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The music that shaped a semi-wasted life

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  • 06/09/13--16:07: By Request: Louisiana
  • Can't remember who MADE the request, too damn lazy to go look, but here ya go, glad to help ya FOUR discs for ya today, New Orleans Garage Greats 1/2 and Louisiana Punk Groups of hte 60's 1/2......been a while (years) since I've played em, I recall they were pretty good, but you
    know about my memory such as it is......

    OK New Orleans Garage Band Greats Volume 1.....Moon Dawgs, Palace Guard, Gunga Dyns, and House of Lords all at least ring a faint bell with me, some others (Zoofs, Dr. Spec's Optical Illusion, Their Singing Bodies) don't but at least have a weirdness factor to their monacles that is often of promise. And Souls of the Slain check in with a version of "7 and 7 Is" which seems to me is climbing the charts quickly behind "Hey Joe" and "Gloria" for the absolute most covered tune of that there 60's decade.

    Volume 2 of this set features a lot of holdovers frommthe first set, in fact most all of them, save perhaps I think Leather Pages, Better Half Dozen, and Yesterday's Children (with whom we are familar from some other comps and turn in a version of "Tobacco Road" here)  appear on the first set.

    Volume 1 of "Louisiana Punk Groups of the 60's" brings us a bunch of bands from the other sets, also some others such as Jimmy & the Offbeats, The Roamin' Togas, and the Young Men, to name a few, and I hope you enjoyed that Souls of the Slain version of "7 and 7 Is" because it's on this one too....ahhh, comp overlap, not much we can do about it......Volume 2 of this set features a lot of the bands that we are, by now after 3 discs, familar with, and introduces us to the Bad Roads, Persian Market, Joe Deginda, and Al Michael & the Medallions, not one of which I know a blamed thing about.

    Some pretty freaky band names and track names and the proximity of Louisiana to Texas leads me to
    theorize that the Louisiana scene might have been something like the Texas Scene, Jr., and there would be nothing wrong with that......enjoy and be back tomorrow with something/somewhere else!

    NEW ORLEANS GARAGE GREATS VOLUME 1-01 GLORY ROADS-I'm Gonna Change the WOrld/02 MOON DAWGS-Keep On Pushing/03 PALACE GUARD-Better Things to Do/04 ZOOFS-Not So Clear/05 GUNGA DYNS-Stick With Her/06 GUNGA DYNS-Rebecca Rodifer/07 DR SPEC'S OPTICAL ILLUSION-She's the One/08 PIRATES-Cuttin Out/09 HOUSE OF LORDS-(This is My) Last Stand/10 HOUSE OF LORDS-Louise/11 THRESHOLD OF SOUND-She's Mine/12 BETTER HALF DOZEN-I'm Gonna Leave You/13 THEIR SINGING BODIES-Diagnosis Neurosis/14 MOON DAWGS-You're No GOod/15 GLORY RHODES-Stay Out of My Way/16 PALACE GUARD-Gas Station Boogaloo Downtown/17 SOULS OF THE SLAIN- 7 & 7 Is/18 PALACE GUARD-Sorry

    NEW ORLEANS GARAGE GREATS VOLUME 2-01 PALACE GUARD-No Comin' Back/02 BETTER HALF DOZEN-I COuld Have  Loved Her/03 MOON DAWGS-Baby As Time Goes By/04 DR SPEC'S OPTICAL ILLUSION-Tryin To Mess My Mind/05 YESTERDAYS CHILDREN-Go Elsewhere/06 GLORY RHODES-Gonna Be Somebody/07 ZOOFS-Get To Know Yourself/08 LEATHER PAGES-Accept Me For What I Am/09 LEATHER PAGES-The News Is Out/10 THEIR SINGING BODIES-You Gotta Feel It/11 YESTERDAYS CHILDREN-Tobacco Road/12 GLORY RHODES-Not the Kind of Guy/13 GUNGA DYNS-No one Cares/14 GUNGA DYNS-Clouds Don't Shine/15 THEIR SINGING BODIES-Baby Go Away/16 SOULS OF THE SLAIN-Can't Go Now/17 PALACE GUARD-Sideshow/18 PALACE GUARD-Mr Green

    Leave You/02 BETTER HALF DOZEN-I Could Have Loved You/03 THRESHOLD OF SOUNS-She's Mine/04 THE LITTLE BITS-Girl Give Me Love/05 THE ECHOES OF CARNABY STREET- No Time Or Place/06 JIMMY & THE OFFBEATS-I Ain't No Miracle Worker/07 DR SPECS OPTICAL ILLUSION-Tryin To Mess My Mind/08 DR SPECS OPTICAL ILLUSION-She's the One/09 THE TIARAS-Sticks and Stones/10 THE TIARAS-Southern Love/11 THE ROAMIN' TOGAS-Bar the Door/12 THE YOUNG MEN-Go Away Girl/13 THE SOULS OF THE SLAIN-7&7 Is/14 THE SOULS OF THE SLAIN-Can't Go On/15 THE MERSEY SOUNDS-Down Home Girl/16 THE MERSEY SOUNDS-The Train

    LOUISIANA PUNK GROUPS OF THE 60'S VOLUME 2-01 THE BAD ROADS-Too Bad/02 THE BAD ROADS-Blue Girl/03 THE PERSIAN MARKET-Flash in the Pan/04 THE PLAYGUE-I Gotta Be Goin'/05 THE BAD BOYS-Love/06 RON GREY & THE COUNTDOWNS-No More/07 THE GUNGA DYNS-Stick With Her/08 THE GAUNGA DYNS-No One Cares/09 THE ONE WAY STREET-Tears In My Eyes/10 THE ONE WAY STREET-I See the Light/11 THE SUREALISTIC PILLAR-I Like Girls/12 THE BAD ROADS-Til the End of the Day/13 AL MICHAEL & THE MEDALLIONS-I Wanna Talk to You/14 THE MOON DAWGS-Keep On Pushing/15 JOE DEGRINDA-Smokestack Lightning/16 THE SATANS-Makin Deals/17 THE SATANS-Lines and Squares


    Links In a while.....

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    Because the "light at the end of the tunnel" is NEW JERSEY! Yuk, yuk.......anyways, the focus here is New Jersey, and thanks to zippy I am getting quite far behind on link uploads, so I MAY take a day off to get caught up.......anyways, two disc here, "Attack of the Jersey Teesn", and "It's Happening Here: Rare 60's Garage Promos from New Jersey"........"rare" indeed, I guess, and that has been the
    standard on most of these sets.....

    Lets look at "Attack of the Jersey Teens" first.....The Young Monkee Men get four tracks, and are probably the best known here (they've been on another comp or two), as have, I think, the What-Nots......other than that, if you know anything about Confederate Society, Satruday's Garbge, or TP & the Indians, then Mister, you're a better man than I.....

    "It's Happening Here" has NO overlap with the other set, no familiar names to this Buckeye (other than from this set of course).....randomly: we get The SOul Survivors, Nightwatch, Thorn and the FOur Roses, the Avlons.....few more, actually quite a skimpy set (ten tracks) but the obscurity/rarity factor makes it somewhat essential.

    As stated, been having Zippy trobule again, and getting behind so I MAY not post tomorrow in order to get caught up......we'll see....I apologize for all the delays, but what can I do but shake my head?

    See ya in a day or two.....

    YOUNG MONKEE MEN-I'm Waiting for the Letter/03 THE WHAT-NOTS-Morning/04 THE WHAT-NOTS-I Need You Baby/05 THE FRIEDLES-She Can Go/06 THE YOUNG MONKEE MEN-I Love You/07 THE WHAT-NOTS-I Was a Fool/08 THE FRIEDLES-I Lost Her/09 TP & THE INDIANS-Ally or Enemy/10 THE FRIEDLES-Don't Tell Me What to Do/11 THE YOUNG MONKEE MEN-Bald Headed Woman/12 THE CALLIOPE-Streets of Boston/13 LOVED ONES-Surprise Surprise (For You)/14 THE CONFEDERATE SOCIETY-Pride/15 THE FRIEDLES-When Love/16 SATURDAYS GARBAGE-The River of Styx

    ITS HAPPENING HERE-01 THE PEOPLE-Don't You Know What It Is To Wait?/02 THE AVLONS-Patterns of Emptiness/03 THORN & THE FOUR ROSES-In Sherwood Forest/04 THE WILD THINGS-She Put Me Down/05 THE SOUL SURVIVORS-I Need Your Love/06 THE LOST SOUND-She Won't Have Me/07 THE ODDS & ENDS-Why Did You Tell Me/08 BLUES & THINGS-Lovely Achin Shakin Blues/09 THE NIGHTWATCH-Too Long/10 THE CONCHORDS
    -Magic Love Machine

    Links will be up, well, whenever they are up!

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    My main man jospeh6666666 has provided us with a link for Volume 3 of The Psychedelic
    Experience (it was posted a while back), mine was missing tracks take note: Instead of complaining about it, he HELPS US OUT and makes this thing work the way we all want it to! Joseph, great job, and yes, if can help us out with the first two volumes of "Northwest Battle of the Bands" (which I knew at the TIME were screwed up), go ahead and hook us up there too. Joseph666666 my hat is off to you, and thank loads. I'm sure that a lot of others will appreciate your efforts as well! Thanks again



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  • 06/13/13--15:11: Monsters of the Midwest
  • First of all, before I forget, someone asked if I have "Sixties Rebellion", and after checking, yes, I week sometime (can't remember who made the request, and to look would just soooooo much trouble).

    OK, "Monsters of the Midwest".....while the "Midwest" is a fairly broad, general region, unlike the smaller, more intimate regions we've been dealing with, this set is four discs of TOTAL obscure-o's, I don't think there is a single track here that was comped on anything else I've posted, and if there are, it is very very few. Personally I think of Ohio as part of the Midwest, but nothing here from Ohio, instead lots of stuff from places such as Nebraska, Kansas, Oklahoma, Missouri, which is great because I have no comps for those locales, and just a small smattering from Illinois, Minnesota, and Indiana, which DO have their own comps......since I am such an incredible human being I am to go the extra mile and actually put the location of origin on each track for this one, I think it's probably important to some of ya more scholarly types.

    Not going to ramble here about the various acts and tracks here, beacuse there is an extreme chance that you have never heard of ANY of them, save maybe just a couple......and, again, isn't that what we're looking for with comps of this type?

    VOLUME 1-01 THE RUMBLES LTD-Push Push (Omaha Nebraska)/02 CLASSMEN-Julie (Kansas City Missouri)/03 THE CHEVRONS-Mine Forever More (Omaha Nebraksa)/04 THE RUMBLES LTD-Hey Lenora (Omaha Nebraska)/05 THE BEACH-NIKS-Last Night I Cried (Newell Iowa....Beach-Niks in IOWA?)/06 THE FAB FOUR-I'm Always Doing Something Wrong (Kansas City Missouri)/07 THE BLUETHINGS-Pretty Thing-Oh (Hayse Kansas)/08 THE RUMBLES-Fourteen Years (Omaha Nebraska)/09 WEST MINIST'R-Sister Jane (Omaha Nebraska)/10 THE CHEVRONS-Dreams (Omaha Nebraska)/11 THE BLAZERS-I Don't Need You (Kansas City Missouri)/12 THE FAB FOUR-Happy (Kansas City Missouri)/13 THE MORTICIANS-Little Latin Lupe Lu (Waco Texas.....Texas in the Midwest?)/14 THE CATALINAS-Coco Cherry Mash (St. Joseph Missouri)/15 THE THINGIES-It's a Long Way Down (Topeka Kansas)/16 BURLINGTON EXPRESS-One Day Girl (24 Hours) (Topeka Kansas)/17 THE MORNING DEW-No More (Topeka Kansas)/18
    CHESMAN SQUARE-Circles (Instant Party) (Kansas City Missouri)/19 YELLOW HAIR-Talent For Lovin' (Omaha Nebraska)/20 BLUETHINGS-Twist and Shout (Hayse Kansas)/21 THE RED DOGS-Open Up (Lawerence Kansas)/22 THE YOUNG ARISTOCRACY-Don't Lie ( Tulsa Oklahoma)/23 BLUETHINGS-The Orange Rooftop of Your Mind (Hayse Kansas)

    VOLUME 2-01 THE THINGIES-Mass Confusion (Topeka Kansas)/02 BURLINGTON EXPRESS-Stroll On (Topeka Kansas)/03 PLATO & THE PHILOSOPHERS-13 O'Clock Flight to Psychedelia (Moberly Missouri)/04  THE SOOTHSAYERS-Please Don't Be Mad (Greeley Colorado)/05 THE MORNING DEW-Go Away (Topeka Kansas)/06 THE ROGUES-Anything You Say (Omaha Nebraska)/07 KYKS-Where Are You (Marshall Missouri)/08 THE YOUNG ARISTOCRACYLook and See! (Tulsa Oklahoma)/09 TOMMY TUCKER & THE ESQUIRES-Don't Tell (Des Moines Iowa)/10 JERRY & THE PLAYMATES-Want-A-Love-You (Tulsa Oklahoma)/11 THE ARGONS-Do the Dog (Topeka Kansas)/12 THE COACHMEN-Too Many Reasons (Missouri)/13 THE NOBLEMEN-Things Aren't the Same-(Colfax Iowa)14 THE ESQUIRES-She's My Woman (Springfield Missouri)/15 THE UNDERBEATS-I Can't Stand It (Minneapolis Minnesota)/16 THE SKEPTICS-Apple Candy (Bartlesville Oklahoma)

    VOLUME 3-01 THE MONUMENTS-African Diamonds (Ada Oklahoma)/02 BARRY EBLING & THE INVADERS-I Can Make It Without You (Granite City Illinois)/03 THE BLUE THINGS-Your Turn To Cry (Hayse Kansas)/04 THE WILD THINGS-Tell Me (Marshall Missouri)/05 THE JERMS-Since You Went Away (Topeka Kansas)/06 PLATO & THE PHILOSOPHERS-I Don't Mind (Moberly Missouri)/07 THE GREAT IMPOSTERS-Who Do You Love (Omaha Nebraska)/08 THE TEARDROPS-Sweet Sweet Sadie (Pueblo Colorado)/09 THE SOOTHSAYERS-Do You Need Me (Greeley Colorado)/10 THE LIVING END-But I'll Live (Centralia Illinois)/11 BURLINGTON EXPRESS-I'll Feel a Whole Lot Better (Topeka Kansas)/12 BAXTERS CHAT-Don't Come Around Today (Baxter Springs Kansas)/13 THE JEANS-In My Own Time (Kansas City Kansas)/14 THE INTRUDERS-She's Mine (Pittsville Illinois)/15 THE SENDERS-Sometimes Good Guys Don't Wear White (Pocahontas Iowa)/16 THE TROLLS-That's the Way My Love Is (Pueblo Colorado)

    VOLUME 4-01 THE COACHMEN-My Generation (Lincoln Nebraska)/02 THE REACTIONS-In
    My Grave (Rolla Missouri)/03 THE INTRUDERS-I'll Go On (St Louis Missouri)/04 THE SKEPTICS-Bit O Honey (Bartlesville Oklahoma)/05 THE COUNTDOWNS-You Know I Do (Iowa City Iowa)/06 THE JERMS-Love Light (Topeka Kansas)/07 LOVE CORPORATION-Love Corporation (Tulas Oklahoma)/08 THE TWILIGHTERS-Spell Bound (Kirksville Missouri)/09 ROD & THE SATALITES-She Cares (Quincey Illinois)/10 KINGS ENGLISH-Doctor Hunger (Shawnee Mission Missouri)/11 THE CONVERTS-Don't Leave Me (Beloit Wisconsin)/12 THE GRAPES-You'd Better Come Home (La Porte Indiana)/13 THE BERRIES-Baby That's All (Des Moines Iowa)/14 THE DINKS-Kocka-Mow-Mow (Beloit Kansas)/15 SOUNDS LTD-Slimy Sue (St Joseph Missouri)/16 MUMBLES SCOTT & THE ESQUIRES-Baby What You Want Me To Do (Spirit Lake Iowa)

    Wow, who'd have thought that Topeka Kansas, Omaha Nebraska, Tulsa Oklahoma, and the like would have such (seemingly) fertile scenes? ya never know.......I didn't get to listen in advance of posting, as I prefer to do, but things come up, and I'll listen to it tomorrow, probably haven't heard this in five years and nothing is really coming blazing back to mind as spectacular or worthless, so we can all judge together I guess.....other than this post all links are finally now caught up and should be working. I'll try to get these up tonight or tomorrow. I suspect it is going to be difficult for me to find any pictures of ANY of these guys in order to jazz up the look of the post, I guess I'll find out, well, now........Ahhhh, that wasn't too bad at all!

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  • 06/13/13--19:14: Hoosier Hotshots
  • But a single disc this date, a surprisingly good set of garage relics from the state to my left (on the
    map, I mean), Indiana....home of, well, the Indy 500, the Pacers, the Colts......Lord, what else? I saw REM play there once, won tickets and hotel accomodations in a radio call-in thing, of all the concerts I have attended (I'd estimate 500+), these were without question the best seats I've ever had, about the 7th-8th row, incredible......not much of an REM fan, but the opener? A little-known (at the time) British act called, get this, RADIOHEAD, who I loved at the time and still do.......1995.....I was so much older then, I'm younger than that now.......

    This is  decent set, I'm getting low on "regions" (have a few left I think), but for as unknown as most of these acts are, you may be surprised by the quality......The Backdoor Men ("Evil"), the Idle Few's cover of "Farmer John", Blue Inc. and the XL's turn in quality efforts.....really a surprisinly good set from a state without, at least an "acknowledged" "scene".........

    Hope you guys are still digging this shit.....I reviewed the download numbers and they are OFF THE CHARTS since I started the
    obscure "Nugget Rock" kinda shit. Gotta lot more of it yet, I just cannot BELEIVE that the download numbers are SO much higher for this kind of thing than, for example, when I'd put up a huge post on Adam & the Ants, or Fiery Furnaces, or UFOMammut, or whomever.....we'll see what happens.....I have the attention span of a spazzed-out 7 year old, so ya never know....I may bore of this stuff at some point......but for now, it is very obvious that you guys LIKE this stuff, the download/view count numbers do not lie, and for a while at least I will attempt to give the people what they want. Again, until I get bored.....then, the hell with ya........

    01 THE XL's-Secomd Choice/02 THE XL's-Mary Jane/03 THE CIRKIT-Yesterday We Laughed/04 SHOOTING STARS-I Love Her Anyway/05 THE FERRIS WHEEL-Come Back Baby/06 SIR WINSTON & THE COMMONS-One Last Chance/07 TEEN TONES-Long Cold Winter/08 BLUES INC-Tell Me Girl/09 THE ENDD-Come Into My World/10 THE TIKIS-Careful What You Say/11 WILD THINGS-I'm Not For You/12 THE CIRKIT-I Was Wrong/13 THE BACKDOOR MEN-Evil/14 THE DUKES-Take Your Love/15 IDLE FEW-Farmer John/16 MERE IMAGE-Gettin' Stoned (Goin' Out Tonight)

    Interested in your take on this set, I think it is pretty damn good, all things considered (Indiana, after all)........comments are welcome as always, as, of course, are requests! Love ya all!

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    Why the hell it's called "So Cold!" when the subject is Sacramento (my memory, such as it is,
    recalled it having to do with Minnesota or something, based on the title)......once again, a single disc, but again, a very well done one, packed to the brim with 30 tracks, including even one alternate take of a track, which, in general, is done on comps of this type, "alternate take"-type things are usually reserved for the better-known acts, for completists or fanatics, NOT for super-obscure garage acts from Sacramento......but hey, you know I love obscure, and what the hell is going to be more obcure than ALTERNATE TAKES of garage-unknowns, especially from a non-"scene" such as Sacramento?

    So what have we? Well, a bunch of tracks from the Maurauders (they get the "alternate take"), a few from Gear One (check their goofball "Little Richard Medley"), and then a smattering of total obscurities such as Sel-Sync, Plgue Ltd, and Piferage Humor......all in all, like yesterday's "Hoosier Hotshots" this is a fairly comprehensive (I guess) and VERY listenable set for all of us afficianodoes of this type of thing......

    Think I'm getting lazy, single disc posts the past couple days? Well, what are ya gonna do? I'm running low on "regions", and I've promised "Sixties Rebellion" (a REALLY good set by the way) for next week........relax, if this stuff is your thing (and I guess for bunch of ya it is), there is WAAAAAY more to come.........when I started this blog-type thing, my intention was NOT to drag out all of my 60's garage-obscurities......but, the surprising popularity with which they have been recieved, so much MORE SO than, say obscure 2010's stoner-rock bands (whom I probably, honestly, enjoy MORE than this stuff), leads me to think that the proper direction for this blog, at least for now, is the hundreds and hundreds of obscure "Nugget-Rock" comps that adorn my shelves....when you (or I) get tired of it, we'll go a different direction, but I love all you guys, and want to give you what you WANT. At this time, for the most part, THIS is what you want!

    01 THE MAURAUDERS-Our Big Chance/02 GEAR ONE-Ball of Twine/03 SEL-SYNC-Dirty
    Books/04 FUGITIVES-Blowing My Mind/05 THE MODS-Empty Heart/06 PLAGUE LTD-Doing What I Wanna/07 CITY LIMITS-I Don't Mind You/08 THE SQUIRES-I Want You/09 GEAR ONE-The One In the Middle/10 THE MAURAUDERS-Since I Met You/11 PLAGUE LTD-They're No Better/12 NEW GENERATION-We'll Talk About Sunshine/13 THE MODS-Woman/14 GEAR ONE-Feel a Groove/15 THE HEARD-Little Miss Sad/16 OPPOSITE SIX-Why Did You Lie/17THE SQUIRES-Don't You Have To Bring/18 THE FUGITIVES-Come On Now/19 GEAR ONE-Woke Up This Morning/20 THE HEARD-I Don't Beleive You/21 BRIMSTONES-I'm In Misery/22 PIFERAGE HUMOR-Little Girl/23 THE MAURAUDERS-Since I Met You (Alternate version)/24 PLAGUE LTD-So Cold (hence the title of the set, I gather......poorly done IMO)/25 GEAR ONE-Little Richard Medley/26 THE MAURAUDERS-Route 66/27 GEAR ONE-Alimony/28 THE BRIMSTONES-Cold Hearted Woman/29 THE MODS-She's a Mod/30 UNKNOWN BAND-For Your Love

    Links in a while, hell, I'm typing this on Thursday night and you probably won't see it until at least Saturday to be who the hell knows my sobriety level and etc on Saturday? I'll get ya the links, hell, ya know I always do! Love ya all! Got any Kratom?

    Couple of things I want to add today. First of all, thanks again to Joseph6666666.....he has provided us with copies of "Northwest Battle of the Bands" Volumes 1 and 2, as well as a way cool picture file of some of the Northwest bands.....the copies I posted were quite a mess.....should you want proper, corrected links, go to the COMMENTS SECTION of the NORTHWEST BATTLE OF THE BANDS post, and you will find Joseph has posted the Zippyshare links need for me to copy them and put them anywhere else, that is where are, go grab em.......

    Now, also this: Someone asked about "Sixties Rebellion" I stated before, yes, I do have it and DID intend to put it up next week by request.....however, the wonderful site "Paradise of Garage Comps", run by the amazing Caveman78 from Italy, is posting them RIGHT NOW, I think he has most if not all of them up, if not he will  the next few is a link to his fine blog, please go there and support his great efforts

    I don't think I will post this set after all since it is so easilly available at HIS site at the kinda overkill, so please, if you are interested in "Sixties Rebellion" (a REALLY great set by the way), PLEASE just go there and get it.......and while there check out his archive, if you are not familiar with the Caveman's work, as fans of this genre you are badly cheating yourselves........have a great weekend, and Father's Day. My Dad passed away in 1990, on my wife Carla's birthday of all things.....we used to argue and fight like you wouldn't beleive about politics and current issues, etc, we were on the opposite side of the fence on most things.....but he did love him some rock n roll music, and when he passed I inherited his great collection of mostly 1960's type vinyl stuff, a lot of which turns up on this site from time to time.....anyway, even though we used to argue and call each other names, I do miss him and wish he was here right now calling me names and arguing with me...if your Dad is still with us, please tell him Happy Fathers Day for me......I have a 16 year old son myself (he never knew his Grandpa, my Dad) who knows everything about everything, exactly the way I used to be I'm sure........some kind of lesson or justice or karma in there somewhere I'm certain. Enjoy Fathers Day all you Dads!

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  • 06/16/13--17:44: Connecticut (?)
  • Ok, gotta say this one is fairly lame, doesn't really (except for the title) fit the concept here.....what we
    have is "The History of Connecticut Garage Bands in the 60's", two discs......what is lame about it is
    that for a "history", it features only two bands, one each disc. Both are decent enough, disc 1 dedicated to The North Atlantic Invasion Force, and disc 2 giving us Yesterday 's Chidren.....both of whom are familiar enough to us from other comps, but here is the thing.....garage rock of this sort is a wonderful thing, in my opinion, but it needs to be taken in the small doses provided by most all of these comps I've been puttng up.......when one act is stretched over an entire disc, this stuff stretches EXTREMELY thin, in my opinion.......other than the exception, I think, of Music Machine, and maybe a few others (Love, I think, in another category), it's really hard to sit through an entire album of MOST bands of this genre/era......these were singles acts, pure and simple, and most of them (be honest) had little more than 3-4 tracks we'd ever want to hear again as anything other than a curiosity.

    Anyway, I'll put em up in case some huge fan of Yesterday's Children has been searching for years for these tracks or something.....there is some good stuff here, don't get me wrong, I'm just a bit puzzled by the composition of the set......they honestly couldn't find 6 or 7 other bands from Conncticut?

    So the North Atlantic Invasion Force half of the set has some very good, somewhat even ahead of their time tracks, ("Elephant In My Tambourine", "Dying in a Foreign Land", "Blue and Green Gown" (TWO versions of that one, no less)).....and Yesterday's Children are also more than competent with their cover of (sigh) that little known chestnut, "Gloria.....and if your favorite song happens to be their "Dance All Night"or "To Be Or Not To Be" you are in luck as you get two versions of each of THOSE here! Yay!

    In all I'm probably being too hard on this set, it really isn't "bad"......I just wish they'd have
    approached it in a different way (maybe only one disc, with a few other bands added and REALLY, alternate takes??

    What the hell do I know? Maybe these were the extent of the Connecticut "scene"........see ya tomorrow.

    DISC 1 (All tracks by the North Atlantic Invasion Force)- 01 Blue Light in the Window/02 Blue and Green Gown/03 I Won't Be Back/04 Dying in a Foreign Land/05 Sweet Bird of Love/06 Elephant In My Tambourine/07 The Orange Patch/08 Hey Woman/09 Pity Me/10 The Rainmaker/11 Song of the Sun/12 Black On White/13 Blue and Green Gown (alt.)/14 Fire, Wind and Rain

    DISC 2 (All tracks by Yesterday's Children)-01 01 Love
    and Things/02 To Be Or Not To Be/03 Gloria/04 Dance All Night/05 Baby I Want You/06 Laugh At Me/07 Paranoia/08 Sad Born Loser/09 What If I/10 She's Easy/11 Sailing/12 Providence Bummer/13 Evil Woman/14 Hunter's Moon/15 To Be Or Not To Be (alt.)/16 Dance All Night (alt.)

    Links in a little while.......

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    Another good set today, this one featuring (for the most part) acts from the state of Virginia, also a
    few from surrounding areas, West Virginia, Washington DC, Maryland, etc.....but for the most part the three discs here represent the region pretty well. Evidently (unknown to me until this moment) there is a FOURTH volume of this as well, it seems to deviate a bit from the Virginia concept (there are bands from California, Texas, Ohio and more sprinkled in with about half of them from Virginia and surrounding, evidently, they were really stretching for material by this time......anyway, I don't have it, if you do, please let me know and we'll put it up for the "completists".....for now though, I'll just put up the three discs that I DO have, they are all loaded pretty much (23-26 tracks each).

    Not many familar names here either, pretty obscure stuff once again. Disc one gives us the likes of Proverbial Knee Hi's, Banana, Journey Back, as well as the sets namesake acts, The Aliens, The Psychos, and of course the Wild Things, not that I know anythinga bout any of them other than from this set, it is pretty good though, and I always kind of thought this region had a VERY indentifiable sound, although I would be extremely hard pressed were I required to define it.

    Disc two brings us more unknowns, to name a few at random, The Panics, The Changing Times, Sound on Sound, and the Creations, among a bunch more, and of course I'd be remiss did I fail to mention that The Hazzards check in with a cover of that rarely-covered chestnut "Hey Joe".

    The third disc is just as obscure......Perpetuated Spirits of Turpentine (can't make this up!), Bosom
    Blues, Wilson Castle, Clover......on and on we could go. But this is a good set, little (or maybe no) overlap with other sets, and (at least from here) nothing but obscurities (good ones though)

    As I said before, if you have Volume 4, let me know, but I think it fairly evident that the concept had to be wearing down a little.....I'm guessing (only guessing) that it's probably not great, could be wrong......calling friends of the blog, again, if anyone has it, we'll put it up.......if not, then these THREE discs certainly contain more of this stuff from yet another corner of the USA than any of us needs! Somewhere else tomorrow, not running out of this stuff even yet.

    DISC 1-01 THE SATELLITES-When Will You See/02 THE SATELLITES-The Next Boy/03 THE WILD CHERRIES-I Cried Once/04 THE WILD CHERRIES-Baby Baby/05 THE HEART ATTACKS-Badda Diddy Baby/06 SWINGING MACHINE-Do You Have To Ask/07 SWINGING MACHINE-Comin' On Back Home/08 LENIS GUESS-Workin For My Baby/09 WILD THING-Weird Hot Nights/10 SWINGING MACHINE-Do You Have To Ask/11 PROVERBIAL KNEE HI'S-Crying For Her/12 PROVERBIAL KNEE HI'S-Watch Out/13 RUDE AWAKENING-A Certain Girl/14 DENIS & THE TIMES-Flight Patterns/15 REACTORS-1-A/16 BANANA-There She Goes Again/17 BANANA-She's Gone/18 DEAN KOHLER-Gooseberry Pie/19 BEACHNUTS-What Makes You Think/20 PSYCHOS-Black River/21 THE ALIENS-Love Someone/22 JOURNEY BACK-Runaway Baby/23 JOURNEY BACK-Synthetic People/24 NEW DIRECTIONS-Springtime Lady/25 STEVE PEELE FIVE-Frankie's Got It!/26 NEW DIRECTIONS-Springtime Lady

    DISC 2-01 THE PANICS-No More/02 THE LIVE WIRES-Scrambled Eggs/03 THE ROACHES-
    Someone With a Heart/04 THE MILLER BROTHERS-Jump Jack Jump/05 THE SMACKS-Reckless Ways/06 THE SMACKS-Nobody Else Is Gonna Do/07 THE SMACKS-There'll Come a Day/08 THE FLYS-The Way Things Are/09 THE NITE BEATS-You're a Better Man Than I/10 THE HAZZARDS-Hey Joe/11 THE BARRACUDAS-I Can't Beleive/12 THE ESCORTS-My Only Love/13 PHANTOM-I Want To See Her Cry/14 THE MINUTEMEN-Why Do I Cry?/15 THE UPRISERS-Let Me Take You Down/16 THE UPRISERS-Nine To Five/17 THE CHANGING TIMES-Go Your Own Way/18 THE CHANGING TIMES-Keeper of Souls/19 KOOL KUZZINS-Love Can Be True/20 SOUND ON SOUND-Girl You've Got To Turn Me On/21 SHADES INC-Fragile Fruit/22 THE CREATIONS-Better Watch Out/23 THE CREATIONS-I'm Mad/24 THE CREATIONS-Soul and Feelin'/25 THE CREATIONS-To Whom It May Concern

    DISC 3-01 SHADES LTD-Frog Hunt on Mars/02 DEL-FI'S-Now It's Time/03 PERPETUATED SPIRITS OF TURPENTINE-I'm a Lucky Guy/04 PERPETUATED SPIRITS OF TURPENTINE-I'm a Double Naught Spy/05 THE REJECTS-Just a Little Bit of You/06 WANTED & CO.-Why/07 IV PAK-Whatzit/08 LOST SOULS-Minds Expressway/09 LOST SOULS-For You/10 CHANGING TYMES-The Only Girl I Love/11 BANANA-I'm a Man/12 CLOVER-Way She Smiles/13 BARRACUDAS-Days of Quiet Sun/14 BOSOM BLUES-Hippie Queen/15 MORNING DISASTER-Song Of Innocence/16 MORNING DISASTER-Black Leather Books/17 MORNING DISASTER-Urban 44/18 VELVET HAZE-Last Day On Earth/19 SHIRLEY HUGHEY-Pink and Green/20 PLAGUE-Cherry Road/21 PLAGUE-Cherry Road/22 WILSON CASTLE-Party/23 WILSON CASTLE-The Greatest Moments/24 WILSON CASTLE-Instrumental

    0 0
  • 06/18/13--12:49: Tobacco A Go Go
  • Two discs of garage and psych and stuff from the Carolinas in the 1960's......quite a good one
    actually, it's, again, all about the obscurities and the weird shit, rather than stuff we're already familar with.......the Barracudas appear here and also appeared on yesterday's Virgina set, this is NOT one of those two-bands having the same name thing, they actually are one and the same, aDID indeed come from Virginia, which is in the general North Carolina area I suppose.

    Disc 1(the "rock n roll" disc) bring us decet tracks from The Bondsmen, Nightwalkers (cannot confirm whether or not they are the same Nightwalkers from the Baltimore set), Arrogance, and the Sound System, among plenty of others......Disc 2 (the "psych" disc) has the Martians deconstructing "Lawdy Miss Clawdy", Psychic Motion, The Paragons (a tune called "Abba "?!?!?!?!), and the Corsayers drive home some regionalism with "Hominy Grits".

    Another set of unknown gems and gem-
    ettes.....still think I have a few more corners of the US to look into, and then, perhaps, we will venture overseas for some 1960's garage/psych comps from some other countries.......or does that NOT sound appealing? No offense taken if you guys have had enough, I probably have as many of these comps from OTHER countries as I have from the US, so it could go on for a while, and in general, at least I personally don't find the international comps as interesting as the US but that could just be American snobbery, I suppose.

    Links in a little while, Zippy willing!

    VOLUME 1-01 THE BONDSMEN-I See the Light/02 THE CHALLENGERS-Moon, Send My Baby/03 CLEAR BLUE SKY-Morning of Creation/04 SI-DELLS-Watch Out Mother/05 CORSAYERS-Money/06 THE NIGHTWALKERS-It'll Only Hurt For a Little While/07 THE BARRACUDAS-Not Fade Away/08 THE COUNTS IV-Listen To Me/09 ARROGANCE-Black Death/10 THE YOUNG ONES-Too Much Lovin'/11 THE SOUL TWISTERS-Swinging On a Grapevine/12 THE SANDS-Mr. You're a Better Man Than I/13 THE DUKES-It's Got the Whole World Shakin'/14 THE SOUND SYSTEM-Take a Look at Yourself/15 THE BONDSMEN-Our Time to Try/16 VIGILANTES-Ain't It Sad/17 CYKLE-If You Can/18 THE TURKS-Fire

    Man-A Thing of Age/04 TEENBEATS-I Sould Wait/05 PSYCHIC MOTION-Big Teaser/06 MARKE V-The Leader/07 THE MARTIANS-Lawdy Miss Clawdy/08 THE YOUNG ONES-Harbor Melon/09 MARKE V-Pay/10 SACRED IRONY-I See Love/11 ABBREVIATIONS-True Fine Lovin/12 DAMASCANS-Go 'Way Girl/13 TEENBEATS-I Guess That's Why You're Mine/14 VIGILANTES-Notice Me/15 THE
    BONNEVILLES-Naughty Girl/16 THE BARRACUDAS-I'm a Man

    0 0

    Shoulda put this one up with the rest of the New England stuff, I just found it though.....those sets
    were fairly popular and there is very little overlap with this one, so lets add it on.....bands from New Hampshire, New Jersey, Massachuesetts, Connecticut, Maine and Rhode Island make for a nice cross section of the region.

    The disc in question here is "Relative Distance, A Compilation of New England Garage Bands".....just one disc today becuase I am in a bit of a hurry, but you should think of this as something of a "companion piece" to those earlier New England (and Bay State) what we got here?

    Without checking (ya know how I hate to check), I'm pretty sure the Fumin' Humans and Satan's Breed have popped up before, thinking Buck Rogers Movement, Georgie Porgie, Groundspeed, and The Royal Aircoach might be the one-shot obscurites we treasure. Anyways, a quickie today, hope ya enjoy it an a spot for it on your shelf next to those other sets from the Northeast! But best/worst of all is the What's shameful plageristic rewrite of Dylan's "All Along the Watchtower",(titled "Escape") check it and see what I mean (I mean really "Mother Mary drink my wine, come and dig my grave"? "There must be some way out of here, said the soldier to the sheep (at least that is what is ounds like to me)?".....lots of othr lyrical, uhh, "substitutions" as well, quite an interesting song to be sure.

    Until Tomorrow.....

    01 THE WHAT-Escape/02 BOBBY & THE
    FARRARIS-In the Morning/03 BUCK ROGERS MOVEMENT-Baby Come On/04 THE MAR-VELS-Some One Else/05 SATANS BREED-Lugh Myself to the Grave/06 MICKY & THE MOTIONS-I Do/07 GEORGIE PORGIE-No More School/08 THE ASCOTS-Where I'm Goin'/09 GROUNDSPEED-In a Dream/10 THE ROYAL AIRCOACH-Wondering Why/11 THE 5:PM-How Many Days/12 THE EASTERN ALLIANCE-Love Fades Away/13 THE INSTINCTS-No No No/14 DRY WELL-Gypsy/15 THE FUMIN' HUMANS-Relative Distance

    0 0

    Strange that, for a state that represented so well in "Psychedelic States" and "Highs in the Mid-
    Sixties", this is really all I can come up with as a stand-alone disc, rather than part of a greater such, too there is a good bit of overlap, but I found it while cleaning off a s, and might as well throw it up there (I LOVE Florida! Best vacations EVER at the Don Ceasar Hotel in St. Petersburg/Tampa.......simply awesome!)

    Anyways thset features the Tasmanians, whom we know, The Palace Guards, who we know, and the Mods, who I think we know but there were so many bands sharing that moniker it's hard to say. We also get some Mark Markham & the Jesters, Plastic Blues Band, and Tulu Babies....the construction of the set leads me to thing that it is a series of singles, A-sides and B-Sides as each band is neatly represented two tracks, each placed back to back on the album......if so, hats off to someone for some sensible album construction for just this once!

    01 THE TASMANIANS-Baby/02 THE TASMANIANS-Love Love Love/03 PLATIC BLUES BAND-Gone/04 PLASTIC BLUES BAND-Dead Seed/05 MARK MARKHAM &JESTERS-Goin' Back To Marlboro Country/06 MARK MARKHAM & THE JESTERS- Don't Need You/07 TULU BABIES-Hurtin Kind/08 TULU BABIES-Mine Forever/09 THE MODS-Empty Heart/10 THE MODS-Sweets For My Sweet/11 THE ESQUIRES-Heartaches Stay the Night/12 THE ESQUIRES-Heat/13 THE PALACE GUARDS-No Comin Back/14 THE PALACE GUARDS-Gas Station Boogaloo
    Downtown/15 THE SHY GUYS-Black Lightening Light/16 THE SHY GUYS-Goodbye to You

    Links be whenebbah dey be up!

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  • 06/20/13--16:24: Game 7
  • NOTHING to do with music, sorry.......we have game 7 of the NBA finals tonight, Miami Heat vs
    San Antonio Spurs.......I couldn't care less about either team, but I DO love sports, especailly at the highest level on the planet, as exemplified by these amazing NBA athletes....if weren't, say, for sports, rock n roll music, fiiiiiine women, and classic movies, what the hell would there be, really, in life, to divert us from the normal, everyday aggrevations of leaking roofs, of changing anti-depressants (again!), of wondering if we can retire or is it better to remain past 30, you see, is often sad. And I'm one one of the "lucky" ones. Married to the finest woman on the planet for almost 26 years now, we have a PERFECT 16 year old son.......I've never been unemployed, even for a day, since getting out of school, and I can retire in aonth or so if I want to, at age of 51, which I probably won't wife is currently having some issues, this has been difficult, and our son is becomming a man, a REAL man, so things are changing.........I'm getting older. My Dad died at age 47, my Mom at age 67........I don't know, kinda late in the game, perhaps.........I take my cylexa and ativan and get through another day/week/.month/year........

    It is important that we have diversions to draw our worries and our concerns and our stressors out for at least the briefest of momnts......for me, obscure rock n roll has always been an escape, used to be so when I smoked pot, I don't do that anymore, but I still love the music that I fell for during the pot-head years.......I also love movies, LOVE them, and thrilled to death that my son shares my passion for classics (my wife really does not)......Oh, the wonderful films I've gotten to share with my son......"Do the Right Thing"......"The Breakfast Club"......"Fargo"......"Clerks"......"Superbad"........"Gran Torino".........and hundreds more, that I have RECOVERED through the eyes of a 2013 incredible experience for me, and I hope one he can some day pass on to his own son.

    Anyway, sports......I've always been a football/baseball/basketball JUNKIE, played some football and baseball i youth, but have always LOVED watching the competition on son does NOT share my passion, I am said to state, except that he DOES love NBA basketball (he is a 6'5" high school freshman and a potential scholarship player himself), so at least we have that......

    And classic sports can be summarized by two words: Game's do or die. It's almost metaphoric, the Heat with the best player on earth LeBron James, as well as Chris Bosh, Dwayne Wade and a host of role players, vs the incredibley tightly coached Spurs, featuring one of MY all time favorite players, the incredibly BORING Tim Duncan....I mean, they call this guy "The Big Fundamental"....ALMOST a derisvie nickname......for a sports purist (I'm not one really), it could almost be viewed as a "Good Vs Evil" type of thing, sort of a "Raiders vs Cowboys" to look at it in football terms....but one game, winner take all.....what will happen? Will the best player on earth simply take the Heat upon his shoulders? Or will the sound, calm, cool, nearly flawless play of TIm Duncan and Co. prove that once again, the tortoise CAN beat the hare, if the tortoise is well prepared and fundamentally sound.

    These are two good teams, I hope they give us a good game tonight, not that I have any sort of a "rooting" interest........just want to drink a few, and enjoy a hopefully good, well played game. Nothing more. Tomorrow, I have to go back to work, just like ANY OTHER DAY........but for tonight, hopefully, all my concerns and worries can be projected upon the 52" screen and I can forget, for just a little while, the problems that plague my life and the lives of my family.......and really, what else can we ask for? A moment's diversion, is that MUCH to ask for? I think not.......

    Prediction: Spurs win this one. I really don't care, but I think better coaching, and solid TEAM fundamentals (they somewhat remind me of the Celtics teams I loved growing up), win out. All in all, I hope for a good game. Divert my interests from the "real world" for just a few seconds, LeBron James and Tim Duncan and Co.!

    Thanks to all those who provide entertainment and diversion in the world for those of us who REALLY need a few minutes of it sometimes.

    And, minions, I STILL really love you all......just now and again you come here for some garage rock or whatever and you get the bonus of a drunken BigScott62 pontificating about this subject or that......and you know what? IT'S MY BLOG, I CAN DO THAT!

    0 0

    Minnesota has always had very good music scenes, it seems like to me, wittness Husker Du, The
    Replacements, Prince, and Bob Dylan among exception was their 1960's garage scene, the Castaways, the Trashmen, the Hombres, etc......of course it would be WAAAAY too easy to have any of those guys here, so of course we get another generous sampling of obscure-o's......this is a pretty good set. Couple of these MIGHT ring a bell with you guys, Dale Gregory & the Shouters, The Boss Tweads, The Rave-Ons, and Sting Rays all turn up on some other sets, The Stillroven gives us a cool "Not Your Stepping Stone", and lesser-knowns such as the Fabulous Depresssions, The Stompers, and Kama-del-Sutra.

    Of course, I'd be remiss in posting Minnesota without mentioning my lifelong allegiance to the Vikings, been a huge fan since 1969, even living in Ohio rarely missing a game......through four Super Bowl embarrassments, through Drew Pearson's catch in 1975, Gary Anderson's field goal miss and Randall Cunningham taking a knee in 1998, Nate Poole's catch on the last play of the 2003 season (I was there as I
    mentioned before)......I atteneded my firt Vikings game in 1973, at Cincinnati, and, no kidding, they had NEVER ONCE in the history of the franchise, been shut out......guess what? With me in attendence, they were. It gets better. The SECOND time in franchise history that they were shut out was also in Cincinnati, 1980, which was, you got it, the SECOND Vikings game I attended personally.

    WR-Randy Moss, Cris Carter
    TE-Steve Jordan
    OT-Ron Yary, Gary Zimmerman
    OG-Randall McDaniel, Ed White
    C-Mick Tinglehoff
    QB-Francis Tarkenton
    RB-Adrian Peterson, Chuck Foreman
    K- Fuad Reveiz

    DE-Carl Eller, Chris Doleman
    DT-Alan Page, Jon Randle
    LB-Matt Blair, Jeff Seimon, Wally Hilgenberg
    CB-Bobby Bryant, Antoine Winfield
    S-Paul Krause, Joey Browner
    P-Chris Kluwe

    KR-Percy Harvn
    Coach-Bud Grant

    What does this have to do with garage rock? Not a damn thing, but if I want to bitch about the goddamn football team that I've been torturing myself with for 43 years, on my own blog, I will......anybody from Minnesota or elsewhere wanna argue any of my selections? Can't imagine anyone's my SECOND TEAM selections as well

    WR-Anthony Carter, Ahmad Rashad
    TE-Joe Senser
    OT-Tim Irwin, Korey Stringer
    OG-Steve Hutchinson, Wes Hamilton
    C-Kirk Lowdermilk
    QB-Daunte Culpepper
    RB-Robert Smith, Billy Brown
    K-Fred Cox

    DE-Jim Marshall, Doug Martin
    DT-Keith Millard, Kevin Williams
    LB-Mike Merriwether, Chad Greenway, Scott Studwell
    CB-Nate Wright, Carl Lee
    S-Robert Griffith, Orlando Thomas
    P-Greg Coleman

    KR-David Palmer
    Coach-Dennis Green

    I am preparing a Vikings blog to (hopefully) be ready football season, with tons of my personal
    memories about all things Viking, if I get it ready I will be sure and pimp it on this site, as if you care!

    ROOT 66-01 THE HIGH SPIRITS-I Beleive/02 THE BOSS TWEADS-Going Away/03 THE MESSENGERS-I've Seen You Around/04 THE KAN DELLS-Cry Girl/05 THE DEVILLES-You've Made Up My Mind/06 THE FABULOUS DEPRESSIONS-I Can't Tell You/07 THE STING RAYS-Shaggy Dog/08 THE STING RAYS-The Cat Came Back/09 THE SHANDELLS-Gorilla/10 THE MADHATTERS-Chicks Are For Kids/11 THE RAVE-ONS-Baby Don't Love Me/12 THE STOMPERS-I Know/13 THE STILLROVEN-I'm Not Your Stepping Stone/14 KAMA-DEL-SUTRA-She Taught Me Love/15 THE MORE-TISHANS-(I've Got) Nowhere to Run/16 DALE GREGORY & THE SHOUTERS-Did Ya Need To Know

    Links in a while, sorry about the Vikings tangent, but I've got a captive audience here to complain about those losers I've been pulling for so THIS their year? Simply stated HELL NO.

    0 0

    Not much to do at the momentI'm sure you won't mind multiple posts this evening as I clean this up
    and prepare for garage au' internacionalle!

    Obviously I'm running a bit low on the USA "regional" comps, they have been incredibly well just never know. I've got tons more Nuggets-type rock from the 60's, and we'll venture into them some more yet, I just personally LOVE the "regional" format, it allows us to hone in on a particular area's sound, and maybe even glimps an unknown local "legend" or two......I guess after I finish the USA in a few days, I'll continue the "regional" format to a degree by investigating some of the 1960's garage/psych acts from elsewhere around the globe......MAYBE not quite as exciting, because actually this is pretty much an American genre (so-called "Nugget Rock", I mean), BUT there are plenty of surprises, and as a bonus a TON OF LAUGHS, on most of the international comps as well......hope all of you guys that have been digging the USA sets do stick around as we span the globe......

    With that, here's one I overlooked when I posted the Pennsylvania scene a while back. A somewhat skimpy 14-track anthology "Return of the Young Pennsylvanians".......Loose Enz and The Flowerz were prominently featured on those other PA sets, and I think (without going back and looking) Kindred Spirit, The Buccaneers, The Dogs, and the Down Children were uncomped on those earlier sets......never would have guessed Pennsylvania for FOUR discs total of this stuff, but I guess you just never can tell, and the more obscure corners the compilers of these fine sets wish to investigate, the better.......

    Still not QUITE done with the USA yet, but getting close, so make sure ya got your passport updated and please do a good job of stashing the drugs for the international voyage!

    LOOSE ENZ-Mister Your a Better Man Than I/03 THE DOWN CHILDREN-I Can Tell/04 THE CENTURYS-Hard Times/05 THE CENTURYS-And I Cried/06 THE DOGS-Don't Try To Help Me/07 THE FLOWERZ-Flyte/08 THE FLOWERZ-Talkin Bout Love/09 THE SHAYNES-From My Window/10 THE BOUNTY HUNTERS-The Sun Went Away/11 THE BOUNTY HUNTERS-Somewhere/12 THE BUCCANERS-I'm a Fool/13 BRIGHT IMAGE-People In the Town/14 KINDRED SPIRIT-Blue Avenue

    One thing about being down to mostly single-disc posts means the upload process is pretty speedy, so the link should be up in like virtually no time at all!

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  • 06/21/13--13:51: Legend City (Phonix AZ)
  • Third (albeit short) post of the evening, listened to this just this morning some REALLY good stuff
    on here (to me the Hearsemen and Wild Flowers truly stand out)..........I THINK (could be wrong and often am ) that this will do it for the USA stuff and we will move on, to some other great lands on this fantastic planet!

    I guess if I'd have found this at the time I'd have lumped it together with the "Tucson" post a while
    back, this one comes four hours up Interstate 10 in sunny (and miserable) Phoenix.....proper title: "Legend City-Ferocious Mid '60's Gems From the Vaults of Phoenix's Viv-Debra Recording Studios"......pretty lengthy title, personally never heard of the lable other than this comp.

    Like the Tucson sets, though, this is pretty damn good, The Door Knobs, Heasemen, Destiny's Children, The Hobbit, The Outcasts, The Lost & Found, Solid Ground, and, especially The Wild Flowers all turn in perfectly acceptable garage rockers that hold their own with the other scenes.

    Unless I stumble on something else, this is the last of the US regional comps and we will begin to explore some other countries UNLESS YOU TIRE OF THEM, and if that gets to be the case, please let me know and we'll go in some different directions......if you are RECENT convert to this blog, you may not know that is IS NOT totally about "nugget rock" although it has been for the past coupla months......I've got tons of classic 70's punk, 70's metal, 90's grunge, 00's stoner rock, 80's new wave/power pop........all stuff I love to death.. If you ARE a newbie, please check some of the older archives (the links are dead and if ask REALLY nicely I might repost them) to see that, in fact, I am not a one-trick pony limited to 1960's garage rock.....not even close.

    Requests are ALWAYS welcome......maybe not always HONORED, but always welcome!

    Baby/03 THE DOOR KNOBS-Come On/04 THE HEARSEMEN-Don't Be Late/05 THE HEARSEMEN-Right Now/06 DESTINY'S CHILDREN-The Collectors/07 DESTINYS CHILDREN-For Me/08 THE HOBBIT-Top Of the Morning/09 THE HOBBIT-Why Don't You Grow Up/10 THE OUTCASTS-People/11 THE WILD FLOWERS-A Man Like Myself/12 THE WILD FLOWERS-More Than Me/13 THE WILD FLOWERS-One More Chance/14 THE WILD FLOWERS-On a Day Like Today/15 LOST & FOUND-Don't Move Girl/16 SOLID GROUND-Sad Now/17 SOLID GROUND-She Played With Love/18 THE HOB-Author's Message

    0 0

    Unless I find a straggler or two, I have pretty much wrapped up my regional garage/psych sets from
     the USA in the 1960's.......fear not, I have LOTS MORE American "nugget rock" that we'll get to later, it is just not grouped "regionally", and that, currently, seems to be a gimmick that many are enjoying. So, lets check a few "regions" around the globe, investiage THEIR 1960's garage/psych scenes and compare them to the US (WARNING: A lot will be foreign language stuff, which as I've stated before, I LOVE, but I know many don't).......

    Anyway, I LOOOOOOOOOVE Canada, always have. had some GREAT times up there, from visiting the great cities of Montreal and Quebec as a teenager, to hanging in Windsor while waiting for the Vikings to take on the Lions in Detroit, Toronto, Niagra Falls.......never had a bad time in Canada. As for music (in general), well, let's just say I've never had a bad time in Canada (Rush? REALLY?......April Wine was ok for awhile, I Mother Earth could be great, Neil Young of course is Neil Young, and other than that, well, they DO have good beer up there, lovely casinos, legal prostitution, in general kinder, more polite habiants than the States, some excellent restaurants, lovely scenery)........really do LOVE Canada! So they are a logical place to start with a couple of these garage rock comps, the two sets I have here are VERY different, hope you enjoy them.

    First up we have "Great White North", crammed with 24 better-than-average garage and psych
    rockrs......perhaps from other sets (or if you happen to be Canadian), you'll be familar with Stu Mitchell's "Acid", 49th Parallel, David, and Quiet Jungle, they've all been comped to a degree.......this is a really good set, I think, please give feedback on the now-International garage comp extraavganza.

    The second disc we've got here is "Rumble-Quebec Garage Beat 1966-67".......French language, be forewarned, but (to me) most enjoyable, I like it a lot, and besides, Les Fleaux cover that little-known, rarely-covered chestnut, "Gloria"! Anyway I like both these sets a good bit, hoping you do too....when we go international, there will probably be some you like alot, some not so much, unless of course you are as open-minded as myself, which is nearly an impossibility!

    GREAT WHITE NORTH-01 UNITED EMPIRE LOYALISTS-Otis/02 COPPERPENNY-Stop the World/03 STU MITCHELL-Acid/04 FACTREE-Kaleidoscope/05 QUIET JUNGLE-Everything/06 LIVERPOOL SET-Seventeen Tears To The End/07 SPANN-You Better Run/08 PAPA GREY-North American Bastard Son/09 LUKE & THE APOSTLES-Been Burnt/10 THE SKALIWAGS-Turn Him Down/11 MONGRELS-Good Good Man/12 49th PARALLEL-Lazerander Filcny/13 DICK PEDDICORD-Oh Pleasant Hope/14 RIVERSON-Stoney Day/15 THE PAPER DREAM-My Mind's Eye/16 THE EYES OF DAWN-Time To Be Going/17 CARNIVAL CONNECTION-Poster Man/18 SEEDS OF TIME-Candy Man/19 DON NORMAN & THE OTHER 4-Low Man/20 GNU-Hangman/21 DAVID-Little Boys/22 GREAT SCOTS-On the Road Again/23 JAYBEES-I'm a Loner/24 SIMPLE SIMON & THE PIEMEN-People of Tyme

    RUMBLE-01 LES ASTEKS-Oui Je T'aime/02 LES DABSTERS-J'en Ai Assez/03 LES
    DIFFERENTS-Soyons Differents/04 LES FLEAUX-Gloria/05 ALEX FONTAINE-Tu N'es Pas Sincere/06 LES LOUPS BLANCS-Je Sais Que Tu Mens/07 LES LOUPS-Pour Tout Dire/08 LES MISERABLES-Chemises A Pois, Cravates A Fleurs/09 LE POUVOIR DES FLEURS-Va T'en Chez Toi/10 REGENT-Qui Es-Tu/11 LES TALLMUD-Avoir Raison/12 LE COMTE RICHARD VALENTE-Kansas City

    So links will be a-coming........lemme know what you think of the international sets, it is important in my determination of which direction this blog-type goes in the near all of ya of course!

    0 0

    Four discs worth in fact, and there are more to come.....the Australian/New Zealand scenes of the 60's
    were quite good, as I'm sure anyone who was there will tell us. I've loved Australia for some time, not that 've been there, because I haven't, but the way those chicks talk.....yummmmmmmm. I especially love that Emile de Ravin, who played Claire on "Lost" (my fave show ever, by the way), on of the finest babes in the lengthy history of my personal Babeology.

    OK, what was I talking about? Emile always manages to get me sidetracked. Oh, yes, the quite well-known, four disc set "Ugly Things", packed with all things Aussie and Kiwi from those late great 1960's. Just seconds ago finished listening to Disc 1 in its entirety, VERY good stuff here....The Missing Links, The Creatures, Trevor Gordon & the Bee Gees (!), The Running Jumping Standing Still and a ton more. Pure garage noise, BUT with a special twist, which is what makes each of these internal sets some damn unique and special,

    Volume 2 continues to pile em on.......The Birds, Grandma's Tonic. The Clefs, Laurie Wade's Cavaliers (to name but a very few). Volume 3 gives us Machine Gun Kelly's Rejects, The Chants R&B, The Easybeats, and the La De Da's.....

    Volume 4 attempts to get more psychedelic as the band names (The Hi-Revving Tongues, Inside Looking Out, The Wright of Waye) and the song titles ("And I Heard the Fire Sing", "Krome Plaed Yabby", "Slightly-Delic") would imply, and pulls it off nicely, all in all this is a very good, fairly essential set if you're at all interested in the Aussie/Kiwi sounds of this era, and as I said I think I have another set that is (if I remember correctly) a bit better than this one, I'll have to check on that one!

    DISC 1-01 THE MISSING LINKS-You're Driving Me Insane/02 THE BLACK DIAMONDS-I
    Want, Need, Love You/03 THE ELOIS-By My Side/04 THE MOODS-Rum Drunk/05 THE EASYBEATS-Goin' Out of My Mind/06 THE VINCE MALONEY SECT-No Good Without You/07 THE SUNSETS-I Want Love/08 THE WILD COLONIALS-Get the Picture/09 THE CREATURES-Ugly THing/10 THE CULT-You're Just My Kind/11 ATLANTICS-Come On/12 THE D-Coys-Bad Times/13 TREVOR GORDON & THE BEE GEES-Little Miss Rythm & Blues/14 THE FOUR STRANGERS-Sad & Lonely/15 THE IN-SECT-I Can See My Love/16 THE JACKSON KINGS-Watch Your Step/17 THE RUNNING JUMPING STANDING STILL-Shes So Good To Me/18 THE VACANT LOT-Don't Let Me Sleep To Long/19 THE HERGS-Style Of Love/20 JEFF
    ST JOHN & THE ID-Sunaroid '67

    DISC 2-01 BOBBY & LAURIE-Jump Back/02 DEREK'S ACCENT-Ain't Got No Feelin/03 BARRINGTON DAVIS POWERPACT-Raining Teardrops/04 THE BIRDS-Dust In My Pants/05 THE LA DE DA'S-Little Girl/06 THE BLUE BEATS-She's Coming Home/07 THE JET SET-What Did The Man Say/08 THE FIVE-There's Time/09 GRANDMA'S TONIC-Lost Girl/10 THE SUNSETS-The Hot Generation/11 THE ATLANTICS-It's a Hard Life/12 THE PURPLE HEARTS-Just a Little Bit/13 THE THROB-I Need You/14 THE CLEFS-I Can Only Give You Everything/15 VYT-Why Do I Cry/16 LAURIE WADE'S CAVALIERS-To Win Your Love/17 TONY ORSLEY-Talk About Love/18 TONY COLE-Beat It!/19 THE CHEROKEES-I've Gone Wild/20 RAY COLUMBUS & THE ART COLLECTION-Kick

    DISC 3-01 THE LOVED ONES-Everlovin Man/02 THE PLEAZERS-Hurtin All Over/03
    MACHINE GUN KELLYS REJECTS-I'm Going Back/04 THE OTHERS-Why Can't She Be Mine/05 THE TWILIGHTERS-I'm Not Talking/06 TONY BARBER-I Want Her Too/07 THE LOST SOULS-This Life Of Mine/08 THE THROB-One THing To Do/09 THE MODES-Baby Please Don't Go/10 THE LA DE DA'S-How Is The Air Up There/11 CHANTS R&B-Neighbour, Neighbour/12 THE BLUESTARS-Social End Product/14LARRY'S REBELS-Flying Scotsman/15 THE BOBBY JAMES SYNDICATE-Hey Hey Hey/16 THE SHOWMEN-Naughty Girl/17 RUSS KRUGER-Keep Me Satisfied/18 THE EASYBEATS-For My Woman

    DISC 4-01 THE JAMES TAYLOR MOVE-And I Heard the Fire Sing/02 THE WRIGHT OF WAYE-Sun God/03 INSIDE LOOKING OUT-Long Live Sivinanda/04 THE EASTBEATS-Particular Hole In the Sky/05 THE WILD CHERRIES-Krome Plated Yabby/06 JEFF ST JOHN & THE ID-Eastern Dream/07 THE HOUSE OF NIMROD-Slightly-Delic/08 THE VEGETABLE GARDEN-Hypnotic Suggestion/09 THE BUCKET-I Can't Help Thinking Of You/10 THE HI-REVVING TONGUES-Tropic Of Capricorn/11 THE MASTERS APPRENTICES-Living In a Childs Dream/12 PROCESSIN-Listen/13 LARRYS REBELS-Halloween/14 VYT & THE WORLD-Tiny Timothy/15 SIMPLE IMAGE-Spinning Spinning Spinning/16 THE TWILIGHTS-Time & Motion Study Man/17 THE LOVE MACHINE-The Lonely Hearts Club Christmas Party/18 THE QUESTIONS-And THings Said Unsaid/19 TERRY BRITTEN-Bargain Day/20 THE DAVE MILLER SET-Mr. Guy Fawkes

    Good set today......please leave comments.......I have a deal with Emile de Ravin that if I recieve enough
    comments on this set, I win the chance of performing orally upon her! So please help me and Emile out!

    Links In a little while!

    Emile de Ravin...yummmmmmmmmmy!

    LATE EDIT: Track 20 on Disc 1 is damaged and will not play.......sorry!

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  • 06/24/13--12:58: More goodies from Down Under
  • Since Emile de Ravin was so good to me last night, I feel compelled to put up a little more from her
    native Australia....I actually started to put up the four disc "Before Birdmen Flew", but there is 75% or more overlap with the previous day's "Ugly Things", so I'm not going to do it, in order to keep things fresh. I have instead, here, a single comp (still a TINY bit of overlap but not nearly as much as with the other set)....This one called "Peculiar Hole In the Sky: Aussie Pop-Psych & Garage-Psych".....if you REALLY WANT "Before Birdmen Flew", let me know, and maybe we'll do it, but me and Emile simply think there is too much overlap......and who am I t argue with her and her riding crop?

    So THIS set, while, as I said, does contain overlap (Inside Looking Out, Jeff St John & Id, Wild Cherries), there's also some new obscurities such as 1863 Establishment, Cam-Pact,Iguana, and more......I guess that "Ugly Things" and the "Birdmen" sets were so comprenesive that there wasn't a whole lot of stones left unturned.

    What I'm also gonna do here, since I had planned on four discs and I have but
    one, is I am gonna put up 2 discs of "Wild Things " (a companion piece to "Ugly Things", which focusses on New Zealand rather than Ozz, so we pretty much wrap the world down under. Some overlap with THOSE sets and "Ugly Things" as well, but after all this, you should all have a VERY comprehensive picture of the Aussie/Kiwi sound of the mid 1960's........enjoy and comment please. Any country of interest to you? Got many of em.......let's see where we can go from here!

    PECULIAR HOLE IN THE SKY: AUSSIE POP-PSYCH & GARAGE PSYCH:01 VALENTINES-Peculiar Hole In the Sky/02 IGUANA-Imagine This/03 JAMES TAYLOR MOVE-Still I Can Go On/04 BUCKET-I Can't Help Thinking Of You/05 NORMIE ROWE-Going Home/06 PETER WRIGHT-House of Bamboo/07 1863 ESTABLISHMENT-Gained For a Fall/08 CLAPHAM JUNCTION-Emily on Sunday/09 KING FOX-Unforgotten Dreams/10 INSIDE LOOKING OUT-Long Live Sivinada/11 HUGO-Girl In the Garden/12 EXECUTIVES-Moving In a Circle/13 JEFF ST JOHN & THE ID-Eastern Dream/14 CAM-PACT-Zoom Zoom Zoom/15 PROCLOMATION-King of the Mountain/16 JON-Upstairs Downstairs/17 WILD CHERRIES-Krom Plated Yabby/18 JAMES TAYLOR MOVE-Magic Eyes/19 LLOYDS WORLD-Brass Bird/20 R BLACK & ROCKIN V'S-Walking and Talking/21 DAVE MILLER SET-Mr Guy Fawkes/22 1863 ESTABLISHMENT-Picture of a Girl/23 ESCORTS-Sitting By a Tree/24 INSIDE LOOKING OUT-Morning Sun/25 CAM-PACT-Drawing Room/26
    HUGO-Hey! Watch Out!/27 MARTY RHONE-Tell Me Love

    Stand In My Way/02 THE LA DE DA'S-How is the Air Up There?/03 THE SMOKE-No More Now/04 SANDY EDMONDS-Come See Me/05 CRESENDOS-Now She's Mine/06THE ACTION-I Can't Make a Friend/07 TOM THUMB-You're Gonna Miss Me/08 TOM THUMB-I Need You/09 THE BLUESTARS-Social End Product/10 THE CHALLENGE-The Crunch/11 THE PRINCIPALS-I Can't Stop/12 THE PLEAZERS-Hurtin All Over/13 CHANTS R&B-I Want Her/14 CHANTS R&B-I'm Your Witchdoctor/15 CHANTS R&B-Neighbour, Neighbour/16 TOMORROW'S LOVE-7 And 7 Is

    WILD THINGS VOLME 2-WYLD KIWI GARAGE 1966-69-01 THE PLEAZERS-Security/02 THE RAYDERS-Working Man/03 THE FOUR FOURS-Go Go/04 THE FOUR FOURS-One Track Mind/05 THE ACTION-Day By Day/06 THE SPECTRES-Anything You Like/07 THE GREMLINS-Never You Mind/08 THE GREMLINS-Listen To Me/09 THE CHICKS-Rebel Kind/10 THE CLEVEDONAIRES-He's Ready/11 THE TUNESPINNERS-You Were Born For Me/12 THE PRINCIPALS-Woman/13 JAY EPAE-The Creep/14 RAY COLUMBUS-We Want a Beat/15 LARRYS REBELS-Painter Man/16

    Still SOME overlap, sorry, more than I'd prefer......we'll head elsewhere tomorrow, I promise!

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  • 06/25/13--15:32: Havoc From Holland!
  • Spanning the globe to bring you the most obscure variety of semi-unknown garage/psych rock from
    those glorious years of the 1960's........this set from Holland, as the title would imply I have but one disc , but, not bad, not bad at all......The Outsiders lead off the set with "Do Yu Feel Alright", we get the Fallouts, The Rob Hoeke Rythm & Blues Group, The Scorpions, Weetjewel......hey it's a decent set, and like most of the countries of our magnificent planet, truly seems to have it's "own" sound, distinguishable from the others. For this kind of thing, for my money, the US is the best, but this stuff can be just as entertaining, as other countries try furiously to cop the US' groove......sometimes it works, sometimes it don't, but the results in general be entertaining! For the record, I have LOTS more of the Holland stuff, the "Nederbeat" series which must be 20 discs or so, but unless there is a large demand for them I'm thinking perhaps "overkill", so we'll say where we tomorrow!

    HAVOC FROM HOLLAND-01 THE OUTSIDERS- Do You Feel Alright/02 THE MOKUM BEAT FIVE-Apologize/03 THE HUMBUGS-Go On Home, Little Girl/04 THE NICOLS-Lord. I've Been Thinking/05 PENNY WISE-Silver Girl/06 THE FALLOUTS-I've Been Waiting/7 THE ROB HOEKE RYTHM & BLUES GROUP-Margio/08 THE SCORPIONS-Hey Honey/09 THE SANDY COAST-Subject of My Thoughts/10 THE MOTIONS-I've Waited So Long/11 WEETJEWEL-Lila Lovin Lola/12 LES BAROQUES-Girls Enough/13 THE DUKES-Try To Understand/14 DE MASKERS-Three's a Crowd/15 THE CLUNGELS-Dat Had Ik
    Nog Nooit Gedaan

    Link should be up before Megyn Price can tell me how badly she wants my body again.........(probably WAAAAAAY before that!)

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    Of course Yugoslavia no longer exists, morphing into a hellish wasteland, but I guess in the 60's they

    wanted to keep up with everyone else and put out some garage rock like everyone else......Man, I remember when that country was being ripped apart years ago, "ethnic cleansing" and a, I wonder if any of the acts recorded here became victims of the violence ? Awful to think about......but here we have 16 tracks from happier times, couple of pretty funny US covers ("Hang on SLoopy", and "Ain't Gonna Eat Out My Heart Anymore"), the rest is non-english, but there are rewards here if you look for them.
    Hoping everyone in that corner of the world is doing as well as can be reasonably expected.......any imation that given on any of these groups will be greatly appreciated!

    JUGOBEAT-01 DELFINI-Najijepsi Dan/02 URAGANI-Ako Kisa Obrise Suze/03 CRNI BISERI-Ne Odlazi/04 ROBOTI-Aint Gonna Eat Out My Heart Anymore/05 KAMELEONI-See See Rider/06 EXODUSI-Tuzan Sam Ka Kisa Pada/07 KAMELEONI-Gdje Si, Ljubavi/08 CRNI BISERI-Dream/09 KAMELEONI-Sunny Cry/10 JALICE-Bez Reci/11 CRVENI KORALJI-Sam/12 BOYS-Foot Stomp/13 URGANI-Zur/14 SILUETE-Hang On Sloopy/15 KAMELEONI-Looking For Me/16 DELFINI-Bebel

    Links should be up in the blink of an eye!

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