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The music that shaped a semi-wasted life

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    Well, I haven't went WAY out there for anything for a while,
    and came across these while looking for
    Nebula on the "N" shelf......haven't listened to these much for a few years, gonna hafta carpet-bomb a few selections, but fear not, I really liked these guys back when I had em in semi-regular rotation, here is some decent, evolving punk/pop here.

    They released a self titled EP in 1988, have never it (friends? anyone?)and after its release, the old vocalist was replaced by Tony Sly who became the "mastermind" of the operation, and the most identifiable member. There was another EP, "Let Em Out", with Sly, but which I ALSO haven't heard, their history for me begins with the really pretty decent "Incognito" album....maybe a blend of the Ramones and the Dickies, with a bit of the California hardcore sound tossed in, some good songs here, "Record Thieves", "Power Bitch", and a cover of the Police's"Truth Hits Everybody"

    We see growth right away with the next full length, "Don't Miss the Train".....snappy, punchy tunes like "Born Addicted" and the title track make this one of their more enjoyable works. Next LP was "Leche Con Carne", after which the band supported the Offspring on tour, and a good matching it was, NUFAN's skate-brat style punk was a perfect lead in for the Offspring.....this album includes some good numbers as well, "Justified Black Eye" and "Couch Boy" come to mind, as well as the closing nine minute cover medley "Exit" which couldn't be much more bizarre, a BUNCH of snips of some unrelated tunes strung together ("Hit Me With Your Best Shot", "Walk This Way", "Space Oddity" and LOTS more, this is one STRANGE track)

    I'm guessing the next abum "Making Friends" is supposed to contain some oddball "concept" or something, with it's sampled film dialouge segments, Goddamn if my stroke-addled brain can figure it out though, this is probably my least favorite disc. Punks trying to be "smart" rarely works, and couple the rest of it with an 11 minute cover of "Fields of Athenry" and you'll see exactly what I mean.

    The band WAS becomming smarter as well as more melodic, though, and "More Betterness" shows
    this in a sort-of comeback that is quite good, actually......"Not Your Saviour", "Always Carrie" and several others are goodsmrt pop-punk, actually quite charming......I'd have guessed these guys would have been bigger than they were, you simply just NEVER know.....

    "Live In a Dive" may be thier most enjoyable album.....sounds as though they had a great time on stage, much like Green Day, and they through a fine setlist covering most of their surprisingly long career....."Not Your Saviour", "Don't Miss the Train", "Justified Black Eye".....there are a few I'd wish they'd included, and I could live without ever hearing a live version of the goofball "Exit", but there's always shit like that.....even included here is a self-explanatory track entitled "Gene and Paul, I Hate You Most of All, and Ace, You're the Ace, And Peter You're the Cat"......nighty night now.

    2002 saw the release of "Hard Rock Bottom", honestly, the songwriting and performing continued to mature, the formula remaining the same, short, punchy numbers with often clever lyrics, "Dumb Reminders" and "Pre Medicated Murders" are fine, and they continue their penchant for covering seemingly odd performers (Sinead OConner in this case)....

    By the time of "Keep Them Confused", things were winding down......"For Fiona" is a touching song about Tony Sly's daughter, but the freshnes and originality were starting to sound like boredom and punching the clock. Not bad, but just not the top of the heap. They released another "The Feel Good Record of the Year", as though Queens of the Stone Age had never existed......Sly would pass away a couple years later and the group would disband.

    There is a fine "Best of" collection, "All the Best Songs", which is well-chosen and quite
    representative, I recommend it for newbies wishing for an indoctrination. All the highlights from the albums up to I think "Keep Them Confused" are here, if you want but one, I think I advise you towards this also contains two previously unreleased numbers, "History Defeats" and "Stunt Double"

    Rest In Peace Tony Sly, you gave it a hell of a run. Often I am confused why some bands make it and some don't, this is one of those cases......I thought they were in a market ripe for their brand of skateboard punk, but they just didn't get very big. Anyway, there is some good stuff here, should you be so inclined to check it out......

    A Happy Thanksgiving to you all......please honor the holiday as it is INTENDED (NOT just turkey and football and "Black Friday (ugggh)".....but about being THANKFUL for what we do have. We spend so much time bitching about what we are lacking, but I am still rattled from that stroke I had in September, scared the shit out of me, and I am really quite thankful still to be above ground, to have a wonderful wife and son, a job, a home, and lots of CD's that I am thankful for the opportunity to share with the rest of the world. Peace to you all and have a great day!

    INCOGNITO-01 DMV/02 Sign the Bill/03 It Won't Happen Again/04 Hail to the King/05 Weirdo/06 Truth Hits Everybody/07 Felix/08 Noitall/09 I Detest/10 Puppet Show/11 Record Thieves/12 Power Bitch
    DON'T MISS THE TRAIN-01 Born Addicted/02 Thorn In My Side/03 Looney Tune/04 Toll Bridge/05 Hole/06 Another Step/07 Don't Miss the Train/08 Watching/09 Punk Points/10 Tan in a Can/11 Death Doesn't Care/12 Get of This Town

    THE DAILY GRIND (EP)-01 Until It's Gon/02 Old What's His Name/03 Permanent Rust/04 Bio Mag/05 Count Down/06 Hazardous to Yourself/07 The Daily Grind/08 Feeding the Fire
    LECHE CON CARNE-01 Justified Black Eye/02 Couch Boy/03 Soulmate/04 51 Days/05 Leave It Behind/06 Redemption Song/07 Straight From My Jacket/08 Fields of Agony/09 Fatal Flu/10 Wood/11 Alone/12 Exit
    MAKING FRIENDS-01 The Answer Is Still No/02 Invincible/03 Growing Down/04 On the Outside/05 A Postcard Would Be Nice/06 Secret/07 Best Regards/08 Revenge/09 Sidewalk/10 3 Month Weekend/11 Sitting Duck/12 Fields of Athenry
    MORE BETTERNESS-01 Not Your Saviour/02 Life Size Mirror/03 Chasing Rainbows/04 Lies Can't Pretend/05 Why Doesn't Anybody Like Me?/06 Sleeping In/07 Fairytale Of New York/08 Pride/09 Always Carrie/10 Let It Slide/11 Six Degrees From Misty/12 Coming Too Close/13 Saddest Song/14 Room 19
    LIVE IN A DIVE-01 Intro/02 Invincible/03 Coming Too Close/04 Chasing Rainbows/05 On the Outside/06 Straight From the Jacket/07 Soulmate/08 Not Your Saviour/09 Don't Miss the Train/10 Jutified Black Eye/11 Gene and Paul I hate You Most of All And Ace, You're the Ace and Peter You're the Cat/12 Sara Fisher/13 Room 19/14 The Answer Is Still No/15 Martian/16 Hail to the King/17 Feeding the Fire/18 Exit/19 6 Degrees From Misty/20 Redemption Song
    HARD ROCK BOTTOM-01 Feels Lik Home/02 International You Day/03 Pre Medicated Murder/04 Dumb Reminders/05 ANy Number Can Play/06 Friends of the Enemy/07 Angela/08 Let Me Down/09 This Is a Rebel Song/10 Solitaire/11 Undefeated/12 Insecurity Alert/13 Nailed Shut
    KEEP THEM CONFUSED-01 Part Two/02 There Will Be Revenge/03 For Fiona/04 Check For a Pulse/05 Divine Let Down/06 Black Box/07 Bullets/08 Failing Is Easier Part 3)/09 Apparition/10 It's Tragic/11 Killing Time/12 Slowly Fading Fast/13 Overdue
    THE FEEL GOOD RECORD OF THE YEAR-01 Biggest LIe/02 I Want to Wrong/04 Yours To Destroy/04 Under the Garden/05 Sleeping Between Trucks/06 Domino/07 The Feel Good Song of the Year/08 The Trumpet Player/09 Night of the Living Living/10 Ontario/11 Pacific Standard Time/12 The Dregs of Sobriety/13 Kill the Rich/14 Take It Home
    ALL THE BEST SONGS-01 International You Day/02 Justified Black Eye/03 Coming Too Close/04 Invincible/05 Dumb Reminders/06 Fatal Flu/07 Life Size Mirror/08 On the Outside/09 Soulmate/10 Let Me Down/11 Permanent Rust/12 Chasing Rainbows/13 Not Your Saviour/14 Black Box/15The Answer Is Still No/16 Straight From the Jacket/17 Any Number Can Play/18 For Fiona/19 The Daily Grind/20 Let IT Slide/21 Feeding the Fire/22 Part Two/23 Growing Down/24 Exit/25 History Defeats/26 Stunt double
    Yo Dawg, deze here links be up when dey be up, know what I be sayin' yo?

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  • 11/29/13--14:49: Sue Saad & The Next
  • Man, talk about a forgotten, underappreciated, unknown, drop-dead period piece from those wacky new-wave 1980's, and you just gotta be talkin bout the only album from the legendary Sue Saad and the Next......a fine album that millions upon millions of us have never even heard of, let alone heard and enjoyed.

    The band in it's brief lifetime were singer Sue Saad, guitarists Tony Riparatti and Billy Anstart, bassist Bobby Manzer, and drummer James Lance. They hailed from Los Angelse and thier single disc stands up well beside the contemporary work of Blondie and the Pretenders.  The album is the absolute bomb, deliciously dated but still nothing but fun to listen too: "Gimme Love/Gimme Pain"....."I I Me Me"....."Your Lips-Hands-Kiss-Love", "Prisoner".....every track is a small chunk of 1980 new-wave cannot o wrong with this four-star disc.

    Sue Saad 2013-10-05 01-39.jpgThey worked on some film soundtracks after this release, tried to find that stuff but no luck.....anyway, I think they pretty much work best as a "one-album wonder" anyway, give this one a shot, if you are unfamiliar you want this one, in particular if you are  late 1970's-80's new wave, especially the "tough-chick" type so popular at the time (Pretenders, Blondie, Motels, etc)....

    Didn't have a whole lotta time today to get something together (my son's high school basketball oenr tonight YAAAAAAAAEEEEEEEHHHHHH!) so we'll go, today, with this short (but very sweet) gem from the 1980's......working on a HUGE Yo La Tengo post for later this week sometime, just to whet the whistles of the many Yo La Tengo fans I'm sure are out there!

    Hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday, as I said, after my "stroke-thing", I am thankful to be above ground. Peace to all!

    SUE SAAD & THE NEXT-01 Gimme Love/Gimme Pain/02 It's Gotcha/03 Prisoner/04 Young Girl/05 I I Me Me/06 Your Lips-Hands-Kiss-Love/07 I Want Him/08 Cold Night Rain/09 Won't Give It Up/10 Danger Love

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    Well, this is either a very good iea or a very stupid one......I've had a LOT more of the latter in my
    day, so we'll see, but for the next two days, I'm really going to go "out there" for some music that I guarentee 99.9% of you are not familiar with. Again, maybe more "interesting" than "good", but I think most of us can find a gem or two here, I have.

    Here is the the mid 1990's, WOXY ("97X, the Future of Rock N Roll", yes, the same one featured in the film "Rain Man" when Dustin Hoffman's character repeatedly chants the slogan),from Oxford Ohio was truly a fantasic rock radio station. They took chances, played stuff both classic and unfamilar, and a small crowd of us in south/central Ohio were VERY lucky to recieve this gift......I'll bet that people in the huge music centers of our nation never did have a station as great. They had a segment called "Lounge Acts", in which
    bands performed live in their studio, I have close 200 discs of these performances (that's not what I'm doing HERE), but I learned about great bands such as Viva La Fox, High Violets, Heartless Bastards, Mommy and Daddy, and MANY more from the Lounge Acts shows.....(KEXP had a similar series of live performances as well and I have many of those too, Sleater Kinney once even appeared).....

    So sometime in the early 00's WOXY went worldwide on the was great, for a variety of
    reasons, namely that their playlists remained unparalled and also that "special" feeling that, while rock fans around the world were listening to this and heaping priase, I PERSONALLY knew them back when they were a station with maybe (being generous) a 50 mile range.

    WOXY is gone now, they couldn't make a go of it. The've been gone for a few years now, I still have my hundreds of "Lounge Acts" discs that I listen to on occasion (I've used them in some of my "mega-posts" I know I used the Fiery Furnaces set when I did that band, perhaps the Kills as well and some others).......but another fine show that they featured was "WOXY Unsigned", which was exactly what it sounds like.....unsigned bands sent in their tapes, and one night a week, these were made into a VERY listenable, enjoyable show. There are 14 discs here, it is the COMPLETE series, for what that is worth, a doubt there is more than a band or three you are familar with. Well, I feel like I've been getting a little too mainstream of late anyway (Heart? Joe Jackson? Love em, one point of my blog is to put TOTALLY unknown acts on the same level with Heart and Joe Jackson), I am going to do seven discs today, another seven tomorrow......

    The musical styles run the gammut, just about anything we could fit into the "alt-rock" niche, which
    was huge. Volume 1 features acts like The Purs, Clap Your Hands Say Yeah (whom eventually WOULD be signed), The Saturday Nights (very good), Cat-A-Tac and others. Volume 2 gives us the fine Love Is Chemicals, Swank, Gingerbread get the idea, you're going to have to LISTEN to decide whether you like these or not. There is a bit of repeat/overlap from disc to disc (obviously these were not intended to ever become actual CD's, they are radio shows, but they never met the BigMan, did they?)

    Many of these bands, of course, have (now 15 or so years later) become signed, released indy albums, perhaps done well on local levels, maybe some have even become small time legends.....and of course many have likely faded into obscurity. Personally, I love this kind of thing, I hope these two posts o not come across as too self-centered if you do not share my admiration

    I WANT  COMMENTS ON THESE.....PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE....if you love them, WHY? What are some tracks you were surprised by and liked? If you HATE THEM, tell me so I won't do something like this again......I just thought the the TOTAL obscurity factor of them was soemthing that I wanted to throw out there today, just showing that in the rock n roll universe, there is a place for Love Is Chemicals RIGHT NEXT TO, say, Radiohead....I know how clunky that came out, but MAYBE you get my point. PLEASE listen to AT LEAST one of these and PLEASE comment, I have NEVER been more interested in recieving comments than I am for this set in particular. Thanks and rock on.

    VOLUME 1-01 DJ/02 MIKE FERRARO-Song For Friendship/03 COMEG-For the Rest Of Your
    Life/05 SCI-FI LOVESTORY-Satellite/06 THE SUBJECTS-Lonely You/07 DJ/08 THE SATURDAY NIGHTS-Julianna Convince Me/09 CAT-A-TAC-Devil/10 PRESTON CLARKE-Thankless Job/11 CLAP YOUR HANDS SAY YEAH-Cigarettes/12 DJ/13 WAKE THE BEAR-Honey Grubbing Me/14 MARK ENGLE-MeltingInto Space/15 THE PURRS-She's Gone/16 DJ/17 JUPITER CRASH-No Happy/18 INSTIGA-Retas/19 DJ/20 NOBLE TRUTH-Trials and Rehabiliations/21 BRICE WOODALL-Bombs Away Today

    VOLUME 2-01 /02 BRICE WOODALL-Bombs Away Today/03 THE VINYLTONES-Motorcycle/04 THE HOURLY RADIO-Fear of Standing Upright/05 GINGERBREAD PATRIOTS-The Gravity of It/06 DJ/07 LOVE IS CHEMICALS-Everyone Is In On It/08 MARK ENGLE-Reaching Out/09 MIKE FERRARRO-Sweetheart You're Feeling Blue/10 COMEG-24/11 DJ/12 THE SATURDAY NIGHTS-Stranded/13 THE ZERO POINTS/14 SOUTHERN BACKTONES-Forever/15 SWANK-How Do We Do/16 DJ/17 PRESTON CLARKE-Fine To Drive/18 WAKE THE BEAR-The Myth/19 SCI-FI LOVESTORY-Fog/20 DJ

    VOLUME  3-01 DJ/02 SWANK-How Do We Do/03 LATE NITE DRIVERS-What I Think/04
    MONUMENTS-Landmine/05 NOBLE TRUTHS-Trials & Rehabilitations/06 DJ/07 LOVE IS CHEMICALS-A Portrait of Your Post-Apocalyptic Son/08 INSTIGA-Fim Do Dia/09 RIP SPENCER-Yr Atomic Blues/10 MAY OR MAY NOT-Plight of the Navigator/11 DJ/12 THE SATURDAY NIGHTS-Juliana Convince Me/13 JOHN EVANS BAND-Quicksand/15 DJ/16 FEMURS-Plastic Swords/17 THE INVISIBLE CITIES-Instaglo/18 THE VINYLTONES-Motorcycle/19 DJ/20 CLAP YOUR HANDS SAY YEAH!-In This Home On Ice

    VOLUME 4-01 DJ/02 THE INVISIBE CITIES-Instaglo/03 DAVID LEVIN-Demolition Boy/05 LEJEUNE-Moon-Shy City/06 CAT-A-TAC-Gloom/07 DJ/08 FINEST DEAREST-Sleep Until the Weekend/09 COAL PALACE KINGS-Stoneytown/10 FEMURS-Peter Wolf/11 COMEG-For the Rest of Your Life/13 GINGERBREAD PATRIOTS-The Gravity Of It/14 CRAIG LYONS-Improvise/15 DJ/16 SADIE MAE GLUTZ-NewEscape Route/17 LOVE IS CHEMICALS-Aquamarine/18 JUPITER CRASH-Metro/19 DJ/20 MONUMENTS-Worlds/21 GUV-Firestorm

    VOLUME 5-01 DJ/02 JEFF CAUDILL-Never Been High/03 MARK ENGEL-Melting Into Space/04 FAIRMONT GIRLS-Queen For a Day/05 SHE'S YOUR SISTER-Gravity/06 DJ/07 SWANK-Meteor/08 SADIE MAE GLUTZ-Brighter Than the Sun/09 SALVA ME-Chemically Infected/10 RIP SPENCER-Yr Atomic Blues/11 DJ/12  THE BOSCH-The Movie Director/13 THE HOURLY RADIO-Closer/14 FINEST DEAREST-Idaho/15 MIKE FERRARO-Son For Friendship/16 DJ/17 PRESTON CLARKE-Thankless Job/18 LORENZO GOETZ-Jesus Elephant

    VOLUME 6-01 DJ/02 FINEST DEAREST-Pacemaker/03 AEROPLANE PANT-The Air Went Pink/04 GUV-Firestorm/05 DJ/06 THE VIRGINS-Dimestore Daisy/07 BETTY BY ALONE-Candle Lights/08 BUDDY-More of the Shame/09 DJ/10 WHAT FOUR-Optomist's Nightmare/11 BRICE WOODALL-Ghosts/12 THE SATURDAY NIGHTS-Stranded/13 CRACKPOT-Honey Well/14 DJ/15 TODY CASTILLO-Don't Leave the Country/16 JOHN EVANS BAND-Quicksand/17 SOUTHERN BACKTONES-Forever/19 LATE NITE TRUCKERS For Once

    VOLUME 7-01 DJ/02 THE BOSCH-Metronome/03 THE ZERO POINTS-Coattails/04
    AEROPLANE PAGENT-The Air Went Pink/05 THE INVISIBLE CITIES-Bumper Cars/06 DJ/07 RED DAHILA-Coward/08 DAVID LEVIN-Demolition Boy/09 WAKE THE BEAR-Honey Grubbing Me/10 JEFF CAUDILL-Favorite Version of Your Life/11 DJ/12 SHE'S YOUR SISTER-Gravity/13 THE GO STATION-Hold On/14 MIKE K-Pretty Sure/15 DJ/16 COAL PALACE KINGS-Stoneytown/17 MOONSHINE SWAY-Chelsea/18 BUDDY-Salt Point

    OK, there are seven discs of unknown "greats", give me your feedback, positive or negative.....I want for my blog to be something different, I want bar bands to send my their demos to post alongside the other great (but more famous) music I try to bring to the rest of you......some pretty good stuff among the number of tracks featured toay, The Saturday Nights, Love Is Chemicals, Zero Points......who jumped out at you?  And, if noone did, say so. I HOPE that this generates a good response, really I do, because it will tell me that the people who read this blog are at least WILLING to take a chance on something different. And you can't argue, it is THAT.

    Hope you're having a fine Thanksgiving Day weekend, mine has been good so far, Wedensday Night 2 hours to Lima to see my current/recent fave bar band SAMAX, whom I've spoken about before and who AGAIN promised me some me MP3's to share with you, they turned in another fantastic set, and dedicated their encore of "Bron-Y-Aur Stomp" to my family making the trip to see them (it's my fave that they do, beleive it or not cutting Zeppelin's version to the bone)......Thursday a nice time at dinner with some of my wife's family and got to meet yet another new addition, my grand-niece Harper who is just adorable.......Friday night my son Grant had his season opener on the court for his high school team, they were beaten, but Grant played well with six points and 4, just kicking back with Ohio State/Michigan action, and in a while, going with Carla and Grant to cut down a Christmas tree, and bring it home to decorate, maybe get the rest of the house done tomorrow (after the Vikings game of course.....) family has always meant so much to me, and in light of the events of the past year (and past 2 months especially) I once again realize how much they mean to me.

    If any of you would like to share what you're doing this weekend and what you are thankful for,I for one would LOVE to hear it!

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    So,I started this of yet it is too early to judge the response as of yet, and by the the time I can.....well, these are going up, if you like them great, if not, something else tomorrow.....not going
    to recap the whole story as to from where they came, just look back at yesterday's post, lazy-ass...these are "Volumes" 8-14 of the "series" (I created it myself, really no "series").....there is some repeat from the first seven discs, (just to name a few from disc 8, Salva Me, What Four, Swank, and Tody Castillo were featured on earlier discs, and sometimes it is with the same track.....sorry, nothing I can do about it, I'm trying to recreate the experience listening to these as it was at the time back in, well, 2001 or 2003 or whenever the fuck it was........I'd call you "Junior" but that doesn't seem to fit exactly here.)

    Respond. Leave comments.......I have more stuff along these lines that I CAN do later on, but I need to know what people will LIKE......and on THIS ONE, I have never had LESS of an idea.....I think it will either be overwhelmingly popular or overwhelmingly ignored, just not sure which. But, PLEASE listen to AT LEAST ONE and let me know your thoughts on it.....some interesting acts turn up on these discs as well, Eric & the Bunny Boilers, Martian Memo To God, The King Is Yellow, as well as bands we already met in the first seven discs, such as Sadie Mae Glutz, The Saturday Nights, Fairmont Girls and use in describing musical styles here, just about anything that fits into the Grand Canyon-wide "alernative rock" category is here, so you'll have to listen and see what you like/dislike...I really HOPE that some of you enjoy these posts and these unknown bands, this is the type of thing that I find treasure chest-like (or at least POTENTIAL treasure chest-like) once in a while.....again, PLEASE LEAVE COMMENTS, if you NEVER have before, please do so at least this ONE time! Thanks!

    VOLUME 8-01 DJ/02 THE CYANIDE VALENTINE-You Are the Focus/03 LORENZO GOETZ-Jesus Elephant/04 SALVA ME-Chemically Infected/05 CRAIG LYONS-Improvise/06 DJ/07 THE GO STATION-C'mon/08 MONUMENTS-You/09 WHAT FOUR-Optomist's Nightmare/10 CEDARS-Barricades/11 DJ/12 SWANK-Lost Respects/13 INSTIGA-Retas/14 THE PERFECT GUARDAROBA-I've Got No Hope/15 AUTOPLASMA-Pull Me In (To Cloud #9)/16 DJ/17 TODY CASTILLO-Independence Day

    VOLUME 9-01 DJ/02 TODY CASTILLO-Backstreets/03 BETTY BY ALONE-Candle Lights/04 CRACKPOT-My Place Lounge/05 MIKE K-Billy Liar/06 LEJEUNE-Moon-Shy City/07 DJ/08 THE DIAMOND MINES-Quiet In Here/09 HEY HEY BON BON-The Sad Face/10 COMEG-24/11 THE HOURLY RADIO-Deaf Ears/12 DJ/13 SADIE MAE GLUTZ-From Here After/14 JARED SCHARIFF-My City Love/15 JEFF CAUDILL-Stop Writing Songs/16 SCI-FI LOVESTORY-Satellite/17 DJ/18 EMPTY ROOMS-Black Sugar

    VOLUME 10-01 DJ/02 FAIRMONT GIRLS-Queen For a Day/03 MEDIC-Awake/04 THE VIRGINS-That's Why I Love You /05 LATE NITE DRIVERS-What I Think/06 DJ/07 WAKE THE BEAR-Honey Grubbing Me/08 THE VINYLTONES-Motorcycle/09 EXILE TO ELBA-You Are/10 PALE BENEATH THE BLUE-Last Night It Snowed/11 DJ/12 SCREAMING MIMES-TV/13 500 MILES TO MEMPHIS-Ton of Bricks/14 RAT BASTARD-Somethin' Like a Pimp/15 THE TIMES-Almost Anything/16 DJ/17 WICKED IMMIGRANT-Brittle Sisters/18 SUPER 77-A Scientist Loves the Creature From the Black Lagoon

    VOLUME 11-01 DJ/02 THE BLACK-JB Lenoir Street/03 TROJAN RABBIT-Gonna Be/04 DJ/05-PETE LEWTON-Stone/06 FACES ON FILM-Beginners/07 ROMANCE-Paris Is Burning/08 SHILOE-The Rat/09 DJ/10 THE KING IS YELLOW-Pink Bells, Tattered Skies/11 VOYAGER ONE-Salvation/12 COMO OSOS-Years Behind/13 T.H.O.E.M.-Thank the Letters That They Came Together/14 DJ/15 CHLOE-101/16 NATHAN ASHER & THE INFANTRY-Leave the South/17 TUNNELKID-Whiteout/18 DJ/19 TIF-Sow

    VOLUME 12-01 DJ/02 BELLAPARKER-The Things We Say/03 EYES LIKE KNIVES-Early Gates/04 DJ/05 LOST ON PURPOSE-Lonely Road/06 CENTRAL SERVICES-Song 89/07 ALL MIGHTY WHISPERS-Mighty Whisper/08 ERIC & THE BUNNY BOILERS-82/09 DJ/10 WORLDCLASS-What You Want/11 WHAT FOUR-Give It a Chance/12 THE TURNBULL AC'S-Ghost Town Land/13 SPUTNIK MONROE-EEE Funk/14 HEADPHONE-Thank You But Funk You/15 DJ/16 LOW LUSTRE-Dancing Blind/17 MARTIAN MEMO TO GOD-The Skyscraper Boast/18 DJ/19 VIA AUDIO-Presents

    VOLUME 13-01 DJ/02 VIA AUDIO-We Can Be Good/03 VOYAGER ONE-The People's Candidate/04 ROMANCE-Automatique/05 TUNNELKID-Rue Royale/06 DJ/07 LOST ON PURPOSE-Black Widow Falls/08 THE KING IS YELLOW-The Honor Is Gone/SHILO-Lady In the Attic/09 WHAT FOUR-Prelude No.1 In D-Minor/10 DJ/11 MARTIAN MEMO TO GOD-Love Among Snakes/12 HEADPHONE-Plastic/13 THE BLACK-Cell Block/14 ALL MIGHTY WHISPERS-Winter Love/15 DJ/16 BELLAPARKER-Instead

    VOLUME 14-01 DJ/02 THE PROPER AUTHORITES-Devestate/03 CHOLO-Amercan Candy/04 BETTY BY ALONE-We Didn't Go On/05 THE KYLE SOWASHES-Pitchforks/06 DJ/07 RIVAL JOUSTAS-Shekiah/08 JIMMI JUKKAS LUGGAGE-Sentimental/09 ERIC & THE BUNNY BOILERS-Heard You Say/10 DJ/11 THE SATURDAY NIGHTS-There Is a Sign/12 THE TURNBULL AC'S-Red In the Fountain/13 WHAT FOUR-Give It a Chance/4 DJ/15 THE SUNDRESSES-Man Who Bought the World/16 THE YOUNG REPUBLIC-Blue Skies/17 MASON PROPER-A Chance Encounter/18 DJ/19 LOW LUSTRE-Vampire

    OK, I know "obscure" does not necesarily equate with "greatness"....but, often, it does equate with "interesting"......hell I could have put up 200 or so discs of "WOXY Lounge Acts" (see yesterday) but I didn't.......I just wanted to do something a LITTLE different, there are so many different sources we can use to hear SOMETHING DIFFERENT once in a while.....let's utilize them. I'll be back tomorrow with something else again, but every now and then I like to take the occasional chance with my blog, such as the Hate Rock series, for example, or posting Sean's 30-year old garage band's ALL music, and what on earth is more joyous than finding some new sounds?

    Have a glorious Sunday. Perhaps the sky will turn green, Genevieve Gorder will show up at my door wishing to fuck me, my newspaper will get here on time, and the Vikings will upset the Bears.....hey I can dream, right?

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  • 12/02/13--18:30: The best Metric post, ever
  • Thinking of latter-day got me to thinking of one
     of their mainstays, Metric......from the
    great city of Toronto, they were comprised of vocalist/multi-instrumentalist/leader Emily Haines, guitarist/synth whiz James Shaw, bassist Josh Winstead, and drummer Joules Scott-Key, they are still with us, I have learned, in some for or other, and as I implore all active bands that I feature, if you take issue with your music being shared here to broaden your audience PLEASE by all means let me know and it will be removed no questions asked

    Metric, although formed in the late 1990's, dabbled in a sort of retro-80's synth/new wave/dance pop, quite listenable and enjoyable, they have to this point released five full lengths and a handfull of EP's, most of which I think I have here. Also a bit of Emily Haines stuff independent of the group. The band was originally called "Mainstream" and issued a 1998 EP of the same name, 5 synth driven, dreamy new wave type numbers.

    The first full-length, after name change to Metric, was "Old World Underground Where Are You Now?', a good one featuring numbers such as "Dead Disco" and especially "Combat Baby", WOXY used to play the absolute shit out of it back in 2003. Even better, in my opinion, was 2005's "Live It Out", also a huge favorite of the WOXY crew for some reason, but for good reason, it's a good album, in particular the awesome single "Monster Hospital", a tough rocking track with the odd hook "I fought the war and the war won"......"Poster of a Girl" and also "Empty" are fine tracks from this LP as well, if you wish to dabble, it is these two discs that I'd say you want.

    In 2007, an album of the band's work from the earlier 2001 era was released, "Grow Up and Blow Away", which I think had been previously issued in bootleg form....the two versions, I guess, are different, and to confuse things even more the version I have here is the Japanese release of the "official" version, which features some bonus tracks....."London Halflife" and "Soft Rock Star" being standout tracks from this one.

    That pretty much completes my own familiarity with the band, so I was quite surprised to discover
    that they had two more full-lengths, "Fantasies" and "Synthetica", both of recent (2011-2013) vintage. Spot-checked them last night and they are surprisingly good and consistent with the band's earlier sound. Lou Reed chips in a guest vocal on "The Wanderlust" from "Synthetica".  Looking around the "Bay" also turns up EP's "Static Anonimity" (2001), "Plug In Plug Out" (2009), a couple of extended singles ("Dead Disco" which features FOUR versions of that number, and "Monster Hospital" which remixes that track and has a couple of other tunes).  Also turning up is "Electrified Fantasies" which features remixes of stuff from THAT album.

    Also, a couple of Emily Haines EP's, 1996's "Cut If and Also Double", 2006's "Knives Don't Have Your Back" and  2007's "What Is Free to a Good Home", credited to Emily Haines and the Soft Skeleton. FYI, had never heard ANY of these until last night/today, and enjoyed them a good deal, underappreciated gem(s) alert!

    So, they have a good bit more material than I was aware, from what I can tell of the "new" stuff it's pretty fair, and those two early CD's are no doubt quite good......anyway, see what you think of these, it is pretty good for my money, brings back memories of long days sleeping I mean working in my office with as background music all day....."Monster Hospital", fuck yeah!

    OLD WORLD UNDERGROUND WHERE ARE YOU NOW?-01 IOU/02 Hustle Rose/03 Succexy/04 Combat Baby/05 Calculation Theme/06 Wet Blanket/07 On a Slow Night/08 The List/09 Dead Disco/10 Love Is a Place

    LIVE IT OUT-01 Empty/02 Glass Ceiling/03 Handshakes/04 Too Little Too Late/05 Poster of a Girl/06 Monster Hospital/07 Patriarch On a Vespa/08 The Police and the Private/09 Ending Start/10 Live It Out

    GROW UP AND BLOW AWAY-01 Grow Up and Blow Awy/02 Hardwire/03 Rock Me Now/04
    The Twist/05 On the Sly/06 Soft Rock Star/07 Raw Sugar/08 White Gold/09 London Halflife/10 Soft Rock Star (Jimmy vs Joe Mix)/11 Torture Me/12 Fanfare Parkdale/13 Siamese Cities/14 Down

    FANTASIES-01 Help I'm Alive/02 Sick Muse/03 Satellite Mind/04 Twilight Galaxy/05 Gold Guns Girls/06 Gimme Sympathy/07 Collect Call/08 Front Row/09 Blindness/Stadium Love

    SYNTHETICA-01 Artificial Nocturn/02 Youth Without Youth/03 Speed the Collapse/04 Breathing Underwater/05 Dreams So Real/06 Lost Kitten/07 The Void/08 Synthetica/09 Clone/10 The Wanderlust/11 Nothing But Time

    DEAD DISCO SINGLE-01 Dead Disco (Album Version)/02 Dead Disco (Kylie Kills Mix)/03 Dead Dsco (Crunchy Moto Mix)/04 Dead Disco (Guilty as Sin Mix)

    MONSTER HOSPITAL SINGLE-01 Monster Hospital/02 Dead Disco (Kylie Kills Mix) /03 Monster Hospital (Mstrkrft Mix)

    ELECTRIFIED FANTASIES-01 Collect Call (Matt Kennedy Remix)/02 Front Row (T-Minus 321 Mix)/03 Front Row (Krusha Remix)/04 Help Im Alive (Krusha Remix)/05 Gimme Sympathy (Track Medix Remix)/06 Sick Muse (No Comment Remix)/07 Gold Guns Girls (Maus Epico Mix)/08 Twilight Galaxy (Devin Alexander's Survivor Remix)/09 Blindness (KemoSwaby Remix)/10 Gold Guns Girls (Pyrrococus Remix)/11 Satellite Mind (Zengineer's Remix)/12 Gimme Sympathy (Gabe Flaherty Remix)/13 Collect Call (Pierre In the Air Remix)/14 Twilight Galaxy (Cold Eyes Remix)

    MAINSTREAM EP-01 Butcher/02 The People/03 The Battlecry/04 The Mandate/05 The Lifestyle

    PLUG IN PLUG OUT EP-01 Gimme Sympathy/02 Gold Guns Girls/03 Help I'm Alive/04 Satellite Mind/05 Twilight Galaxy

    STATIC ANONIMITY EP-01 Grow Up and Blow Away/02 Siamese Cities/03 Down/04 Soft Rock Star/05 London Halflife

    EMILY HAINES-CUT IN HALF AND DOUBLE-01 Dog/02 Bore/03 Eden/04 Pretty Head/05
    Freak/06 The View/07 Eau de Toilette/08 Carpet/09 Pink

    EMILY HAINES-KNIVES DON'T HAVE YOUR BACK-01 Our Hell/02 Doctor Blind/03 Crowd Surf Off a Cliff/04 Detective Daughter/05 The Lottery/06 The Maid Needs a Maid/07 Mostly Waving/08 Reading In Bed/09 Nothing and Nowhere/10 The Last Page/11 Winning

    EMILY HAINES-WHAT IS FREE TO A GOOD HOME-01 Rowboat/02 The Bank/03 Telethon/04 Bottom of the World/05 Sprig/06 Mostly Waving (Todork Remix)

    Lotta stuff, lotta overlap, but an interesting band I said my WOXY posts got me thinking about them and after investigating and searching a bit, I found a bunch of stuff I never knew was out there......and pretty decent. Hope you like it, links coming up soon, and wishing all of you a fine Monday evening!

    How about them BUCKEYES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    0 0

    Radiohead has, of course, a huge fan base, as they should, being one of the most, if not THE most innovative bands of the 1990's-2000's (vocalist/guitarist/keyboardist Thom York, guitarist/multi-instrumentalist Johnny Greenwood, bassist Colin Greenwood, guitarist Ed O'Brien, and drummer Philip Selway are the genius behind this body of work, before I forget to issue proper credit)......their studio albums were always things of wonder, really, my favorite beng the incredible "OK Computer",but damn......"Kid A", "Amnesiac", and  "The Bends" all also rate five stars in this fan's book, and their other releases certainly do have their moments......obviously, no need to post those classic studio albums here, much like the previous "rarities" posts, the subject matter is such that if you WANT rarities, it's fairly obvious you HAVE  the originals. Also, rumor has it that this is one of the stuffier "anti-sharing" band (unconfirmed), so I don't want to be in hot water with them. As always, should there be a probem with any of the hard-to-find material posted here, please simply notify me and the offending portion, or the entire post, will be removed STAT!

    And this is a band with a LOT of hard-to-find rare stuff.....let us begin with the five (!) disc epic, "The Complete B Sides".....Disc 1 represents the early stages, the "Pablo Honey" era, is loaded with at least three versions of the early single "Creep", lots of live cuts, rare stuff like "Coke Babies" and "Pop Is Dead", this will give you a clue as to where this thing is going. Discs 2, 3, and part of 4 are dedicated to "The Bends" album, just read the track list and you can see what a delight these are....the remainder of Disc 4 covers the "OK Computer" album, and Disc 5 gives us rarities from "Amnesiac" and"Hail to the Thief" albums (what happened to "Kid A"? No idea....)

    OK, that is five great discs of rare treasures, but we got LOTS more (live boots will be tomorrow, LOTS of em too).....we have a pair of Japanese EP's "Running From Demons" and "Com Lag" (they released a handful of EP's that are, at least for me, quite hard to locate) (Late Edit: as happens sometimes, my copy of "Running From Demons" is dicked up...not to worry, I think all  material on it is covered elsewhere here)....both contain yet MORE alternate takes, live tracks, remixes and rarities.....and, beleive it or not, each of their first six albums were re-issued with a special "Collector's Edition Bonus Disc" which contain even MORE rarities......extensive. If you are a fan of this band, you will be in orgasmic ecstacy, trust me.....I wish I had their other EP but I am imagining that the material that they feature is likely SOMEWHERE here on one of these many treasure troves of Radiohead super-rarities

    One more thing for today, a real curiosity, "Me and This Army: The Radiohead Remixes", which is pretty much what the title indicates, featuring people like the Jungle Brothers and Ghostface, this is yet ANOTHER side of this amazing band.

    Radiohead were one of those rare bands that achieved both critical adoration (in the ears of most music critics, they could do absolutley NO wrong) as well as massive public popularity, and with fans of different ages.....they were nearly impossible to slot, nearly impossible to compare anyone else, and refused to do anything in ANY WAY, other than "their way"......they were simply a GREAT band, creators of LOTS of great music, and my prediction is that it will age VERY well, and, like, say the music of the Velvet Underground, for example, will be appreciated even MORE 20-30 years from now. For a band of recent vintage, only Sleater Kinney and maybe the White Stripes can contend with them from a standpoint of releasing consistenty great albums...No one cares, but I rate their studio albums thusly: "Pablo Honey" ***, "The Bends" *****, "OK Computer" *****, "Kid A" *****, "Amnesiac" *****, "Hail to the Thief" *** 1/2, "In Rainbows" ****, "The King Of Limbs" ***.......THAT is being consistently brilliant. And, also,York's solo disc "The Eraser" is at least **** as well!

    I really hope there are no issues with these posts, I do it out of my admiration for the band and wish to bring as much of their rare material to as wide an audience as possible. I saw them in concert once (we'll talk about THAT tomorrow) and they were a phenominal live act as well........a truly great run even appearing in one of the greatest of South Park episodes, the classic "Scott Tenorman Must Die".

    THE COMPETE B SIDES DISC 1-01 Coke Babies/02 Faithless the Wonder Boy/03 Yes I Am/04 Blow Out (Remix)/05 Inside My Head/06 Inside My Head (Live)/07 Million Dollar Question/08 Creep (Edit)/09 Vegetabl (Live)/10 Killer Cars (Live)/11 Prove Youself/12 Stupid Car/13 Thinking About You/14 You/15 You (Live)/16 Pop Is Dead/17 Banana Co. (Acoustic)/18 Creep (Live)/19 Ripcord (Live)/20 Stop Whispering (US Mix)/21 Creep (Acoustic)

    THE COMPLETE B SIDES DISC 2-01 The Bends (Live)/02 Prove Yourself (Live)/03 Creep (Live)/04 India Rubber/05 How Can You Be Sure/06 Fake Plasatic Trees (Acoustic)/07 Bulletproof (I Wish I Was) (Acousitic)/08 Street Spirit (Fade Out) (Live)/09 Fake Plastic Trees (Edit)/10 Planet Telex (Hexdecimal Dub)/11 Planet Telex (Trashed Mix)/12 Maquuiladora/14 Planet Telex (LFOD Mix)/15 Creep (Live)/16 My Iron Lung (Live)/17 Stop Whispering (Live)/18 Punchdrunk Lovesick Singalong (Live)

    THE COMPLETE B SIDES DISC 3-01 Just (Edit)/02 Planet Telex (Karma Sutra Mix)/03 Killer Cars (Megadam)/04 Bones (Live)/05 Planet Telex (Live)/06 Anyone Can Play Guitar (Live)/07 Just (Live)/08 Just (Live)/09 The Trickster/10 Lewis (Mistreated)/11 Punchdrunk Lovesick Singalong/12 Permanent Daylight/13 Lozenge of Love/14 You Never Wash Up After Yourself/15 My Iron Lung (Live)/16 Anyone Can Play Guitar (live)/17 Bones (Live)/18 Street Spirit (Fade Out) (Live)/19 Talk Show Host/20 Bishops Robes/21 Banana Co./22 Molasses

    THE COMPLETE B SIDES DISC 4-01 My Iron Lung (live)/02 Fake Plastic Trees (live)/03 High and Dry (live)/04 Blow Out (Live)/05 Bones (Live)/06 Nice Dream (Live)/07 You (Live)/08 Meeting In the Aisle/09 Lull/10 Climbing Up the Walls (Zero 3 Mix)/11 Climbing Up the Walls (Fila Brazilla Mix)/12 Palo Alto/13 How I Made My Millions/14 Airbag (Live)/15 Lucky (Live)/16 Polyethelene (Parts 1 and 2)/17 Pearly/18 A Reminder/19 Meltdown

    THE COMPLETE B SIDES DISC 5-01 Worrywort/02 Fog/03 Life In a Glass House (Full Length)/04 Cuttooth/05 The Amazing Sounds of Orgy/06 Fast Track/07 Kinetic/08 Trans-Atlantic Drawl/09 I Might Be Wrong (Edit)/10 Remtxomatosis (Christian Vgel Remix)/11 There There (First Demo)/12 Skatterbrain (Fourtet Remix)/13 I Will (Los Angeles Version/14 I Am Citizen Insane/15 Fog (Again) (live)/16 Gagging Order/17 I Am a Wicked Child/18 Paperbag Writer/19 Where Bluebirds Fly

    COM LAG (EP)-01 2+2=5 (Live)/02 Remyxomatosis (Cristen Vogel Remix)/03 I Will (Los Angeles Version/04 Paperbag Writer/05 I Am a Wicked Child/06 I Am Citizen Insane/07 Skatterbrain (For Tet Remix)/08 Gagging Order/09  Fog (Again) (live)/10 Where Bluebirds Fly

    RUNNING FROM DEMONS (EP)-01 No Surprises/02 Pearly (remix)/03 Melatonin/04 Meeting In The Aisle/05 Bishop's Robes/06 A Reminder

    ME AND THIS ARMY: THE RADIOHEAD REMIXES-01 Everything In Its Right Place/02 Idioteque Calisthenics (feat. Gift of Gab & Cut Chemist)/03 Change the Beat-Mf Doom (Pz Wicket Child Remix)/04 Daytona 500-Ghostface (Panzah Zandahz Iron Lung Remix)/05 Rapperfection-Edan (ft. Mr. Lif, National Anthm Mash-Up)/06 At Ease/07 Creep (Ft. Fred from Fitter Happier)/08 Me and This Army (ft. Sev Statik & a Shitty Mic)/09 DDT-Kool Keith (Panzah Zandazh Paperbag Remix)/10 Itsoweezee-De La Soul (pz I Will Remix)/11 How Ya Want It-Jungle Brothers (pz Punchup Remix)/12 No Surprises (none at all really)/13 Soooo Tired/14 You and What Army (bonus beats to bust rhymes to in the shower)/15 Planet Telex Loop ( bonus beats to bust rhymes to in the shower)/16 Paranoid Android (bonus beats to bust rhymes to in the shower)

    PABLO HONEY COLLECTORS EDITION BONUS DISC-01 Prove Yourself (demo)/02 Stupid Car (demo)/03 You (demo)/04 Thinking About You (demo)/05 Inside My Head/06 Million Dollar Question/07 Yes I Am/08 Blow Out (remix)/09 Inside My Head (live)/10 Creep (acoustic)/11 Vegetable (live)/12 Killer Cars (live)/13 Faithless The Wonder Boy/14 Coke Babies/15 Pop Is Dead/16 Banana Co. (acoustic)/17 Ripcord (live)/18 Stop Whispering (US Version)/19 Prove Yourself (BBC Radio 1 Evening Session)/20 Creep (BBC Radio 1 Evening Session)/21 I Can't (BBC Radio 1 Evening Session)/22 Nothing Touches Me (BBC Radio 1 Evening Session)

    THE BENDS COLLECTORS EDITION BONUS DISC-01 The Trickster/02 Punchdrunk Lovesick Singalong/03 Lozenge Of Love/04 Lewis (Mistreated)/05 Permanent Daylight/06 You Never Wash Up After Yourself (live)/07 Maquiladora/08 Killer Cars/09 India Rubber/10 How Can You Be Sure/11 Fake Plastic Trees (Acoustic)/12 Bullet Proof (I Wish I Was) (Acoustic)/13 Street Spirit (Fade Out) (acoustic)/14 Talk Show Host/15 Bishop's Robes/16 Banana Co./17 Molasses/18 Just (BBC Radio 1 Evening Session) 19 Maquiladora (BBC Radio 1 Evening Session)/20 Street Spirit (Fade Out) (BBC Radio 1 Evening Session)/21 Bones (BBC Radio 1 Evening Session)

    OK COMPUTER COLLECTORS EDITION BONUS DISC-01 Polyetheylene (Parts 1 & 2)/02 Pearly/03 A Reminder/04 Melatonin/05 Meeting In the Aisle/06 Lull/07 Climbing Up the Walls (Zero 7 Mix)/08 Climbing Up the Walls (Fila Brazilla Mix)/09 Palo Alto/10 How I Made My Millions/11 Airbag (live in Berlin)/12 Lucky (Live in Florence)/13 Climbing Up the Walls (BBC Radio 1 Evening Session)/14 Exit Music (For a Film) (BBC Radio 1 Evening Session)/15 No Surprises (BBC Radio 1 Evening Session)

     KID A COLLECTORS EDITION BONUS DISC-01 Everything In Its Right Place (BBC Radio 1 Evening Session)/02 How To Disappear Completely (BBC Radio 1 Evening Session)/03 Idioteque (BBC Radio 1 Evening Session)/04 The National Anthem (BBC Radio 1 Evening Session)/05 Optomistic (Lamacq Live In Concert: Victoria Park, Warrington England)/06 Morning Bell (Live at Canal + Studios, Paris)/07 The National Anthem (Live at Canal + Studios, Paris)/08 How To Disappear Completely (Live at Canal + Studios, Paris)/09 In Limbo (Live at Canal + Studios, Paris)/10 Idioteque (Live at Canal + Studios, Paris)/11 Everything In It's Right Place (Live at Canal + Studios, Paris)/12 Motion Picture Soundtrack (Live at Canal + Studios, Paris)/13 True Love Waits (live in Oslo)

    AMNESIAC COLLECTORS EDITION BONUS DISC-01 The Amazing Sound of Orgy/02 Trans-atlantic Drawl/03 Fast-Track/04 Kinetic/05 Worrywort/06 Fog/07 Cuttooth/08 Life In a Glasshouse/09 You And Whose Army (Live at Canal + Studios, Paris)/10 Packt Like Sardines In a Crushed Tin Box (Live at Canal + Studios, Paris)/11 Dollars & Cents (Live at Canal + Studios, Paris)/12 I Might Be Wrong (Live at Canal + Studios, Paris)/13 Knives Out (Live at Canal + Studios, Paris)/14 Pyramid Song (Live at Canal + Studios, Paris)/15 Like Spinning Plates

    HAIL TO THE THIEF COLLECTORS EDITION BONUS DISC-01 Paperbag Writer/02 Where Bluebirds Fly/03 I Am Citizen Insane/04 Fog (Again) (live)/05 Gagging Order/06 I Am a Wicked Child/07 Remyxomatosis (Cristen Vogel Remix)/08 There There (First Demo)/09 Skttrbrain (Four Tet Mix)/10 I Will (Los Angeles Version)/11 Sail to the Moon (BBC Radio 1's Jo Whiley's Live Lounge/12 2+2=5 (Live at Earl's Court)/13 Go To Sleep (Zane Lowe)

    Trying to get everything uploaded tonight, but we'll see.....all links will be available by Wedensday morning on that you can make band, Missy!

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    Wrapping up the rare Radiohead stuff with a bunch of live material, spanning the bulk of their career.....not too much to say, they are a great live act as well as the creators of excellent albums. We'll start with "Radiohead Unplugged", undated but judging from the set list around the time of "OK Computer"....weird  version of "Paranoid Android". From early on the 1995 "Black Session", Radiohead before they "became" Radiohead, which reminds me of the story of when I saw them live......

    The year is 1995, October.....wife at the time was about seven months pregnant. At the time, I was working about 25 miles away from home, so en route I would listen to the almost-barely-tolerable, try-hard-to portray themselves as "hip""alternative rock station" (and I'll mention them by name because they suck so badly: Dayton's 103.9 "The Edge"....HORRIBLE. narrower playlists than any Top-40 station, and a phony "request" line that only plays stuff that is in heavy rotation ANYWAY (note: at that time I was  out of range of the great 97.7X discussed earlier!) anyway, I'm on my way to work, and the phony "hilarious" morning DJ announces that the 10th caller would win REM's new (at the time) "Monster" CD, and a pizza. I was like "A PIZZA? Cool!", so I called in, and I am the lucky winner of the CD, the pizza (from local pizza-legend Vic Cassano's, mmmmmmmmm), AND entered into a drawing to see REM in Indianapolis, plus dinner and hotel accomodations for overnight.......didn't give it much thought, later in the day they call me and tell me I won THAT package as well, still the only thing I've ever won in my life. The show was like the next day or the day after, so we scramble to make arranements to was at a place called "Deer Creek", an outdoor ampitheater where about 20% of the seats are near the stage and the other 80% of the audience has to sit on a hill, on the ground.....anyway, we are in about the 5th row of seats, EASILLY the best seats I've ever had for a, we're wondering who is the opening act.....and it's RADIOHEAD!, Now, this was WAY before they "became" what they would become.....they were known for "Creep" and nothing else, but I was instantly blown away by their live chops and stage presence, these guys REALLY had a chance, I thought.......REM was just OK, but I will always remember that "semi-unknown band" from England on that night, Radiohead. FOR ONCE, I was right about something.........

    The rest of the shows I have here: from 2000 ("Kid A" era) a double disc set from Berlin. From 2001, a 2 disc set fom Pinkpop. Yet another double set from 2001, this one from Atlanta. Moving on to 2003, a double set from Montreaux, and single disc sets from Paris and Glstonbury. And finally, from 2008, a pair of 2 disc sets, Santa Barbara and Chicago. Pretty good cross section of a fine career. I know there are TONS of Radiohead shows out there, if you have an especially good one that I don't have, post it in the comments section!

    So, this has been a little time-consuming (trying to get ready for Christmas, etc), I have a BIG Yo La Tengo post I'll do sometime this week, other than that, hope you don't mind if I concentrate on some one- or two-disc posts for a little while? I promise to try to make them, well, good.

    Links running late from yesterday, theses ones maybe tonight maybe early tomorrow. Until then please be well.

    UNPLUGGED-01 Street Spirit/02 Killer Cars/03 Wonderwall/04 Blow Out/05 Creep/06 Lucky/07 High and Dry/08 Fake Plastic Trees/09 Black Stab/10 Subterranean Homesick Alien/11 Bulletproof/12 Banana Co./13 Yes I Am/14 Airbag/15 You/16 Exit Music (For a Film)/17 Talk Show Host/18 No Surprises/19 Paranoid Android

    BLACK SESSION-01 The Bends/02 Anyone Can Play Guitar/03 Bones/04 High and Dry/05 Fake Plastic Trees/06 Street Spirit (Fade Out)/07 You/08 Planet Telex/09 Creep/10 My Iron Lung

    BERLIN 7/4/00 DISC 1-01 Optomistic/02 Morning Bell/03 Karma Police/04 The National Anthem/05 In Limbo/06 No Surprises/07 My Iron Lung/08 Dollars and Cents/09 Bishops Robes/10 Talkshow Host/11 Kid  A

    BERLIN 7/4/00 DISC 2-01 You and Whose Army/02 Airbag/03 Lucky/04 How To Disappear Completely/05 Paranoid Android/06 Everything In Its Right Place/07 Egyptian Song/08 Exit Music (For a Film)/09 Knives Out/10 Big Ideas/Nice Dreams

    ATLANTA 2001 DISC 1-01 The National Anthem/02 Morning Bell/03 Airbag/04 Lucky/05 Packt Like Sardines In a Crushed Tin Box/06 Knives Out/07 Exit Music (For a Film)/08 Climbing Up the Walls/09 No Surprises/10 Dollars & Cents/11 Street Spirit (Fade Out)/12 I Might Be Wrong

    ATLANTA 2001 DISC 2-01 Intro/02 Pyramid Song/03 Paranoid Android/04 Idioteque/05 Everything Its Right Place/06 Karma Police/07 Pearly/08 You and Whose Army/09 How To Disappear Completly/10 Talk Show Host/11 The Bends

    PINKPOP 2001 DISC 1-01 Chilitetime/02 Talk Show Host/03 In Limbo/04 My Iron Lung/05 Exit Music (For a Film)/06 No Surprises/07 Dollars and Cents/08 Karma Police/09 I Might Be Wrong

    PINKPOP 2001 DISC 2-01 Pyramid Song/02 Paranoid Android/03 Idioteque/04 Everything In Its Right Place/05 Street Spirit (Fade Out)/06 Climbing Up the Walls/07 The Bends/08 How To Disappear Completely

    PARIS 2003-01 I Might Be Wrong/02 There There/03 Go To Sleep/04 Knives Out/05 Sail to the Moon/06 I Will/07 No Surprises/08 A Punch Up at a Wedding/09 Everything In Its Right Place/10 Street Spirit (Fade Out)/11 Fog/12 Karma Police

    GLASTONBURY 2003-01 There There/02 2+2=5/03 Lucky/04 The National Anthem/05 Talk Show Host/06 Where I End and You Begin/07 Climbing Up the Walls/08 The Gloaming/09 No Surprises/10 Fake Plastic Trees/11 Sit Down Stand Up/12 Go To Sleep/13 Sail To The Moon/14 Paranoid Android/15 Idioteque/16 Everything In It's Right Place

    MONTREAUX 7/5/03 DISC 1-01 There There/02 2+2=5/03 Morning Bell/04 Talk Show Host/05 The National Anthem/06 Backdrifts/07 Sail to the Moon/08 A Wolf at the Door/09 No Surprises/10 Sit Down Stand Up

    MONTREAUX 7/5/03 DISC 2-01 Go To Sleep/02 You and Whose Army/03 Where I End and You Begin/04 Paranoid Android/05 Idioteque/06 Everything In It's Right Place/07 The Gloaming/08 Myxomatosis/09 Just/10 How To Disappear Completely

    CHICAGO 8/1/08 DISC 1-01 Intro/02 15 Step/03 There There/04 All I Need/05 Nude/06 Weird Fishes/Arpeggi/07 The Gloaming/08 The National Anthem/09 Faust Arp/10 No Surprises/11 Jigsaw Falling Into Place/12 Reckoner

    CHICAGO 8/1/08 DISC 2-01 Lucy/02 The Bends/03 Everything In It's Right Place/04 Fake Plastic Trees/05 Bodysnatchers/06 Videotape/07 Paranoid Android/08 Dollars and Cents/09 House of Cards/10 Optomistic /11 2+2=5/12 Idioteque/13 Outro

    SANTA BARBARA CALIFORNIA 9/5/08 DISC 1-01 Reckoner/02 Optomistic/03 There There/04 15 Step/05 All I Need/06 Nude/07 Talk Show Host/08 Weird Fishes/Arpeggi/09 The  Gloaming/10 Morning Bell/11 The National Anthem

    SANTA BARBARA CALIFORNIA 9/5/08 DISC 2-01 Faust Arp/02 No Surprises/03 Jigsaw Falling Into Place/04 The Bends/05 Karma Police/06 Bodysnatchers/07 Cymbal Rush/08 House of Cards/09 Paranoid Android/10 Go Slowly/11 Everything In It's Right Place/12 Videotape/13 Lucky/14 Idioteque.

    Wow. Lotta work.

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  • 12/05/13--11:43: The Living Things
  • The Living Things combined bone-crushing punkish-metal with intellectual lyrics to arrive at the recipe for two of the better hard rock albums of the 00's. Straight outta St. Louis Missouri, the band consisted of three brothers, singer/guitarist Lillian  Berlin, bassist Eve Berlin, and drummer Bosh Belin, and also guitarist Cory Becker.

    2004 saw the release of the really excellent "Black Skies In Broad Daylight"....some great hard rocking songs, in particular "I Owe", but also winners such as "Bombs Below", "Standard Oil Trust", "No New Jesus".....lots more too, this was a fine criminally overlooked disc. The European version of the disc was entitled "Ahead of the Lions", which I think I have here also, it rearranges the track sequence, deletes a track or two and replaces them with a few others, including the great single "Bom Bom Bom".

    Evidently these guys had record label trouble from what I can determine, I can see they released two or 3 EP's that are impossible to locate, and it took until 2009 for a proper follow up, "Habeas Corpus". While not as spectacular as the debut, this is a fine album as well, following the same formula......some fine tracks here, as well, "Brass Knuckles", "Mercedes Marxist""Dirty Bombs" (these guys obsessed with "bombs" or what?)....anyway, I don't think they enjoyed much success with this release, and to the best of my knowledge, have released no new material.

    Both of these albums come highly recommend for fans of just plain good old loud rock n roll, I still haven't searched for "Lions" but if I do have it I will put it up also despite the similarites. If by chace you have one of their scarce EP's, please share them, and also if you have any live stuff, that would be great as well (a friend saw them live and said they were ferocious onstage).....but lacking any help, this is all I can's OK though, these are excellent hard rock albums that will fit nicely on any rock n rollers shelf. Don't ya agree? Besides I need something of a break after the back-breaking Radiohead posts!

    BLACK SKIES IN BROAD DAYLIGHT-01 Bombs Below/02 March In Daylight/03 End Gospel/04 New Year/05 No New Jesus/06 I Owe/07 Born Under the Gun/08 On All Fours/09 Keep It Til You Fold/10 Dead Deer/11 Standard Oil Trust/12 For Tomorrow We Die...I Wish You the Best

    HABEAS CORPUS-01 Brass Knuckles/02 Mercedes Marxist/03 Let It Rain/04 Oxygen/05 Cost of Living/06 Island In Your Hear/07 Snake Oil Man/08 Post Millennium Extinction Blues/09 Dirty Bombs/10 Shake Your Shimmy/11 The Kingdom Will Fall

    AHEAD OF THE LIONS-1. Bombs Below/02 I Owe/03 Bom Bom Bom/04 New Year/05 God Made Hate/06 End Gospel/07 No New Jesus/08 March In Daylight/09 Keep It Til You Fold/10 Monsters Man/11 On All Fours/12 I Wish the Best For You

    Links? just a short while, por favor?

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  • 12/06/13--09:07: Rockin' Bones
  • I like music that other people consider threatening,
    which is why can tolerate "gangsta rap" (as opposed to lame-ass mainstream hip hop) or Public Enemy, why (of course) I was a huge punk fan.....any music which "scares" or "threatens" other folks is A-OK by me (the recent Skrewdriver, etal posts serve a similar purpose) back WAAAAY before my time, the preferred music of the scary hoodlum was of course, rockabilly.

    I'm no expert on this stuff, not even REALLY all that crazy about it, (a tad too "country" for my blood), BUT this exceptional 4-disc set no question hits pretty much all the highlights, and for such as myself, provides pretty much all the "rockabilly" I could ever want (not exactly true, I have comps somewhere from the Collins Kids and Wanda Jackson, both quite enjoyable actually)

    So here we have these.....again, I strive for variety, NOT wishing to paint myself into any corners.....I suspect that a few of you will LOVE equal amount may hate them, and (a per usual) the large majorty is 100% indifferent......anyway, if you're a fan of this stuff, educate us.....tell us something we don't already know about someone here.....if this stuff is new to you, give it a shot,at least as a historical curiosity, many a good moden band, notably but not exclusively, X and the Cramps, root thier very existence and sound in this stuff.

    Keeping the commentary to a minimum as like I said I am no expert: Disc one features 25 tracks, there are lotsa names here everyone will know, Elvis Presley, Gene Vincent, Link Wray, Buddy Holly, Rickey Nelson......but the gems here are tracks from Johnny Dollar, Ronnie Dawson, Barbara Pitman.....this WORKS as a comp, we have discussed the reasons before why some forms "do" and some "don't" work as comps so no need to retrace that ground.....but this DOES work to listen to either in total, or at least one disc at a time.

    Some of the bigger names repeat on disc two, but we also get Phantom, Hasil Adams, Tommy Blake....ya know, I could really get to be a fan of this shit if I'd let myself. Disc 3 gives us the Collins Kids, whom I learned of in the "Unknown Legends" book and REALLY like, Johnny Burnette, even legendary badass Johnny Cash. MORE Collins Kids on Disc 4, Jerry Lee Lewis, Billy Lee Riley, Eddie Cochrane's "Summertime Blues", Wanda Jackson's classic "Fujiyama Mama.....this set is a goddamn treasure chest to be honest. Open your mind a bit, and some of you just may fall in love with this stuff.

    Again, trying to keep the VARIETY to a maximum, and give my blog at least an OUNCE of personality....and I hope that the Collins Kids, two days after Radiohead, provides LEAST!

    Still anxious to hear comments, requests, insults, whatever you wanna throw my way. And, as always, welcoming "guest" contributors, LOVE me some "guest contributors", so, help me, Rhonda, and make this laem blog even LESS work for me than it is now!

    Look out motherfucker here comes another weekend! Big Ten Championship game Saturday, GO BUCKEYES! (even though I think if they play in the BCS championhsip game they will be used to wipe up the field).

    DISC 1-01 RONNIE DAWSON-Rockin Bones/02 BILLY ELDRIDGE-Let's Go Baby/03 ELVIS PRESLEY-Baby Let's Play House/04 JOHN & JACKIE-Little Girl/05 GENE VINCENT-Cat Man/06 JACKIE GOTROE-Lobo Jones/07 RONNIE ALLEN-Juvenile Delinquent/08 DANNY DELL-Froggy Went a Courtin/09 JOE D JOHNSON-Rattlesnake Daddy/10 AL DOWNING-Down on the Farm/11 JACKIE MORNINGSTAR-Rockin In the Graveyard/12 ART ADAMS-Dancing Doll/13 JOHNNY POWERS-Long Blond Hair, Red Rose Lips/14 JOHNNY DOLLAR-Action Packed/15 DON WILLIS-Boppin High School Baby/16 RICKEY NELSON- Believe What You Say/17 DWIGHT PULLEN-Sunglasses After Dark/18 LINK WRAY-Rumble/19 BUDDY HOLLY & BOB MONTGOMERY-Down the Line/20 LARRY DOWD-Pink Cadillac/21 JOYCE GREEN-Black Cadillac/22 COMMONWEALTH JONES-Who's Been Here/23 BARBARA PITMAN-I Need a Man/24 BILLY ALLEN-Please Give Me Something/25 FREDDIE & THE HITCHHIKERS-Sinners

    DISC 2-01 BUDDY HOLLY-Rock Around With Ollie Vee/02 DARRELL RHODES-Lou Lou/03 ART ADAMS-Rock Crazy Baby/04 JIMMY EDWARDS-Love Bug Crawl/05 PAT FERGUSON-Fool I Am/06 BOB LUMAN-Red Hot/07 PHANTOM-Love Me/08 KIP TYLER-She's My Witch/09 TOMMY BLAKE-Lordy Hoody/10 THE STRING KINGS-Bloodshot/11 JACKIE DESHANNON-Trouble/12 RONNIE PEERSON-Hot Shot/13 PAT CUPP-Long Gone Daddy/14 STEVE CARL-Curfew/15 CARL PERKINS-Put Your Cat Clothes On/16 SONNY FISHER-Pink and Black/17 ROY ORBISON-Domino/18 HANK MIZELl-Jungle Rock/19 WARREN SMITH-Ubangi Stomp/20 HASIL ADAMS-Chicken Walk/21 FAT DADDY HOLMES-Chicken Rock/22 BOB & LUCILLE-Eeny Meeny MIny Moe/23 BOBBY LEE TRAMMELL-Shirley Lee/24 GENE VINCENT-Woman Love/25 ELVIS PRESLEY-One Night of Sin

    DISC 3-01 CARL PERKINS-Blue Suede Shoes/02 JOE CLAY-Duck Tail/03 TOM TALL-Stack-A-Records/04 JEFF DANIELS-Daddy O Rock/05 BOYD BENNETT-Move/06 VINCE TAYLOR-Brand New Cadillac/07 KIP TYLER-Rumble Rock/08 LARRY TERRY-Hep Cat/09 PEANUTS WILSON-Cast Iron Arm/10 JEFF DANIELS-Switch Blade Sam/11 BOBBY & TERRY CARAWAY-Ballin' Keen/12 SONNY WEST-Sweet Rockin Baby/13 JOHNNY CASH-Get Rythem/14 JOHNNY BURNETTE-Rock Billy Boogie/15 THE ROCKIN R'S-Crazy Baby/16 DALE HAWKINS-Susie-Q/17 MAYLON HUMPHRIES-Worried About You Baby/18 THE PHAENTONS-I Love My Baby/19 ROY HAWES-Come On Little Mama/20 THE COLLINS KIDS-Whistle Bait/21 BENNY JOY-Spin the Bottle/22 DORSEY BURNETTE-Bertha Lou/23 JIM FLAHERTY'S CARAVAN-Real Gone Daddy/24 HAL CURTIS-My Pink Cadillac/25 CURTIS GORDON-Draggin

    DISC 4-01 RONNIE DEE-Action Packed/02 JOHNNY KIDD AND THE PIRATES-Shakin All Over/03 RONNIE HAWKINS-Who Do You Love/04 EDDIE COCHRANE-Summertime Blues/05 JACK SCOTT-The Way I Walk/06 JOHNNY CAROLL-Wild Wild Women/07 RIC CARTEY-Ooooh Eeeeh/08 JOHN KIRBY-Get Hot Or Go Home/09 TOMMY BELL-Swamp Girl/10 JIMMY WAGES-Miss Pearl/11 THE COLLINS KIDS-Mercy/12 EDWIN BRUCE-Rock Boppin Baby/13 EDDIE BOYD-Rockin Daddy/14 THUMPER JONES-Rock It/15 CORKY JONES-Rythem and Booze/16 BILLY LEE RILEY-Flying Saucers Rock N Roll/17 BENNY CLIFF TRIO-Shake Em Up Rock/18 JESSE JAMES-Red Hot Rockin Blues/19 JANIS MARTIN-Bang Bang/20 CHARLIE FEATHERS-One Hand Loose/21 JERRY LEE LEWIS-Whole Lotta Shakin' Goin' On/22 WANDA JACKSON-Fujiyama Mama/23 JIMMY LLOYD-I Got a Rocket In My Pocket/24 DON WADE-Oh Love/25 GENE SUMMERS-School of Rock N Roll/26 ELROY DIETZEL-Rock-N-Bones

    So whattya think? I had a lot of fun with this one myself, really, it kicks serious ass.....hope you think so as well!

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    Here's a latter-day band that I really love the shit out of......a (sort of) Tool sideproject, I guess,  A Perfect Circle consist of singer Maynard James Keenan (of Tool fame), guitarist/multi instrumentalist Billy Howerdel, drummer Josh Freese, bassist Paz Lenchantin....various others turn up here and there, including, even, for a spell, Smashing Pumpkins guitaist James Iha.....the thing is, despite all this turnover/instability, these guys did really make some KICKASS albums and if you are not familiar with them, you need to be.....

    First was 2000's "Mer de Noms" (French for "Sea of Names").....from what I understand, the songs are baed upon people that Maynard James Keenan has encountered in his life, a LOT of the song titles are simply "names" ("Judith", "Thomas", "Orestes", and more)....ignore the pretensions, though, this is one GREAT album....I hvae always loved Tool's arty "gloom rock", and this takes it about 20 steps further. Tremendous album, if you've never heard it, trust me......

    Their secnd album "The Thirteenth Step", is fine as well, dealing with the sad subject of (sigh) addiction, which has likely touched all of us in one form or another.....songs such as "The Package" and "The Outsider" drive this point home VERY well, often times concept albums fall flat, this one does not, raking with Filter's (simarly themed) "The Trouble With Angels" as defnitive works on the subject.

    Album #3 is also a masterwork,titled "eMOTIVe" it contains ten covers and two originals.....but once you get into this, the covers REDEFINE the original versions (which is all I've ever asked), they take on material as diverse as Marvin Gaye's "What's Going On", John Lennon's "Imagine", and Fear's "Let's Have a War (So You Can All Die)'" and melding them into a cohesive album.....hard to describe, actually, but each of these three albums easilly merits a **** rating.

    They havc just this year released their fourth, "Three Sixty", and I won't lie, I've never heard it, didn't even know it existed until I started this is a compilation of stuff from the earlier three albums, if that sounds like a bit much to you, well, I'm not going to disagree with you, but I will pit up in case anyone wants it.......

    What else, what else? An album of acoustic releases, quite creepy and good......, a live boor two, a remix disc.... all of which are worth at least a listen.......undeappreciated band, NOT AT ALL riding the coattails of the legendary Tool (I have NEVER done a Tool post......what have I been thinking? Need to do so and SOON!), but an intellectual extension of the same, which is saying a good bit because Tool is some pretty deep, intellectual stuff as it is......

    As always, LET ME KNOW what ya think about these.....again, TRYING to mix things up, TRYING to promote a cross section of the stuff I listen to, NO pigeonholing.......A Perfect Circle, a Rockabilly 4-disc comp, 2 days of Radiohead rarities, the Living I accomplishing my goal (I hope so)? to me. tell me what you want. And by the way, check the older post "The Story of the Clash Postscript" from late October, My man Tiltingsuds has posted a few more rare and valuable Clash boots, stuff you WILL want to get.......PLEASE check them out and make sure and thanks to one great friend of the blog, Tiltingsuds!

    MER DE NOMS-01 The Hollow/02 Magdalena/03 Rose/04 Judith/05 Orestes/06 3 Libras/07Sleeping Beauty/08  Thomas/09 Renholder/10 Thinking of You/11 Brena/12 Over

    THIRTEENTH STEP-01 The Package/02 Weak and Powerless/03 The Noose/04 Blue/05 Vanishing /06 A Stranger/07 The Outsider/08 Crimes/09 The Nurse Who Loved Me/10 Pet/11 Lullaby/12 Gravity

    EMOTIVE-01 Annihilation/02 Imagine/03 (What's So Funny 'Bout) Peace Love and Understanding/04 What's Going On/05 Passive/06 Gimme Gimme Gimme/07 People are People/08 Freedom of Choice/09 Let's Have a War (So You Can All Die)/10 Counting Bodies Like Sheep to the Rhythm of the War Drums/11 When the Levee Breaks/12 Fiddle and the Drum

    THREE SIXTY DISC 1-01 The Holow/02 Rose/03 Judith/04 Orestes/05 Three Libras/06 The Package/07 Weak and Powerless/08 The Noose/09 The Outsider/10 Blue

    THREE SIXTY DISC 2-01 Imagine/02 Passive/03 People Are People (Live)/04  Counting Bodies Like Sheep to the Rhythm of the War Drums/05 When the Levee Breaks/06 By and Down/07 3 Libras (live)/08 Gravity (live)/09 Fiddle and the Drum (live)

    AMOTION (REMIXED)-01 Judith (Renholder Mix)/02 3 Libras (Feel My Ice Dub Mix)/03 The Outsider (Apocalypse Mix)/04 Weak and Powerless (Tilting My Grave Renholder Mix)/05 The Outsider (Frosted Yogurt Mix)/06 Blue (Bird Shake Mix)/07 3 Libras (All Main Courses Mix)/08 The Hollow (Constantly Consuming Mix)/09 The Hollow (The Bunk Mix)

    ACOUSTIC-01 3 Libras/02 Sleeping Beauty/03 The Hollow/04 Thomas/05 A Stranger/06 The Outsider/07 Weak and Powerless/08 Orestes

    PROVIDENCE RI 5/3/00-01 Renholder/Hollow/02 Magdalena/03 3 Libras/04 Sleeping Beauty/05 Brena/06 Orestes/07 Thinking Of You/08 Thomas/09 Rose/10 Judith

    KELLER AUDITORIUM 1/31/01-01 Paz Violin Solo/Renholder/02 Thinking Of You/03 Magdalena/04 3 Libras Remix/05 3 Libras/06 Brena/07 Orestes/08 Perfect Enemy/09 Rose/10 Over/11 Thomas/12 Judith/13 Ashes To Ashes/14 The Hollow

    YPSILANTI MICHIGAN 3/29/01-01 Intro/Paz Violin Solo/02 Renholder/03 Magdalena/04 3 Libras Remix/05 3 Libras/06 Brena/07 Orestes/08 Perfect Enemy/09 Rose/10 Sleeping Beauty/11 Over/12 Thomas/13 Judith/14 Ashes to Ashes/15 The Hollow

    Links shortly!


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    Queen of RockabillyAfter the "Rockin Bones" of the other day, a friend was impressed enough to ask for The Collins Kids and Wanda Jackson, happy to oblige as I need a quickie post for today anyway (got a LOT to do, AND watch the Vikings-Ravens game) I said before I am NO EXPERT on this stuff, the extent of my "knowledge" is pretty much the four discs of "Rockin Bones" and these two discs.....BUT these are great, wonderful samplers for those of us like myself who are NOT afficianadoes of the genre.

    The Collins Kids are my fave actually...seems like they were marketed as a novelty/childrens act in the 1950's BUT they are the shit.....Lorrie Collins vocals are the real deal, and Larry Collins plays some of the most shit-hot rockabilly guitar ever recorded. Their story is VERY well outlined and documented in the "Uknown Legends of Rock N Roll" book that I talked about here a couple weeks ago, check it out if you have that much interest....but in the meantime, here is a 28-track sampler of all thier great stuff ("Hoy Hoy", "Whistle Bait", "Shortnin' Bread Rock".....amazing how our perceptions of things change across decades......FUN (?) FACT: Larry wrote "Delta Dawn". Go to the head of the class.

    As for Wanda Jackson, oooooooh BABY. "Queen of Rockabilly" hot mama, the UNDISPUTED queen of the genre (who would be even a challenge for her?)......awesome songs such as "Fujiyama Mama", "Let's Have a Party", "Honey Bop"......this one is for my friend that requested these, also for blog friend Sir Otter who expressed a bit of admiration for Ms. Jackson!

    Ohio State's defense lets them down vs Michigan State just as I thought it might, congratulations to the Spartans the DESERVING Big Ten champions......Florida State would have ground OSU into chinchilla food  in a  Championship anyway......wondering how many points the Ravens can beat the Vikings by this afternoon guess:  Ravens 38 Vikings 10.

    THE COLLINS KIDS-ROCKIN'EST-01 Hop Skip and Jump/02 Hoy Hoy/03 Beetle-Bug-Bop/04 Just Because/05 Whistle Bait/06 I'm in My Teens/07 Move In a Little Closer/08 Hot Rod/09 Rock Boppin' Baby/10 Go Away Don't Bother Me/11 The Rockaway Rock/12 Rock N Roll Polka/13 The Cuckoo Rock/14 Sweet Talk/15 Hush Money/16 Dance to the Bop/17 Make Him Believe/18 Shortnin' Bread Rock/19 Heartbeat/20 The Lonesome Road/21 Mercy/22 Party/23 Wicked Wicked Love/24 Hey Mama Boom-a-Laka/25 Peter Gunn (Live)/26 Koko Mo/Catfish Boogie (Live)/27 I Was Looking Back To See/28 Shake Rattle and Roll

    WANDA JACKSON-QUEEN OF ROCKABILLY-01 Baby Loves Him/02 Mean Mean Man/03 Fujiyama Mama/04 Cool Love/05 Honey Bop/06 I Gotta Know/07 Let's Have a Party/08 Money Honey/09 Long Tall Sally/10 Hot Dog! That Made Him Mad/11 Searchin/12 Savin My Love/13 Kansas City/14 Hard Headed Woman/15 Tunnel of Love/16 My Baby Left Me/17 Sticks and Stones/18 Who Shot Sam?/19 There's a Party Goin' On/20 Brown Eyed Handsome Man/21 You Don't Know Baby/22 Tongue Tied/23 Riot in Cell Block #9/24 Slippin and Slidin/25 Fallin/26 Rip It Up/27 Rock Your Baby/28 Whole Lotta Shakin Goin' On/29 Honey Don't/30 Man, We Had a Party

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    Other than probably Gaunt and New Bomb Turks, I guess Columbus Ohio (45 minutes to the east of me)'s best band....not that it's exactly a musical hotbed, you'd think with a University as large as The Ohio State University they'd hav come up with a couple more.....

    Anyway, the Apartments (singer Ron House, drummer Ted Hattemer, bassist Craig Dunston, an guitarist Bob Petric) turned out some passable, eccentric, humorous slacker-punk in their "heyday".....I saw them do a set once, they were pretty good, and I know they had a bunch of singles, as well as another couple of  full lengths ("Straight to Video", 1997, and "No Old Fi Lo-Fi Cry", 2000).....really don't think I've ever seen or heard of a copy of either of those discs, used to have a handful of the singles but I thnk my brother "borrowed" them about 10 years ago or so.....(Fun Fact: according to legend/lore, one of the singles (unsure which) was never "officially" released, to get a copy of it you had to write to the band and provide them with a good reason as to why, exactly, you were worthy of receiving a copy....)

    Anyway, what  I DO have here is pretty much  their signature statement, "Bait and Switch" (1995), likely you are unfamiliar unless, of course, you are a fellow's nothing spectacular, really, decent to good songs like "My Mysterious  Death (Turn It Up)" and"You Can't Kill Stupid", but ultimately, they are defined by one track.....that track is "Rock N Roll Hall of Fame".....I have always thought such a concept was kind of stupid, a medium in which I consider, say, Gaunt and Wanda Jackson and Nirvana  and the Stooges and ? and the Myterians and on and on and on) to all be more or less EQUALS, fighting for the same "cause", although some are "better" than others, the big question is "so fucking what?".....while I have visted the RNR HOF many times, and it is one impresssive display, to be sure, I'd rather it were just a RNR "museum", rather than elevating bands over each other and people arguing about who "should" or "should not" be in it......ALL music is subective, after all, and RNR? Please....

    Anyway, the track is here.....while it is tongue in cheek, I agree in theory....."Someone blow it up.....before the let Paul Westerberg in!"....that may be the greatest lyric ever written

    As always trying to provide MORE variety than other blogs....not that mine is "better" by any means (quite the opposite), but I at least want to give regular readers a sense of NEVER having ANY idea what they may find here tomorrrow.....

    Anyone see the last 5 minutes or so of the Vikings/Ravens game? MAN was that exciting....the Vikings (my team of over 40 years) do suck it hard core this season BUT they haven't quit, continue to play hard, and if they can provide me with football that is THAT exciting to watch, the fact that they suck is not TERRIBY relevant.....there were (an NFL record) SIX lead changes in the fourth period......NO ONE could argue that THAT is exciting to watch.....thanks, Vikings and Ravens, for playing an entetaining game in near blizzard conditions and ensuring that my Sunday was not a COMPLETE drunken stupor.......

    BAIT AND SWITCH-01 My Mysterious Death (Turn It Up)/02 Is She Shy/03 Down to High Street/04 Quarrel With the World/05 Cheater's Heaven/06 Cyclotron/07 Negative Guest List/08 Fire in the Swimming Girl/09 You Can't Kill Stupid/10 Rock N Roll Hall of Fame/11 Contract Dispute/12 Wrongheaded

    Anyone have any of the singles (except for my parasitic brother?)....or either of the latter day CD's, please share if so!

    Link is there before ya know it....these short, 1 or 2 disc posts are GREAT (for me only, I'm sure!)

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  • 12/10/13--11:41: The Vaselines
  • Probably completely unknown today if not for their
    association with Nirvana (opened for Nirvana, and Nirvana did some covers of their work), today we have the Vaselines, formed in Glasgow Scotland in the late 1980's. Originally a duo of Eugene Kelly and Frances McKee, the band would late add drummer Charlie Kelly (COOL, like the guy on "It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia", the BigMan's favorite show!) and bassist James Seenan.

    This is pretty cool shit really, on the authority of no less than Kurt Cobain.....Nirvana would cover THREE of the 19 songs on this disc, "Son of a Gun""Molly's Lips (blows Nirvana's version away IMO)", and "Jesus Wants Me For a Sunbeam".....but actually you can see Nirvana covering pretty much anything here, really...I WAS planning on putting up the only Vaselines disc I own, "Way of the Vaselines: A Complete History", released in 1992 and to that point their body of work in its totality.....but on a whim checked the "Bay", and WAIT THERE'S MORE.....haven't listened to any of it yet, but might as well provide it to all you loyal Vaselines fans that frequent this here blog thing.....also "Live In London (Split with Beat Happeing"), "Enter the Vaselines", "All the Stuff and More".....we'll check on the "overlap" rate before posting, me suspects there may be a good bit, I'm not gonna double up TOO much of it, there is also their 2010 (!) release, "Sex With an X".....never heard it, so we'll all find out togther I guess.

    Variety.....variety....variety....the spice of fucking life! Leave a comment and lemme know what ya think bout this one too, me thinks it is pretty kewl, and that is WITHOUT the additional "Bay" material.....please report back as so as ya listen to any of the non-"Complete History" stuff, you may hear it before I do......."Enter the Vaselines" incorporates some remixes, demos and the "Live in London" disc, might a well put that one up as well.

    WAY OF THE VASELINES A COMPLETE HISTORY-01 Son of a Gun/02 Rory Rides Me Raw/03 You Think You're a Man/04 Dying For It/05 Molly's Lips/06 Teenage Superstars/07 Jesus Wants Me For a Sunbeam/08 Sex Sux (Amen)/09 Slushy/10 Monsterpussy/11 Bitch/12 No Hope/13 Oliver Twisted/14 The Day I Was a Horse/15 Dum-Dum/16 Hairy/17 Love Craft/18 Dying For It (The Blues)/19 Let's Get Ugly

    ENTER THE VASELINES DISC 1-01 Son of a Gun/02 Rory Rides Me Raw/03 You Think You're a man/04 Dying For It/05 Molly's Lips/06 Teenage Superstars/07 Jesus Wants Me For a Sunbeam/08 Sex Sux (Amen)/09 Slushy (Remix)/10 Monsterpussy (Remix)/11 Bitch (Remix)/12 No Hope (remix)/13 Oliver Twisted (Remix)/14 The Day I Was a Horse (remix)/15 Dum Dum (remix)/16 Hairy (remix)/17 Lovecraft (Remix)/18 Dying For It (The Blues) (Remix)/19 Let's Get Ugly (Remix)

    ENTER THE VASELINES DISC 2-01 Son of a Gun (Demo '86)/02 Rosary Job (Demo '86)/03 Red Poppy (Demo '86)/04 Son of a Gun (Live Bristol 86)/05 Rosary Job (Live Bristol '86)/06 Red Poppy (Live Bristol '86)/07 Rory Rides Me Raw (Live Bristol '86)/08 You Think You're a Man (live Bristol '86)/09 Dying For It (Live London '88)/10 Monsterpussy (Live London '88)/11 Let's Get Ugly (London '88)/12 Molly's Lips (Live London '88)/13 The Day I Was a Horse (London '88)/14 The Day I Was a Horse (Again) (Live London '88)/15 Sex Sux (Amen) (Live '88)/16 I Didn't Know I Loved You (Live London '88)/17 Teenage Superstars (Live London '88)

    SEX WITH AN X-01 Ruined/02 Sex With an X/03 The Devil's Inside Me/04 Such a Fool/05 Turning It On/06 Overweight But Over You/07 Poison Pen/08 I hate the 80's/09 Mouth To Mouth/10 Whitechappel/11 My God's Bigger Than Your God/12 Exit the Vaselines

    Gotta go for a "sleep Study" tomorrow so maybe we can figure out what happened to me back in September (stroke? seizure? sleep apnea attack?).....I know this, whatever it was, my mind is NOT back to 100% of what it was BEFORE September 20......I'm still having trouble with short-term memory, and just remembering simple converstaions.....ah, well....I'll likely still be off work until January.....then return for a while and FUCKING RETIRE (already have my 30 FUCKING years in).....anyway, September 20 is going to be "one of those" landmark dates for me, life before/after were two different things. We all have a series of them in our lives, and that was definitlely one of em. Something loud and obnoxious tomorrow hopefully.

    LATE EDIT: Couple things for you to check out....first of all, Tiltingsuds is workintime to continue to bring us the most rare in Clash boots, it is amazing the stuff he is piling on here. Everyone should check this out and be VERY appreciative of his efforts! I for one thank him with all I have, he's a TRUE FRIEND OF THE BLOG and has provided us ALL with some VERY VERY valuable stuff. Hat's off  to him!

    Secondly, there was a comment left by Deanna Mitchell of I'll repaste the whole thing:

    Hello from Frightwig. We are playing out again. Go to Check out our video of Crawford. It's on our new EP Hit Return! Rock on, Deanna
    --------------------------------so Frightwig have a new EP out , and a new video? And they WANT people to see and hear them? What kind of concept is THIS? You mean they aren't going to whine and cry like babies whom have lost their colorforms such as SOME bands (Ohhhh, off the top of my head: Green Day, Sublime, Bratmobile, and especially the oh-so-ironically named Corrosion of Conformity)....these are bands that have made it clear that they want FEWER listeners/potential fans of their music, rather than more.....I am noone to argue and took their shit down, as I would with ANY band that insisted that they prefer FEWER listeners over MORE......seems so illogical, and silly, but you know, that is how some people ARE. Thanks to  Deanna Mitchell and Frightwig, I'll checkyour site and your EP, I've always liked your work (which is WHY I did a post on you in the first place!).....thanks for aknowledging that my blog exists, and I hope that you pick up a few more fas/listeners because I put some of your excellent material up here! Thanks again Deanna!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Love Always-BigScott62 !!!!!!

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    Album cover for Sound GrenadeIt would be the best, too , if I  had their hard-to-locate debut, "Son of A.p. Lady" (love to get a share of it, friends? Mark E.?) I think I'd have the whole body of work, no boots or demos or anything, but I think these guys are unknown outside of "normal" (correct term?) stoner rock of the genre in general likely will know them well, they are a GREAT loud/heavy-psych band with some serious drugged-out sounding spacey stuff.....four damn good LP's here.

    Astrosoniq are singer Fred van Bergen, guitarist Ron van Herpen, guitarist/keyboardist Tuen van der Velden, bassist Robert-Jan Gruijthuijzen, and drummer Marcel van de Vondervoort .....they hail from Oss, Netherlands, thus earning the wacky nickname "Wizards of Oss"....Oh, stop.

    Album cover for Made In OssAnyway the previously mentioned "Son of A.p.lady" is a tricky one to locate, at least I've never located one on the net or was their debut, popping up in 2000. I hope it is close to as good as the rest of their work, because this is some damn fine stoner-space-psych, combining the tripping heavy sounds of recent bands such as Wo Fat and Datura (and you KNOW I like both of those bands' work) with roots deep in the usual suspects, Zeppelin, Sabbath, Hawkwind......I'll bet I'e used similar descriptions for 100 different stoner bands, and some might think "they all sound alike"....well, to a degree they do, as do all country acts, or punk acts, or zydeco acts.....often you need to be enamoured of a "sound", then the rest falls into place. I've loved this heavy psychedelic rock since the early 1970's, nothing has changed for me on that front.

    Album cover for Speeder PeopleAlbum #2 is a bit more acessible, 2002's "Sound Grenade"....not quite fully developed yet, but the seeds of what they were to become were there. Loud, hard tunes such as "Astronomicon" and "Daemonology" are cool but they could be better.....and by next album, 2004's "Made In Oss", they stretched out with some long, spacy burners such as "The Magic of the Secret Tiera", or "Soul Searcher" or in particular "Black Chasm", you can hear and feel them finding thier groove.....and they have maintained it since. 2006 saw the release of "Speeder People", they shorten the tracks back up (there are but five on "made In Oss"), but it's between this and "Quadrant", in my opinion, when picking their top work......"Speeder People has some blazing spacy tracks such as "Godeater!" and the freakish, long "Quadrnt El 6500/It's Monster Surfin' Time", as well as the speedy "Red Uns Go Fasta!"......excellent album!

    Album cover for QuadrantThey were not done quite yet though, as in 2009 the released "Quadrant", arguably their best incorporates all of their best traits....the long, instrumental jamming, the heavy guita riffing, the bizarre lyrics, and meld it into a coherent album that ranks, oh, at least ****......pretty damn good run, guys! Don't know if they still be kickin it or not, if so, I'll be on the lookout for future releases.....for now, though, I am quite satisfied with "Quadrant", if it DOES wind up being the final statement for the band's career.....KILLER stoner tracks such as "Faustian bargain" and (maybe their best piece) "As Soon as They Got Airborne", this is a killer album all the way through, with swiriling Hawkwind-like keyboards screaming out as if in competition with guitars that could be from 7Zuma7 or Datura. It's a damn good album, highly recommended (by me, if that means anything), and or stoner rock fans, please check all four, you won't be let down. And, remember"blog friends", we're still looking for "Son of A.p. Lady" if anyone of ya has a copy and the time to share, LOVE to hear it!

    SOUND GRENADE-01 Secret Passage/02 Soundgrenade/03 Astronomicon/04 Aphrodite's Child/05 Evil Rules in Showbizzland/06 Hit and Run/07 Sod Off!!!!/08 So Be It/09 Daemonology

    MADE IN OSS-01 Black Chasm/02 Soul Searcher/03 Space Amazons/04 Solar Machine/05 The Magic of the Secret Tiera

    SPEEDER PEOPLE-01 Red Glow/02 Grifter/03 Cold Hearted Guys Like Us Lik It Loud/04 Lipstick Traces/05 Six Pack/06 Lonely Man/07 Godeater!/08 Rocket Science/09 Hot Chick/10 Orbital Relay/11 Red 'Uns Go Fasta!/12 Submission/13 Quadrant El 6500/It's Monster Surfin' Time

    QUADRANT-01 Faustian Bargain/02 Cloud of Decay/03 As Soon As They Got Airborne/04 Play It Straight/05 Lured/06 Bloom/07 Zero/08 Downfall Lover/09 Bored/10 Sin

    Links in a little while......these ones rock the hell out.....leave a note if ya like em! Or, hate em!

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    Hope all is well with longtime blogger friend Psyclist,
     he's contributed LOTS of fine stuff to the blog (as well as to my personal collection!).....haven't heard from him for while, don't know if he's still checking in or not as "psycles" around Southeast Asia (I think).....yes my life is boring......

    Anyway I have three more discs that he might not have (he has a BUNCH of em though) and they are of significant interest that I might as well post the style of posting ALBUMS (rather than best of comps) by the Remains, Count 5, Standells, and more, I have turned up four more....keep in mind, MOST of the "nuggets" bands of the era DID NOT make solid albums for the (maybe two) stunning singles per album, cover versions of reasonalby well known stuff for filler, and a lot of (frankly) bad tracks to flesh things out.....and I know that Music Machine released finealbums, they were the exception (Love, also, for that matter)....

    What do we got fer ye today? Well, let's begin with Syndicate of Sound....from San Jose California, they of course released the sneering classic "Hey Little Girl" (one of the first songs I EVER remember hearing!), and, well, not much else.....that was about it. The rest of the album is fleshed out with stuff like "Big Boss Man" and "Is You Is Or Is You Ain't My Baby"'s rough to listen to, actually, but as a historical novelty/curiosity indespensable.

    Fairing a bit better are Chicago's "Shadows of Knight" (likely pointed out before that SOOOO many bands thought it was the hippest thing possible to spell their name "Knight" instead of "Night"'d think if they REALLY had access to the REALLY GOOD drugs, they'd have been able to cme up with something a bit more creative).....anyway, the title track "Gloria" is here, as is "Oh Yeah" which appears on the first Nuggets set......after that (just) passable Chicago blues, "Got My mojo Workin'", "Hoochie Coochie Man", "Boom Boom"....get the pitcha? Listenable enough so dig in....

    From the great Pacific Northwest come the Sonics, whom I am sure you know from their crude, saxaphone driven singles such as "Psycho", "Strychnine", "He's Waitin".....they released a pair of LP's in 1965-66, "Here Are the Sonics" and "Boom".....this CD ("Psycho") contains all of the material from both of those albums on one handy disc.....this is MUCH more enjoyable, as an album, than the Syndicate of Sound and Shadows of Knight items here. The Sonics were the real deal, "Boss Hoss", "Louie Louie", "Jenny Jenny", they were a high-energy act and we are lucky that we have thier (pretty much) complete body of work on a single CD!

    And finally Yesterday's Children.....really they had no standout singles on their only album release, and to compound matters they were one of at least three (if not more) bands who shared that moniker....this was crew from Connecticut, they had a minor hit ("To Be Or Not To Be" appears on "Psychedelic Unknowns").....that single was typical garage/psych/nugget rock, but by the time they released this album (1969), they were headed more in a direction of the straight up hard rock of the early 1970's. It's quite a good album, unsure it fits here, but be that as it may, try this one, you may enjoy it.....might, perhaps, remind you of Josefus or Toad, maybe something like's a good one. Recommended.

    SYNDICATE OF SOUND-01 Big Boss Man/02 Almost Grown/03 So Alone/04 Dream Baby/05 Rumours/06 Little Girl/07 That Kind of Man/08 I'm Alive/09 You/10 Lookin For The Goodtimes/11 Witch/12 Is You Is Or Is You Ain't My Baby

    SHADOWS OF KNIGHT-01 Gloria/02 Light Bulb Blues/03 I Got My Mojo Workin/04 Darksde/05 Boom Boom/06 Let It Rock/07 Oh Yeah/08 It Always Happens That Way/09 You Can't Judge a Book By Looking at the Cover/10 (I'm Your) Hoochie Coochie Man/11 I Just Want to Make Love To You

    THE SONICS-01 Witch/02 Do You Love Me/03 Roll Over Beethoven/04 Boss Hoss/05 Dirty Robber/06 Have Love Will Travel/07 Psycho/08 Money (That's What I Want)/09 Walking the Dog/10 Night Time Is the Right Thing/11 Strychnine/12 Good Golly Miss Molly/13 The Hustler/14 Psycho (Live)/15 Cinderella/16 Don't Be Afraid of th Dark/17 Skinny Minnie/18 Let the Good Times Roll/19 Don't You Just Know It/20 Jenny Jenny/21 He's Waitin/22 Louie Louie/23 Since I Fell For You/24 Hitch Hike/25 It's Alright/26 Shot Doown/27 Keep a Knockin'/28 Witch (Live)/29 Witch (Version 2)

    YESTERDAY'S CHILLDREN-01 Paranoia/02 Sad Born Loser/03 What Of I/04 She's Easy/05 Sailing/06 Providence Bummer/07 Evil Woman/08 Hunter's Moon

    Whaddya think about these.....I'm sure I could do several more in this style.....but often the music is more interesting than memorable, so I don;t know......I enjoy them, but I wonder REALLY how many people want to hear a whole album from Syndicate of Sound? I guess I will find out!

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    Cloulda filed under "guilty pleasures"(but they really didn't start the "journey to Suckville" until that DAMN DAMN DAMN "Money For Nothing" song (and the REST of that overplayed monstrosity of an album. be hard work to become more tired of a band than I did of this one, ca.1985-6, or even under a "history lessonf for Junior", But Dire Straits have nothing so be ashamed of with their silky smooth blues/pop/jazz/swing/new-wave influenced stuff....I loved it for a while, great stuff when all lone and toking, fine lyrics to medidate to, and some complex album that take a while to get to the bottom of.

    Let us begin, my Junior year in high school, and the first album "Dire Straits", they called it.....the track  "Sultans of Swing" got a lot of airplay back then, we all thought it was cool.....Mark Knopfler's sort of condescending vocals, subdued music, and of course lyrics like, "They don't give a damn abaut any trumpet playing ain't what THEY call Rock N Roll......and the Sultans play CREOLE!"......fine stuff, and not the only good one on the album....."Down  to the Waterline","Six Blade Knife". "Wild West End" not only are outstanding songs which stand up and sound good in 2013, mysteriuos music, just soooooo smooth and laid back, it's like the band is a secrte society and they are letting YOU in. Temporarily, of course.

    Music critics MIGHTnot agree, but I like the second album "Communique", even better.....more lyrical soundscapes, "Once Upon a Time In the West", the fantastic "Lady Writer", "Angel of Mercy", the fine "Portobelloe Belle"......I'd give the debut **** (pretty good), while this one goes to **** 1/2. Two fine albums in two tries.....these really ARE NOT hard rockin albums, on the other hand, I can't think of a single thing to compare them to, and thy KIND OF do "rock" in a subtle, odd way.

    The came "Making Movies", their third album and their masterwork. Artistic and harder rocking that the earlier discs, these guys had grown up fast......side one kicks off with "Tunnel of Love", about 8 minutes long, but it rolls by as if in no time as all......the second track "Romeo and Juliet" is beautiful musically and lyrically ("Juliet says 'Godness me it's Romeo, ya nearly gimme a heart attack'....he's underneath the window, she's singing, 'Hey La, my boyfriends back'".........fantastic song, and the first side caps with he incredibly beautiful "Skateaway", IMO the best thing they've ever done. A fantastic tour de force of vinyl, don't omit side two with "Solid Rock" and the great "Espresso  Love"....classic *****-album of the early 80's.

    "Love Over Gold" is a fine album is wll, taking chances with the 34 minute "Telegraph Road" and the rocking, hilarious "Industrial Disease" (also one of their best numbers......) it's a good one, not to be overlooked, they reached the top of the hill with "making Movies", this begins the journey do but it is a GOOD one (***1/2 anyway)......

    The next year they released the live "Alchemy", it's kind of boring for my money, never saw them AND never imagined they'd be much on stage....(for shame, no version of "Skateaway"?), but it IS some live material before the levy broke......

    The levy broke in 1985 with "Brothers In Arms" is NOT a bad album, but it is one that was forced upon the worl without  mercy.....besides  that humorous THE FRIRST TIME ONLY "Money For Nothing", there are MORE annoying, over played singles here ("Walk of Life", "So Far Away")....their most popular album, going away, I don't care if I never hear a note of it again, but I include for those of you who think hearing "I Want My MMMMTTTTTTTVVVVVVVVVVVVVVV" for the 10000th time is amusing.

    What else we got here? Well, the final studio album's title was "On Every Street".....really I don't have much to recommend it, BUG fans, completists of course will want it. We have "Money for Nothing", which on the surface appears to be a typically lame "Greatest Hits" album, BUT it contains lots of alternante takes and remixes which make it worth the while....We have the ExtendancEP, (1983), the USA version which includes an additional track from the UK for live stuff, wehave a good bit. other than the afformetnioned :"Alchemy" we have a decent set ofBBC Sessions from 1981. "Sultans of Swing" is another double disc "greatest hits" set, without the alts and remixes of "Money For Nothing", so I am going to skip DISC 1, but will include Disc 2 as it includes  a live set from Royal Albert Hal 1986.

    "On the Night" was a legitimate live release, from he early 1990's, it's something short of spectactular. Also, we have a live set from Baltimore, One From San Francisco (1985), A double set entitled "Straits to the Point" (recorded in Dublin), another double set called "Ticket to Heaven" undated), and a single disc "Live at Wolbur Alley"......these sets vary in quality, Straits never had a rep as a really stellar live act, But I have the feeling (never saw them) that they could have at least been amusing in the right frame of mind.

    Anyway, gotta LOT of their stuff here, didn't realize I had so much. I'll also top it with the Mark Knopfler solo disc "Sailing To Philadelphia" which is pretty decent for that kind of thing.

    These guys were different. Can't compare them much to anyone else, always a good sign......they could rock deceptively "hard" (NOT "loud), check "Espresso Love" or "Industrial Disease".....more of my high school soundtrack, and one legitimate classic album in :Making Movies......what more do ya want......this is some fine stuff, I think, perhaps you wish to differ? Than PLEASE do do!

    DIRE STRAITS-01 Down to the Waterline/02 Water Of Love/03 Setting Me Up/04 Six Blade KNife/05 Southbound Again/06 Sultans of Swing/.07 In the Galley/08 Wild West End/09 Lions

    COMMUNIQUE-01 Once Upon a Time In the West/02 News/03 Where Do You Think You're Going.04 Communique/05 Lady Writer/06 Angel Of Mercy/07 Portobello Belle/08 Single Handed Sailor/10 Follow Me Home

    MAKING MOVIES-01 Tunnel of Lov/02 Romeo and Juliet/03 Skateaway/04 Expresso Love/05 Hand In  Hand/06 Solid Rock/07 Lez Boys

    LOVE OVER GOLD-01 Telegraph Road/02 Private Investigations/03 Industrial Diseae/04 Love Over Gold/05 It Never Rains

    BROTHERS IN ARMS-01 So Far Away/02 Money For Nothing/03 Walk For Life/04 Your Latest Trick/05  Why Worry/06 Ride Across the River/07 The Man's Too Strong/08 One World/09 Bothers In Arms

    ON EVERY STREET-01 Calling Elvis/02 On Every Street/03  It Comes To You/04 Fade To Black/05 The Bug/06 You and Your Friend/07 Heavy Fuel/08 Iron Hand/09 Ticket To Heaven/10 My Parties/11 Planet of New Orleans/12 How Long

    EXTENDEDANCEP (EP) (USA Verion)-01 Twisting By the Pool/02 Two Young Lovers/03 If I Had You/4 Badges, Posters, Stickers, T-Shirts

    ALCHEMEY DISC 1-01 Once Upon a Time In the  West/2 Expresso Love/03 Romeo and Juliet/04 ove Over Gold/05 Private Investigations/06 Sultans of Swing

    ALCHEMEY DISC 2-01 Two You Lovers/02 Tunnel Of Love/03 Telegraph Road/04 Solid Rock/05 Going Home (Theme From "Local Hero")

    MONEY FOR NOTHING-01 Sultans of Swing/02 Down to the Waterline/03 Portobello Belle (Live Outtake from "Alchemey")/04 Twisting By The Pool (remix).05 Tunnel of Love/06 Romeo and Juliet/07 Where Do  You Think You're Going (Unreleased Mix)/08 Walk of Life/09 Private Investigations/10 Telegraph Road (Live, Remix), 11 Money For Nothing (Singel Edit)12 Brothers in arms (Edit)

    ON THE NIGHT-01 Calling Elvis/02 Walk of Life/03 Heavy Fuel/04 Romeo and Juliet/05 Private Investigations/06 Your Lastest Trick/07 On  Every Street/08 You and Your Friend/09 Money For Nothing09 Brothers In  Arms

    BBC SESSIONS 1981-01 Down to the Waterline/02Six Blade Knife/03Water Of Love/04 Wild West End/05 Sultans of Swing/06 Lions/07 What's the Matter baby/08 Tunnel of Love

    SULTANS OF SWING (DISC 2 ONLY)-01 Calling Elvis/02 Walk of Life/03 Last Exit to Brooklyn/04 Romeo and Juliet/05 Sultans of Swing/06 Brothers in Arms/07 Money For Nothing

    NEWS-LIVE BALTIMORE-01 Angel  of Mercy/02 Down to the Waterline/03 News/04 Once Upon a Time In the West/05 Private Investigations/06 Skate Away/07 Tunnel Of Love

    STRAITS TO THE POINT D1 (DUBLIN)-01 Calling Elvis/02 Walk of Life/03 Romeo and Juliet/04 Heavy Fuel/05 Planet of New Orleans/06 Private Investigations/07 Sultans of Swing/08 Your Latest Trick

    STRAITS TO THE POINT D2 (DUBLIN)-01On Every Street/02 I Think I Love You Too Much/03 Two Young Lovers/04 Teleegraph Road/05 Setting Me Up/06 Money For Nothing/07 Brothers In arms/08 Why Worry

    TICKE TO HEAVEN D1-01 On Every Street/02 Two  Young Lovers/03 Telegraph Road/04 Money For Nothing/05  Brothers in Arms/06 Solid Rock/07 Theme From Going Home

    LIVE AT WOBBURN ALLEY 1992-01 Calling Elvis/02 Walk of Life/03 Heavy Fuel/04 The Bug/05 Private Investigations/06 Sultans of Swing/07 Your Latest Trick/08 On Every Street/09 Two Young Lovers/10 Telegraph Road

    SAILING TO PHILADELPHIA (KNOPFLER)-01 What Is It/02 Sailing to Philadelphia/03 Who's Your Baby Now/04 Baloney Again/05 The Last Laugh/06 Slivertown Blues/07 El Macho/08 Prairie Wedding/09 Wanderlust/10 Speedway at Nazarth/11 Junkie Doll/12 Sands of  Nevada/13 One More Matinee

    SAN ANTONIO 1985 DISC 1-Sultans of  Swing/02 Why Worry/03 Walk of Life/04Two Young Lovers/05 Brothers In arms/06 Solid Rock/07 Going Home (Theme From a Local Hero)

    SAN ANTONIO 1985 DISC 2-01 Ride Across the River/02 Expresso Love/03 One World/04 Romeo and Juliet/05 Money For Nothing/06 Tunnel of Love

    MAN OH MAN I Had more of this stuff than I woulda guessed.....guess cause I always liked me some laid back, condescending (in it's way) and funny-cool Dire Straits......good band for a LONG time.....hope ya all enjoy dis un, been more work than I thought it wuz gonna be.......WHOLE LOTTA good stuff here, KINDA mainstream, but at the same time underappreciated. Good music. Please leve comments, requests, pictures of neighbor's 18 year old sex-pot daughter, presecription refill numbers......anything ! I am here for ya my children, I am here for ya! LOTSA LOTSA linkjs, gonna let em run all night, and we'll see where we are whe the morning time comes!

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    The Detroit Cobras crank out some awesome garage-style rock, specializing in semi-obscure cover versions. Thier constantly shifitng lineups make personnel lists redundant, suffice to say they are more a floating amolgation of musicians than anything stable or standard.....poking around the scene since at least 1998 when they released "Mink, Bat, or Rabbit".....loaded with fairly unknown covers, such as "Easier to Cry" originally by the Shagri-La's, "Putty In Your Hand" by the Shirelles, and Charlie Rich's "Midnight Blues".....seekng ou such esoteric material lends tha same materialew life, unlike the slavish, carbon  covers that I have discussed my dislike for so many times before. These sound fresh and new, and it is a fine listening experience.

    Rachel Nagy's fine vocals were the reference point of that album, also of the second, 2001's "Life, Love, and Leaving"......another batch of semi-unknown cover version (for example: "Stupidity" by Solomon Burk  , and , "Cry On" by Irma Thomas....EXCELLENT cover materal was the key to this band's success, and, ironically, to it originality. Anyother worthwhile album (somewhat hard to find but fear not I have one)

    They released an EP "Seven Easy Pieces" a fwe years later, I DO have one but the entire thing is incorporated on their third release, "Baby"......includng the all of the previously mentioned EP, and a fresh string of nearly 20 MORE unknown tracks, it also incudes an ORIGINAL song, "Hot Dog (Watch me Eat") which fits like a glove and you'd NEVER know it was NOT some other bizarre cover choice. Plenty of more fine cover versions, well chosen, well done, and abaited by intelligent ord collecting: a few examples are "I Wanna Holler" by Gary US Bonds, "Mean Man" by Betty Harris, and "Weak Spot" by Ruby Johnson.

    Their fourth disc, "Tied and True", continues the formula, these guys knew their formula, one with which I agree.....take cover versions and MAKE THEM YOUR OWN in a way.. don't have to be "better" than the originals, chances are they WON'T be....but make them YOUR OWN. Takes a specil kind of talent, and the Detroit Cobras did it to the tune of perfection. "Leave My Kitten Alone" (by Little Willie John) and "Only to Other People" by the Cookies are among the unknown- that are transformed on this album.....

    Personally I'd rank all four of the above at around ***1/2 stars, pretty good and consistent, and then we have "Original Recording: Singles and Unreleased" which features exactly what the title would imply. A little more esoteric material on this one, a Wana Jackson number, as well as the Deviants, ? and the Mysterians, The Kinks and others, as well as outtakes/unreleased from some of their earlier LP's......sounds like a perfect fit, actually, I'd give it maybe a ***.

    Some of you garage rock lovers will love this.....some might despise it (can't see why though)....these are fine albums, and I think highly of them......hope you do, esecially if this NEW to you. We can always find SOMETHING under that big old rock n roll sun, this is todays find......I like these albums. Do you? You don't hear a lot about them, but I'd think to a crowd like this blog's audience, perhaps they would be one that would go over big! Let me know

    MINK RAT OR RABBIT-01 Cha Cha Twist/02 I'll Keep Holding On/03 Putty (In Your Hands)/04 Easier to Cry/05 Bad Girl/06 Summer (The Slum)/07 Midnight Blues/08 You Knows What To Do/09 Can't Do Without You/10 Hittin On Nothing/11 Out of This World/12 Chumbawa/13 Breakaway
    LIFE LOVE AND LEAVING-01 Hey Sailor/02 He Did It/03 Find Me A Home/04 Oh My Lover/05 Cry On/06 Stupidity/07 Bye Bye Love/08 Boss Lady/09 Laughing at You/10 Can't Miss Nothing/11 Right Around the Corner/12 Won't You Dance With Me/13 Let's Forget About the Past/14 Shout Bama Lama
    BABY-01 Slipping Around/02 I Wanna Holler (But the Town's Too Small)/03 Baby Let Me Hold Your Hand/04 Weak Spot/05 Everybody's Going Wild/06 Hot Dog (Watch Me Eat)/07 Mean Man/08 Now You're Gone/09 It's Raining/10 Just Can't Please You/11 The Real Thing/12 Baby Help Me/13 Cha Cha Twist/14 Ya Ya Ya/15 My baby Loves the Secret Agent/16 Heartbeat/17 You Don't Knock/18 Silver and Gold/19 99 1/2 Percent Just Won't Do/20 Insane Asylum
    TIED AND TRUE-01 As Long As I have You/02 Noting But a Heartache/03 (If You Don't Think) You Better Change/04 Leave My Kitten Alone/05 (I Wanna Know) What's Going On/06 Try Love/07 You'll Never Change/08 Puppet on a String/09 Only To Other People/10 The Hurt's All Gone/11 It's My Delight/12 On a Monday/13 Green Light
    ORIGINAL RECORDINGS-SINGLES AND UNRELEASED-01 Village of Love/02 Maria Christina/03 Over To My House/04 Sad Affair/05 Down In Louisiana/06 Ain't It a Shame/07 Slum Lord/08 It's Raining/09 Cha Cha Twist/10 Funnel Of Love/11 I've Got a Feeling/12 Time Changes Eveything/13 Brainwashed/14 With Body and Soul
    Good stuff here, hope you find a new groove you can get into......I've liked the older records for a while now, it's good stuff! Let me know your concurance or lack thereof!!


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    Psyclist is one of the best contributors EVER to this blog, contributing a MOUNTAIN of stuff that I know I appreciate, and I know that many of you guys have as well....well, he's moving to a new house and it will be  a while before he has internet access again......he will be missed, I guarentee by ME, but also by any other blog regulars, because of his fine and amazing contributions......he contributed great stuff as recently as THIS WEEK'S Dire Straits post...he'll be gone for a while, but he'll be back, he is in Malaysia after all......anyway before I turn this over to him, I want to thank him for home up more times than I could count with stuff  that  I couldn't find or whatever.......take it easy and THANK YOU Psyclist, and when your internet issues get resolved we'll ALL be right here, waiting for your next killer contribution......for now I just say " Thank You", and I hope that other readers of the blog, who know how valuable Psyclist is, will follow suit and thank him in the commnt section......he has created a fine post about the great Q65 so for now, take it away Psyclist! Goode health and good fortune to you and yours and hope to talk with you SOON!

    Hi Mr. Big

    Some sad news as I am not sure how long it will be until I will be
    able to be on the net again. I'm going to move house here in Malaysia
    and it's unclear how long it's going to be before I will have a new
    connection (they say somewhere next year, which can be January or
    December) as this house is as the company says, new, it's 5 years old.

    Thus here is my little post for your blog, all I have from the great
    garage/blues/rock (and later more psychedelic orientated Dutch band Q
    65. They're somewhat a legend in Holland and have a cult staus in
    Europe and the USA amongst the 60's lovers. Most welknown are The Life
    I Live and You're The Victor but their albums are of great quality

    The band originate from Den Haag (The Hague) which in the mid 60's
    generated a whole bunch of great beat groups including for example the
    Golden Earrings (later become the Golden Earring). Follwing the
    example of the British blues boom they modeled their music to electric
    blues from Muddy Waters, BB King etc and the British bands the Rolling
    Stones, the Animals, Them, Pretty Things, The Kinks etc.

    You're The Victor and The Life I live were released in 1966 and peaked
    at #11 and #5 in the Dutch top 40. The first album Revolution was all
    straight forward blues including a version of Sonny boy Williamson's
    "Bring It Home" of almost 14 minutes. Kjoe (Dutch pronunciation) was
    an unstoppable force in 1966 but after 1968 it was all over.

    In 1970 a more psychedelic orientated Kjoe released Afghanistan, not
    bad but ... compared to Bring It Home it was disappointing. However,
    listening to Afghanistan right now, it was a great record and a record
    made with guts. But the days of Q65 were numbered. Members of the band
    would appear in several other bands.

    Member of the first hour Frank Nuyens would appear in the Red White &
    Blue Band with Harry Muskee and Eelso Gelling (Cuby & the Blizzards)
    and, amongst others, the Freelance Band (hard tpo find lp's... Rough
    'n Tough and Midnight Power House.

    Peter Vink and drummer Beer Klaasse would form Finch (prog rock) and
    other members would on and off be found on lp's of Golden Earring,
    Livin' Blues and other Dutch bands.

    Obviously the is some overlap but I think it's worth to get all the
    cd's here. But if you have to start somewhere, get either Revolution
    of the Singles Collection. All Q65 cd's included artwork.

    Q 65
    Afghanistan (1970)

    1. Love Is Such A Good Thing /2. Injection /3. Baby Don't Worry/4. I M
    Glad/5. Nobody Knows When You're Down' Out/6. Please Come Back To
    Me/7. We Are Happy/8. I Gotta Move/9. There Was A Day/10. Don't Let Me
    Fall/11. Crumblin/12. Night/13. Sexy Legs/14. I Just Can't Wait/15.
    We're Gonna Make It/16. Saddy/17. On The Highway/18. Rock Roll Medley

    Revival (1969)

    1. Cry in the Night/2. No Place to Go/3.It Came to Me/4.I Was
    Young/5.World of Birds/6. So High I've Been, So Down I Must
    Fall/7.Sundance/8. Voluntary Peacemake//9. Ridin' on a Slow Train/10.
    Fairy Tales of Truth/11. And Your Kind/12. I Despice You/13. Where Is
    the Key */14. Ain't That Loving You Baby */15. Ramblin' on My Mind *
    /16. 80% O */17. Mother Mutha's Great Sundance * /18. [Hidden Bonus
    Cut] *


    1. The Life I Live/2.I Got Nightmares 3.Just Whos In Sight/4.Mr
    Pitiful/5.I'm A Man/6.Middle-age Talk /7. Summer Thoughts In A Field
    Of Weed /8.Down In The Bottom /9.Get Out Of My Life /10.Woman
    /11.Spoonful /12.Sour Wine /13.Bring It On Home/ 14.Where Is The Key
    (Bonus Track) /15. Voulentary Peacemaker (Bonus Track)/16. It Came To
    Me (Bonus Track) /17. No Place To Go (Bonus Track)/

    Singles A's and B's

    Disc I:
    1. You're The Victor/2. The Life I Live/3. I Despice You/4. From
    Above/5. Ain't That Loving You Baby (EP Kjoe Blues)/6. Ramblin' On My
    Mind (EP Kjoe Blues)/7. So High I've Been, So Down I Must Fall/8.
    Medusa (Circus)/9. Ann/10. Sundance/11. Don't Let Me Fall/12. Sexy
    Legs/13. Love Is Such A Good Thing/14. I Just Can't Wait/15. Fighting
    Is Easy/16. Hoonana (Kjoe)/17. Lady Of Love (Willem Bieler &
    Dambuster)/18. Let's Roll/19. Feel Her Still/20. Ridin' On A Slow
    Train (Circus - alternative long version)/21. From Above (second
    version)/22. Ann (alternative take)

    Disc 2
    1. And Your Kind/2. Cry In The Night/3. I Was Young/4. No Place To Go
    (EP Kjoe Blues)/5. 80% 0 (EP Kjoe Blues)/6. It Came To Me/7. Where Is
    The Key/8. Mother Motha's Great Sundance (Circus)/9. Sour Wine/10.
    World Of Birds/11. Crumblin'/12. There Was A Day/13. Night/14. We're
    Gonna Make It/15. Country Girl/16. Troubles (Kjoe)/17. Are You
    Home/18. Feel Her Still (stereo)/19. Fairy Tales Of Truth (Circus -
    alternative version)/20. Hapiness (Willem Bieler)/21. I Was Young
    (without backing vocals)/22. From Above (alternative take)

    The Complete Collection 1966-1969

    Disc 1
    1. You're The Victor/2. And Your Kind/3. The Life I Live/4. Cry In The
    Night/5. I Got Nightmares/6. Just Who's In Sight/7. Mr. Pitiful/8. I'm
    A Man/9. Middel-Age Talk/10. Summerthoughts In A Field Of Weed/11.
    Down At The Bottom/12. Get Out Of My Life, Woman/13. Spoonful/
    14. Sour Wine/15. Bring It On Home/16. I Despice You/17. Ann/

    Disc 2
    1. From Above/2. I Was Young/3. World Of Birds/4. It Came To Me/5.
    Ain't That Loving You Babe/6. Ramblin' On My Mind/7. No Place To Go/8.
    80% O/9. Where Is The Key/10. So High I've Been, So Down I Must
    Fall/11. Sundance/12. Voluntary Peacemaker/13. Ridin' On A Slow
    Train/14. Fairy Tales Of Truth/15. I Was Young/16. Medusa
    17. Mother Mutha's Great Sundance/18. Mother Mutha's Great Sundance

    Free Lance Band

    Rough 'N Tough

    1. Hit Or Miss /2. Night After Night/ 3. South America/4. Please Don't
    Tell Me/5. Gunman/6. Party Time/7. Pity For the Pigies/8. Ghettos/9.
    Free Lance Dance/10 Morality

    Midnight Power House

    1. Oh Yeah By Yeah/2. The Midnight Powerhouse/3. I Love You To Love
    Me/4. Saved By The Dollar/5. The Freelance Dance/6. The Guitar Man/7.
    Jazz 'N' My Legs/8. Holy Shit I'm In Love Again/9. The Best Part/10.
    Love/11. Last Goodbye

    See ya soon I hope

    Peter (Psyclist)

    What a great contributor he has been......he will be missed, and not just a little bit! hoping like hell all goes well for him and he is back sharing his fine music with us SOON! Thanks personally from me, Psyclist and I know the rest of the blog friends feel the same way!

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  • 12/15/13--18:02: The Iron City Houserockers
  • I recall learning of these dudes from reviews of their first couple of abums in Creem magazine.....sounded like something I'd like and after hunting down the albums, sure enough did like em, quite a bit in fact. That is why it is so surprising, to me at least, that they are so forgotten today, and their music is so difficult to find.....I had the first two albums on vinyl and ripped them to CD years ago, but "Blood On the Bricks" (their third) proved pretty difficult to find......until I was poking around on Pirate Bay last night and there it was, along with their other two abums. A GREAT find.

    They owed their sound to a sort of Springsteen/Stones/J Geils hybrid, bluesy, rough,working-class, bar-band sound and occasionally showing the fire of punk bands ala the Boomtown Rats.....the first album, "Love's So Tough" for my money is not quite as good as the second, released in 1979 (my senior year) it DID serve as some background music for my friends and my own scene......"Dance With Me" and "Heroes Are Hard to Find" are among the more memorable tracks, harmonica-driven, beer drinking music for certain.

    In 1980, they released what I think is their best effort, the somewhat stunning "Have a Good Time (But Get Out Alive)".......showing off the roots of the first effort and building on them, the title track and the pairing of "Old Man's Bar"/"Junior's Bar" have a real kick to them, almost like "American Pub Rock" (I just made that one up myself!).....a really GOOD album, and a forgotten one for whatever reason.....I prefer to listen to it, for example, over contemporary releases other "All American Working Class" rockers (Seger, Petty, Springsteen, and saying NOTHING disfavorable about any of them).

    When "Blood on the Bricks" came out, I was never able to find a copy of it, finally locating one for $1.00 at a record-collectors convention.....the copy I bought was not worth the dollar, skips (remember THOSE?) all through it.....thought it was decent, what I COULD hear of it, but probably never listened to it more than once, and the Iron City Houserockers faded from my memory, just as they did from nearly everyone elses'....I see from Wikipedia that they issued a FOURTH album, "Crack Under Pressure", in 1983, to be honest I've never heard of it until this minute and it wasn't in the "Bay" torrent, and apparently they even had some releases subsequent to THAT under the shortened name "Houserockers".....who knew? Anyway for me these guys will always be about those first two LP's that Creem raved about, if you've never heard them, or heard OF THEM, please try them out......good stuff.

    LOVE'S SO TOUGH-01 I Can't Take It/02 Hideaway/03 Turn It Up/04 Dance With Me/05 Love So Tough/06 Veronica/07 Heroes Are Hard To Find/08 Stay With Me Tonight/09 I'm Lucky

    HAVE A GOOD TIME BUT GET OUT ALIVE-01 Have a Good Time (But Get Out Alive)/02 Don't Let Them Push You Around/03 Pumping Iron/04 Hypnotized/05 Price of Love/06 Angela/07 We're Not Dead Yet/08 Blondie/09 Old Man's Bar/10 Junior's Bar/11 Runnin' Scared/12 Rock Ola

    BLOOD ON THE BRICKS-01 Friday Night/02 Saints and Sinners/03 This Time the Night Won't Save Us/04 Be My Friend/05 No Easy Way Out/06 No More Loneliness/07 Watch Out/08 Blood On the Bricks/09 A Fool's Advice

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  • 12/17/13--10:39: The Au Pairs
  • First heard them on "Urgh....A Music War", which I featured in a post long ago......they were maybe the highlight of the set/movie with their stunning and hilarious rendition of "Come Again" ("....this is a song about faking orgasms, it's called "Come Again"").....checked out their two albums after that, both are worth to categorized them? Maybe in a 1980's general "post-punk" cluster, along with perhaps Gang of Four and some others, they had a unique sound and took on politics, both sexual and otherwise, in their clever lyrics.

    The Au Pairs were guitarist/singer Lesley Woods, guitarist/singer Paul Foad, bassist Jane Munro, and drummer Pete Hammond. They released the stunning, classic "Playing With a Different Sex" in 1981. It is a fantastic album, packed with snotty, sarcastic lyrics (the aforementioned "Come Again" being the greatest, but also "It's Obvious" and "We're So Cool", among others, stand out as brilliant pieces of lyricism, it is one of the great lost classics of the early 1980's, trust your uncle on this one, would ya PLEEZE?

    Release #2 was 1982's "Sense and Sensuality" in which they attempted to expand their sound, incorporating other genres into the sound, and still getting in a clever lyric or two in "Sex Without Stress" and "Tounge in Cheek"....personally, I like the album, many do not,and by no means is it on par with "Playing With a Different Sex."

    This is a band from which I don't have a lot of extra material......the track on "Urrgh..." is about all I've heard but their two full lengths.....apparently they had a bunch of singles, maybe an unofficial live disc, and perhaps a BBC session disc, have never seen or heard a single one of em.....any "blog friends", especially from the Continent, got anything?  An underappreciated band if  there was one!

    Au Pairs (band).jpgPLAYING WITH A DIFFERENT SEX-01 We're So Cool/ 02 Love Song/03 Set Up/04 Repetition/05 Headache For Michelle/06 Come Again/07 Armagh/08 Unfinished Buisness/09 Dear John/10 It's Obvious/11 You/12 Domestic Departure/13 Kerb Crawler/14 Diet/15 It's Obvious (Single Version)/16 Inconvenience (12" version)/17 Pretty Boys/18 Headache For Michelle (Remix)

    SENSE AND SENSUALITY-01 Stepping Out of Line/02 Sex Without Stress/03 Instant Touch /04 (That's When) It's Worth It/05 Shakedown/06 Tongue In Cheek/07 Intact/08 Don't Lie Back/09 America/10 Fiasco

    Hope you guys like these, and hope that I continue to bring to the table the type of musical VARIETY that gives this blog SOME SORT of personality.....let me know what you think of these, got a bigger one coming  tomorrow or the next day, featuring one of my faves, The Jam, I know you guys will like THAT one!

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