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The music that shaped a semi-wasted life

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  • 03/21/17--09:55: The Obsessed
  • A new album from stoner rock greats The Obsessed, "Sacred"......this is NOT officially released yet, so,
    mind your p's and q's, ya know........anyway thanks a million to Fabio for sending this one along, The Obsessed have made some great music for us stoners over the years!

    Sodden Jackal
    Perseverance of Futility
    It's Only Money
    Cold Blood
    Stranger Things
    My Daughter My Sons
    Be the Night

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  • 03/21/17--10:01: New Mastadon
  • Recently featured here in a large three part post, Atlanta rockers Mastadon are back with their new releasae "Emporer of the Sand".........haven't heard it yet, but gotta include it for completeness of the previous post. Thanks to Fabio for sending in this one.

    MASTODON - EMPEROR OF SAND (2017-03-31)

    01. Show Yourself.mp3
    01. Sultan's Curse.mp3
    03. Precious Stones.mp3
    04. Steambreather.mp3
    05. Roots Remain.mp3
    06. Word to the Wise.mp3
    07. Ancient Kingdom.mp3
    08. Clandestiny.mp3
    09. Andromeda.mp3
    10. Scorpion Breath.mp3
    11. Jaguar God.mp3

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  • 03/21/17--10:07: Risin Sabotage
  • Psych/stoner rock from the Ukraine, send in by Fabio.......he includes a review so let's get to that:!2RoAxApa!_4wXy9SJe82G707mGPGKpQ

    Kiev-based heavy psych rockers Risin Sabotage issued their second album, the grimly-titled Planet Dies, last week as a digital release. Word has come through that the languid and buzzing five-track offering will be physically pressed on CD through Japanese imprint Voron Nest and LP through ultra-respected Berlin purveyor Nasoni Records. Listening to the gravitational pull of extended tracks like “Creature” and “Worshiping the Beast,” it’s hard to argue with either label coming on board.
    In addition to those, however, last week it was announced Risin Sabotage had signed to Ukrainian newcomers Electric Experience Records as well, so I don’t know if that label will also be doing a version of Planet Dies sometime this year? I guess it remains to be seen. The band made their self-titled debut in 2015 and did some touring last Fall as well to support it, so more road time doesn’t seem out of the question.

    Risin Sabotage – Planet Dies

    Risin Sabotage is an Ukranian psychedelic stoner rock band from Kyiv.
    The second trip from our essence and conscious to the stars and galaxies through the deserts and stones of our existence. There are always a stepping stones on the way questioning about the life and death, bearing thoughts about the end and the beginning and who watches us on this way. No matter is it the line or the cycle pass it with Risin Sabotage accompanied.
    Single “Boundless Void” as a bonus. Released March 10, 2017.
    It will be released on vinyls from Nasoni Records (Berlin) and on CDs from Voron Nest (Japan).
    1. Demons of the Wold 03:53
    2. Creature 10:19
    3. Sun is God 04:33
    4. Planet Dies 05:44
    5. Worshiping the Beast 11:26
    Risin Sabotage is:
    Igor Nediuzhyi (Drummer)
    Kirill Chepilko (Vocals)
    Vitya Panchishko (Guitar)
    Valery Skorzhenko (Bass)

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  • 03/22/17--08:32: NABAT
  • Oi! punk from Italy.....Fabio sends this, with the following description:

    The  Fathers of  apolitical OI! In Italy.
    Steno said: in early 80s in Bologna you can make a punk band or you can shoot heroine in your veins... we made both things.
    I ve seen their reunions live and I swear ... no great musicians, but men who have made History.

    SCOTT: Actually uncertain as to which album we have here, thus no tracklist........can you identify the album, Fabio?

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  • 03/22/17--08:45: Eddie & The Hot Rods
  • Pretty sure that last time I posted the "Life on the Line" LP, it was my slammin' vinyl rip......don't think I've ever posted this deluxe CD version, which is loaded........first of all, the original album is a classic, with the fantastic single "Do Anything You Wanna Do", "Telephone Girl", the awesome "Beginning of the End"........but we also get a ton of bonus tracks, live stuff (they were great onstage)........a great expansion of a classic LP, I love this one as well as the vinyl original.

    LIFE ON THE LINE-01 Do Anything You Wanna Do/02 Quit This Town/03 Telephone Girl/04 What's Really Going On/05 Ignore Them (Still Life)/06 Life on the Line/07 (And) Don't Believe Your Eyes/08 We Sing.....The Cross/09 Beginning of the End/10 I Might Be Lying/11 Ignore Them (Always Crashing In The Same Bar)/12 Schoolgirl Love/13 Til the Night Is Gone (Let's Rock)/14 Flipside Rock/15 Do Anything You Wanna Do (Live)/16 What's Really Going On (Live)/17 Why Can't It Be (Live)/18 Distortion May Be Expected

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  • 03/22/17--09:19: Priests
  • John N sends this fab punk from Washington DC's Priests.........It's broken down singles/tapes, etc....but
    worth "Diet Coke" and "USA"......


    RADIATION SINGLE -01 Radiation/02 Personal Planes

    TAPE 1 (CASSETTE EP)-01 Diet Coke/02 Talking/03 The World/04 Cobra

    TAPE 2 (CASSETTE EP)- 01 Leave Me Alone/02 Say No/03 Lana/04 USA (Incantations)/05 Lillian Hellman/06 Twelve/07 Watch You (Alternate Version)

    BODIES AND CONTROL AND MONEY AND POWER EP-01 Design Within Reach/02 Doctor/03 New/04 Powertrip/05 Modern Love/No Weapons/06 Right Wing/07 And Breeding

    NOTHING FEELS NATURAL-01 Appropriate/02 JJ/03 Nicki/04 Lelia 20/05 No Big Bang/06 Interlude/07 Nothing Feels Natural/08 Pink White House/09 Puff/10 Suck

    STELLAR collection I recommend it HIGHLY

    And also, John N sends a VA tape with Priests and some other bands, separate link ("The Le Sigh Vol. 1)

    LA SIGH VOLUME 1-01 WHATEVER DADA-Nessa's Theme/02 BABY MOLLUSK-Empty Hands/03 MORGAN SPANER-Being  Cool Is Super Hard/04 INFINITY CRUSH-Duh/05 YOHUNA-Apart/06 RL KELLY- See You Soon/07 FRANKIE COSMOS-Dark Skies/08 LIZARD KISSES-Little Things/09 WINTER-Find Me/10 BAM! BAM!-Never What You Wanted/11 NUMB BATS- Fuck It/12 LOVE CUTS-Dream Lover/13 POTTY MOUTH-The Spins/14 BURNT PALMS-Open My Eyes?15 LOVEOVER-Ice Age/16 TOMBOY-Sweetie/17 PRIESTS-Watch You (Party Mix)/18 YOUNG TRYNAS-No Right/19 MANNEQUIN PUSSY- Le Sigh (Theme Song)

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    More early stuff from the Soft Boys, 3 EP's from Media Club, recorded between 1977-79. Lots of pre-
    "Underwater Moonlight" stuff, fans will be drooling!   We have the 1977 Living Room Sessions, 1977 Raw Sessions, and 1979 Early I once read one critic say, when you have "oddities" from the Soft Boys, well, that is really saying something. Enjoy these they are fab.


    1  Give It To The Soft Boys

    2  Size Of A Walnut, The

    3  Ugly Nora

    4  Wey Wey Hep Uh Hole

    5  Look Into Your Mirror

    6  Where Are The Prawns

    7  Innocent Boy

    1  The Yodelling Hoover

    2  Give It To The Soft Boys

    3  Vyrna Knowl Is A Headbanger

     Hear My Brane

    5  The Face Of Death

    6  Wading Through A Ventilator

     The Face Of Death                                                                                                                      


    1  Where Are The Prawns?

    2  (I Want To Be An) Anglepoise Lamp (demo 1)

    3 (I Want To Be An) Anglepoise Lamp (demo 2)

    4  Fatman's Son

    5  Wading Through A Ventilator

    6  The Face Of Death

    7  Hear My Brane

    8  Kimberley's Tune

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  • 03/22/17--15:18: Saturn v Tret'em Dome
  • Fabio sends to us this album, "Toola", from the Russian stoner/psych/doom crew Saturn v Tret'em Dome.....I carpet bombed this one and it's right up my alley, see what you think but I think it's a keeper!

    01 Wake Up And Get Stoned.mp3
    02 Everyday Life.mp3
    03 Psilocybin Asteroid.mp3
    04 Mammoth.mp3
    05 Authopsy.mp3
    06 Toola.mp3
    07 Planet Of Funeral.mp3
    08 Chameleon.mp3

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  • 03/22/17--15:35: Ravjunk
  • The album's title, "Freaky Guitar Album", pretty much says it all.......these recordings are from the era 1976-79 from Swedish psych-jammers Ravjunk......instrumental guitar jams to soothe even the most freakout-fuzz craving!

    • 1Inferno libbet13:11
    • 2Ship Construction6:10
    • 3Snowtrace 1-423:32
    • 4Hangover Construction7:17
    • 5Twinkle Little Star9:42
    • 6Inferno2:29

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    Back with another chapter culled from the torrents created by James B, tonight we present the letter L, a
    good one with 40 tracks and, as stressed before, no overlap with the first "Garage Fuzz" series.....thanks again to James for creating these, and thanks to YOU for making these so popular......great stuff on these, and the best thing is the almost total lack of layups.......MUCH more rare material than any torrent I can recall.

    PART 11-01 LARRY & THE PAPER PROPHETS-Don't Mess Around/02 LARRY MACK-Last Day of the Dragon/03 LARRY'S REBELS-Painter Man/04 LAST WORD-Can't Stop Loving You/05 LAST WORD-Mor'een/06 LAST WORD-Runnin' and Hidin'/07 LAWSON & 4 MORE-Halfway Down the Stairs/08 LEATHER BOY-I'm a Leather Boy/09 LEATHER PAGES-Accept Me For What I Am/10 LEATHER PAGES-The News is Out/11 LEFT BANKE-Lazy Day/12 LEGENDS-Baby Get Your Head Screwed On/13 LENNY ROBERTS-We're Gonna Be In Love/14 LES SAUTERELLES-Janet/15 LIGHT- Back Up/16 LINCOLN STREET EXIT-The Bummer/17 LINCOLNS-Come Along and Dream/18 LINCOLNS-Girl/19 LINDY BLAKESY &

    THE LAVELLES-Sweets For My Sweet/20 LINK WRAY & THE RAYMEN- Hidden Charms/21 LITTER-Blue Ice/22 LITTER-Legal Matter/ 23 LITTER-Mindbreaker/24 LITTER-Rack My Mind/25 LITTER-Somebody/26 LITTLE BOY BLUES-The Great Train Robbery/27 LITTLE BOY BLUES-It's Only You/28 LITTLE GULLIVER & THE CHILDREN-I Was Bewitched/29 LIVELY ONES-Too Many Lies/30 LIVERPOOL FIVE-I Just Can't Believe It/31 LIV'IN END-She's a Teaser/32 LONDON DRI-Life In Your Hands/ 33 LONELY SOULS-I Can't Stop Now/34 LONG ISLAND RALE RODE-Think Love/35 LORD CHARLES & THE PROPHETS-Don't Ask No Questions/36 LOS PEYOTES-Cry Baby/37 LOST AGENCY-Time To Dream/38 LOVEGRASS-All Around Me/39 LOVING DARKS-Mi Imposible/40 LYRICS- Mr. Man

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  • 03/23/17--13:28: Hypatia Lake
  • Here is some spacey-as-hall psychedelic stuff from Seattle, ca. 2011.......this being their fourth LP, but the
    only one I happen to have (any help?).......this is a really good and freaky album that I should have put up long ago.......trippy as hell......











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  • 03/23/17--13:45: Hannibal
  • The first album (1970) from UK prog/jazz rockers Hannibal......good album, give it a shot....good keyboard/guitar/saxaphone interplay, and good blusey vocals.....another of the many forgotten great albums of that era.

    HANNIBAL-01 Look Upon Me/02 Winds of Change/03 Bend For a Friend/04 1066/05 Wet Legs/06 Winter

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  • 03/25/17--09:09: WOXY Lounge Acts
  • Did these once long ago, I ahve hundreds of CD's with vintage WOXY 99.7 FM "Lounge Acts"......I published a handfull a while back, tons of unknown alt bands performing advised, the Volume #'s mean NOTHING to's just a personal numbering system for me to use......hope you like these, different to say the least

    WOXY.COM #69


    Each track represents an unsplit set by the band in question.....the tracks are not split,but please dont let this be a deal breaker!


    WOXY.COM #70

    01 Lab Partners/02 Joseph Arthur & the Astronauts

    WOXY.COM #71

    01 The Features/02 Phantom Shakes

    WOXY.COM #72

    01The A- Sides/02 Palomoa/03 Hot IQ's

    I'll bring some others out in the future, see how you like these.....I love them, unknown bands/good high energy sets and great sound!

    links in comments section

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  • 03/25/17--11:23: Wall of Voodoo
  • A kinda goofy 1980's new wave band appears here in a pair of albums....."Call of the West" features the
    legendary "Mexican Radio", while "Dark Continent" features their best track the ominous "Back In Flesh"....Fans of 80's new wave, come n get it, these are two albums you must here!

    CALL OF THE WEST-01 Tomorrow/02 Lost Weekend/03 Factory/04 Look At Their Way/05 Hands of Love/06 Mexican Radio/07 Spy World/08 They Don't Want Me/09 On Interstate 15/10 Call of The West

    DARK CONTINENT-11 Red Light/12 Two Minutes To Lunch/13 Animal Day/14 Full of Tension/15 Me and My Dad/16 Back In Flesh/17 Tse Tse Fly/18Call Box/19 This Way Out/20 Good Times/21 Wreck the Bell

    You'll like this one if unfamiliar!

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  • 03/25/17--12:32: Damone
  • A couple of albums from girly punk-pop outfit 2003/04......Noelle Le Blanc's little girl vocals are
    great.....fairly unknown albums, they sound great today......check especailly from "Out Here All Night".......neithr album a classic, but both most enjoyable to listen to!

    "From the Attic"

    1.      Frustrated Unnotice
    2.      Your Girlfriend
    3.      Up to You
    4.       Feel Bad Vibe
    5.       Overchay With Me
    6.       On My Mind
    7        Car Was Romance
    8.        Driveway Blues
    9.       At The Mall
    10      You and I

    11       Leave Me Alone


    1. Now Is the Time
    2. Out Here All Night
    3. What We Came Here For
    4. Stabbed in the Heart
    5. On Your Speakers
    6. Get Up and Go
    7. Outta My Way
    8. You're the One
    9. New Change of Heart
    10. When You Live
    11. Tonight
    12. Wasted Years (Iron Maiden cover)


    Out Here All Night

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  • 03/26/17--06:03: Donovan
  • MY hippy Mom loved this guy, i like some of it......Donovan was very much the Hippie but I i send this disc, this is pretty good, and listen to 'Hurdy gurdy man" or "Atlanis" and more.....the seeds of stoner rock......god album. please share opinions.

    1. "London Town" (previously unreleased song from Donovan's 1964 demo tape, later released on Sixty Four) Tim Hardin 04:05
    2. "Codine" (previously unreleased song from Donovan's 1964 demo tape, later released on Sixty Four) Buffy Sainte-Marie 04:47
    3. "Catch the Wind(from What's Bin Did and What's Bin Hid, released 14 May 1965)   02:53
    4. "Universal Soldier(from Universal Soldier, released 15 August 1965) Buffy Sainte-Marie 02:11
    5. "Colours(from Fairytale, released 22 October 1965)   02:43
    6. "Sunshine Superman(from Sunshine Superman, released September 1966)   03:14
    7. "Season of the Witch" (from Sunshine Superman)   04:55
    8. "The Trip" (from Sunshine Superman)   04:34
    9. "Guinevere" (from Sunshine Superman)   03:41
    10. "Breezes of Patchulie" (previously unreleased song from the Sunshine Supermansessions)   04:34
    11. "Museum" (previously unreleased alternate version of the Mellow Yellow track from theSunshine Superman sessions)   02:51
    12. "Super Lungs" (previously unreleased alternate version of the Barabajagal track from the Sunshine Superman sessions)   03:16
    13. "Mellow Yellow(singe A-side, released Nov 1966)   03:40
    14. "Writer in the Sun" (from Mellow Yellow)   04:28
    15. "Sand and Foam" (from Mellow Yellow)   03:18
    16. "Sunny South Kensington" (from Mellow Yellow)   03:47
    17. "Epistle to Dippy" (from Epistle to Dippy / Preachin' Love, released February 1967)   03:09
    18. "There Is a Mountain" (from There Is a Mountain / Sand and Foam, released August 1967)   02:33
    19. "Wear Your Love Like Heaven" (from A Gift from a Flower to a Garden, released December 1967)   02:24
    20. "Oh Gosh" (from A Gift from a Flower to a Garden)   01:45
    21. "The Tinker and the Crab" (from A Gift from a Flower to a Garden)   02:52
    22. "Poor Cow" (from Jennifer Juniper / Poor Cow, released February 1968)   02:57
    All tracks written by Donovan Leitch.
    Disk Two
    No. Title Length
    1. "The Hurdy Gurdy Man(1968 single) 03:13
    2. "Jennifer Juniper" (from The Hurdy Gurdy Man) 02:40
    3. "Teen Angel" (from "Hurdy Gurdy Man" / "Teen Angel", released May 1968) 02:17
    4. "Laléna(from "Laléna" / "Aye My Love", released October 1968) 02:56
    5. "To Susan On The West Coast Waiting" (from Barabajagal, released 11 August 1969) 03:11
    6. "Atlantis(from Barabajagal) 05:00
    7. "Barabajagal" (from Barabajagal) 03:18
    8. "Happiness Runs" (from Barabajagal) 03:25
    9. "Celia of the Seals" (from H.M.S. Donovan, released July 1971) 02:59
    10. "Riki Tiki Tavi" (previously unreleased version from Open Road, released August 1970) 02:56
    11. "Clara Clairvoyant" (from Open Road) 02:50
    12. "Roots of Oak" (from Open Road) 05:03
    13. "Riki Tiki Tavi(alternate version of the Open Road track) 04:42
    14. "Maria Magenta" (from Cosmic Wheels, released March 1973) 02:11
    15. "Cosmic Wheels" (from Cosmic Wheels) 04:01
    16. "I Like You" (single version of Cosmic Wheels track) 04:34
    17. "Yellow Star" (from Essence to Essence, released December 1973) 03:04
    18. "Rock and Roll Souljer" (from 7-Tease, released November 1974) 03:49
    19. "The Quest" (from 7-Tease) 03:30
    20. "Age of Treason" (previously unreleased song from the 7-Tease sessions) 04:20
    21. "What the Soul Desires" (previously unreleased song from the 7-Tease sessions) 02:33
    22. "Dark-Eyed Blue Jean Angel" (from Slow Down World, released May 1976) 03:47

    DISC 1 -

    DISC 2

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    1. 03/26/17--06:27: Cardiac Noose
    2. From 1991, Upstate ny comes this album ''Get Back Home".......LOTS of trashy metal here, a good album I hadn't heard before......I be some of you love it, it relly does rock out!

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    3. 03/26/17--09:19: Love.....Boot UK 1970
    4. On eof my fave of all bands wasLove, especially the singer/lyracist Arthur Lee.......speak of musical genius....By the time of this record, most of Lees's mates were agone, but this still sounds bonus is the band rarely performed the slammer-jammer "August" live, and here it is!  Long Live Arthur Lee and Love, one of the greatest of all US bands!

      LIVE IN UK 1970-01 Good Times/02 August/03 My Little Red Book/04 Nothing/05 Orange Skies/06 Andmoreagain/07 Gather Round/08 Bummer in the Summer/09 Singing Cowboy/10 Signed DC/11 Love Is More Than Words

      btw If you don't know
      Lee/Love, this is about 2% of the GREAT stuff (look up "Forever Changes", a lot of people's fave album ever, including my own.

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    5. 03/26/17--09:30: Heavy Balloon
    6. Heavy Balloon were a male/female duo long before it was fashionable, releasing a few albums incuding this, "32000 Pounds of Heavy Balloon"......both members trade vocals to good semi-blues effect....highlights: "Sixteen Tons"......."Owed to Sgt. Pepper", and MY fave, a desecration of "I Don't Need No Doctor".......this ones been around a bit (ca. 1971) and you know how I feel about that era..........jump in a good, dated, semi-classic album!

      32000 POUNDS OF HEAVY BALLOON-01 Barnyard Blues/02 On My Way Down/03 My Very Own Sweetheart/04 TC Topcat Blues/05 Sixteen Tons/06 Lead Zeppelin/07 I Don't Need No Doctor/08 Owed to Sgt. Pepper/09 Action

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    7. 03/26/17--10:05: Lambs
    8. Lambs cranked out some serious riff rock around 2010 or so, this LP "Short Leash and still runnin".....lotsa bluesy riff rockers around here, and of course thats what we look for! Play LOUD.

      ON THE LEASH AND STILL RUNNING-01 Broken Shoulder/02 Pined Away/03 Heart Of Stone/04 Second Best/05 Settled For Life?/06 Peace For the Person, War For the World/07 Locked/08 Shake Your Head/09 Twilight of the Dogs/10 Kill Screen

      Fairly unknown disc, crank it impress your friends (BOTH of em!)

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