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The Only Ones Peel Sessions

One of the most overlooked of the great new wave bands was The Only Ones......I did a post of thier studio albums a while back, man, if the only thing you know is "Another Girl, Another Planet", you are missing about 80% of what is great here......I mean when it came to songwriting, these duddes churned out winner  after winner, all captured perfectly in this 1979 Peel Session.

Oh Lucinda 3:11/2 No Peace For The Wicked 2:30/ 3Oh No2:01 /4 The Beast 5:33 /5 In Betweens 3:40/6 Another Girl, Another Planet 2:54/7 Language Problem 2:26 /8 From Here To Eternity 3:20 /9 Lovers Of Today 3:02/ 10 Why Don't You Kill Yourself 3:02 11 Telescopic Love 2:42/ 12 Flaming Torch 2:16/ 13Miles From Nowhere 3:38/ 14 Prisoners 3:10/15 The Happy Pilgrim 2:41/16 5:11
The Big Sleep


Toad-The Rarities

Long, long ago I posted  the Toad discography, I think I've tripped over this rarities disc since that time so I
THINK this is a fresh post. Toad were a fab Swissa hard rocking/metal band, ca. my favorite era 1968-73......this is an odds n ends platter which has its highlights......"Rockin' and Lovin'", a cover of "Purple Haze", "Gimme Little Money".......Toad were a fab band and if you agree you will flip yer wig over this..

1. Rockin'& Lovin'/2. Slow Down/3. Behind the Wheels/4. I Ain't Got Time/5. Everybody's Baby/6. Makin' Groupies Happy/7. Tonight/8. Baby You/9. Makin' You Feel Right/10. Music/11. I Got Enouh of You/E12. Purple Haze/13. Usin' My Life/14. Gimme Little Money


Biohazard B-Sides

Love me some Biohazard, hardcore caucasian "gangsta rock"? what else can I call it? They were unique in
their style, check their earlier work like "Wrong Side of the Tracks" or "howard Beach" and you will see exactly what I mean.....great stuff here for fans (like me), including a couple team-ups with Onyx, some demos, remixes, etc.......if you are a Biohazard fan, you'll want this one, if not, NOT really a good place to begin, sorry......I remember some critic once called them something like "the band which most seriously adapted gang philosophy/lifestyle into their music" something of an incredible statement considering NWA and and the like.......anyway, I really do like some Biohazard, they've been called "racists" but I see no real evidence, they are simply hardcore punk rockers.......they have teamed with many black rappers (See: Onyx), and some of their songs are about improving race relations......my fave will always be the brutal "Wrong Side of The Tracks" (NOT on this collection), but  they really DID have more depth than that.

1. "Three Point Back" 2:42
2. "Falling" 2:57
3. "Sumptin' to Prove" (Demo) 1:29
4. "Slam(Bionyx remix, feat. Onyx) 3:40
5. "Beaten" 3:12
6. "How It Is" (Remix) 4:12
7. "Sadman" 3:47
8. "Enslaved" 2:09
9. "Judgment Night(feat. Onyx) 4:36
10. "Inhale" 1:54
11. "Piece of Mind" 2:45
12. "Shades of Grey" (Demo) 3:24
13. "Punishment" (Demo) 4:30

The Complete Mastadon Part 2 EP's

As I said before, not terribly familiar with the work of this band, but the "official" albums which were posted
the other day get pretty much all positive marks from me, and today we have a handful of EP's and stuff for ya......thanks to everyone who has helped turn me onto this band, really do like them.

First up is the oldest article I can find, a 9-track demo disc from 2000. It is much less polished than the more recent efforts, obviously, but worth a listen, in particular for fans. The "Lifesblood" EP was a five-song effort from 2001. 2003 gives us the single "March of the Fire Ants". Next up, an interesting, all-instrumental version of the album "Crack the Skye".....usually I think things like this fall flat, this one is worth a listen. finally, from 2010, the "Jonah Hex Revenge Gets Ugly" EP collects some later odds and sods. Most of this stuff would be for fans I assume, which is great, and the NEXT Mastadon post will wrap this up with a generous handfull of live boots.......so, until then, enjoy. Rock on, Mastadon!

9 SONG DEMO-01 Shadows That Move/02 Welcoming War/03 We Thank You For This/04 We Built
This Come Death/05 Call of the Mastadon/06 Slickleg/07 Hail to Fire/08 Deep Sea Creature/09 Battle at Sea

LIFESBLOOD-01 Shadows That Move/02 Welcoming War/03 We Built This Come Death/04 Hail to Fire/05 Battle at Sea

MARCH OF THE FIRE ANTS-01 March of the Fire Ants (Video Edit)/02 Where Strides the Behemoth

CRACK THE SKYE (INSTRUMENTAL)-01 Oblivion/02 Divinations/03 Quintessence/04 The Czar/05 Ghost of Karelia/06 Crack the Skye/07 The Last Baron/08 Crack the Skye

Clayton Boys/03 Indian Theme/04 Train Assault/05 Death March (Alternate)/06 Clayton Boys (Alternate)

Remember, next Mastadon post will likely have ten or so live boots, from all stages of their career!

A Couple of Only Ones Boots

OK, so I posted what I thought was The Only Ones Peel Sessions.......that is what the disc said, popped it
in, copied it, etc........well, according to one reader,a this is NOT the Peel Sessions, rather some sort of comp of their various albums. Me, I say oh well, my discs are labeled how they are labeled, and sometimes I get one that is mislabeled........such is life......but to make it up to ya, here are a pair of boots from the Only Ones, "Live at the Electric Ballroom 1979" and "Live at Paradiso 1979"........should make up for any confusion crated before.......both these shows are pretty good, sound wise and performance wise.

ELECTRIC BALLROOM-01 Trouble in the World/02 Programme/03 The Beast/04 The Happy Pilgrim/05 Lovers of Today/06 Strange Mouth/07 Why Don't You kill Yourself/08 No Peace For the Wicked/09 As My Wife Says/10 Miles From Nowhere/11 The Big Sleep/12 Another Girl Another Planet/13 City of Fun/14 Me & My Shadow

PARADISO-1 As My Wife Says/ 2.Inbetweens/ 3.Programme/ 4. Oh Lucinda Love Becomes A Habit/ 5.The Big Sleep/ 6. Language Problem/ 7. Miles From Nowhere/ 8. The Beast/ 9. Another Girl, Another Planet /10.Peter And The Pets /11. City OfFun            / 12. Trouble In The World/ 13. Me And My Shadow /14. The Immortal Story

Grand Magus

Fabio submits an album from Grand Magus, a band with a decent track record.....this LP is "Iron Will" from
2008, which I recall being a sludgy semi-classic.......hope I remember correctly. Fabio refers to them as his favorite "Modern Metal" band, which sounds like a recommendation to me!


  1. "Like the Oar Strikes the Water"– 3:13
  2. "Fear Is the Key"– 3:31
  3. "Hövding"– 0:39
  4. "Iron Will"– 5:01
  5. "Silver Into Steel"– 4:15
  6. "The Shadow Knows"– 5:35
  7. "Self Deceiver"– 4:49
  8. "Beyond Good and Evil"– 5:15
  9. "I Am the North"– 9:03

A new Lo Pan EP

Previous Grand Magus
Fabio's next submission is the latest from Lo Pan, the EP "In Tensions".......as good as their earlier work, Lo pan was one of the best of the hard rocking stoner bands.....they've been featured on this site before, and always worth our while....thanks, Fabio, for this one, Lo Pan fucking rocks!
Review Summary: Amid struggles, Lo-Pan still delivers top notch material…

Lo-Pan have entered a winning streak ever since they released Sasquanaut in 2009. The pummeling tunes full of grooves, tight riffs and cool vocals skyrocketed them above the multitude of average stoner bands rising every day. Anxiously waiting for a follow-up to the excellent Colossus, I was a bit bummed initially to see In Tensions is only an EP. Still, looking back, I rapidly understood why we received only 22 minutes of new music instead of a full length. The band suffered two major setbacks since we last heard from them: the first came in 2014 when they parted ways with long time guitarist, Brian Fristoe and last year, his replacement (Adrian Zambrano) too. Moreover, they left Small Stone Recordings in favor of Aqualamb, who handles the current work. Overall, it must’ve been a frustrating process, hence the title, yet amid struggles they didn’t fail to deliver top notch material. 

Musically, In Tensions continues down the path Colossus took. Lo-Pan haven’t changed much since their inception, but worked a lot on their formula, soon excelling in the field. Thus, there’s a welcomed familiarity from the first second when they burst into ‘Go West’. Its intensity and tempo reminisces ‘Regulus’, one of their best songs to date. Luckily, they steer away through some tom-heavy drumming patterns during the verses and dirty guitar riffs, while Jeff Martin sings his heart out. He was pushed all the way up in front, paying off as he has one of the best voices in the genre. Moving on, ‘Sink or Swim’ is another catchy addition that boasts scorching rhythms occasionally breaking into more melodic parts for the chorus. The magic is augmented during these switches, since the instrumental is considerably harsher than the vocals, creating a really nice contrast throughout. 

‘Long Live the King’ continues the string of robust cuts, sharing some of the heaviest grooves Lo-Pan have tracked so far. The constant onslaught of raucous guitars and fat bass lines are punctuated really well by the meticulous production, significantly relying on their power whilst remaining crystal clear. On the contrast, through ‘Pathfinder’ the guys have also made an effort to expand the record’s sonic palette a bit. The song starts slower, intertwining leads from both stringed instruments and straightforward drums, before Jeff joins in. Halfway, they switch to a faster tempo, leaving the singer to lead on until finishing off with solos and a crushing, but melodic coda. A perfect end to this ramming EP, the track shows there’s no sign of weakness, only more grooves for everybody. Although In Tensions remains Zambrano’s sole contribution, this is not just a stop-gap between LPs, but a sweet listen that showcases the chemistry between him and the guys. Chris Thompson will have to prove himself as he follows in the footsteps of two strong guitarists.

Black Doldrums

Inline image 1Here is another Fabio submittal, and he raves about this one.......here is his email:
-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Shogazey/Stonery-Psych.... I Always search ,taste, sample new music... once in a while I found an album that make me stop... playing it with my various setup and thinking of stopping the search... naturally the day after i'm again downloading various shit... But THIS IS THE ALBUM bro.
Please give it a robust listen!

I listened. Fine album.......the trippy/shoe-gazey stuff I've been liking of late....rock n roll baby!










Black Furs

Previous Black Doldrums
Inline image 1From Spain an from Fabio come the Black Furs, with their latest disc "Doomed Blues".....haven't heard it yet, but knowing my love of loud, noisy rock n roll from around the globe, chances are this is another one I wanna hear.

track list as follows

1Warm Satisfaction 02:45/2 Devil Got Me On The Road 04:45/3Voodoo Queen Blues00:26/4Poison Deals03:54/5 Blues Of Lova07:46/ 6 Serpent Baby 04:53/ 7 Most Tempestiva 02:57/ 8 Jesus Left Me Die So Young01:21/9 Electric Heat 03:57/10 I Ain´t Superstitious 03:39/11 Kiss Of Magic 04:57/ 12 Dos Corazones Duros 01:06/13 Livin´Like A Dog/ 14:10


Jesus & Mary Chain 1989 Peel Sessions

Previous Black Furs
The Jesus and Mary Chain, while hardly the world's most popular band, certainly lended their influence to
the current crop of noise-rockers, them and My Bloody Valentine.......here is a great Peel Session release from 1989, great performances of great songs, alot from the classic "Psychocandy"(including my faves, "Inside Me"and "Never Understand" and much more......this is a good one that I found while looking for something else, but you would do well to check this one out, exhilerating stuff.

1989 PEEL SESSIONS-01 In a Hole/02 You Trip Me Up/03 Never Understand/04 Taste the Floor/05 The Living End/06 Inside Me/07 just Like Honey/08 Some Candy talking/09 Psycho Candy/10 You Trip me Up/11 Cut Dead/12 Fall/13 In the Rain/14 Happy Place/15 Sidewalking/16 Coast to Coast/17 Take It/18 My Girl/19 Far Gone and Out/20 Silverblade/21 Here Comes Alice


The Standells

I "borrowed" this one from my good buddy Frank at "All We Need Is Pop" (https://popintotheblue.blogspot.com/).....Frank is a friend and I would appreciate it if you would visit his site and check out all the pop and power pop gems he offers up.......Frank is a great friend AND a reat blogger, please check his site!

What I borrowed from him was The Standells "Dirty Water".....while I have posted several Standells collections before, never have I put up "Dirty Water", which to this day sounds fabulous......the title track alone is worth it, one of the greatest punk singles ever  ("...frustrated women, havea atoa be in by twelve oclock" is a reference to Boston College's curfew at the time), and there are other cool lyrics, referencing "the Strangler" and more......great fucking song, underrated band too, as their other singles rock the joint as well.

I'm gonna copy his Standells article as it is quite good.
The Standells made number 11 in 1966 with "Dirty Water," an archetypal garage rock hit with its Stones-ish riff, lecherous vocal, and combination of raunchy guitar and organ. While they never again reached the Top 40, they cut a number of strong, similar tunes in the 1966-1967 era that have belatedly been recognized as '60s punk classics. "Garage rock" may not have been a really accurate term for them in the first place, as the production on their best material was full and polished, with some imaginative touches of period psychedelia and pop. 
The Los Angeles band was actually hardly typical of the young suburban outfits across America who took their raw garage sound onto obscure singles recorded in small studios. They'd been playing L.A. clubs since the early '60s, with a repertoire that mostly consisted of covers of pre-Beatles rock hits. Drummer (and eventual lead singer) Dick Dodd had been a Mouseketeer on television, organist Larry Tamblyn was the brother of noted film actor Russ Tamblyn, and Tony Valentino was a recent immigrant from Italy. Gary Leeds (later to join the Walker Brothers) was an early member (though he was replaced by Dodd). 
The Standells' pre-"Dirty Water" history is a little vague and confusing; they recorded some ordinary albums and singles for Liberty, MGM, and Vee Jay, appeared in the movie Get Yourself a College Girl, and did a lot of television work (most notably a well-remembered guest appearance on The Munsters, where they did a woeful version of "I Want to Hold Your Hand"). There were flashes of gritty inspiration on early cuts like "Big Boss Man" and "Someday You'll Cry," but the group didn't really hit their stride until teaming up with producer Ed Cobb, formerly of the clean-cut vocal group the Four Preps. It was Cobb who wrote "Dirty Water," which marked quite a change of direction from their previous clean-cut image. In fact, the group didn't even like the song, which took about six months to break into a hit. 
Considerably toughening their image, the group churned out four albums in 1966 and 1967, as well as appearing in (and contributing the theme song to) the psychedelic exploitation movie Riot on Sunset Strip. Cobb, in addition to writing "Dirty Water," also penned their other most enduring singles, including "Sometimes Good Guys Don't Wear White,""Why Pick on Me," and "Try It" (the last of which was widely banned for its suggestive delivery).
The group did write some decent material of their own, such as the tense "Riot on Sunset Strip" and the psychedelic "All Fall Down," which bears an interesting similarity to some of Pink Floyd's early work. Their albums were quite inconsistent -- in fact, one of them, consisting of covers of big, mid-'60s hits, was altogether dispensable -- which makes it advisable for all but the truly committed to look for greatest-hits compilations that selectively weed out the best stuff. 
The Standells never had a stable lineup; bass players were constantly leaving (John Fleck, aka John Fleckenstein, who was briefly in an early version of Love, held the spot for a while), and Dick Dodd went solo in 1968, the year they released their last single. Tower, as was the case with most of its artists, didn't apply intelligent long-range planning to the band's career, issuing too many albums at once. The group didn't help their own cause by issuing an awful vaudeville-rock single, "Don't Tell Me What to Do," under the transparent pseudonym of the Sllednats. They didn't record after 1968, though the group dragged on in one form or another until the early '70s (Lowell George was even a member briefly).


DIRTY WATER-01  Medication/02 Little Sally tease/03 There is  Storm Comin'/04 19th Nervous Breakdown/05 Dirty Water/06 Pride and Devoltion/07 Hey Joe/08 Why Did You Hurt Me/09 Rair/10 Batman/11 It's All In Your Mind/12 Love Me/13 Medication (instro)/14 Poor man's Prison/15 Take a Ride

Clash boots for your pleasure!

Previous The Standells
I cannot believe the number of Clash boots in the stash Lewdd sent me long ago, I vowed to post them all,
and we are nearly at the end finally......as stated before, combined with MY earlier Clash posts and Jon S's mega-Clash upload, we may have the MOST complete series of Clash boots ever submitted.....still a few more to go, but for tonight, enjoy these......as always, noone is going to vouch for the sound quality on any of these, Lewdd keeps them all for archival purposes, so we get what we get......BUT I know full well there is some great stuff here. HOW do I know? Well, it's THE CLASH..........

GLASGOW 2/10/84-01 London Calling/02 Safe European Home/03 Ammunition/04 We Are the Clash/05 Sex mad War/06 Clampdown/07 Guns of Brixton/08 Three Card Trick/09 Glue Zombie/10 English Civil War/11 Spanish Bombs/12 Clash City Rockers/13 Police and Thieves/15 Career Opportunites/16 I Fought the law/17 Complete Control/18 White Riot/19 Know Your Rights/20 Tommy Gun/21 Pouring Rain/22 New Cadillac/23 Garageland/24 Ready For War/25 I'm So Bored With the USA/26 Janie Jones

PARIS 3/1/84-01 London Calling/02 Safe European Home/03 Are You Red-y/04 Rock the Casbah/05
The Dictator/06 Mag 7/07 Guns of Brixton/08 Ammunition/09 Clampdown/10 Sex Mad War/11 I'm So Bored With the USA/12 This is England/13 Tommy Gun/14 Police and Thieves/15 Three Card Trick/16 Janie Jones/17 I Fought the Law/18 Brand New Cadillac/19 Complete Control/20 Armagideon Time/21 White Man In hammersmith Palais/22 Career Opportunites//23 Garageland/24 1-2 Crush On You/25 English Civil War

COLUMBUS OHIO 5/9/84 DISC 1-No track list availablae

COLUMBUS OHIO 5/9/84 DISC 2-No Track List Available.


More Classic Jesus and Mary Chain

Inline image 1Sure I've posted these before, and of course Jon S had that incredible J&MC mega-post a while back, but so what? This is the fuckin' CHAIN........ Fabio submits three of their classics, "Psychocandy", "Darkland", and "Automatic"......all tremendous in their own way ("Psychocandy" imo is something of an era-defining album, and almost indescribeably influential)......by the way, Fabio, the J&MC album with Hope Sandoval is (I think this is what you mean) "Stoned and Dethroned", Hope sings on the single "Sometimes/Always".......is this the album you mean? Let me know if it is and I'll put it up for ya!

DARKLANDS        https://mega.nz/#F!LEpk3CRA!RoVO2D9c3jK7ji03xJO3Ow

PSYCHOCANDY  https://mega.nz/#F!rFw0FJqC!52lsmNJCgrS3mxeVkx-nWQ

AUTOMATIC          https://mega.nz/#F!fdR2HJBQ!aw-MntOlV2EE48TmmbKQ8w

Bush rarities

I made this 2 disc set of Bush rarities a couple of years ago, heard some Bush today and thought about
dragging these out, I thought they were good and entertaining......my homemade comps have occasionally fallen flat, I really think these are solid, though.......plus they are my tribute to Gavin Rossdale, as, unlike me, he has had his very fortunate face between the thighs of Gwen Stefani, thus making him my idol.

RARE BUSH DISC 1-01 Revolution Blues (live)/02 Bubbles (From "Mallrats" Soundtrack)/03 Bud (From Machinehead single)/04 Solomon's Bones (Machinehead single)/05 Greedy Fly (Greedy Fly Single)/06 Insect Kin (live) (Greedy Fly Single)/07 Old (live) (Greedy Fly Single)/08 Personal Holloway (live) (Greedy Fly Single)/09 Cold Contagious (16 Oz. Demo Version)/10 Homebody (Chemicals Between Us Single)/11 The Chemicals Between (Radio Edit) (Chemicals Between Us Single)/12 Chemicals Between Us (Super Collider Vapor Version) (Chemicals Between Us Single)/13  Chemicals Between Us (US Promo Single)

RARE BUSH DISC 2-01 Chemicals Between Us (Original US Demo Version)/02 Letting the Cables Sleep
(Letting the Cables Sleep UK Single)/03 Letting the Cables Sleep (Apocalypse Mix) (Letting the Cables Sleep Single)/04 Letting the Cables Sleep (Gladiator Remix) (Letting the Cables Sleep UK single)/05 Letting the Cables Sleep (Nightmare on Wax Remix) (Letting the Cables Sleep UK Single)/06 Letting the Cables Sleep (Original Demo) (Letting the Cables Sleep UK single)/07 American Eyes (The People That We Love EP)/08 The People That We Love (Golden Dub Remix) (The People That We Love EP)/09 The People That We Love (instro) (The People That We Love EP)/10 Inflatabale (Headful of Ghosts EP)/11 Hurricane (live in Brussels)/12 Inflatable (Radio Remix)

I'm not the best at creating these type of projects, LOTS of the team here can do em better than can I....but I DO happen to like this one, there is some good stuff on here........hope you all enjoy it, and I hope it encourages everyone to create their own rarities comps from their fave bands!

The Moonshine Brand

Previous Bush rarities
Fabio sends us a Bandcamp link for youngsters The Moonshine Brand (Germany) and their recent EP,
"Welcome to Gypsy Town"......I never heard of em, so I carpet bombed it and pretty good, really,
solid stoner doom.......here is a small blurb from their Bandcamp:
A crack of doom in the Streets of Dawn. 

Sparks of light fall through the dawning and the dew shines golden, shimmering like a sea of diamonds. The child turns around. Struck down by moonshine, the eye opens, the ear opens and the integrity of all worlds becomes part of the living. 

Now the child has its name, tempted by eternity and left 
with The Moonshine Brand

WELCOME TO GYPSY TOWN-01 Alien Nation/02 Unpainting the Now/03 Terrapin Girl/04 Welcome to Gypsy Town


And remember, I love stuff like this, unknown stuff, so if you stumble across a cool band on Bandcamp or whatever, be sure and send in the link......I especially appreciate when the bands themselves help their own cause by sending the stuff in themselves.

Uncle Acid & The Deadbeats

From Cambridge England we have another Fabio submission, this one from Uncle Acid & the
Deadbeats.....despite the goofy name some heavy, hard rocking stoner metal.....kind of "old school" stoner rock, at times they remind of The Stooges or MC5 or Alice Cooper, all blended with Black Sabbath......really impressive in my opinion. This is a 2011 release, beats hell out of me why I've not heard of it before.

BLOOD LUST-01 I'll Cut You Down/02 Death's Door/03 Over and Over Again/04 Curse in the Trees/05 I'm Here to Kill You/06 Ritual Knife/07 Withered Hand of Evil


Return of The Brian Jonestown Massacre

Psych-rockers Brian Jonestown Massacre certainly will never be accused of poor work ethic, they have
released a ton of albums, this one, "Third World Pyramid" (2016) is interesting enough, as have been most of their stuff....this would be, by my count, album number 15.......as before, plenty of everything-but the kitchen sink experimentation, a solid effort, wanted to point out the track "Government Beard" which I liked a good bit......this submission, like most of our previous BJM stuff (I THINK we've put ALL of it up, not certain) comes from the link beast that is John N, thanks for this and all you do John!

1. Good Mourning
2. Governmant Beard
3. Don't Get Lost
4. Assignement Song
5. Oh Bother
6. Third World Pyramid
7. Like Describing Colors To A Blind Man On Acid
8. Lunar Surf Graveyard
9. The Sun Ship

This is quite a solid album indeed, my hat's off to a band that can stay consistently good for such a long stretch of time.


Filling a request for Fabio

Since he sends so many great links to us, the least I can do is answer the guy when he requests up
something, in this case The Jesus and Mary Chain's "Stoned and Dethroned", from about 1994 I think.....this is the album that features guest vocalist Hope Sandoval on the track "Sometimes/Always"........the reason the track is significant is the teaming of what  is probably THE most bored sounding female singer in history (Sandoval) as well as the most bored sounding male singer as well (Jim Reid of JAMC).......really, it is a good single, as is the underappreciated "Come On"......glad I could help you out Fabio, enjoy, and thanks for all you do for our blog.

  1. "Dirty Water" - 3:08
  2. "Bullet Lovers" - 3:39
  3. "Sometimes Always" - 2:32
  4. "Come On" (J. Reid) - 2:13
  5. "Between Us" - 2:59
  6. "Hole" (Jim Reid) - 2:15
  7. "Never Saw It Coming" - 3:32
  8. "She" (Jim Reid) - 3:08
  9. "Wish I Could" - 2:42
  10. "Save Me" (J. Reid, W. Reid) - 2:43
  11. "Till It Shines" - 3:17
  12. "God Help Me" - 2:47
  13. "Girlfriend" - 3:16
  14. "Everybody I Know" - 2:13
  15. "You've Been a Friend" (J. Reid) - 3:37
  16. "These Days" - 2:31
  17. "Feeling Lucky" - 2:18

The Caulfields

Next The D4
The Caulfields from Delaware USA, made one spectacular power-pop album, ""Whirligig" in 1994-5? one
of those......anyway it's damn near classic, unknown as it may be.......the great opener "Devil's Diary" is loaded with clever lyrical play ("It's never good, to be understood, by a girl in acid wash"), "Alex Again" has  wonderful power pop hook, "Awake on Wedensday" is a great song........good album. 4.5 stars easy!

I've posted this album before, it's fab, and now, here is their follow up "L".....not nearly as good as "Whirligig", but workmanlike powerpop, fans of the genre will find it acceptable......"Whirligig" is the one you want, though, if you only want one. It's a great album and you'll be sorry if you never hear it!

WHIRLIGIG-01 Devil's Diary/02 Awake On Wednesday/03 Rickshaw/04 Alex Again/05 The Day That Came And Went/06 Fragile/07 All Of My Young Life/08 Where Are They Now/09 Hannah, I Locked You Out/10 Breathe Under Water/11 The Underwater World of Asia X/12 Disease

L-01 Figure It Out/02 President of Nothing/03 Waiting To Cry/04 Once Upon a Time/05 invincible/06 Book Of Your Life/07 The kitchen Debate/08 Skeleton Key/09 All I Want Is Out/10 All Things to All People/11 Atlas Daughter/12 Heaven on the Moon/13 Beard of Bees/14 Tomorrow Morning/15 Born Yesterday

The D4

Previous The Caulfields
Great album, "6twenty" from the D4, a New Zealand psycho/punk/pop tandem......this album was one of the
better issues of it's year, whenever that was (2008? something like)......this album goes like a hurricane, one rocking slab after another......My fave is the slamming "Little Baby", but there is a LOT more to recommend this one......a great and overlooked album.

I've posted "6twenty" before, but have NOT, I don't think, posted the EP's I have located (I'd credit the submittor, but have lost the name of who sent them)... "Girl" goes like a hurricane, four slamming tracks for your consumption,  and "Out Of My Head" wraps things up, a few good tracks but if you're being picky, I'd certainly stick with "6twenty" and "Girl".....

Excellent, hard rocking garage-punk, you iz gonna luv it!

6TWENTY-01 Rock N Roll Motherfucker/02 Get Loose/03 party/04 Come On!/05 Pirate Love/06 Running On Empty/07 Ladies Man/08 Invader Ace/09 Little Baby/10 Rebekah/11 Mysterex/12 Exit to the City/13 Heartbreaker

GIRL-01 Girl/02 Come On!/03 Outta Blues/04 What U Want

OUT OF MY HEAD-01 Sake Bomb (English Version)/02 out of My head/03 Feel It Like It/04 What I
Want/05 Trust Nobody/06 Stops Me Cold/07 Omerta/08 Out of Control/09 Too Stupid/10 Do No Right/11 Peepshow/12 Savage/13 Sake Bomb (Japanese Version)/14 Rock N Rule/15 Diamond, Ruby, Stone

Tremendous hard rocking garage punkiness, I can't imagine anyone not loving these!
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