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Secret Colours

This is a dandy, "Dream Dream" from Secret Colours.....swirling dreamy psychedelic shoegaze, really caught my ear the first time.  Really, really a good one.

01. Another World (03:38)
02. Dream Dream (03:39)
03. Pins and Needles (02:59)
04. Hold Me Up (02:30)
05. Places I’m Going (03:34)
06. Interlude (01:42)
07. Feed the Machine (03:44)
08. Changes in Nature (03:38)
09. Boom Boom (03:13)
10. Save Me (02:48)
11. Habitual Ritual (02:50)
12. Carry On (03:07)


The Gluts

Here is another really good one, from Italy,  "Estasi" from The Gluts....."THE" (IMO) modern sounds of rock: noisy, distorted, semi-psych........quite a good effort.

ESTASI-01 Colline Bianchi/02 Controller/03 That's Me/04 Squirrel/05 I Realize That I'm Not So Dumb/06 Usiku Mweva/07 Come to Fire/08 Ponytail/09 Ash/10 Richard/11 Home


Major Leagues

Australlian girl/garage group stuff, really cool........reminiscent of perhaps Nikki & the Corvettes.......quite a good and innocent rock album.

GOOD LOVE-01 Swimming Out/02 Mess up/03 Jaimee and Anna/04 Good Love/05 Curls/06 It Was Always You/07 Special Angel/08 Nono Jojo/09 Holiday/10 Don't Wanna/11 Dream Away/12 How Will the Heart Know


Reduction Plan

From Connecticut USA come the very dark, cold, shoegaze/post punk of Reduction Plan.......this is a good one I will listen to again today, kind of a rarity!

SOMEWHERE-01 Without an End/02 In the Night/03 Dreams in Blue/04 Julia/05 (somewhere)/06 Autumn/07 On Your Own/08 Untitled 2/09 (calm)/10 Restless



From Catania Italy comes this fab piece of noisy shoegaze/post punk.........good album, attaching a review to this one.

Three years in the making, Sicilian-based band Clustersun have upped the ante on their sophomore albumSurfacing to Breathe. Formed in 2013, the band includes Marco Chisari (vocals/bass), Mario Lo Faro (guitars), Piergiorgio Campione (synthesizers/keyboards/backing vocals), and Andrea Conti (drums). While they are known primarily as shoegazers, their sound has evolved to include elements of post punk, noise pop, and mind-bending psych.

The sound here is more up front aggressive and hard charging, and it suits them well. In fact, I almost imagine I hear elements of Killing Joke (witness the pounding ‘Antagonize Me’) and other blistering post punkers. Opening track ‘Raw Nerve’ embodies this musical shift, yet incorporates huge, echoing sonics from their ‘gazey hearts. Darker textures abound, and it’s a welcome addition to the mix. Marco Chisari states, “We are so much happy and proud of how ‘Surfacing to Breathe’ came out, mainly because we’ve managed to capture how the band sounds live.” Indeed, there is a vibrant immediacy to the production quality, sounding like it was recorded inside of a huge space.

The third track ‘Lonely Moon’ returns to their signature sound, with an infectious melody and some nice vocal work from Chisari. ‘The Whirling Dervish’ is intense and eerie, with some high-pitched sounds that really get your attention. It’s dramatic and you won’t forget its ominous pulse anytime soon. ‘Don’t Let the Weight of Your Soul Drag You Down’ is a minor key masterpiece, nicely draped with the cool embrace of dream pop. It ventures a bit into the psych gaze space, and nicely sums up the appeal of this band in one short instrumental break.

‘Surfacing to Breathe’ is a prime slice of space rock, reminding me in parts of Storm in Heaven Verve. Enjoy the ride as the song shoots you into orbit! And ooh, I really dig “Emotional Painkiller”, a shift to post punk with a creepy ambience that really shines here. Best song on the record for this listener, out of a bunch of great songs. I am vaguely reminded of Joy Division, maybe because of the driving bass and drums. The final tune ‘Event Horizon’ is another epic tune with many interesting melodic twists and turns and a percussion line that thrums like a heartbeat.

In summary, this second release is well worth your time and effort to pick up and savor. Highly recommended!

SURFACING TO BREATHE-01 Raw Nerve/02 Antagonize Me/03 Lonely Moon/04 The Whirling Dervish/05 Don't Let the Weight of Your Soul Drag You Down/06 Surfacing to Breathe/07 Emotional Painkiller/08 Event Horizon



Here's a cool demo disc from New York's ptsd, entitled "If You See Something Say Something".......four tracks, some good three-piece post new-wave/power pop........recommend this, if simply as a curiosity.

IF YOU SEE SOMETHING SAY SOMETHING- 1. Line of Fire 2. Short Circuit 3. TCB 4. Exposed



Fabio sends us this hard rocking slab from Dallas' Mothership, "High Strangeness". This is the trio's third album, I think that we've featured the early ones as well......some hard rocking shit, no question

Mothership - High Strangeness (2017)
01 High Strangeness
02 Ride The Sun
03 Midnight Express
04 Crown Of Lies
05 Helter Skelter
06 Eternal Trip
07 Wise Man
08 Speed Dealer

The Popguns

Really did like this album of jangly alt-pop from The Popguns, "Sugar Kisses". From Brighton, they feature some strong radio-ready pop songs with Tom Petty-like guitar and some wonderful chick vocalization......quite a find.

SUGAR KISSES-01 Sugar Kisses/02 We Don't Go Round There Anymore/03 So Long/04 A Beaten Up Guitar/05 Out on the Highline/06 A Dream of Her Own/07 The Outsider/08 Gene Machine/09 Fire Away/10 Finished With the Past


Electric Mountain

Sludgy power trio heavy rock from Mexico......another "name your price" Bandcamp link.....I always
appreciate those, so take advantage and if you like it, be certain and support the bands.

Electric Mountain - Tracks: 8 Time: 00:31:01
    01. Free Woman           -  04:32
    02. Space Rocket         -  03:46
    03. Dune                 -  03:58
    04. Going Under          -  05:54
    05. Into The Maelstrom   -  01:28
    06. Green Mountain Side  -  04:03
    07. Down On The Road     -  04:16
    08. Heavy Stone          -  03:04 

Cable Ties

Wonderful album from Melbourne's Cable Ties........some strong retro 70's punk noises here, with a great female singer (hints of Sleater-Kinney?), strong songs, excellent playin'.......a real surprise, album of the week!

CABLE TIES-01 The Producer/02 Cut Me Down/03 Can't Hold My Hand/04 Fishbowl/05 Same For Me/06 Say What You Mean/07 Paradise/08 Wasted Time



A good straight up hard rocking album, "Ninja", from Pristine.......a brief review:
Starting in North Norwegian idyll Tromsö and ending up all over the world - This is how you could describe the development of PRISTINE in the last months. Once, the debut »Detoxing« and its precursor »No Regret«were only available in Norway. »Reboot«,PUBLISHED at the beginning of 2016, was then published internationally and received lots of positive critics. This release was responsible for a tour with BLUES PILLS, which included all areas from Göteburg until Lisbon, for several club and festival gigs as well as for another tour leg with THE BREW UK

Vocalist and band leader Heidi Solheim can be named as one of the “hardest-workingWOMEN” in rock business. At the end of 2016 she returned to her home village, sat down in front of the piano, took a deep breath and pushed the “reset” button in her head. Then she started to write songs for »Ninja«. The songs were recorded in only one day (again: 1!) in January. This seems to be a novelty, when having modern productionTECHNIC today and the LED ZEPPELIN debut being already half a century old. Three days of over dubs followed and the result is a record full of energy and passion. Heidi describes the album with words like “free” and “unfearful” and these attributes also well describe the performance of Heidi and her band. ‘The Rebel Song‘, ‘Sophia‘ and the title track are very heavy rock songs with a lot of drive, ‘Jekyll & Hyde‘ is an overlong psychedelic song. ‘The Perfect Crime‘ is based on blues and gospel. The rhythm section of the band is incredibly creative and tight and guitarist Espen Elverum Jakobsen is used to rock n roll roots since he was a child back then. The sound of the organist perfectly sums up the instrument section. Heidi Solheims voice dominates them and keeps all together. She’s the captain who writes all lyrics and songs and shares them with musicians who can implement them the best – at the studio as well as on tour. 

»Ninja« will mark a new chapter of PRISTINE, the fourth album will be kind of a new „debut“. Heidi will definitely keep her close affinity to nature, stamped from her home country. In a musical way, there’s no way back: The world is ready for PRISTINE

01. You Are the One
02. Sophia
03. The Perfect Crime
04. The Rebel Song
05. The Parade
06. Ghost Chase
07. Ninja
08. Jekyll & Hyde
09. Forget
10. Ocean
11. California (Live From Troms”)
12. No Regret (Live From Troms”)

Fall of an Empire

High Preist

Haven't heard this yet but all reviews point to a doom-ier Alice in Chains.......Fabio submits and also points to the AIC comparison. I'll be checking later.


Mega Sons of Garage Fuzz, Part 20

Next to last installment of this great torrent, letter "W" today.......again, this material is not duplicated on the
FIRST "Garage Fuzz" torrent/series.......once again, thanks to James for creating these fab torrents, please share them and keep them alive.

PART 20-01 WC FIELDS MEMORIAL ELECTRIC STRING BAND-Stepping Stone/02 WANDERERS-On the Road/03 WANTED-In the Midnight Hour/04 WANTED & CO.-Why/05 WARLOX-Learning to Live/06 WARNER BROTHERS-Dirty Ernie/07 WATERPROOF TINKERTOY-Satisfaction/08 WATERS-Day In and Out/09 WATERS-Mother Samuel (alt.)/10 WAVE-
RIDERS-Ain't it a Shame/11 WERPS-Love's a Fire/12 WEST COAST BRANCH-Spoonful/13 WET PAINT-Give You Everything I've Got/14 WHAT-All Along the Watchtower/15 WHIGS-Please Love Me/16 WHITE LIGHTNING-William/17 WILD CHERRIES-You Know What You Want/18 WILD ONES-I Want to be Friendly/19 WILLIAM PENN FYVE-Blow My Mind/20 WIND-Don't Take Your Love Away/21 WIZARDS-I Need Your Love/22 WORDS OF LUV-I'd Have To Be Out of My Mind/23 WYLD-Alley Oop/24 WYLD-Fly By Nighter/25 WYLD-Lost One


New From Waxahatchee

I've featured this band many times on this site, just checked this new release......"Out in the Storm" is as good as their previous efforts, IMHO.......Katy Crutchfield is truly developing as an artist, check the single "Silver", really great.

OUT IN THE STORM-01 Never Been Wrong/02 8 Ball/03 Sliver/04 Recite Remorse/05 Sparks Fly/06 Brass Beam/07 Hear You/08 A Little More/09 No Question/10 Fade


Male Gaze

Good hard edged rock n roll from Male Gaze.......here is a good review if you want to read it......

On their third album in three years, Male Gaze returned to their original trio format and went back into the studio with Chris Woodhouse; the result is their best-sounding album of tough, murky, garagey punk yet. Miss Taken is very much of a piece with their first two records; not much has really changed. They stick to a stripped-down, fiery attack with thick and nasty guitars and Matt Jones' growling vocals high in the mix, while the bass and drums chase them down like a pack of hungry stray dogs. But some strangely subtle (for such an unsubtle-sounding band) improvements make this a better record. It feels like their confidence grows each time out, as the hooks get sharper, the guitars get more overpowering, and everything hits harder, like a hammer dropping from a great height. Tracks like "All Yours" and "African Ripoff" build a doomy, claustrophobic atmosphere, with the guitars forming what sounds like a wall of swarming bees. "Keep Yr Kools" and "If U Were My Girl" have a swaggering strut that's reminiscent of early Spoon, if they were darker and a bit more reductive. When Male Gaze lighten up here, it's the lightest they've ever been. The briskly jangling "Didn't" comes off like Ian Curtis' little brother fronting R.E.M. when they were still choked by kudzu, "Tell Me How It Is" could be a twin of one of the heartfelt ballads on Terry Malts' excellent Lost at the Party album, and the title track is immersed in tremolo and heartache, sort of like if Santo & Johnny Thunders were a thing. Nothing is too far from what they did before, and there are no really shocking departures anywhere. Instead, it's clear that Male Gaze have hit their stride on Miss Taken, and made the near-brilliant post-punk garage rock album their first two promised.

MISS TAKEN-01 Keep Your Kools/02 Wha Do Wha Do/03 All Yours/04 Didn't/05 Tell Me How It Is/06 Pale Gaze/07 If U were My Girl/08 African Ripoff/09 Pyramids/10 Miss Taken


The Ratboys

Reminds me somewhat of some of the early 90's alt-rock female bands......really quite good with clever lyrics and vocals. Thumbs Up!

GN-01 Molly/02 Elvis is in the Freezer/03 Westside/04 Control/05 Crying About the Planets/06 Dangerous Visions/07 Wandered/08 GM/09 The Record/10 Peter the Wild Boy


Agent Bla

From Fabio, he calls it "A good one....poppy but good"........carpet bomb test passed........here's a review:

Gothenburg’s Agent Blå call their jangly, moody music “death-pop,” but the drama they bring to their debut album Agent Blå feels more like life-or-death pop. The intensity of each song here reflects the band’s youth — the members of Agent Blå were barely in their twenties when they recorded the album — even though Emilie Alatalo has a depth beyond her years when she sings “so young, so naive” on the doomy album opener “Derogatory Embrace.” Along with plenty of drama, Agent Blåalso has a remarkable sense of balance; as the band mix shadowy post-punk with seemingly inborn Swedish pop skills, they bring purpose to their jangle and temper their angular guitars with swelling melodies. It’s a mix of fire and ice that they deliver in different but equally compelling…
84 MB  320 ** FLAC

…ways, from “Lucid”‘s juxtaposition of dark rock and sweet choruses to “Frustrerad”‘s yearning melody and violently passionate lyrics. Throughout Agent Blå, the band build on the potential of singles like “(Don’t) Talk to Strangers,” which distills the thrilling mood swings of first love, and the joyously swirling “Rote Learning.” “Red White Rose”‘s swooning mix of beauty and danger is another standout, evoking PJ Harvey at her most searing. While songs such as “21:38” are slightly more monochrome than the best moments here, Agent Blå is an impressive debut that’s raw and sophisticated at the same time.

Neil Young-Self Titled-Mono Rip

This also comes to us by way of Fabio, who seems to be utilizing the "Stoned Professor" som
e oaf his submissions of late.......LOVE vinyl rips (esp. mono) and I'll post damn near any of em......

FABIO: Guess who ripped this mono gem?
Yes , the legendary petrified prof.!
As always  overwhelming quality.
Password:  profstoned
I know... we have these albums carved in mind/brain/heart...
But it's  like a new experience with these needledrops...
Given the right amount of .. time, patience, decent listening.
I need thousand from the Stoned prof.!

1."The Emperor of Wyoming"2:14
2."The Loner"3:55
3."If I Could Have Her Tonight"2:15
4."I've Been Waiting for You"2:30
5."The Old Laughing Lady"5:58
Side two
6."String Quartet from Whiskey Boot Hill" (Jack Nitzsche)1:04
7."Here We Are in the Years"3:27
8."What Did You Do to My Life?"2:28
9."I've Loved Her So Long"2:40
10."The Last Trip to Tulsa"9:25

Electric Prunes