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Some Muddy Waters from the great John N

Bout time for some legitimate, major league blues stuff, I haven't put any up for a little while......well, it's the
great John N to rescue the day, sending us three fab Muddy Waters albums.....tremendous stuff here, of course, and thanks again to John N for the continued variety and quality that he sends this way.....lovers of metal/70's style hard rock, blues masters such as Muddy Waters (also Buddy Guy, John Lee Hooker, etc)......this shit is totally off the charts, I mean, obviously, I prefer the more modern hard rock, but this stuff sends a chill down my spine every time.........tremendous albums here, and I think there might be a bit more to come (JL Hooker, actually, tonight or tomorrow).......just stunning stuff, don't cheat yourself by missing these.

HARD AGAIN (1977)-01 Mannish Boy/02 Bus Driver/03 I Want to Be Loved/04 Jealous Hearted Man/05 I Can't Be Satisfied/06 The Blues Had a Baby and They Named it Rock N Roll/07 Deep Down In Florida/08 Crosseyed Cat/09 Little Girl/10 Walking Through the Park

I'M READY (1978)-01 01 I'm Ready/02 33 Years/03 Who Do You Trust/04 Copper Brown/05 I'm Your Hoochie Coochie Man/06 Mamie/07 Rock Me/08 Screamin' and Cryin'/09 Good Morning Little School Girl/10 No Escape From the Blues/11 That's Alright/12 Lonely man Blues

KING BEE (1981)-01 I'm a King Bee/02 Too Young to Know/03
Mean Old Frisco/04 Forever Lonely/05 I Feel Like Going Home/06 Champaign and Reefer/07 Sad Sad Day/08 (My Eyes) Keep Me In Trouble/09 Deep Down In Florida No. 2/10 No Escape From the Blues/11 I Won't Go On/12 Clouds In My Heart

Trying to keep the submissions varied, yet, I care about quality as well....these three albums are tremendous in my book, hope you think so as well........great stuff here.

Golden Void

It's a hell of a great problem to have, but I have a ton of John N links here that I need to get shared with ya

 Golden Void is a psychedelic rock band from the San Francisco Bay Area.
The band consists of:
- guitarist/vocalist Isaiah Mitchell (EARTHLESS / NEBULA)
- bassist Aaron Morgan (ROOTS OF ORCHIS / THE FINCHES)
- drummer Justin Pinkerton (ROOTS OF ORCHIS)
- keyboardist/vocalist Camilla Saufley-Mitchell (ASSEMBLE HEAD IN SUNBURST SOUND)

Golden Void is the new face of Bay Area psychedelic music. It's a rich tradition and like many of the tradition’s greats, Golden Void’s songs are firmly rooted in melody and not afraid of exploration. The band’s hooks get stuck in your head and their riffs transport you to the astral plane. Golden Void’sundeniable twist, setting them apart from their city’s lineage, is the influence of classic bands like Sabbath and Pentagram. The quartet, Isaiah Mitchell (Earthless) on guitar and vocals, Camilla Saufley-Mitchell on keyboards and vocals, Aaron Morgan on bass and Justin Pinkerton on drums, achieves a perfect balance of muscular riffs, soaring melodies, and hazy atmosphere on Berkana, their sophomore album. Recorded with Tim Green (The Fucking Champs), Berkanashows Golden Void expanding the scope of their sound without abandoning the heady groove they carved on their acclaimed self-titled debut.

Several members of Golden Void cut their musical teeth together during their middle school years and their natural ease and friendship is apparent throughout Berkana. Every member contributes to the writing process and to the arrangement of songs. Working with Tim Green at his isolated country studio, with all the instruments he has amassed, was integral to the expanded sound on this new record. While their debut album was mostly recorded live, Berkana was recorded with each member in isolation, allowing for more edits and overdubs. On songs like “Dervishing” and “Astral Plane,” there are layers upon layers of sound to dig into, with acoustic guitar, keyboards, and even flute being added to the band’s potent brew. Tim Green picked up the baritone guitar and added some Arp as well. Isaiah Mitchell, one of the best rock guitarists working today, shows off his chops, but also his incredible restraint, throughout. In addition to the stretches of outright shredding, such as on opener “Burbank’s Dream,” or the climax of “The Beacon”, there are moments such as the breakdown on “I’ve Been Down,” in which Mitchell employs subtle melodic flourishes that slowly build in intensity. Berkana is a sonically rich collection of heavy rock and roll.

In 2012 Golden Void was called “The Bay Area’s best new psych band” by the Bay Bridged, which was followed by a torrent of praise for their live shows throughout California. Although Golden Void has previously only made a few appearances outside of the Golden State they plan to remedy that this fall with US dates as well as shows in Europe.

all.....he sends plenty of great stuff, and everyone of us should be VERY grateful for his generosity and his work. Love ya John N.....

Here is some of MY kinda music, ya know, that stoner/hard-heavy psych stuff that I love so much......well, here, compliments of the aforementioned John N, are the albums of Golden Void......I'm listening, they kick nothing BUT serious ass, and since John N went to the trouble to attach a review, I may as well send it along:


(Scott again)......hey folks, I really like these.......if my taste means anything to you, check these, they are really excellent, and what I consider to be definitive of the sound of modern hard rock in the 00's era. Good stuff for certain. 

GOLDEN VOID-01 Art of Invading/02 Virtue/03 Jetsun Dolma/04 Badlands/05 Shady Grove/06 The Curve/07 Atlantis

RISE TO THE OUT OF REACH (SINGLE)-01 Rise to the Out of Reach/02 Smiling Raven

BERKANA-01 Burbank's Dream/02 Silent Season/03 Dirvishing/04 Astral Plane/05 I've Been Down/06 The Beacon/07 Storm and Feather

Really enjoyed these a lot, if my judgement means anything to ya......good stuff here, I hope you don't cheat yerselfs, this is fab stuff you most likely will  dig these as well......really good.

Shannon & The Clams

Every now and then I'm gonna drag out something like this.....not great, not a future classic, not even close....but you know what it is? OBSCURE rock that was part of a "scene" at one time....I'm gonna bet most of ya never heard of them, and frankly, they ain't THAT good.....but they ARE worth giving a listen to, it's second-line, undercard new wave , attempting, it would seem, to sound like 1983 or so, actual released in 2013..........the band made another album or two, this one ("Dreams in the Rat House"), is a pretty fair retro-listen, I kinda like it, listening from THAT persepective.......anyway, give this a try, NOT awful, also NOT great, it is "what it is" as they say (I dislike that expression, but so it goes).......it's not bad, and it fits the format here (obscure punk) to a "T".....so, there ya be.......the "retro-80's" sound is great, it works well, and there is a good chance you might like this one (I personally like the track "Unlearn")......simply stated,you never know what the fuck I might put up on a given day, but I hope (against hope) that I'm going about it the right way, with a (hopefully) smooth blend of rock n roll from each of the touchstones of my life.....I just hope I am doing a good job, believe it or not, I REALLY do worry about that kinda thing........

DREAMS IN THE RAT HOUSE-01 Hey Willy/02 Rip Van Winkle/03 Bed Rock/04 Ozma/05 If I Could Count/06 In the River/07 The Rat House/08 The Rabbit's Nose/09 Heads or Tails/10 Unlearn/11 Into a Dream/12 I Know

Not a classic by any means, but an enjoyable listening experience, and something just a tiny bit different? Well, yeah....I love stuff like this (that's why my stash is overrun with it), it's only rock n roll, my children, BUT, (usually) I like it..........


A good submission from John N, a lesser-known (to me at least) 1960's psych band, Graffiti released (I think) only this one LP in 1968....it's pretty fair, I think I have it in my stash somewhere, John N sent me this copy......mellow-ish, California-style late 60's psych.......worth a listen, worth a listen......might remind you of Quicksilver, or God knows whom else.....not an essential album, but not everything needs to be.......the price is right, check out some fairly good late 60's psych rock here......not bad, really, not at all.

GRAFFITI-01 Father Protctor/02 The Capture of Me-Life Blood/03 Jingle Jangle Woman/04 New Life-Girl On Fire-Cold Water-Love In Spite/05 Ugly Mascara/06 He's Got the Knack

More Clash boots from Lewdd!

In all seriousness, could this possibly be the most comprehensive set of Clash boots ever assembled in one
place? I mean, I assume it's not, there is probably some web site dedicated to Clash boots that has more, but my God, there is a lot in this collection. I already had a bunch of em, but there's a lot here I didn't have, also, and hell, it IS the Clash........one of the greats. Remember, Lewdd has warned us ahead of time that the sound quality will vary on these, as he keeps them for archival value, some sound like gold, some, well, don't, but they all serve a purpose.......and there are still a BUNCH more to come, and after that, Lewdd has comprehensive stacks of Misfits, Jam, and Pistols shows as well that we will be digging into....so thanks Lewdd, I'm happy to be allowed to be a part of this project, "The Great 'Share-the-Clash-boots' Project"......and here are todays selections!

9/26/79 O'KEEFE CENTER TORONTO-01 Safe European Home/02 I'm So Bored With the USA/03 London Calling/04 Jail Guitar Doors/05 Brand New Cadillac/06 White Man in Hammersmith Palais/07 Capitol Radio/08 English Civil War/09 Koka Kola/10 I Fought the Law/11 Clampdown/12 Wrong Em Boyo/13 Guns of Brixton/14 Stay Free/15 Clash City Rockers/16 Police & Thieves/17 Complete Control/18 Janie Jones/19 Garageland/20 Armagideon Time/21 Career Opportunites/22 White Riot

1979 LIVE AT THE PALLADIUM NEW YORK CITY-01 Safe European Home/02 I'm So Bored With the USA/03 Complete Control/04 London Calling/05 White Man In Hammersmith Palais/06 Koka Kola/07 I Fought the Law/08 The Guns of Brixton/09 English Civil War/10 Clash City Rockers/11 Stay Free/12 Clampdown/13 Police & Thieves/14 Capitol Radio/15 Tommy Gun/16 Wrong em Boyo/17 Janie Jones/18 Garageland/19 Armagedeon Time/20 Career Opportunities/21 What's My Name/22 White Riot/23 Police & Thieves (Different Source)

1979 NOTRE DAME HALL-01 Clash City Rockers/02 White Man In Hammersmith Palais/03 Safe
European Home/04 I'm Not Down/05 Death or Glory/06 I Fought the Law/07 London Calling/08 Rudie Can't Fail/09 City of the Dead/10 Hateful/11 Stay Free/12 Capitol Radio/13 Janie Jones/14 Hate & War/15 English Civil War/16 London's Burning/17 Complete Control/18 What's My name

1/3/79 FLASH BASTARDS LONDON LYCEUM-01 Safe European Home/02 I Fought the Law/03 Jail Guitar Doors/04 Drug Stabbing Time/05 City of the Dead/06 Clash City Rockers/07 Tommy Gun/08 White Man In Hammersmith Palais/09 English Civil War/10 Stay Free/11 Cheapskates/12 Julie's In the Drug Squad/14 Capitol Radio/15 Janie Jones/16 Garageland/17 Complete Control/18 London's Burning/19 White Riot

A Surprise Christmas Album

Sent to us from an Anonymous contributor (he included his name on the email but I will protect his anonimity
if that is what he desires.........here's his email with his ID blocked out......

Scott, Thank you for the Lewdd Xmas tuneage! Here's some rare holiday cheer for lovers of skronkin', droll, acid dipped, beat blasted, nihilistic noise, featuring Melt Banana, Merzbow, God Is My Co-Pilot, S.O.B., Secret Chiefs 3, Seagull Screaming Kiss Her Kiss Her, Gastr Del Sol, & Hair Stylistics. 
Merry Xmas and to all a good season!



01 MELT-BANANA-White Christmas/02 SECRET CHIEFS THREE-I Saw Mommy Kissing Sanata Clause/03 SEAGULLS SCREAMING KISS HER KISS HER-Here Comes Santa Clause/04 GASTR DEL SOL-The Bells of St. Mary/05 HAIR STYLISTICS-Sleigh Ride/06 Parade of the Wooden Soldiers/07 GOD IS MY CO PILOT-Marshmallow World/08 MERZBOW-Silent Night

Scott's Garage-Fuzz Blowout, Part 16, the Letter "P"!

Might as well blast through another letter, "P" this time in the 16th part of the Garage Fuzz-monster
blowout......if you missed the announcement the other day, I am thrilled to tell you that once I get through the alphabet, I have discovered another Torrent, similar to this one, that will be the "Son of Garage Fuzz" or something.......guys, that Torrent is just as stacked as this one, and just as big too.......so enjoy this one, and once we get through "Z", we'll be unveiling the new "Son Of" series, which will be just as bad ass as this one is.......this stuff (Nugget rock) is among my faves, so to get a whole new semi-load of it to share with you is a blessing for ME!

PART 16-01 PAGE BOYS-All I Want/02 PAINTED SHIP-And She Said Yes/03 PALACE GUARDS-No Comin' Back/04 PANDAS-Girl From New York City/05 PANDAS-Walk/06 PANICKS-You're My Baby/07 PAUL BEARER & THE HEARSEMEN-I've Been Thinking/08 PAUL MARTIN-Echo/09 PAUL MARTIN-It Happened/10 PEABODY HERMITAGE-Fear/11 PEABODY HERMITAGE-Something So/12 PEARL DIVERS-Terminal Loser/13 PERPETUAL MOTION WORKSHOP-Won't Come Down/14  PERPETUATED SPIRITS OF TURPENTINE-I'm a Double Naught Spy/ 15 PETARDS-Baby Run Run Run/16 PIECE KOR- All I Want Is My Baby/17 PLAGUE-Go Away/18 PLAGUES-I've Been Through It Before/19 PLASTIC BLUES BAND-Gone/20 PLEAZERS-Hurtin' All Over/21 PLYMOUTH ROCKERS-Don't Say Why/22 POLANIE-Can You Hear Me/23
POSITIVELY 13 O'CLOCK-Psychotic Reaction/24 POWERED BY LOVE-Powered By Love/25
POWERS OF BLUE-Satisfaction/26 PREMIERS-Get on This Plane/27 PRIDE & JOY-If You're Ready/28 PURPLE CANTEEN-Brains in My Feet/29 PURPLE GANG-Bring Your Own Self Down/30 PURPLE GANG-Looking Glass/31 PURPLE GANG-One of the Bunch/32 PURPLE SUN-Doomsday

Letter "Q" on deck, guessing THAT one may get merged with "R", interestingly enough that will be the FIRST letter that I will have merged, a testimony to the vast number of songs in this gigantic torrent.......a great, great collection, thanks to whomever created it, ya done good!

Garatos Podres

Here is some Brazilian punk spanning a surprisingly large time frame, roughly 1985-2003......stuff like this,
when I post it (meaning foreign language stuff) is either wildly beloved (by some), or overwhelmingly ignored.....I know some don't care for the non-English stuff, but I think we deprive ourselves of some fine music when we let a small obstacle like understandable lyrics get in the way......these sets (eight of em, not sure if that is the complete story or not, but all I got)....are damn fine, high energy punk rock n roll......Clash-style, perhaps, maybe a (never thought I'd use THIS phrase) Hispanic Stiff Little Fingers or Rancid.......yes I know how silly that sounds, but LISTEN to the damn things, and tell me I'm wrong (I'm not).

There isn't any real need to break these albums down, not too much, they are fairly similar, except for perhaps the most recent, the 2003 release "Garotozil  de Padrezapam", which veers off in a direction more reminiscent of 1980's west coast hard core....but it's listenable, as are all of these, the live sets in particular show some high-level energy.

Several different lads made up the lineup here, I think maybe vocalist Mao might have been a constant, and he's a good one, again, something of a Joe Strummer-like shouter, and often times, some damn good punk guitar turns up on these albums, compliments of (mostly, I think) a guitarist by the name of "KK" (I think it is highly unlikely that it was KK Downing from Judas Priest, before you answer it's a JOKE, son).....

All of these albums have their moments, I like them a good bit. Try the earlier ones first and then follow them
as their sound builds (somewhat).....anyway, some good punk rock, which, in fact, a few American ears ought to hear. In particular, the ones who refer to stuff like Blink 182 or even something more wretched as "punk"......at the very least, this would be the real article.

MAIS PODRES DO QUE NUNCA-01 Nao Devemos Temer/02 Johnny/03 Insatisfacao/04 Maldita Preguica/05 Vou Fazer Coco/06 Anarquia Oi/07 Eu Nao Sei o Que Quero/08 Papai Noel Velho Batuta/09 Miseraveis Ovelhas/10 Liberdade (Onde Esta?)/11 Fuhrer/12 Meu Bem

PIOR QUE ANTES-01 Eu Nao Gosto Do Governo/02 Anistia/03 Yankees Go Home/04 Proletarios/05 Suburbio Operario/06 Batman/07 Escolas/08 Caminhando para o nada/09 Nao questione/10 Garoto Podre

CANCOES PARA NINAR-01 Oi Tudo Bem/02 Fernandinho viadinho/03 Sadam Hussein is Rock N Roll/04 Censura Idiota/05 Surfista de pinico/06 Verme/07 Moardomia/08 Rock de Suburbio/09 Aos Fuzilados da csn/10 Johnny/11 Anarquia/12 Papai Noel

ROCK DE SUBURBIO LIVE-01 Proletarios/02 Oi! Tudo Bem/03 Eu Nao Sei O Que Quero/04 Batman/05 Sadam Hussein/06  Vou Fazer Coco/07 Garoto Podre/08 Aos Fuzilados Da C.S.N./09 Papai Noel/10 Subuarbio Operario/11 Verme/12 Johnny/13 Rock de Suburbio/14 Eu Nao Gosto Do Governo/15 Fernandinho viadinho/16 Anqarquia Oi!/17 Mordomia/18 Sadam Hussein

ARRIBA ARRIBA-01 O Que Vou Ser Quando Crescer/02 Apresento A Mi Amigo/03 Arriba/04 Meu
Bem/05 Proletarios/06 Oi! Tudo Bem/07 Nao Devemos Temer/08 Insatisfacao/09 Maldita Pregauica/10 Miseravis Ovelhas/11 Liberdade (Onde Esta?)/12 Mordomia/13 Papai Noel Filho Da Puta/14 Oi! Tudo Bem (Ao Vivo)

COM A CORDA TODA-01 O Mundo nao Para De Girar!/02 Mancha/03 Apresento Mi Amigo/04 Boris Yeltsin/05 Expulsos Du Bar/06 O Que Eu Vou Ser Quando Crescer/07 Skinhead Girl/08 Arriba! Arriba!/09 Ze Ninguaem/10 Garaoto Podre/11 Anarkia Oi!/12  Papai Noel Velho Patuta/13 Subuarbio Opearario

LIVE IN RIO-01 Garoto Podre/02 Oi! Tudo Bem/03 Arriba! Arriba!/04 Johnny/05 Rock de Suburbio/06
Skinhead Girl/07 Vearne/08 Eu Nao Gosto Do Governo/09 Ze Ninguem/10  Papai Noel Filho Da Puta/11 O Que Eu Vou Ser Quando Crescer/12 Aos Fuzilados Da C.S.N./13 Boris Yeltsin/14 Expulsos Do Ar/15  Subuarbio Operario/16 Fernandinho viadinho/17 Mancha/18 Anarkia Oi!/19 O Mundo Nao Para De Girar/20 Vou Fazer Coco

GAROTOZIL DE PODREZPAM-01 Vomitaram No Trem/02 Agente Secreto/03 Sou Um Fracasso-maniaco/04 Servico Militaro/05 Diatador/06 Nasci Pra Ser Selvagaem/07 Ainda Vamos Tocaar Bossa Nova/08 A Internacional/09 O Ocidente e Um Acidente/10 To de Saco Cheio/11 O Adventista

Little bit o work here, but worth it if it hips just one person to some new tunes......

Some John Lee Hooker, from John N

I think I may have done a JL Hooker post before, not certain, but if I receive something like this in my email, I'm posting it....something of a sorta-like kinda companion piece to the Muddy Waters stuff posted the other day, this is (like Muddy was) a submisssion to this blog from the galaxy's no.1 link sharer, John N, and I DO NOT mean that in any way other than with full respect......that guy has sent me a MOUNTAIN of stuff, and all I have to do is post it, I hope he NEVER quits, he sends such incredible stuff....so, let's see what we got today......

THE FOLK LORE OF JOHN LEE HOOKER/FOLK BLUES-01 Tupelo/02 I'm Mad Again/03 I'm Going Upstairs/04 Want Ad Blues/05 Five Long Years/06 I Like To See You Walk/07 The Hobo/08 Hard Headed Woman/09 Wednesday Evening Blues/10 Take Me As I Am/11 My First Wife Left Me/12 You're Looking Good Tonight/13 Baby I'm Gonna Miss You/14 Half a Stranger/15 Shake Holler and Run/16 Down Child/17 Gonna Boogie/18 Bad Boy/19 Rock House Boogie/20 Let's talk It Over/21 Baby You Ain't No Good/22 Lookin For a Woman/23 Devil's Jump/24 Run On/25 You've Taken My Woman/26 Rosie Mae

Peel Sessions from Eton Crop

John N sends us this fab collection of Peel sessions from the wicked Eton Crop, a UK punk outfit, maybe most reminiscent of The Jam? or maybe not......anyway, this was a fab band some yanks may not know all that well......here's a good place to begin, this is a fine album.

Only very few bands can say that they recorded five sessions with the legendary John Peel.  Post/punk combo ETON CROP from Holland is one of those bands. This LP offers a 10-track selection from those five sessions.

PEEL SESSIONS 1983-88-01 It's My Dog, Maestro/02 Beating the Sicilian/03 Quality In the Grooves/04 A Bundle of Bucks/05 Pavael Morozov, the Bastard/06 Gay Boys on the Battlefield/07 Trivialities/08 A Jolly Cheerful Crowd/09 Harry Nelson Pillsbury/10 Jolly Adventure with Janus Mcmanus

A Very Lewdd Christmas, Part 3

Why not another of Lewdd's Christmas/punk comps....this one featuring the year 2012, and this (IMHO) is
the best one yet.....some fab stuff on here, but, hell you can all read the track list.......FAB and FAB!

01 Chevy Chase - Merry Christmas
02 Dropkick Murphys - The Season's Upon Us
03 88 Fingers Louie - All I Want for Christmas
04 MXPX - Christmas Day
05 Mr Irish Bastard - Christmas in Hell
06 Yobs - Christmas in Jail
07 Vandals - C-H-R-I-S-T-M-A-S
08 New Found Glory - Ex Miss
09 Bloodsausage - Fuck Christmas, Fuck Santa, Fuck You
10 Bad Religion - Fuck Christmas
11 Blink 182 - Happy Holidays, You Bastard
12 Vice Squad - I Wish It Could Be Christmas Everyday
13 Blink 182 - I Won't Be Home for Christmas
14 Huntingtons - It's Always Christmas at My House
15 Nerf Herder - I've Got a Boner for Christmas
16 Rise Against - Making Christmas
17 Ramones - Merry Christmas
18 Mr T Experience - Merry Fucking Christmas
19 Simple Plan - My Christmas List
20 Pork Dukes - My Mother Gave Me a Gun for Christmas
21 Prozacs - No Christmas This Year
22 Vandals - Oi To The World!
23 Impact - Punk Christmas
24 Barbecuties - Rock n Roll Christmas Party
25 Angry Snowmans - Rudolph's Got a Problem
26 Angry Snowmans - Somebody's Gonna Get Their Halls Decked in Tonight
27 Vandals - Thanx for Nothing
28 Gonads - The Greatest Cockney Christmas
29 Mighty Mighty Bosstones - This Time of Year
30 Jingle Punx - Up on the House Top
31 Angry Snowmans - Wasted Elf

Studkid presents More Brown Acid

(scott) this is the third portion of the Brown Acid series, if I am not mistaken, forgiegn correspondent Studkid sent us the first two as well.....tremendously lesser-known stuff here, and you know I always love that......this is my first priority listen this evening! You may know that this era-genre (unknown heavy-psych ca. late 60's-early 70's is one of my VERY faves!)
Third batch of Brown Acid

V.A. - Brown Acid The Third Trip (2016): https://mega.nz/#F!vsQhATAJ!-YkRRj3G6VQVer9qld-Hgw

Another band that is BIG TIME.......

We have another newer band that has requested removal of their material from the blog. It is done.....in the past, I'd simply make fun of the band and never hear of them again, this one, well......this I thought was a REALLY good album.....and I said so, praised the hell out of it......it's REALLY tremendous, and to cement that notion, over 200 peeps downloaded it before it was removed. So, I apologize to the band, I didn't ralize you wanted FEWER people to hear your music......some bands prefer EXPOSURE, it's all in the eye of the beholder. Good album though, I think we REALLY could have helped you spread it around a good bit (especially with the type of music that I (scott) personally prefer, it was tailor-made for this blog).....no problems though, I'll ask that those 200+ DL'ers PLEASE delete the files and DO NOT listen to this band.....it's my bad, I thought it would be ok, but, sometimes you never know.

Best of luck to you, "band".  I hope your "BIG TIME" opinion of yourselves equates to "BIG TIME" success for you, and just as few listeners as you desire, I hope you receive even FEWER!

Studkid with "Battle" of the Garages"

(scott) I probably  posted these before, but if so it was a long while back......these are really cool and thanks
to Studkid for sending them along.......wonderful stuff here, really, Miracle Workers, Chesterfield Kings, Yard Trauma, and lots more latter-day garage-greats....if you didn't grab this last time please don't miss, these are worthwhile for most anyone I am guessing! Thanks Studkid and keep up the wonderful submissions!

Battle Of The Garages Vol.1 - Battle Of The Garages (1981, Vinyl)


A1United States Of ExistenceReturn To The Psychedelic
A2The VertebratsLeft In The Dark
A3StepmothersLet Her Dance
A4Pete Holly & The LooksLook Out Below
A5Eddy BestThings I Should've Said
A6Brad LongTell Me
A7Deniz TekRPM
A8The Dark SideIn The Dark
B1The EmbarrassmentPushin' Too Hard Written-By – Sky Saxon 
B2The WombatsThe Reason Why
B3The CrawdaddysYou're Gonna Need My Love Someday
B4The UnclaimedRun From Home
B5The Chesterfield KingsAre You Gonna Be There (At The Love-In) Written-By – The Chocolate Watchband 
B6The Slickee BoysGlendora / Going All The Way
B7Billy Synth & The Turn-Ups*I Dig Your Mind
B8PlasticlandOffice Skills
Battle Of The Garages Vol.2 - America's Psychedelic Underground (1984, Vinyl)


A1The Vipers (4)Nothing's From Today Written-By – Vipers
A2The Miracle Workers*Flashing Red Ligh tWritten-By – Joel Barnett 
A3The FuzztonesGreen Slime Written-By – Sherry Gaden 
A4The Prime Movers(Come To) Where It's At Written-By – R. Haughey
A5Mystic Eyes (3)Enough Of What I Need Written-By – Quillian*, Marachal*, Ash*
A6The Odds (2)I'll Make You Sorry Written-By – Sohns*, Kelley
A7The Trip (5)Stick Like Glue Written-By – T. Neale
A8The OutnumberedBoy On A Roof Written-By – Ginoli
B1PlasticlandSipping The Bitterness Written-By – Plasticland 
B2Mad VioletsPsilocybe Written-By – Andreiev
B3The Impossible YearsAttraction Gear Written-By – Seth Adams 
B4True WestAnd Then The Rain Written-By – McGrath*, Tolman
B5Yard TraumaSome People Written-By – Joe Dodge 
B6The SeenJealous Girl Written-By – Edmunds
B7The FezmenSo Easy Baby Written-By – Louis Dumbrowski 
B8The Sharp TurnEverybody Knows But Me Written By – Patterson 
Battle Of The Garages Vol.3 - The Paisley Underground (1984, Vinyl)


A1Zebra StripesIntro '661:55
A2The Fourgiven*Yeah!2:55
A3The Gravedigger VSpooky2:50
A4The MuttsAnxious Color
A5The Untold FablesI Try2:27
A6The Mystery MachineShe's Not Mine2:52
A7The Telltale Hearts*My World Is Upside Down2:43
A8The PandorasMelvin2:20
A9The ToriesShout4:15
B1Hidden PeaceSummer Of Love2:15
B2The Eyes Of MindDrama, Drama3:32
B3The Things*Trip To My House4:25
B4The Young Lords*Tearing Up My Heart2:25
B5SS 20*No Matter What2:30
B6Lee JosephGoing Out Of My Mind3:50
B7Electric PeaceI Think I'll Die5:40 
Battle Of The Garages Vol.4 - Tomorrow The World! (1986, Vinyl)


A1The CannibalsGood Times
A2The OthersideHaunted House Written-By – Terstegen
A3Les ThugsFemme Fatale Written-By – Les Thugs 
A4The SurfadelicsBad Little Girl Written-By – Surfadelics
A5The Klepstones*She'll Always Be Mine Written-By – Bivens*, Cole*,Greenberg
A6Sex MuseumDrugged Personality Written-By – Sex Museum 
A7The Legendary Golden VampiresStrychnine Written-By – Roslie*
A8Bad Karma BeckonsListen Written-By – Carol Walters
B1The Last DriveEvery Night Written-By – The Last Drive
B2Sick RoseI Want Love Written-By – L. Bejerre*
B3Los NegativosViaje Al Norte Written-By – Los Negativos
B4Green Telescope*Thinkin' About Today Written-By – Splinter*, Tax*
B5The Birdmen Of AlkatrazApril Dancer Written-By – Daniele Caputo
B6Les CoronadosFree Again Written-By – Alex Chilton
B7Les Flamingos*Let It Shine Written-By – Alain Boisseau

My Vitriol (Secret Session)

John N sent me this one a while back, don't think I've ever put it up, but I certainly should have, my error.....My Vitriol were a UK alternapop/shoegaze type of band ca. early 00's. They had a good album ("Finelines", in 2001, which I though I had buta can't find), and sort of faded away......this "Secret Session" is loaded with both great rocking pop of the era, PLUS the real roots of the current psych-shoegaze stuff that I currently praise so much.....good one to listen to, rocking and unique. I recommend, and thanks to John N even if belated, this is a good one.

SECRET SESSIONS-01 We've Lost Our Way/02 It's So Damn Easy/03 If Only....(God Only Knows)/04 (All These) Days/05 Rest Your Tired Head/06 London City Lights/07 The Agonies and the Ecstacies/08 Lord Knows How I've Tried/09 This Time/10 Nightcall

Good submission, good album. Anybody got "Fineline" or are you gonna make me dig out MY copy?

The Eyes

(scott) here is a nice John N contribution, the (I think) complete works of The Eyes, a Stones-ish mid 60's garage rock crew.......good stuff, too, both the originals ("When the Night Falls", "I'm Rowed Out", lots more) and the Stones "tribute".......this is enjoyable shit, somewhat lesser-known mid-60's Nugget rock.....I love this shit.......this is some good stuff on this album, please don't miss, and thanks to John N this rocks hard core.

THE ARRIVAL OF THE EYES/A TRIBUTE TO THE ROLLING STONES-01 When the Night Falls/02 I'm Rowed Out/03 The Immediate Pleasure/04 My Degeneration/05 Man With Money/06 You'are Too Much/07 Good Day Sunshine/08 Please Don't Cry/09 London Radio (Promo)/10 Shakin' All Over (Demo)/11 When the Night Falls (Demo 1)/12 I'm Rowed Out (demo)/13 The Immediate Pleasure (demo)/14 My Degeneration (Alternate)/15 Man With Money (Alaternate)/16 When the Night Falls (Demo 2)/17 I Wanna Be Your Man/18 Not Fade Away/19 If You Need Me/20 19th Nervous Breakdown/21 As Tears Go By/22 Satisfaction/23 Route 66/24 The Last Time/25 Play With Fire/26 Get Off Of My Cloud/27 Little Red Rooster/28 It's All Over

Iron Maiden Part 1

Kiss my ass, I always loved Iron Maiden......my VERY fave metal band of the 1980's, which was a shit
decade for music ESPECIALLY metal....however, I LOOOOOOOvvvvved me some Iron Maiden, thier speeded-up metal, imo , foresaw stoner rock, that's just me......but I have quite a Maiden stash, albums, boots, EP's, etc,......and I think I  will start posting in increments......Iron Maiden was bad ass on record, SUPER BAD ASS live, and fit this blog to a "T"......tonight a great treat, actually, the early Iron Maiden studio albums.......there will be more to come, another one of my "series that take a while"....(see "Runaways").....but I've always loved Maiden, so ABOUT TIME I woke up some of you sleepers....THE best metal band of the 80's in my opinion......here are 5 albums, and we WILL get to a lot more in the coming weeks!

Don't be an Iron Maiden-hater, I know a LOT of 80's metal sucked it hard core, but Maiden were totally fucking great, period.....these first five albums contain a TON of metal classics...."Murders in the Rue Morgue", "Iron Maiden", "Flash of the Blade", "Run to the Hills", "Two Minutes to Midnight" and (my fave) "Back in the Villiage"......seriously, if you love metal (I DO), these were great albums from a great band, and we will get to plenty more of their shit later on, trust me, there is a LOT here......for now enjoy these five CLASSIC albums.....

IRON MAIDEN-01 Prowler/02 Sanctuary/03 Remember Tomorrow/04 Running Free/05 Phantom of the Opera/06 Transylvania/07 Strange World/08 Charlotte the Harlot/09 Iron Maiden

KILLERS-01 The Ides of March/02 Wrathchild/03 Murders in the Rue Morgue/04 Another Life/05 Genghis Khan/06 Innocent Exile/07 Killers/08 Prodigal Son/09 Purgatory/10 Twilight Zone/11 Drifter

THE NUMBER OF THE BEAST-01 Invaders/02 Children of the Damned/03 The Prisoner/04 22, Acacia
Avenue/05 The number of the Beast/06  Run to the Hills/07 Gangland/08 Hallowed Be Thy Name

PIECE OF MIND-01 Where Eagles Dare/02 Revelations/03 Flight of Icarus/04 Die With Your Boots On/05 The Trooper/06 Phatoor/07 Still Life/08 Quest For Fire/09 Sun and Steel/10 To Tame a Land

POWERSLAVE-01 Aces high/02 Two Minutes to Midnight/03 Losfer Worads (Big 'Orra)/04 Flash of the Blade/05 The Duellists/06 Back In the Village/07 Powerslave/08 Rime of the Ancient Mariner


(scott)- I think, somehow, it's hard for a band of this style/genre/era to be anything close to under-rated, or under-appreciated.......well, Iron Maiden were that band......better than ANYONE else of the era at cranking out the metal, and hey, I saw them all......this was a DOWN time for rock n roll as a whole (the 80's), but Maiden scorched it on record AND in their amazing stage shows, as for pure volume, in my personal history only Motorhead and The Who were louder, and Maiden, as pointed out before, gave us some GREAT songs (see above, and more to come)......this does not meet the category of "guilty pleasure", like some metal
bands do for me.....not Iron Maiden......this was a GREAT, not good, GREAT band, and I'm glad I have a bunch of their stuff to share out......this is the beginning, and these five albums were brilliant classics, during a time, in which, trust me, there were neither a lot of "classics", nor was there much good "metal"......this IS underrated music, people my age need to stand up and say so.....Iron Maiden were nothing but bad-ass, and we have a good bit more of their material to share the next couple months or so!

From my friend John N, a great AND unusual post

This is a little different, not that that has ever meant much to me, John N sends this fab Podcast of a radio
show, the propriety of Elizabeth Klieswsicz.....not at all familiar with the radio show, but I do know this......some fabulous music on this.......Yo La Tengo? Lurkers? Sham 69? as well as newer faves like Dead Horse One and Magic Shoppe, two bands I've been SERIOUSLY trying to pimp for the last few months.....thanks a zillion John N for your efforts to educate people to great rock, both new AND old, and this is a fab combination of BOTH......readers: this is what we (all) are about......the rock n roll.....sorry if you are after something else, THIS blog is about the rock n roll, and that's about it.......that's the goal here, to get you great folks the greatest in rock n roll, both new and old and all stops in between!

Yo La Tengo – Suspect Device (Stiff Little Fingers cover, Murder in the Second Degree new)
Tubeway Army – That’s Too Bad (veers firmly in the direction of new wave and art rock, particularly with Gary Numan’s Bowie-mannered vocals. 1978 debut single on Beggar’s Banquet).

The Lurkers – Shadow (inspired the owners of the Beggars Banquet record shop in London to form a label specifically to issue Lurkers product — the Beggars Banquet indie empire we know and love today. ‘Shadow’ was the lead track on The Lurkers’1977’s ‘Free Admission Single’.

Sham 69 – Red London (I Don’t Wanna 7”)
Swell Maps – Read About Seymour (Nikki Sudden, John Peel faves from Solihull, 1978)
The Stoat – Office Girl (1977 short lived power pop, like early Jam, 1977).
The Boys – No Leaders (Demo) – (another power pop styled band, 1977).
The Damned – New Rose (first British punk 45, 1976, peaked at a lowly No. 81)
The Only Ones – Lovers of Today (1977, Peter Perrett, sole indie release).
The Flys – Love and a Molotov Cocktail (1977 Coventry group)
The Newtown Neurotics – Hypocrite (1979, Steve Drewett)
Alternative TV – Action Time Vision (1978)
The Comsat Angels – Missing in Action (Waiting for a Miracle, 1980)
The Sound – Winning (live, In the Hothouse)
Merchandise – End of the Week (A Corpse Wired for Sound, Tampa noise pop)
Drab Majesty – Cold Souls V5 (single version) – Deb Demure, LA darkly inflected dream pop, from upcoming Demonstration).
The Lucy Show – Sun and Moon (Mania)
The New Lines – Weatherman’s Apology (Love and Cannabalism, NY baroque pop)
The Urges –Passing Us By (Dublin pop psych, Time Will Pass new)
The Duckworth Lewis Method – Mason on the Boundary (Neil Hannon of The Divine Comedy and Thomas Walsh of Pugwash, self titled debut album)
The New Lines – Mass Observation (Love and Cannabalism, 2016)
Hawks – I’m Alive (Perfect World Radio 2003)
The Rifles – Caught in the Summer Rain (2016, Big Life, British mod inflected noise pop)
Tears Run Rings – Belly Up (In Surges, new)
Echolust – 1799 (Veldisa, Cleopatra Records, Nov 2016, Long Beach)
Jesus and Mary Chain – Amputation (new, from forthcoming album Damage and Joy, out in March)
Spotlight Kid – Rave Endgame (SW5, new)
Dead Horse One – Mesmerise Me (new, from Season of Mist, November release)
The Magic Shoppe – Blowup (Wonderland, Boston psych, new)
Landing – Shifts (Complekt, New Haven psych, new)
New Candys – Mess (New Candys as Medicine, 2015, Venetian psych)
The Orange Drop – Julia Dream (Pink Floyd cover, new, Stoned in Love, Philly psych )
The Fast Camels – Dead Celebs (Scottish psych, Tales of the Unexpected, new)
Tales of Justine – Albert (Petals from a Sunflower, reissue on Grapefruit, UK psych)
Deep Cut – Inner Star (Disorientation, 2011)

Lita Ford

Staying in a semi-Runaways groove for a minute, this collection has religious connotations for myself, as I
have long been fascinated by the religion of Lita-ism.......I personally am hoping to advance rapidly in the church, hoping my oral skills advance me somewhat. I would buy a CD of Lita Ford vomitting, so there ya be.....I've posted these before, but with the recent Jett posts, these and some Runaways band (coming soon), we should have a fairly complete selection in the archive.

Lita's made some less than spectacular albums, but for the most part, they are enjoyable listens, far more 80's metal than Joan's retro-70's glam, so let's take a quick tour of what we have here......

We begin in 1983, the Runaways era was gone.......Jett was making records, and Lita was as well.....Lita released "Out For Blood" (1983)......a reasonable (and that's all) solo debut, kind of semi-hard rock stuff without much bite to it, there are a few hard-rockers, (the title track, "Ready Willing and Able", a few more.....mostly for religious fanatics like myself.

The following year, my sweetie pie released "Dancin' On the Edge".....again a so-so effort, a few pretty decent hard rockers, "Gotta Let Go" and the fab "Run With the $" are worth anyone's ear.

The real winner of the Lita Ford collection is "Lita" (1988)......a great opener entitled "Back to the Cave",
her best number (by far) a speedy rant called "Can't Catch Me", a cool power ballad "Kiss Me Deadly", and a duet with Ozzy Osbourne "Close My Eyes Forever"......now THIS is a fine album, if you want to sample but one, it is this, no question. I once read a review that said Lita understood the difference between "trashy fun" (this album) and plain "trash", (most everything else)......"Stiletto" is a step down, a few hard rockers, but not up to the standard set by "Lita" at all.

What we have left are 1991's "Dangerous Curves"......another so-so effort......tends to get a bit serious, especially the TWO songs about spiders (?), ("Black Widow" is pretty cool)......1995's "Black", really doesn't do much for me, I know some do enjoy it, to me it sounds about like the string was running (wittness the awful title track).......finally, we have 2009 (!)'s "Wicked Wonderland", and Mistress Lita sounds refreshed......this is a GOOD one, a fine comeback......a modernized sound, and some good songs, likely her best effort since "Lita"........

As you can tell I love me some Lita, have for many years........hope you guys enjoy these Lita Ford tracks and albums as much as I enjoy dragging them out on occasion!

OUT FOR BLOOD-01 Out For Blood/02 Stay With Me Baby/03 Just a Feeling/04 Ready Willing and Able/05 Die For Me Only (Black Widow)/06 Rock N Roll made Me What I Am/07 If You Can't Live With It/08 On the Run/09 Any Way That You Want Me/10 I Can't Stand It

DANCIN ON THE EDGE-01 Gotta Let Go/02 Dancin' On the Edge/03 Dressed to Kill/04 Hit and
Run/05 Lady Killer/06 Still Waitin'/07 Fire in my Heart/08 Don't Let Me Down Tonight/09 Run With the $

LITA-01 Back to the Cave/02 Can't Catch me/03 Blueberry/04 Kiss Me Deadly/05 Falling In and Out of Love/06 Fatal Passion/07 Under the Gun/08 Broken Dreams/09 Close My Eyes Forever (with Ozzy)

STILETTO-01 Your Wake Up Call/02 Hungry/03 Dedication/04 Stiletto/05 Lisa/06 The Ripper/07 Big Gun/08 Only Women Bleed/09 Bad Boy/10 Aces and Eights/11 Cherry Red/12 Outro

DANGEROUS CURVES-01 Larger Than Life/02 What Do You know About Love/03 Shot of Poison/04 Bad Love/05 Playin With Fire/06 Hellbound Train/07 Black Widow/08 Little Too Early/09 Holy Man/10 Tambourine Dream/11 Little Black Spidaer

BLACK-01 Black/02 Fall/03 Loverman/04 Killin Kind/05 Hammearhead/06 Boilin Point/07 Where Will I
Find My Love Tonight/08 War of the Angels/09 Joe/10 Whiate Lightnin'/11 Smokin Toads/12 Spider Monkeys

WICKED WONDERLAND-01 Crave/02 Piece (Hell Yeah)/03 Patriotic SOB/04 Scream 4 Me/05 Inside/06 Wicked Wonderland/07 Indulge/08 Love/09 Betrayal/10 Sacred/11 Truth/12 Everything/13 Bed/14 Garden/15 Push

All hail Goddess LITA!


(scott) a new (2016) submission from John N, I am not really terribly familiar with Echolust, but I am listning right now, and I do approve!.......the very trippy, noisy, shoegaze rock that I champion so much, another volume of that great stuff........here's a brief summary that was sent along with the link
Shoegazers hailing from Long Beach California, Echolust— have released their debut LP following the release of a clutch of singles this past year such as Zombie ...

Anyway, I'm digging it, again, to ME, THIS is the sound of ultra-hip modern day rock n roll in the 2010's.......fine stuff, I just love it like I loved the "stoner" stuff when it took off too....might be years before peeps appreciate this stuff, but at the end of the day, we will ALL be ahead of the curve..........fine album don't miss.

VELDISA-01 1799/02 Dark Hair Girl/03 Decor Blonde/04 For Least Resistance/05 Cherry Dancer/06 Lotus/07 Electric/08 Zombie Birds/09 Velvet Holiday/10 Doublespeak/11 Veldisa/12 This Blurry Kill