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A Litttle Bit O Cliff

Maybe I'll keep this title for Cliff's submissions, or maybe I won't, ya never know......anyway, I haven't even LOOKED, much less listened to Cliff's latest masterpiece, I just know you reggae fans GOTTA love it.......with the new job etc, I MIGHT rely on guest posters even more than in the past, BUT I hope to continue to post my own stuff as well.........ya never know. I will prolly but up something of my own tomorrow (Thursday), Anyway, I shall continue to submit guest posts from anyone who sends them, LONG STANDING RULE: ANYTHING GOES HERE.......I might slow down for a LITTLE BIT as I acclimate to new job, etc, but I assure you the blog will live........might be as good a time as ANY to thank (again) Cliff, Apantabapanta, Dave Sez (MIA?), Brian, Sean, Mr Dave, Jonder, AndieJames, and EVERYONE ELSE who helps to at least TRY to keep this blog SOMEWHAT unique/different.........couldn't POSSIBLY do this without you guys, you are the greatest.....PLEASE just give me a week or to to get acclimated to my new job and I will start putting up stuff on a "semi"-regular basis..........if you need a fix of "offbeat" stuff,please check Brian's blog Rustbeltoutpost, he has a bizarre collection and posts BOMB shit on an almost daily basis!

http://shmrecords.com/WebRoot/Daily/Shops/eshop859132/539D/4F8D/EE3C/6E13/50C3/0A0C/05ED/8A4B/a.JPGAs a deejay Tapper Zukie’s reputation was perhaps somewhat over inflated; in no small part due to Patti Smith’s patronage of him in the late 70’s. However he did have have his moments at the mic as displayed on this 1976 album. This is the classic Tapper Zukie album bringing together hard rockers rhythmns with soulful toasting. The album is all concscious, all political and full of emotion. The title track pushed this album to prominence whilst the rest of album maintains a low-slung vibe, driven by Zukie's energetic toasting and impeccable rhythm. As expected for the time period, there's a good amount of dub and repurposed roots riddims here. Zukie’s style is similar to that of Dr Alimantado and Dillinger; so if you are into them then you should be okay with this.
Track List: 1. Pick Up The Rockers 2. M.P.L.A. 3. Don’t Get Crazy 4. Go De Natty 5. Stop The Gun Shooting 6. Ital Pot 7. Marcus 8. Chalice To Chalice 9. Don’t Deal With Babylon 10. Freedom
Link: http://www56.zippyshare.com/v/fXNPfD98/file.html
http://rymimg.com/lk/f/l/e65a129b72c8513033dcbbcd2afe5bc4/5042840.jpgYou must listen to this, if you don’t feel the cuts then you have no feeling. Produced by the wonderful Augustus Pablo it is a record that is built on simplicity but it is this stripped down approach that adds so much to this album. This was the debut of Hugh Mundell and when it was released in 1978 Mundell was only 16 years of age; his youthfullness can be detected in his voice and at times it can sound as though it is a female singer. The powerful political lyrics were all written by Mundell and backed by good straight forward typical reggae riddims. It is an album that stands the test of time and all delivered by a 16 year old. What the fuck was I doing when I was 16? Worrying about my acne and acting like a twat in front of girls. Mundell may have wanted Africa to be free by 1983 but in a sad twist of irony that same year saw him lose his life when he was shot dead whilst sitting in his car.
Track List: 1. Let’s All Unite 2. My Mind 3. Africa Must Be free By 1983 4. Why Do Black Men Fuss and Fight 5. Book Of |Life 6. Run Revolution A Come 7. Day Of Judgement 8. Jah Will Provide 9. Ital Sip
Link: http://www85.zippyshare.com/v/pZ2KbTJ1/file.html
Studio One was one of, if not the, most important record label in Jamaican music history; leading the way through the evolution of reggae music. The music on Studio One Rockers covers all areas of Reggae such as Ska, Rocksteady, Roots and Dancehall. Included in this compilation are classic Ska tracks, The Skatalites "Phoenix City", Marcia Griffiths delivering some sublime Rocksteady in the form of "Feel Like Jumping", Johnny Osbourne offers some brilliant roots with "Truth and Rights", whilst Dancehall comes delivered by such wonderful artists as Freddy McGregor, Michigan and Smiley and more. From Dawn Penn's legendary "No, No, No" to classics such as Horace Andy's "Skylarking" you can’t go wrong with this and you would be a fool to miss out on these 15 masterful tracks.
Track Listing: 1. Real Rock – Sound Dimension 2. Feel Like Jumping – Marcia Griffiths 3. Bobby Bobylon – Freddie McGregor 4. Skylarking – Horace Andy 5. Village Soul – Lennie Hibbert
6. Greedy G – Brentford All Stars 7. Truth & Rights – Johnny Osbourne 8. Surfin – Ernest Ranglin
9. Eye Of Danger – Michigan & Smiley 10. No No No – Dawn Penn 11. Phoenix City – The Skatalites 12. Crabwalking – Prince Jazzbo 13. Hot Milk – Jackie Mittoo 14. Badder Dan Dem – Lone Ranger 15. Ethiopia – Cedric Brooks
Link: http://www56.zippyshare.com/v/jKLslM39/file.html

Brian Rides Again

I am so lucky that I have a steady supply of guest posts (sorry guys, I'll take Nikki Corvette over ANY of you, ANY TIME), I havene't had to do much of late since the Yo La Tengo epic, I've been starting a new job, trying to getmy son's college visits organized, dealing with the fallout from my son's breakup with his girlfriend, and also, early Friday morning, I took a fall and bruised my ribs pretty bad.........and, of course, if was FRIDAY, so the doc wasn't in to perscribe me something to make a fall worthwhile........I've got lots of posts on the back burner, but gimme a LITTLE time to get into the groove with my new job, and things will get back to normal.......Brian has submitted some more GREAT stuff, of course, you can always find his stuff at rustbeltoutpost.com, or download it from here, I personally don't care a lick.......anyways, Brian is a LOT more enthusiastic about this stuff than myself of late, prolly cause of the new job and etc, but I hope you guys dig the guest stuff while I be going through my lifestyle changes and stuff.......I think for TOMORROW I have another post from Apantabapanta, which means ANOTHER day that I don't have to do much except for copy/paste, but that is cool, the guest contributors are more enthusiastic, more energetic, more knowledgeable (in thier specialized fields), and (matter of opinion), more entertaining/interesting/informative than myself. Such is life.

OK, here is what Brian requests I give a bump to today........first we have some comedy recordings, which I will comment on ("Scott") as needed, as I will with anything anyone submits:

(Scott): Okay, let's be honest, I have at the very least always been honest, NEVER have I heard of anyone in this "Mystery Comedy Post"......in general, when Brian (who is a recorded comedy expert) sends me stuff it's something I've heard before and have some kinda idea about, (Firesign, Lenny Bruce, Pryor, Carlin, etc), but these folks I have never heard of.......does that say something about ME? Well, perhaps, but I really couldn't care less.......as I've said 1,000,000 times here, ANYTHING goes on this site, and I mean ANYTHING.

Mystery Comedy Post- Three Smartasses
Three of my favorite current smartass comics...I miss Patrice - he's been dead almost 4 years.
A nerdy wiseass with about the driest wit there is.

Drunken, nihilistic, cynical, and fucking hilarious! Doug does the kind of jokes that make you feel guilty at laughing at.

Patrice was the best black comic going when he died. A hilarious guy, and this is his only album
(Scott): as always I will download and listen as I do (by rule) with ANYTHING ANYONE sends me, but I can't tell ya WHEN.......I just know Brian knows what he's talking about when it comes to comedy recordings, so if they are your "thing", the line forms here!
(Scott): Oh, hell, yes, though, I do know A LOT about the 5 6 7 8's, I MIGHT have done a post about them before (don't feel like checking) but even if so, it's about time thier brilliance was posted once again......they were a legendary Japanese female rock trio, they were nothing short of brilliant, and Brian sends us three of their albums....I guess I will have to wake up, see if indeed I HAVE posted thier stuff before, and, also, check out what OTHER stuff (other than Brian's submission) I might have.......we'll see later this week but for now, Brian submits some fucking KILLER shit with these discs, DO NOT MISS THESE, especially if ya did the FIRST time (If there WAS a "first time")....this is badass shit that you will cheat yourself of if you don't jump upon........
The 5,6,7,8's - Three Great Albums
The 5,6,7,8's. Everybody knows them from Kill Bill, and legions of us loved - then got sick of - their track "Woo Hoo" once it got picked up for commercials. Did you actually know that it's a cover? Always thought it a little sad they didn't get a bigger chunk of that money!
Whatever you may think of Quentin Tarantino's musical exhuming for his film soundtracks, I thought his making the 5,6,7,8's the bar band in The House of Blue Leaves in Kill Bill was a nice touch. A Japanese female rock trio, with beehives and their own instruments, pounding out savage early rock and roll! For me, they're one of the very few groups other than The Cramps to do old rock songs well. What I'm giving you is their first three albums. The link is at the end of the post.
Their debut Can't Help It! is the most energetic and punkish of the lot. Things start out racing on "Ah So!". "Pinball Party" has some great echoing guitar, while the song "The 5,6,7,8's" just burns! Their take on "Wooly Bully" is a helium-voiced, lo-fi joy. "I Was A Teenage Cavewoman" is a brilliant nod to The Cramps, while the song "Bond Girl" has a ripping version of the James Bond theme.
Then came the EP "Bomb the Twist". The title track is completely gonzo, with Yoshiko's unhinged vocal alongside the harmony and all those handclaps! They do Duane Eddy and Dick Dale proud on their original "Jane In the Jungle". "Dream Boy" is a sweet number. And yes, "Woo Hoo" is on here. If it annoys you, just delete it and listen to the other stuff.
My favorite is their third album, The 5,6,7,8s. It's their most accomplished release, featuring more great covers ("Tallahassee Lassie", "Rockin' Rochester", "Arkansas Twist"), all of which give singer/guitarist Yoshiko a few phonetic hurdles. There's also good instrumentals ("Cat Fight Run", "Highschool Witch", "Harlem Nocturne") and several great originals: "I Walk Like Jayne Mansfield", "Oriental Rock", and the devastating"I Don't Need You No More", which contains the best rock and roll scream outside of The Cramps'"Goo Goo Muck"!

Really, check 'em out. It's not the kitsch factor, it's not Shonen Knife. A great girl group/rock band.
(Scott): And for his third submission of the day, Brian gives us some rarities from Nick Cave, if you know what is good for ya JUMP on these.....I'll just say, I have a FAIR amount of Cave's stuff and I didn't have any of these.........don't cry to me if you miss these, it's something MOST OF YOU would want, trust me if you think I am trustworthy......
Nick Cave/Birthday Party Rarities!
In honor of my occasional Australian readers - as well as the rest of the world that needs to hear this awesome rare stuff - I present three Nick Cave rarities. The first two come from his time in The Birthday Party....
The John Peel Sessions Download

In and out of print over the years, these are great sessions. I actually bought my copy the last time I was in a Best Buy years ago. Hear the Party's version of The Stooges'"Loose" and "Funhouse" here.
The Birthday Party Live 81-82 Download

This was actually reissued a year or so ago. This is the best live document of The Birthday Party - much better than Its Still Living. While their albums were never short on musical chaos, these live versions are even more unhinged. Just listen to "King Ink": Nick rising up out of the band's swamp groove to attack the audience with his screams. An essential live collection. If you're a Cave fan, you need this!
The Secret Life of the Love Song & The Flesh Made Word Download

I coveted this one for years until I found it gathering dust somewhere. Consists of two long spoken word pieces (with some music) in which Nick talks about songwriting and the themes of Love, God, and Death that permeate his work. An engrossing study of the myth of The Song. Rare as hell, too!

Hey I TOLD YOU I'd be back, Mega-Stranglers, Part 1!

Over this July 4th holiday weekend, i have guest material from both Brian and Apantanbapanta, both
of which you will get in the next couple  of days, but, in the wake of starting the new job and such, I thought it might be semi-important that I compose something of my own, rather than allow this blog to be "taken over' (as great as they are) by the guest posters....

OK.....as I said, I'm just starting a new job....as such the blog takes something of a back burner, but not TOO much, I STILL do love you all, and will Not stop doing what I do.....I love to share MY music with the world, and also the music my FRIENDS have, with the world......I am just slowing down a TOUCH, as I DSO need to concentrate my efforts on the new job, just a BIT, I am SURE you understand, but also make sure you know this: BigScott62 is going NOWHERE......I may post less frequently, my format might change a tiny bit, but I LOVE MY FOLLOWERS and will (I SWEAR) NEVER abandon you.......in the next few weeks you will see, I have a couplem "mega-posts" in the works, but  as for tonight, let me throw out to you a couple of random albums that you may not alread have in your stash..........I'm here for THAT reason too, ya know, I could be for another ten years and NEVER share ALL of the stuff I hve on CD with ya......that ain't the point........I love me some rock n roll, in ALL it's forms, and I try my damndest to share a bit of this and of a dab of that with YOU......so, with a long weekend ahead of us (I can do a thing or two with THAT), let me present a couple of teasers for ya, a few albums that ya mmay not have heard before that I can share with ya.......and if ya by some chance liked that Yo La Tengo mega-post, stick around, I have a few more of those MEGA things in the works, and I'd hate for ya to miss em.....the bottom line is I gotta get that kid o mne through college, thus;y, I gotta go back to work, but I DO love doing this here thing, and if you are with me, great, if not, sorry........here's what I have for ya tonight, selected purely at random:

OK, I pondered it and figured it was about I unleashed all of my classic STRANGLERS shit on ya......a favorite of mine? well in a way, yes, as they  remind my a lot of the Doors and MUCH MORE SPECIFICALLY, Sean Boniwell's Music Machine, who were about 30 years ahead of thier time, and, YES, I am saying the Stranglers were as well.......great band, GREAT band, I have a lota material here, might take me the better part of the week to get it all to ya, but TRUST ME  it will be worth it......this band had it all.......they rocked like a mofo, they were offensive as fuck ( a GOOD thing,  check "Peaches on the Beaches' or "Bring on the Nublies") and their amazing musical struture that recalled both the aforementioned Doors and Music Machone are NOTHING to be ashamed of, trust me........I have a LOT of this stuff, if you have anything to contribute, RIGHT NOW is the time, as we all know this is one of the best bands the Lord ever placed on the planet for our pleasure!

The catalogue is extensive, let's starat out simply, with their original studio albums, I guess that is the
easiest way to do it for the novices in the crowd........(for you newbs, if you only one ONE, please sample "IV Norvegicus Natticus", that would be my personal opinion, leastways.....

NO MORE HEROES (1977)-01 I feel Like a Wog/02 Bitching/03 Dead Ringer/04 Dagenham Dave/05 Bring On the Nubliels/06 Something Better Change/07 No More Heroes/08 Peasant in the Big Shitty/09 Burning Up TIme/10 English Towns/11 School Mam/12 Straighten Out/13 Five Minutes/14 Rok it to the Moon

IV RATTUS NORVEGICUS (1977)-01 Sometimes.02 Goodbye Tolouse/03 London Lady/04 Princess of the Streets/05 Hanging Around/06 Peaches/07 (Get a) Grip (On Yourself)/08 Ugly/09 Down In the sewer/10 Choosey Susie/11 Go Buddy Go/12 Peasant in the Big Shitty (Live)

BLACK AND WHITE (1978)-01  Tank/02 Nice N Sleazy/03Hey! (Rise of the Robots)/04 Outside Tokyo/05 Sweden (All Quiet on the Estern Front)/06 Toiler on the Sea/07 Curfew/08 Threatened/09 In the Shadows/10 Do You Wanna/11 Death and Night and Blood (Yukio)/12 Enough Time/13 Mean to Me/14 Walk On By/15 Shut Up/16 Sveridge/17 Old Codger/18 Tits

THE RAVEN (1979)-01 Longships/02 The Raven/03 Dead Loss Angeles/04 Ice/05 Baroque Bordello/06 Neuclear Device/07 Shah Shah a Go Go/08 Don't Bring Harry/09 Duchess/10 Meniniblack/11 Genetix/12 Bear Cage/13 Fools Rush Out/14 E'emmenes Pas Harry/15 Yellowcake UFO

THE CHRONICLES OF VLADIMIR (1980)-01 Vladimir and Olga/02 Vladimir and Sergei/03 Vladmimir and the Beast )Part III)/04 Vladimir Goes to Havannah/05 Viva Vlad!/06 Vladimir and the Pearl

OK, that'll do it for tonight........in the past I would have given ya 20 albums instead of 5, but things
are changing........these are five GREAT alums, (especially "Rattus" and "Heroes"), but this was one underappreciated band, and i aim to spend the rest of the week tributing them and ALL of thier great stuff I have.......PLEASE let me know how you feel about this retro-greatness, I love these albums (always did), if you do/did too, al least give a shout out, if they are new to ya, well, you DO have some catching up to do, BUT, in either case, I'll just say this......this was a great band......not "good" , GREAT.......for a variety of reasons they are not remembered that well today, but TRUST ME they were great, as we will both spending the rest of the week reminiscing over their greatness.....but, trust me, THESE albums, newb, are too great for MY commentary.

If you are a Strtanglers fan, pay attention the next week or so, I'll post when I can pst, but i DO have a ton of thier fantasticv music.....this goes for you as well if they are new to ya......they were a great band, always willing to take a chance, ominous, creepy, but always rocking........I have a LOT of thier stuff, and this post will reach Yo La Tengo-ish proportions.....NOTHING wrong with that IMO, as this was on of the great (and SERIOUSLY underappreciated) bands of the important era......it was an incredibly IMPORTANT era, and the Stranglers would hve been mega-stars (well MAYBE) at nearly any other point in history.......anyway, yourself for a BUNCH of thier work, coz i happen to have a BUNC!

Mega-Stranglers Part 2

So, how did you like the beginning of the the Stranglers epic? Should be a good one, I am thinking, I
have some guest material from Brian and Apantabapanta which I'll get up tomorrow, taking a small break in the Stranglers thing, but variety is, of course, the life of spice.

So for tonight lets pick up where we left off.......our first album tonight is the first of the originals (good ones) that were released AFTER the classics (see yesterday)......1981's "The Gosple According to the Meninblack" was a VERY ambitious conceptual effort which doesn't exactly always work, despite, taken as less than a sum of its parts, still has some good Stranglers stuff on it .....It's recommended, and is  a smooth transition into the 80's for the band.

"La Folie" was issued in 1981 as well, they were REALLY cranking out the music at this time......pretty fair album, although if not a Stranglers fan you MAY not care for it, procede with caution (i DO like it)......in 1982 they released "Feline", which, by thier own standards is no classic, BUT we are not highlighting ONLY the classic stuff, but ALL of the Stranglers material I have accumulated......

This is a band that, while trying new things never deviated from their original concept,if you get what I mean.......1984's "Aural Sculpture" was a good, listenable album as well, presented here in a fine, 2001 deluxe edition release with a lot of bonus material.

For my money thier era of "greatness" was over, but like so many great bands the albums on the way "down" are certainly worth a spin......such is the case with this evening's final offering "Dreamtime".....the title track and "Big in America" would work anytime, and so it is for bands like this with long, great careers and VERY dedicated followings.

Back tomorrow with some guest material, and also hopefully a wrap up of the Stranglers studio career.......they released a few more albums and we may as well get to them, before we get into the rarities and the like.........

Please tell a brother what you think!

THE GOSPEL ACCORDING TO THE MENINBLACK-01 Waltinblack/02 Just Like Nothing On Earth/03 Second Coming/04 Waiting for the Meninblack/05 Turn the Centuries, Turn/06 Two Sunspots/07 Four Horsemen/08 Thrown Away/09 Manna Machine/10 Hallow To Our Men /11 Top Secret/12 Maninwhite/13 Tomorrow Was Hereafter
LA FOLIE-01 Non Stop/02 Everybody Loves You When You're Dead/03 Tramp/04 Let Me Introduce You To the Family/05 Ain't Nothing To It/06 The Man They Love To Hate/07 Pin Up/08 It Only takes Two to tango/09 Golden Brown/10 How to Find Love and happiness in the Present/11 La Folie/12 Cruel Garden/13 Cocktail Nubiles/14 Vietnamerica/15 Love 30/16 You Hold the Key to My Love In Your hands/17 Strange Little Girls
FELINE-01 Midnight Summer Dream/02 It's a Small World/03 Ships That Pass in the Night/04 European Female (In Celebration Of)/05 Let's Tango In Paris/06 Paradaise/07 All Roads Lead to Rome/08 Blue Sister/09 Never Say Goodbye
AURAL SCULPTURE-01 Ice Queen/02 Skin Deep/03 Let Me Down Easy/04 No Mercy/05 North Winds/06 Uptown/07 Punch & Judy/08 Spain/09 Laughing/10 Souls/11 Mad Hatter/12 Here and There/13 In One Door/14 Head on the Line/15 Achilles Heel/16 Hot Club (Riot Mix)/17 Place de Vict.oires/18 Vladimir and the Beast (part 3)/19 Vladimir Goes to Havana
DREAMTIME-01 Always the Sun/02 Dreamtime/03 Was It You?/04 You'll Always Reap What You Sow/05 Ghost Train/06 Nice In Nice/07 Big In AMerica/08 Shakin Like a Leaf/09 Mayan Skies/10 Too Precious/11 Since You Went Away/12 Norman Normal/13 Dry Day/14 Hitman/15 Was It You? (single version)/16 Burnham Beeches

So the hits just keep on comin..........remember, next post (hopefully tomorrow) will be some guest material (better than my stuff anyway), and then back to the Stranglers, LOTS of live stuff, rarities, EP's, and lots of other stuff you can't live without!

A Brief Stranglers' Break to Check on Brian's Mega-Project

Well, I hope the 4th of July weekend finds you and your family well, I thought it was a kick that I got Friday off WITH PAY after just one week (4 days) of starting my new job! Anyway, I've been doing some Stranglers stuff the past few days, get to a bit more of THAT later, but for right now, I know that Brian has been working on this project for some time and labor that extensive deserves favour:

Of coursre Brian's work is also found on rustbeltoutpost, makes neither of a us a difference from which you utilize. Anyway, without further ado,  here's Brian's latest section of his BIG project:

(Scott): I love international (non-English language) rock, and although this doesn't deal exclusively with rock, it runs the gammut on some different and VERY obscure stuff......this is the second part (the first was published earlier), and I must say it is quite impressive.This focusses on Thailand (the second "tour" there), and Burma......redendant for ME to describe them, Brian is the expert, so take it away, sir.......

Southeast Asian Tour #2 - Thailand Part 2 and Burma

And so it begins. Sorry this took so long, a few of the original uploads didn't work, and I wanted to actually listen to all this stuff before offloading it on you.

That last Thai post was fairly popular, and this one should be even more so. Awesome stuff here. Some of it I discovered while assembling this post, but everything gets a thumbs up, trust me....


Thai Pop Spectacular 1960s-1980s Vol. 1 LINK

This is a kaleidoscopic volume. Funky tracks, girl pop, Italo Disco type stuff, horns, twangy guitars, warbling vocals... a great listen.

Siamese Soul: Thai Pop Spectacular Volume 2 LINK

That word soul is appropriate. There's moments on this that feel like a lost Stax album or blaxploitation soundtrack, and then a female vocal or odd-sounding horn will come in. It's captivating stuff. There's some strange moments (the erp background vocals on "Kob Kanong Fon"), but the whole thing jams!
Singapore A Go Go LINK

This is one of my favorite Thai albums. Cooing girl pop, badass rock instrumentals...this is a nice, dense compilation. Most unwieldy band name ever? Charlie Electric Guitar Band's Sound of Japan. My favorite? Dong Rong and the Stylers.

Molam - Thai Country Groove From Isan, Volume 2 LINK

Many enjoyed Volume 1 in the previous post. This is more of the same funky native rhythms. Some spacey instruments on this one.

The Sound Of Siam : Leftfield Luk Thung, Jazz And Molam In Thailand 1964-1975 LINK

This one is especially awesome...it's just so damn funky! You can get lost in the groove with this album. Headphone approved!
The Sound Of Siam Volume 2 - Molam and Luk Thung from Northeast Thailand 1970-1982 LINK

These two Sound of Siam volumes might be even funkier than SF's two Molam Country Grooves albums. I've barely heard this one, but you get it, kids. And now, we're done with Thailand...so we're moving to her sister country, sweltering and much-oppressed Burma.


Princess Nicotine - Folk and Pop Sounds of Myanmar (Burma) LINK

Burma has a very polyrthmic kind of folk music. It can be tough finding your way through it, but once you do it's great stuff.
Guitars of the Golden Triangle - Folk and Pop Music of Myanmar (Burma), Vol. 2 LINK

This is definitely the most "pop" of the four Burma albums. While it's still very native sounding, there's great 60's pop/soul harmonies and guitar lines throughout. For some reason, when I zipped this, the track order got shuffled a bit.
Music of Nat Pwe - Folk and Pop Music of Myanmar (Burma), Volume 3 LINK

More native Burma madness. Some of the percussion here reminds me of the Mothers Of Invention.

The Crying Princess: 78 RPM Records From Burma LINK

The fidelity isn't the greatest - 78s, duh - but this is an interesting collection of hauntingly bizarre, arhythmic folk music.
Hope you guys enjoy this. This isn't all put together anywhere else, other than a torrent somewhere maybe. I was going to put links under each that would take you to the info pages on the Sublime Frequencies site, but figured that would invite disaster. So go check their site for further info on each release.

And if you missed the previous Thai post, it can be found HERE
(Scott): And here is the third section, as Brian concentrates his efforts on Vietnam, Laos, and Cambodia.......more good stuff here, very little of which I already had on hand. If you are a fan of international pop/rock, you can't miss this:
Southeast Asian Tour #3 Cambodia, Vietnam, and Laos

This is the final post of music from Southeast Asia. Most of these come from this record label....

This is one hell of a post, too. The Cambodian stuff is really awesome, and if you get it under your skin you'll love it. The two Radio volumes are whirling musical journeys, and the folk music on here is like nothing you've ever heard. Almost all of these are rare. And you can thank me for the Kim Sinh album, trust me....


Cambodian Cassette Archives LINK

I bringing this one back from my previous post, because it fits so well. SF's only contribution to the Cambodian rock genre. One of the best of its kind. And again, there's that poignant thought that everyone on these records died....

Cambodian Rocks (1996) LINK

This was the one that started the whole "Lost Cambodia Rock" genre, and it's still one of the best. Came out on the Parallel World label. This original copy doesn't have artist or track names, but if you poke around the net for awhile, I think people have researched and come up with a tracklist in the years since. A great listen.

Cambodian Rocks 2 LINK

This is not a sequel to the previous volume. There are two Cambodian Vol 1 out there I believe. I've never had Vol. 1 of this series, but the volumes after are definitely great. I made sure there were artist names on these songs, so you can learn who people like Sinn Sisamouth and Ros Sorothsyea are.

Cambodia Rocks 3 LINK

In keeping with the title, this volume has even more psych-ier songs. Prime stuff. I believe there's a Vol 4 and 5 of this series, but I don't have them yet.

Radio Phnom Penh LINK

An amazing collection, and one of the best of SF's Radio albums. Southeast Asia is definitely a multicultural place.

Ethnic Minority Music of Northeast Cambodia LINK

For this one, we head out to the villages. The music is haunting, otherworldly, and hypnotic.


Saigon Rock & Soul: Vietnamese Classic Tracks 1968-74 LINK

The Vietnamese were just as good at adapting American sounds as the Thais and Cambodians were. It rocks, it grooves...here's to hoping SF releases more Vietnam stuff.

Radio Vietnam LINK

This is a kaleidoscopic day in the life in modern day Vietnam. English language news, dance songs,indiginous pop...it's a smorgasbord, and definitely a worthy cousin to Radio Phnom Penh.

Rough Guide To the Music of Vietnam LINK

This is a good cross section of modern Vietnamese music: immaculately recorded folk songs, instrumentals, pop tunes, even some Asian blues. You might play this one more than you think.

The Art of Kim Sinh LINK
This was one I discovered while assembling this, and man is it gooood. Kim Sinh is a blind guitarist who's also a master of the Dam Nguyen, a very expressive three string lute. With almost no accompaniment, and only occasionally vocals, he makes an amazing solo album. This one is hypnotic!

Ethnic Minority Music Of North Vietnam LINK

Another good village recording. I'm glad they started this series; it's too bad they were only on vinyl and really rare.


This is the only thing I could easily find for Laos. Doesn't seem that they had a documented rock/pop scene like the surrounding countries. But this one is good....
Ethnic Minority Music of Southern Laos LINK

Another in their series of village music recordings. I found this one really immersive. A lot of odd percussion, but with a meditative, rhythmic pace. I had headphones on, grooving to the thing....and one of the old men coughed. I jumped! It felt so live, like he was right next to me. They really recorded these village albums well. Alan Lomax would be proud.
That's it for Southeast Asia. I'll poke around with a few more good Asian releases - including more SF stuff - but there wont be any other big posts world music stuff for awhile.
And one more quick Brian submission, he loaned this to me a couple weeks ago, and I never got around to posting it, but I see that HE has now, so I will also, I haven't had any hate-mail generated in a while now. What we have is the soundtrack album from "Romper Stomper", the Australian skinhead film from 1992......like a lot of the previous controversial Nazi rock I have posted, this will NOT be popular among a lot of you......but hopefully what it WILL do is generate free-speech discussion, as I have said many times before I have posted LOTS of "hateful" music from the left, and no one utters even a peep. Bet it happens again, here too, but the quality of the music here is superior to some of my previous skinhead posts, and the snippets of dialogue from the film work very well too.......my past nazi-type rockers I wouldn't rank (anything) above two stars (THAT would be charitable), this one easilly makes three, IMO.

Romper Stomper Soundtrack

"We came to wreck everything, and ruin your life.
....God sent us."

Here's something you won't see out here much. I couldn't even find it on all the soundtrack blogs I go to. This is the soundtrack to the 1992 Australian skinhead movie that introduced Russell Crowe to the world.
Romper Stomper Soundtrack DOWNLOAD
Here's all I'll do as a disclaimer: I am neither a Nazi nor a racist. This is a favorite film of mine. Sure, I'll occasionally bang my head to some of the tunes ("Pulling On the Boots" especially), but I don't ascribe to their beliefs, and I'm not trying to stir up shit by posting this, so please don't give me any. And if you want me to flip the coin, I got some Black Panther rap from the 70's I can lay on you anytime you say....
The songs are good bashing punk, and the actual soundtrack pieces are good too. The "Dead Nazi March" is particularly affecting, with it's flattened, strange-sounding horns. And the inclusion of dialogue from the film is a stroke of genius. I particularly like the "fuck off" and "we came to wreck everything" dialogue being on the album.
If you're gonna have one album of Skinhead punk, it might as well be this one. Go ahead and download it...I won't tell anybody.
(Scott): I also have a guest post from Apantabapanta, the latest installment of his encyclopedia effort, I don't QUITE have it ready to post, so I'll get it up tomorrow.........as for now, let us return to the Stranglers, as we have quite a LOT more to showcase from them.....

Mega Stranglers Part 3

From 1990, "10" was the final album the band released, prior to the departure of founding member
Hugh Cornwell. People share mixed emotions on it, I am not that fond of it (they cover "96 Tears" and "All Day and All of the Night") both really fine efforts, but the band is sounding tired.......not a worthless record by any means, "Sweet Smell of Success" is a good one, and at least this is a loaded, bonus edition CD version with a lot of extra tracks.

New members Paul Roberts and John Ellis take over on "Stranglers in the Night".....I like it, personally, it harkens back to thier rough-edged, Music-Machine influenced greatness....often a major participant leaving is a death knell, but in this case, it seemed to offer the band a bbit of breathing room. "Heaven and Hell", "Sugar Bullets", and "Brainbox" all work fine for me, a surprisingly good and listenable album.

"About Time" came out in 1995, andd, reminded me more of what I thought "Stranglers in the Night" may sound like......the horns return, electric violins, is it "interesting"? well, no, not terrible, nor does it rock especially......however, I'm sure it has its fans, here is is for any of you Strangler junkies!

"Written in Red", I think, is kind of a mess as well, it appaers in several versions with live numbers and the like, this version doesn't have much to recommend it, save perhaps "In Heaven She Walks", which really IS a good one.

"Coup De Grace", also falls short, JJ Burrell really steps to the forfront with writing and singing a lot more material than in past, sorta sounds like maybe a solo effort for him.......as the band had been entertaining military troops in placaes such as the Falkland Islands and Bosnia, there are recurring 'war" themes tthroughout, nonetheless, I am not/was not terrible impressed........

ALL bands (well, NEARLY) Do reach this point at some time.........often, if I have the maerial, it's good that we can "document" the fall as well as the rise.

in 2004 (2004!) the resurfaced with a new strummer, Baz Warne, and released "Norfolk Coast", it's not NEARLY as awful as I thought it would be.......the title track is realy good, and "Tucker's Grave" is a winner as well........the traditional Stranglers swirling keyboards are FINALLY back up frnt where they belong. No classic, but a good one, worth a download anyway.

I found on the bay something called "Suite XVI".......gotta say, never heard anything on it, and don't REALLY want to......this ship has sailed. It's here for you though......and, aparently, they released another album, subsequently, "Giants", which was not available, I don't have, andI guess we will have to live without.....

No matter you have a full picture pretty much of the once-great Stranglers, this will wrap up the studio albums, but I have a LOT of other stuff coming from their glory days. Maybe some even later tonight.

Do you enjoy the Mega-post format? I do, as long as it doesn;t become permanent.....would be too
restrictive for me, you know I GOTTA be free form.........I've "done" many of the greas in :mega" format, but if there is someone else, please suggest.

10-01 Sweet Smell Of Success/02 Someone Like You/03 96 Tears/04 In this Place/05 Celebrate/06 Man of the Earth/07 Too Many Teardrops/08 Where I Live/09 Out of My Mind/10 Never Look Back/11 Instead of this (Bonus)/12 Poisonality (Bonus)/13 Motorbike (Bonus)/14 Something (Bonus)/14 Something (Bonus)/15 You (Bonus)/16 Viva Vlad(Bonus)/17 All Day and All of the Night (Bonus)/18 Always the Sun (Sunny Side Up Mix)

STRANGLERS IN THE NIGHT-01 Time To Die/02 Sugar Bullets/03 Heaven and Hell/04 Laughing in the Rain/05 This Town/06 Brainbox/07Southern Mountains/08 Gain ENtry to Your Soul/09 Grand Canyon/10 Wet Afternoon/11 Never See/12 Leave it to the Dogs

ABOUT TIME-01 Golden Boy /02 Money/03 Face/04 Sinister/05 Little Blue Lies/06 Still Life/07
Paradise Row/08 She Gave It All/09 Lies and Deception/10 Lucky Fingers/11 And the Boat Sails By

WRITTEN IN RED-01 Valey of the Birds/02 In Heaven She Walks/03 In a While/04 Sliver Into Blue/05 Blue Song/06 Here/07 Joy de Vira/08 Miss You/09 Daddy's Riding In the Range/10 Summer in the City/11 Wonderful Land

COUP DE GRACE-01 God Is Good/02 You Don't Think That What You've done Is Wrong/03 Tonight/04 Jump Over My Shadow/05 Miss You/06 Coup de Grace (SOS)/07 I the End/08 No Reason/09 Known Only Unto God/10 The Light

NORFOLK COAST-01 Norfolk Coast/02 Big Thing Coming/03 Long Black Veil/04 I've Been Wild/Dutch Moon/06 Lost Control/07 Into the Fire/08 Tucker's Grave/09 I Do'nt agree/10 Sanfte Kuss/11 Mine All Mine

SUITE XVI-01 Unroken/02 Spectre of love/03 She's Slipping Away/04 Summat Outanowt/05 Anthing Can Happen/06 See Me Coming/07 Bless You (Save You.. Spare You, Damn You)/08 A Soldiers Diary/09 Barbara (Shagri-La)/10 I Hate You/11 Relentless

This bout wraps up the Stranglers stuff, as per thier studio efforts.....don't despair, they were a fave of mine for quite a while, so I'm not gonna leave you hanging.......LOTS of more stuff any of you Stranglers-junkies will froth over.......BUT I am going to switch gears once again, REALLY quickly, from my buddy from Greece, ApantaBapanta, who continueally works on the "Encyclopedia of Disbanded Rock Bands".......might take him a while, and he could CERTAINLY use some help (Sorry, I WISH I had the time) , but he'd done a fine job up until now, and his posts are just pehnominal........informative, and with the right links to get you SOLID background information. What Apanta does here is a little different than what others might do, and I salute him bug time, for being an ORIGINAL, as well as a great and knowledgeable guest-poster to this blog, one who is welcome here, ANY time he wishes, yes, a favorite contributor of mine (OK, you ALL are favorite contributors of mine!)


Apantabapanta and the latest Encyclopedia Submission

(Scott): As I've said before thi guy go all out to expand the bases of our musical knowledge, selecting
defunct rock bands of various genres, linking to Wikipedia for complete (such as it is) info on the bands, followed by generally a link to a classic album or a compilation from the band in question,,,,,,sometimes it's hard to fit these in BUT DO NOT EVER FORGET.......DAMN NEAR ANYTHING GOES HERE, as log as YOU GUYS benefit something from it.....and I think you will from at least some (if not al), of his submisssions this week.


OK, this weeks submission from Apantabapanta are as follows:

A bunch of best of collections of mostly 70’s & some 60’s bands that have been disbanded, in alphabetical order.
Post 007
a) The idea is to know the music of the bands all around the world that their music style is
close to – Pop / Rock-Folk / Rock-New / Wave-Punk / Rock-Hard / Rock-Prog / Rock
b) I’ll try to post 5 bands every week.
c) Some bands have been reformed.
d) If anyone like this idea and have something to post please do.
e) Volunteers needed for finding & posting bands starting from letter ‘’B’’.
f) If you play the songs with Windows Media Player you will see info about the bands.
Next Week Post 008
Arti e Mestieri ITA
Asfalto SPN
Ash Ra Tempel GER
Ashra GER
Ashton, Gardner and Dyke UK
 (Scott):, thank you Apanta for another winner.........Argent? Art Bears? Artful Dodger? Some GREAT and LONG FORGOTTEN bands here......trust me, rock n rollers, there is stuff here you will LOVE, you have nothing to lose by checking it out..........thanks, Apantabapanta, hope to see you next week as ususal!
Great submissiones he creates I am LUCKY and honored he chooses to do so HERE!

Mega-Stranglers, Part 4,the EP's and Singles

OK, hope like hell you've been enjoying the Stranglers greatness, as promissed there is quite  abit
more to come, lets just see how bad ya REALLY want it !!!!!!!!

Let's begin with an unusual 9" disc, evidently given away for free to fans of the band,,,,,,,hey, don't quibble......three fine tracks ("Tits", "Walk On By", and "Mean to Me") are al great, I wish I would have tripped over one f these great bands in 1993 or so.......

The also released a fine EP, "Don't Bring harry", has some good stuff, not available elsewhere.....there are English and French versions both of the title cluster, but in betweeem there are semi-Stranglers classics such sa "Crabs" and "In the Shadows"......this is a worthwile EP, I'd appreciate yur givin it a chance

Next a 2-sided single from 1982, nothing spectacular, except, there's a special 12" mix of :Midnight Summers", as well as multiple versions of "Vladimir and Olga"......

The "Paradise" single has some good stuff on it as well, no undiscovered classics, but three Stranglers tracks with which you MAY feel are essential (I don't really), but ya try to put ALL yer cards on the table.

Another 12' Single is 1984's "Let Me Down Easy".......three intruging tracks (one an instrumental) as I continue to TRY to get you your radiohead FIX, I know that by now they are considered a litle dated, but WHEN DID I EVER CARE ABOUT THAT? Nope, not my mindset, I am just trying tonight to to HELP these people with the disabilites........PLEASE support the discs that are posted in honor of some disabled soldier or something, lets continue, through small steps, to try to make the world something of a beter olace on which we can ALL Live

The next mega-single (as best as I can determine, is 1984's "Skin Deep", with a tremendous extended version of the title track here......I'd LOVE to show up and play catch with them at one of thier preactices, but that;s just that..........I

Thier classic reworking of "96 Tears" gets a lot of lve, no need to worry,,,,this was put together by
my cousin Eric, also a military man .....there are also a couple more tracks here that are worthwhile
it's the STRANGLERS for God Sake.....you know NOW, without hearing if this is for you,but lemme tell ya......this is yet another version of that oft-covered clasic, and the rest of the shit here is great as well.......
Last One I got for ya is "Sweet Smell of Success".....I THINK this gives us all the Stranglers non-lp stuff, I could be wrong.......anyway, look for some LIVE stuff tomorrow (or next time I post)!)

FREE 9" EP-01 01 Walk On By/02 Mean To Me/03 Tits

DON'T BRING HARRY-01 Don't Bring Harry (english)/02 Wired/03 Sveriege/04  Crabs/05 I the Shadows/06 Don't Bring harry (French)

MIDNIGHT SUMMMERS DREAM-01 Midnight Summers Dream/02 Vladimir and Olga

PARADISE-01 Paradise/02 Prwsher/03 Permission

LET ME DOWN EASY-01 Let Me Down Easy/02 Achilles Heel/03 Place De Victores

SKIN DEEP-01 Skin Deeep (extended)/02 Here and There/03 Vladimir and the Beast (Part 3)

96 TEARS-01 96 Tears/02 Instead of This/03 Poisonality

SWEET SMELL OF SUCCESS-01 Sweet Smel of Success/02 Motobike/03 Something

Kay, these are kinda sorta rare, hope you appreciate em.....as I said, next up is LIVE material hopefull tomorrow.......until then enjoy the remainder of your weekend

Another break in Mega-Stranglers, for some more Bitchin guest material.....

And, yes, the Stranglers will be back.......when people send me stuf, though, I am anxious to post it as
I am  a "True' TEAM PLAYER......first let me point out that the great Cliff (Reggae man) is having some health issues, lets' all say a prayer for him that he gets well quickly, he's a FINE contricutor to this blog, and I hope he recovers 100%.........hope all you gys agree with me, too...

What we DO have tonight is Part 1 of a spectacular posting from our new great contributor Jonder......he is planning on sharing ALL of his great Duke Spirit materieal with us (sounds GREAT to me), and he has told me of a few other bands he'd like to feature......THAT is how I want this to work, with EVERYONE contributing, so without further ado, here is Jonder, with part ONE of his MEGA-Duke Spirit post.......who knows when the next part will be, it'll probably alternate between his and the rest of my Mega-Stranglers.......and, what the hell is so wrong with THAT?


The Duke Spirit began releasing singles in 2002, first under the name Solomon, later adopting The Duke Spirit as a band name from the title of an Augustus Pablo track. The first Duke Spirit album, Cuts Across the Land, appeared in 2005.

An old Rolling Stone review of Siouxsie and the Banshees' debut said that Siouxsie's voice "sounds thrillingly like a young Grace Slick." I think the Duke Spirit's singer Liela Moss can be far more accurately compared to Grace Slick in terms of the two vocalists' power as well as their tone and range.

The music of the Duke Spirit has a strong shoegaze influence, but they are primarily a rock band, and a great one at that. Their choices of cover songs reveals the range of their influences (from garage rock to reggae, punk, blues, and psychedelia). I would like to share those covers in another post, with Big Scott's permission.

CUTS ACROSS THE LAND: 01 Cuts Across The Land/ 02 Love Is An Unfamiliar Name/ 03 Darling You're Mean/ 04 Win Your Love/ 05 Hello To The Floor/ 06 Bottom Of The Sea/ 07 Fades The Sun/ 08 You Were Born Inside My Heart/ 09 Lion Rip/ 10 Lovetones/ 11 Stubborn Stitches/ 12 Red Weather/ 13 Take A Look Around/ 14 So Good To Hear/ 15 Boot Hill. This is the US version of the album, with bonus tracks (13-15).

The band went to Rancho de la Luna to record their second album, Neptune (2008). This trip brought the Duke Spirit into the orbit of QOTSA and the Desert Sessions collective. Liela Moss has since sung on projects by Jesse Hughes and Dave Catchings.

NEPTUNE: 01 I Do Believe/ 02 Send A Little Love Token/ 03 The Step And The Walk/ 04 Dog Roses/ 05 Into The Fold/ 06 This Ship Was Built To Last/ 07 Wooden Heart/ 08 You Really Wake Up The Love In Me/ 09 My Sunken Treasure/ 10 Lassoo/ 12 Neptune's Call/ 13 Sovereign

The third Duke Spirit album, Bruiser (2010), was their last. The band continued playing live through 2012. Moss and Duke Spirit guitarist Toby Butler formed a duo called Roman Remains, and signed to Dhani Harrison's label. Toby Butler has done remixes for other artists, and Liela Moss has been in high demand as a guest vocalist for numerous bands and soundtrack albums. I have a lot of Liela's songs to share as well, if there is interest among you readers.

BRUISER: 01 Cherry Tree/ 02 Procession/ 03 Villain/ 04 Don't Wait/ 05 Surrender/ 06 Bodies/ 07 De Lux/ 08 Sweet Bitter Sweet/ 09 Running Fire/ 10 Everybody's Under Your Spell/ 11 Northbound/ 12 Homecoming/ 13 Procession (Gary Numan remix)/ 14 Cherry Tree (remix) 15 Bodies (remix)/ 16 Don't Wait (remix). Tracks 13-16 were added to a 2012 re-release.

In January 2015, the band announced on their Facebook page that they were recording a new album with Simon Raymonde from the Cocteau Twins (who produced part of the Duke Spirit's debut). The band is scheduled to play a UK festival in September, and hopefully their new record will come out around then.

The State of Things, and Mega-Stranglers Part 5

OK, the skinny on my new job is as follows....I work 4-10 hour days AS WELL as having a 3 hour round trip drive each day........knew that going in, not a big thing....but I DO want to continue the blof, I have so mnay FANTASTIC guest contributors that you might not likely know I've slacked off until I get laid off next winter......Jonder's Duke Spirit stuff has been great thusfar, and I hope he continues to contribute after he completes that project, Brian, as always, has a TON of unusual stuff he'd like me to bump, Cliff has had some health issues, praying he'll be fine and back soon, and of course, we have Apantabapanta and others.......I also aim to talk to Jose in the next few days about a bad-ass post that was on his blog that I'd like to share.

THIS BLOG IS GOING NOWHERE.....it may slow down, it may rely more on outside contributors, it may be 180 degrees different than what it ONCE was, but goddamnit, I LIKE doing it, and I LOVE all my readers, and I am NOT going to stop.......check the stuff I put up over my three day weekend, we should wrap up the Stranglers as well as some more cool stuff......I AM NOT GOING TO BAIL ON YOU, trust me......some of you guys have been VERY loyal/faithful to me, and i am NOT ABOUT to forget about that.........this blog is HERE TO STAY, until some wank-ass shits it down. TRUST ME, check every few hours Fri/Sat/Sun this week, you'll see lots of good stuff, both from ME and from the rest of my fabulous team, to whom I owe and eternal gratitude. DAMNIT, GREOWING BORED FOR A LIVING is going to be around for a LONG, LONG while yet........if you don't like that, SORRY ABOUT YOUR FUCKING LUCK frankly.

OK, let us investigate some live Stranglers.. I never got to see them live, certainly wish I had, as they were a "punk" band before it was even fashionable, not to mention thier fantastic musci, influenced by the dorrs and (especially) Music Machine was incredible.......the live music I present here is badass, likely will have to split it into two parts, but there is some wonderful stuff here.

The earliest I have in my stash is "1977 Live at the Hope & Anchor".........primitive set, releasead LONG before the Stranglers were "the Stranglers", and there is some great music here, early versions of "Tits" and "No More Heroes" set the pace, this is one fans of the band will NOT want to miss.

1979's "Live X Cert" is a dandy as well, with a fine early version of "Grip", a rocking "Go Buddy Go", and plenty of fine early versions of many of thier greatest works........great album here, also.

Next up we have a very good (also odd) one, "The Stranglers and Friends Live In Concert"........lots of folks help out here, Robert Fripp, Ian Dury, Larry Wallis, Toyah Wilcox and others.....they take on standard Stranglers numbers and breathe new life into them, I'd recommend against missing the fab version of "Peaches" in which they get help from Ian Dury, Wilko Johnson, Davey Payne, John Turnball, & Toyah Wilcox........just sayin, my fave Stranglers track gets a TOTAL makeover.....

"1981 Apollo Revisited" is a stellar set as well, catching the band just about at their peak.....they run through a set of some of thier best stuff, great versions of "Bring On the Nubiles", "Golden Brown", "Meninblack", and lots more........run, don't walk.

I'll put up some more live stuff tomorrow, tonight I'll wrap up with 1986's "Browned, Seasoned, and Thickened".......a good enough set, though catching the band a bit past thier peak, but still, we can always use another great version of "Golden Brown" or "No More Heroes"........one of the great bands of the 1980's (and 70's), perhaps a bit underappreciated as a live act, hopefuly this post and tomorrows will help to straighten out this injustice! Remember, tomorrow (Friday) MORE live Stranglers PLUS some great guest material! Don't miss, my children!

1977 LIVE AT THE HOPE & ANCHOR-01 Tits/02 Choosey Suzie/03 Goodbye Toulouse/04
Bitching/05 Mean To Me/06 School Mam/07 Peasant in the Big Shitty/08 In the Shadows/09 Walk On By/10 Princess of the streets/11 Go Buddy Go/12 No More Heroes/13 Straighten Out

LIVE X CERT-01 Grip/02 Dagneham Dave/03 Burning Up Time/04 Dead Ringer/05 hanging Around/06 I feel Like a Wog/07 Straighten Out/08 Curfew/09 Do You Wanna Death and Night and Blood Yukio/10 5 Minutes/11 Go Buddy Go/12 Peasant In the Big Shitty/13 In the Shadows/14 Sometimes/15 Mean To Me/16 London Lady/17 Goodbye Tolouse/18 hanging Around

THE STRANGLERS AND FRIENDS LIVE IN CONCERT-01 Intro/Jet Black/02 Grip/03 Hanging Around/04 Tank/05 Threatened/06 Toiler on the Sea/07 The Raven/08 Dead Loss Angeles/09 Nice N Sleazy/10 Bring On the Nubiles/11 Peaches/12 Bear Cage/13 Duchess/14 No More Heroes/15 5 Minutes/16 Something Beter Change/17 Down in the Sewer

1981 APOLLO REVISITED-01 Waltzinblack/02 Non Stop/03 Threatened/04 Just Like Nothing On Earth/05 Second Coming/06 The man They Love To Hate/07 Meninblack/08 Who Wants the World/09 Golden Brown/10 Tank/11 Nuclear Device/12 Genetix/13 Bring On the Nubiles/14 Duchesss/15 Let Me Introduce You to the Family/16 Hanging Around/17 The Raven

BROWNED SEASONED AND THICKENED-01 Nuclear Device/02 Toiler on the Sea.03 Ships
That Pass In the Night/04 Small World/05 Just Like Nothing On Earth/06 No More Heroes/07 Who Wants the World/08 Never Say Goodbye/09 Baroque Bordello/10 Golden Brown/11 Princess of the Streets

REMEMEBER NOW, for a while, this blog is gonna be a Thursday Night-Sunday kinda thing.......hopw that is OK with everyone.......for the next few days, still got PLENTY of Stranglers material to share, and Brian has a BIG bunch of stuff he wants me to give a boost to.......so check back frequently over the weekend......i WISH I could maintian the everyday pace, but I just can't see it for now.........NOT that I love ya any less, I'm sure you understaned!

Mega Stranglers part 6, more LIVE goodies

So, by 1988, the Stranglers had become what they were going to become, and looking to go in
various directions......for example, THIS live LP("ALl Live And All of the Night") has a HORN SECTION (yes, really) on it, not my favorite thing, but different at least.......Stranglers fans will like the unique factor, lotta good stuff here, anyway (note: I DO NOT have the extended,  bonus version with extra tracks, if you do, please help out?

Now, MUCH more of interest to me is "The Early Years Live, '74-'76".....tremendously sloppy early versions of thier classics, from various venues/dates, a couple tracks get doubled ("Grip" and "Go Buddy Go"), but still fine to hear these gems, and ALWAYS great to find another version of "Peaches", which will ALWAYS be MY fave!

1993's "Saturday Night Sunday Morning" is significant in that it is the last known recorded show featuring Hugh Cornwell,  not bad, "Goldne Brown", "No More Heroes", "96 Tears"......(where's "peaches?""where's "Grip"?).......anyway, worthwhile, any Stranglers fan is gonna want this as well.

I also seem to have a copy of a 1985 recording "Death and Night and Blood", a good run down of most of thier classic material, don't, honestly, recall listening to it to be honest, but it's the Stranglers running through some of their best material, when they were right near their peak......

OK, couple of bootlegs as well.........earliest being a 1980 Toronto show, gets pretty frantic with fine versions of "Bring on the Nublies", "Boroque Borddello", and a fine "I feel Like a Wog", the entire set magnificently shows off thte Stranglers sleazy charm.

I have a London show from 1984 (unsure of date or venue), they really put out on this one as well, right up to the fabulous encore of "European Female" and (YES!) "Peaches"

Last one I have for now is a 1985 Zurich set, it gets pretty reaaved up as well, most of their early greatas are here (except, oddly, "Grip"), but by now you have the idea......I have a buncha Stranglers sttuff, if they were/are your "thing" eat harty!

Morse Stranglers stuff coming, some comps with maybe a rarity or two, also some solo work from
some of the members......stay tuned, we'll have some good guest material in the next couple days too.

ALL LIVE AND ALL OF THE NIGHT-01 No More Heroes/02 Was It You/03 Down In the Sewer/04 Always the Sun/05 Golden Brown/06 North Winds/07 European Female/08 Strange Little Girl/09 Nice N Sleazy/10 Toiler on the Sea/11 Sea/12 London Lady

THE EARLY YEARS-01 Grip/02 Bitching/03 Go Buddy Go/04 Grip/05 Sometimes/06 Bitching/07 Peasant in the Big Shitty/08 hanging Around/09 Peaches/10 Ugly/11 Down in the Sewer/12 Go Budy Go/13 Wasted/14 Strange Little Girl/15 My Young Dream/16 Princess of the streets

SATURDAY NIGHT SUNDAY MORNING-01 Toiler on the Sea/02 96 Tears/03 Always the Sun/04 No More Heroes/05Golden Brown/06  Tank/07 Strange Little Girl/08 Something Better Change/09 Hanging Around/10 All Day and All of the Night/11 Duchess/12 Was It You

DEATH & NIGHT & BLOOD-01 Something Better Change/02 No Mercy/03 Skin Deep/04 let Me Down Easy/05 Death and Night and Blood/06 Peaches/07 Golden Brown/08 London Lady/09 I Feel Like a Wog/10 Uptown/11 Midsummernight Dream/European Female/12 Burning Up Time/13 Strange Little Girl/14 Souls/15 Threatened/16 Nice N Sleazy/17 Straighten Out/18 Punch and Judy/19 European Female/20 Dead Ringer

TORONTO 1980-01 Intro/02 Duchess/03 hanging Around/04 Boroque Bordello/05 Down in the Sewer/06 Who Wants the World/07 Threatened/08 Bring on the Nubiles/09 tank/10 Nuclear Devices/11 Dead Loss Angeles/12 The Raven/13 I fell Like a Wog

LONDON 1984-01 Something Better Change/02 No Mercy/03 London Day/04 Uptown/05 Midnight
Summer Dream/06 Golden Brown/07 Nice N Sleazy/08 Let Me Down Easy/09 She Was Quite Close To Me/10 Dead Ringer/11 Strange Little Girl/12 Burning Up Time/13 Punch and Judy/14 Straighten Out/15 European FEmale/Peaches

ZURICH 1985-01 Something Better Change/02 Uptown/03 Dead Ringer/04 No Mercy/05 Souls/06 Nice N Sleazy/07 Skin Deep/08 Let Me Down Easy/09 Midnight Summer Dream/10 European Female/11 Golden Brown/12 Strange Little Girl/13 Peaches/14 Death and Night and Blood/15 She Was Quite Close To Me/16 Punch & Judy/17 I Feel Like a Wog/18 Down in the Sewer

As always, lemme know whatcha think......lotta material here, and a lot more to come from one of my favorite bands in high school/college..........opinions, por favor?

HEY, why not take another Stranglers break for some DIFFERENT material?

Fucl, yeah not? I have been fucking around with this Stranglers thing for the past month or so, and I
WILL finish is, but my GUEST POSTERS are my life blood, they keep this blog alive.......tonight , let us listen to more to the WONDERFUL Duke Spirit material shared by the great Jonder......this is a load of B-Sides and the like, you are not likely to find this on some other blog, so if ya want it, here it is, if ya don't, such is life.........

Basically, here is an e-mail sent to me by Jonder, (a HUGE  Duke Spirit fan, I am one now as well), please read the text he sends , and PLEASE check out the fine music he submits as well.......I hope after he is done with his Duke Spirit submissions he continues to send us music, THIS IS HOW I WANT this bl;og to work, especially with myself working again.........check these out, they are FABULOUS, tomorrow, I will have some more of Brian's great stuff that he wishese me to help to share with all of ya!........ANYWAY, this is some not only GREAT, but RARE Duke spirit material, please don't miss out on this once-in-a-life-time chance!


The voice of Liela Moss caught the ear of a number of musicians who have invited her to join them onstage and on record during the past decade. I have a baker's dozen of these songs to share with you, starting in 2006, when Liela guested on a single by the Archie Bronson Outfit (schoolmates of the Duke Spirit), and performed the June Carter Cash role on a cover of "Jackson" with the band Brakes. She also sang on a CD of Christmas songs with Amusement Parks on Fire.

Liela was chosen by the band UNKLE as a guest vocalist on 2007's War Stories album, and again on the 2011 UNKLE EP When the Night Falls. She has also appeared on several film soundtracks: a song on Dave Sardy's soundtrack for the 2008 film 21; backup vocals on Nick Cave and Warren Ellis'Lawless; and a Ben Harper duet on on thenewno2's Beautiful Creatures soundtrack.

In 2012, Australian goth duo Castratii featured Liela on two of their songs. Chris Karloff, a former member of Kasabian, included Liela among his guest singers for his Black Onassis project (and returned the favor by remixing a Neptune track for the Duke Spirit). Leila also sings lead on recent tracks by Dirtyphonics and Bad for Lazarus. The Oi band Hard Skin invited Liela and other female singers to redo their songs' vocals on Why Do Birds Suddenly Appear. (It took me a minute to get the title pun -- oh, birds!) Hard Skin may have liked the Duke Spirit's Sham 69 cover -- that one and more when I return with Duke Spirit cover versions!

01 BRAKES - Jackson/ 02 ARCHIE BRONSON OUTFIT - In The Shadow Of Love/ 03
AMUSEMENT PARKS ON FIRE - The Day It Snowed/ 04 UNKLE - Mayday/ 05 DAVID SARDY - Giant/ 06 UNKLE - The Dog Is Black/ 07 CASTRATII - Kingdom/ 08 CASTRATII - Limits/ 09 thenewno2 - Run To Me/ 10 BLACK ONASSIS - Trip B/ 11 HARD SKIN - Police Car/ 12 BAD FOR LAZARUS - 7 Minute Itch/ 13 DIRTYPHONICS - Hanging On Me

Brian brings more to the table

Myself and Brian's relationship is a strange one, I will say upfront.......he had a blog of his own, awhile  back, that had very little traffic.......after he and I became friends, I would, at his request, publish his stuff on my more "established" blog, in an attempt to get him "out there"......we hit a snag a while back as he is an expert on recorded comedy (I am NOT), which evidently is monitored more closely than music (why? DO NOT ASK ME).......anyway, Brian still operates a great blog, Rustbeltoutpost, on which he features some GREAT eccentric stuff......as my 53 year old ass has recently had to go back to that "work" place, I am thrilled that Brian, along with my other "team" members continue to assist with submitting stuff to this site, keeping it alive and etc..........thanks, and I hope I hope I forget no one, to Brian, Jonder, Cliff, DaveSez, MrDave, Jose, and (sorry if I forgot you I am drunk)......this blog I HOPE is different than the others, it is REALLY about SHARING, NOT about being an arrogant ass (such as some other blogs) that seem to exist sorely for the purpose of purposing to YOU that they have more music than YOU do........that's not WE are about here.

OK, HERE is some of my buddy (and fellow BUCKEYE)'s latest posts, you can check them out HERE or at HIS site (rustbeltoutpost)........matters not a BIT to me, nor, I think, to him, WHERE you the stuff from, just so you GET IT, what we are trying to do is SHARE the stuff we have, so EVERYONE can enjoy the great music that we have in our stashes.........tomorrow, hopifully, I will get back on my Stranglers "Mega" post, there is a good bit of material still there to share, but at the same time, I don't want to let my homies down.............so, check for tomorrow for some more Stranglers, if you've been digging it......for NOW, take it away Brian, I am GRATEFUL that you have become a "team member" and whether or not I have told you so, a DAMNED valuable one.......rule #1 is WE ARE ALL ON  THE SAME TEAM HERE.......please, NO ONE, EVER forget that!\


(SCOTT): First up from the Brian collection is this wonderful album from Negative Trend.......I won't go into it much as I am an OLD TIME punk-guy, but you don't wanna miss this, let us just say....

Negative Trend
Negative Trend Download

Negative Trend were a California punk band in the late 70's. They only released one album before disbanding. Members Steve DePace and Will Shatter would go on to form the mighty group Flipper.

This is an essential lost 7 inch of the punk era. This was really rare until it was put out for a few years on Henry Rollin's record label. It's out of print again now. This is one of those records that really feels like a link between The Stooges and first-wave punk. "Mercenaries" is savage and relevant, "Black and Red" is a great grinding dirge. "Meathouse" and "How Ya Feelin?" are great burning punk tracks.

Essential. You can thank me later.
(SCOTT): Ok, next up, without checking I don't know of I've ever done a post on Sonny Sharrock or not.......I am thinking NOT, and if you are a rock n roller such as myself, you are CHEATING YOURSELF by missing out on these great albums....as I said before, I am DRUNK AS FUCK so I am not going to review them for you, but trust me, these are some of the greatest albums you are missing (If, of course, you ARE missing them!)

Three Albums By Sonny Sharrock
Avant-garde/free jazz has very few guitarists. And in this field, Sonny Sharrock stood tall. He was capable of throwing jagged shards of sound off of his guitar. He started out playing with Herbie Mann, then moved into his own solo career, and later played in Peter Brötzmann's terrifying Last Exit quartet. What you're getting here is his first two albums, from 1969/70, and then his amazing album Guitar from 1986. The link is at the end of the post.
On the first two albums, Sharrock plays with his wife Linda, and her vocals are at the forefront. Her singing is what one would definitely call free. Some might want to compare it to Yoko Ono's voice, but that wouldn't be fair. Yoko's voice was tunelessemotion; Linda's voice - whether she's singing, shrieking, or moaning - comes from a musical (and much more feminine) place. I find it fascinating.
On the title track she just soars, with Sonny strumming underneath, building tension that's never resolved. "Peanut" goes a little freer. "Bialero" is a lovely track - reminds me of Sun Ra. "Blind Willy" is a thrilling acoustic piece; whether you'd call it jazz or rock I don't know. It would later show up on Guitar in a very different form. "Portrait Of Linda In Three Colors" features the group's most unhinged and inspired playing.
This album is even freer. Sonny lays out for some of it, but when he does dig in and play, like on "Soon", it's great stuff. The title track features free percussion and some almost African singing. If the first album was the Freedom Now Suite, this one is Plastic Ono Band. Lovers of musical extremity, dig in.

Sonny's solo album Guitar is his crowning achievement. With use of delay and overdubbing, he plays accompanying himself. There's jagged guitar workouts (Devils Doll Baby), moody contemplative pieces (Broken Toys), even distortion-heavy blues workouts (Black Bottom). There's also the multi-part "Princess Sonata", which is full of both frenzied and nuanced playing.

Enjoy these. Definitely not run of the mill stuff.


(SCOTT) OK, next up we have something whcih was unfamiliar to ME ( amazing, right?)...."The Low Road: by the Beasts of Bourbon" (ca 1991)........this is a great album, PERIOD, if you need to know details etc, LOOK EM UP , after all, this is not an exclusive to MY blog..........BUT lemme tell ya, THIS is a GREAT album, an unknown classic, JUMP, NOW!

The Beasts Of Bourbon - The Low Road
"I brought back a souvenir, all the way from Kampuchea.
A plastic bag up my ass, soon the goods will all come to pass"

Anyone familiar with the Beasts Of Bourbon? I don't know too much other than that they were a bit of an Aussie supergroup. This album was released in '91, which I believe is when B.O.B. blew away Nirvana at the Big Day Out fest in Australia. And this is just a great, sleazy rock record!
The Low Road Download

The album opens with the amazing "Chase the Dragon", which has to be the best rock song ever written about being a drug mule. "The Low Road" is both mournful and rocking. "Just Right" and "There's A Virus Goin Round" are good sleazy numbers. "Straight, Hard & Long" rocks like a bastard. "Goodbye Friends" is a great album closer.

Their choices of cover songs on here are really good. Their version of the Rolling Stones'"Cocksucker Blues" is drug addled and spooky, while their cover of "Ride On" manages to the rock a even more than AC/DC's original, and that's a comment from me.

Definitely check this out. Some great rock from Down Under.
(SCOTT) As I've said before, I am no expert on recorded comedy, but Brian certainly is, so, here is some recordings from the great George Carlin, I'll say nothing at all, deferring to "Comedy expert" Brian
Comedy - Carlin Part 1
This is a repost of my big project from before. Not doing any info on each release, just giving you the albums. Contains everything George did between 1963 and 1978. Links are right here. Two of the files contain two albums each.

Here's everything you're getting:

(SCOTT): OK Brian has been posting so much great stuff that you REALLY oughta just go check out his site (rustbeltout.come),and I will boost some more of his stuff tomorrow....BUT I couldn't go to be without passing this one along........The 1988 "Hairspray" soundtrack, is one that I have long enjoyed, and perhaps you have forgotten about, but this is a FANTASTIC album, a great soundtrack to a great film.......Check Brian's write up for full details, but this is a WONDERFUL disc YOU DO NOT WANT TO MISS.....PERIOD.....
Hairspray. It's been a favorite movie of mine since I was a kid. Understand, I am not talking about the Broadway musical or the 2007 remake. I have no interest in hearing original songs or seeing John Travolta in drag, OK? People forget about the original film, and they shouldn't; it was the only thing close to American Graffiti that the 80's gave us. And it was both goofy and sweet. Hard to believe it was a John Waters film. And check out Ric Ocasek as a beatnik!

The movie is full of 60's pop, R&B, soul, and dance songs. It's a perfect snapshot of that era between the 50's rock and roll explosion and the British Invasion of the early 60's. It was a time when dance crazes were all the rage, so we've got songs like the Twist, the Bug, the Bird, the Roach, the Mashed Potato, and the Madison. Girl pop also ruled, so there's songs like "You Don't Own Me", "Mama Didn't Lie", and "I Wish I Were A Princess". And Toussaint McCall's "Nothing Takes the Place Of You" is one of the greatest slow-dance heartbreakers I've ever heard.
The original 1988 soundtrack LP only had 12 songs on it, not even half of what we got here. Some nice lady on a blog had compiled this album for her daughter. I added two more songs to the soundtrack that she had missed, so now we have truly the complete soundtrack to the film. It's also sequenced to follow the order in the movie. I usually don't do track lists, but it's necessary here. If you like 50's/60's rock and roll comps, this is a perfect addition. Enjoy.
Hairspray Soundtrack Download

1. Rachel Sweet - Hairspray
2. Dee Dee Sharp - Mashed Potato Time
3. Dee Dee Sharp - Gravy
4. Five Du Tones - Shake A Tailfeather
5. Little Peggy March - I Wish I Were A Princess
6. Chubby Checker - Dancin' Party
7. Ray Bryant - Madison Time
8. Chubby Checker - Pony Time
9. Gene Pitney - Town Without Pity
10. The Dovells - Do the New Continental
11. Gene Chandler - Duke Of Earl
12. Barbara Lynn - You'll Lose A Good Thing
13. Jane Bradley - Momma Didn't Lie
14. The Champs - Train To Nowhere
15. Chubby Checker - Lets Twist Again
16. The Dutones - The Bird
17. Bunker Hill - Hide and Go Seek (Part 1)
18. Chubby Checker - The Fly
19. Lafayettes - Life's Too Short
20. Lesley Gore - You Don't Own Me
21. The Ikettes - I'm Blue (the Gong Gong Song)
22. Toussaint McCall - Nothing Takes the Place Of You
23. Pia Zadora - Day-O
24. Chubby Checker - Limbo Rock
25. Gene & Wendell - The Roach
26. The Knightcaps - The Bug
27. The Flares - Foot Stompin'
28. The Bracelets - Waddle Waddle

NOTE: When you upload this into your library, not all of the songs have the album name on the files, so you'll have to do some editing.
(SCOTT): John Watters fucking rules, now, always and forever......period!

hey..big weekend ahead.....

Just tellin ya the new job has cha aged things, but we are stil chill. Get it ?

Lots of stuff from the minions

OK, in my drunken way, I stated last night that the new job is going to change things (blog-wise) as I
simply don't have the time to invest (this fall/winter I will be laid off, and I will OVERWHELM ya trust me).....for now, I am basically relying on guest submissions, and HOPING to put up an "original" post this weekend (BigGrant97 is having some of his buds over tomorrow night, thusly me and BigCarla66 are heading off for the casino for a night of gamblin' and lovin', which of course COULD BE the same thing).........Anyway, I have some stuff submitted from the rest of the world that I wish to share, I am going to hold up on Brian's stuff until Saturday because (1) he is my #1 protege, and (2) because he has so much fab stuff that burying it in a post like this might not do it fully justice.....anyeay, there is PLENTY of stuff of interest I can shae with ya tonight......

OK, first (I am bragging and nothing more), I got another email today from Nikki Corvette, was hoping she wanted to have sex with me, but ALMOST as good, she tole me that if I send her my USA mailing address, she would send me a "Gorvette" CD, a colaboration between Nikki and the Gore Gore Girls, I can hardly wait to hear it, I would just like to thank people like Nikki and Lennon Murphy for being REAL people, people one can REALLY TALK TO AS FRIENDS........it's a wonderful thing that there are such great people in our world (I am NOT one of them)........the day Nikki sends me that disc, it will be shared on this site, beleive me.......

OK, so what else I got?.....A reader named Henry Ponds, in response to my ancient Jam post, sends us this fine link (I hope) for which he claims there are NINETY FIVE(!) Jam boots available:

http://yup-yup-mark.blogspot.com/search/label/JamNo.    I dont't really have time, to be honest, to check this, but if it is legit, he claims that most of the links are still active, and if the are , that would be a WONDERFUL thing for the sharing community.......

the main thing we wish to focus on this morning (it is 1:26 AM here) is the fine work of Jonder, whom has become a great semi-regularly contributor....I think I will just copy his email verbatum rather than elaborate, he seems to be the world's greatest fan of The Duke Spirit, which, trust me, is not such a bad thing, this is a great overlooked band.....PLEASE comment, share, listen, whatever, as Jonder says he will continue to share with us, and it seems, at least to me, that he loikes some of the "on the fringe" stuff that I myself enjoy........so let's keep him in the mood to contribute, as well as Brian, Apantabapanta, Dave Sez, and of course Cliff (get well soon Cliff, your health is about 1000,000 times more imprtant than this blog, even though your contributions are amazing and very popular)

OK, here is Jonder's review of his latest Duke Spirit contribution, he says he has a couple more, and I
hope he comes through with them.....this blog is for "us", it is NOT for the folks who are looking for that elusive Foreigner boot......not that there's anything WRONG with that, but I have TRIED to operate on the EDGE, on the PEOPLE'S edge, and that is how I plan to continue, regardless as to whether I ahve to spend so much of my time commuting, working, etc.......THIS BLOG WILL REMAIN, I LIKE doing it, it's just that the "daily" posts are going to have to turn into more like "weekend" posts.......sorry, but I got a kid heading to college next year, and that is a bit more important than YOU hosers, I'm sure you can understand THAT, right? On the other hand, I will (Saturday or Sunday) boost  a bunch of Brian's fab shares, and if I get time I just may get the rest of my Stranglers stuff posted......all good, still LOVE YOU ALL, just a bit of a lifestyle change....I know the REAL followers of the blog will stick with me, and as ALWAYS I welcome/encourage GUEST CONTRIBUTORS, whom, until my own winter layoff, will probably be the life saver of this blog, for beter or for worse........


You can tell a lot about a band's influences from the songs they choose to cover. The Duke Spirit's tastes are eclectic, and reflect a deep knowledge of popular music from the 60's through the present day. The front of the Duke Spirit's second album, Neptune, shows their drummer holding a copy of The Basement Tapes, while another band member displays a painting of Ronnie Spector. On their debut single, they covered "Good Feeling" by the Violent Femmes, and "Big Bird", a soul tune written by Eddie Floyd and Booker T. Jones.

In 2006, the Duke Spirit issued an EP entitled Covered in Love which featured two songs by Arthur Lee ("A House Is Not A Motel" and "A Message To A Pretty") as well as a gauzy dream pop version of Desmond Dekker's reggae classic "007 (Shantytown)" and North Mississippi blueswoman Jessie Mae Hemphill's "I'm So Glad". All three artists (Lee, Dekker, and Hemphill) died in mid-2006, and the EP represented a tribute to them.

The Duke Spirit participated in a few cross-marketing efforts. Fashion designer Alexander McQueen's clothing line for Target included a Liela Moss t-shirt (her profile photo from Neptune), and a Duke Spirit compilation CD was released for Target shoppers. That compilation included one track unavailable anywhere else, a cover of Alex Chilton's "Baby Doll".

A promotion for shoe manufacturer Dr. Martens featured the Duke Spirit's version of Sham 69's "If The Kids Are United", played as a slow ballad. The band matched the intensity of Motorhead's "Damage Case" for the SEAT Music video series, and did an acoustic version of Robyn's electropop hit "Dancing On My Own" for Billboard's "Mashup Mondays". Last but not least is a recent cover of Echo and the Bunnymen's "Killing Moon" performed by Liela Moss and Toby Butler's duo Roman Remains. Enjoy!

1. Good Feeling/ 2. Big Bird/ 3. A House Is Not a Motel/ 4. A Message To A Pretty/ 5. 007 (Shantytown) 6. I'm So Glad/ 7. Baby Doll/ 8. If The Kids Are United 9. Damage Case/ 10.Dancing On My Own/ 11. The Killing Moon

(Scott): Fantastic share Jonder, just incredible.....I will do my best to get the link you requested to you this weekend, the covers of the Love tracks are just too amazing.......thanks for your work, and as I said, I will try to send you a link for the WOXY set in the next couple of days, THANKS!

Stuff from Brian and others

Well, first of all, here is an email from Mark Lee, who seems to run some sort of Jam bootlegs blog.....mind you I haven't checked it out, (if someone does please report back), here's the email & the link.....
Hi, I'm Mark
I noticed there were visitors to my blog from yours looking
for live shows from The Jam. The link listed on your site is from
a very old show that has been deleted.
I just want to let you and your readers know that I have many different
shows from The Jam available on my blog.
I try as well as I can to keep all my links alive and active.So please
feel free to pass along this note and links to your friends and blog followers.
Mark Lee, Kitchener, Ontario, Canada


OK, as for Brian he has been posting stuff at a rate I could never keep up with, as before he doesn't want all his stuff to get buried, so he's asked for an assist for some of his stuff that some of you who are not regulars to his blog (Rustbeltoutpost) might have missed.I'll add a comment if needed......
(SCOTT): Ok, first this is a tremendous and rare item here, long a favorite.....Brian can fill you in on the details, I just comment to signify my concurrence:
Rare Neil Young - Time Fades Away (1973)
It was 1973. Everybody in the world had bought a copy of Harvest. Neil went on tour to support the album, but - always evolving - with an electric band performing all new material. Needless to say, he encountered befuddled audiences. Maybe not "Dylan goes electric" hostile, but it didn't seem like good vibes. Things weren't helped by the recent O.D. of Danny Whitten from Crazy Horse. So, Neil exorcised his demons onstage every night. And rolled tape on it.

"The Bridge" and "Journey Through the Past" are two of his greatest ballads. "Time Fades Away", "Yonder Stands the Sinner", and "Last Dance" are three of his most brutal rockers. The whole album is a wrenching, naked performance. And the chutzpah of bringing this rambling electric band (with him playing a problematic Flying V) on tour after the acoustic grace of Harvest just amazes me.
This album forms the first part of his drugged out 70's quartet, followed by Tonight's the Night, On the Beach, and Zuma. If you're a fan, it's essential. And again, it's criminal it's never been reissued. I downloaded this track by track off a blog about 10 years ago. But it sounds good.
(SCOTT): Now Neil Young is FAR more my kind of thing that is Jack Nitzsche, but I did listen to this and it's really good, I recommend. And of course the spirit HERE has always been ANYTHING GOES, so take it if ya want it, again, I recommend if that meanas much....
Jack Nitzsche - St. Giles Cripplegate (1972)
Jack Nitzsche. One of the overlooked names in the history of rock & roll. He started out as part of Phil Spector's Wrecking Crew, then moved into his own releases (Dance To the Hits of the Beatles, "The Lonely Surfer"), before making the acquaintance of Neil Young. And then came Harvest.

Jack arranged "A Man Needs A Maid" for Neil, learning his way around the London Symphony Orchestra. And with the wheels greased at Reprise - Harvest sold a lot of copies - Jack went on to record
St. Giles Cripplegate with the LSO.
St. Giles Cripplegate Download

One of the most unique major label albums of the 70's, it bears no resemblance to rock. It's all orchestral music; brooding, aching, triumphal orchestral music. You can see how Jack got movie score work on things like Cuckoo's Nest and Starman. Nobody bought this back then, but have sales ever been an indicator of good music?
Really, check it out. All the tracks have numbers instead of names, FYI.

(SCOTT): Well, I never really cared too much for Austrian Death Machine, they were amusing but sometimes that's a VERY fine line, ie, Dickies=GREAT "amusing", say, Spinal Tap=MERELY "Amusing"......that being said, I had these discs for years as they are a fave of a buddy of mine, and they are heavy rocking shit (so, on occasion, could be Spinal Tap).......see what ya think if so inclined.....
Austrian Death Machine - Three Main Albums
Austrian Death Machine.... The group is a side project of Tim Lambesis, the (now incarcerated) frontman for As I Lay Dying. Now, I've never really dug As I Lay Dying, but I've been listening to Austrian Death Machine for years!

Some consider the group as just a goofy metal joke: take good modern thrash, written around the themes of Arnold Schwarzenegger's films, and spice it up with some good Ahnuld impressions. But I think the group was more than a one-off...the albums got better and better. Some of these songs are heavy as fuck! I grew up watching Arnie's 80's action classics, so it touches on something nostalgic in me. It's a great, funny head banging time!
Note: This is probably all there'll be since Tim Lambesis is currently serving six years for trying to get a hitman to kill his estranged wife. And it's a shame, since by Triple Brutal he'd really achieved something awesome.
Total Brutal Download

Their first exposure to a lot of people, especially due to the gonzo music video for "Get to the Choppa". This album set the groundwork. Full of big, beefy riffs. "Screw You, Benny" is probably my fave.

Double Brutal Download

The first one I heard, and a really great album. The guy doing Ahnuld this time is much better. The first track, "Give Me Your Clothes, Your Boots, and Your Motorcycle" is some awesome thrashing. The music is tighter as well as funnier this time. "See You At the Party, Richter" is great too. Contains the extra cover songs from the special edition. The group's version of the "T2 Theme" is excellent!

Triple Brutal Download

Their most recent album, and definitely the best. The playing is more arranged, and even heavier! "I'll Be Back", "Chill Out Dickwad", "I Eat Green Berets For Breakfast"; awesome, brutal tracks. And "Crom" is the best song they've done - awesome slow build, a great chorus, heavy as hell....
I'm not putting this up because it's hokey. This was a great metal band - goofy at times, sure, but fist-pumpingly heavy always....
OK, here's the kind of thing that I go out looking for anyway.....wasn't familiar with this one at all but it is REALLY good, one of those projects I had only read about and never actually heard.....worth the wait this one, VERY highly recommended by BigScott62
Fantomas - Self Titled (1999)
Mike Patton. The man is impossible to pin down. Since the original Faith No More's breakup in 1998, he has kept himself busy with a slew of projects: other bands, collaborations (especially with John Zorn), soundtracks, and whatever else tickles his fancy. I have a lot of it, but my favorite amongst all his projects is Fantomas.
Truly a supergroup, Fantomas consisted of Patton on vocals, Buzz Osbourne (Melvins) on guitar, Trevor Dunn (Mr Bungle, Secret Chiefs) on bass, and Dave Lombardo (Slayer!) on drums. They released four albums between '99 and '05, each one radically different from the last. They've unfortunately been quiet in the years since, but I'm always hoping....
How to describe the music? Intensely structured splatter-thrash breaks mixing with ambient soundscapes, movie snippets, waltzes, circus music...it's hard to explain. Patton's vocals are completely wordless, but since he's such a great singer it doesn't matter. Imagine a speed metal version of scatting and you kinda got the idea. The band is as tight as a drum head, winding their way through this schizophrenic music. You've never heard a band like this!
While the band takes its name and some of it's artwork from a series of French movies about an arch villain, it really owes a lot to Italian films of the 60's and 70's, especially those of Mario Bava. The masked figure logo and that great laugh on "Book 4" come from Bava's Danger: Diabolik, while several of the screams come from Bava films like Baron Blood.
Fantomas Download

This is one of the most unique metal albums ever made. If you are a fan of the heavy and the strange, you must download this!
(SCOTT): As has been pointed out here before, Brian is a HUGE fan/expert on recorded comedy, and we basically part ways there, in general, except for totally classic shit like Firesign Theater or Lenny Bruce, one listening is generally QUITE enough. In the case of Steve Martin, I never really cared for him much anyway, although in fairness I doubt I have heard the recorded works.......probably won't either, but should you be a big fan, knock yaself silly..
Comedy Post - Steve Martin
"I was sitting at home one night....doing terrible things to my dog with a fork."

Throwing more comedy at you guys. This is Steve's complete comedy output. These are some of the best comedy albums of the 70's, a decade that had many classics. I discovered a tape of Let's Get Small when I was a kid, and have been a fan since.
NOTE: The Steve Martin Brothers album is a half & half affair - two recorded routines, and then a whole side devoted to bluegrass songs. While the album as a whole isn't as classic as the other three, I chose to include it because it was his last comedy record, and also because he can really play that banjo!

(SCOTT): And finally, here's more comedy stuff, three different acts, one of which I always disliked, (Kinnison) and the other two of whom I have never heard.......as I say, recorded comedy isn't QUITE my thing, but as busy as I have been of late, with my new job (I will bury you with music come winter layoff, trust me), I am excited ALWAYS for ANY guest material......and my dearest Nikki Corvette, should you be reading this remember you TOLD ME it was ok for me to "nag" you for the Gorvette CD (a collabaoratiaon between Nikki and the Gore Gore Girls, CANNOT WAIT)..........so, here is just a SMALL nag, please, please!
Three 80's Comedy Classics
I want to highlight three great comedy records from the decade when standup comedy was at it's height. All three of these are underrated and/or out of print.

Sam Kinison Louder Than Hell Download

The screaming madman himself. This was only ever on LP and cassette. I have it in both formats. I actually managed to download this from an obscure MP3 site (thank you, Russian friends).

This was Sam's breakout album, and contains many of his classic bits: "Jesus", "Devil", "Alphabet", "Love Song"... And being a recording of a small club gig, it's much better than his weaker, stadium-volume albums like Have You Seen Me Lately? I've included as a bonus track Sam's great cover of "Wild Thing" from that album, though. And a note to our gay pals out there: you will be offended by "Big Menu". My bad.

Steven Wright - I Have A Pony Download

The king of deadpan one-liners. Steven's dry wit and knack for succinct, cerebral comedy makes for one of the best standup albums ever. You can listen to this a bunch of times and still laugh at it! "I spilled spot remover on my dog, and now he's gone..."

Emo Phillips - E=MO2 and Live At the Hasty Pudding Theater Download
Anyone remember Emo? He had some TV appearances and one standup special in the 80's. He was also in Weird Al's UHF - as the shop teacher who cuts off his thumb. This is a great album that nobody talks about. With his elfin, squeaky delivery, and his gift for absurd comedy mixed with just enough darkness...he is truly unique. Really, all comedy fans...this one is a treasure!

(Scott): OK that's that, nothing original from me, I am gonna try to get the next installment of the Strangtlers thing ready for tonight or tomorrow, so I'll see you then.......MAN it's hard working a ten hour day, plus 3 hours of driving each day, when you are used to being retired and doing NOTHING MUCH AT ALL, but I need both the money AND the mental stimulation.......thanks to all who help here, the blog, I swear to you, will remain, and once I get settled in just a little bit I will provide some more original posts. Thank you for remaining loyal to my blog, to all whom have, and especially thanks to my guests contributors (get well soon Cliff!)

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Thanks to specify Brian and wonder for the fine submissions,I promise to get to them in the next couple of day, you would not believe my current situation, but BY GOD this blog will remain.......please bear with me, New material, both guest and my own, will be coming soon......New job just gonna take a minute to get settled into.....s
And please continue i.e. to submit guest material. It may take me a minute but I promise I will get there...   as I've told you before, I love you all, dearly


I told you guys I will never let you down, and I WON'T.....I LOVE LOVE LOVE you guys, I have
just recently taken on a new line of employment, 10 hr-days, PLUS a 3 hour round trip drive.......had to do it though, it's all about the benjamins, right? BUT I will NEVER let this blog die, guest material has been essential, and as of right now, I have a fuckin THREE DAY WEEKEND at my disposal, so let us see if we can get both some guest materian, as well as some of my OWN stuff up here......sorry if you've missed my posts, even sorrier if you think I've dropped off the scene, trusts me, I am in it for the duratution........I'll get a winter layoff, and I will bombard you fuckers with stuff.......as for now, though, we will go with guest material and whatever original stuff I can squeeze in,,,,,,,got a few things for tonight, besides, what the fuck am I gonna do, whatch the fucking Rebublican clown-show debate? Likely not........

First up, and this has been owed for a while is from my great friend Jonder, who has ben supplying us with theseWONDERFUL Duke Spirit material, this is part 3 of four of his treasure-trove, listened to some today, it is too great to describe.......PLEASE check this out, and Jonder, PLEASE Please please continue to contribute here......I'm trying to work it out so I can do some of the "leg work" while at work so hopefully, and SOON, we will be back on something of a "real schedule"......nonetheless, Jonder, I love your work, and hope you UNDERSTAND that I do, and will continue to be a va,uable member of the contriution team even after you finish the fantastic Duke Spirit series (which, by the way, I LOVE)........with that, take it awaY Jonder, and tell us all about your latest Duke Spirit masterpiece..........

Collecting the records of a band with a lot of non-LP material can be a pleasure. In the case of the
Duke Spirit, we have an hour's worth of songs from singles, EP's, and elsewhere. Two of my most favorite Duke Spirit songs appeared only on EPs: "A Wild Hope" (from 2007's Ex Voto EP), and "Victory" (from the 2010 Kusama EP). "Echo Song" is a duet featuring Gerry Love from Teenage Fanclub. The last three tracks are at lower bitrates because they are web rips. If anyone reading this is in the UK and can share better quality digital copies, I would be very grateful, as these songs are not available through US digital retailers. There's also one b-side I don't have at all (Villain Laid Bare).

01 Red Weather/ 02 Drinking You In/ 03 Salt The Stings/ 04 Howling Self/ 05 Nine And Scramble/ 06 Souvenir/ 07 Dark Is Light Enough/ 08 A Wild Hope/ 09 Masca/ 10 Do What You Love/ 11 Echo Song/ 12 The Step and the Walk [Rich File Remix]/ 13 Victory/ 14 Northbound/ 15 A Wig on a Mind/ 16 Creature/ 17 Glorious

I mentioned in my first post that the Duke Spirit's original name was Solomon. One of their first demo tracks, "Glorious", was remade by the band a decade later as their last single. Solomon released one single in 2002 (Piano 1 b/w Being The Devil). The first five tracks shared below are ripped from video. You can clearly hear a Velvet Underground influence in Solomon's music, especially the guitar solos. The Duke Spirit demos and acoustic songs that follow are mostly from CD bonus tracks. The acoustic tunes are from radio sessions to promote the first two albums. Enjoy!

01 Piano 1/ 02 Being The Devil/ 03 Glorious/ 04
Troubleshooting/ 05 Straight 8/ 06 Scratching Around (demo)/ 07 So Good to Hear (demo)/ 08 Patients (demo) 09 Wooden Heart (demo)/ 10 The Heart Is a Lonely Hunter (demo)/ 11 Boot Hill (demo)/ 12 Lion Rip (acoustic)/ 13 Win Your Love (acoustic)/ 14 Lassoo (acoustic)/ 15 Dog Roses (acoustic)/ 16 Into the Fold (acoustic)

THAT's the stuff, Jonder, love it, love it love it, and hope to hear LOTS for from you......and I WILL get that WOXY performance to you soon, hopefully this weekend. Love ya like a brother!.

Now, here s someone we haven't heard from in sometime, all the way fromg Greece, it's the legendary Apantabapanta, one of my oldest and favorite contributors......for the past few moths, he has beem working on an exhasustive Encyclopedia of disbanded rock bands, he has a few more volumes here, which seem to finish up the leter "A" (!)........I love him, he's a grat contributor, and he tells me he'll be gone for a month or so, so we will see him in Sepember with I guess, the start of "b" disbanded rock bands........and please if anyone wants to HELP HIM with this gragantuan project, please let me know and I will put you in touch with him, it's quite an undertaking and he, thus far, has done a super-human effort with what he has done..........
(Scott:)-hey there is some stuff here we've heard before but what is wrong with hearing Atomic Rooster or The Au Pairs again/ This guy has a vision in mind, and I for one appreciate his hard work!
A bunch of best of collections of mostly 70’s & some 60’s bands that have been disbanded, in alphabetical order.
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A bunch of best of collections of mostly 70’s & some 60’s bands that have been disbanded, in alphabetical order.
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A bunch of best of collections of mostly 70’s & some 60’s bands that have been disbanded, in alphabetical order.
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AudienceUK 192kbps Missing No 04-Elixir of Youth if someone has it please post.
This is the last post for “A” when i’m ready i’ll start posting again Thanks.

Ultra Mega Stranglers, Part 7

The new job, in case you had not heard,is taking some of my blog time away........I assure you I (and
my contributimg team) will NEVER let it die, it just may take a little bit longer to get your fix......sorry, gotta eat and all that shit, that year of retirement was sweet, but MAN was I geting bored/depressed, and just HAD to get back into the work field........so it is.........the next installmet of my mega-Stranglers post conists of comps, rarities discs,etc.......there will be some overlap, but I really don't have time to sort it all out........the Straglers were GREAT we all know that, and putting all thier stuff in one place for the fans is a necessity.......sorry it's taken so long, but it's just life/work, and i STILL love muisc, and TRULY love sharing it with you folks, whom I ALSO truly love........pick and chose here, Stranglers fans, there is good stuff here, also some overlap, but the Stranglers were one of the best and most underappreciated of the 70's-80's new wave/pumk acts, THE precurrsor to the Doors and (especially) Music Machine.....

Well, let us begin with "Off the Beaten Track", tons of B-sides and the like, most of these will be well-known to fans, BUT it's a cool collection, and includes a couple of non-lp singles, "5 Minutes" and "Rok it To the Moon"......worthwhile set.

Next up lets throw at ya "1977-90 Greatest Hits",nothing hard to find here, but a novice might find it just the thing for thier collection.

Next we have the fab "All 12 Inches", various Stranglers greats remixed and such and originaly taken from 12" singles.......don't miss this one, it's a really great one and one every Stranglers fan oughta own.

Next is the comprehensive 2-disc "The Hit Men", covers most of thier essential material, and an update of "Grip" ("Grip 89")........much like the earlier "greatest Hits collection", this is a bit more comprehensive, if you want but one Stranglers disc on your shelf, this may be it..........a finely selected and programmed collection.

"the best of the epic years" includes a lot of the older classics, some are alernate takes, such as single remixes, or the like.....for completists/fanataics.

From 2002 we have a treasure chest, "rarities", whcih inludes, some totally fantastic and unable to locate elsewhere rare Stranglers tracks, see track list for info, but this is one you REALLY want to have, Stranglers fan! Likely the best collection of hard to find Stranglers tracks you will stumble upon, unfortunatley including the unnecessary "radio edit" of "Peaches"........can't win em all.....

Now, they released a few more comps, such as "Peaches", "Very Best Of", and "Gold Collection", all
of which I DO havea here at my disposal but AM NOT opting to include here, due to the hella-overlap factor......if I missed something important on one of these sets, be sure and let me know, and I will issue either individual tracks or the sets as a whole, just seems like a lotta extra work right now.

Now, HERE is a gem, though........the 10-Track Collectors Disc, created by a fan club and given away free at some personal appearance events.....the cover/ad is included, I think this is a pretty rare find, don't you?

Gonna wrap this long set up with the three disc UA Singles Collection, I know there is some overlap here as well, but a lot of good stuff here, and a rarity raises it's head every now and again.

As I said, I have most of the other availabale Stranglers comps, if I have missed a track you'd want me to include, or a whole set, just let me know and it will be done, these guys just had a LOT of material, enough, in fact that I will get to yet ANOTHER posting, regarding thier solo efforts away from the band.......till then, sorry I make you wait so long between posts, breaks my heart, really, but things are settling down and I WILL begin to post a bit more stuff, with help, of course, from my guest contributors (DO NOT miss Jonder's fantabulous Duke Spirit series, it's unreal and I hope he shares some of his other fave bandswith us!)

OFF THE BEATEN TRACK-01 Go Buddy Go (B Side)/02 Top Secret (B Side)/03 Old Codger (B Side)/04 Maninwhite (B Side)/05 Rok It To the Moon (B Side)/06 Love 30 (B Side)/07 Shut Up (B Side)/08 Walk On By (Non LP Single)/09 Vietnamerica (B Side)/10 Mean to Me (From "Black and White" Free EP)/11 Cruel Garden (B Side)/12 Yellowcake UF6 (B Side)/13 5 Minutes (non LP Single)

GREATEST HITS 1977-90 01 Peaches/02 Something Better Change/03 No More Heroes/04 Walk
On By/05 Duchess/06 Golden Brown/07 Strange Little Girl/08 European Female/09 Skin Deep/10 Nice In Nice/11 Always the Sun/12 Big In America/13 All Day and All of the Night/14 96 Tears/15 No Mercy

ALL 12 INCHES-01  Midnight Summer Dream (Extended Version)/02 Skin Deep (Extended)/03 No Mercy (Cement Mix)/04 Let Me Down Easy (Extended Version)/05 Nice In Nice (Porridge Mix)/06 Always the Sun (Hot Mix)/07 Big In America (Texas Mix)/08 Shakin Like a Leaf (Jelly Mix)/09 All Day and All of the Night (Jeff Remix)/10 Was It You (Extended)/11 96 Tears (Tearaway Mix)/12 Sweet Smell of Success (Indie-Pendence Mix)

THE HIT MEN DISC 1-Grip '89/02 London Lady/03 Peaches/04 Go Buddy Go/05 Hanging Around/06 Choosey Susie/07 Something Better Change/08 Straightern Out/09 No More Heroes/10 English Towns/11 5 Minutes/12 Nice N Sleazy/13 Toiler on the Sea/14 Mean To Me/15 Walk On By/16 Duchess/17 Nuclear Device/18 Don't Bring Harry/19 The Raven/29 Bearcage/21 Who Wants the World

THE HIT MEN DISC 2-01 Waltzinblack/02 Thrown Away/03 Just Like Nothing On Earth/04 Let Me Introduce You to the family/05 Golden Brown/06 La Folie/07 Tramp/08 Strange Little Girl/09 European Female/10 Midnight Summer Dream/11 Paradise/12 Skin Deep/13 No Mercy.14 Let Me Down Easy/15 Nice In Nice/16 Always the Sun (Sunny Side Up Mix)/17 Big In America/18 Shakin Like a Leaf/19 Was It You? (Remix)/20 All Day and All of the Night/21 96 Tears/22 Sweet Smell of Success

BEST OF THE EPIC YEARS-European Female (Album Version)/02 Midnight Summer Dream (7"
Edit)/03 Paradise (Album Version/04 Skin Deep (Album Version)/05 No Mercy (Album Version)/06 Hot Club (Instrumental)/07 Let Me Down Easy (Album Version)08 Nice In Nice (Album Version)/09 Always the Sun (Original 7" Edit)/10 Big In America (Album Version)/11 Shakin Like a Leaf (Album Version)/12 All Day and All of the Night (Single Version)/13 Was It You (7" Version)/14 96 Tears (Album Version)/15 Sweet Smell of Success (7" Edit)/16 No Mercy (Cement Mix)/17 Always the Sun (Long Hot Sunny Side Up Mix-12" Version)/18 Sweet Smell of Success (Indie-Pendence Mix-12" Version)

RARITIES-01 Choosey Susie/02 Peaches (UK Radio Airplay Version)/03 Mony Mony (Celia and the Mutations)/04 Mean to Me (Celia and the Mutations)/05 No More Heroes (UK radio Edit)/06 Walk on By (UK Radio Edit)/07 Sverige (Swedish)/08 N'Emmenes Pas Harry (French)/09 Fools Rush Out/10 Bear Cage (12" Mix)11 Shah Shah a Go Go (12" mix)/12 The Meninblack (Waiting For Em)/13 La Folie (edited)/14 Rok it to te Moon/15 Shut Up/16 Old Codger/17 Yellowcake UF6/18 Vietnamerica/19 Love 30

10 TRACK COLLECTORS DISC-01 Golden Brown/02 Walk On By/03 European Female/04 Peaches/05 Something Better Change/06 Big Thing Coming/07 Strange Little Girl/08 5 Minutes/09 Always the Sun/10 No More heroes

THE UA SINGLES COLLECTION DISC 1-01 (Get a) Grip (On Yourself)/02 London Lady/03 Peasant in the Big Shitty (Live 1976)/04 Choosey Susie/05 Peaches/06 Go Buddy Go/07 Something Better Change/08 Straighten out/09 No More Heroes/10 In the Shadows/11 Five Minutes/12 Rok It To the Moon/13 Nice N Sleazy/14 Shut Up/15 Walk on By/16 Mean to Me/17 Tits (live)

THE UA SINGLES COLLECTION DISC 2-01 Walk On By Radio Edit/02 Old Codger/03 Tank/04 Duchess/05 Fools Rush Out/06 Nuclear Device/07 Yellowcake UF6/08 Dont Bring Harry/09 Weird/10 Crabs (Live)/11 In the Shadaows (Live)/12 Bear Cage/13 Bear Cage 12" Extended Mix/14 Shah Shah a Go Go/15 Shah Shah a Go Go 12" Version/16 Sverige/17 N'Emmenes Pas harry

THE UA SINGLES COLLECTION DISC 3-01 Who Wants the World /02 The Meninblack (Waiting
For Me)/03 Thrown Away/04 Talk Secret/05 Just Like Nothing On Earth/06 Maninwhite/07 Let Me Introduce you to the Family/08 Vietnamerica/09 Golden Brown/10 Love 30/11 la Folie/12 La Faolie (radio Edit)/13 Waltzinblack/14 Strange Little Girl/15 Cruel Garden

Lotta stuff here.....hope you like it........I love you guys and am sorry I've been slacking here a bit with the new job and all.......it should get better, if YOu don't abandon me I SWEAR I won't ever abandon you........this blog wil NOT die before I do. Enjoy, and feel free to request and contribute and and comment, and just continue to be a part of our family here! Having a bit of computer trouble, but I will continue to FIGHT to bring you the best blog (????) on the inernet!

    Sorry for all the delays

    It's been a bitch.......between the new job, my son's college visits, and unexpected computer problems,
    it's been hard to get new material to you........thank God for guest posters, (Brian, ApantaBapanta, Cliff, JonDer).........I hope you ALL continue to send me stuff, I am thinking that right now I am in a position where I can post a bit more of my own stuff as well, and of course with winter layoff looming (Oh, yeeeeeeeeah), this blog is NOT NOT NOT going to die.......I promise you, I still owe you a LOT more music. the last couple months have been hectic due to the new job/long commmute, but we adjust, and things work out.......look for me a couple times this week, I will do my best, nad I know I owe Brian a few bumps which I will get taken care of this week as well (I have a TON of Robert Crumb Comix which will compliment his Robert Crumb muzic post like you won't even bleieve)......basically what I am saying is, THANK
    YOU for reamining faithful, I am NOT one of those bloggers that works dillignetly for a couple of months and than am never heard from again, I am in this for the LONG RUN, as long as my readership and partners are willing to abide with my stuff (and YES, i DO enjoy stirring things up with Nazi-Rock, etc, if you don't like it, I am TRULY sorry, really, but go elsewhere, because you REALLY don't get it..........anyway, the Stranglers stuff is up, and there will be ANOTHER Stranglers post soon, highlighting some of the band's solo efforts, you'll want to check that too.........and as always I have 10000 ideas for "great" posts I think will be of interest to you guys.......all I am saying is PLEASE DO NOT ABANDON ME, and I will not abandon you.........LOTS of more good stuff to come, trust me, and I say this for one reason: I LOVE YOU ALL, and I DO NOT WISH TO SEVERE OUR RELATIONSHIP.