanna start doing world music posts on and off, and the first stop will be exploring one of my favorite genres: Mongolian throat singing. I really want to sell you guys on this stuff, cuz you've never heard anything like this!

Mongolian - or more specifically Tuvan - throat singing is a form of vocals where the singer can create resonant additional tones by manipulating their air pathways while singing the fundamental note. It's almost like multitracking or harmonizing your voice. There are basically three forms of vocalizing: 1.) Khoomei, the standard mid-range form 2.) Sygyt, which enables the more nasal flute-like pitches, and 3.) Kargyraa, which is those deep, growling bass notes.

Huun-Huur-Tu has long been the flagship group of the style. They've toured the West, and the one guy from the group was in the documentary Genghis Blues, which I definitely recommend checking out. HHT emerged right at the time communism ended in Mongolia. With very strong ties to the old ways, they make great, picturesque folk music.

While their studio albums are great, it's live that they're really amazing. This file contains two albums: Best Live and More Live. They are alternately called Live1 and Live2, depending on which release you see. They were recorded in Moscow in front of rapturous audiences. The opening track of Live 2 (More Live), "Kagyraa", is one of the deepest, most amazing vocal performances ever. It's the ultimate WTF? track; guaranteed to make anyone crane their neck and look at the stereo bewilderingly. Great for testing bass response, too! All kidding aside, these are amazingly recorded and performed albums... definitely check them out if you call yourself a world music fan.

I never want to let just one group teach me about a style, though... so years ago I found the disc Voices From the Distant Steppe by Shu-De. It was released on P. Gabriel's world music label. Great stuff: the opening track clearly shows you examples of the three styles of singing, "Buura" has a great skittering rhythm, the "Jaw's Harp Solo" has a strange resonance too. Shu-De also features a female singer, which was odd to hear at first. A great group, and their only album available in the West.

Albert Kuvezin was once a member of Huun Huur Tu. He went on to form the group Yat-Kha in the 90's. While the group initially featured a Russian guy on electronics, later Kuvezin molded the group into more of a melding of Western rock/blues with the Mongolian singing and melodies. It really must be heard. The file contains two albums...

The first, Tuva Rock, is - I think - one of the best foreign rock albums ever made. There is singing in both Tuvan and English. With rock dynamics bolted onto these galloping rhythms, it makes some amazingly driving music! See "Langchyy Boom" or opening track "Come Along" for an example. And the amazing dirge of "Coming Buddha" sounds like a great song off of Earth's Hex album. In fact, I wonder why the guys at the Southern Lord label haven't approached this dude? Besides the rock songs though, there is a beautiful traditional ballad in "Amdy Baryp".

This last, Re-Covers, is their highest-profile album. If you've browsed strange online comps like the Cover the Earth series on the Music For Maniacs blog, you may have heard a few of these songs. One of them I put on that Stones comp. And besides that cover song, this disc reveals many diverse influences. There's covers of Joy Division, Zep, the Allman Brothers, Kraftwerk, Captain Beefheart, Bob Marley...this is a strange ride! You gotta have it if you're a fan of weird music.

If there's any demand, I also have other albums of theirs, like Bootleg and the very rare Yenisei Punk. And to the reader who asked for more Ukulele Orchestra Of Great Britain, there will be more ukulele stuff in the next post!

My second (and final, I think) "supplement" to the "Other Beatles"

I forgot I had this one sitting on my hard drive, it's something of a mess BUT if you've been tickled
by the Beatles covers thing up till now, here are literally all you should need for the rest of your life. I don't even know how many there are, yet, until I list them below in a minute.....there is not structure to this, at all, the creator of this Torrent took several Beatles cover albums ( "Gregorian Chants", Chet Akins "Picking on the Beatles", "Butchering the Beatles", etc, took some other random Beatles covers, and basically threw them into a blender......the result is KIND OF sloppy, BUT, I figure, the order below is the order they appear in the torrent, you can pick and choose what you want to do with them, be it put them into albums or whatever.....I wouldn't have compiled it the way he did, but it IS
damned ambitious, A LOT of stuff here.....just the sequencing (Track's #01 on each of about ten albums are the first tracks, a little later, good old alphabetical order takes over).....some of the tracks as listed do not even have artist listings, if I can I will look them up for you but if I can't I'll at least name the comp it came from and maybe add "unknown" and maybe someone else can track it down.....

There's a hell of a lot of stuff here, MEGA-varying styles as you'll see.......I'd bet one could make a "project" album or two out of these alone, maybe a whole album of versions of "I am the Walrus' or something........this is a HUGE torrent, a SHOCKING ten parts (and NOT FLAC, either), and given the way its presented, I have no way of knowing (track wise) where one part ends and another starts.....I thought about putting these on discs so we could have a "set" with some structure, but, who the hell am I? I'm presenting it howthee guy created it, even if it wasn't the way I might have done it......anyway, just read the track listing, it'll blow your mind.......there is so much stuff here I won't even begin to try to point out highlights/lowlights, just read the track list and your eyes will fall out if Beatles covers happen to be your thing........enjoy and comment, I'll be MOST interested to see how many choose to download all ten parts of this, the "Other Beatles" projects have done quite well....this might just be too lumbering and big, but we'll see.......enjoy, and if you get creative, you can probably find some great ways to sequence these on disc or on IPod or whatever......

CHANTS-Yesterday/03 CHET ATKINS-I Feel Fine/04 THE SMITHEREENS-All I've Got to Do/05 THE KENNEDY CHOIR-Across the Universe/06 TONY VEGA-Hey Jude/07 AIMEE MANN & MICHAEL PENN-Two Of Us/08 SWINGLE SINGERS-Ticket To Ride/09 ROBIN WILLIAMS & BOBBY MCFARREN-Come Together/10 RICK WAKEMAN-Eleanor Rigby/11 TINA TURNER-Help/12 GEORGE BENSON-Here Comes the Sun/13  ALICE COOPER, STEVE VAI, DUFF MCKAGAN-Hey Bulldog/14 JOHN HOLT-I Will/15 UNKNOWN-Magical Mystery Tour/16 JIMI
HENDRIX-Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band/17 CHRIS RICHARDS-You Like Me Too Much/18 GREGORIAN CHANTS-Hey Jude/19 MCCOY TYNER-She's Leaving Home/20 THE SMITHEREENS-All My Loving/21 KENNEDY CHOIR-Something/22 CHET ATKINS-Yesterday/23 SARAH MCLACHLAN-Blackbird/24 TITO NIEVES AND TITO PUENTE-Let It Be/25 SWINGLE SINGERS-Penny Lane/26 ROSEANNE CASH-I Don't Want To Spoil the Party/27 UNKNOWN-If I Needed Someone/28 GOLDIE HAWN-A Hard Day's Night/29 LEMMY KILMISTER, JOHN 5, ERIC
SINGER-Back In the USSR/30 ELTON JOHN-Lucy In the Sky With Diamonds/31 JOSHUA RIFKIN-I'll Cry Instead/32 HERMAN VAN VEEN-Fool on the Hill/33
GROOVE COLLECTIVE-I Want You/35 CHET ATKINS-If I Fell/36 THE SMITHEREENS-Don't Bother Me/37 KENNEDY CHOIR-All My Loving/38 RUFUS WAINWRIGHT-Across the Universe/39 GUIANKO-Can't Buy Me Love/40 SWINGLE SINGERS-Revolution/41 GEORGE MARTIN-Don't Bother Me/42 UNKNOWN-I Don't Want to See You Again/43 WILLIE NELSON-One After 909/44 ROBIN GIBB-Oh Darling/45 THE
Night/58 THE WALLFLOWERS-I'm Looking Through You/59 SWINGLE SINGERS-Day Tripper/60 GEORGE MARTIN-All I've Got to Do/ 61 BILLY J KRAMER & THE DAKOTAS-I'll
Keep You Satisfied/62 WHITESNAKE-Day Tripper/63 BUGS & FRIENDS-Hello Goodbye/64 MODERN GUSTIN TRIO- I Want to Hold Your Hand/65 LONDON SYMPHONY ORCHESTRA-Lucy In the Sky With Diamonds/66 SARAH VAUGHN-I Want You/67 SARAH VAUGHN-Fool On the Hill/68 THE DYNAMITES-Hey Jude/69 CELINE DION-Here There and Everywhere/70 JOSHUA RIFKIN-You've Got to hide Your Love Away/71 FOOL'S GARDEN-Martha My Dear/72
JACK BLADES, TOMMY SHAW. DOUG ALDRICH,MARCO MENDOZA,VIRGL DONATI-Tomorrow Never Knows/73 GREGORIAN CHANTS-Girl/74 CHET ATKINS-I'll Cry Instead/75 JAMIE HOOVER-Only a Northern Song/76 THE SMITHEREENS-I Saw Her Standing There/77 KENEDY CHOIR-Yesterday/78 TOM SCOTT-Fool On the Hill/79 CELIA CRUZ-Ob la Di Ob La Da/80 EDDIE VEDDER-You've Got To Hide Your Love Away/81 SWINGLE SINGERS-Norwegian Wood/82 ROYAL PHILHARMONIC ORCHESTRA-All You need Is Love/83 JOURNEY-It's All too Much/84 ANONYMOUSLY YOURS-Get back/85 VANESSA MAE-Because/86 JOHN BUSH, STEF CARPENTER, MIKE INEZ, JOHN  TEMPESTA-Magical Mystery Tour/87 BEATLES SONGS BY SUPERSTARS-While My Guitar Gently Weeps/88 GREGORIAN CHANTS-Blackbird/89 RAMSEY LEWIS-Michelle/90 THE SMITHEREENS-I Wanna Be Your Man/91 KENNEDY CHOIR-With a Little Help From My Friends/92 CHET ATKINS-Things We Said/93 BEN HARPER-Strawberry Fields/94 RAY SEPULVEDA-Fool On the Hill/95 SWINGLE SINGERS-Birthday/96 MODERN GUSTIN TRIO-Can't Buy Me Love/97 CARPENTERS-Please Mr Postman/98 ROYAL PHILHARMONIC ORCHESTRA-I Am the Walrus/99 BEATLES SONGS BY SUPERSTARS-I Am the Walrus 100 JIM CARREY-I Am the Walrus/101 MC IRON-I Feel Fine/102 JOSHUA RIFKIN-Recitative/103 RIPPER OWENS, GEORGE LYNCH, TIM BOGERT, CHRIS SLADE-Revolution/104 SOULETTES-Let It Be/105 THE BYRDS-Roll Over Beethoven/106 CHET ATKINS-A Hard Day's Night/107 GREGORIAN CHANTS-An I Love Her/108 LEE RITENOUR-A Day In the Life/109 THE SMITHEREENS-I Want to Hold Your
Hand/110 KENNEDY CHOIR-Michelle/111 MANNY MANUEL-I Want To Hold Your Hand/112 SHERYL CROW-Mother Nature's Son/113 SWINGLE SINGERS-Lady Madonna/114 MARCIA GRIFFITHS-Don't Let Me Down/115 GEORGE MARTIN-Please Please Me/116 BEATLES SONS BY SUPERSTARS-Come Together/117 CRYSTALITES-Lady Madonna/118 KIP WINGER, BRUCE KULICK, TONY FRANKLIN, AYNSLEY DUNBAR-Day Tripper/119 JOHN WILLIAMS-Here Coms The Sun/120 MC IRON-Taxman/121 GREGORIAN CHANTS-In My Life/122 CHET ATKINS-I'll Follow the Sun/123 NELSON RANGELL-Let It Be/124 THE SMITHEREENS-It Won't Be Long/125 KENNEDY CHOIR-Ticket To Ride/126 DOMINGO QUINIONES-Ticket To Ride/127 BEN FOLDS-Golden Slumbers/128 SWINGLE SINGERS-Yesterday/129 GEORGE MARTIN-I Want to Hold Your Hand/130 SLADE-Martha My Dear/131 BILLY CONNOLLY-Being For the
Benefit of Mr. Kite/132 RINGO STARR-Christmas Time Is Here Again/133 XAOIUE EIOA-Come Together/134 DOBBY DOBSON-Carry That Weight/135 MOTLEY CRUE-Helter Skelter/136 BILLY IDOL, STEVE STEVENS, BLASKO, BRIAN TICHY-I Feel Fine/137 ERIC HANSEN-I Feel Fine/138 BEATLES SONGS BY SUPERSTARS- We Can Work It Out/139 CHICK CORREA-Eleanor Rigby/140 GREGORIAN CHANTS-Michelle/141 CHET ATKINS-She's a Woman/142 THE SMITHEREENS-Little Child/143 KENNEDY CHOIR-Eleanor Rigby/144 THE VINES-I'm Only Sleeping/145 OSCAR D'LEON-Lady Madonna/146 SWINGLE SINGERS-Strawberry Fields/147 MODERN GUSTIN TRIO-Hard Day's Night/148 GEORGE MARTIN-From Me To You/149 BUGS & FRIENDS-Help/ 150 DIE TOTEN HOSEN-I Am the Walrus/151 UNKNOWN-I Need You/152 FANCY-All My Loving/153 ROYAL PHILHARMONIC ORCHESTRA-Beatlephonic Medley/154 BEATLE SONGS BY
SUPERSTARS-Got to Get You Into My Life/155 MARCIA GRIFFITHS-Don't Let Me Down/156 ROYAL PHILHARMONIC ORCHESTRA-Medley/157 SWEET-Paperback Writer/158 GEOFF TATE, MICHAEL WILTON, CRAIG GOLDY, RUDY SARZO, SIMON WRIGHT, SCOTT WARREN-Taxman/159 GEORGE MARTIN-The Pepperland Suite/160 CHET ATKINS-And I Love Her/161- GREGORIAN CHANTS-The Long And Winding Road/162 MARMALAde-Ob La Di, Ob La Da/163 RUSS FREEMAN-While My Guitar Gently Weeps/164 THE SMITHEREENS-Not a Second Time/165 KENNEDY CHOIR-Let It Be/166 JESUS ENRIQUEZ & MILES PENA-With a Little Help From My Friends/167 SWINGLE SINGERS-Drive My Car/168 DEL SHANNON-From Me To You/169 GEORGE MARTIN-Little Child/170 PHIL COLINS-Golden Slumbers/Carry That Weight/The End/171  THE HEPTONES-Ob La Di, Ob la Da/172 JEFF KEITH, PHIL CAMPBELL, CC DEVILLE, CHRIS CHANEY, KENNY ARONOFF-I Saw Her Standing There/173 BEATLES SONGS BY SUPERSTARS-Yesterday/174 GREGORIAN CHANTS-Fool On the Hill/175 CHET ATKINS-Michelle/176 SPYRO GYRA-In My Life/177 THE
SMITHEREENS-This Boy/178 KENNEDY CHOIR-Penny Lane/179 BLACK CROWES-Lucy In the Sky With Diamonds/180 CHEO FELICIANO-Yesterday/181 SWINGLE SINGERS-Blackbird/182 UNKNOWN-Mean Mr Mustard/183 ROYAL PHILHARMONIC ORCHESTRA-She Loves You/184 BB SEATON-Eleanor Rigby/185 GEORGE MARTIN-Friends and Lovers/186 DOUG PINNICK, STEVE LUKATHER, TONY LEVIN, STEVE FERRONE-Hey Jude/187 VADIM BRODSKY-If I Fell/188 BESATLES SONGS BY SUPERSTSARS-She's Leaving Home/189 DAVID BENOIT-Here, There, and Everywhere/190 GREGORIAN CHANTS-Across the Universe/191 CHET
ATKINS-She Loves You/192 THE SMITHEREENS-Till There Was You/193 KENNEDY CHOIR-Hey Jude/194 JOSE ALBERTO-And I Love Her/195 CHOCOLATE GENIUS-Julia/196 SWINGLE SINGERS-When I'm Sixty Four/197 GEORGE MARTIN-There's a Place/198 MODERN GUSTIN TRIO-Yellow Submarine/199 LONDON SYMPHONY ORCHESTRA-Abbey Road Medley/200 JEFF SCOTT SOTO, YNGWIE MALMSTEEN, JEFF PILSON, FRANKIE BANALI-Drive My Car/201 ERROL DUNKLEY-I'll be Back/202 SEAN CONNERY-In My Life/203 BEATLES SONGS BY SUPERSTARS-The Long And Winding Road/204 FRANCIS GOYA-Yo Te Amo/205 ARTURAO SANDOVAL-Blackbird/206 ALL ARTISTS-Come Together/207 HEATHER NOVA-We Can Work It Out/208 SWINGLE SINGERS-Fool on the Hill/209 MODERN GUSTIN TRIO-Ticket to Ride/210 SUGAR BEATS/VICKIE GROSS-Your Mother Should Know/211 ROSALYN SWEAT & PARAGONS-Blackbird/212 BEATLES SONGS BY SUPERSTARS- You Wont See Me/213 DAVE GRUSIN-Yesterday/214 HOWIE DAY-Help/215 SWINGLE SINGERS-All My Loving/216 FRANKIE HOWARD-When I'm Sixty Four/217 MAROON 5-If I Fell/218 UNKNOWN-For You Blue/219 DEAD KENNEDYS-Back In the USSR/220 BEATLES SONGS BY SUPERSTARS-Magical Mystery Tour/221 BLUE CARTOON-I Want to Tell You/222 PAUL WESTERBERG-Nowhere Man/223 SWINGLE SINGERS-I Am the Walrus/224 SPARKS-I Want to Hold Your
Hand/225 PROCOL HARM-Eight Days a Week
/ 226 TAKE THAT-Beatles Medley/227  PHYLLIS DILLON/Something/228  THE MARLOWES-Old Brown Shoe/229 GRANDADDY-Revolution/230 SWINGLE SINGERS-Good Night/231 PAUL MCCARTNEY- All Things Must Pass/232 PM DAWN-Norwegian Wood/233 NICK CAVE-Let It Be/234 ERIC CLAPTON/PAUL MCCARTNEY-While My Guitar Gently Weeps/235 DANDY-Yesterday/236 PHIL COLLINS-Tomorrow Never Knows/237 PAUL MCCARTNEY-Something/238 THE MOHAWKS-Let it Be/239 TWENTY CENT CRUSH-Taxman/240 ROY WOOD-Polythene Pam/241 BRAIN POOLE-Twist and Shout/242 THE JOHNNY ARTHRA ORCHESTRA-Something/243 GERRY & THE PACEMAKERS-How Do You Do/244 CILLA BLACK-For Noone/245 BOB MARLEY-And I Love Her/246 JACKIE ROBINSON-In My Life/247 SAMIAM-Cry Baby Cry/248 CILLA BLACK-Step Inside Love/249 YELLOW MATTER CUSTARD-Lovely Rita/250 THE MOWHAWKS-And I Love Her/251 DAWN PENN-Here Comes the Sun/252 MARSHALL WILLIAMS-Norwegian Wood/253 PAUL WELLER-Sexy Sadie/254 UNKNOWN-Hey jude/255 JOHN LENNON-I'm The Greatest/256 JOHN LENNON-Yesterday/257 ERIC
RAKOW, SHERRY KONDOR, SUGAR BEATS-All Together Now/258 APRIL WINE-Tell Me Why/259 BADFINGER-Come and Get It/260 BADFINGER-Come and Get It/261 BARBARA CASINI-I Need You/262 LUCY KAPLANSKI-I've Just Seen a Face/263 NANCY SINATRA-Run For Your Life/264 WORLD PARTY-Martha My Dear/265 STARS ON 45-Beatles Medley/266 BELA FLECK & THE FLECKTONES-Norwegian Wood/267 BEN FOLDS-Golden Slumbers/268 BEN HARPER-Strawberry Fields Forever/269 BILL RAMSEY-Yellow Submarine/270 BILLY J KRAMER & THE DAKOTAS-Do You Want to Know a Secret/271 BILLY J KRAMER & THE DAKOTAS-I Call Your Name/272 BILLY J KRAMER & THE DAKOTAS-I Call Your Name/273 BILLY J KRAMER & THE DAKOTAS-Do You Want to Know a Secret/274 BLACKSTREET-Can't Buy Me Love/275 BLINK 182-I Saw Her Standing There/276 DEE LONG-Blue Jay Way/277 BOREADES-Love You Too/278 BOREADES-The Inner Light/279 BRIAN POOLE & THE TREMELOES-Twist and Shout/280 BUCK OWENS-Act Naturally/281 BUCKINGHAMS-I'll Be Back/282 CARPENTERS-Can't Buy Me Love/283 CHAD & JEREMY-From a Window/284 CHARLIE LANDSBOROUGH-The Long and Winding Road/285 CHER-The Long and Winding Road/286 CHUMBAWAMBA-Her
Majesty/287 CILLA BLACK-A Shot of Rythem and Blues/288 CILLA BLACK-Yesterday/289 CILLA BLACK-Yesterday/290 DANNI CARLOS-Drive My Car/291 DAVE MATTHEWS BAND-In My Life/292 DAVID BOWIE-Across the Universe/293 DAVID BOWIE-Penny Lane/294 JIMI HENDRIX-Day Tripper/295 AAO-DDT/296 DEAN REED-Kansas City/297 DICKIE ROCK & MIAMI SNOWBAND-Boys/298 DICKIE ROCK & MIAMI SNOWBAND-Boys/299 DEPECHE MODE-Yesterday/300 BARBARA CASINI-Do You Want to Know a Secret/301 DONS OF QUIXOTE-Savoy Truffle/302 CADENCE-Drive My Car/303 THE DONNAS-Drive My Car/304 EDDIE ANGEL & THE HI RISERS-Don't Ever Change/305 EDDIE ANGEL & THE HIGH RISERS-I Just Don't Understand/306 EDDIE ANGEL & THE HI RISERS-So How Come (No One Loves Me)/307 EDDIE ANGEL & THE HI RISERS-Angel of Love/308 EDDIE VEDDER-You've Got to Hide Your Love Away/309 ELLIOTT SMITH-Because/310 ELTON JOHN/JOHN LENNON-I Saw Her Standing There/311 ELTON JOHN/JOHN LENNON-Lucy In the Sky With Diamonds/312 ELVIS COSTELLO-Step Inside Live/313 EPISODE SIX-Here There and Everywhere/314 EPISODE SIX-Here There and Everywhere/315 ERIN RAKOW, SHERRY
KONDOR, SUGAR BEATS-All Together Now/316 FIONA APPLE-Across the Universe/317 JOE GOLDMARK-Flying/318 FOO FIGHTERS-Blackbird/319 FRANK ZAPPA-I Am the Walrus/320 FREDDIE & THE DREAMERS-I Just Don't Understand/321 FREDDIE & THE DREAMERS-Johnny B Goode/322 GEORGE HARRISON-Get Back/323 GERRY & THE PACEMAKERS-A Shot of Rythem and Blues/324 GUNHILL-Eleanor Rigby/325 HANS JORG HACK-Wenn Ich Mel Alt Bin/326 ODETTE TALERIA-Happiness Is a Warm Gun/327 HEATHER NOVA-We Can Work it Out/328 BANANARAMA & LANANEENEENOONOO-Help/329 THE BEATLES-Help (Instrumental)/330 CHUMBAWAMBA-Her Majesty/331 JUAN JOSE-You've Got to Hide Your Love Away/332 GEOFF GIBBONS-I Need
You/333 IAN & THE ZODIACS-I Need You/334 NELLIE MCKAY-If I Needed Someone/335 UB40-I'll Be On My Way/336 UNKNOWN-I'm Looking Through You/337 INCONNU-I'm Only Sleeping/338 JACK JOHNSON-Rocky Raccoon/339 JACKIE LYNTON-Little Child/340 JAMES TAYLOR-Yesterday/341 JEANNIE & THE BIG GUYS-Boys/342 JOAN BAEZ-Let It Be/343 JOE COCKER-With a Little Help
From My Friends/344 JOE COCKER-I'll Cry Instead/345 JOE VAL & THE NEW ENGLAND BLUEGRASS BOYS-What Goes On/346 JOHNNY KIDD & THE PIRATES-A Shot of Rythem And Blues/347 JOHNNY KIDD & THE PIRATES-Some Other Guy/348 JOHNNY CASH-In My Life/349 KID ROCK-Come Together/350 KON TUGIEZY-Track Name Unlisted/351 KUKA SHAKER-Baby You're a Rich Man/352 LE GROUP 5-Please Mr Postman/353 LE GROUP 5-Roll Over Beethoven/354 LE
GROUP 5-Sweet Little Sixteen/355 LE GROUP 5-You've Really Got a Hold On Me/356 UNKNOWN-Leaving Home/357 LOVING HEARTS-Manchmall  wenn ich Traume/358 MAX FOMA ZABL-back in the USSR/359 MEXICAN ORCHESTRA-All my Loving/360 MICHAEL JACKSON-Come Together/361 NIRVANA-All You Need Is Love/362 NIRVANA/SONIC YOUTH/REM-Twist and Shout/363 NO DOUBT-Ob La Di Ob La Da/364 FRANCK-Norweigan Wood/365 LOW-Nowhere Man/366 OASIS-All You need Is Love/367 OASIS-Hide Your Love Away/368 PAUL MCCARTNEY-I Wanna Be Your Man/369 PEARL JAM-I Got a Feeling/370 PEARL JAM/OASIS-Day Tripper/371 PETER & GORDON-I Don't Want to See You Again/372 PINK FLOYD-Across the Universe/373 THE PRETENDERS-Not a Second Time/374 RINGO STARR-Love Me Do/375 ROBERT GORDON-Run For Your Life/376 ROBERT PALMER- Not a Second Time/377 ROCKAPELLA-Beatles Medley/378 RUFUS WAINWRIGHT-Across the Universe/379 SARA MCLACHLAN-Blackbird/380 SHERYL CROW-Mother Nature's Son/381 SMOKEY ROBINSON & THE MIRACLES-You Really Got a Hold On
Me/382 SOUNDGARDEN-Come Together/383 ODETTE TALLERIA-From me To You/384 SPOOKY TOOTH- I Am the Walrus/385 STONE TEMPLE PILOTS-Revolution/386 SUGAR MINOT-Hard Days Night/387 SUN PK-I'm Happy/388 THE BEATLES-Take Good Care of My baby/389 TEENAGE FANCLUB-Tell me What You See/390 THE APPLEJACKS-Kansas City/391 THE APPLEJACKS- Like Dreamers Do/392 THE APPLEJACKS-Too Much Monkey Business/393- THE BIG THREE-Some Other Guy/394 THE CRICKETS-Don't Ever Change/395 THE ESCORTS-Dizzy Miss Lizzy/396 THE FOURMOST-Sure To Fall in Love With You/397 THE GANTS-Bad Boy/398 THE GANTS-Rain/399 THE HOLLIES-A Taste of Honey/400 THE HOLLIES-Mr Moonlight/401 THE HOLLIES-Sweet Little Sixteen/402 THE HOLLIES-Talkin Bout You/403 THE KINKS-Don't Ever Change/404 THE KINKS-Long Tall Sally/405 THE MERSEYBEATS-Long Tall Sally/406 THE MERSEYBEATS-Mr Moonlight/407 THE OVERLANDERS-Michelle/408 THE RAINBOWS-Sweet Little Sixteen/409 THE RAINBOWS-Too much Monkey Buisness/410 THE ROLLING STONES-I Wanna Be Your
Man/411 THE ROLLING STONES-Money/412 THE SAXONS-A Shot of Rythem and Blues/413 THE SAXONS-I Saw Her Standing There/414 THE SEARCHERS-Money/415 THE SEARCHERS-Some Other Guy/416 THE SEARCHERS-Sweet Little Sixteen/417 THE SEARCHERS-Twist and Shout/418 THE SUNDOWNERS-A Shot of Rythem and Blues/419 THE SWINGIN BLUE JEANS-Johnny B Goode/420 THE SWINGIN BLUE JEANS- Long Tall Sally/421 THE SWINGIN BLUE JEANS-This Boy/422 THE TEDDYBEARS-To know Him Is To love Him/423 THE UNDERTAKERS-Money/424 THE CARPENTERS-Ticket To Ride/425 THE GANTS-Rain/426 THE HOLLIES-A Taste of Honey/427 THE HOLLIES-If I Needed Someone/428 THE HOLLIES-Mr Moonlight/429 THE KESTRELS-There's a Place/430 THE SETTLERS-Nowhere Man/431 THE SKATALITES-Ringo Theme/432 THE STEREOPHONICS-Don't Bring Me Down/433 THE SWINGIN BLUE JEANS-This Boy/434 THE THURSTON LAVA TUBE-I am The Walrus/435 THE TRENDS-All My Lovin/436 THE TRUTH-Girl/437 THE UNDERTAKERS-Money/438 THE VENTURES-Strawberry Fields Forever/439 MINDY SMITH-The Word/440 THE GANTS-Bad Boy/441 UNKNOWN-This Boy/442 THRICE-Eleanor Rigby/443 TMYS-Track Title Not Listed/444
TOM HOOPER-Long Long Long/445 TOMMY QUICKLY-Tip of My Tongue/446 VARIOUS ARTISTS-What Goes On/447 AANAEUA OAAYOA-Veselie/448 VLADIMIR KUSHIN-Yesterday/449 BEN KWELLER-Wait/450 WALTER & THE DAIRY KINGS CLEVENGER-I Will/451 WAYNE FONTANA & THE MINDBENDERS-Keep Your Hands off My Baby/452 WAYNE FONTANA & THE MINDBENDERS-Some Other Guy/453 WES MONTGOMERY-I'll Be Back/454 Yes-Every Little Thing

Yes, quite a sprawling mess.....if I'd have realized just how much I might have fine tuned it, there are
a lot of tracks duplicated (same song/artist), a few times back-to-back in the batting order, and there is insufficient information on some artists/titles......I'm going to try to hunt down the "unknowns" the best I can.....If you download this whole thing, I'm curious, how do you plan on breaking it up and enjoying it? Myself, I'll probably just keep the tracks I don't have elsewhere and make a multi-disc comp, there IS some DAMN GOOD shit on here, a lot of it in fact, it's just going to be the ultimate hunt and peck mission.......a lot of work, see what you think!

A great Jonder contribution

(Scott) it was only a matter of time until someone contributed something with which I am
familiar.......yes, I DO know Peth (Super Furry Animals as well) and recommend this highly. As a silly aside my stepsister (who I haven't talked to in over 25 years and who is an absolute bitch) has the last name of, get this "Peth".......reminds me of what a miserable bitch she is, but, anyway, this is great shit and PLEASE check this out!


The Super Furry Animals went on hiatus in 2010, while band members pursued other musical projects. SFA played their hits at a series of festivals last year, but they have produced nothing new since 2009's excellent Dark Days/Light Years.

In 2008, SFA drummer Dafydd Ieuan and bassist Guto Price invited actor Rhys Ifans (who was the Super Furry Animals' original singer) to form a band called The Peth. In the Welsh language, The Peth means The Thing, but the similarity to "the piss" was surely intentional, considering the album cover and its title, The Golden Mile.

Impish puns are part of the Super Furries' world. The name of SFA singer Gruff Rhys' earlier band Ffa Coffi Pawb is literally translated as "Everybody's Coffee Beans" but sounds like "fuck off everyone" in Welsh. One of the Peth's songs is subtitled "Flock of Zeigheils". A second Peth album was supposedly recorded and christened Crystal Peth, but it has never been released. SFA is also known for making up stories for gullible reporters.

The music of The Peth is similar to the early Super Furries' sound: upbeat and irreverent rock songs with great harmonies. Rhys Ifans is a capable singer, as good or better than other actors who have dabbled in music. Ifans was apparently a bit of a wildman back when he was SFA's singer, and the Peth song "Let's Go Fucking Mental" might be a personal anthem. (If you've never seen the 1997 movie "Twin Town" with Rhys and his brother Llŷr Ifans, I highly recommend it. Reviewers dismissed it as a "Trainspotting" ripoff, but it's much better than that, and it has a brilliant ending.)

For me, the Peth song that has stuck in my brain the longest is "Sunset Veranda", and I've tacked a remix onto the end of the album. If you're a fan of the Super Furry Animals or the actor Rhys Ifans, or if you're just curious about a group that Ifans described as a "Satanic ABBA", have at it and go fucking mental! If not, you can peth off.


Without question, you've all wondered as have I, the eternal question of "what would Iron Maiden
sound like if they were Polish?".....No? You haven't? Well, honestly, neither have I, but the answer is Turbo, likely the greatest of "all" Polish metal bands.......you are gonna have to trust me on this one, these motherfuckers rock the house, and the style of music and vocals REALLY DOES remind me of Maiden......as you know I strive, regularly, for DIFFERENT shit, this is different and it ROCKS like a motherfucker........PLEASE let me know what you think of this, I am giving you my whole Turbo collection, which I THINK may be thier entire discography. The participants names are too hard to type, for me, right now, I'm sure the song titles will be bad enough, but check this out.....love metal? Here is some GOOD SHIT you may not have heard before (non-english language alert)....

DORSOSLE DZIECI-01 Szalony Ikar/02 Przeadane dni/03 W sobie/04 Ktos zamienil//05 Pozorne zycie/06 Toczy sie po linie/07 Nie znaczysz nic/08 Mowili kiedys/09 Dorosle dzieci/10 Jak w ogien/11 Fabryka keksow (Live)

SMAK CISZY-01 Smak Ciszy/02 juz nie z toba/03 Wybieraj sam/04 Czy mnie nie ma/05 Slowa pelne slow/06 Wszystko bedzie OK/07 Jaki byl ten dzien?/08 Caly czas ucza nas/09 Wariacki taniec/10 Narodziny demona

KAWALERIA SZANTA-01 Zolnierz fortuny/02 Dlon potwora/03 Sztuczne oddychanie/04 kometa Halleya/05 Kawaleria Szanta cz. I/06 Wybacz wszyskim wrogom/07 Kawaleria Szantana cz. II/08 Ostantni grzesznikow placz/09 Bramy galaktyk

OSTATNI WOJOWNIK-01 Ostatni Wojownik/02 Miecz Beruda/03 Aniol Zla/04 Seans z
Wampirem/05 Bogini/06 Kon Trojanski/07 Syn Burzy

EPEDEMIE-01 Salvator Mundi/02 AIDS/03 Ocean Lez/04 Petla Czasu/05 Szalony Swiat/06 Anty RJ//07 Rozkosz I Bol/08 Gniazdo Smutku/09 13.12.88

AWATAR-01 Armia/02 Upior w operze/03 sen/04 Granica/05 LSD/06 Katatonia/07 Awatar/08 Embrion/09 Falsz/10 burn/11 Lek/12 When a Blind Man Cries/13 Neon Knights

TOZSAMOSC-01 Paranoja/02 Samotnia/03 Legenda Thora/04 Czlowiek i Bog/05 Eneida/06 Maqmra/07 Pismo/08 Otwarte drzwi do miasta

ALIVE-01 Seans z wampirem/02 Kawaleria sztana cz I/03 Ostatni grzesznikow placz/04 Syn burzy/05 Ostatnis wojownik/06 Zolnierz fortuny/07 Aniol zla

AKUSTYCZNIE-01 Powitanie/02 Ach! Nie Badz Taki
Smialy/03 Wszystko Bedzie OK/04 Kawaleria Szatana II/05 Caly Czas Ucza Nas/06 Coraz Mniej/07 Szalony Ikar/08 Fabryka Keksow/09 Czy Mnie Nie Ma/10 Lek/11 Pozorne Zycie/12 Smak Ciszy/13 Dorosle Dzieci/14 Juz Nie Z Toba/15 Wybieraj Sam/16 Jaki Byl Ten Dzien

OK, not fucking around here, this is some badass fucking shit that maybe the majority of English language speaking metal fans likely are unaware of......nonetheless, I recommend this highly, as you know, I have a weakness for non-English rock, but I am not dicking you around here....this shit rocks fucking hard as hell, and you will be doing yourself a disservice if you pass on it.

I haven't done any non-English rock/metal in a while but Im here to tell ya....Turbo fucking kicked some serious ass.......dont miss this shit.

Postscript: A few of these albums won't upload with zippy for some reason currently unknown to me....I am going to keep trying, BUT please do not miss out on the ones I CAN get posted.....they are great as well......if I can get this glitch fixed, the rest of them will be up then. Sorry.

The albums that I'm currently having issue with are Akustycznie, Dorsosle Dzieci, and Tozsamosc....seriously I don't understnad why they won't "up", I'm gonna keep working on it, I'm pissed because these albums are a significant part of the picture, BUT please check out the rest of these....I'm going to spend sunday trying to figure out what's wrong with these three discs and TRY to get them up as well, but please don't let that detract you from the rest of these.