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Husker Du Tribute

Again utilizing  the Blog That Celebrates Itself, here's another cover/tribute project, this time taking on
the legendary Husker Du!   Obscure performers taking on great material leads to must-hear efforts.......thanks to TBTCI for this and other projects.



White Ward

Guru Guru

As I've said before, I love that 70's Krautrock, usually, but I 1) lack a lot of knowledge on it, and 2) lack a lot of the actual music.......but I thought I'd throw this up, "Kanguru" by Germany's Guru Guru, a 1972 classic of the genre that I DO happen to have.......I've got a couple more of their albums that aren't as good as this one, so I'll hold off on putting them up until I see what kind of response this draws.......always liked this one, what does a virgin listener think?

KANGURU-01 Oxymoron/02 Immer Lustig/03 Baby Cake Walk/04 Ooga Booga


Howlin' Rain Live

I have not been familiar with this band, a friend of mine was listening to this live effort and I thought it was
pretty good....a quick check reveals this band was created by Ethan Miller of Comets on Fire, but is very dissimilar to that band to say the least......still very good though, rocking psychedelic blues, really like it, retro 70's stadium-rock-like, quite enjoyable in my estimation, thought I'd pass it along with an inquiry for anyone with their studio work to come forward, hopefully, it's as good as this live disc.

LIVE RAIN-01 Phantom in the Valley/02 Self Made Man/03 Can't Satisfy Me Now/04 Beneath Wild Wings/05 Lord Have Mercy/06 Hung Out in the Rain/07 Calling Lightning Part 2/08 Dancers at the end of Time/09 Roll on the Rusted Days

Sometimes I completely miss out on a band until years later.....this may be such a case, as I found this quite a solid album.



I forget whom, but someone requested some Slade lately, and I aim to please. No a fave of mine, really,
relative to their scene and era, but still quite influential on a number of fronts. Slade were a glam/glitter outfirt from the UK which had a series of singles with absurd spellings in the titles.....you'll see, hold on.....and whom I find close to unlistenable today (consider Quiet Riot's awful cover of "Cum on Feel the Noize", which is still MUCH better than the dull original)......but as a historic curiosity, they rate, and so here is a bunch of their stuff, studio and live, so enjoy.

First we have "Beginnings" from when the band was called "Ambrose Slade".....loaded with covers, definitely for fans and historians only.

  1. "Genesis" (Holder, Lea, Hill, Powell) - 3:17
  2. "Everybody's Next One" (John KayGabriel Mekler) (Steppenwolf cover) - 2:47
  3. "Knocking Nails into My House" (Jeff Lynne) (The Idle Race cover) - 2:25
  4. "Roach Daddy" (Holder, Lea, Hill, Powell) - 3:05
  5. "Ain't Got No Heart" (Frank Zappa) (The Mothers of Invention cover) - 2:38
  6. "Pity the Mother" (Holder, Lea) - 3:59
  7. "Mad Dog Cole" (Holder, Lea, Hill, Powell) - 2:43
  8. "Fly Me High" (Justin Hayward) (Moody Blues cover) - 2:57
  9. "If This World Were Mine" (Marvin Gaye) (Marvin Gaye & Tammi Terrell cover) - 3:18
  10. "Martha My Dear" (Lennon–McCartney) (Beatles cover) - 2:20
  11. "Born to Be Wild" (Mars Bonfire) (Steppenwolf cover) - 3:25
  12. "Journey to the Centre of Your Mind" (Ted Nugent, Steve Farmer) (The Amboy Dukes cover) - 2:56
Next up is 1970's "Play Loud", which really plants the seeds of Slade as we know them......more original material and more eyes pointed to commercicality:

  1. "Raven" (Holder, Lea, Powell) — 2:37
  2. "See Us Here" (Holder, Lea, Powell) — 3:12
  3. "Dapple Rose" (Lea, Powell) — 3:31
  4. "Could I" (Jimmy GriffinRobb Royer) — 2:45
  5. "One Way Hotel" (Holder, Lea, Powell) — 2:40
  6. "Shape of Things to Come" (Barry MannCynthia WeilDid Not Chart — 2:18
  7. "Know Who You Are" (Holder, Lea, Hill, Powell) Did Not Chart — 2:54
  8. "I Remember" (Lea, Powell) — 2:56
  9. "Pouk Hill" (Holder, Lea, Powell) — 2:24
  10. "Angelina" (Neil Innes) — 2:50
  11. "Dirty Joker" (Lea, Powell) — 3:27
  12. "Sweet Box" (Lea, Powell) — 3:25

"Slade Alive" is next, again, cover versions and nothing special, energetic enough performance I suppose......

ALIVE-01 Hear Me Callaing/02 In Like a Shot From a Gun/03 Darling Be Home Soon/04 Know Who You Are/05 Keep On Rocking/06 Get Down Get  With It/07 Born To Be Wild

Next up, 2 disc "Live at the BBC"......t he first disc is actually studio BBC tracks, while the second is a live set....


1. "Coming Home" Eric ClaptonBonnie Bramlett
2. "The Shape Of Things To Come" Barry MannCynthia Weil
3. "See Us Here" Noddy HolderJim LeaDon Powell
4. "Know Who You Are" Holder, Lea, Powell, Dave Hill
5. "My Life Is Natural" Holder
6. "Coloured Rain" Steve WinwoodChris WoodJim Capaldi
7. "Man Who Speeks Evil" Lea, Powell
8. "Move Over" Janis Joplin
9. "Omaha" Skip Spence
10. "Sweet Box" Lea, Powell
11. "Nights In White Satin" Justin Hayward
12. "It's Alright Ma, It's Only Witchcraft" Ashley HutchingsRichard Thompson
13. "Raven" Holder, Lea, Powell
14. "Gudbuy Gudbuy" Holder, Lea
15. "Getting Better" John LennonPaul McCartney
16. "Darling Be Home Soon" John Sebastian
17. "Let The Good Times Roll" Leonard Lee
18. "Dirty Joker" Lea, Powell
19. "Get Down and Get With It" Bobby Marchan
20. "Wild Winds Are Blowing" Jack Winsley, Bob Saker
21. ""Radio 1, where the best music's on"" Holder, Lea
22. ""Everyday the sounds we play on Radio 1"" Holder, Lea
23. ""This is Radio 1, we're all having fun"" Holder, Lea
24. ""We're Slade!"" -

01 Intro/02 Hear Me Calling/03 In Like a Shot (From My Gun)/04 Look Wot You Dun/05 Keep On Rocking/06 Move Over/07 Mama Weer All Crazee Now/08 Lady Be Good/09 Coz I love You/10 Take Me Back Home/11 Get Down Get With It/12 Good Golly Miss Molly

1972's "Slayed?" is perhaps their best known LP, with "Mama Weer All Crazee Now", "Gudbuy T'Jane", and some of their other better known material.....


  1. "How D'You Ride" (Holder, Lea) – 3:12
  2. "The Whole World's Goin' Crazee" (Holder) – 3:37
  3. "Look at Last Nite" (Holder, Lea) – 3:06
  4. "I Won't Let It 'Appen Agen" (Lea) – 3:17
  5. "Move Over" (Janis Joplin) – 3:45
  6. "Gudbuy T'Jane" (Holder, Lea) UK #2 – 3:34
  7. "Gudbuy Gudbuy" (Holder, Lea) – 3:30
  8. "Mama Weer All Crazee Now" (Holder, Lea) UK #1 – 3:44
  9. "I Don' Mind" (Holder, Lea) – 3:06
  10. "Let the Good Times Roll / Feel So Fine" (Leonard Lee) – 3:45

Next up is "Sladest", from 1973, something of a "greatest hits" effort packaged for USA consumption...GOD I hate that "Cum on Feel the Noize" piece of crap (listen how bored they sound as they sing "we get wild, wild, wild".......) anyway, 

  1. "Cum On Feel the Noize" (Noddy Holder/Jim Lea) UK #1
  2. "Look Wot You Dun" (Holder/Lea/Don Powell) UK #4
  3. "Gudbuy T'Jane" (Holder/Lea) UK #2
  4. "One Way Hotel" (Holder/Lea/Powell)
  5. "Skweeze Me Pleeze Me" (Holder/Lea) UK #1
  6. "Pouk Hill" (Holder/Lea/Powell)
  7. "The Shape of Things to Come" (Barry Mann/Cynthia Weil) Did Not Chart
  8. "Take Me Bak 'Ome" (Holder/Lea) UK #1
  9. "Coz I Luv You" (Holder/Lea) UK #1
  10. "Wild Winds Are Blowing" (Jack Winsley/Bob Saker) Did Not Chart
  11. "Know Who You Are" (Holder/Lea/Dave Hill/Powell) Did Not Chart
  12. "Get Down and Get with It" (Bobby Marchan) UK #16
  13. "Look at Last Nite" (Holder/Lea)
  14. "Mama Weer All Crazee Now" (Holder/Lea) UK #1
September 2011 reissue by Union Square Music (SALVOCD053) adds four extra tracks:
  1. "Hear Me Calling (Studio Acetate Recording, Previously Unreleased)"
  2. "My Friend Stan"
  3. "My Town"
  4. "Kill 'Em at the Hot Club Tonite"

"Old New Borrowed Blue" shows a true decline, and I didn't like em much to begin with......anyway, Slad fans, rejoice, I do have a copy of it

  1. "Just Want a Little Bit" (Thornton, Bass, Washington, Brown, Thompson) — 4:02
  2. "When the Lights are Out" (Holder, Lea) — 3:06
  3. "My Town" (Holder, Lea) — 3:07
  4. "Find Yourself a Rainbow" (Holder, Lea) — 2:12
  5. "Miles Out to Sea" (Holder, Lea) — 3:50
  6. "We're Really Gonna Raise the Roof" (Holder, Lea) — 3:10
  7. "Do We Still Do It" (Holder, Lea) — 3:02
  8. "How Can It Be" (Holder, Lea) — 3:02
  9. "Don't Blame Me" (Holder, Lea) — 2:33
  10. "My Friend Stan" (Holder, Lea), UK no.2 — 2:42
  11. "Everyday" (Holder, Lea), UK no. 3 — 3:11
  12. "Good Time Gals" (Holder, Lea) — 3:34

Last one today is "nobody's Fools', which, IMO, sucks......there is a song called "Let's Call it quits", which seemed like a good idea......no such luck, they tredge on even 40 years later........so it goes.

I've been kinda rough on em, but as a fan of early 70's glam and hard rock, they just didn't get it done for me.....period piece damn near by definition. Anyway, here you go Slade fans......go get "wild, wild, wi........zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz"

Just kidding! Links in comment section!

Nutopians redux

I REALLY liked the Nutopians stuff the other day, and they were popular with you guys as well......so along comes this brand new EP, "Fast Forward"......haven't heard yet, but excited to......thanks to anonymous for this one......

FAST FORWARD-01 Fast Forward/02 Delay the Day/03 California Dreaming (Live)



Here's a 2009 stoner classic, Shrinebuilder's self titled debut.......featuring the vocals of all-time stoner allstar vocalist Wino of the Obsessed and several other bands.......this is a really good one, loud and pleasing.....thanks to Fabio for remembering this great album.

01 - Solar Benediction
02 - Pyramid Of The Moon
03 - Blind For All To See
04 - The Architect
05 - Science Of Anger

Cool cover art as well.......

Stone From the Sun

This time Fabio sends us some French Psychedelia, delicately entitled "Fuck the Sun"......haven't listened yet but I think I'm gonna pop this in in a moment, sounds right up my alley......thanks Fabio!!!!

    01. Inside The Dalek             -  10:13
    02. Hunters Must Be Hunted  -  06:33
    03. Monkey's Lab                  -  04:48
    04. Welcome To Trantor        -  07:38
    05. Eyeloveshaggs                 -  06:11
    06. Zugzwang                        -  07:02 

Sex Pistols live in Trondheim 1977

This comes from the Lewdd collection of punk boots. While I have many Pistols shows, he has many more.....I was searching for one I didn't already have, with decent sound quality.....well this one qualifies. Good quality for an audience recording, a fairly firey performance, lots of classic "Bollocks" material, including a version of "New York" which I think slightly cuts the original.

TRONDHEIM 1977-01 Anarchy In the UK/02 I Wanna Be Me/03 Seventeen/04 New York/05 EMI/06 No Fun/07 No Feelings/08 Problems/09 God Save the Queen


Mammoth Mammoth

Some Australian hard punk from Mammoth Mammoth with their new LP "Mount the Mountain".......sounds a bit like another Aussie punk band from way back, The Saints. Another Fabio submission.

01. Mount the Mountain.mp3
02. Spellbound.mp3
03. Hole in the Head.mp3
04. Kickin´My Dog.mp3
05. Procrastination.mp3
06. Sleepwalker.mp3
07. Epitome.mp3
08. Hard Way Down.mp3
09. Wild and Dead.mp3
10. Cold Liquor.mp3
11. Can´t Get You Out of My Head (Bonus Track).mp3

Smiths Tribute Album

Again utilizing The Blog That Celebrates Itself, this time with a fine cover project/tribute to the Smiths......lots
of obsure bands take on the kings of "mope rock", you'll want to hear this.....


Mythic Sunship

Spacey psychedelic rock from Denmark......liked it, reminds me of some of the classic krautrock of the early 70's, with aome more modern touches......this is album #2, would like to hear the debut if anyone can help.........this one from super-submittor Fabio!

A1 Nishapur
B2 High Tide
B3 Silt

Buddy Guy 1968 Blues Festival

Someone asked for some older Buddy Guy, I think this is the oldest that I have.....a good set from the 1968 Blues Festival.......pretty good sound, and the usual stunning Guy persona live......thanks again to Lewwd for this and all the other bootleg gems you've sent me!

1968 BLUES FESTIVAL-01 Wee Wee Baby/02 Sitting and Thinking/03 Worried Blues/04 Bring it On Home/05 Sugar Mama/06 Clouds in my Heart/07 May I have a Talk With You/08 Got My Mojo Workin/09 Don't Know Which Way To Go/10 Nineteen Years Old


The Fictions

From 1980 some obscure and radio-ready power pop/new wave with just slightly sneering punkish vocals.....there are a lot of new wave/power pop albums of this era that remail kind of buried, this one in particular is almost impossible to find info on.....none the less, good songs, good tight playing, somewhat punk vocals.......a good and forgotten period piece.

FICTIONS-01 Wont Wash Away/02 I Let Go/03 Dont Look Down/04 Shuffle/05 Better/06 Fixation/07 Snob Appeal/08 Jersey Shore/09 Dimestore Romance/10 Do It With the Lights On/11 Praying For the World



Here is a new band, UVTV, from Florida.......punkish power-pop, liked it a good deal, review attached.

Florida quartet UV-TV crash into their delightful debut full-length Glass with high energy pop-punk, then veer towards polished ’80s darkwave in the middle, move on to some excellent, fuzzed-out shoegaze, and drop a pitch-perfect Mancunian post-punk jam near the end. Yet, no matter how disparate the styles, the record never sounds disjointed. Instead, it’s held together by the band’s well-honed melodic sensibilities and their obvious familiarity with and reverence for each genre’s individual conventions—all of which they fold seamlessly into their own bright and shiny sound. The bell-clear vocals of bassist Rose Vastola are a highlight throughout, recalling the bubbly yet sharply-defined tenor of fellow Floridian Allison Mosshart.

Glass may be an easy listen, but underneath all the ear candy is a record of serious substance. The heart of Glass is centered on the quiet peace that comes after illusions have been shattered, and the acceptance that comes from facing adversity head on. “Never knowing what I’m doing tears me apart,” Vastola sings on opener “Wasting Away”; by the time the band arrives at the title track, she has found a kind of stillness in sitting alone amidst the wreckage of a bad situation now overcome. “I am grateful for the past and all the friends didn’t last,” she sings, lingering over the litany of experiences that have shaped her current situation while expressing gratitude for the sun that “shines through my glass home.” It’s not melancholy so much as wistful and, ultimately, wise—a song that celebrates the serenity that comes from battles hard fought and lessons well learned on a record that embraces the evergreen enchantment of three chords going around and around and around.

GLASS-01 Wasting Away/02 Only Matters When/03 Lilith/04 You're High/05 Run Run/06 Hear/07 Take It All/08 Glass/09 Fear/10 Dissolve



Buzz Kull

Buzz Kull is a one-man Aussie synth whiz, he cranks out some DARK stuff, which I guess can be demonstrated by this fact:

-- includes bonus track cover of the Joy Divisionesque song by Mark "Gator" Ragowski, the skateboarder who assaulted, raped, and murdered a girl and is serving time in prison -- the song was in the documentary about him

So there ya go.......Joy Division is a pretty fair reference point.

CHROMA-01 Christina/02 We Were Lovers/03 Into The Void/04 Dreams/05 Chroma/06 Nausea/07 Tomorrow's Ghost/08 Lost Control/09 Youth/10 China White/11 Dudesblood (the song referred to above)

I really like this one, which may say more about myself than about the album


Mythic Sunship redux

From Lorcan White comes the first album from Mythic Sunship (latest was posted the other day).....have not listened yet, but I did ask for it as I liked the posted album......enjoy and all thanks to Lorcan White!

A1 Ophidian Rising
A2 Year Of The Serpent
B1 Leviathan


RIP Chris Cornell

If ever a voice were born to belt out heavy rock vocals, for my money it was Chris Cornell's
(Soungarden)....he sadly took his own life this week, which is always additionally sad as we understand how much pain the deceased was in...he will be missed....

Soundgarden made a pair od classic grung/metal albums in the 1990's, "Badmotorfinger" and "Superunknown"....I have decided not to post those however, likely few who would be interested already have them......but the two earlier efforts included here might be of interest.

1988's "Ultra Mega OK" is a fine album, "grunge" to the maximum three years before anyone used the term....the album mixes metal, punk, and psych to create the seeds of a new sound......I always wondered if Soundgarden were like Blue Oyster Cult or Wolfmother or Monster Magnet, where we cannot tell if they are REALLY serious or halfway satirizing, but they rock so hard it matters not....this album contains good tunes like "Circle of Power", but also has a few deliberate odd ball numbers, see "665", "667", and "One Minute of Silence".....if interested in the roots of Soundgarden, this is the one.

"Louder Than Love" is more mainstream, heavied up a bit and sounding maybe a little less "grungy", but still a fab album (supposed original title: "Louder Than Fuck"), with the great "Big Dumb Sex" and "Hands All Over".

Soundgarden were a great, great band, at least up through "Superunknown" an occasionally afterwards....they were also fantastic live, I've got a few boots I'll put up later if I think of it. The two albums here, though, are essential listening.

Goodbye Chris Cornell......I wish your time with us would have been happier, and I hope you are at peace now......thanks for the great hard rocking tunes.

Chris Cornell, Kurt Cobain, Andrew Wood, Layne Stayley, Shannon Hoon, Scott Weiland.......the great singers of the early 90's are leaving us in record numbers.

Don't forget the work they left behind.

Links in comments

ULTRAMEGA OK-01 Flower/02 All Your Lies/03 665/04 Beyond the Wheel/05 667/06 Mood For Trouble/07 Circle of Power/08 He Didn't/09 Smokestack Lightning/10 Nazi Driver/11 Head Injury/12 Incessant mace/13 One Minute of Silence


1. "Ugly Truth"   Chris Cornell 5:26
2. "Hands All Over"   Kim Thayil 6:00
3. "Gun"   Cornell 4:42
4. "Power Trip"   Hiro Yamamoto 4:11
5. "Get on the Snake"   Thayil 3:44
6. "Full on Kevin's Mom"   Cornell 3:37
7. "Loud Love"   Cornell 4:57
8. "I Awake" Kate McDonald Yamamoto 4:21
9. "No Wrong No Right"   Yamamoto 4:48
10. "Uncovered"   Cornell 4:32
11. "Big Dumb Sex"   Cornell 4:11
12. "Full On (Reprise)"


Fabio sends us album #2, "Primitive Man", from Australian synth-popsters Icehouse (1982)...I remember them quite well as one of the original MTV bands, bands that were broken almost purely due to video on that network.....I'm quite familiar with their debut album but never heard this one.....thanks for a nostalgic twist on things today Fabio!



01 Uniform.m4a
02 Street Cafe.m4a
03 Hey Little Girl.m4a
04 Glam.m4a
05 Great Southern Land.m4a
06 Trojan Blue.m4a
07 Love In Motion.m4a
08 Mysterious Thing.m4a
09 One By One.m4a
10 Goodnight, Mr. Matthews.m4a