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The music that shaped a semi-wasted life

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    Looooove me some Brody Dahl and the Distillers, have posted their screeching punk rock a couple times
    before (again, want them re-upped? ya gotta ASK first!).....this is a fab collection of live tracks, "The Fucking Extreme Live", and indeed, it IS extreme......crazy-ass psychopunk, this is a tremendous mind fuck, and besides, Brody recently accepted my marriage proposal!

    THE FUCKING EXTREME LIVE-01 Intro/02 Drain the Blood/03 Die on a Rope/04 Beat Your Heart Out/05 I Am A Revenant/06 The Gallow Is God/07 Dismantle Me/08 Hall of Mirrors/09 City of Angels/10 Love is paranoid/11 No Love Lost/12 The Hunger/13 Coral Fang

    LOVE YA BRODY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  • 02/26/17--13:08: Whipping Boy
  • Another fave of Fabio's that I am not familiar with, Whipping Boy's "Heartworm" (ca. 1995)......Fabio raves about this one, in particular the track "We Don't Need Nobody Else"....I'll be listening in a few minutes, hope it's a good un.

    "01 Twinkle"
    "02 When We Were Young"
    "03 Tripped"
    "04 The Honeymoon Is Over"
    "05 We Don't Need Nobody Else"
    "06 Blinded"
    "07 Personality"
    "08 Users"
    "09 Fiction"
    "10 Morning Rise  - A Natural"

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  • 02/26/17--13:23: Son of Garage Fuzz, Part 9
  • As they said on Sesame Street, brought to you by the Letter "J"......The "Sons of" series has been as popular
    as its predecessor, laots of good stuff here, and as always NO overlap with the previous series as I weeded out the duplications......tremendous stuff here, often wish I thank the Torrent creator, but that name is long faded into history.

    VOLUME 9-01 JACK BEDIENT & THE CHESSMEN-Glimmer Sunshine/02 JACK BEDIENT & THE CHESSMEN-Love Work Shop/03 JACK BEDIENT & THE CHESSMEN-Subteranean Homesick Blues/04 JACKALS-Love Times Eight/05 JAMES BOND & THE AGENTS-Wild Angel/06 JET CITY FIVE-Do you Wonder/07 JIMMY BARBEEE AND THE HARDTIMES-Sweet Woman's Love/08 JODY DALTON-

    Doing Things the Hard Way/09 JOHN FRED & HIS PLAYBOY BAND-Something's Going On/10 JOHN WINFIELD JR-She Touched My Soul/11 JOHNNY KENDALL-Girl/12 JOHNNY THUNDER-I'm alive/13 JOSHUA DYKE-Cheating/14 JOURNEY BACK-Run Away Baby/15 JOURNEYMEN-Realities In Life/16 JOURNEYMEN-You're a Better Man Than I/17 JUJUS-Do You Understand Me/18 JURY-Who Dat/19 JUVENILES-Let Me Tell You Girl

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    This will wrap up my mega-Mastadon series, got six live discs for your approval, from various parts of their
    career, and ranging from the 4-track EP from Japan to the sprawling 2 disc "Live at Brixton".......a pretty good live metal band, I've learned a good bit about them doing this series, pretty damn good heavy band.

    LIVE IN ATLANTA 2000-01 Ole Nessie/02 March of the Fire Ants/03 Hail To Fire/04 Where Strides the Behemouth/05 Battle at Sea/06 Mother Puncher/07 Burning Man/08 Workhorse/09 Crusher Destroyer

    LIVE IN JAPAN 2004-01 Battle At Sea/02 Crusher Destroyer/03 Thank You For This/We Built This Come Death/04 Where Strides the Behemouth

    LIVE IN STOCKHOLM 2005-01 Hearts Alive/02 I Am Ahab/03 Island/04 Crusher Destroyer/05 Megalodon/06 Blood and Thunder/07 Where Strides the Behemouth /08 Mother Puncher/09 Aqua Dementia/10 Iron Tusk/11 March of the Fire Ants/12 The Bit

    LIVE AT THE ARAGON 2011-01 Oblivion/02 Divinations/03 Quintessence/04 The Czar/05 Ghost of Karelia/06 Crack the Skye/07 The Last Baron/08 Circle of Cysquatch/09 Aqua Dementia/10 Where Strides the Behemouth/11 Mother Puncher/12 The Bit

    LIVE AT THE ROSKILDE FESTIVAL 2011-01 Iron Tusk/02
    March of the Fire Ants/03 Crack the
    Skye/04 Ghost of Karelia/05 Sleeping Giant/06 The Wolf Is Loose/07 Blood and Thunder

    LIVE AT  BRIXTON 2013-01 Dry Bone Valley/02 Black Tongue/03 Crystal Skull/04 I Am Ahab/05 Capillarian Crest/06 Colony of Birchmen/07 Megalodon/08 Thickening/09 Blasteroid/10 Sleeping Giant/11 Ghost of Karelia/12 All The Heavy Lifting/13 Spectrelight/14 Curl of the Burl/15 Bedazzled Fingernails/16 Circle of Cysquatch/17 Guitar Solo/18 Aqua Dementia/19 Crack the Skye/20 Where Strides the Behemouth/21 Iron Tusk/22 March of the Fire Ants/23 Blood and Thunder/24 Creature Lives

    Hope everyone has enjoyed the Mastadon overload, if you have another fave band you'd like to see profiled here in this manner, please tell me!

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  • 02/26/17--14:17: Louder Than You
  • I found this EP in my stuff, I cannot find any information on them , other than the bands name Louder than
    You....this is a fairly cool self-titled EP, I have no idea from where, when, or anything else.....but it DOES rock the yard, and that is what matters, right? Anyone with any info on these guys feel free to submit.

    LOUDER THAN YOU-01 Bitter/02 Monster/03 Trip/04 Woe

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  • 02/26/17--21:01: Daredevil
  • Some lesser-known stoner rock from the land down under, I've got a pair of EP's and a full length from
    Daredevil....they consisted of singer David Tomely, guitarist Troy Scerri, guitarist Charlie O'Neil, bassist Jason Breitfus and drummer Mark Mills.

    We have a 6 track EP (1999) entitled "Third Degree Burnout", their full-length debut (2000)  "Big Block Rock", and another short EP, "4 on the Floor"......these rock quite hard, maybe a bit closer to trashy/sleezez metal than conventional stoner rock, but really quite an enjoyable listen.

    The most recent release I can locate is from 2013, entitled "Saturation Part One", which I don't have and have never heard, nor seen a copy, if ya got one, ya know.......anyway, enjoy, these are good records, quite acceptable hard rocking stuff for we rivitheads

    THIRD DEGREE BURNOUT-01 All Fucked Up/02 Circle Work/03 Jesse Custer/05 Go/06 Concrete

    BIG BLOCK ROCK-01 Revolution 666/02 Blown Away/03 Shadow Woman/04 Stone Cold Groove/05 Supernova/06 Words Fail/07 Scarecrow/08 Slow Me Down/09 Barely Legal/10 Throw the Dice

    4 ON THE FLOOR-01 Throw the Dice/02 3rd Degree Burnout/03 Bloody Hell/04 Jailbreak

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  • 02/26/17--21:24: Cherry Crush
  • John N submits a pair of EP's from Lexington Kentucky's shoegaze greats Cherry Crush......In particular th new (2017) EP "Turning" is pretty damn good, but don't sell the older tracks short either, this is good stuff here.....

    DEMOS EP-01 Ludlow/02 Nothing Left/03 Okay/04 Freeze/05 Ride 06 (NON EP Track) Lights Out

    TURNING-01 How It Goes/02 Fine/03 Made In America/04 No Control/05 Turning/06 Judy

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  • 02/26/17--21:44: Kopperfield
  • Before I call it a day let me add a semi-unknown gem from my favorite era, those glorious early 70's......from
    Good Ol' Michigan, USA we have the sole release from's fucking great, this is yet ANOTHER example of the classic rock albums of that era that are virtually unknown today but are instrumental as building blocks for the heavy psych/stoner rock which was later to come. This is a 20 (!) track album with notably shorter songs than were fashionable at the time, but very imaginative, keyboard driven hard rock. I like this album quite a bit and always have, if it's new to you, please check it as I LOVE the hard rock of this era (as you well know by now!)

    1 Moonride 3:40
    2 Anatomy 3:06
    3 Brain Rot 4:39
    4 Watching The Time Go By 4:32
    5 Nothing Left To Give 4:57
    6 Truckin' On 3:43
    7 Tales Untold 3:32
    8 Magic In Your Mind 3:23
    9 A Thousand Warriors 2:58
    10 Wise Wan 2:06
    11 Dreams 4:25
    Bonus Tracks
    12 Can't Find My Wine 6:23
    13 People Are Leaving 4:10
    14 Red Neck 3:14
    15 Gonna Get Stoned 3:13
    16 Wake Up People 4:31
    17 Jam It 3:59
    18 Naked Tears 2:30
    19 You Pulled The Lights Down 3:20
    20 Katie Love 6:53

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  • 02/27/17--20:42: Heavy Blanket
  • Let's start out with a Fabio selection, Heavy Blanket. I have not heard it yet, but I remember quite well the raved-up guitar freakouts of Dinosaur Jr, from whom J Mascis came to start side-project  Heavy Blanket....instrumental psych can be exhilerating or draining, we shall see......Fabio describes as "trippy", sounds like it should be right at home, thanks Fabio!

    01 Galloping Toward the Unknown
    02 Spit in the Eye
    03 Blockheads
    04 Corpuscle Through Time
    05 Dr Marten’s Blues
    06 No Telling No Trails!XZ5ElYBA!Wq-NP1KGkrrD0Vpbt1hCHA

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    Fabio introduced some of us (me, at least) to this band in an earlier post, here are another pair of albums
    from Uncle Acid & the Deabeats......the first one was quite well recieved, so it's my pleasure to post two more of them. First we have the imaginatively titled "Volume 1".......more old-school pre-stoner rock, they've heard a Sabbath album or two I can promise ya!

    Uncle Acid & The Deadbeats - Vol.1 

    01-Crystal Spiders.mp3
    02-Witches Garden.mp3
    03-Dead Eyes Of London.mp3
    04-Lonely And Strange.mp3
    05-Vampire Circus.mp3
    06-Do What Your Love Tells You.mp3
    07-I Don't Know.mp3
    08-Wind Up Toys.mp3

    And secondly my man also submits a 2015 release, "The Night Creeper"......basically more of the same (a GOOD thing), 1970's riff rocking this the whole catalogue? These guys have been one of those bands that seems to have made something of a dent with our readers.........

    Uncle Acid & The Deadbeats - 2015 - The Night Creeper
    01 - Waiting For Blood.mp3
    02 - Murder Nights.mp3
    03 - Downtown.mp3
    04 - Pusher Man.mp3
    05 - Yellow Moon.mp3
    06 - Melody Lane.mp3
    07 - The Night Creeper.mp3
    08 - Inside.mp3
    09 - Slow Death.mp3
    10 - Black Motorcade.mp3

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  • 02/27/17--20:59: Bunuel
  • Our last Fabio selection of the evening, our expert foreign correspondent sends us "A Resting Place for Strangers" from Bunuel, whom Fabio calls "local legends" of the Italian noise rock scene.....listened to a bit of it earlier, sounds quite promising........thanks so much to Fabio for all you do!

    1 Cold Or Hot
    2 This Is Love
    3 Electrician
    4 Jesus With A Cock
    5 Dump Truck
    6 Streetlamp Cold
    7 Me+I
    8 Smiling Faces Of Children
    9 Whipsaw

    just for my dough, "Electrician" is pretty cool, and this is no question worth investigation.

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  • 02/27/17--21:11: Pissed Jeans
  • The latest from Pennsylvania noise/punksters Pissed Jeans.......longtimers on the Sub pop label, if you are familiar with these guys, this won't dissappoint.......leans a bit more to the "punk" side of things than the "noise side, in my opinion, but still a quality release, because I don't generally put up albums I don't like! Thanks John N for this rocking submission!

    Age and a total of four full-lengths haven’t mellowed Pissed Jeans; they can still unleash a blare that will exfoliate your cochlea. Formed in Allentown, Pennsylvania, Pissed Jeans released Shallow, their first album, in 2005 on Parts Unknown Records. The band relocated to Philadelphia seven years ago, and Sub Pop released Hope for Men in 2007, and then King of Jeans in 2009. The latter was recorded by Grammy nominee Alex Newport, who also recorded their latest album, Honeys.

    The process of recording four full-lengths has refined Pissed Jeans. Instead of rehashing past records or diverging in a vastly different direction their ideas and execution have become more subtly focused. The songs on Honeys are direct without being obtuse, evocative without being vague, and personal without being indulgent. They also rock like nobody’s business. Do yourself a favor and forget all the claptrap you’ve heard about other bands delivering the goods. If you want bloodthirsty, you’ve got it… Sean McGuinness makes other rock drummers look like one of those dimwit longhairs with an involuntary smile playing a bongo by himself on the lawn behind a store that sells rain sticks. With a bass that sounds like a train filled with stolen shopping carts crashing into an orchestra pit, Randy Huth doesn’t waste a note. Bradley Fry doesn’t look like a guitar hero; he looks like a nice guy who would volunteer to help you reformat the drive on your laptop. But if he looked like he sounds he’d be wearing a necklace of human heads and even his reflection would turn you to stone. Matt Korvette screams out observations on the tedium and absurdity of adulthood, delivered in a fashion similar to the way people must sound when being waterboarded. Sometimes the band sounds like hearing yourself being bashed over the head with a snow shovel. Sometimes they sound like that feeling you’d get if you dipped your arm up to the elbow in a vat of boiling grease. Sometimes they slow down and they sound like when you wake up from a nightmare you can’t quite remember. They are also catchy, not in a simpering, mewling way that your grandmother might appreciate, but in a way that would appeal to mental patients who only understand colors.

    The subjects of the album Honeys are the kind of relatable, mundane, niggling things that keep you up late at night. “Bathroom Laughter” kicks off the record with ominous bass that sputters into Pissed Jeans’ most stomping track yet; the song is a narrative about being on the periphery of a nasty scene. It’s an oblique reminder of the glimpses we get into parts of other people’s lives they try to hide. “Loubs” lays out a strut and swing under an unrequited rhapsody to a woman in high heels. In the hands of most bands this would be a moronic blurt. The Jeans turn it into an uncomfortable monologue of longing. “Health Plan” is more direct: a song about the fear of going to the doctor delivered at Black Flag velocity. The record has overtures about the misery and shackles of being a responsible adult and the shame of one’s own narcissism. The music sounds like a recorded loop of a marching band being pushed down a waterslide, with added distortion. Pissed Jeans trucks in menacing songs about insecurity, and nobody has ever done it better.


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    Couple weeks bak I posted the new album from All Them Witches, "Sleeping Through the War" was
    submitted by Fabio then, and became quite a hit (this band All Them Witches has long been popular on this site with their blend of southern/stoner rock)......John N sends in this extended version with 7 bonus tracks, so we'll pop this one up there too for any of you All Them Witches fans, Want to make sure ya get all of their tracks while ya can!

    SLEEPING THROUGH THE WAR-01 Bulls/02 Don't Bring Me Coffee/03 Bruce Lee/04 3-5-7/05 Am I Going Up/06 Alabaster/07 Cowboy Kirk/08 Internet/ BONUS TRACKS 09 Bruce Lee (Demo)/10 Cowboy kirk (demo)/11 Alabaster (demo)/12 Bulls Intro (demo)/13 Punk Jam (demo)/14 3-5-7 (demo)/15 Internet (demo)

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  • 02/27/17--21:50: Human Colonies
  • Bravo to John N for sending us these cool sounds from Italy's Human Colonies.......more
    noise/shoegaze/dreampop type stuff, I really think it's great, demos and all........we have 2 EP's and a demo Ep here for your approval, as well as a bonus, non-EP's all pretty good, I like the track "Sunshine Jesus" from the Demo EP,as well as "Sirio",  but there is a lot here to like.......sometimes this type of music needs to exude a certain "feeling" to hit home.......these do, look forward to hopefully more from these guys, like these a lot.

    DEMO EP-01 Sunshine Jesus/02 Falling Deeper/03 Cross/04 hey You

    CAVALRY EP-01 Hard-On/02 Sunshine Jesus/03 Falling Deeper/04 Cross/05 Exposphere/06 Body/07 Hey You

    BIG DOMINO VORTEX EP-01 Sirio/02 Big Domino Vortex/03 Vesuvius/04 Mondrian/05 Kleio/06 Psychowash/ )& NON-EP BONUS TRACK-Breather

    Good submissions, I recommend I've said a million times, THIS is the current state of ultra-cool rock n roll! Don't miss, please!

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  • 02/27/17--22:25: 80's Power Pop from Promise
  • Promise came from Boulder Colorado USA back in the early 80's, jumped on the power-pop train, and, as
    far as I know were fairly promplty forgotten......but they leave in their wake this album, "Promise", (1980)....not a classic, but another unearthed gem from one of those great genres of rock history......kind of Beatles/Badfinger/Cheap Trick kind of sound, hadn't played it in years, and it still sounds pretty the very least I bet it's a rarity for most of ya!
    Here's a little write-up I found if anyone needs a spot of information:


    If you're continuously searching the margins for lost artifacts of the pop pantheon, you can find your daily dose in late period exponents of pure, lean, Beatlesque early '70s power pop, Promise. Originally issued in 1980 on the Boulder, Colorado, area band's own Cumulus label, their eponymous debut is filled with melodic, beatific blasts of pure pop, replete with ringing, jangly guitars, and rollicking crunch. Co- led by singer- songwriter's/guitarists Curt Mangan and Danny Mey- with aid provided by the just right rhythms of bassist Randy Jones and drummer Gary York- the group created an album with precious little allying it to the punk- inspired power pop or prescient "New Wave" of the time, instead choosing to hone in on a classicist pop sound highly indebted to those famous moptops from Liverpool.

    Abetted by the fact some of the group's members had been playing together since their teenage combo's of the mid- '60s the album carries an "out of time" flair across surging rockers and mournful balladry.

    Got Kinda Lost Records is ecstatic to give this benchmark of privately- pressed power pop another chance to shine.

    RIYL: Badfinger, Big Star, early Cheap Trick, Emitt Rhodes, Raspberries, Liverpool Echo, the Scruffs, Shoes, Dwight Twilley Band, etc.

    "An exciting, terrific British Invasion- styled guitar pop album full of catchy, memorable hooks, displaying a tougher, 'rock' edge than most of its ilk and some excellent softer songs. Equally recommended to power pop and '60s rock fans." - (Aaron Milenski, The Acid Archives)

    First time reissue of a sterling effort of privately- pressed power pop, with original master tape sound.

    Recorded in 1980 while carrying a distinct late '60s/early '70s influence provides the album an "out of time" quality

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  • 02/27/17--22:41: Kingsnake
  • From 2010 we have some fab bluesy-stoner rock from Kingsnake, released on their own label......I do NOT know, but was this it for them? seems a shame if so, this is a hard rocking solid album, enjoy it quite a bit, good bluesy shouting, wha wah guitar solo all over the yard  reminds me slightly of Dixie Witch......what do ya want? it's a fine album.....betcha Fabio likes it!

    BOOK OF PROMISES-01 Madame Greed/02 Feel Like Dying/03 The Great Complainer/04 Book of Promise/05 Light Bender/06 Dying Working Man/07 Jokers and Jestsers/08 Tip Toe With the Devil

    A forgotten and buried stoner gem that fans of the genre WILL want to seek out, I really like this one, have since I first heard it....anyone know if the band survived after this one? love to hear more material if we could.

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    John N sends us this gift, the deluxe reissue of "Fresh Cream", you know, Cream when they were all not yet
    thinking they were so incredibly important.....Fresh Cream was just that, FRESH, it had somea fantastic songs on it, "NSU", "Sleepy Time Time", "Spoonful" and plenty this deluxe edition is set up, is disc 1 has mono mixes, disc 2 has stereo mixes, and disc 3.....well, here's a problem. Apparently there is something wrong with the file, I've tried everything, and can only unwrap tracks 1-13 and 24, thus I am missing 14-23 this sucks because this is the best disc, with lots of rare tracks, alternates, demos, etc..........decided to put it up anyway, as there is still a lot of good shit here, and I'll bet dollars to donuts that one of my magnificent team of readers/helpers will have the missing tracks for us......until then, enjoy, this really was a classic album, like I said, before Cream got "important"........

    DISC 1

    1. N.S.U. 2:44
    2. SLEEPY TIME TIME 4:20
    3. DREAMING 2:00
    4. SWEET WINE 3:19
    5. SPOONFUL 6:30
    6. CAT’S SQUIRREL 3:01
    7. FOUR UNTIL LATE 2:09
    8. ROLLIN’ AND TUMBLIN’ 4:46
    9. I’M SOGLAD 3:59
    10. TOAD 5:14
    Session recording – mono mix:
    11. THE COFFEE SONG 2:56
    The Mono Singles:
    12. WRAPPING PAPER 2:29
    13. CAT’S SQUIRREL 3:01
    A-side & B-side of Cream’s 1st UK single, Reaction 591007, released 7 October 1966.
    14: I FEEL FREE 2:49
    15: N.S.U. 2:45
    A-side & B-side of Cream’s 2nd UK single, Reaction 591011, released 9 December 1966.
    16. SPOONFUL Part I 2:26
    17. SPOONFUL Part II 2:31
    A-side & B-side of Cream’s 3rd US single, ATCO 45-6522, released September 1967.
    The Mono French EPs:
    18. WRAPPING PAPER alternate mix 2:25
    19. SWEET WINE alternate mix 3:18
    20. I’M SO GLAD 3:57
    21. CAT’S SQUIRREL alternate master 3:01
    FRENCH EP, Polydor 27 791, released November 1966.
    22. I FEELFREE alternate mix 2:48
    23. ROLLIN’ AND TUMBLIN’ alternate master 1:50
    24. N.S.U. 2:44
    25. FOUR UNTIL LATE 2:06
    FRENCH EP, Polydor 27 798, released November 1966.

    DISC 2
    1. N.S.U. 2:45
    2. SLEEPY TIME TIME 4:23
    3. DREAMING 2:01
    4. SWEET WINE 3:20
    5. SPOONFUL 6:31
    6. CAT’S SQUIRREL 3:08
    7. FOUR UNTIL LATE 2:08
    8. ROLLIN’ AND TUMBLIN’ 4:43
    9. I’M SOGLAD 3:59
    10. TOAD 5:12
    Session recordings – stereo mixes:
    11. I FEEL FREE 2:52
    12. WRAPPING PAPER 2:25
    13. THE COFFEE SONG 2:48
    New stereo mixes:
    14. I’M SO GLAD (NEW STEREO MIX) 3:59
    15. N.S.U. (NEW STEREO MIX) 2:48
    20. TOAD (NEW STEREO MIX) 5:12
    All new stereo mixes previously unreleased.
    22. I FEELFREE alternate mix 2:48
    23. ROLLIN’ AND TUMBLIN’ alternate master 1:50
    24. N.S.U. 2:44
    25. FOUR UNTIL LATE 2:06
    FRENCH EP, Polydor 27 798, released November 1966.


    FRESH CREAM Early versions, outtakes and alternate mixes:
    1. THE COFFEE SONG early version 2:54
    2. YOU MAKE ME FEEL session outtake 2:41
    3. BEAUTY QUEEN session outtake 2:38
    4. WRAPPING PAPER early version 1:05
    5. CAT’S SQUIRREL early version 2:27
    6. I FEELFREE early version 3:08
    7. I FEEL FREE mono mix with no lead vocal 2:51
    8. I FEEL FREE alternate mono mix 2:50
    9. SWEET WINE early version 3:07
    10. ROLLIN’ AND TUMBLIN’ early version 4:35
    11. TOAD early version 4:19
    All tracks previously unreleased except “You Make Me Feel” which was first released
    on the box set Those Where The Days, Polydor 314 539 000-2, in September 1997.
    THE BBC SESSIONS (November 1966 – January 1967):
    BBC Light Programme “Saturday Club” session
    RECORDED at the Playhouse Theatre, London, 8th November 1966:
    *12. SWEET WINE 3:28
    *14. WRAPPING PAPER 2:31
    *15. ROLLIN’ AND TUMBLIN’ 3:04
    *16. SLEEPY TIME TIME 3:16 previously unreleased
    *17. STEPPIN’ OUT 1:50
    BBC HomeSERVICE “Guitar Club” session
    Recorded at BBC Studio 2, Aeolian Hall, London, 28th November 1966:
    *18. CROSSROADS 1:55
    *19. STEPPIN’ OUT 2:34 previously unreleased
    BBC World Service “R & B Club” session
    Recorded at BBC Maida Vale Studio 4, London, 9th December 1966:
    *20. CAT’S SQUIRREL 3:43
    *21. TRAINTIME 2:56
    *22. I’M SO GLAD 4:24
    *23. LAWDY MAMA 1:54
    BBC Light Programme “Saturday Club” session
    RECORDED at the Playhouse Theatre, London, 10th January 1967:
    *25. I FEEL FREE 2:55
    *26. N.S.U. 2:57
    *27. FOUR UNTIL LATE 1:54
    * These are the missing tracks....I'd appreciate any help we can get with tracks 12, 14, 15, 16, 17, 181, 19, 20, 21, 22, 23, 25, 26, 27.........PLEASE? I'd like to fill this one out, and I'm missing the BEST PART OF IT!

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  • 02/27/17--23:25: A Distillers Boot
  • Found this while looking for something else, honestly don't recall what it sounds like....I also have no track
    list, BUT I can tell ya this, it's the Distillers with the love of my life Brody's gonna rock the house with their screeching, blaring hard core punk rock........The Distillers were an underappreciated band, if you liked the "Fucking Extreme Live" disc the other day, be sure and check this one as well.......LOVE YOU BRODY!!!!!!!!

    ROCHESTER NY 5/16/00- Tracks 01-08, No track list available.

    Nonetheless, play loud.

    Did I mention I LOVE Brody?

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    From Fabio, I guess this will resolve the problems with Disc 3 of the Fresh Cream re-issue:


    This is the 3rd disc in one file (mp3 -V3) + cue-file (russian torrent)

    when my box is at destination I Can make a better rip if needed.

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  • 02/28/17--12:23: Singapore Sling
  • From Iceland comes Singapore Sling, some fab psych/shoegaze stuff sent our way by John N......they've been around a long while, I guess, and this is their new release "Kill Kill Kill" it a good bit, but I wonder: what did their older albums sound like, as this one is in tune with current rock n roll trends......anyone with any older stuff I am curious, but for now this is a fine album. Quite highly recommended, this is a good album, I don't know what they've been up to previously, but I do like this one.

    A1 Shake Shake Shake
    A2 Scum Scum Scum
    A3 Fuck Everything
    A4 Bop Bop Boo
    A5 Evil Angel
    B1 Sonic Haus
    B2 Surrounded By Cunts
    B3 Riffermania (Kill Kill Kill)
    B4 Nothing's Theme
    B5 Nothing And Nowhere

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