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Third Bardo

(scott) Hey, John N sends amazing links to this site........I wish there were ten more like him, but he's ONE
OF A KIND........he sends amazing NEW music, classic, rare live music......what incredible submissions he gives us........this time, I'm gonna pass along the info he sends us with Third Bardo and related material.....you'll know them from the Nuggets set, and there is some interesting side-material here for ya as well!

The Third Bardo recorded just one single, "I'm Five Years Ahead of My Time," which appeared on Roulette in 1967. That one single, however, is lauded by many collectors asone of the greatest 1960s garage/psychedelic tracks. With its mysterious lead guitar lines that recalled the theme to the Twilight Zone, Eastern-like minor melody, creepy organ, and one of the most definitive sub-Jagger garage snarl lead vocals ever, it was worthy of more exposure than it got. However, although it got some airplay on the East Coast, it was pulled off the radio, lead singer Jeff Monn has recalled, because of perceived drug associations, although in fact there are no overt drug references in the lyrics.
The Third Bardo's material, oddly, was produced by Teddy Randazzo, who had been a singer in the 1950s, and then later producer for Little Anthony & the Imperials. His session with the Third Bardo was far weirder than could have possibly been expected given his resume, the group laying down ominous psychedelia with Eastern-influenced melodies and odd sound effects. Six tracks were recorded at the Third Bardo's one and only session, much of the material co-written by Rusty Evans, who had helped craft similarly strange stuff for the Deep. Aside from "I'm Five Years Ahead of My Time," however, just one song, its B-side "Rainbow Life," was released. The other four cuts (including an alternate version of "Rainbow Life") would surface much later on Sundazed's 2000 10", six-song EP The Third Bardo.
Wow. Go on eBay find somebody selling a lot of 4 LPs for $10 "Buy It Now"..Three we're junk, but one was this AMAZING LP on the Vanguard label. The title tra...
After the Third Bardo broke up in 1967, Monn went solo and did an album for Vanguard in the late '60s, changing his name to Chris Moon for another solo album that came out on CBS/Kinetic in 1970. Jeff Beck considered hiring Monn as his singer in 1971, but the pair didn't hit it off and nothing came of it. "I'm Five Years Ahead of My Time" became a cult favorite among '60s collectors after its inclusion in the Pebbles reissue series, and was selected for the expanded Nuggets '60s garage box set in the late '90s.

THIRD BARDO-01 I'm Five Years Ahead of my Time/02 Rainbow Life/03 Dawn of Tomorrow/04 Lose Your Mind/05 Rainbow Life (Alternate Version)/06 I Can Understand Your Problem

JEFF MONN-01 Think I Care/02 Walk Around In Your Disguise/03 Give It To Me/04 Reality/05 She Is There For Me/06 I Need a Friend/07 Back Street Girl/08 I Can Understand/09 My Good Woman/10 Ain't That Lovin' You Baby/11 I'm Free

CHRIS MOON-01 Think/02 I've Seen It Happen/03 Good/04 Natural Man/05 Give it To Me/06 No Doubt About It/07 My Love Is Over/08 2000 BC/09 Got to Have You/10 Get Together Jim

Oh my, we have yet ANOTHER BIG TIME band!

Seems to go in cycles......now and then, we get a message from a band that is SO incredibly "Big Time" that they insist that for them, FEWER listeners to thier work is better than MORE.......some (most) artists understand the difference between 2016 and 1996, but it is all up to the individual........while a lot of bands contact me and thank me for spreading their music, now and again, we have a band that is just TOO "big time" for that......in this case, we have Eton Crop. Never heard of em until the post was sent to me, I've heard it and yes, it's pretty good.....however, and this is important, DO NOT LISTEN TO IT. If you downloaded it and haven't yet heard it PLEASE delete it.......if you HAVE heard it, try to "erase it from your memory", really the best advice I can offer.......these BIG TIME bands know their stuff, trust me, and if they say they don't want you, or anyone else, listening to their stuff, DON'T be listening to it........they want FEWER listeners, NOT more, and they are as clear as can be about that. I thought it was a pretty good share, but it will be gone in seconds........hey you never know. It's my pleasure to take em ALL, those that want MORE listeners and thank me, AND those who wish fewer, and their music will never appear here again. It's a promise. You don't want be carried on this blog, it's fine, as YOU need this blog FAR FAR FAR much more than this blog needs you. Hope your album garners even FEWER listeners than you are hoping for!

Why this blog exists

Due to recent unrest with a band an a poster who may or may not have had some association with said band
(honestly, I have no way of knowing), perhaps it's about time to once again lay out the vision statement (I guess) for this here particular  blog thing.......here is why I have done this blog, DAMN NEAR DAILY for the last 5 or 6 years.....

I have an enormous collection of music, have ALWAYS loved rock n roll and so many of its great sub-genres, this is stuff, that often includes EXTREMELY rare stuff, even if it's from a big named band.....thats why I try to dance around some artists, big timers mostly, to buy some time for everyone to jump at material while available, should they wish....in general, when I am dealing with someone like Zimmerman, this one band, and a lot of others, I avoid commercially available stuff, because fans of, say, Radiohead, are ceartaily going to have their "regular" albums anyway.....one reason I am here is that often, a band's live concert will shared here, which, sorry,I consider a valuable service....if you disagree, I guess we can debate it forever  but I see that solving little.

I excercise VERY loose standards here, and that is monumental understatement....I rely on a LARGE (10 or
so?) network of tremendous contributors......they do an incredible job, in general, sharing hard to find material, or something that might have been overlooked otherwise (meaning NEWER material)......I aatry to post rock n roll on here, some is 45 years old, and some came out in the last 90 days.....my reason is that I truly DO LOVE music, and want EVERYONE to be able to construct the "perfect""record collection" to their individual preferences. If you look back, ANY band or artist (sometimes it's a big-timer, sometimes a new band i'm not familiar with, you never know) who has complained about music being shared here has been satisfied with EXTREME quickness, link removals taking place within minutes of my receiving notice of a problem. Always WILL be my policy too, often, as you know, start-up bands send me their stuff, and I am THRILLED, generally, to post it (as long as it loosely fits the rock format, and I'm pretty liberal about THAT), I only want newer bands on here who WANT to be here.....should they complain, there will be no problem, links will be removed.....but do NOT expect me, or my readers, to not have an OPINION on the subject, as we certainly will......seems fair to me, people like this amazing, incredible, most-interesting new poster "Dan" are encouraged to take this site to task at anytime, that's great......the more the merrier.....even when they are being referred to as "talentless fucks" ( not by ME) and actually act as though they think they are "kicking some serious blog-site-ass" (don't know what else these folks might call it), I always lovea getting ANY (well, anay NON SPAM) comments.

ANYONE reading this......if you are an artist, associated with labeling or management of an artist, or whatever, and any posting on this site is problematic for you, contact me in any of these three methods: The comment section here, my paersonal email which is csgmiller@sbcglobal.net, or, if you wish to speak to me, phone me at 937 206 9022, I'm on lay-off and pending shoulder surgery, love to have someone to talk to, even if they just gonna be yellin at me!

Anyway, as simply as I can state this, MY reasons for operating this admittedly short-of-top-rank blogs, are as follows;

1. To share classic rock n roll and rock n roll-related items from, say , 1962 -present  give/take, as 1962 was my birth year which means little, but my interest, MY OWN PERSONAL interest in music, usually starts after the Beatles.

2. To share new bands that are submitted to me.....I get a LOT of them, both from guest submittors as well as bands themselves....I listen to these, ususally, or at least carpet-bomb them before I post them, I do so because I think they will be of interest to the audience we have (or haven't) developed here.

3. To share rarities, such as a concert performed the previous night, or any other gems that are like birthday gifts......guest contributors send in most of this type of thing, but I'll say that when I started blog in 2010 or whenever, I think I had about 2000 vinyl albums, 1000 singles, couple hundred cassettes, and around 10-12000 CD's. The CD numbers now are about 25000 (god help me), so I know that the shares have given me more wonderful music than I could listen to damn near in a lifetime, although EVERY day I listen to at least one album I'ave not previously heard.

4. To share non-musical material, which I THINK adds a touch of personality here.....I'ave shared a lot of
literature, comics, artwork, lot of different stuff.......I still have not even begun to scratch the surface of that stuff, so if you like it there is a TON more in the vault.

5. To build, or try to build, a community of people around the globe, who maybe think a LITTLE bit alike.....people whom derive joy from the forgotten art of SHARING things. We were all brought up that way, but so many of us don't seem to recall that. To me, and, (I know) for the members of the team that assists me, is the greatest joy in this type of thing is the thrill we get when someone is genuinely thrilled by something one of us has posted. And the team of helpers I have assembled are the best there are, bar none.

OK, here is is...."Dan" is PERFECTLY welcome here, as is anyone else, as long as they act fairly civilly (Yes, Dan has been "good enough")......please don't get in TOO deep, we're only talking about music sharing, a long and future subject of controversy.....nobody here is curing cancer or anything else even of relevance......a little bit of calling people "petty" or "talentless fuck", is not so bad, let's just avoid stuff like talking about others' families and the like we'll all be fine.

Today's model is Megan Fox, by the way. Thanks for last night sweetie.

Clash Bootlegs.....because I care!

Is anyone getting tired of these? just curious, I'm going to finish posting them....I know there is a bit of

sameness to them.....this is more of the Lewdd series, again, sound quality will vary as this is his whole stash, good quality and bad as well.

9/26/79 NO LEAFS OR THIEVES TORONTO-01 Safe European Home/02 I'm So Bored With the USA/03 London Calling/04 Jail Guitar Doors/05 Brand New Cadillac/06 White Man In Hammersmith Palais/07 Capitol Radio/08 English Civil War/09 Koka Kola/10 I Fought the Law/11 Clampdown/12 Wrong Em Boyo/13 Guns of Brixton/14 Stay Free/15 Clash City Rockers/16 Police and Thieves/17 Complete Control/18 Janie Jones/.19 Garageland/20 Armagideon Time/21 Career Opportunities/22 Wgite Riot

10/15/79 SF  KEZAR PAVILLION-01 Safe European Home/02 I'm So Bored With the USA/03 London Calling/04 Jail Guitar Doors/05 Wrong em Boyo/06 Guns of Brixton/07 White Man In Hammersmith Palais/08 Clampdown/09 English Civil War/10  Koka Kola/11 I Fought the Law/12 Julies in the Drug Squad/13 Clash City Rockers/14  Police and Thieves/15 Stay Free/16 Complete Control/17 Career Opportunities/18 Janie Jones.19 Garageland/20 Armagideon Time/21 Capitol Radio/22 White Riot/23 Brand New Cadillac/24 Be Bop A Lula

1980 TURIN-01 London Calling/02 Guns of Brixton/03 Train in Vain/04 White Man In Hammersmith Palais/05 Spanish Bombs/06 Jail Guitar Doors/07 I'm So Bored With the USA/08 Complete Control

1980 4/27 SECRET GIG AT THE ROXY (LA) DISC 1-01 Time is Tight/02 Capitol Radio/03 Koka
Kola/04 Julies in the Drug Squad/05 White Man In Hammersmith Palais/06 Brand New Cadillac/07 Guns of Brixton/08 Jail Guitar Doors/09 48 Hours/10 Somebody Got Murdered/11 Jimmy Jazz/12 Police and Thieves

1980 4/27 SECRET GIG AT THE ROXY (LA) DISC 2-01 Stay Free/02 Clampdown/03 Bankrobber/04  Safe European Home/05 English Civil War/06 Armagideon Time/07 I'm So Bored With the USA/08 Tommy Gun/09 London Calling/10 London's Burning/11 Janie Jones

1981 PIER PRESSURE-01 Can't Judge a Book By Looking at the Cover (Demo)/02 It's Not Over (demo)/03 Louie Louie/04 Magnificent Seven (Live Tom Snyder)/05 Mona (Demo)/06 Untitled Reggae Rules (Demo)

Give Em the Finger Comp.

Lewdd sends in another homemade mix comp, dedicated to some recent visitors to the blog.....as he says,
the song titles alone ought to give you a clue......

01 Menace - So Fuck You
02 Bad Religion - Fuck You
03 D.O.A. - Fuck You
04 Mahones - Fuck You
05 Rancid - Fuck You
06 Roger Miret and the Disasters - Fuck You
07 Queers - Fuck You
08 Youth Brigade - Fuck You
09 Secretions - 3 Chords and a Fuck You
10 D.O.A. - Fucked Up Baby
11 D.O.A. - Fucked Up Ronnie
12 D.O.A. - Fucked Up Bush
13 D.O.A. - Fucked Up Donald
14 Dead Kennedys - Too Drunk to Fuck
15 D.O.A. - Let's Fuck
16 The Stitches - I Just Wanna Fuck
17 Paddy and the Rats - Fuck You, I'm Drunk
18 Anti-Nowhere League - Fucked Up & Wasted
19 Yellow Stitches - Fat Fucking Bastards
20 Exploited - You're a Fucking Bastard
21 Exploited - Fuck Religion
22 Sensa Yuma - Fuck the Government
23 Sensa Yuma - Fuck the USA
24 Tiger Army - Fuck the World
25 Anti-Nowhere League - Dirty Old Fucker
26 TSOL - Fuck You Tough Guy
27 Exploited - Fucking Liar
28 Adicts - Fuck It Up
29 The Sensitives - How the Fuck
30 The Staggerers - I Give No Fucks
31 Queers - I'm OK, You're Fucked
32 Copyrights - Let's Get the Fuck Out of Here
33 Copyrights - Shit's Fucked
34 Stars & Stripes - Shut the Fuck Up
35 Secretions - Mom's Fucked Up
36 NOFX - Please Stop Fucking My Mom

Quest For Rescue

John N sent this one a while back, I listened and forgot about it......a 2016 release, fair-to-good indie pop/punk from straight outta Cologne Germany.......not earth-shattering, but a fairly rocking disc, worth a listen for you I am certain!

01. Close to Me 03:51
02.KNOW You 03:42
03. Common Grounds 04:31
04. Nothing to Complain 01:44
05. Turn Around 03:34
06. Walk Alone 03:20
07. Slow Down 03:54
08. Not Friends 02:12
09. Come with Me 03:01
10. Getting Around 02:41

A Good Christmas comp

I've got a few Christmas comps I need to get up this week, or they will be fairly redundant after
that......several punk/Xmas comps so far, here's a lovely comp from John N, featuring the fine vocals of Ella Fitzgerald and Louis Armstrong......two finer vocalists could hardly be imagined, particularly for this type of music........if you find it unusual to see Ella F and Louis A here, remember......all about the variety, and really, I think this is one of the better Christmas comps I've heard......I have a few more yet, both of the standard and more novelty variety......and, I'll get em all, so if you guys have any OTHER faves of the holiday variety, send em in......but this one? it's for serious lovers of beautiful Christmas vocalizing!

Black Moon Circle

Here's why we come here, for the most part, I guess.....heavy-ass stoner rock has always been my staple,
and John N sends in a fine bunch of stuff from Black Moon Circle.....heavy, spacey stoner rock, the way its supposed to be.......from Norway, often a good thing, and these discs are REALLY good, Sabbath-ish stuff with modern 2010's stoner rock, really fab downer rock here........check these out, it might be their entire discography, unsure, but DO play loud as this is the stuff that I love, and I know many of you do as well!

BLACK MOON CIRCLE (2014)-01 Plains/02 American Eagle/03 Enigmatic Superbandit

ANDROMEDA (2014)-01 The Machine on the Hill/02 Jack's Cold Sweat/03 Supernova/04 Dragon/05 Andaromeda

STUDIO JAMS VOLUME 1 YELLOW NEBULA (2015)-01 Closed Loop Circuit/02 Sea of Vapors/03 Yellow Nebula

(OK a little tricky here, let me try to explain....the three discs above are combined to one link, however, that one link needed split due to zippy's size limits......thus the first TWO links below will get you these three wonderful discs.The links are referred to as BMC 1a and 1b)

SEA OF CLOUDS (2016)-01 Lunar Rocket/02 The Magnificent
Dude/03 Moondog/04 Warp Speed

STUDIO JAMS VOLUME 2 SERPENT (2016)-01 The Head/02 The Tail

(Again, these discs are combined to one link, referred to as BMC 2

LIVE AT CAFE MIR, OSLO 6/14/14-01 Plains/02 Jack's Cold Sweat/03 Andromeda Jam/04 American Eagle/05 Jam/Enigmatic Superbandit

STONE COLD KILLER-(from a split 7" with Reptile Master) 01 Stone Cold Killer

I have heard these before, but somehow forgotten about them.....big mistake, these are ALL tremendous, this is the great heavy stoner rock sound of the 00's-10's, just fantastic stuff in my opinion, don't miss...Mark Eveleigh, haven't heard from you for a while brother, but if this isn't up your alley, nothing is, you will love this like I do (if you aren't already hip to it)

Zimmerman meets a very Petty, Petty man

No, not "Dan", or me either for that matter......I've just been seeing/reading that "petty" word so much since
our friend Dan decided to excite us with the fact that he had a new "word-of-the-day" desk calendar, OBVIOUSLY "petty" was the word of THAT day, the guy loves to use the word.....anyway, this aint about petty scott.....it's more about Zimmerman, who turns up here on occasion, and this petty-ass fucker named Tom. They team up for a pretty damn good live show, Sydney Australia, 2/24/86......all pretty good here, thanks to John N for another killer submission, I'd ask that all of you petty file sharers might want to act quickly on this, you never know when some petty person might delete the links.......there are some moments of interest, notably to me this petty Tom guy turning in a killer version of "Refugee", and there are other moments too that make this share worth it's while. But don't be petty and name names, ya know, let's see if we can keep this one alive for a little while at least?

Wonder how old Dan is doing......seemed like such a tremendous guy........

DISC 1-01 Justine/02 All Along the Watchtower/03 Positively Fourth Street/04 Clean Cut Kid/05 I'll remember You/06 Trust Yourself/07 That Lucky Old Sun/08 Masters of War/09 Bye Bye Johnny/10 Straight Into Darkness/11 A Hard Rain's Gonna Fall/12 Girl From the North Country/13 It's Alright Ma (I'm Only Bleeding)/14 I Forgot More than You'll Ever Know/15 just Like a Woman/16 I'm Moving On

DISC 1 NOTES: Tracks 1-8 by Zimmerman, Tracks 9-10 by this petty fucking Tom guy, tracks 11-16 by Zimmerman

DISC 2-01 Lenny Bruce/02 When the Night Comes Falling From the Sky/03 Lonesome Town/04 Ballad of a Thin Man/05 So You Want to Be a Rock N Roll Star/06 Refugee/07 Rainy Day Women #12 and 35/08 Seeing the Real You at Last/09 Across the Borderline/10 I And I/11 Like a Rolling Stone/12 In the Garden/13 Blowin In the Wind/14 Uranium Rock/15 Knockin on Heaven's Door

DISC 2 NOTES: Tracks 1-4 by Zimmerman, Tracks 5/6 by  this petty fucking Tom guy, tracks 7-15 by Zimmerman

This is pretty fair, sounds kind of pasted together, some of Zimmerman's stuff sounds a little lazy, and there is
not a whole lot of this petty fucking Tom guy, but it does have it's moments (besides mentioned above, see Zim's "Ballad of a Thin Man", a petty  good effort. Yes I said "petty" on purpose, just can't get that word out of my mind........thanks again DANNY BOY!

And of course, thanks to John N for the submission


And John N continues to work overtime to bring us the best in rock n roll and related......this time we groove
to the fab UK sounds of Slowcoaches, pretty damn good one.....I think somebody had already sent me this one before, but I checked and I haven't posted it, so here we go......this album (2016, so you know what that means), "Nothing Gives", is some damn good girl fronted retro-70's punk/pop, and it REALLY works for me ......very rocking, and always love me some punk chick vocals......this is a good one, see attached review.

London’s deadpan punk trio Slowcoaches release their debut album Nothing Gives on December 2nd via Leisure & District. Rightfully self-proclaimed as the ‘sloppiest tight punk band around’, the band’s sound is fast and often unpredictable as Nothing Gives showcases an impressive blend of fuzzy noise-rock and anthemic girl punk,courtesy of Heather Perkins’ angsty vocal efforts. Joined by guitarist Matt Dixon and drummer Liam O’Neill, Slowcoaches come together, occupying the spacebetween Mudhoney and Babes In Toyland in a chaotic 90s-esque debut.
Opening track Living Out kicks off the record in true punk fashion with a steady drum beat that builds up to embrace a plethora of distorted riffs. Ex Head borrows from the band’s earlier EP of the same name, while We’re So Heavy’s repetitive chorus of ‘I don’t care, I don’t care’ marks an infectious effort. Raw Dealings then strays a little from the punk-infused sound of the record, leaning somewhat closer to psychedelic grunge before recent single Drag takes over in an anxiety-fuelled anthem.
Thinkers takes a much darker approach, sticking to the album’s punk roots but incorporating heavier riffs and a much more intense atmosphere, while tracks such as 54 and Levity borderline on pop-rock influences. Drawing the album to a close, Surface Observations boasts a helping of tradition punk while the bleak and pessimistic lyrics of Total Block contrast the upbeat nature of the record.

NOTHING GIVES-01 Living Out/02 Ex Head/03 We're So Heavy/04 Raw Dealings/05 Drag/06 Thinkers/07 Norms & Values/08 54/09 Levity/10 Get Ripped/11 Surface Observations/12 Total Block

Might just be year-end material, getting to be that time, and that field is getting crowded, some GOOD stuff this year, the year end top 25 this year will be spectacular! 

Post-Pop Depression

Iggy Pop is one of the more iconic humans on this particular blog, we've had TONS of his stuff, tributes, live stuff, rarities, Stooges cover projects, etc......well, truth be told, I've never been all THAT crazy about his post-Stooges catalogue, although certainly I could find something worse to listen to.....what we have here is a live 2016 recording of the Ig from his self-proclaimed final tour......AND it's good (I wasn't going to post it, I thought, until I listened).....quite energetic, quite rocking, and all of the Iggy fans here would kill me if I skipped this one...in particular, the opening "Lust For Life" is pretty high energy, and the rest of it is more listenable than just a normal nostalgia trip.......here ya go Iggy fans, Merry Christmas!

Oh, by the way, another fantastic submission from the hard working John N.

DISC 1-01 Lust For Life/02 Sister Midnight/03 American Valhalla/04 Sixteen/05 In the Lobby/06 Some Weird Sin/07 Funtime/08 Tonight/09 Sunday

DISC 2-01 German Days/02 Mass Production/03 Nightclubbing/04 Gardenia/05 The Passenger/06 China Girl/07 Break Into Your Heart/08 Fall In Love With Me/09 Repo Man/10 Baby/11 Chocolate Drops/12 Paraguay/13 Success

Last of Lewdd's Christmas comps

While I'm at it, may as well throw ya another Christmas album, the last of Lewdd's creations, this one with
music from the year that was 2016......this is the third time we've heard from Lewdd today, along with the "Middle Finger" comp and another batch of Clash boots.......Lewdd is another of the many great contributors here, and I thank him sincerely all he does, along with the rest of the team.......Merry christmas Lewdd, if I never even hear from you in 2017, you have likely already sent me enough material for a year or better, thanks for your work!

01 Lowbrow - Jingle Bells, Batman Smells
02 Angry Snowmans - Gingerbread Home
03 Angry Snowmans - Sleigh Ride
04 Missile Toads - Christmas Party Tonight!
05 Missile Toads - Hurry Up Santa
06 Jingle Punx - Feliz Navidad
07 Jingle Punx - Blue Christmas
08 Bit Nipply
09 Old Firm Casuals - Father Christmas
10 UK Subs - Hey Santa
11 Wonder Beers - Let's Get Pissed at Christmas
12 Showcase Showdown - Merry Christmas, I Fucked Your Snowman
13 Vice Squad - Run Run Rudolph
14 Braindance - Santa the Pervert
15 Barbed Wire - The Christmas Song
16 Hap Hap Happiest Christmas
17 Dwarves - Drinking Up Christmas
18 Bollweevils - White Christmas
19 Fenix TX - Feliz Navidad
20 Pennywise - Merry Christmas
21 NOFX - Xmas Has Been X'ed
22 Rancid - Xmas Eve (She Got Up and Left Me)
23 Face to Face - Merry Xmas
24 MxPx - So This Is Christmas
25 Celkilt - Jingle Bells
26 Bowling for Soup - I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus
27 Drown the Witness - Jingle Bells
28 Pointed Sticks - Xmastime Again
29 Cheap Trick - I Want You for Christmas
30 Relient K - I'm Getting Nuttin' for Christmas
31 All Time Low - Merry Christmas, Kiss My Ass
32 Weezer - We Wish You a Merry Christmas
33 Reed Wolcott - I'm Working Retail for Christmas

Christmas Blues Collection

Once again John N hooks us up with a gem, a fine looking two disc Christmas comp......the title says it all,
but observe the track list and see that many blues greats appear here in the holiday spirits!

СD 1: Christmas Blues
01. Clyde McPhatter & The Drifters - White Christmas (Berlin)
02. Jimmy Liggins & His Drops of Joy - I Want My Baby For Christmas (Liggins)
03. Lightnin' Hopkins - Merry Christmas (Hopkins, Luke)
04. Mabel Scott with Les Welch & His Orchestra - Boogie Woogie Santa Clans (Rene)
05. Lowell Fulsom - Lonesome Christmas (Fulsom)
06. Big Joe Turner with Pete Johnson & His Orchestra - Christmas Date Boogie (Turner)
07. Charles Brown with Johnny Moore Three Blazers - Merry Christmas Baby (Baxter, Moore)
08. Amos Milburn - Let's Make Christmas Merry Baby (Haywood, Tucker)
09. Little Esther & Mel Walker with Johnny Otis' Congregation - Faraway Christmas blues (Otis)
10. Jimmy Witherspoon - Oh How I Hate To See Xmas Coming Around (Witherspoon)
11. Jimmy Rushing with Count Basie & His Orchestra - Good Morning Bines (Basie, Durham, Rushing)
12. Julia Lee & Her Boy Friends - Christmas Spirit (Lee)
13. Roy Milton Solid Senders - Christmas Time Blues (Milton)
14. The Moonglows - Hey Santa Claus (unknown)
15. Andrew "Smokey" Hogg - I Want My Baby For Christmas (Hogg)
16. Sugar Chile Robinson - Christmas Boogie (White)
17. Earl Brown with Lowell Fulsom - Best Wishes (unknown)
18. J.B. Summers with Doc Bagby's orchestra - I Want A Present For Christmas (Summers)
19. Larry Darnell - Christmas Blues (Madison, Biqqs)
20. Lightnin' Hopkins - Happy New Year (Hopkins, Luke)

CD 2: Christmas Blues Rhythm & Doo Wop
01. Nat King Cole Trio - The Christmas Song (Torme, Wells)
02. Sonny Parker with Lionel Hampton & His Orchestra - Merry Christmas Baby (Baxter, Moore)
03. Felix Gross - Love For Christmas (unknown)
04. The Marshall Brothers - Mr. Santa's Booyie (unknown)
05. Champion Jack Dupree - Santa Clans Bines (Dupree)
06. The Moonglows - Just A Lonely Christmas (unknown)
07. Blind Willie Johnson - Jesus's Coming Soon (Johnson)
08. Gatemouth Moore with Tiny Grimes Swingtet - Christmas Blues (Moore)
09. Andrew "Smokey" Hogg - My Christmas Baby (Hogg, Josea)
10. Jackie Wilson with Billy Ward & The Dominoes - Christmas In Heaven (Ward)
11. Bull Moose Jackson & His Bearcats I'll - Be Home For Christmas (unknown)
12. The Orioles - What Are You Doing New Year's Eve? (unknown)
13. The Voices - Santa Claus Baby (Gray, York)
14. The Orioles - (It's Gonna Be A) Lonely Christmas (unknown)
15. The Ravens - Silent Night (Grubet, Mohr)
16. The Pilgrim Travellers - I'll Be Home For Christmas (Kent, Gannon, Rum)
17. The Ravens - White Christmas (Berlin)
18. The Orioles - Oh Holy Night (Grueber, Mohr)
19. Sister Rosetta Tharpe with Sam Price Trio - Jesus Is Here To Stay (Tharpe, Price)
20. Mahalia Jackson - Child Of The King (Smith, Daniels) 

Zoos of Berlin

(scott) from Detroit come Zoos of Berlin, art-ish alt-rock........John N sends this, their discography incuding
EP's, along with a review that is much better than anything I could write. The band also has a track on a Bowie covers album sent by John N also, coming up next......
One of Detroit’s great musical enigmas, Zoos of Berlin have quietly dispensed two exquisite art-pop masterworks to relatively little fanfare either locally or globally. Somewhat of an oddity in the Midwestern landscape, their tonal sensibilities are more in line with English auteurs like Godley & Creme and Brian Eno than with the scrappy garage rock of their rustbelt home. That’s not to say their sophisticated pop approach is stand-offish or stuffy. In fact, their music is quite accessible, albeit by the side door where their spellbinding sounds lead listeners to a familiar place via an alternate route.

With Instant Evening, their third full-length, they’ve fused their appealingly lush aural climate to a collection of songs that sets a new benchmark for the now veteran writing duo of Trevor Naud and Daniel I. Clark. In Zoos’ trademark fashion, tracks like “Rush at the Bonds” and “Spring from the Cell” are rife with hooks and well-honed melodies that take as many left turns as needed to keep them from mainstream consideration. The laid-back propulsion — also one of the band’s hallmarks — remains evident, especially on midtempo stunner “Ambition Sounds,” whose unhurried groove eyes the distant horizon while Naud gently intones “I still belong to you, I still belong to the outside world,” a dichotomy that makes a pretty good case for Zoos’ strange allure.

As approachable as they sometimes are, there is also something private and deeply personal about their music. Like the album title implies, they live more naturally in twilight, sharing the public glow of day with the secrecy of night, and while that kind of mystique isn’t easily generated, Zoos of Berlin have once again made it seem effortless.

Video for Ambition Sounds from the Zoos of Berlin LP, "Instant Evening." Preorder Instant Evening... https://zoosofberlin.bandcamp.com/ Directed by Trevor Naud ...
12 track album
Recorded and mixed at The Zoodio, Detroit, by drummer and engineer Collin Dupuis (who recently mixed Angel Olsen’s MY WOMAN, as well as Lana Del Rey’s Ultraviolence), Instant Evening is, of course, the band’s finest sounding record—but it’s also their finest as songwriters. Trevor Naud and Daniel I. Clark’s writing partnership, started when they were virtually teenagers, has a confidence that previous Zoos records were only hinting at. Everything has a confidence that those previous Zoos records were only hinting at.

(The band says you should pretend this is their first album.) 

From the introspective, lost-on-the-Autobahn yearning of “Ambition Sounds” to the tape deck nostalgia of “Winter Radio” to the stripped-down shoegaze of “Glen Riders,” the group’s ability to shift from mechanized pop to dreamier pastures is seamless. 
Lyrically, the boys take to subject matter like alien journalists, disappearing into crowded clubs, smoking weed alone, driving endlessly, trying to break free of life’s big circles. Marriage, breakups, relocations, big losses, big wins, children, the new dawn… it’s all in here through that special, weird lens.

TAXIS-01 Century Rail/02 Black in the Sun Room/03 Formal is at Noon/04 Juan Matus/05 Our Jailor Eats Alone/06 Water Town/07 Countless Lessons/08 Doctor Vine Passing/09 Stay By the Ark/10 Electrical Way/11 Coliseum

PALLISTER CHANT EP-01 Haven't Eyes/02 Tamarind/03 Sheets of Solid Gold/04 Kingston Gates

LUCIFER IN THE RAIN-01 Above the Air/02 Charnel House/03 Companion Turns/04 I Went to Shapeless In the Night/05 Last Decade/06 On the Dock With Carlita/07 Open the Wine/08 Candlewood Fair/09 Put on the New Suit/10 Belles-Letters/11 He Lives in the Trees/12 Movie on August Ray

INSTANT EVENING-01 Rush at the Bond/02 Ambition Sounds/03 Constitution/04 White Cloud/05 Glen Riders/06 Evelyn/07 Spring From the Cell/08 I Get to Follow You/09 A Clock Could Never Tell/10 Winter Radio/11 Always Fine With Orphan/12 North Star on the Hill

Life Beyond Mars

As mentioned in previous post, Zoos of Berlin perform on this cover comp of David Jones material......again, not much to say about it, but I know a lot of you will dig this one, so here it is!

VA - Life Beyond Mars - Bowie Covered (2008) tracks
01 Au Revoir Simone – Oh! You Pretty Things
02 Heartbreak – Loving The Alien
03 Kelley Polar – Magic Dance
04 Leo Minor – Ashes To Ashes
05 Carl Craig Presents Zoos of Berlin – Looking For Water
06 Drew Brown – Sweet Thing
07 Matthew Dear – Sound & Vision
08 Susumu Yokota – Golden Years
09 The Emperor Machine – Repetition
10 Joakim & The Disco – A New Career In Town
11 Richard Walters & Faultline – Be My Wife
12 The Thing – Life On Mars

Scott's best-ever Garage Fuzz comp, Part 18

Coming down the home stretch on this series (with the pending "Son of Garage Fuzz" on the near
horizon)....this is letter "S", which is a "big" letter, so this is a big file, 60+ tracks, with many faves like The Sonics, Swamp Rats, Smoke, Shadows of Knight, and many more.......this series has been very well recieved, and I thank everyone who has enjoyed it thus far, and I was quite happy to locate the new torrent, which will be the aforementioned "Son of" collection......haven't quite checked the "overlap" between the two, so I may doctor it up so as not repeat too many tracks, we'll see......for now, here ya go, another quite cool collection of lesser-known Nugget rock, which, of course, is some of the greatest music of all!

PART 19-01 SAD SACK SET-The World For Us/02 SANDS OF TIME-When She Cries For Me/03 SANDY EDMONDS-Come See Me/04 SATISFIED MINDS-I Can't Take It/05 SATRYCON-Leave It/06 SAVOYS-Can It Be/07 SCEPTRES-But I Can Dream/08 SCOTTY MCKAY QUINTET-Train Kept A-Rollin'/09 SELECTED FEW-Get the Picture/10 SEL-SYNC-Dirty Books/11 SHADES-ballot Bachs/12 SHADES-Gingerbread Man/13 SHADOWS OF KNIGHT-Taurus/14 SHADOWS OF KNIGHT-I'm Gonna Make You Mine/15 SHADY DAZE-I'll Make You Pay/16 SHAG-Stop And Listen/17 SHAKE SPEARS-What Happened/18 SHANDELLS INC-Just Cry/19 SHANDELLS INC-Say What I Mean/20 SHER-LOCKS-Skin of My Teeth/21 SHERWOODS-I Know You Cried/22 SHY GUYS-Black Lightning Light/23 SILER BROTHERS-The Spring Thing/24 SIR LAURENCE & THE CRESCENTS- Flip Me Over/25 SIR WINSTON & THE COMMONS-We're Gonna Love/26 SIX DEEP-Girl It's Over/27 SLEEPERS-I Want a Love/28 SMOKE-No More Now/29 SNAP SHOTS-Hip Hip Hurray/30 SOCIETY-High and Mighty/31 SOMEBODY'S CHYLDREN-I'm Going Back to New York City/32 SONICS-Like No Other Man/33 SONNY FLAHARTY & THE MARK V-Hey Conductor/34 SONS OF BARBEE DOLL-Psychedelic Seat/35 SOUL INC-Stronger Than Dirt/36 SOUL SURVIVORS-Can't Stand to Be In Love With You/37 SOUND APPARATUS-Travel Agent Man/38 SOUND BARRIER-Hey Hey/39 SOUNDELLES-Can't You See/40 SOUNDS UNLIMITED-Cool One/41 SPACE CADETS-Nothing Will Stand In My Way/42 SPACE WALKERS-The Invader/43 SPARKLES-Hipsville 29 BC/44
SPARKLES-No Friend of Mine/45 SPIDERS-Dona't Blow Your Mind/46 SPIDERS-SPI/47 SPIRITS-So Sad/48 SPLIT ENDS-Rich With Nothin'/49 SPONTANEOUS COMBUSTION-Freaky Girl/50 SPONTANEOUS GENERATION-Up In My Mind/51 ST. JOHN & CREW-I'm a Man/52 STEAMPACKET 2-Take Her Anytime/53 STEREO SHOESTRING-On the Road South/54 STERLING DAMON-Rejected/55 STITCH IN TYME-Point of View/56 STONE CUTTERS-
Fellow Slave/57 STONE CUTTERS-Mister, You're a Better man Than I/58 STONEFIELD-Morning Hours/59 STONEMEN-Favorite Colors/60 STONEMEN-In the Evening/61 STORY TELLERS-Cry With Me/62 STYX-Athena/63 SULTANS FIVE-You Know, You Know/64 SURPRIZE-I Will Make History/65 SWAMP RATS-Hey Freak/66 SWAMP RATS-Ain't No Friend of Mine

There ya go guys, another volume of great stuff......hope you all like it, it's (IMO) among the best style of compilations (Nugget rock, I mean) along with punk and power pop as listening to these style comps is so similar to an excellent radio experience......much more so than, say, stoner, prog, metal, etc.....nayway, not important, enjoy these 66 tunes!

The Dwellers

Perhaps you come here just to dip into some obscure stoner rock, which is kind of how I started out, before
I branched out, but stoner rock is still one of my first loves......this band, The Dwellers, are ass-kick all the way, headed up by Iota's Joey Tosacano.....this album, "Good Morning Harakiri", released 2012, is really an awesome one, sounds, obviously, something like Iota, also maybe like Dozer or Wo Fat, that kind of thing, and there isn't a thing wrong with that......a really good album, rarely comes up in the rare discussion of classic stoner albums, but like I keep saying, wait 20 years and people will be slobbering for this stuff

GOOD MORNING HARAKIRI-01 Secret Revival/02 Blackbird/03 Lightening Ritual/ Ode to Inversion Layer/05 Old Honey/06 Vultures

All good stoner tracks, an hour you won't regret you spent listening to this one. Best track? Hard to say, all pretty good, I'll go with "Old Honey"......give me some feedback on this one, as you know I have a serious love of this kind of thing.

The Specials

This one was sent to me by John N, I really liked these ska-rockers back in the day, and, after not having
listened to them for quite a while, I'm frankly kind of surprised by how good and un-dated it really sounds today....."Too Much Too Young" was a great one, but "Ghost Town", "Rat Race" and lots more are really good numbers as well (It is a "Best of" collection after all).......this is the kind of music that I used to listen to mostly in the "best of" formats, I'm far from any expert on ska or anything like that......but this album does rock, it's really good, hope it either initiates a few new fans, or, at least, stirs a memory in someone of MY generation.

BEST OF-01 Gangsters/02 A Message to You Rudy/03 Nite Klub/04 Concrete Jungle/05 Too Much Too Young/06 Blank Expression/07 Doesn't make it Alright/08 Rude Buoys Out of Jail/09 Rat Race/10 Man a C&A/11 Do Nothing/12 Stereotypes/13 International Jet Set/14 Friday Night, Saturday Morning/15 Why/16 Ghost Town/17 What I Like Most About You Is Your Girlfriend/18 Racist Friend/19 War Crimes/20 Nelson Mandela

Dantalian's Chariot

Let us venture to the carefree days of 1967 for some fab psychedelic rock, this time compliments of Dantalian's Chariot.......sent this way by John N, this band was the domain of future-Police member Andy Summers. I think this ("Chariot Rising") was their only LP, but I might be wrong on that.

This is Pink Floyd-ish 60's Brit-psych, really fun to listen to of you like that type of thing (me, I love it)......the first track, "Madman Running Through the Fields" is the best known track here, and it is a good one, no doubt a minor-classic psych single.....but I happen to prefer "World War Three", and there is some other good shit here, I advise listening to this one as a whole, to best get the idea......it's a dated hoot, actually, lots of sitars (from Summers), wah-wah guitar, goofball lyrics......everything that made 1967 psych great.......if you are a fan of this genre, don't overlook this one.

CHARIOT RISING-01 Madman Running Through the Fields/02 World War Three/03 This Island/04 Fourpenny Bus Ride/05 Four Firemen/06 Sun Came Bursting Through My Cloud/07 Recapture the Thrill/08 Soma/09 Coffee Song/10 High Flying Bird

Dark Blue

These Philadelphia post-punk hard rockers have a new album out, and it is quite good ("Start of the
World").....some type of lyrical concept about a decaying USA here, and no argument from me, but truth is, John N has sent not only their new album, but their previous one, as well as their singles....this is good, modern day hard post-punk (I know I already said that, but I find no other way to describe it actually).....the singer's voice does get a tiny bit annoying, but overall this is stuff that sounds good to me, and fans of a certain type of rock will enjoy these.

SINGLE #1-01 Subterranean Man/02 Skinhead Wedding in Canberra

SINGLE #2-01 Just Another Night With the Boys/02 Hungry For Love

PURE REALITY-01 Never Afraid, Never Alone/02 Here on My Street/03 Dear Iris/04 Sounds Like Hell On Earth/05 I Can't Take Another Year/06 Hanging From the Chandelier/07 City Eyes/08 Always Ready to Leave

SINGLE #3-01 Vicious Romance/02 Delco Runts

START OF THE WORLD-01 Union of Buffoons/02 Be Gone Everyone/03 I Never Wanted to Hurt You/04 Paralyzed By Fear/05 You Know Who/06 Bombs on the Beach/07 Tired of the Poor/08 Western Front Academy

I was only slightly familiar with this band when they were submitted to me, I must say, I'm much more impressed than I thought I'd be.....these songs rock hard in a sort of strange way, and the lyrics are a bit out there as well....the concepts explored on "Start of the World", while not always hitting their target, still have merit......it's a good album, as is the previous one, and the singles are fab as well.......underappreciated band, at least by me up until now. Pretty good stuff here, thanks John N.