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The music that shaped a semi-wasted life

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  • 02/01/16--11:14: Brian's Beatles Contribution

  • (Scott)-Hey, why NOT some more is mind boggling that so many have downloaded that
    monstrosity I put up the other night, guess there are some HARD CORE Beatles lovers out there.....perhaps you've not heard these, I hadn't......look out for the bonus as well!
    I couldn't let Scott's Beatles Covers epic pass by without adding something to it. This might be like the fat guy eating the mint and blowing up in The Meaning Of Life, but I didn't see these two releases represented in the pile. And they're really good, so I wanted to hip you Beatles freaks to them.

    12 Cellists Of the Berlin Philharmonic - Beatles In Classics
    This one I found recently. While I tend to avoid the "String Quartet" kind of tribute albums, the idea of this all being on cellos sounded interesting. It also came out in '83, long before the trend. And it sounds really great! A beautiful album, both for Beatles fans and classical fans. I particularly like how they transformed "A Hard Day's Night".

    1. Yellow Submarine |2. Let It Be |3. Something |4. The Fool On the Hill |5. Help |6. Yesterday |7. Michelle |8. A Hard Day's Night |9. Norwegian Wood |10. Here There & Everywhere |11. Can't Buy Me Love |12. Hey Jude

    Laibach - Let It Be
    How to prepare you for this...the Beatles' wistful swan song reimagined as an icy Teutonic juggernaut! Laibach take a bit of explaining - a Slovenian agit-prop group who has long used Aryan-style art and overtones as a method of provocation. You guys remember their "Ballad Of A Thin Man" in the Dylan covers post?

    Well, they tackle the whole album, except for the title track, which I'm not sure could actually be Laibached up. "Get Back" sounds ready for invasion, "Dig A Pony" gets positively Wagnerian, and "Across The Universe" has this chillingly beautiful resigned feeling to it. One of the ballsiest cover albums ever, and a great gateway album for the group. And no, they're not fucking Nazis.
    The bonus link for this post is a two album file from a very funny lady. Some of the best one liners ever. Oh, and you guys need to look in the Mongolian post and DL that Credibility Gap file - it's gotten a pathetically small number of downloads. Grab all the funny stuff, guys... nobody else is posting it, trust me.

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  • 02/01/16--18:27: Throbbing Gristle
  • A huge fave of mine for a while, ca. late 1970's, early 1980's.......if you are a fan of "so called"
    industiral rock, this here is the real McCoy, not kidding......Throbbing Gristle were Genesis P-Orridge (bass, violin, vocals, vibraphone), Cosey Fanni Tutti (guitars, cornette, vocals), Pete "Sleaezy" Christopherson (tapes, found sounds, horns, piano, vibraphone, synths), and Chris Carter (of course not the Vikings great, I HAD to say that of course!) on synths, tapes, and electronics.....

    These guys turned out a few albums of great, scary, dark, bleak, REAL "industrial" music, and had a profound influence on a lot of more modern stuff.......the albums are GREAT, they also released a BUNCH of other stuff ( I seem to recall they released a set of something like 50 cassette tapes packaged in a suitcase, never knew anyone who bought one, but if ANYONE who DOES own that artifact reads this, please please please share it, it would be totally unique and great to post here in my opinion)........

    So anyway, this stuff is the shit.......I have only thier "commercial" albums here, starting with 1977's "Second Annual Report".......this is a mishmash, three versions of "Slug Bait", as well as four versions of "Maggot Death", don't be disuaded......this is a classic of bleak, grim, industrial music, I love it and I think many of you may as well.

    Next up is (IMO) the essential masterwork "DOA: The Third Annual Report"......its the definitive album of the genre/era......there is freakish shit all over this disc, but "Hamburger Lady" is one of the most horrifying songs ever committed to vinyl in my estimation, totally unsettling, unnerving, and just plain horrifying..........enjoy!  To take that as the entire picture though, would be a mistake, this is a great, definitivie album of its era, DO NOT MISS OUT ON THIS.......period.

    Next (1979) they came up with the ironically titled "Twenty Jazz Funk Greats", this is also a five star classic, plesae do not miss if unfamiliar......I realize this is not for everyone, but if you are a novice, PLEASE don't overlook this stuff, it is totally fucking great....there have been many bands that were underappreciated in their time, and then forgotten about after thier time, that is Throbbing Gristle to a "T"

    Brian sent me a link for a boot that he found on someone else's site, but my stupid/drunken ass couldn't figure out how to find the link, so maybe (or maybe not) it will come along later.....other than that, I happen to have a 2001 release of 1975 music "The First Annual Report", which contains the legendary near-20 minute version of "Very Friendly" among other great shit.....

    OK, certainly NOT for everyone......I love this shit, as do some others......variety, folks, variety......come on, Polish metal followed up by this? At least I TRY to keep it varied (and with the help of the rest of my team, I think we do the bst job of ANYONE with that).......let me know what you think of these Throbbing Gristle discs......they are fab, they are CLASSICS, and you just MAY NOT have heard them before........I hope you enjoy them, and if ANY ONE OF YOU has that 50-or-so-cassette tapes thing, and can convert it to digital, PLEASE bring it on, it'll be an amazing post.

    SECOND ANNUAL REPORT-01 Industrial Introdutctuion/02 Slug Bait (ICA)/03 Slug Bait Live at
    Southhampton/04 Slug Bait Live at Brighton/05 Maggot Death Live at Rat Club/06 Maggot Death (studio)/07 Magagot Death (Southhampton)/08 Maggot Death (Brighton)/09 After Cease to Exist/10 Zyclon B Zombie/11 United

    DOA-THE THIRD AND FINAL REPORT-01 IBM/02 Hit By A Rock/03 United/04 Valley of the Shadow of Death/05 Dead On Arrival/06 Weeping/07 Hamburger Lady/08 Hometime/09 AB 7A/10 E-Coli/11 Death Threats/12 Wall of Sound/13 Blood On the Floor/14 Five Knuckle Shuffle/15 We Hate You (Little Girls)

    20 JAZZ FUNK GREATS-01 20 Jazz Funk Greats/02 Beachy Head/03 Still Walking/04 Tanith/05 Convincing People/06 Exotica/07 Hot on the Heels of Love/08 Persuassion/09 Walkabout/10 What a Day/11 Six Six Sixties/12 Discipline (Berlin)/13 Discipline (Manchester)

    THE FIRST ANNUAL REPORT-01 Very Friendly/02 Dead Bait/03 10 Pence/04 Whorle of Sound/05 Final Muzak/06 Scars of E

    In my opinion, one of the most influentutial AND under appreciatd bands that ever laid tracks down.....everything here is great, great great.......I hope some of you come through with some rarities or boots or something, I'm still working on the one Brian sent me (If I figure it out I will add it for sure), but lemme tell ya.........this is fucking GREAT shit, if you love, say, Nine Inch nails, as an example, you will never forgive yourself if you miss out on THIS one.

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  • 02/02/16--14:15: Mud
  • This is a very comprehensive (perhaps excessively so) collection of singles from the underappreciated/somewhat overlooked glitter/glam band MUD.......from the fertile UK glam scene of the early mid 1970's, MUD were a sort of T Rex/Sweet type of outfit, that specialized in the type of short, poppish/guitar slammers that made the glam scene what it was........rarely discussed stateside, even I forgot about them when unleashing that glam flood back around the time of Bowie's passing.....however, this is quite worthwhile if you are uninitiated.

    MUD were basically singer Les Gray, drummer Dave Mount, bassist Ray Stiles, and guitarist Rob Davis......the cranked out some singles that did quite well in the UK, notably "Dyna-Mite", "Tiger Feet", and "The Cat Crept In".......there are a LOT more like these, as these guys were pretty strictly a singles act, one COULD make the case that a two disc comp is a bit much, but, as stated before, at the very least it IS comprehensive......the band had a knack for doing some fairly lame cover versions at times, the versions here of  "Drift Away" and "Lean On Me" are pretty lame, although they could, with the right material, knock one out ("Oh Boy!", notably)....these guys plugged on until 1978, or so, by which time glam rock was dinosauric, but they were harmless fun, and if you listen to this and pare it down to a single disc of the tracks you like, you'll have a 1970's UK glam rock gem!

    MUD-THE SINGLES '67-'78 DISC 1-01 Tiger Feet/02 The Cat Crept In/03 Dyna-Mite/04 Rocket/05 L'L'Lucy/06 Nite on the Tiles/07 Moonshine Sally/08 Hypnosis/09 Crazy/10 The Secrets That You Keep/11 Oh Boy!/12 One Night (With You)/13 Hula Love/14 Living Doll/15 Let's Have A Party/16
    In the Mood/17 Show Me Your a Woman/18 Shake It Down/19 Lean On Me/20 Beating Around the Bush/21 Slow talking Boy/22 Lonely This Christmas

    MUD-THE SINGLES '67-'78 DISC 2-01 Just Try a Little Tenderness/02 Cut Across Shorty/03 Drift Away/04 Medley: Dynamite/The Cat Crept In/Tiger Feet/05 Do You Love Me/06 Do It All Over Again/07 Watching the Clock/08 Bye Bye Johnny/09 Shake Rattle and Roll/10 Blue Moon/11 The Ladies/12 I Can't Stand It/13 Still Watching the Clock/14 Last Tango in London/15 Mr. Bagatelle/16 Morning/17 I love How To Love Me/18 Flower Power/19 You're My Mother/20 Up the Airy Mountain/21 The Latter Days/22 Shangri La/23 House on the Hill/24 Jumping Jehosephat/25 Won't Let It Go





























































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  • 02/04/16--15:56: Ukeulele Madness Part 2
  • (Scott)-Make sure and give it up for Brian for continually finding esoterica like this, as well as combining it with the hard effort it takes to make cohesive, large-scale me it takes a lot of work, on his part, and the first part of THIS collection was recieved MUCH, MUCH better than I expected.......many of you requested more and here it is!
    Here is quite a swollen sequel to the Ukulele post. This'll probably be the last one for awhile; it's all the goodies I can find. First up are two more Ukulele Orchestra Of Great Britain albums...

    The Secret Of Life is one of their studio releases. Many great covers that weren't on the two Live In London albums I gave you: "Le Freak", "MacArthur Park", "Je'Taime Mo Non Plus", "Only You"... There's also a great original song in the epic 7 minute title track. I put the Japanese cover here cuz I think it's cooler than the original.

    The next UOOGB album was a completely mysterious unexpected score: it's a live album. It had no title, and the track listing doesn't match info on any of their other live albums. With hints given in the "Teenage Dirtbag" and "Ode To Joy" intros, it is from a recording made at The Royal Albert Hall for television broadcast. I just titled it Unknown Live. It sounds great @320, and it's sequenced properly. Features at least a couple songs that aren't on the other releases. I particularly like their playing of "Ode To Joy", where they have the audience play ukuleles with them. When the whole hall claps along on the last few choruses, I cried. Really.

    While looking for more UOOGB stuff, I stumbled across a different Ukulele Orchestra - the Orchestra of jako Brno, in the Czech Republic. They're clearly inspired by the U.K. group - they even cover a few of the same songs. That's not to say it's a ripoff though... they do some other interesting covers, and it's definitely enjoyable music. I've included two albums - A Little Less Conversation and Live In Brno. Looking up info on the group, I found that two members - a father and son - were murdered in a spree killing a year or so ago. Eastern Europe is a rough room...

    I should say right out that while Dent plays ukulele on almost all of these songs, it is by no means the focus of the music. This is just a great oddball modern pop record, with a lot of other instruments going on.

    Practically every song reminds me of a different genre. I hear Dylan, ragtime, island music, Randy Newman, Vegas schmaltz, Pavement, the Phil Spector sound... and the guy sounds quite a bit like Morrissey. That's meant as a compliment.

    This is one case where I wanna get the music out there, but I also want to encourage you guys to go buy something from him, too. He's got quite a few albums available on iTunes. Same for the UOOGB. Show the love, y'all!

    Years ago, while listening to AOL Radio - wow, remember when that mattered? - I came across this album. It stayed in OOP expensive limbo for a long time before I scored it cheap on Amazon a few days ago. I've barely formed an opinion on it, but I do think it's good, it's really rare, and it's not posted anywhere else (I've looked), so here it is straight to your grubby little hands. "Flight Of the Bumblebee" and the Super Mario theme on ukulele!

    Hope you guys dig this. I think this ukulele post is even better than the previous one. Certainly a bit more diverse. Give all these a listen, and when you see a Uke hanging on a wall in a store somewhere, you'll know some awesome ass music can be made on that thing! And if by a freakish chance you haven't hit post #1, please do.

    The bonus link is a repost of another N-L album, the one that makes fun of Woodstock. It's a classic. Long live Megadeath!!!

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  • 02/05/16--14:53: Weekend Reggae from Cliff
  • (Scott)-Welcome back to Cliff who presents another reggae treasure trove.....I've not heard any of
    these albums,  cool theme, as well, utilizing the artists (well some of them) mentioned in the Clash's "White Man In Hammersmith Palais", from which he will quote to begin the post......I'm going to check all of these, with a special effort to get to the Clash-related effort......thanks to Cliff!
    Midnight to six man
    The first time from Jamaica
    Dillinger and Leroy Smart
    Delroy Wislon, your cool operator

    Taking inspiration from a post a few weeks ago from our main man Scott, I thought I would let a Clash song dictate my latest humble offering to you all. It seems fitting to begin with........

    CLASH: Dillinger versus Trinity

    In 1970's in Jamaica, deejay business was big and for most popular vocal hits of the day there could be found a version with 'toasted'commentary over the original record. In dancehalls deejays would compete in trying to upstage each other.  Clash albums such as this one became very popular at the tail end of the 1970's and into the 1980's and this includes 2 of the best deejay's from that period. It is a bit misleading to say that it is a Clash album, really it is just a split album with each offering single tracks and the odd duet along the way. But it is good with both Dillinger and Trinity on top form.
    Track List: 1 Dillinger: Rizla Skank 2 Trinity: Spike Heel Shoes 3 Dilligner: Natty Dread Ah Carry The Swing 4: Dillinger Natty Dread on the Ball 5: Trinity Jamaican Dollars/6: Dillinger Shelly With the Electric Belly 7: Trinity  Step It Brother Clem 8: Dillinger Stumbling Block 9: Dillinger Cricket Lovely Cricket 10: Dillinger Natty Passing Through a Curfew 11: Dillinger Natty Dread Is Not the Prodigal Son 12: Dillinger Vs Trinity Starsky and Hutch


    In London Clinker-Leroy Smart

    leroy Smart for some reason never became internationally known as he should have been.  He was a master of love songs and roots material and his vocals weer full of soul and emotion. They rarely seldom fail to grab you.  He's released well over 30 albums, fair enough I havean't listened to them all but for me this 1977 effort is one of the best. A mix of roots and love material in London Clinker sees Smart at his prime

    Track List: 1. Back Out babylon, 2: Honour Your Mother and Father, 3: It's A Long Time Now, 4: Jennifer, 5: We Want to Know, 6: Your Kisses Are Sweet, 7: Come Let Us have Some Fun, 8: Jah Jah Forgive Them, 9: Know Yourself, 10: Give Praise to Jah, 11: Let Your Heart Be Pure, 12: Life Is a Funny Thing, 13: I Don't Like It, 14: Jah Is Mighty


    Good All Over-Delroy Wilson

    If you choose to only download one of these albums then it has to be this one.  This is an LP of outstanding rocksteady from both an instrumental and vocal standpoint with the great production of Coxsone Dodds making this album a Studio One classic.  Good All Over includes some of the best material of the rocksteady genre. "Can't Stand It", "Don't Know", "I'm Not a King" and especially "Once Upon a Time" make this a must listen to album
    Track List: 1. I Can't Stand It, 2: I love the Way you Walk 3: Rain From the Skies, 4: Who Cares, 5: Money Love, 6: Your Love Is Amazing, 7: Once Upon a Time, 8: Don't Know, 9: Feel Good All Over, 10: I'm Not a King, 11: How Can I Love Someone, 12: Funky Broadway


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  • 02/05/16--16:54: Aniday
  • A friend of mine sent me this yesterday, he was quite impressed with it, me, not so much, really (not
    that it's BAD), this is from 2014 from the Dutch band Aniday, who are fronted by a stunningly gorgeous babe Maria Catherina; guitarist Paul Coenradie, bassist Alex Mol, drummer Danny Simons, and multi-instro man Robby Valentine round out the lineup....pretty standard hard rock/metal, Catherina's voice might remind one of someone like maybe Ann Wilson or Pat always a sucker for hot chick singer that can scream a bit, I figure I'll make my buddy happy and post this one.

    Again, it's pretty standard stuff, 12 mid-length, mostly riff-rocking tunes with a few attempts at "le grande ballade", standout tracks for me are the rockers, notably "Buscando La Vida" and "Leave Me With Your Lies", all of it is OK, none of it is spectacular, but wtf an excuse to post a picture of the lovely Maria Catherina is good enough.

    We've got a couple of large projects in the pipeline for the next week or so, not spilling it yet, but the next few days, we are going to have some really good and unique stuff, trust me on this one.

    ANIDAY-01 Can't Take No more/02 Hole In My heart/03 When Loving You Is Wrong/04 Buscando La Vida/05 Born Yesterday/06 We Belong/07 Don't Fool With Me/08 Dream On/09 Not Much of a Man/10 Get Funky/11 Leave Me With Your Lies/12 Lost the Way

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    These are new to me at least, and I have quite a stack of Hole boots (posted them long time ago, LONG time), but had never heard these until I tripped over them on one of my surfing expeditions. I love finding stuff like this, discovering a new boot from an old favorite band of mind (and make no mistake Hole was a GREAT fucking band for a while, Courtney Love has always been an easy target due to her, uh, "antics", but for my dollar she was talented as all hell, and an amazing live performer as well (never forget her launching herself into the crowd at Columbus Newport Theater in 1993, wish I WOULDA been down on the floor for that one, oh well.

    OK, sorry this is FLAC, but this is a fine 1993 set, "Courtney Act",  taken from various locales. Much of the material that would become the classic "Live Through This" is here, "Violet", "Gutless", "She Walks Over Me", fine covers of Nirvana's "Pennyroyal Tea", Echo & the Bunnymen's "Do It Clean", and even "Where Did You Sleep Last Night"......been listening to this one a good bit the past couple of days, it's kind of a patch job but I think a cool discovery (discovery for ME at least, I hope for you as well)

    I FLAC, as well, from 1995 comes a good sounding FM broadcast, "Vengeance Is Mine", which combines sets from the 8/20/95 Reading Festival, and a show from 5/4/95 at the Brixton Academy........this is the band right at their peak, the closing "Asking For It" is stunning, I have always thought that the "live through this" lyric took on different meaning after Kurt's passing, an already stunning song took on a whole new dimension.

    Love Hole, always did, always will, maybe this is stuff you guys had already, but hell I'M excited, like I always am when I trip over something like this.........Hole is one of the 25-30 bands that I can honestly say I was a "FAN", rather than just someone who enjoyed them.......coming from me, that is a compliment to the maximum.

    Enjoy and please comment, and for God's sake if there are any more of these Hole rarity collections out there (ones I don't have of course), trot them boys out! Hole forever!

    COURTNEY ACT-01 Beautiful Son/02 Credit in the Straight World/03 Teenage Whore/04 Do it Clean/05
    Pennyroyal Tea (Tracks 1-5 from Phoenix Festival 7/16/93)/06 Olympia/07 She Walks On Me/08 The Void/09 P-Girl/10 Old Age/11 Gutless (Tracks 6-11 Studio Sessions Maida Vale, London, March 1993)/12 Over the Edge (Studio Take, March 1992)/13 Violet/14 Chocolate Boy/Forming /15 Drown Soda/16 Doll Parts (Tracks 13-16 Peel Session November 1991)17 Dicknail/18 Burn Black (Tracks 17-18 Studio takes, Seattle, October 1990)/19 Turpentine/20 Retard Girl/21 Phonebill Song (Tracks 19-21 Studio Takes, Los Angeles March 1990/22 Where Did you Sleep Last Night?( The Rat, Boston, 7/11/91) /23 Skinhead Girl (London 7/15/93)

    VENGEANCE IS MINE-01 Plump/02 Miss World/03 Sugar Coma/04 Credit In the Straight World/05 Whose Porno You Burn/06 Doll Parts/07 Violet/08 Time To Kill (Tracks 1-8 from Reading Festival 8/25/95)/09 He Hit Me (And It Felt Like a Kiss)/10 Doll Parts/11 Violet (Tracks 9-11 Later Studios London 5/13/95)/12 Plump/13 Beautiful Son/14 Drown Soda/15 Gutless/16 Best Sunday Dress/17 Credit In the Straight World/18 Doll parts/19 Violet/(Tracks 12-19 Brixton Academy, London, 5/4/95) 20 Asking For It (Track 20 from Reading 1995, it also appears on the "My Body the Hand Grenade" boot)

    Track 19 ("Violet") unfortunately has a recording glitch, rendering it pretty useless which is a damn shame because the track was SMOKING up till the problem.

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  • 02/05/16--19:29: Special Duties
  • Somewhat overlooked stateside, Special Duties were a pretty damn good second line punk band right
    at the height of the scene.......they consisted of Arrogant on vocals, Duty on guitar, and Nigel Baker on bass, and drummer Stuart Bray. After looking them up on Wikipedia, I do seem to recall that they had some kind of a fued or beef with Crass, forgot all about that, I could have used some of it in my (somewhat lame) "Battle of the Bands" compilation.......

    Amatuerish as hell (kind of a prerequisite given the time/scene), they really did put out an entertaining single or three, neatly wrapped up here is "The Punk Singles Collection", which is pretty damn good. Who do they sound like? Well, they were heavilly influenced by the Adverts, to the point of actually covering "Gary Gilmore's Eyes" (pretty good actually), they sound like, maybe, Sham 69 or maybe Stiff Little Fingers. They are not well remembered at all, and likely won't be going to the Rock n Roll Hall of Fame unless they pay thier way in......but this collection is VERY listenable for punk fans, if you are a fan of late 70's UK punk and are not familar, give this a shot.....helll, I hadn't heard any of their stuff for like 20 years or so until I slipped this one on, just on a whim......

    As I've said before, I think the punk scene was BASICALLY a "singles" scene, not album oriented at all (with a few exceptions of course)........these guys understood that and cranked out a slew of good, sloppy, angry UK punk........likely, we perhaps wouldn't even wish to hear the album filler, but I'll say this singles collection merits 4 stars at least.......they have the stones to not only cover the Adverts track mentioned before, but also the Clash ("Tommy Gun"), and crank out the (I suppose) anthemic "Sid Viscious was Innocent".......along the way though there are some really great singles, "London Town", "Violent Society", "Police State'....fuck it it's all great if you like this kind of thing as I do......Thier battle with Crass was interesting, they take them on in a couple songs.......

    Hey, THIS one is a "niche" post.......if you are a fan of 1970's UK punk and are not familiar, jump on it......if you are not, you likely won't care for it, one of those things......I just listened to this today, though, and thought, damn, you hardly EVER see these lads on the web anywhere, and they WERE good enough that fans of obscure punk will really go for this.

    It's what I do, it's why I'm here.

    SPECIAL DUTIES-THE PUNK SINGLES COLLECTION-01 Violent Society/02 Coldchester
    Council/03 Violent Society/04 It Aint Our Fault/05 Coldchester Council/06 Police State/07 We Gotta Fight/08 It Just Ain't Me/09 Special Duties/10 Bullshit Crass/11 You're Doing Yourself No Good/12 Punk Rocker/13 Too Much Talking/14 Mutt/15 London Town/16 Judge and Jury/17 Shadow/18 Wembley! Wembley!/19 Up the U's/20 Lost Cause or Not/21 MRR Rules/22 I Wish It Could Be/23 Gary Gilmore's Eyes/24 Johnny Won't Go To Heaven/25 Sid Viscious Was Innocent/26 Tommy Gun

    Ya can't say I haven't put in ample time TODAY for your entertainment.........and it's my fucking pleasure, believe EXCELLENT reggae from my brother Cliff, some Dutch hardrock from Aniday, some rare Hole, and a Special Duties singles comp.......and trust me, wait until you see some of the stuff we (Brian and myself) have lined up for the VERY near future.

    Thank you for visiting, listening, commenting, and especially, CONTRIBUTING.....seems like as good a time as any to say it again......IF you have something interesting, PLEASE share it.....which reminds me, thanks to Rob from Canada for the Throbbing Gristle stuff, with some help from my online friends, I managed to locate "24 Hours", which I mentioned before, 24 cassette tapes packaged in a suitcase, only 50 "official" copies were released.......Well, once I get it assemebled, we'll have THAT monstrosity, combined with rare Gristle from Rob and Brian both......and that is how this works. Your mother told you that SHARING is the way to go.......your mother was never more correct.

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  • 02/06/16--10:48: Hunter S. Thompson (Part 1)
  • (Scott) Now, here's one of those projects I was talking about before, both Brian and myself are fans of the writings of Hunter S Thompson, and decided to do a two part post.....Brian's half will be today, and here in a couple of days I have some more to add to it, including a batch of E-Books and the definitive CD Box-Set. What do you think about this type of post.......let me know.

    I don't know if I have the words. I mean, I like to write, and I don't think I can muster text worthy enough of this man. He's one of my favorite authors, and it's daunting, but here we go....

    I shouldn't have to tell anyone that frequents this corner of the Interwebs who Hunter S. Thompson was. You all got it, right? I will say though... if you haven't read enough of his stuff, you owe it to yourself to fix that. The Fear and Loathing classics, Hell's Angels, the multi-volume GonzoPapers... Hell, even his book of sports writing for ESPN - Hey Rube - is an uproarious read! So, study the man. Like the greatest writers - Hemingway, Kafka, and especially Henry Miller - his writing was the embodiment of who he was. What we have here are some Thompson audio goodies for your hot little hands.

    First up is another great Hal Willner-produced album. The Kentucky Derby Is Decadent & Depraved has long been regarded as the birthplace of HST's Gonzo Journalism. Viewing the Derby not as a sporting event but as a brutal American macrocosm seen through the cracked lense of way too much whisky, it emphasized not what it was, but how he experienced it.

    This audio adaptation has Tim Robbins doing the voice of HST, while Ralph Steadman plays his younger self. It's a perfect listen, helped along by a subtle amount of music and sound effects. It's poignant and hilarious, just like HST. Thanks to Willard of the Wormholes for originally posting this.

    Along the same lines - actually I think this was an inspiration for the previous album - we have this 1996 audio version of Fear and Loathing In Las Vegas. It has the voices of - among many others - Harry Dean Stanton and director Jim Jarmusch splitting the role of Thompson/Duke. If you've never read the book, this is a great shorthand version, hitting all the high spots and telling you the story.

    Now, the movie... I have never understood it when I hear people bitch about the Johnny Depp film. I mean, it's absolutely hilarious, it's visually striking, and Depp and Benicio Del Toro are perfect in their parts! It's one of the only movies from the 90's with any real balls, you know? Never mind that it's a perfect adaptation of the book, something which is rare in films.

    And the soundtrack is killer! That's what we have here, this ultimate 2 disc edition I scored off of the always amazing Disc 1 is the same as the original '96 soundtrack release, with a second disc filled with all the other incidental songs you hear in the movie. If you're a fan of the movie - and you damn well better be - you need to snag this one.

    This last one I found in the days leading up to posting time; I'd never even heard of it before! It's HST giving a lecture in Boulder, CO in '77. I wish it was just him talking; I loathe Q&As. But it is a great listen, and you don't stumble across this file hardly ever!


    The bonus link for this post is a two album file from a comedy duo who, like Hunter, also liked to get high. I've posted them once before, but here they are one mo' time for The Comedy Minions.


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  • 02/07/16--13:11: ENOUGH "Louie Louie" for ya?
  • (Scott): Something like the "Gloria" comp I put together a few years back,  Brian and I tag-teamed this one, at least hunting down the material, the writing and composistion are all his.......his description is right on, there is amazing variety and diversity here, and I think it's great, one of those exercises in "bulk musicc" that is just cool to have around.....THREE hours of "Louie Louie", as Iggy said "I never thought it would come to this!" (Brian offers the same quote later in the post, but I found it appropriate in this context as well.....
    One thing, I DO want to offer up the REAL, OFFICIAL lyrics to the song, something which has been a subject of contention for a while:
    Louie Louie, oh no, said we gotta go
    Aye-yi-yi-yi, I
    Said Louie louie, oh baby, said we gotta go

    A fine little girl, she waitin' for me
    Catch a ship across the sea
    Sail that ship out all alone
    Me never think how I'll make it home

    Louie Louie, na-na-na now, said we gotta go, oh no
    Said Louie Louie, oh baby, said-a we gotta go


    Three nights and days I sailed the sea
    Me think of girl ah constantly
    Ah on that ship, I dream she there
    I smell the rose ah in her hair

    Louie Louie, woah no, said we gotta go,
    Aye-yi-yi-yi, I
    Said Louie Louie, oh baby, said we gotta go
    Okay, let's give it to 'em right now


    Me see...

    Me see Jamaica, the moon above
    It won't be long me see me love
    Take her in my arms again
    I'll tell her I'll never leave again

    Louie Louie, oh no, said we gotta go
    Aye-yi-yi-yi, I
    Said Louie Louie, oh baby, said we gotta go
    I said me gotta go now
    Let's hustle on outta here
    Let's go!

    (*Did you know:
    Right before the second verse, drummer Lynn Easton
    audibly curses as he accidentally misses a cue)
    Oh, the madness! A month or so ago, I had the idea to put together a bunch of versions of "Louie Louie". I won't pretend I'm the only one that's thought of it (more on that shortly), but Scott really liked the idea! So, now we had some work cut out for us! He grabbed some, I grabbed some, and I commenced to editing and sequencing...
    The story of the song is fascinating, but I don't wanna write it here. I suggest you read the Wiki page. According to that, there have been somewhere around 1400 versions of the song! Well, I wasn't going that high, but I wanted a good cross section. A lot of people don't even know that the "classic" take by The Kingsmen wasn't the original. As you'll see here, it wasn't the first cover of the song, either.

    These 3 hours of music (hehhehheh) spans from the first version of the song by Richard Berry in 1957 up to about 10 years ago. It's laid down as chronological as I could get it. Plenty of the "The" titled bands of the 60's are here: The Standells, The Kinks, The Beach Boys, The Ventures, The Beau Brummels, The Wailers, etc. It's interesting to hear who takes inspiration from Berry's version, or from The Kingsmen's, or even from the deadly version that's on The Stooges'Metallic K.O.

    I ain't gonna walk you through the whole monster, but I'll talk about some of my highlights. Plenty of people have improvised lyrics over the tune, but my favorite is still Black Flag's version from '81, with the Stooges' onstage meltdown running a close second....

    "Who needs love when you've got a gun?                                                                                                  
    Who needs love to have any fun?"

    "I never thought it would come to this, baby!!!!" - Iggy Pop

    Some of the best versions also have an awesome crunchy guitar sound: The Sonics, The Swamp Rats, Motörhead, Flag, The Flamin' Groovies, and The Troggs, whose take on the song is almost Sabbath-like in it's ugliness. One of my fave 60's versions is Jackey Yoshikawa's, with its misemphasis of words on the chorus, which somehow makes the hook even more insidious and catchy!

    Interesting things are done with the song: Mongo Santamaria uses it as the basis for a great Afro-Cuban version. Barry White makes an extended 7 minute Love Orchestra groove out of it. The Sandpipers do a bucolic, Spanish language take that's very pretty. And of course, the punkers do great versions - Eddie & the Subtitles, Patti Smith, The Clash, The Boys Next Door, the aforementioned Black Flag, and a demonic live version from The Gun Club! There's a goth take, a funk take, some soul, a zydeco tune, there's even a few marching band versions in here! Even The Fat Boys make an appearance, actually telling you the history of the song. And Iggy shows up 3 times, too. Can you spot the first appearance?

    I was almost discouraged from doing this by a similar project I found out awhile ago. The great Garage Tapes blog ( has made a 7 or 8 part post of garage rock "Louie Louie" versions! I found out about it because some of the mp3s I was finding had cover art from that blog's series. So, I deliberately tried not to oversample tracks he had used, or else this would've stayed in the 60's forever! There is some overlap between this compilation and those, but not too much. As a separate comment below, I've included links for all the posts of the Garage Tapes comps. If you've got a hankering for even more versions (you're nuts, BTW), definitely go check them out. HINT - you gotta click where it says the Kb rate or it says "free text". And there's always a password too. And lastly, on my comp here I've labeled the songs with just the artist's name, since you all know what song it is. Hell, you may never get it out of your head....


    Disc 1
    1.Richard Berry & The Pharoahs |2.Rockin' Robin Roberts |3.The Kingsmen |4.Paul Revere & The Raiders |5.Otis Redding |6.The Beach Boys |7.The Iguanas |8.The Standells |9.The Wailers |10.The Ventures |11.The Sonics |12.The Roosters |13.The Kinks |14.The Beau Brummels |15.The Sandpipers |16.The Troggs |17.The Swamp Rats |18.Friar Tuck |19.Jackey Yoshikawa & His Blue Comets |20.Mongo Santamarìa |21.Zappa & M.O.I. |22.Grateful Dead |23.Joske Harry |24.The Flamin' Groovies |25.Richard Berry (70's) |26.Toots & The Maytals |27.The Stooges |28.Michael Sweeny |29.Too Loose Ta Truck

    Disc 2
    30.Patti Smith |31.The Clash |32.Eddie & The Subtitles |33.Motorhead |34.John Belushi |35.The Boys Next Door (early Nick Cave) |36. 39 Clocks |37.Barry White |38.Stanley Clarke |39.Black Flag ('81) |40.Joan Jett |41.Maureen Tucker |42.Tom Petty & Heartbreakers |43.Matthew Fedak |44.The Gun Club |45.Black Flag ('85) |46.Gidget & Ghandhi |47.The Fat Boys |48.Steve Plunkett |49.Robert Plant |50.Iggy Pop |51.Thee Headcoats |52.Arnie Fruit Quartet |53.VVM |54.Ophir Prison Marching Band |55.Rick Barr

    ALL IN ONE GO. I dare ya....

    I forgot to put a pass on the bonus link for this post. It's one of the best funny albums of the 70's. Definitely check it out.

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  • 02/08/16--14:13: Sorry I HAD to post this
  • I know, we have been/are in the midst of several larger, more ambitious posts of late......Hunter
    Thompson, "Louie Louie", the Beatles stuff, and there is more to come, trust friend Dan from Chicago sent me these via Facebook and I think they will amuse more than a couple of ya. It's a couple of You Tube clips that are freaking me the hell out, if you are a fan of Joy Division, especially, do not miss this....if you are a lot younger than me this may not click with you but if you had a small child in the late 1990's this will freak ya I promise!

    Just a little something to give maybe a couple of you an unpleasant night's sleep, that stuff was living HELL to sit through back then, this makes it, well, just fucking creepy and fucking HILARIOUS!

    BTW look for Hunter S Thompson Part 2 here in a few hours!

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  • 02/08/16--19:50: The Koala
  • I have the Hunter S Thompson post (part 2) ready to go, but the ever-hard working Brian has some MORE
    (!) material to add to it, so we'll hold off until tomorrow before posting that one (it's been one of my favorite posts ever, and we want to make it as good and comprehensive as we possibly, anyway, it's been maybe a while since I posted up one of those hard-psych obscurities that are so much my passion, and this is a good one, too, if you are unfamiliar, I HIGHLY recommend this one

    The Koala released but this one album, yet ANOTHER album from that era which was so far ahead of its time that it was ignored, and 40-plus years later it sounds like a lost classic (which it is).....The Koala were singer Jose Mala, guitarist Louis Cane, guitarist Joe Guido, bassist  Anthony Wesley, and drummer Joe Alexander. They hailed from New York, and put out this one KILLER slab in 1968. (FYI Mala would later end up making an appearance with the Joe Perry Project, kind of a semi-personal fave of mine).

    Take all the good elements of the best of music of that era and throw them in a blender.......take primative Stones/Who rythms, snarling vocals ala maybe Syndicate of Sound, all held together with some of the nastiest fuzz guitar this side of the Seeds.......the result is this one, imo one that anyone who shares my particular love of this kind of thing should consider essential.

    "Poppa Duke Tyler", borrows its subject matter, obviously, from the Beatles'"Eleanor Rigby", and it is a fuzzed-up A-1 raver......"Look At the Way She Comes" is a great one, "Strange Feelings" is a frantic raved up punk scream, with a surprise insert of some Eastern/Indian/raga, yet another hallmark of so much of the great psych of this era.......what can I say? I have loved this album since the first time I heard it, which was likely 10 years after it came out...I think I used to have a vinyl copy, but at least I cannot find the CD rip of it, so I'll borrow an MP3 version of it........

    THIS is one you don't want to miss.....If you, like me, LLLLLOOOOVVVEEEE the obscure hard psych/punk of thte late 60's/early 70's, (stuff like Dark, Stray Dog, BF Trike, Sir Lord Baltimore, Dust,  and on and on), this is one you don't want to ever be without........crank this one up loud, it's fantastsic.

    THE KOALA-01 Don't You Know What I Mean?/02 Look at the Way She Comes/03 Poor Discarded Baby/04 Nothing's Changed/05 She's a Lady/06 Colours of Our Rainbow/07 Poppa Duke Tyler/08 Strange Feelings/09 Elizabeth/10 You Say/11 Yesterday's Rain/12 Lady Dressed In White/13 Scattered Children's Toys

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  • 02/09/16--14:11: Hunter S Thompson Part 2
  • Glad that the first half of this effort, Brian's half, hs been so well recieved, I just never can tell how
    these things are going to play out. Anyway. glad it's been popular, as Brian stated, explaining who the man was is redundant, HOWEVER, if you have not read much of his material, or heard him speak, that post, and hopefully this one, will be helpful to you.

    The centerpiece of THIS effort is the five CD set, "The Gonzo Tapes: The Life and Work of Dr. Hunter S Thompson".....these are taken from his personal cassette and reel-to-rell tapes (Thompson recorded EVERYTHING), and were trasferred to digital by Don Fleming. The short version: Disc One deals with the masterful "Hell's Angels", including a snipet of Thompson and Allen Ginserg being pulled over by law enforcement after partying with the Angels......Disc 2 & 3 are both filled with stuff from the "Fear and Loathing In
    Las Vegas" era, perhaps his best known work, Disc 4 ("Gonzo Gridlock"), is stuacked with stuff from 1972 while he was working on "Fear and Loathing on the Campaign Trail '72" and include his breakdowns of Freud's "Cocaine papers"; and finally Disc 5, "Fear and Loathing In Saigon", which is just what it sounds like, his dispatches regarding the Vietnam War. You know already if this stuff is going to be of interest to you, going into detail would be a waste of our times.

    These, combined with all the audio good stuff in part 1, should cover all of your audio needs for ra while, but I thought it would be good also to include a batch of PDF files that you can actually read, my preferred method, what I managed to come up with, from my own hard drive and The Pirate bay are:

    "Fear And Loathing In Las Vegas", "Hell's Angels", The Gonzo
    Letters Volumes 1 & 2, encompassing "Proud Highway" and "Fear and Loathing in America", "Screwjack", "The Great Shark Hunt", and "The Rum Diary".......all of these are in one handy RAR file, just check the link for PDF and you'll get them precaution, often times downloaded PDF files are rife with errors, I THINK I've checked all these pretty thoroughly (I had to disinclude a handful for that reason, but if I missed one, sorry).....

    Also, I am not about to type out the names of all the tracks here, nor am
    I tagging them, if you open the "Track Lists" file, there are photos of the backs of the CD case, blow them up, voila, track lists.

    I sure did enjoy putting this one together, or, to be more accurate, helping Brian to do so (his idea), hope you all like this, I think the audio stuff is REALLY great, somewhat hard to locate, and 1000% worthwhile, while thte actual literature is nothing short of essential.

    Again, let me know what you think of this type of post.......any other authors you'd like to see profiled (although Thompson is easier to capture in audio form since he was such an audiophile), I was thinking of seeing how much Vonnegut is available in e-book format, don't worry, I won't get TOTALLY literary on ya right now, I'd wait a few months for that.....I'm hoping to get an ENORMOUS Throbbing Gristle thing ready for the next couple days, which will include the "24 Hours" cassette set and more, and of course my infertile mind probably has another project or two cooking, so I hope you all enjoy this one, like it or don't, ya GOTTA admit this isn't the stuff you see on ALL the blogs, right?

    Seems like a good time to remind everyone that NOTHING
    makes me happier than people contributing interesting shit here, and it DOES NOT have to be music, it can be ANYTHING.....I love literature, comics, photo collections, ANYTHING you might have that you wish to share with others.

    And PLEASE if you are going to ask for anything to be re-upped: In general I do not do them......I simply get too many requests and could never get to them all.....I WILL, however, personally send you a new link for what you are requesting IF FIRST YOU contribute something for the overall good of the blog. Thank you.

    I have told Brian that this may turn out to be one of my favorite posts ever, and should any of you have any additional audio OR E-Book (pdf or otherwise), send them along (REALLY wish I could have found a text version of "Hey Rube" but couldn't find one)......let us make this as comprehensive as possible.....long ago I did a post on so of my personal favorite dystopian fiction, and recieved quite a favorable response, including some fine contributions that were new to me......I don't really want to move this blog TOTALLY to a literary thing, but as I stress ANYTHING (almost) GOES here, as LONG AS IT IS INTERESTING (and who is the judge of THAT?, you may's in the ye of the beholder of course, but in this case we'll just simplify it and say "me".)

    image1.JPGAfter Part 1, I found a few more goodies you guys should check out. I scored them off of the endlessly interesting First up is a 55 minute interview HST did for Studs Terkel's radio show in 1973. He talks about all his books up to that point, the nuthouse of Nixon's administration, and quite a few other great stories from the era. I originally found this as a single file, but then I scored this two part file for ya. A great listen. I like it even better than the lecture disc.

    There is also a folder containing all Hunter's articles for the National Observer in the early 60's. He was their South American corespondent, and that was a particularly hot spot of the world back then: communist insurgents, American expansionism, despotic rulers, etc. These articles definitely show that he could do straight journalism as well, while making it readable and to the point. And for a kind of context, this is the work he was doing that was the basis for what would later be The Rum Diary.

    And lastly, I've got a link for something cool you need to read. When Nixon died in 1994, Hunter . I remember reading it in excerpted form in Rolling Stone at the time. I was in high school, and it was the first writing of Hunter's that ever drew me in. It was just a savage, hilarious indictment of this motherfucker of an ex President, and I had to find out more about HST. It's a great read, and one of my favorite works of his -
    wrote this obituary/essay/screed for him

    Hope you guys have been enjoying the Thompson Treasure Trove. Now you gotta study....
    (ALL links for audio AND written work are in the comments section, hopefully clearly defined.)

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  • 02/09/16--16:49: Welcome aboard to William K
  • William K sent me a very nice email thanking us for the work we do (ALL of us of course), and he
    says he "wants to give back" for the music that he has discovered here.......and he backs it up by providing a couple of items (one in particular for me) for our perusal......

    First up we have the music for the original soundtrack to "The Man Who Fell To Earth"....unsure as to whether I've heard this one before or not, some top-talent appears on the album to be sure......let me run down the track list for you, because it's William K's OTHER project here that I really am excited about and wish to rave about a little bit.......

    STARDUST-MUSIC FOR THE MAN WHO FELL TO EARTH-01 STOMU YAMASHTA-33 1/3/02 BOURNEMOUTH SYMPHONY ORCHESTRA-Mars, Bringer of War/03 LOUIS ARMSTRONG-Blueberry Hill/04 BOUERMAN SYMPHONY ORCHESTRA-Neptune The Mystic/06 FRANK GLAZER-Enfantillages Pittoresques (Picturesque Childishness)/07 BOUERMAN SYMPHONY ORCHESTRA-Venus Bringer of Peace/08 STORMU YAMASHATA'S RED BUDDA THEATER-Mandala/09 ROY ORBISON-Blue Bayou/10 STORMU YAMASHATA & COME TO THE EDGE-One Way/11 STORMU YAMASHATA-Wind Words/12 JIM REEVES-A Fool Such As I/13 STORMU YAMASHATA'S RED BUDDA THEATER-Memory of Hiroshima/14 JIM REEVES-Make the World Go Away/15 JOHN PHILLIPS-Hello Mary Lou/16 ROBERT FARNON-Silent Night/17 TRUE LOVE-Bing Crosby & Grace Kelly/18 GENEVIEVE WAITE-Love is Coming Back/19 ARTIE SHAW & HIS ORCHESTRA-Stardust........

    Well, once again, you can't say I don't strive for some variety......really never would have forseen Artie Shaw, Jim Reeves, Bing Crosby and whomever on my blog, but they are welcome as anyone else, provided someone supplies thier stuff so someone else can enjoy it.......see comments section for link.

    Now, his other submission is the one that fascinates me.......Television was/is one of my all time favorite bands, LOVED thier stuff....."Marquee Moon" was one of my favorite albums, "Adventure" was underrated, and OOOOOOHHHHH those live shows.......anyway, one thing I have always thought about Television is HOW HARD IT WOULD BE TO DO A COVERS PROJECT ON THEM.......the oddball guitar-interplay, Tom Verlaine's one of a kind vocals, the twisted, artistic lyrics.........I honestly don't remember even a single GOOD version of a Television song......they were that unique and amazing.....however, whomever created this (unsure if William K created it, it is listed as "Keith's Downloads").......OK, not necessarily FANTASTIC covers, but covers nonetheless.....hey I NEVER would have taken THIS on, and this is a (mega) FAN speaking!

    So, what do we have here? Well, several tracks are solo efforts by either Tom Verlain or Richard
    Lloyd, so with those we know what to expect.......a little bit more surprising would be something like "Marquee Moon" by Army of Halfwits, Eggplant taking on the great "Breakin In My heart".....or how strange would a Matthew Sweet/Suzanna Hoffs duet on "Marquee Moon" sound? The mind reels......Rain Parade's take on "Ain't That Nothin'" (one of my faves) is quite enjoyable, Siouxsie & the Banshees are perfect for "Little Johnny Jewel", Echo & the Bunnymen turn in a good live version of "Friction".......QUITE a worthwhile effort, in particular if you are a fan of Television on the scalw that I happen to be.......COMMENT BACK on these and please let William K know you enjoyed his posts.......if he's got more projects as twisted as the "Television Covers" on the back burner, he'll always have a home here!

    TELEVISION COVERS PROJECT-01 RICHARD LLOYD-Fire Engine/02 ARMY OF HALFWITS-Marquee Moon/03 BIRDLAND-See No Evil/04 CHRIS CONNELLY-Souvenier From a Dream/05 CHRIS STAMEY WITH YO LA TENGO-Venus/06 ECHO & THE BUNNYMEN-Friction/07 EGGPLANT-Breakin In My Heart/08 FOETUS & CHROME CRANKS-Little Johnny Jewel/09 JULIE'S HAIRCUT, DOWNTOWN LOVE TRAGEDIES, WHO IS HE & WHAT IS HE-J Song Structure (? copied it as written)/10 KRONOS QUARTET-Marquee Moon/11 LLOYD COLE & THE COMMOTIONS-Glory/12 MARIE ET LES GARCONS-Little Johnny Jewel/13 MATTHEW SWEET & SUSANNA HOFFS-Marquee Moon/14 NUMBER ONE CUP-Little Johnny Jewel/15 ORCHESTRE ROUGE-Friction/16 REM-See No Evil/17 RAIN PARADE-Ain't That Nothing/18 RICHARD LLOYD-Heart of Gold/19 SIMON RAYMONDE-Days/20 SIOUXSIE & THE BANSHEES-Little Johnny Jewel/21 SONIC YOUTH-That's All I Know (Right Now)/22 TENNIS-Guiding Light/23 TERRY HALL-See No Evil/24 THE BLUE AEROPLANES-Breaking In My Heart/25 THE CHURCH-Friction/26 THE WATERBOYS-That Was the River/27 THE WINDBREAKERS-Glory/28 TOM VERLAINE-Cold Irons Bound/29 TOM VERLAINE-Fever/30 TOM VERLAINE-The Hawk/31 TROTSKY ICEPICK-Venus De Milo

    That is just wonderful..........William K, we LOVE cover projects round here, never thought I'd see someone get a Television coers tribute together, it's great, imaginative, and took my totally by surprise.......PLEASE DO NOT be a stranger, as they say: The more great guest posters/contributors we have, the less work I have to do (the most important thing!)

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  • 02/11/16--18:29: Jail Guitar Doors
  • Hey, you think this is easy, thinking up intellectually stimulating manners in which to bundle various albums
    together with some unifying theme? Well, yeh, actually it is, all you gotta do is be laid off, bored, stoned, and you come up with all kinds of ideas.......this one got it's sprout originally when I entitled a Gary Glitter post with a throwaway Clash lyric, "....and when I am fitter, say the bells of Gary Glitter".....well, my man Cliff set up his last post, brilliantly, with lyrics from "White Man In Hammersmith Palais", in which he created the post around the performers noted in the song lyrics. Man that was a great post, both conceptually and musically......

    So anyway, I can do the same thing, HA!for this one we're gonna need ALL the lyrics for the song in question, so let's do THAT first:

    "Let me tell you 'bout Wayne and his deals of cocaine
    A little more every day
    Holding for a friend till the band do well
    Then the D.E.A. locked him away

    Clang clang, go the jail guitar doors
    Bang bang, go the boots on the floor
    Cry cry, for your lonely mother's son
    Clang clang, go the jail guitar doors

    An' I'll tell you 'bout Pete, didn't want no fame
    Gave all his money away
    "Well there's something wrong, it'll be good for you, son"
    And so they certified him insane

    And then there's Keith, waiting for trial
    Twenty-five thousand bail
    If he goes down you won't hear his sound
    But his friends carry on anyway
    Fuck 'em!
    Jail guitar doors
    Fifty four/forty six was my number
    Jail guitar doors
    Right now someone else has that number"

    Well, let's break this down......our rogue's gallery begins with "Wayne" (Kramer from the MC5).....that verse basically tells his life story. Kramer was an unbelievably talented metal/rock guitarist (don't believe me?  explain the amazing "Ramblin Rose'" from "Kick out the Jams". Kramer's later solo work has been criminally (so to speak) overlooked, the album here that I have selected, "The Hard Stuff", is excellent, ca. 1997 or so, it's an underappreciated effort, be sure, as well as a hard one to are gonna thank me for this one.

    Next up we have "Pete", who is Peter Green of Fleetwood Mac......he had his issues too, but as Bowie once said "Boy could he play guitar" of the best of the 1960's blues jammers, if you are one of the uneducated that think Fleetwood Mac was NOTHING but Stevie Nicks, etc, you're seeing only about a third of the picture.....the Peter Green era was tremendous, as this "Peter Green's Fleetwood Mac Greatest Hits" will more than prove to ya.

    And finally, "Keith" (Richards), "waiting for a trial", with a shot at his "friends", as well ("Fuck 'em!") ........anyway, I'm sure you all know all about Keith, so I'm going to include the simply titled "Odd Tracks", Richards teams up with various other folks, (Levon Helm, Peter Wolf, U2, and others, as well as a fine alternate take on "Before they Make Me Run" and some other good ones......

    Hey just fucking around here......these ARE three damn fine LP's by three troubled guitar slashers......not to be REALLY taken seriously as a "set", but all three of these albums work VERY well on thier own, NONE of them are all that common, and the minions REALLY OUGHTA  be digging this one..........a little guitar played by some of the "dregs of humanity" never did anyone no harm!


    Now, as for the albums I have ever-so-creatively linked to this......of them, I think Kramer's "The Hard Stuff" is the best AND most underappreciated of the three....look, dammit, it's FUCKING BROTHER WAYNE that not ENOUGH of an explanation for you? Simply one of the GREATEST guitar players of our era, a man whom can also sing a bit, write a bit, and most importantly, completely understands what it means to ROCK THE FUCK OUT......."Crack In the Universe' is great, "Poison" is a wonderful re-work of the same track on the MC5's "Back In the USA", great track then, great track NOW.....this is a fine album, overlooked at it's time, but if you don't check this out, you REALLY need to open up that mind.

    Moving on to "Pete", who "didn't want no fame, gave all his money away".......well, I am no expert on his story (and I hope someome will inform me), but my impression was he cared ZERO about stardom....GREAT, I wish about 90% MORE of them would take on a similar attitude.......beside the point though........there is some incredible blues guitar on this album, you'd be out of your mind to miss it if you are previously unfamiliar.....great blues slammers like "Jigsaw Puzzle Blues", "Love That Burns", and "Coming Home" , if you are unfamiliar, are essential to this "Pete Green" conversation, so this one needs to be checked as well.....

    ......."and then their's Keith"....yep, there he is, and we all know him.......this album here, "Odd Tracks" is a mishmash, granted, but  I earlier mentioned the duets, alternate of "Before They make Me Run", and more,  this is a good one just to give a listen too as well.....

    Hope you got the point of this post, I try to use my imagination/ stoned-out state of mind to come up with this shit, but honest to God, i thought these were three damn fine, not-all-that-common albums, and I could unify them with a "theme"? WOOOOOOOOOOWWWWWWWW yippppeeee for me, I am, like, "The Man!"

    WAYNE KRAMER-THE HARD STUFF-01 Crack In the Universe/02 Junkie Romance/03 Bad Seed/04 Poison/05 Realm of the Pirate King/06 Incident on Stock Island/07 Pillar of Fire/08 Hope For Sale/09 Edge of the Switchblade/10 Sharkskin Suit/40 Hidden Track

    PETER GREEN'S FLEETWOOD MAC GREATEST HITS-01 Need Your Love/02 Coming Home/03 Random Pony/04 The Big Boat/05 I Believe My Time Ain't Long/06 The Sun Is Shining/07 Albatross/08 Black Magic Woman/09 Just the Blues/10 Jigsaw Puzzle Blues/11 Looking For Somebody/12 Stop Messin''Round/13 Shake Your Money Maker/14 Love That Burns

    KEITH RICHARDS ODD TRACKS-01 You Win Again/02 Love Hurts (With Norah Jones)/03 Hickory Wind/04 Say It's Not You (With George Jones)/05 The Harder They Come/06 Key To The Highway/07 Still a Fool/08 Duece and a Quarter (With Levon Helm)/09 When Love Comes To Town (With U2)/10 Too Close Together (with Peter Wolf)/11 Before They Make Me Run (Alternate version)

    These are all fine albums, for you guitar freaks, i love them all ESPECIALLY Kramer's it is just too BAD ASS..........but do not miss Green's or Richard's either.......thanks to the Clash for inspoiring this theme, if EVER there was a band that was inspirational to bloggers, IMO, The Clash take the prize. But then again, what the fuck do I know?

    So, what's in the near future? Well, I have an ENORMOUS Throbbing Gristle follow-up, containing the entire "24 Hours" cassette collection and lots more, I'm prepping a Lemonheads post, even thinking about some Slayer, and God knows what else.....I'll be here as long as YOU are, I REALLY hope you enjoy the stuff we put up!

    POST SCRIPT-sometimes I hate this fucking shit.....I have a perfectly pristine, crispy copy of "The hard Stuff" by Wayne Kramer........I Tunes copied it to my drive just fine, but for whatever reason, I can't share the bastard. I have not a fucking clue as to WHY, but its a fine album and I will continue to work on it and see why the fuck I can't use it.....meantime, let me substitute "The Big Bang: The Best of the MC5", NOT AT ALL what I WANTED to post here, but CD's are CD's, ya never know

    BIG BANG-BEST OF THE MC5-01 I Can Only Give You Everything/02 Looking at You/03 I Just Don't Know/04 Ramblin Rose/05 Kick Out the Jams/06 Come Together/07 Rocket Reducer No. 62/08 Tonight/09 Teenage Lust/10 High School/11 Call Me Animal/12 The American Ruse/13 Shakin Street/14 The Human Being Lawnmower/15 Back In the USA/16 Sister Anne/17 Baby Won't Ya/18 Miss X/19 Over and Over/20 Skunk (Sonically Speaking)/21Thunder Express

    Not Exactly what I wanted to post for Kramer, but such is life......this is a decent set if you are NOT already a mega-MC5 fan like myself, I guess

    0 0

    (Scott)......."Disco Sucks" was one of THE mantras of high school punks and rivitheads in 1979-80, in fact I appeared in my Class of 79 yearbook wearing a shirt proclaiming just that (gosh were the parents proud!)......wish I could find that damn pic....all that being said, I likely have heard maybe ten minutes total of disco music in my entire life, so what I made is hardly an informed opinion......never heard any of these,learning experience 1000% for me......please, as always, share your thoughts

    I'd say there's been a rather willful eclecticism as of late, wouldn't you? It's what we strive for...

    So, this one is Disco. And if anyone wants to jump on the "Disco Sucks" bandwagon, I challenge you... listen to pop music NOW. At least all these people actually played instruments. Anyway, I'm not the world's biggest Disco expert, but I plumbed my collection for some odd slabs of music, and I think I've delivered in that regard....

    Did the Godfather of Soul have the right to dabble in disco? Fuck yeah, especially since he'd laid many of the seeds for what became the genre. While I admit the title track and "Star Generation" are too whitebread, "It's Too Funky In Here" is a Richter Scale booty shaker! And JB pays tribute to the recently departed Elvis with a version of "Love Me Tender", and a pretty good one. Plenty of other down home funky tracks, too; it's not nearly as disco-fied as you'd think.

    I can't find any info on this group. I was drawn by the title, of course. Where Disco met bedroom stoner albums, maybe? And it is an orchestra - there's string sections and everything. Keep an eye out for the panty-dropper medley "Tribute to Barry". And goddamn do they get points with me for the track "Morricone", which is a really cool medley of tunes from Once Upon A Time In The West. "Man With A Harmonica" as a Disco song, people... and it works!

    Sesame Street Fever and Sesame Street Disco
    In 1978 and '79, to capitalize on the disco craze, Sesame Street released these two albums. Fever even had the participation of Robin Gibb (on the title track and on "Trash"), due to the input of his children, who were Sesame Street fans. Some songs even made the show, most notably the insanely funny "Me Lost Me Cookie At the Disco". And this isn't a hack job either: there's some real pros playing in the studio - the music is flawless.

    File includes both albums chronologically, put together under the title Sesame Street Ultimate Disco Party. Also includes artwork. Audio files were ripped from quality YouTube vids; that's why one track has an outro by the YouTube poster. They all sound great, though.

    I'm doing a call back to this one because it fits so well, and because I never referred to it by it's name in the original post. These disco reworkings of themes from the first Star Wars movie do have a mad goofy genius to them. And you can tell Meco was really reverent toward J. William's themes. Includes my personal bonus track "Lepti Nek" from ROTJ. And as a testament to this thing's longevity: I heard a track from this the other night in a grocery store! February 5, 2016 - Ohio, U.S.A. I shit you not.

    Rosebud - Discoballs: A Disco Tribute to Pink Floyd
    No, you are not hallucinating that title! This really exists, and is pretty rare, too. Does it work? Well,'s just such a damn strange concept. The "Theme From More" and "Interstellar Overdrive" done in Disco? "Money" fits a groove, as does "Have A Cigar", though I wish they'd used more of the lyrics. And "One Of These Days" actually takes the disco switch quite easily. Shit, why didn't they just go ahead and cover "Welcome to the Machine", or maybe "Sheep"?

    Now, you're saying to yourself: "He's shitting me. This can't be for real." Yep, it is. I never cease to be amazed with what's possible with cash-in records. I can't tell you a thing about this group. I can say this actually is a good melding of Disco and Greek styles. "Greek Girls" and "Ouzo & Retsina" are really damn funky! Certainly one of the stranger white dwarfs in the galaxy of Disco albums, and worth checking out for weird music fans.

    This ain't no regular disco. For those that may not know, Italo Disco was that form of dance music that emerged from Europe in the late 70's/early 80's, not always from Italy, per se. It's that electronically-driven, insanely sequenced music pioneered by people like Giorgio Moroder or latter period Abba (see "Lay All Your Love On Me"). It was big for a while, and then got folded into what became both New Wave and House music.

    And this stuff doesn't even sound like that! Black Devil Disco Club (or is it just Black Devil and the album is called Disco Club?) was a group created by an Italian disco producer and his financier. They released this dark little 12 inch in 1978. It became really rare, turning into one of those expensive DJ secret weapon discs. And it is a sinister little masterpiece, too. With the claustrophobic mix, the moodily intense 808 rhythms and unintelligible vocals, it's like some lost electro/cold/darkwave classic! It's Autechre 20 years early! Really, check this one'll get 100 music nerd points for doing so. Great on headphones.

    And that's it for this post. Oddities galore, right? I really dig a lot of this, though. The bonus link is a funny album from a guy who didn't like disco. In fact, he once said about dance clubs: "Real men don't dance. They sweat, smoke, and curse." I don't think there's a password - I was zipping and uploading stuff really fast. Funny stuff. He was the prophet.

    P.S. - there's a new link for that Phyllis file. It's a better version, with 2 more albums!!!***

    P.P.S. - if the Sesame thing looks familiar, that's cuz I posted it over on Music For Maniacs a month ago.

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  • 02/14/16--14:17: The Lemonheads Part 1
  • I've always liked the Lemonheads, I know a lot of people dislike them, and to those folks, all I can say is this
    is MY fucking blog and I'll put up whatever I feel,like.....seriosuly, the Lemonheads were a REALLY cool 1990's "alt rock" band (hate that term).....there have been a slew f members (one of THOSE bands), but the Lemonheads were always sthe playground of singer Evan Dando.

    The first issue was 1987's "Hate Your Friends",  which is a wonderful and fairly unknown piece of pop-punk which was a wonderful indicator of what was to come in the following decade. This is a fine EP, with great shit like "So i Fucked Up", the title track, and other tracks like "Uhhh", this is a really excellent EP that you SHOULD hear, I know a LOT of people dislike the Lemonheads for whatever reason, but this is a REALLY good starting point.

    In 1988, they released "Creator"'s an INTERESTING (NOT great) album, featuring a Charles Manson cover, a version of Kiss'"Plaster Caster", even a version of Suzanne Luka's excrable "Luka"'s an odd and listenable album. Is it a classic? Fuck no, would be my educated opinion.

    "Lick" was the next album, quite a good one for my money, short power-pop/punk tunes, as had the band's trademark always been......the cover of "luka" is repeated here (WHY? I'll never know), but there are also some damn fine tracks ("Mallo Cup", "Come back DA", "I Am a  Rabbit").....I really like this disc, fans of the band may not agree, but hey......I liked me some Lemonheads back then, and I do to this date as well.

    "Lovey" came out in 1990, honestly, not "great", but listenable, "Ballarat", "Brass Buttons", "Half the Time"
    and more typlify the somewhat unique Lemonheads sound.

    OK, 1992, the Lemonheads released thier "masterpiece", "It's a Shame About Ray" aside, but I worked with a douche named Ray at the time, and we always referenced him anytime he'd fuck something up (daily) and he had not a clue what we were talking about.....such fun to make fun of people who have no clue that you are doing so.....anyway, this is a GREAT album......the title track, "My Drug Buddy", "Ceiling Fan in My Spoon", and the fab cover of Simon and Garfunkel's "Mrs Robinson" (it rocks the fuck out, trust me), and in particular, the fantastic "Allison's Starting to Happen", make this one of the better albums of the early 90's.......this is the one you want, should you want only one.

    The band's best known release "Come On Feel the Lemonheads" was released in 1993, and it's really pretty good as well, NOT as good as "Ray", but loaded with some great shit such as "The Great Big No", "Big Gay Heart", "Rick james Style", I think this was intended to be thier "masterpiece", and some might consider it such, but for my jack it came a year later than the fab "It's a Shame About Ray".......strictly a personal observation, though.

    OK, about the end of this part of the tale.....1996 saw the release of "Car Button Cloth", it's OK, but these lads were past thier peak by now, IMO......there is decent stuff here, like "If I Could talk I'd tell You", and "It's all True", but, as with so many "second line" rock n roll bands, it was pretty much over, in particular since they were basically a one-man act.

    I have a second part of this post coming, with EP's, singles and other stuff, I REALLY DID enjoy this bands albums, I know some don't care for them, but hey....."Allison's Starting to Happen"and the "Mrs Robinson" cover are great enough, there are a LOT of bands that couldn't come up with two tunes such as cool.......

    Hey, see ya Saturday....I'll put the REST of my lemonheads stuff up then, if you like it, great, if not, well, you can certainly go check Brian's WAY cool disco post.......this is what we do here.......if there is something/someone you would like us to profile/investigate, well, we won't know unless you TELL US!

    HATE YOUR FRIENDS-01 Glad I Don't Know/02 I Like To/03 Rabbit/04 Don't Wanna/05 3-9-4/06 Nothing True/07 Second Chance/08 Sneakyville/09 Amazing Grace/10 Belt/11 hate Your Friends/12 Don't Tell Yourself/13 Uhhh/14 Fed Up/15 Rat Velvet/16 So i Fucked Up/17 Ever/18 Sad Girl/19 Buried Alive/20 Gotta Stop

    CREATOR-01 Burying Ground/02 Sunday/03 Clang bang Clang/04 Out/05 Your Home Is Where You're Happy/06 Falling/07 Die Right Now/08 Two Weeks In Another Town/09 Plaser Caster/10 Come to the Window/11 Take Her down/12 Postcard/13 Live Without/14 Luka/15 Interview/16 Mallo Cup

    LICK-01 Mallo Cup/02 Glad I Don't Know/03 7 Powers/04 A Circle of One/05 Cazzo di Ferro/06
    Anyway/07 Luka/08 Come back DA/09 I Am a  Rabbit/10 Sad Girl/11 Ever/12 Strange/13 Mad

    LOVEY-01 Ballarat/02 Half the Time/03 Year of the Cat/04 Ride With Me/05 lil Seed/06 Stove/07 Come Downstairs/08 Left For Dead/09 Brass Buttons/10  (The) Door/11 Untitled

    ITS A SHAME ABOUT RAY-01 Rockin Stroll/02 Confetti/03 Its A Shame About Ray/04 Rudderless/05 My Drug Buddy/06 The Turnpike Down/07 Bit Part/08 Allison's Starting to Happen/09 Hannah & Gabi/10 Kitchen/11 Ceiling Fan in My Spoon/12 Frank Mills/13 Mrs Robinson/14 Shaky Ground/15 It's a Shame About Ray (Demo)/16 Rockin Stroll (demo)/17 My Drug Buddy (Demo)/18 Hannah & Gabi (demo)/19 Kitchen (demo)/20 Bit Part (demo)/21 Rudderless (demo)/22 Ceiling Fan In My Spoon (demo)/23 Confetti (demo)

    COME ON FEEL THE LEMONHEADS-01 The Grat Big No/02 into Your Arms/03 It's about Time/04 Down About It/05 Paid To Smile/06 Big Gay Heart/07 Style/08 Rest Assured/09 Dawn Can't Decide/10 I'll Do It Anyway/11 Rick James Style/12 Being Around/13 Favorite T/14 You Can take it With You

    CAR BUTTON CLOTH-It's All True/02 If I Could Talk I'd Tell You/03 Break Me/04 Hospital/05 The
    Outdoor Type/06 Losing Your Mind/07 Something's Missing/08 Knoxville Girl/09 6ix/10 C'mon Daddy/11 One More Time/12 Tenderfoot/13 Secular Rockulidge

    Honest to God, I had forgotten what a great band these guys were....PURE period piece, but as we know from other eras, that can be a GREAT thing.......good albums here, and my next post will wrap them up with EP's/singles/other stuff.......PLEASE COMMENT, The Lemonheads are sort of forgotten, and they really did rock the house.

    0 0

    Before we get to Lemonheads 2, I want to post something else first.......couple things, YES they are FLAC
    files......if they were FLAC files when I downloaded them, they were burned to disc as FLAC files, this casse I took the easy way out and let Zippyshare split the files (they have a 200mb/upload limit), which is why they end with stuff like Z1......OK, NOT the best way to do them.....I'll go back and split them by hand (trust me they are MUCH more manageable whe I do that).......I will do it the HARD WAY in the name of quality from here out (ie, use the actual CD's which are split at the proper place rather than make extra work for the downloader.....)

    Out of nowhere comes John Norris with an amazing looking submission, since he sent his submissions in another format (I won''t name it), they have a limit on the amount I can download, unless I pay for upgraded service and do you think I'd do that? I couldn't even keep a straight face TYPING that!.....anyway, I'm going to break his WONDERFUL submission up in as many pieces as I need, he has sent FIFTEEN links for Brian Jonestown Massacre stuff that we didn't have access to before (as well, as, much appreciated, a stray Magnapop link)........I am going to download his links and re-zippy them, so it'll take a second, but here is PART 1 of the new John post, hopefully I can get some more of these pulled down tonight (hope they don't expire soon), but this is a TREMENDOUS contribution that I know will be popular with some of you!

    There is a good bit of material here, so likely it's a good thing I couldn't bombard you with ALL of it' or you'd OD.......

    First up we have a 1999 EP entitled "Bringing It All Back Home Again".......pretty damn good, actually, and I just learned that one track "Arkansas Revisited" is a reworking of the Charles Manson non-classic "Arkasas".......another interesting thing thier Wiki page reveals is this was the final release to feature bassist Matt Hollywood (he returned in 2012), who left the band in an onstage fight, documented in the great film "Dig".

    BRINGING IT ALL BACK HOME AGAIN-01 The Way It Was/02 Mansion in the Sky/03 Reign On/04 The Godspell According to AA Newcombe/05 All Things Great and Small/06 Arkansas Revisited

    Next, John presents us with the album "....And This is Our Music", packaged in 2003 along with the single "If Love Is the Drug The I Want to OD" (see below).....lotta good material here, check this one out.

    ......AND THIS IS OUR MUSIC-01 The Wrong Way/02 Introesque/03 Starcleaner/04 Here to Go/05 When jokers Attack/06 Prozac vs. heroin/08 Maryanne/09 You look Great When I'm Fucked Up/10 Here It Comes/12 Prozacc vs Heroin Revisitied/13 A New Low In Getting High/14 Somethings Go Without Saying/15 Tschuss/16 The Pregnancy Test/17 The Right Way

    Very good addition to your library. Next up, he sends us one for the dabblers, and a good one. this is the
    two disc career retrospective (I don't think I have this, so likely did not post it when I did a post on the band earlier)....fine stuff on here, it is titled "Tepid Peppermint Wonderland: A Retrospective", and as I've said before, I you just want ONE on your shelf/hardrive, whatever, best let this be it.....

    TEPID PEPPERMINT WONDERLAND: A RETROSPECTIVE DISC 1:01 All Around You (Intro)/02 Who?/03 When Jokers Attack/04 Servo/05 Open heart Surgery/06 If Love is the Drug/07 IT Girl/08 Sailor/09 Straight Up and Down/10 Anenome/11 Wisdom/12 Just For Today/13 Stars/14 Vacuum Boots/15 Prozac vs Heroin/16 She's Gone

    TEPID PEPPERMINT WONDERLAND: A RETROSPECTIVE DISC 2:01 Nailing Honey to the Bee/02 That Girl Suicide/03 Nevertheless/04 Evergreen/05 Starcleaner/06 Let Me Stand Next to Your Flower (Live)/07 Hide and Seek (Live)/08 In My Life/09 Mary Please/10 Talk-Action=Shit/11 Oh Lord/12 This Is Why you love Me/13 Not If You Were The Last Dandy On Earth/14 Swallowtail Live/15 Feel So Good/16 Fucker/17 #1 Hit Jam/18 Ballad of Jim Jones/19 Free and Easy, Take 2/20 Stolen/21 Mansion in the Sky/22 Sue

    And finally, ("finally" only for right now, this is about a FOURTH of the stuff he sent me, I hope he sticks
    around, this is the bulky type of submission that saves me personally TONS of work, and also gets me some fab new tunes for my stash)......John presents us with  single "If Love Is the Drug I Want To OD", backed with the "....And This is Our Music" version of "Skycleaner".......

    This is a GOOD post, you'll get the rest of it as soon as I am allowed to download the rest of them......there may be more yet tonight, I'm unsure what the "download/time limit" is, so I'll get popping on Lemonheads Part 2 in the meantime.......I know Brian has another excellent covers project (he told what it is and it's an exciting one, as they generally are), so keep your eyes peeled, my I'm still working on my Throbbing Gristle monstrosity (24 Hours PLUS, it'll likely be called, I MAY just do it all in one post, just to replicate the experience of music, PURELY in "bulk" form) fans of Throbbing Gristle, BrianJonestown Massacre, Brian's cool cover projects, and the Lemonheads, stick around, I'm cranking this stuff out as fast as I can!

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  • 02/15/16--16:33: Lemonheads Part 2
  • In part one of this post, we got up to "Car Button Cloth", album wise, which, by chance is as far as my
    knowledge of the band goes......I DO have a bunch of singles and EP's here, some pretty rare stuff the way as to Part 1: I know the Flac splits are fucked.....I was lazy, it's less work for me.....what happens is zippy's maximum upload volume is 200mb/per...these FLAC albums are always bigger than that and need split. As my stuff is on CD (FLAC on CD in this case), a split-by-hand is neat and clean, between tracks as needed....when I lazilly let zippy split them, it splits them RIGHT AT 200mb, plus whatever is left, which can lead to some issues. I'm not going to do it anymore, it was just to save time, TOMOROW, I go back and FIX the albums from part one, splitting them by hand for YOUR convenience. Thought it might work, but like all great ideas, sometimes old-school is just better.

    OK, this band leaves us a treasure trove of singles, they have MANY alternate versions, live versions, demos, and just plain unavailable elsewhere tracks......I was gonna make an "album" out of these, maybe "Lemonheads Rarities", I've done stuff like that before, but I always get to thinking that some MIGHT prefer them presented the way the artist at hand wanted them to he heard and, if I have them as singles, singles you will get.......see below for the singles track lists, they are pretty amazing, really. As are the EP's, not much different than the singles, really, 4-5 tracks per and crammed with some rare gems.

    I'm also going to put up a kind of odd one, from 2001, Evan Dando released a double live CD. The first
    disc, "Live At Brattle  Theater", combines Lemonheads classics with some other original stuff, and the second disc, "Griffith Sunset", takes on a number of country know how much I dislike country music, but, while the subject at hand here was trying to "expand" or whatever, I thought I'd put this up too......see what ya think, in my "objective" view, it's not horrendous.

    OK, that's a buncha Lemonheads........if any of you have MORE of it (from their peak period), let me know, I'd LOVE to hear a live version of "Allison's Starting to Happen", MY fave by far (evidently not Evan's though!)

    Singles and EP's are ALL FLAC but are small enough that no splits are needed......the double live effort I'll fix it so it works for ya!

    SINGLES-CONFETTI-01 Confetti (remix)/02 My Drug Buddy/03 Ride With me (live)/04 Confetti (Acoustic)

    IT'S A SHAME ABOUT RAY-01 It's a Shame About Ray/02 Shakey Ground/03 Dawn Can't Decide/04 The Turnpike Down

    MRS ROBINSON-01 Mrs Robinson/02 Being Around/03 Divan/04 into Your Arms

    MY DRUG BUDDY-01 My Drug Buddy/02 Being Around/03 Mrs Robinson/04 Dawn Can't Decide/05 Shaky ground

    INTO YOUR ARMS-01 Into Your Arms/02 Miss Otis Regrets/03 Little Black Egg/04 Learning the Game

    ITS ABOUT TIME-01 It's About Time/02 Rick James Acoustic Style/03 Down About it (Acoustic)/04 Big Gay Heart (demo)

    THE GREAT BIG NO-01 The Great Big NO/02 Rick James Style/03 Down About It/04 Big Gay Heart

    STYLE (PROMO DISC)-01 Style/02 Godflesh Style

    IF I COULD TALK ID TELL YOU DISC 1-01 If I Could Talk I'd Tell You (single version)/02 I Don't Want to Go home/03 How Will I Know (Acoustic)/04 Seagulls Aren't Free

    IF I COULD TALK ID TELL YOU DISC 2-01 If I Could talk I'd Tell You/02 It's All True (No Drums Mix)/03 How Will i Know (Electric)/04 Sexual Bryceulidge

    THE OUTDOOR TYPE-01 The Outdoor Type (remix)/02 Pin Yr Heart/03 Losing Your Mind (Live, acoustic)

    EP'S-FAVORITE SPANISH DISHES-01 Different Drum/02 Paint/03 Ride With Me/04 Step by Step/05 Skulls

    IT'S A SHAME ABOUT RAY (LIVE)-01 It's a ShameAbout Ray (Live)/02 Confetti (Live)/03 Mallo Cup (live)/04 Rudderless (Live)

    BIG GAY HEART-01 Big Gay Heart/02 Favorite T (Live In Session)/03 He's On the Beach/04 Deep Bottom Crove

    EVAN DANDO -LIVE AT BRATTLE THEATER 2001-01 Down about It/02 The Turnpike Down/03 The Outdoor Type/04 My Drug Buddy/05 The Same Thing You Thought Hard About Is the Same Thing I Can Live Without/06 Ride With Me/07 Frying Pan/08 Excuse Me Mister/09 Thirten/10 Stove/11 Half the Time

    EVAN DANDO-GRIFFITH SUNSET-01 Ba-De-Da/02 Fraulien/03 Sam Stone/04 Nothin/05 My Baby's
    Gone/06 Tribute to Hank Williams/07 Ba-De-Da (alternate version)

    LOTSA STUFF here.....and as always, should you have anything interesting to add to it, please do.......that's how we do things here, we WANT everyone, yes everyone, to have thier PERFECT customized music collection!

    Look for great stuff soon from Throbbing Gristle, The Fall, more great Brian covers projects, much more Brian Jonestown Massacre.........hey, we love doing it, I hope you guys appreciate it......the hit/download numbers tell me whether or not that is the case!

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  • 02/15/16--21:33: John's submission, Part 2
  • Once again I thank John for this huge contribution, this is why we even exist to share stuff like this........a HUGE serving of Brian Jonestown Massacre stuff, and I am MORE THAN HAPPY to send it along to ALL minions........

    First up, a 2010 disc entitled "Who Killed Sgt. Pepper?", I've listened to a bit of it and it sounds just fab, give it a up we get "Illuminoti: Theres a War Going On", and "Aufheben".......these are three fairly rare EP's from the band, I'm having a bit of trouble with some of his links, BUT that should not dissuade from the fact that he sent us some great shit........THAT'S the main thing!

    WHO KILLED SGT PEPPER?-01 Tempo 116.7 (Reaching for Dangerous Levels of Sobriety) /02 Tunger Hunifer/03 Lets Go Fucking/04 White Music/05 This Is the First of Your Last Warning/06 This Is the One Thing We Did Not Want To Have Happen/07 The One/08 Someplace Else Unknown/09 Detka! Detka! Detka!/10 Super Fucked/11 Our Time/12 Feel It/13 Felt Tipped Pictures of UFO's

    SINGLE-01 Illuminoti/02 There's a War Going On

    AUFHEBEN-01 Panic In Babylon/02 Viholliseni Maalla/03 Gaz Hilarant/04 Illuminomi/05 I Want to Hold Your Other Hand/06 Face Down On the Moon/07 The Clouds Are Lies/08 Stairway to the Best Party in the Universe/09 Seven Kinds of Wonderful/10 Waking Up to hand Grenades/11 Blue Order New Monday

    REVOLUTION NUMBER ZERO 01 Vhilliseni Maala/02 Revolution Number Zero/03 Vhilliseni Maala (In the Land of My Enemy)/04 Don't Say a Thing

    There is more BJM stuff to come, thanks to John, I AM having trouble with a couple of his links, but I'm working on it......hope to get em fixed Tuesday!

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