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The music that shaped a semi-wasted life

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    Honestly, I am not certain whether or not I have put this one up before or not, it's an old one from 2000....I know I haven't listened to it for a while, so if I have already posted it,sorry, here it is again....
    stoner comps from the early 2000's are great as they have so much obscure material from bands that were never to be heard from again!

    This one starts off with Crowbar tackling "Dream Weaver", followed up by a rare track from the immortal Los Natas......there's a track from Sixty Watt Shaman whom I know I have done a post on before, but other than these, it's pretty obscure material.......just listened to it this AM and really a good collection of stoner obscurities......Bakerton Group, Murder 1, Mammoth Volume, Sunride, and a few more are pleasing to those of us with an ear for stoner rock!

    Couldn't think of what to do today so here it is....still have a handful of DaveSez stuff, we'll get to that soon, hoping everyone has had a good Memorial Day weekend, and everyone knows that I ahve but five work weeks to retirement. We'll see what is up for tomorrow.

    INHALE 420-01 CROWBAR-Dream Weaver/02 LOS NATAS-Alohawaii/03 SUPAFUZZ-Mr Policeman/04 SIXTY WATT SHAMAN-Southern Gentleman/05 MURDER 1-Whole Lotta Rosie/06 GUNFIGHTER-AntiHero/07 MAMMOTH VOLUME-Seagull/08 HERBERT-Devil's Garden/09 BAKERTON GROUP-Mainstream/10 SUNRIDE-Straightliner/11 TERRA FIRMA-High Horses/12 MYSTICK KREWE OF CLEARLIGHT-Railhead/13 ROTORS TO RUST-Canaan

    See what ya think......make sure and voice any requests you my have! Link shortly!

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    This is a hard one to do, because, like, say Yo La Tengo, the Lips have such a HUGE volume of
    material, both commercial and unofficial, that it's almost impossible to get a comprehensive selection of their stuff up......on the other hand, they are SO WEIRD, and so innovative in many ways, and so unique, that I think that those who are unfamiliar with the band really need an intorduction......

    Well, this will probably take 3 to 4 days so if you just hate the Flaming Lips, take some time off.....if you LOVE them, I do have a few boots and EP's and stuff, so you might want to stick around for that.

    So, the Lips go back aways, as we will see, and revel in weirdness, often with some very wonderful results.....hailing form Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, the Lips are BASICALLY singer/guitarist/keyboardist Wayne Coyne, bassist Michael Ivins, drummer/multi-instrumentalist Steve Drozd (These are the longtime members, there have been many inermitent hangers-on, most recently guitarist/keyboardist Derrek Brown and keyboardist guitarist Jake Ingalls.....

    So, our story begins around 1986 with their debut album, "Hear It Is", they had some singles/EP's prior that we will touch on later, but "Hear It Is" was the first that most of us (myself included) had heard of the band.....titles alone, such as "Jesus Shooting Heroin" and "Charlie Manson Blues" kind of set the stage for what is in store here, it's  good album of weird spacey pop-rock.

    Turning up the amps (but NOT the weirdness) a small bit for 1987's "Oh My Gawd!....The Flaming Lips", this is one of the fine unknown albums of the 1980''s a shame the bogus term "alternative rock" hadn't been coined just yet, the Lips would have fit the niche perfectly. Quite a good album, for my money, highlighted by "One Million Billionth of a Millisecond on a Sunday Morning" and "Maximum Dream For Evel Kneivel" (God, I love a great songtitle, makes me long for the glory days of Love/Arthur Lee).

    They topped themselves yet again with 1989's "Telepathic Surgery", with such great shit as "Drug
    Machine" and "Hari-Krishna Stomp Wagon (Fuck Led Zeppelin)", Don't miss the highlight, the amazing, ultra-weird 23-min. "Hell's Angels Cracker Factory",words simply cannot do it justice. one of the weirdest tracks ever recorded

    "In a Priest Driven Ambulence" was the band's inroduction to the 1990's, a weird concept album dealing with Wayne Coyne's fascination with religion.......I'm not sure I follow the concept exactly, but this is their FOURTH good album in a row, "Unconciously Screaming" stands out as the highlight for me at least, but as this IS a conceptual work, it DOES work best heard in it's entirety.

    "Hit To Death in the Future Head", is, maybe for my money, thier weakest work to date, although not horrendous or anyting.....for some reason the version I have hear does NOT have the infamous "Hidden Bonus Track ", nearly a half hour of noise that would make a fan of "Metal Machine Music" ejaculate....

    OK, we will wrap up part one here with a very significant LP, 1993's fine "Transmissions From the Satellite Heart" of the better albums of 1993, we were now well into the "alt-rock" era, so weirdness was appreciated, so much, in fact, that the Flaming Lips actually scored a fluke hit single with the magnificent "She Don't Use Jelly" (which actually attempts to find a way to rhyme the word "orange")....the rest of the album is just as great, "Turn It On", "Pilot Can at the Queer Of God", "Oh My Pregnant Head" and more, this is an essential album that is sometimes overlooked as simply the album from which "She Don't Use Jelly" comes.

    OK, this is  great place to stop or today.....the Lips finally had a taste of fame with "She Don't Use Jelly", and "Transmissions" is a fine album to boot.......what would happen next, is these guys would actually get weirder, so check out tomorrow to see what the next era of Flaming Lips greatness would bring.......for today, I hope these six discs keep you busy, let me know (PLEASE) what you think of them, one of the USA's most underappreciated bands for my money.

    HEAR IT IS-01 With You/02 Unplugged/03 Trains, Brains, and Rain/04 Jesus Shooting Heroin/05 Just Like Before/06 She Is Death/07 Charlie Manson Blues/08 Man From Pakistan/09 Godzilla Flick/10 Staring at the Sound/With You II/11 Summertime Blues

    OH MY GAWD...THE FLAMING LIPS-01 Everything's Exploding/02 One Million Billionth of a
    Millisecond on a Sunday Morning/03 Maximum Dream For Evel Kneivel/04 Can't Exist/05 Ode To CC part 1/06The Ceiling is Bendin'/07 Prescription; Love/08 Thanks To You/09 Can't Stop the Spring/10 Ode To CC Part II/11 Love Yer Brain

    TELEPATHIC SURGERY-01 Drug Machine in Heaven/02 Right Now/03 Michael Time to Wake Up/04 Chrome Plated Suicide/05 Hari-Krishna Stomp Wagon (Fuck Led Zeppelin)/06 Miracle on 42nd Street/07 Fryin' Up/08 Hell's Angels Cracker Factory/09 UFO Story/10 Redneck School of Technology/11 Shaved Gorilla/12 The Spontaneous Combustion of John/13 The last Drop of Morning Dew/14 Begs and Achin'

    IN A PRIEST DRIVEN AMBULANCE-01 Shine On Sweet Jesus (Jesus Song No. 5)/02 Unconciously Screamin'/03 Rainin' Babies/04 Take Meta Mars/05 Five Stop Mother Superior Rain/06 Stand In Line/07 God Walks Among Us Now: Jesus Song No. 6/08 There You Are: Jesus Song No. 7/09 Mountain Side/10 What a Wonderful World

    HIT TO DEATH IN THE FUTURE HEAD-01 Talkin' Bout the Smiling Deathporn Immortality Blues (Everyone Wants to Live Forever/02 Hit Me Like You Did the First Time/03 The Sun/04 Felt Good To Burn/05 Gingerale Afternoon (The Astrology of a Saturday)/06 Halloween on the Barbary Coasat/07 The Magician Vs the Headache/08 You Have to be Joking (Autopsy of the Devil's Brain)/09 Frogs/10 Hold Your Head

    TRANSMISSIONS FROM THE SATELLITE HEART-01 Turn It On/02 Pilot Can at the Queer of God/03 Oh My Pregnant Head/04 She Don't Use Jelly/05 Chewin' the Apple of Your Eye/06 Superhumans/07 Be My Head/08 Moth in the Incubator/09 Plastic Jesus/10 When Yer Twenty Two/11 Slow Nerve Action

    OK, got ambitious, this is a mega-mega post, the type of which I rarely do anymore.......I hope you enjoy it, I have a TON of Flaming Lips shit to share here, this group covers the early part of their career, but BELEIVE ME there is more total odd-ball shit to come..PLEASE, posts like this are a good bit of work, so if you sample the wares, at least be respectful enough to leave a comment, whether you windup liking the albums or not. Thanks!

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    OK, so yesterday we left off with "Transmissions From the Satellite Heart", a great album and a
    career what would they do after that?  Well, the next release was 1995's critcally acclaimed "Clouds Taste Metallic". I don't know, it's OK, not a real favorite of mine, perhaps the weirdness-for -weirdness' sake bit had gotten a small bit stale, I don't know...but this is a decent disc as well, how can it NOT be with titles like "Psychiatric Explorations of the Fetus With Needles" or "The Guy Who Got a Headache and Saved the World".......not a bad disc, but in light of what was next to come....

    OK. In 1997 the Lips released "Zaireeka"......suffice to say this is one UNIQUE recording, there has NEVER been ANYTHING like it, or close....."Zaireeka" is four discs WHICH ARE DESIGNED TO BE PLAYED ON FOUR SEPERATE STEREOS AT THE SAME TIME......thusly, the listener "becomes the enginer", so to speak, being able to "mix" the sound however he/she chooses. Beleive it or not, back in 97 or 98, we actually DID THIS, I wonder how very FEW people have done's actually an incredible sonic experience, if you are equipped to do so (try a handful of boomboxes), this is perhaps one of the most unique and rewarding listening experiences ever comitted to plastic.....the "album" itself, is so-so, but the four disc experience has NEVER been replicated, I guarentee....I would LOVE to hear from someone who actualy goes to all the trouble to listen to "Zarieeka" the way it was "intended' to be heard, it's an experience unmatched in recorded history no joke

    Next up was 1999's "The Soft Bulletin"......tuning down the amps a bit for a more layered, "technical' sound, lots of synths, the usual spaced out lyrics, and, basically, one of the better albums of 1999, making most year-end lists.....this is also a fine it REALLY the same crew that gave us, say, "Transmissions From the Satellite Heart"? Yep, but give these guys points for CONTINUALLY trying to change and update things, rather than recording the same album 10 times in 15 years as some do, just to appease the masses and keep the paychecks rolling in.

    So, what NEXT? Well how about 2002's fine "Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots", beleive it or not yet another masterpiecec, this one another out-there conceptual affair, but the psychedelic tinges and totally unique sounds/lyrics make this another must-hear....honest to God it is criminal how much underappreciated music these boyos have turned out.

    Let's wrap up Part 2 with 2006's "At War With the Mystics", returning to a bit more of a traditional
    guitar-rock sound, and  collection of politically themed songs that I assume are supposed to fit some concept, but, as you know, these concepts generally go WAY over my head and I simply listen to the album, if I like it, then I like it, and, yep, I like this one as well.

    There is more to come from the Lips tomorrow......their very cool cover/collaboration of "Dark Side of the Moon" will be put up tomorrow, as will their more recent releases and some rarities,etc......has there (really) been a more under appreciated American rockband than this one? maybe so, but I can't think of whom right off hand.....a very innovative, original, and listenable band, that so relatively few are down with, I hope I am able to expose them to at least one or two people who may discover their greatness.

    CLOUDS TASTE METALLIC-01 The Abandoned Hospital Ship/02 Psychiatric Explorations of the Fetus with Needles/03 Placebo Headwound/04 This Here Giraffe/05 Brainville/06 Guy Who Got a Headache and Accidentally Saves the World/07 When You Smile/08 Kim's Watermelon Gun/09 They Punctured My Yolk/10 Lightning Strikes the Postman/11 Christmas at the Zoo/12 Evil Will Prevail/13 Bad Days (Aurally Excited Version)

    ZAIREEKA DISCS 1 to 4 ALL FOUR DISCS HAVE THE SAME TRACK LIST-01 Okay I'll Admit That I Really Don't Understand/02 Riding to Work in the Year 2025 (Your Invisible Now)/03
    Thirty-Five Thousand Feet of Despair/04 A Machine in India/05 The Train Runs Over the Camel But Is Derailed by the Gnat/06 How Will We Know? (Futuristic Crashendos)/07 March of the Rotten Vegetables/08 The Big Ol' Bug Is the New Baby Now

    THE SOFT BULLETIN-01 Race For the Prize (Mokran Remix)/02 A Spoonful Weighs a Ton/03 The Spark That Bled ("The Softest Bullet Ever Shot")/04 The Spiderbite Song/05 Buggin (Morkan Remix)/06 What Is the Light? ("An Untested Hypothesis Suggesting That the Chemical [In Our Brains] by Which We Are Able to Experience the Sensation of Being in Love Is the Same Chemical That Caused the "Big Bang" That Was the Birth of the Accelerating Universe")/07 The Observer/08 Waitin' For a Superman (Is It Gettin' Heavy?)/09 Suddenly Everything Has Changed ("Death Anxiety Caused by Moments of Boredom")/10  The Gash  ("Battle Hymn for the Wounded Mathematician")/11 Feeling Yourself Disintegrate/12 Sleeping on the Roof (excerpt from "Should We Keep the Severed Head Awake??")/13 Race for the Prize ("Sacrifice of the New Scientists")/14 Waiting For a Superman (Mokran Remix)

    YOSHIMI BATTLES THE PINK ROBOTS-01 Fight Test/02 One More Robot/Sympathy 3000-21/03 Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots Part 1/04 Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots Part 2/05 In the Morning of the Magicians/06 Ego Tripping At the Gates of Hell/07 Are You a Hypnotist/08 It's Summertime/09 Do You Realize?/10 Approaching Pavonis Mons by Balloon (Utopia Planitia)

    AT WAR WITH THE MYSTICS-01 The Yeah Yeah Yeah Song (With All Your Power)/02 Free Radicals (A Hallucination of the Christmas Skeleton Pleading with a Suicide Bomber)/03  The Sound of Failure / It's Dark... Is It Always This Dark??/04  My Cosmic Autumn Rebellion (The Inner Life as Blazing Shield of Defiance and Optimism as Celestial Spear of Action)/05 Vein of Stars/06   The Wizard Turns On... The Giant Silver Flashlight and Puts on His Werewolf Moccasins/07  It Overtakes Me/The Stars Are So Big.....I Am So Small....Do I Stand a Chance?/08 Mr. Ambulance Driver/09 Haven't Got a Clue/10 The W.A.N.D. (The Will Always Negates Defeat)/11 Pompeii am Götterdämmerung/12 Goin' On......

    Whast do ya think of this stuff so far.......another day or two of more Flaming Lips coming your way!

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    So, yesterday we left off with 2006's "At War With the Mystics".....I guess the next time these lads
    were heard from were a pair of 2009 releases...first up we have "Embryonic".....a double album set, it would be a good look at the Lip's future, collaborating with other artists.....again, also, this album totally changes direction, also, abandoning the goofy greatness of the earlier efforts for a "gloomier" affair...honest to God, you can't say these boys wouldn't take chances, regardless of the outcome.  Karen O, one of my main objects of slobber, helps out here, as does the band MGMT. Another original effort, from one of the most daring and original bands of our time.

    2009 also saw the release of their next major project, a complete cover of Pink Floyd's "Dark Side of the Moon".....I haveto say, I do love this album, this (covering an entire album) has been done before (off the top of my head is Pussy Galore's "Exile on Main Street" (see Pussy Galore post)), but this one works almost to perfection, NOT a slavish carbon copy, and not an insult to the original. Both Henry Rollins and Peaches assist here, and to good ending....who could be more PERFECT than Peaches to cover"That Great Gig In the Sky"? I thought it was one of the top albums of 2009, not sure the music buying public agreed......

    Next up was an album COMPLETEY comprised of collaborative efforts, 2012's "The Flaming Lips and Heady Fwends"......where to begin here? The Lips are assisted by acts as diverse as Yoko Ono's Plastic Ono Band, Nick Cave, Lightning Bolt, and Erykah Badu, and thier customary weirdness remains intact ("Helping the Retarded to Know God", "Is David Bowie Dying?")......I enjoy this album as well.....even if you do not, it is almost impossible to not appreciate the Lips' attempts to NEVER play it safe, and to ALWAYS attempt to be original and creative.

    Thier most recent "official" release would be 2013's "The Terror", honestly, probably my least favorite of their releases, somewhat similar to "Embryonic" in my opinion, but far from worthless. If you are a fan of Flaming Lips, you'll want to hear this, as likely it is simply another step in thier journey. God only knows what they might try next, experiments such as "Zaireeka" and " Side of the Moon" are the kind of things that no other band would even dream of attempting, so, we shall see what the future holds.

    Tomorrow: Some EP's and other stuff, emptying the Flaming Lips vault. A great, original
    and underappreciated band who can never be accused of playing it safe or being boring.

    EMBRYONIC DISC 1-01 Convinced of the Hex/02 The Sparrow Looks Up at the Machine/03 Evil/04 Aquarias Sabotage/05 See the Leaves/06 If/07 Gemini Syringes/08 Your Bats/09 Powerless

    EMBRYONIC DISC 2-01 The Ego's Last Stand/02 I Can Be a Frog/03 Sagittarius Silver Mountain/04 Worm Mountain/05 Scorpio Sword/06 The Impulse/07 Silver Trembling Hands/08 Virgo Self-Esteem Broadcast/09 Watching the Planets

    DARK SIDE OF THE  MOON-01 Speak to Me/Breathe/02 On the Run/03 Time/Breathe (Reprise)/04 The Great Gig In Sky/05 Money/06 Us and Them/07 Any Colour You Like/08 Brain Damage/09 Eclipse

    FLAMING LIPS WITH HEADY FWENDS-01 2012 (You Must Be Upgraded) (with Kesha, Biz Markie, and Hour of the Time Majesty)/02 Ashes In the Air (with Bon Iver)/03 Helping the Retarded To Know God (with Edward Sharp and the Magnetic Zeros)/04 Supermoon Made Me Want to Pee (with Prefuse 73)/05 Children of the Moon (with Tame Impala)/06 That Ain't My Trip (with Jim James of My Morning Jacket)/07 You, Man? Human ??? (with Nick Cave)/08 I'm Working at NASA on Acid (with Lightning Bolt)/09 Do It! (with Yoko Ono & the Plastic Ono Band)/10 Is David Bowie Dying? (with Neon Indian)/11 The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face (with Erykah Badu)/12 Girl, You're So Weird (with New Fumes)/13 Tasered and Maced (with Aaron Behrens of Ghostland Observatory)

    THE TERROR-01 Look, the Sun is Rising/02 Be Free, a Way/03 Try to Explain/04 You Lust (with Phantogram)/05 The Terror/06 You Are Alone/07 Butterfly, How Long It Takes to Die/08 Turning Violent/09 Always There....In Our Hearts

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    Cleaning out the Flaming Lips vault with whatever I have left, some EP's and stuff, again, I just feel
    the need to comment again on what an innovative band, all of their ideas may not work, but they sure as hell do take chances......I hope you guys have enjoyed these post, and if the Lips are a new experience to you, I hope it has been a positive one. I think this is one band that, to properly profile, I need to put up everything I have from them, so as to paint an accurate, if difficult, picture of what they are about.

    Let us begin with a grab bag of early tracks from various sources, some of which are taken from the early albums, but some rarities, program them as you wish.....this is entitled "A Collection of Songs Representing an Enthusiasm For Recording....By Amatuers".....a weird cover of "After the Gold Rush" from  Neil Young Tribute album (anyone have THAT by any chance?), some B-Sides, a couple Flexi-Disc tracks.....not always the greatest, but ALWAYS interesting, which summarizes the Lips pretty well.

    "The Shambolic Birth and Early Life of the Flaming Lips" is a promo album, fairly similar to the above.....if I had the time or desire I suppose I could reprogram all this shit into a more manageable rarities set, but this is wat your getting.......again, one COULD program a BUNCH of this stuff down to  single disc.

    These guys have ALSO put out a ton of EP's, I don't have them all, but here are the ones I have.....from 2003 we have "Ego Tripping at the Gates of Hell"....if you recall there was an "Ego Tripping...." track on "Yoshimi battles the Pink Robots", it appears here in a couple of remixed forms.....this is a pretty generous 7-track EP with either very little or no overlap with the other sets.

    From the same year comes "Fight Test", a grab bag with a few live tracks, a cover or Radiohead's
    "Knives Out", and, most notably, the title track which Cat Stevens (Cat Stevens!) claimed was plagerised from one of his legendary numbers, "Father and Son".....really, I have never heard Cat's tune, probably never will, but evidently Cat gets a huge chunk of the royalties from the track...whatever. A typical Flaming Lips song title: "Thank You Jack White (For the Fiber Optic Jesus That You Gave Me)".

    "It Overtakes Me" is a brief, 4 track disc of stuff from the "At War With the Mystics" era, with a single-mix of the lengthy title tune, and a couple of others not available elsewhere. We also have a three track disc, "The Soft Bulletin Outtakes", exactly what the title would imply.

    There are a ton of other EP's out there that I don't have, if anyone does have them, now is the time to far as live stuff, I am fairly surprised to find that I don't have any, was pretty sure I did, but what are ya gonna do? As always, open to contributions of live stuff, again, quite surprised to discover that I don't have any, but hopefully the stuff that I have put up gives you an accurate picture of a great and imaginative band.

    Had a request for some Swans, what do you guys think? The reason I ask is they had such a huge volume of material, used to somewhat enjoy it, but to me it is nearly unlistenable my view a commonly held one, or is there interest in a Swans post, maybe a single day NOT their entire collection......just throwing it out there, trying to gauge interest. I know I will likely do a post on them in the near future, but what do you prefer, "Ultra-mega Swans", or just touching on the (ahem) highlights?

    Thank for reading and listening and contributing and sharing, thank you Jenny McCarthy, just for being you.

    A COLLECTION OF SONGS REPESENTING AN ENTHUSIASM FOR RECORDING...BY AMATUERS-01 Bag Full of Thoughts/02 Jesus Shooting Heroin/03 One Million Billionth of a Millisecond on a Sunday Morning/04 Chrome Plated Suicide/05 Michael Time to Wake Up/06 Hell's Angels Craker Factory/07 Unconciously Screamin'/08 God Walks Among Us Now/09 Styrchnine/Peace Love and Understanding/10 Death Valley '69 (The Bob Flexi-Disc)/11 Thank You (The Bob Flexi-Disc)/12 Ma I Didn't Notice (B-Side)/13 After the Gold Rush/14 I Want to Kill My Brother, the Cymbal Head

    THE SHAMBOLIC BIRTH AND EARLY LIFE OF FLAMING LIPS-01 Killer on the Radio/02 My Own Planet/03 She Is Death/04 One Million Billionth of a Millisecond on a Sunday Morning/05 Unconsciously Screamin'/06 Styrchnine/Peace Love and Understanding/07 Lucifer Rising/08 Take Me Ta Mars/09 Chrome Plated Suicide/10 Agonizing/11 Shine On Sweet Jesus/12 Golden Hearse

    EGO TRIPPING AT THE GATES OF HELL (EP)-01 Assassination of the Sun/02 I'm a Fly in a
    Sunbeam (Following the Funeral Procession of a Stranger)/03 Sunship Balloons/04 Do You Realize (Postal Service Remix)/05 Ego Tripping (Ego in Acceleration) (Jason Bentley Remix)/06 Ego Tripping (Self Admiration with Blow Up Mix)/07 A Change at Christmas (Say It Isn't So)

    FIGHT TEST (EP)-01 Fight Test/02 Can't Get You Out of My Head (Live on KEXP)/03 The Golden Age (Live)/04 Knives Out/05 Do You Realize?? (Scott Hardkiss Floating In Space Mix)/06 The Strange Design of Conscience/07 Thank You Jack White (For the Fiber Optic Jesus That You Gave Me)

    IT OVERTAKES ME (EP)-01 It Overtakes Me (Radio Edit)/02 I'm Afraid of Dying....Aren't You?/03 Free Radicals (The Bird and the Bee Mix)/04 Time Travel?? Yes !!

    THE SOFT BULLETIN OUTTAKES (EP)-01 1000 Ft. Hands/02 The Captain/03 Satellite of You

    Lotta stuff over four days and there is a TON that I don't have.....once again if you have any of the (many) other EP's or any live stuff, won't you please share in order to make this thing work the way it needs to? Thanks.

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  • 06/01/14--02:14: I Decline
  • From Chicago Illinois comes this hard-rocking, semi-stoner, semi-thrash band, they seem most
    similar to perhaps Thin Lizzy's twin-guitar attack, maybe with a bit of Black Sabbath and some random hardcore thrash thrown in, if that makes any sense to ya.

    I DO NOT have their full discography, hopefully some Chicagoan-type (Bears fan!) might have the others.....what I DO have are two albums, starting with what I consider a great album, "Thesoundtrackfortherestofyourlife" (hey, I didn't title it).....from 2000, a damn fine, cohesive effort, LOTS of oddball, hard rocking shit on here, sort of like a stoner-metal Pink Floyd effort, should you grasp my meaning (if not, sorry, I am intoxicated as I write this).......this is the better of the two efforts to which I have, if you are unfamiliar (most are), this is where I would go.

    'Cause, to honest witcha, the other disc I have isn't really that great.....what I do have is 2003's "The Ides of Riffdom" which I listened to once again this morning......not NEARLY as innovative nor as rocking as the previous effort. They TRY, but efforts like "Skeleton Dance" and "Raze Lazerus", while fine hard-rocking tunes, seem to fall just a bit short.....not awful by any means, but also not up to the quality of the first album.

    And that is it. They released "Time to Shine" in 2011, and "The Force Within Us" in 2013....I have never heard a note of either of them, nor can I find them on the Bay or anything......if you have them, as always, PLEASE share, we fans of hard-core riff-rock can never get enough......

    Anyway, if I were completely unfamiliar, I would at least download "Soundtrack", it's a pretty damn good album, and if it does it for ya, go for the other one too.....see ya tomorrow with God only knows what.

    SOUNTRACKFORTHERESTOFYOURLIFE-01 The Gunslinger/02 I Witness/03 Heat Seeker/04 Five Realms (Part 1)/05 Little John/06 Where Oz Takes Me/07 Lose Your Mind To Fly/08 America Take 2/09 The Venus Flies/10 Five Realms (Part 2)/11 City of Gold/12 The Ohio Dragon Song/13 Tom's Song/14 Dusting Off a Ghost/15 Year of the Black Rabbit

    THE IDES OF RIFFDOM-01 If We Sucked You'd Like Us/02 Street Scene/03 Raze Lazerus (You Know Who's the Thief)/04 Yeah, You Did/05 Dolio's Montreaux/06 Skeleton Dance/07 I, Rifflord/08 Give 'em a hand

    As usual, see what ya of right now I have no clue what I'll put up tomorrow, hopefully, if you don't like THIS one, it'll be something right up YER alley. Goodnight!

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    A seemingly forgotten minor-classic, I loved this album
    when it came out in 1983 or whenever it
    was.......Brian ENo and David Byrne lay down some super-groovy funk tracks and compliment them with various "found" speech segments, from radio broadcasts or whatever...the result is a very different listening experience, unlike maybe any you have ever had......

    I know of know proper way to describe this, suffice to say that "Mea Culpa" and "The Jezebel Spirit" are nothing if not interesting, but the highlight for me is the fantastic "America is Waiting", a great track no matter what era, artist, or me. If you are a fan of 1970's Roxy Music-type stuff, or 1980's Talking Heads-type stuff, you know what I mean about the rewards of taking chances, and this is a possible gem that you may have overlooked.....personally I recommend it, and I can PERFECTLY what I mean about the risks/rewards of taking CHANCES, as so many are afraid to do.

    MY LIFE IN THE BUSH OF GHOSTS-01 America Is Waiting/02 Mea Culpa/03 Regiment/04 Help Me Somebody/05 The Jezebel Spirit/06 Very, Very Hungry/07 Moonlight In Glory/08 The Carrier/09 A Secret Life/10 Come With Us/11 Mountains of Needles/12 Pitch to Voltage/13 Two Against Three/14 Vocal Outtakes/15 New Feet/16 Defiant/17 Number 8 Mix/18 Solo Guitar With Tinfoil

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  • 06/02/14--15:18: Built to Spill
  • Some catchy, hook-filled, guitar jamming indie rock from Boise Idaho, most often bringing to
    memory the work of Pavement, or, perhaps more accurately, Dinosaur Junior. This is also a band (like Flaming Lips) who have released a bunch of EP's that I don't know the drill!

    Guitarist/singer Doug Martsch formed the band in the early 1990's along with bassist/keyboardist Brett Nelson and drummer Ralf Youtz. This is one of those "floating conglomeration" bands, with Martsch being the only "permanent" member, though Nelson has been there most of the time as well, while splitting his time with  Caustic Resin.

    First release was 1993's "Ultimate Alternative Wavers", a very, very good album which I would argue as thier best. "Nowhere Nothin' Fuckup" and "Shameful Dread" are good, long tracks filled with noise that guitar junkies will simply fall in love with. To me one of the more overlooked albums of a point in time (early 1990's) in which great albums were seemingly coming out every week.

    They followed up with "There's Nothing Wrong With Love", also an excellent effort, shorter and more accessible tracks with standouts "Car" especially "Distopian Dream Girl"......good effort which like it's predecessor was and is still overlooked. Recommended.

    Make it three great efforts in a row with 1997's "Perfect From Now On".....we could also argue this as thier best work, MUCH more experimental/psychedelic, longer, droning tracks like "Randy Described Eternity" and "I Would Hurt a Fly", among others, are good, unique, and difficult to describe. One track on the album, "Out of Site", prominently features cello playing. Good stuff.

    Closing out the 1990's with yet another perfectly acceptable album, "Keep It Like a Secret"....nothing
    here as fine as the previous three discs but another album of tuneful indie rock songs, "The Plan", and the long closing number "Broken Chairs" are the highpoints.

    Sounding somewhat like a broekn record here, but, certainly, also, there is not a thing wrong with "Ancient Melodies of the Future", another set with some good tunes such as "Strange" and "Alarmed", and plenty of Martsch's trademark guitar sound.

    "Goin' Against Your Mind" and "Conventional Wisdom" are the standout tracks on 2006's "You In Reverse"....these guys knew their formula and executed it quite well, I actually like THIS album quite a bit also, so, as you can see I think they were quite excessively underappreciated.

    2013's "There is No Enemy" is their latest, and, for me, weakest effort.....Nelson and longtime drummer Scott Plouff left, this one doesn't really get it done for me, not "awful" by any means, but I think the "sell-by" date had been reached though. Quite a run, though, regardless.

    There are also a so-so live album, imaginatively entitled "Live", and also "The Normal Years" which rounds up a bunch of singles, previously unreleased other tracks, and whatever......for fanatics (both of em I guess).

    Good band......unappreciated in their time, but as I said before I think that in the early 1990's, the void that was the 1980's was being filled with SO MUCH good stuff that a lot of it tends to get overlooked. If you aren't familar, let me know what you think, the first six efforts really ARE good, solid, creative indie rock if that is your thing, and Martsch really is a fine guitar player......give it a try if you think it may be your thing.

    ULTIMATE ALTERNATIVE WAVERS-01 The First Song/02 Three Years Ago Today/03
    Revolution/04 Shameful Dread/05 Nowhere Nothin' Fuckup/06 Get a Life/07 Built to Spill/08 Lie For a Lie/09 Hazy/10 Built Too Long (parts 1,2,&3)

    THERE'S NOTHING WRONG WITH LOVE-01 In the Morning/02 Reasons/03 Big Dipper/04 Car/05 Fling/06 Cleo/07 The Source/08 Twin Falls/09 Some/10 Distopian Dream Girl/11 Isreal's Song/12 Stab/13 Preview

    PERFECT FROM NOW ON-01 Randy Described Eternity/02 I Would Hurt a Fly/03 Stop the Show/04 Made-Up Dreams/05 Velvet Waltz/06 Out of Site/07 Kicked It In the Sun/08 Untrustable/Part 2 (About Someone Else)

    KEEP IT LIKE A SECRET-01 The Plan/02 Center of the Universe/03 Carry the Zero/04 Sidewalk/05 Bad Light/06 Time Trap/07 Else/08 You Were Right/09 Temporarily Blind/10 Broken Chairs

    ANCIENT MELODIES OF THE FUTURE-01 Strange/02 The Host/03 In Your Mind/04 Alarmed/05 Trimmed and Burning/06 Happiness/07 Don't Try/08 You Are/09 Fly Around My Pretty Little Miss/10 The Weather

    YOU IN REVERSE-01 Goin' Against Your Mind/02 Traces/03 Liar/04 Saturday/05 Wherever You
    Go/06 Conventional Wisdom/07 Gone/08 Mess With Time/09 Just a Habit/10 The Wait

    THERE IS NO ENEMY-01 Aisle 13/02 Hindsight/03 Nowhere Lullaby/04 Good Ol' Boredom/05 Life's a Dream/06 Oh Yeah/07 Pat/08 Done/09 Planting Seeds/10 Things Fall Apart/11 Tomorrow

    LIVE-01 The Plan/02 Randy Described Eternity/03 Stop the Show/04 Virginia Reel Around the Fountain/05 Cortez the Killer/06 Car/07 Singing Sores Make Perfect Swords/08 I Would Hurt a Fly/09 Broken Chairs

    THE NORMAL YEARS-01 So & So So & So From Wherever Wherever/02 Shortcut/03 Car/04 Somethings last a Long Time/05 Girl/06 Joyride/07 Some/08 Sick & Wrong/09 Still Flat/10 Terrible/Perfect

    So let me know what you think about these........pretty good stuff for the most part, in my opinion.

    ALSO,putting out a request for a couple albums by the stoner band Mermaid.....the best I can tell, they have released three (early 2000's), I have "Red Led or Dead" which is excellent, but looking for the other two, would like to do a post on them and introduce them to some new ears. Have a hunch that juts maybe Mark Eveligh can help with this one, but if any of ya have any Mermaid (other than "Red Led or Dead"

    0 0

    Found this one a couple days ago on Venenos Do Rock (and it's a FANTASTIC site. very and couldn't wait to share it with any of you guys who might have missed it there, I think it's pretty rare, at least I don't seem to recall seeing it before, and the tracks are both obscure and great.
    professionally done and LOTS of good and rare stuff there, please visit, check out and patronize this very excellent blog,

    Much of the site is not in English and I am not able to discuss EXACTLY what we have here, but from what I can tell it is a hodgepodge of tracks from the Cicadelic Label.....certainly we all DO know Human Expression, they get three tracks here including the pretty well known "Your Mind Works In Reverse"....the rest is a collection of extreme fuzz guitars, haunting keyboards, tortured vocals and goofball dated lyrics......absolutely a great find, listened to it TWICE yesterday it is so cool.

    Taking the lazy way out today, raiding another blog, but I want to be sure the paych fans who come HERE and may not go THERE pick this one up, it is worth it big time. IF YOU DO check it out, please stop by and give thanks to him as well, and check out his other awesome stuff!

    HUMAN EXPRESSION AND OTHER PSYCHEDELIC GROUPS-01 THE FRONT PAGE NEWS-Thoughts/02 THE REMAINING FEW-In the Morning/03 THE HUMAN EXPRESSION-Your Mind Works In Reverse/04 THE HUMAN EXPRESSION-Calm Me Down/05 THE HUMAN EXPRESSION-Optical Sound/06 SILK WINGED ALLIANCE-Flashback/07 SILK WINGED ALLIANCE-Hometown/08 THE REMAINING FEW-Painted Air/09 THE CICADELICS-We're Gonna Love This Way/10 MECHANICAL SWITCH-Everything Is Red/11 MECHANICAL SWITCH-Spongeman/12 CHILDREN OF THE MUSHROOM-You Can't Erase a Mirror/13 CHILDREN OF THE MUSHROOM-August Mademoiselle/14 THE KYKS-Where Are You/15 THE KYKS-When Love Comes Searching For Me/16 THE RUBBER BAND-Forever Friday/17 THE RUBBER BAND-Below Up, Above Down/18 THE GRUVE-You're Gonna Love Me/19 THE GRUVE-Take Hi Five/20 THE FRONT PAGE NEWS-You Better Behave.

    Magnificent set, please check it out!

    0 0

    Going to hit the road again for a couple days, hitting the casino again tomorrow night with my lovely
    wife Carla, our son Grant and our "adopted son" Aaron (Grant's best friend) and getting up early Thursday to head to the Cincinnati Reds/San Francisco Giants daytime affair, using my buddies corporate tickets which is sure to be a blast......I think I have enough posts written ahead that I can use the Kindle and never miss a beat (God I am so DEDICATED), but I was looking around through my files and I thought that maybe one or two of you MIGHT (or might not) be interested in of my threer or four favorite films of all is "The Breakfast Club", one of the best things to come out of that kidney stone of a decade, the 1980's.....LOVE that film. If you've seen it, ONE character, John Bender, reminds me of someone who was "very, very VERY cloe to myself in high school", if you get my drift, but the great thing about this classic is that EVERYONE identifies with one or more characters in the film. Excellent movie, IMO the BEST movie of the 1980's, I love it (I am a real movie buff, doesn't really come up here often, but GOD my expertise runs the gammut)

    What we have here is a copy of the film's original script......if this is not of interest to you, move along, I've been thinking about putting up some NON MUSICAL stuff anyway (Freak Brothers Comics anyone? The complete "Get Your War On?" about the complete Doonsebury, or the complete works of Kurt Vonnegut"?) We'll see how this is recieved before I go in that direction, it's a SHARE BLOG and I want everyone out there to share ANYTHING cool that they have, ANYTHING, it doesn't have to be an obscure CD.......ANYTHING.......I want us to be the "Facebook" for people whom "Facebook" rejects (OK, I AM on "Facebook", but you get my point).....

    If you are a film buff, in particular of films of the 1980's and very specifically of the "Breakfast Club", down this and check it, it is awesome and incredible......if not, well, check my recent Built to Spill, Cicadelic Label, and tomorrow's Mothers of Invention posts to keep your musical interests satisfied......BUT, I wish to (for now) expand my horizons, cast my breads upon the waters and see what happens.....if this is a disaster and everyone says "Hey, idiot, this is a music blog, how about some damn MUSIC?", then this will be a failed experiment......I guess we'll see.....but I want EVERYONE to share the neat stuff that they have filed away on their puters, SOMEONE will think your stuff (and MY stuff) is cool.......check this out, if it is something you may like you will not be disappointed.........if not, continue to dig on the music that I try to provide on a daily basis and will continue to......LLLLLLOOOOOOOOOOOOVVVVE all my readers and am so thrilled that you continue to stick around! the best to ALL of you!

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  • 06/04/14--15:31: The Mothers of Invention
  • The Mothers get very little play on these share blogs, I am going to change that a bit....certainly NOT
    going to delve into Zappa's entire career, for one, there is JUST TOO MUCH, and for another, a lot of it really doesn't appeal to me......there is no denying, however, that the incredible early Mothers of Invention albums were groundbreaking, hilarious, great musically, and about 50 years ahead of their time......we weill concentrate on that small portion of the unimaginably huge Zappa career/collection, I have a bunch of post-Mothers work, some of which I enjoy, some of which leaves my head scratching........

    So, the Mothers of Invention. I think we all know the early Zappa story, and if not, read it elsewhere....we will begin OUR story with 1966's "Freak Out", one of my Dad's faves, which I probably heard 500 times before I was 8 years old or anycase, it still sounds innovative, and if you are by chance  hearing for the first time, well, this will certainly be an "experience" for you to say the least. One of the first double albums in rock history (along with Dylan's "Blonde on Blonde"), wow, how to approach this.....a mixture of sonic sound collages, "serious" music, and basically everything but the kitchen sink in an effort to "go over" EVERYONE's head. It succeded....NO ONE, and I mean NO ONE, at the time was ready for "Help, I'm a Rock", or the side long "Return of the Son of Monster Magnet".....a ot of this has aged fairly poorly, to be honest, however, a lot of it is also essential to understanding a lot of modern rock n roll that we listen to and consider "innovative", even today.

    In 1967, the Mothers released "Absolutely Free", a satrical savaging of "straight" America, each side is basically a suite which contains many numbers, but "Brown Shoes Don't Make It" and "America Drinks and Goes Home", along with "Plastic People" make the point VERY clear as to whom the target was here.....recommeded.

    Surprisingly then, the Mother's NEXT target was the "hip" counter culture, who they literally took
    apart with MY favorite Mothers album, "We're Only In It For the Money".....with cover art and inserts which mocked "Sgt. Pepper", this is an AMAZING album, one of the best of it's era, and is both fun and hilarious to listen to today. It's ALL great, especially don't miss "Flower Punk" ("Hey Punk where you going with those beads around your neck? Well, I'm going to see my shrink so he can help me be a nervous wreck"), and, while your at it DON'T MISS ANY OF IT, one of the greatest of all rock albums. got one on vinyl, myself!

    I don't have/don't especially care for "Ruben and the Jets", an homage to the doo-wop music that Zappa loved, I am sure you can easilly locate a copy should you want next stop is "Uncle Meat" from 1969.....a frantic mix of live and studio tracks, the standouts are "Nine Types of Industrial Pollution", and "Dog Breathe, in the Year of the Plague"......another winner for the Mothers.

    Two more Mothers albums were basically constructed from tapes in the vault, "Burnt Weenie Sandwich" and "Weasles Ripped My Flesh" in the early 1970's....."Burnt Weenie Sandwich" contains the somewhat amazing "The Little House I used to Live in", all 20 minutes of it (trying to describe this stuff would be an impossibility), "The Eric Dolphy Memorial Barbeque" is a fine tribute, and of course, the title track and "My Guitar Wants to KIll Your Mama", are no question memorable.

    This is as far as I am taking this.....Zappa released hundreds of hours of recorded music, of varying styles and qualitites, Mothers or try to explain it all here is a task for someoen other than me.....I happen to think, just off the top, that "Joe's Garage" and "Appostrophe" are pretty fine discs, if you are interested, and if you have a ton of Zappa stuff, you are more than free to share it here.

    A Musical genius, hard to argue that. A Master satirist, IMPOSSIBLE to argue that.....I don't have close to the resources to tribute his whole career, BUT thanks to my Dad, I grew up listening to THESE albums, and they have held up well.

    RIP Frank!

    FREAK OUT-01 Hungry Freaks Daddy/02 I AIn't Got No Heart/03 Who Are the Brain Police/04 Go Cry On Someone Else's Shoulder/05 Motherly Love/06 How Could I Be Such a Fool/07 Wowie Zowie/08 You Didn't Try to Call Me/09 Any Way the Wind Blows/10 I'm Not Satisfied/11 You're Probably Wondering Why I'm Here/12 Trouble Every Day/13 Help, I'm a Rock/14 The Return of the Son of Monster Magnet

    ABSOLUTLEY FREE-01 Plastic People/02 The Duke of Prunes/03 Amnesia Vivace/04 The Duke
    Regains his Chops/05 Call Any Vegetable/06 Invocation and Ritual Dance of the Young Pumpkin/07 Soft-Sell Conclusion/08 Big Leg Emma/09 Why Dontcah Do Me Right/10America Drinks/11 Status Back Baby/12 Uncle Bernie's Farm/13 Son of Suzy Creamcheese/14 Brown Shoes Don't Make it/15 America Drinks & Goes Home

    WE'RE ONLY IN IT FOR THE MONEY-01 Are You Hung Up?/02 Who Needs the Peace Corps?/03 Concentration Moon/04 Mom & Dad/05 Telephone Conversation/06 Bow Tie Daddy/07 Harry You're a Beast/08 What's The Ugliest Part of Your Body?/09 Absolutley Free/10 Flower Punk/11 Hot Poop/12 Nasal Retentive Calliope Music/13 Let's Make the Water Turn Black/14 The Idiot Bastard Son/15 Lonely Little Girl/16 Take Off Your Clothes When You Dance/17 What's the Ugliest Part of Your Boy (Reprise)/18 Mother People/19 The Chrome Plated Megaphone of Destiny

    UNCLE MEAT -01 Uncle Meat: Main Title Theme/02 The Voice of Cheese/03 Nine Types of Industrial Pollution/04 Zolar Czakl/05 Dog Breathe in the Year of the Plague/06 The Legend of the Golden Arches/07 Louie Louie/08 The Dog Breath Variations/09 Sleeping In a Jar/10 Our Bizarre Relationship/11 The Uncle Meat Variations/12 Electric Aunt Jamima/13 Prelude to King Kong/14 God Bless America/15 A Pound For a Brown on the Bus/16 Ian Underwood Whips It Out/17 Mr Green Genes/18 We Can Shoot You/19 "If We'd All Been Living In California"/20 The Air/21 Project X/22 Cruising For Burgers

    BURNT WEENIE SANDWICH-01 WPLJ/02 Igor's Boogie, Phase 1/03 Overture to a Holiday in Berlin/04 Theme From Burnt Weenie Sandwich/05 Igor's Boogie Phase 2/06 Holiday In Berlin, Full Blown/07 Aybe Sea/08 The Little House I Used to Live In/09 Valerie

    WEASLES RIPPED MY FLESH-01 Didja Get any Onya/02 Directly From My Heart To You/03 Prelude to the Afternoon of a Sexually Aroused Gas Mask/04 Toads of the Short Forrest/05 Get a Little/06 Eric Dolphy Memorial Barbecue/07 Dwarf Nebula Professional March and Dwarf Nebula/08 My Guitar Wants To Kill Your Momma/09 Oh No/10 The Orange County Lumber Truck/11 Weasles Ripped My Flesh

    OK, some DAMN fine stuff here....NOT all-encomapssing (too much work), but I LOVE me these six Mothers albums......I grew up on them, granted I had kind of a hippie-stoner Dad, which was I guess in a lot of ways lucky.......You REALLY have to like these albums, they are essential and great, in particular, my fave will ALWAYS be "We're Only In It For the Money".....I'd love to know what YOUR fave is!

    0 0

    No such thing as "too much" Television,
    one of my all time favorite bands....the post- "Adventure"
    stuff is not always great, but IS ALWAYS interesting, and here the legend that is Dave Sez offers up another reunion/post 1990 effort which you can't help but love. The text in his words:


    Title: Rose Of My Heart
    Dates: September 6, 1992
    Venue: Sunplaza-Nakano, Tokyo, Japan
    Total Playing Time: 72.36
    Lineage: (No Label) No. 20905-2 Boot 1CD > Wav > FLAC
    Excellent Audience Recording
    01. Crescendo
    02. Venus
    03. In World
    04. Glory
    05. Call Mr. Lee
    06. Prove It
    07. This Tune
    08. The Rocket
    09. See No Evil
    10. 1880 Or So
    11. Marquee Moon

    Band Lineup
    Tom Verlaine: Guitar, Vocals
    Richard Lloyd: Guitar
    Fred Smith: Bass
    Billy Ficca: Drums
    In 1992 Television reunited to record a self-titled album and did a world tour.

    Hey, if it's another version of "Venus" and especially "Marquee Moon", at least I AM
    THERE.....Television one of the ten or so bands that I wish to hear EVERYTHING they ever recorded......As this is the "real" lineup, and not, say, just Tom Verlaine and a bunch of session men, this is the REAL MCCOY, thet "real" Television, who were simply one of the great rock bands of all time and deserve our utmost respect. For that matter, so does the never-tiring Dave Sez who selflessly, CONSTANTLY shares his rare, hard to find, and very cool file collection......If EVERYONE out there would do so (and a lot of you do, don't assume I am bitching), we would have what I envision as the perfect blog.......oh well......countdown to retirement, 18 days.....OOPS going to Cincinnati Reds game Thursday, make it 17......OOPS going NEXT Thursday as well, so make it 16......Have I even pointed out that I am retiring? Yes? Well, I'm POINTING IT OUT AGAIN. Deal with it.

    0 0

    Here is the story.....I have a huge file of maybe 100 (or more) albums of Greek punk albums, singles,
    EP's, and etc.....problem being I cannot read a word of Greek, and have been looking for a volunteer to help me translate the band names/album names/song titles and whatever......thanks to my new great friend of the blog, APANTA BAPANTA, I will be sending him a few discs at a time and letting him translate them for us.....for his trouble he is free, of course, to keep the discs if he wishes, and has also requested a couple thing from my collection that I will be happy to send him......MORE THAN USUSAL, I want to know if this will be a popular feature.....I love non-English rock, as you know, some do not, but above all I strive for this blog to be total blend of ALL things rock n roll, from all eras, and from all corners of the world.......I hope you like these, what I have listened to so far is pretty cool, if you DON'T LIKE THEM, please tell us so as well, and the feature may be discontinued or scaled back......if you find it cool, though, let us know that too PLEASE so we can determine the frequency of the posts (I'm thinking once every 2 weeks or so right now) a little different, links are in the TEXT, not the comments, for a variety of uninteresting reasons (involving copying from APANATA's email).......also, as with any outside contributor, (although he did not supply the music), if you enjoy these PLEASE offer thanks up to APANTA BAPANTA for his wonderful help in translating these for the non-Greek speakers of the world......on with the show, let's see what we have today.....


    OK, the first band is called ANTI.....I am assuming that is also the name of the album......the English translations of the title tracks on this album are:

    1. Educator Frenzy
    2. Ungrateful Children
    3. Pandemonium
    4. Faceless Gossip
    5. Authoritarian Impulses

    Here is the Zippylink for this album

    As a bonus here are a few YouTube clips you can watch if you want.....

    Next up we have (I didn't get a literal translation for this band name, something like (in US font): a few albums. first is a 1991 LP, title unsure something like Evavtia, here is the track list:

    01 Reaction/02 Seek World/03 Nightmare/04 Introduction 300/05 Elas (an acronym of the Greek police when properly translated)/06 No One For Me/07 New Hope/08 Sanitarium/09 Dirty War


    Same band provides us with an EP from 1989 translated to "Blood On the Streets":

    01 Blood On the Streets/02 Gods of Fear


    A 1996 EP from the same band, entitled "E"

    01 E/02 Rats


    and finally a 1990 LP Entitled "Condition Risk"....

    01 Pork/02 Dirty War/03 Count Down/04 Born Dead/05 Behind the Horizon/06 This Is Greece/07 Feast of Death/08 Gods of Fear/09 Risk Situation/10 Without Future/11 18-20/12 Free Tv/13 Genocide/14 You Know Where You Live


    A good amount of stuff from this band, and what I have sampled, I like.....please check these out, both of us put a good amount of work into them.


    This one, enough information wasn't provided for him to provide the band name, let's just call them
    "Generic Greek Band #1", I'm sure it will come up again......also unsure of the album title, but here is the track list:

    01 Isolation/02 I'm Leaving in greek slang ego tin kano (?)/03 Color Tv-Black and White Life/04 Vacuum/05 New World Order/06 Everywhere and Nowhere/07 I Want to Live/08 Our Last Tear/09 Subordinative


    OK, guys, I want a FULL REPORT on this.....should it become a semi-regular feature? or is it a failed I said a LOT of work went into this on both sides of the ocean, so PLEASE let us know.....personally, I think it's a cool thing and am looking forward to do it, but if noone else agrees, that would be a lot like talking to myself (not that I wouldn't do that either).

    Oh, by the way, I have NO cover art whatsoever, or pictures of these bands, or really even any way to type their Greek names into Google to find a likely no one will mind if I dress up this special feature with some smoking hot Greek babes, any one of which can sauce MY gyro anytime/place, starting with one of my faves, the delicious Debbie Mattenopolous........PLEASE report back on this post, me and my new blog friend (hell, and Debbie M, too) are anxious to know how it's recieved (I'll wake Debbie up and tell her).

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  • 06/06/14--17:27: Zerocharisma
  • And JUST in case you don't appreciate my Greek Punk
    effort team up with new friend APANTA BAPANTA, let me throw our just one more tasty tidbit on a Friday evening for ya......

    Digging DEEP for an obscurity of stoner-rock, from 2000, I have a single , five track EP from
    Zerocharisma, entitled "Flip the Man"......Now, information on these guys is nearly non-existent....I have tried, but can find no lineup, no other recorded workds, pretty much nothing, but this brief EP.....and you know what? It's pretty damn good, reminding me in a small way of perhaps Roadsaw or someone like that........good stuff, really.....if anyone in the great land of Norway has any info/or more music by these dudes, I'm up for it they are certainly intriguing enough based on THIS EP......I a have so littel info, that I am going to include a YOUTUBE video link of one of the songs on this disc, again, it's pretty good, check this out:

    This is a finetrack, entitled "Taboo" which does NOT appear on the EP provided here but on a stoner comp called "Molten Universe", which I THINK I may have around here somewhere.

    I like the band, I like the video, I like the EP......perhaps there is more, or perhaps it was just one of those things, BUT as you know, I love this stuff.....check it out and give them a fraction of the follwoing they deserved!

    FLIP THE MAN EP-01 Oracle/02 RIdin' Astro/03 Caliphornia/04 Space Probe/05 Flip the Man.

    I really DO NOT think you will feel disappointed or that you wasted your time on this one, provided you are a stoner rock lover and not afraid to reach out there for the obscure now and again.

    0 0

    Say it with me: "Va-Ri-E-Ty"'s ALL rock n roll,
     but to my ears it is all nearly as intersting, and
    if I want to put the Mothers of Invention/Televsion/Zerocharisma/and Mitch Ryder up on consecutive days, that would simply be a reflection of the mood I happen to be in that particular moment.

    Hell, me, always loved me some Mitch Ryder, a real wild man on stage (never saw him, relying on video only), influenced somewhat, I'd say, by James Brown, and something, maybe, as a precursor to Prince.......Hell I don't know......hard rocking blue-eyed white soul from Detroit Michigan counts for SOMETHING. Seemingly, they were under-appreciated in the heyday, and seem to be not as well remembered NOW as they might deserve to be, hopefully I can change that just a smidge.

    OK, this is all I have this single disc, doesn't REALLY seem to matter, this stuff is super-high-octane R&B, ahead of it's time in the intensity of the performances.....Likely you know "Jenny Take a Ride", Little Latin Lupe Lu", "Devil With a Blue Dress ON", and maybe "Sock It To Me Baby", all phenominal pieces of frantic blue-eyede soul, but there are a total of twenty tracks here, EVERY ONE worth your time......"Shakin WIth Linda", "Longneck Goose", "Shake a Tailfeather".....I can go on and on, but what is the point. If you love primative rock/soul, look no further. If you're already a fan of Ryder's work, this is (IMO) the best collection (albiet no really rare tracks) always, if you ahve something to share here, myself and the REST of the blogosphere will be more than thrilled to death with you. This IS rock n two ways about THAT!

    REV UP-Jenny Take a Ride/02 Little Latin Lupe Lu/03 Shakin WIth Linda/04 I Like It Like That/05
    I had It Made/06 Break-out/07 Shake a Tail-Feather/08 Just a Little Bit/09 Takin All I Can Get/10 You Get Your Kicks/11 Sticks and Stones/12 Baby Jane (Mo-Mo Jane)/13 Joy/14 Devil WIth a blue Dress On/Good Golly Miss Molly/15 Sock It To Me Baby/16 Too Many Fish In the Sea/Three Little Fishes/17 I'd Rather Go To Jail/18 Liberty/19 Longneck Goose/20 Rock N Roll

    Know what I'd REALLY like? for some of the kiddies to tell me what they think about this! It's smart, seminal, influential, and highly listenable (that being the main point).....come on you under-30 pups, let's ALL share opinions, that makes it ALL GO ROUND! Also, old timers like me, would love any live material/rarities you may have in the vault!

    0 0

    Had this all ready for tomorrow but feeling somewhat generous, thought I'd put up an extra Saturday post with some obscure early 1970's hard/psych rock and what could POSSIBLY be wrong wit dat?

    "Volume 1", indeed, this is the only known
    (known to me) recording of this fine early 1970's hard-
    rock/psych effort, I love this one and fans of the hard/pscyh scene will love it as well, it fits in PERFECTLY with many of the early-70's pre-hard pscyh stuff I have posted before trust me.

    So, this album (From USA ca. 1970 or so), the band consisted of singer/Guitarist Robert Savage, bassist Don Parrish, and drummer Tommy Richards. They cranked out a fine slab of hard psych, in an era in which underappreciated hard-psych albums (pre-stoner rock?) albums were coming out weekly.......I have not a clue as to what happened to these dudes after this album hit, but all I can say it is a damn good period piece, if you are my age you will love it, if younger, I can't see why you wouldn't love it as well.

    The opener "Beaver Baby" is kick ass with some fine female vocals (from whom?), "Milk Run" and "Don't Run and Hide" are certainly acceptable tracks. My favorite is the groovy "Save Us From the Cyclops", long one of my favorites and if I were making a "Nuggets" album of this kind of thing (I'm too lazy, don't hold your breath), this would be one of my selections.

    NOT a real well known album , let me know what you think about you know I kinda like to mix things up here and provide a LOT of different ROCK N ROLL.......but YOUR opinions on it are vital to the blog, please continue to offer them up. I Love each and every person who contributes to the blog, we'll see what happens after I retire? Maybe MORE "mega posts?" perhaps.....but you GOTTA let me know what you want and you know I will (within reason of course!)

    THE ADVENTURES OF ROBERT SAVAGE VOLUME 1-01 Beaver Baby/02 Milk Run/03 Don't Run and Hide/04 A Hard One/05 Seven Days Drunk/06 Save Us From the Cyclops/07 Amy (The Insane)/08 Lonely World/09 Road Apples....

    Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy, it's a good, obscure and deliciously dated album. Let me know what you think and ALSO of course, of ANYTHING else you'd like to see......hopefully my friend Apanta Bapanta is translating some of the Greek Punk albums I sent him into English, if THAT works out "Greek Punk" will become a semi-regular us out, though, all over the world....stuff you take for granted in YOUR corner of teh world may be a super-oddity/rarity to US......let's ALL WORK TOGETHER and we can make this thing work, it has for three years now, and there is nothing I would love than to see it continue to work with as many participants as possible. Thanks to all of you.

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  • 06/08/14--12:04: The Shirts
  • Regulars at CBGB's at the height of the scene, but, somewhat
    like Talking Heads or Television and a few others, not because they were especially "punk" in thier presentation, but more, actually, because they happened to be in the neighborhood. Power-poppish danceable stuff, highlighted by the angelic vocals of the wonderful Anne Golden.

    Couple of nearly forgotten gems from the band, their self titled debut (1978) which features track after track of Annies sooooooo sweet vocals on great stuff like "Tell Me Your Plans", "Teenage Crutch", and "Running Through the Night", hidden among other seemingly radio-ready tracks.....why this band didn't hit it big mainstream is hard to say, you just never, ever know.......

    The second album ("Street Light Shine", 1979) is perhaps even better, with more creative songwriting and many more shoulda-been hit singles ("Laugh and Walk Away", "Starts With a Handshake", "Triangulum").....again US success was not forthcoming, although the band did enjoy some European success.......

    I understand that a third album exists, "Inner Sleeve" from 1980, I have never seen or heard a copy, if this sounds like a job for Doug from Northern Ohio who has seemingly every recording ever made, if you have it Doug, please share, but not a big deal.....I think these two albums presented here are a perfectly fine representation of what this band was/is about......also, they seemingly reformed in the 1990's or so, and, really, I think, most likely the less said about THAT, probably the better.

    Let me know what you feel about these forgotten mini-gems of the late 1970' had been a while
    since I had listened to them, but those sweet vocals of Annie Golden will NEVER get old, and these records have aged in quite a fun,enjoyable way.......see what you think about maybe the leasat appreciated of the CBGB classic bands!

    SELF TITLED-01 Reducded to a Whisper/02 Tell Me Your Plans/03 Empty Ever After/04 Teenage Crutch/05 10th Floor Clown/06 The Story Goes/07 Lonely Android/08 Running Through the Night/09 They Say The Sun Shines/10Poe

    STREET LIGHT SHINE-01 Laugh and Walk Away/02 Love is a Fiction/03 Don't You Hesitate/04 Milton at the Savoy/05 Ground Zero/06 Triangulum/07 Out on the Ropes/08 Starts With a Handshake/09 Can't cry Anymore/10 I Feel So Nervous/11 Outside the Cathedral Door/12 Kensington Gardens

    Good albums.......hope they are something new to you, or, either spark some old memories for you guys my age!

    0 0

    My Dad really loved versatility/variety in music, not just in rock,
     like I do, but he was quite a fan of
    blues, country, folk.....lots of stuff. When I was a kid the stereo was on ALL the time, and you just never knew what you were going to get out of his stellar vinyl collection.....I learned a lot about music from him, obviously our tastes crossed the lines sometimes (at the time of his death in 1990, he was still enjoying punk/new wave/metal stuff, always up for something new.....KIND OF like me, but he was more open to ANYTHING than I am (truth be told I REALLY dislike some types of music, such as MOST country for example, but we all just enjoy what we enjoy, and the world is a better place for it.....

    What I'm leading up to here is I remember hearing Ravi Shankar's "Three Ragas" quite a bit as a kid, found it to be weird and VERY different from, say, Bob Dylan or the Stones (even obvious to my 7-8 year old brain)........I was for some reason thinking about "Three Ragas" the other day, went to the basement (yes, Dad's old vinyl still has a home in my basement, MOST of it (the rock stuff) has been transferred to digital, but this one, I knew, had not been.....anyway, I found it, played it, and while the memories came flying back, the years have not been kind to the vinyl.....I was going to transfer it ANYWAY and post it in all it's crackly-vinyl glory, but checking the Bay there was actually a CD version there! Unbeleiveable. My Dad would have LOVED the CD/file sharing/digital music era, so sorry he missed it.

    Anyway, I rather than transfer I went ahead and downloaded the digital copy......sounds great. This is three long tracks of, well, raga, instrumental sitar-based and a fine indoctrination to the earliest of raga sounds, which of course has influenced rock in various ways ever since (this was issued in 1956, his first recorded effort, and certainly the oldest record I have ever presented on this blog).......

    OK, something different, again.....if you are thinking I am off my rocker, maybe I am, but don't say I don't try to keep things fresh and original each day.......I'd LOVE to hear from some young pup who finds this to be a treat, and from anyone who loves OR hates this album......likely it won't go into heavy rotation in your, mine, or anyone else's heavy rotation, but often the temptation is so great to be "interesting" rather than "entertaining".....

    Something else tomorrow, we'll all find out together what it will be!

    THREE RAGAS-01 Raga Jog/02 Raga Ahir Bhairav/03 Raga Simhendra Madhyamam

    Love to know what ya'll think about this, and of course anything you guys want to share or hear, you know this is the place. Love everyone who stops by here, and thank you all for doing so.

    0 0

    OK, basically this is a MUSIC blog, first and foremost....I LOVE music and I LOOOOVE sharing it
    with the rest of the world, hope it makes some of you happy, which is my goal.....lately, though, I have been thinking about expanding my horizons so to speak.....I posted the original "Breakfast Club" script the other day to fairly decent response, and I have so many weird files I'd like to share with all of you that I think I will every now ande again begin posting a non-musical treat, (have done so before, remember the glory days of the "Visual Gallery of Perversion"a couple years ago?......anyway, I've posted TWO musical posts

    today anyway, and as you know I am soon to retire from the work world and for a while I may just put MORE Of my efforts into the blog I love so much, the winner, will be anyone who happens to snatch up any of the OTHER cool (non-musical) shit I may share with ya (and I have requested that YOU GUYS share anything cool you have too.....short stories, photography, original artwork, hell, I do care, pictures of your kids/'s ALL GOOD......we are all friends here. Share, share, share, shaer, not just your music, but your lives!

    What I have for you tonight is a collection of "Chick Publications/Comics".....if that does not ring a
    bell with you, Chick Comics are those little sheets of paper that eye-glazed, grinning zombies pass out to total strangers on the street......they describe with great glee the horrendous punishement that awaits Catholics, people who swear, people who like rock n roll, and basically people who do ANYTHING but pass out Chick Comics......this is some of the most scary/hilarious shit ever created by anyone, if you are down with learning about how the "rest of the world" thinks, PLEASE check these out. I love them and find them as funny as when I used to
    watch that Jim Bakker ass shill for people's Social Security checks.......LOOOOOOOVVVE to hear me some comments on THIS share, you're welcome to share it on to anyone else you wish. Hope you see the humor in it that I do, but my mind truly does "work in reverse" sometimesso you never know, but if you trust Chick Comics, I am destined to burn in Hell anyway, for at least 65, 723 different reasons anyway.

    Got a GOOD musical post set up for tomorrow, make sure and check it out, it's a dandy!

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  • 06/09/14--13:37: Dream Syndicate
  • Finding good stuff in the early 1980's was not an easy
     chore, basically we were stuck with 1970's
    hangers-on, The Clash, Costello, etc......but there WERE good ones out there, you just had to LOOK for it (not nearly as easy as it is today to seek out good stuff with the myriad of sources we have, in fact, blogs such as this were a life saver to me before I began this one.)

    So, anyway, one band that DID have a "moment", however brief, in the early 1980's was Dream Syndicate......Strongly influenced by the Velvet Underground and Television, while losing point or two for not being TOTALLY originl, the strength of their influences gains the point back wih interest.

    The 1982 debut, "Days of Wine and Roses", was the career highlight, it's an excellent album, I think to a degree forgotten about today, but a really good period piece from a not-so-great period. The classic lineup was singer/guitarist Steve Wynn, bassist Kendra Smith, unique, noisy guitarist karl Precoda, and drummer Dennis Duck. ......Smith left after this album, and Precoda left after the next, basically stripping the band of it's identity and it's sound, BUT please don't over look "Days", "Tell Me When It's Over", "Halloween", and "Then She Remembers" are fine Velvets/Television influenced tracks, there are alot more, AND this particular version is loaded with tons of EP tracks and more (Good thing because I don't have and can't find the pre-"Days" self titled EP,which is also one worth seeking out, but this loaded up version of days can certainly suffice.

    OK, Smith left, and the band released "The Medecine Show", not nearly the quality of "Days" (I'd give "Days" four stars, this one maybe 2.5, something like that....."Still Holding onto You" and "Armed With an Empty Gun" are good enough songs, but there are a few that don't quite get it done here such as (IMO) the title track and the never ending "John Coltrane Stereo Blues"......this was a career that was pretty much headed down to suckville, and THEN Precoda left, basically tripping the band of ANY remaining link to their original nd.

    I AM going to include 1986's "Out of the Grey" and 1988's "Ghost Stories", just because I happen to have them and for the sake of comparison....if you are interested what happened to the sound after "Medecine Show", this documents th decline, basically they became a Steve Wynn solo project (although not to sell short remaining drummer Dennis Duck, he remainedd one).....I'd rate of those albums at a 1.5, but perhaps they may be of interest to you, if so, dig in.

    Also I am going to included the double-CD "Live at Raji's", recorded in's not bad, really,
    not as bad as it COULD be, it includes material from the bands whole career, and at least it's OK to hear live versions of "Halloween" and "Days of Wine and Roses", and a cover of "All Along the Watchtower", go figure.

    Why not round this out with the "Lost Tapes 1985-88", again, after the band which peaked so early had alredy done so, if you are a fan of the band, this may become a "find" for you.....

    I don't really care that much for most all of the post-first two albums stuff, there is a moment or two.....please atleast check the first two out, "Days" could nearly be called a classic of it's era, and "Medecine Show" is probably better than I have let on.......if these two REALLY do it for you, pick and choose wisely, maybe opting for the live set.......and, as usual, it's ALL there for ya, if your interested.

    DAYS OF WINE AND ROSES-01 Tell Me When It's Over/02 Definitely Clean/03 That's What You Always Say/04 The SHe Remembers/05 Halloween/06 When You SMile/07 Until Lately/08 Too Little Too Late/09 The Days of Wine and Roses/10 Sure Thing (EP Version)/11 That's What You Always Say (EP version)/12 When You Smile (EP Version)/13 Some Kinda Itch (EP Version)/14 Too Little Too late (Rehearsal Version)/15 Definitley Clean (Rehearsal Version)/16 That's What You ALways Say (15 Minutes)/17 Last Chance For You (15 Minutes)

    THE MEDECINE SHOW-01 Still Holding On To You/02 Daddy's Girl/03 Burn/04 Armed With an Empty Gun/05 Bullet With My Name On It/06 The Medecine Show/07 John Coltrane Stereo Blues/8 Merittville/09 Tell Me When It's Over/10 Bullet With My Name On It (Live)/11 Armed With and Empty Gun (live)/12 The Medecine SHow (Live)

    OUT OF THE GREY-01 Out of the Grey/02 Forest For the Trees/03 50 In 25 Zone/04 Boston/05
    Blood Money/06 Slide Away/07 Dying Embers/08 Now I Ride Alone/09 Drinking Problem/10 Dancing Blind/11 You Can't Forget/12 Let It Rain/13 Cinnamon Girl/14 Ballad of Dwight Frye/15 Shake Your Hips/16 I Won't Forget/17 The Lonely Bull

    GHOST STORIES-01 The Side'll Never Show/02 My Old Haunts/03 Loving the Sinner, Hating the Sin/04 Whatever You Please/05 Weathered and Torn/06 See That My Grave Is Kept Clean/07 I Have Faith/08 Someplace Better Than This/09 Black/10 When the Curtain Falls/11 Now I Ride Alone/1I Ain't Livin Long Like This

    LIVE AT RAJI'S DISC 1-01 See That My Grave Is kept Clean/02 Still Holding on To You/03 Forest For the Trees/04 Until Lately/05 That's What You Always Say/06 When You Smile/07 Burn/08 All Along the watchtower/09 Tell Me When It's Over

    LIVE AT RAJI'S DISC 2-01 Merrittvlle/02 The Days of Wine and Roses/03 The Medecine Show/04 Halloween/05 Boston/06 John Coltrane Stereo Blues

    LOST TAPES 1985-88-01 Here On Earth as Well/02 I Ain't Living Long Like This/03 Killing Time/04 Lucky/05 Weathered and Torn/06 The Best Years of My Life/07 Running From My Memory/08 When You Smile (Live)/09 It Hits You Again/10 Blood Money

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