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The music that shaped a semi-wasted life

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  • 06/11/17--17:59: More Classic Flo & Eddie!
  • Ask and recieve: After MD Milner submitted the first Flo & Eddie album (See earlier today), a friend of the
    blog named Mark Breitinger submits the following, the second album (1973's "Flo & Eddie"), the third (1974's "Illegal, Immoral, and Fattening"), and the amazing three-disc "History of Flo and Eddie"......can't wait to hear "History", never knew it existed.......thanks to MD Milner and Mark Breitinger for filling in the Flo and Eddie gaps in everyone's stash, not too many bands I COMPLETELY, TOTALLY forget about, but here is one........fantastic, hilarious stuff.

    FLO & EDDIE-01 If We Only Had the Time/02 Days/03 You're a Lady/04 Carlos & the Bull/05 Afterglow/06 Best Part of Breaking Up/07 The Sanzini Brothers/08 Another Pop Star's Life/09 Just Another Town/10 Marmendy Mill

    ILLEGAL, IMMORAL, AND FATTENING-01 Illegal, Immoral, and Fattening/02 Rebecca/03 Kama Sutra Time/04 The Sanzini Brothers Return (With the Tibetan Memory Trick)/05 Livin In the Jungle/06 Cheap/07 The Kung Fu Killer/08 Eddie Are You Kidding?/09 The Pop Star Massage Unit/10 Let Me Make Love to You/11 There's No Business Like Show Business

    HISTORY DISC 1-01 Westchester High School Alma Mater/02 Silver Bullet/03 I Get Out of Breath/04 Outside Chance/05 Grim Reaper of Love/06 Lady-o/07 Medley/08 Happy Together/09 Goodbye Surprise/10 There You Sit Lonely/11 We Aint Gonna Party No More/12 The Flo & Eddie Theme/13 Feel Older Now/14 Nikki Hoi/15 I've Been Born Again

    HISTORY DISC 2-01 Best Part of Breaking Up/02 Another Pop Star's Life/03 Just Another Town/04
    Afterglow/05 You're a Lady/06 Marmendy Mill/07 Illegal, Immoral, and Fattening/08 Rebecca/09 Let Me Make Love to You/10 Mama, Open Up/11 Keep It Warm/12 Moving Targets

    HISTORY DISC 3-01 Flo & Eddie By the Fireside Radio Theme/02 The Big Showdown/03 This Could Be The Day/04 Good Duck/05 Medley No. 1/06 The Flo & Eddie Show/07 Getaway (Back To LA)/08 Livin In the Jungle/09 Youth In Asia/10 Medley No. 2/11 Closing Theme

    FLO & EDDIE-



    NOTE: Just recieved some more Flo & Eddie, not time to include in this post, but see tomorrow for Flo & Eddie w/Lou Reed!

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    Longtime blog friend submits a live show from 1975, from the Bottom Line......Lou Reed guests on vocals
    on "Walk on the Wild Side" are some details:
    Is SKOTF (note: The Taper) going all "west coast" on us? Well, for this show, yeah. Flo & Eddie were in full
    infantile comedy mode here, backed up by some really good rock and roll and a great band.
    They were legally not allowed to call themselves The Turtles, but they are introduced as
    Flo & Eddie and The Turtles and do a few Turtle classics. They break into spot-on versions
    of wacky covers as part of their routines. Two things about this make it even more ridiculous.
    One is that LOU REED (perhaps you have heard of him) joins them for an amazing version of
    Walk On The Wild Side - no colored girls but some excellent backing vocalists! I have never
    heard of this outside of the Archive - my sense is that it is very rare. And it isn't just
    cool - it's truly great. The other crazy thing is that they also do All My Friends Are
    Getting Married, a Skyhooks cover. I saw Skyhooks when I was 13 (they were banned in
    Australia!) and it left quite an impression. When I heard the band break into this I
    ran downstairs to look at my Ego Is Not A Dirty Word album and was shocked, SHOCKED,
    when it turned out to be a Skyhooks original. This is in mono with a bit of tape hiss,
    but it is way-listenable - a fine recording.


    Howard Kaylan & Mark Volman - vocals
    Phil Reed - guitar
    Andy Cahan - keyboards
    Erik Scott - bass
    Craig Krampf - drums

    Special guest:
    Lou Reed - vocals on 14

    Tracks: (5-7 is really one medley)

    01. Intro / Cheap
    02. It Ain't Me Babe
    03. Kama Sutra Time
    04. All My Friends Are Getting Married
    05. Illegal, Immoral And Fattening
    06. The Lights Go Down
    07. You Showed Me / The Kung Fu Killer / Eddie, Are You Kidding? / The Pop Star Massage Unit
    08. The Pop Star Massage Unit (Conclusion)
    09. The Sanzini Brothers Return
    10. Livin' In The Jungle
    11. Livin' In The Jungle (Conclusion)
    12. Band Intros
    13. Do You Like My New Car / Pinball Wizard
    14. Walk On The Wild Side (with Lou Reed)
    15. Happy Together
    16. She'd Rather Be With Me

    Thanks to John Baker, please keep the great shares a comin!

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  • 06/13/17--12:15: 2Cellos
  • If you are unfamiliar with these two Croatian lads, prepare for an experience......these guys play mostly well-
    known songs on fave is the rumbling "Welcome to the Jungle", but there is lots's worth your while to check YouTube for their videos, just amazing. Brian (MIA?) turned me onto these guys long ago, just found the albums on-line.......enjoy this stuff rocks and is unique to say the least.

    2CELLOS (JAPANESE EDITION)-01 Where the Streets Have No Name/02 Miserlou/03 Use Somebody/04 Smooth Criminal/05 Fragile/06 The Resistance/07 Hurt/08 Welcome to the Jungle/09 Human Nature/10 Viva la Vida/11 Smells Like Teen Spirit/ 12 With or Without You/13 Fields of Gold

    IN2ITION-01 Oh Well/02 We Found Love/03 Highway To
    Hell/04 Every Breath You Take/05 Supermassive Black Hole/06 Technical Difficulties/07 Clocks/08 Bang Bang/09 Voodoo People/10 Candle In the Wind/11 Orient Express/12 Il Libro Dell'Amore/13 Benedictus

    CELLOVERSE (JAPANESE EDITION)-01 The Trooper/02 I Will Wait/03 Thunderstruck (Intro)/04 Thunderstruck/05 Hysteria/06 Shape of My Heart/07 Mombasa/08 Time/09 Wake Me Up/10 They Don't Care About Us/11 Live And Let Die/12 Street Spirit (Fade Out)/13 Celloverse/14 Satisfaction

    DISCOVER-01 Thunderstruck (Intro)/02 Thunderstruck/03 Smooth Criminal/04 Highway To Hell/05 Smells Like Teen Spirit/06 The Trooper/07 Every Breath You Take/08 They Don't Care About Us/09 Technical Difficulties/10 Hysteria/11 Mombasa/12 The Resistance/13 Celloverse/14 Live And Let Die/15 Benedictus/16 Purple Haze (Live)/17 Back in Black (Live)/18 Whole Lotta Love

    2 CELLOS




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  • 06/13/17--12:32: More Space Debris
  • Zigzagwanderer sends some more Space is his description:

    Hi Scott ,
                    It's been a little while since I was last in touch, I now have limited use of my hand after surgery to repair a ruptured tendon , full use will , hopefully , return over the next few months . My last submission was Space Debris , as is this . The first - At Finkenbach - is an official release , the remaining two are bootlegs , tracks are split but untitled . So that's it as far as Space Debris goes , I'll send other odds & sods as & when I find / have something of interest [I do have two or three old tapes of Flo & Eddie that I digitised an age ago but never got round to splitting / tagging tracks , being live shows I think they work better as single files . Yours if you want them ..] (SCOTT: Sure, send em along at your leisure!)
                                    Take it easy .....




    At Finkenbach [2012]
    At Finkenbach [2012]
    At Finkenbach [2012]

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  • 06/13/17--12:41: The Experience Nebula Room
  • Fabio sends from Brazil this album of instrumental stoner rock.....I have not listened yet, taking Fabio's solid opinion, because I often find instrumental stoner kind of hit-and-miss......anyway, lets give it a listen, Fabio doesn't generally steer us wrong!

    OUROBOROUS-01 What Happened to the Naked Guy?/02 Comet In the Sky/03 Something in the Water/04 Pax et Lux/05 River of Temptations/06 Coins to Caronte/07 Three Headed Dog/08 Wolf on the Railroad/09 Storm Within/10 Lucidity

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  • 06/13/17--12:47: Studkid links another site
  • I'll reprint his email, this sounds like a hell of a site.......everyone go get some good boots from there and send em in for posting!

    Here is a little secret treasure from me. The site is as the name saying a achive for all kind of uploads. Must interesting is the live music achive.

    Here you can find a lot of my fav bands.

    Smashing Pumpkins (+1-100 shows), Gutterball (94)..........and
    Black Mountain (Yes it,s fav of mine too. 38 Shows)

    excellent sound quality. For fans of Grateful Dead, you can go banans in +11.000 shows

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  • 06/13/17--12:57: Fermata
  • From Slovakia, Fabio sends some lesser-known prog rock from 1978.....carpet bombed this and its really great, thanks Fabio.

    HUASCARAN-01 Huascaran I/02 80 000/03 Solidarity/04 Huascaran II/05 15/06 Valparaiso/07 Perpetuum I!GkIjnIIK!0P4VbwbH4goTehGPvqXln6g9IdVfHoub-L6sEWs8FwQ

    requires a password, see comments

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  • 06/13/17--13:02: Black Mantra
  • Finally for today, another Fabio submission, this time from Brazil......The band is Black Mantra and Fabio claims they are somewhat influenced by the great Sisters of Mercy......I'll let ya know once I hear it!


    Black Mantra - 2016 - Black Mantra 
    01. Better Doom Alone (Instrumental).mp3
    02. Purple Drink.mp3
    03. From The Graves Of Madness.mp3
    04. Devil's Whorehouse (Instrumental).mp3
    05. Your Red In My White.mp3
    06. The Left-Handed.mp3
    07. Stillborn.mp3
    08. The Gallows Behind The Tree (Instrumental).mp3
    09. Planets Collide (Acoustic, Crowbar Cover).mp3
    10. From The Graves Of Madness (Demo, Bonus Track).mp3

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  • 06/16/17--08:29: Royal Blood
  • Album of the week. The second album from Royal Blood "How Did We Get So Dark?" is a damn good one. Royal Blood is a UK 2-piece that bangs out a great slew of blusey/garage-paych.....comparisons to The Black Keys are not TOO far off. Really, really, loved this album.

    HOW DID WE GET SO DARK-01 How Did We Get So Dark/02 Lights Out/03 I Only Lie When I Love You/04 She's Creeping/05 You Look Like You Know/06 Where Are You Now/07 Don't Tell/08 Hook Line and Sinker/09 Hole In Your Heart/10 Sleep

    Wouldn't miss this one.

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  • 06/16/17--08:45: Rocket Ship TV
  • Some dreamy shoegaze, pretty good album.......description below......
    Rocket Ship TV is a musical project by two 22 year olds, Samuel Jones and Charlie Carmichael from the fishing town of Leighon-Sea. Both members of Velvet Morning - this project was born out of exploring alternative sounds to the ones that they were so used to with their other band.  

    BETTER DAYS-01 Marine Parade/02 Always on Your Side/03 Some People Never Change/04 Better Days/05 Tallest Brother/06 First Time/07 Vegan Broadcast/08 Diving/09 Glasgow Botanic/10 Spring

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  • 06/16/17--08:53: Suns
  • Yet some more spaced out shoegaze/ambient alt-dreampop......this is a limited edition cassette only release.

    Suns are a three-piece from Swansea UK who record for Lavender Sweep Records, who are a DIY cassette label. Unfamiliar with the label, but this tape did catch my attention.

    SUNS-01 Blood Money/02 Try Again/03 Paradise

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  • 06/16/17--09:01: Some Live John Lee Hooker
  • Fabio submits this awesome live set, the great John Lee Hooker (backed by the great, great Groundhogs)
    running through a great set of scalding r&b.....this set was recorded 5/13/81 in Imola Italy and is a top-notch soundboard recording......thanks once again to Fabio, who never disappoints!

    1. INSTRUMENTAL INTRO (fades in)
    5. RAININ'
    9. GOIN' DOWN SLOW (cut)


    5. BAND'S INTRO >


    7. CROWD

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    Gotta say I'm unfamiliar with this one, the album is entitled "John Lee Hooker's World Today", with reworkings of some of Hooker's classics....I can't say much about it until I hear it, but Fabio refers to it as "opiate inducing", sounds great!

    JOHN LEE HOOKERS WORLD TODAY-01 Hobo Blues/02 Love Blues/03 Serves You Right to Suffer/04 Decoration Day/05 The World Today/06 Motor City Is Burning/07 Country Boy/08 When My First Wife Left Me

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  • 06/16/17--09:32: The Wild Swans
  • Some fairly, at least to my recollection, forgotten new wave from the UK ca. 1988......average or a bit better, I could live without the spoken word tracks where the band's leader talks about their history, personnel, etc, but the music is worth it, at least for the period-piece factor.

    MUSIC AND TALK FROM LIVERPOOL-01 Young Manhood/02 A Few Words From Jeremy Kelly/03 Mythical Beast/04 A Few More Words......./05 Northern England/06 And Some More......../07 Bible Dreams/08 Summing It All Up......./09 Revolutionary Spirit

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    Getting close. I've been putting "T" off for a while, as there are over 40 tracks in this collection to type the
    titles of, pooooor me. Anyway, once again, there is no overlap with "T" from the first "Garage Fuzz" series, 100% fresh material, of the best type of obscure and wonderful Nugget-Rock! Hope to wrap this series up in the next week.......and thanks again to James for creating these monster torrents, please share them and keep them alive forvever, they deserve it.

    SONS OF GARAGE FUZZ PART 17-01 TC ATLANTIC-Love is Just/02 TC ATLANTIC-My Babe/03 TJ & THE FOURMATIONS-Time to Myself/04 TANGERINE PEEL-Trapped/05 TEARS-Rat Race/06 TEARS-Read All About It/07 TEARS-Weatherman/08 TEDDY & HIS PATCHES-Suzy Creamcheese/09 TELSTARS-Keep On Running/10 THANES-Don't Say Why/11 THANES-Now It's Your Turn To Cry/12 THE 4-SCORE-Mini Skirt/13 THE 006-Like What Me Worry/14 THE GUYS WHO CAME UP FROM DOWNSTAIRS-Growth/15 THE NEWS-Blue Shoes/16 THE STATE OF MICKEY & TOMMY-I Know What I Would Do/17 THEE MIDNITERS-Jump, Jive, and Harmonize/18 THEE SIXPENCE-Heart Full of Rain/19 THESE PROSEROUS TIMES-Baby's Comin Back/20 THESE PROSEROUS TIMES-The Time Has Come To Cry/21 THEZE

    VIZITORS-Reacher Teacher/22 THINGIES-Mass Confusion/23 THINGS TO COME-I'm Not Talkin'/24 THIRD BARDO-I'm Five Years Ahead of My Time/25 THIRD BARDO-Sound Inc/26 THOMAS A EDISON ELECTRIC BAND-The Name of the Game/27 THORS HAMMER-I Don't Care/28 THORS HAMMER-The Big Beat Country Dance/29 THOSE FIVE-Sidewalks/30 THOSE ROGUES-Girl/31 THREE TO ONE-Give Me Love/32 THROB-Believe In Me/33 TODDS-I Want Her Back/34 TODES-Good Things/35 TOM DAE TURNED ON-I Shall Walk/36 TOMORROWS CHILDREN-Take a Good Look/37 TOMMY T'S FEDERAL RESERVE-Take the Midnight Train/38 TONY BARBER-No More Moanin'/39 TONY RITCHIE-Comin On Strong/40 TREES-Dont Miss a Turn/41 TREES-Don't You Worry/42 TRENCHMEN-Travel With Me/43 TRIPPER-Takin Care of Buisness/44 TRODDEN PATH-
    In This World I Need Love/45 TROJANS OF EVOL-Through the Night/46 TROPICS-I Want More/47 TURKS-Adventure of Love/48 TURKS-Fire/49 TYME-Land of 1000 Dances

    Part 1
    Part 2

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  • 06/16/17--10:16: Atragon
  • From Scotland we have Atragon, who blast out that good old loud doom rock......I'm not the worlds biggest doom-rock fan, i carpet bombed this one......ehhh, not bad......thanks again to Fabio for this one.

    01 Matriarch.mp3
    02 Monastery of Silence.mp3
    03 I, Necromancer.mp3
    04 Wallowing Wizard.mp3
    05 The Dead Weight of Unimportant Flesh.mp3
    06 Jesus Wept.mp3
    07 Guilt Returns.mp3

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  • 06/16/17--10:25: Institute, Redux
  • Couple weeks ago we had a demo recording from these Austin Texas punk is their new release, and it's a good one......great 1970's style punk, delivered at breakneck speed.......dont miss this one, better than the demo which was quite good on it's own.

    SUBORDINATION-01 Exhibitionism/02 Only Child/03 Prissy Things/04 All This Pride/05 Oil Money/06 Human Law/07 Too Dumb/08 Good Ol' Boys/09 Powerstation

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  • 06/20/17--12:49: Lea Porcelain
  • "Hymnns to the Night" is the debut album from post-punks (Berlin/London based) Lea Porcelain. Nice dark gloomy moods, really like this one a lot.......thanks to Johnny Nachos for this one, it's way cool.

    HYMNS TO THE NIGHT-01 Out Is In/02 Bones/03 A Year From Here/04 Warsaw Street/05 Similar Familiar/06 White Noise/07 The Love/08 A Faraway Land/09 Remember/10 12th of September/11 Loose Life/12 Endlessly

    Really enjoyed this one

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  • 06/20/17--17:56: Ride
  • Ride is a band I am not familiar with, but it must be good because I've had TWO submissions of it......"Weather Diaries" is a new release from a Ride, who according to the submitters, have been around quite some time.....listening to it, I wish I had some of their old stuff, this is smooth semi-rocking alt-pop, I really like it........Anyone with "old" Ride?

    WEATHER DIARIES-01 Lannoy Point/02 Charm Assault/03 All I Want/04 Home is a Feeling/05 Weather Diaries/06 Rocket Silver Symphony/07 Lateral Alice/08 Cali/09 Integration Tape/10 Impermanence/11 White Sands

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  • 06/20/17--18:08: GospelbeacH
  • Fabio sent me this album, "Another Summer of Love", jokingly referring to it as a "Possible lost Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers album"........does have that sort of feel to it, Petty or early Cheap Trick.......worth a listen for sure.

    ANOTHER SUMMER OF LOVE-01 In the Desert/02 Hangin On/03 California Fantasy/04 You're Already Home/05 (I Wanna See U) All the Time/06 Strange Days/07 Sad Country Boy/08 Kathleen/09 The City Limits/10 I Don't Wanna Lose You!6Vo3GQbZ!xmAoU27JP2ZE9a5CkpOmmw

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