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The music that shaped a semi-wasted life

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    (scott) Again, both Jon S and John send us very valuable links, for a classic reissue.......loaded with 3 discs
    of extra bonus material, while not on the level of "Metal Box", 1985's "Album" is an essential release as well, and the bonus material is amazing.

    I am posting the links from both parties....I have my reasons, use whichever you please, I would simply advise that you act fairly quickly. Thanks to the Jon/John's for these, they are tremendously essential and a wonderful listening experience. Please extend the proper "thank you's" to the great members of the blogging team who make all this great stuff possible. Be advised, these links are posted for a LIMITED TIME, I know why and dona't need to explain it, if you want them, you've been properly advised. Just get em they are the bomb.

    disc 1:
    remastered album
    1. fff
    2. rise
    3. fishing
    4. round
    5. bags
    6. home
    7. ease

    disc 2:
    live at brixton academy 27.5.86 (unreleased)
    1. kashmir
    2. fff
    3. low life
    4. fishing
    5. poptones
    6. pretty vacant
    7. banging the door
    8. flowers of romance
    9. bags
    10. round
    11. home
    12. public image
    13. rise
    14. annalisa

    disc 3:
    various, mixes & outtakes etc
    1. things in e (aka ease) (alternative laswell mix) (1986) (unreleased)

    2. rise (7” edit)
    3. rise (instrumental)
    4. home (7” edit)
    5. rise (bob clearmountain remix)
    6. home - bbc tv, old grey whistle test 20/5/86 (audio)
    7. round - bbc tv, old grey whistle test 20/5/86 (audio)

    bonus tracks
    1. time zone - world destruction (12”)
    2. time zone - world destruction (industrial remix)

    disc 4:
    original 1985 album demos
    1. animal (unreleased)
    2. black rubber bags (aka bags) (unreleased)
    3. european cars (aka round) (unreleased)
    4. fairwell fairweather friend (aka fff) (unreleased)
    5. pearls before swine (aka fishing) (unreleased)
    6. things in e (aka ease) (instrumental) (unreleased)
    7. ben hur (unreleased) (instrumental) (unreleased)
    8. cats (unreleased) (instrumental) (unreleased)
    9. have a nice day (unreleased) (instrumental) (unreleased)
    10. untitled 3 (unreleased) (instrumental) (unreleased)
    11. pearls before swine (aka fishing) (alternate mix (incomplete) (unreleased)

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  • 01/05/17--22:02: Sex Museum
  • Here is a 1987 release from the Spanish band Sex Museum.......actually, it's pretty good, some farfisa-organ
    driven garage/psych, Nugget-rock done up 1987 style. Some vocals are in espanol, some in that good ol' English......really pretty good for what it is, with some timely covers ("See See Rider", "Psycho")......this album is a pretty good time, see what ya think is about all I can ever say!

    FUZZ FACE-01 Big Cock/02 Sweet Home/03 Ya Es Tarde/04 Sexual Beast/05 Psycho/06 I'm Alone/07 All I Really Want/08 See See Rider/09 Motorbikin'/10 Booboo's Theme/11 Drugged Personality

    As far as I can tell, this is their only releawse, only one I have on my shelves for certain.....not much info available, but if you like, say, The Miracle Workers, this might merit a few minutes of your time.

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    (scott) Zigzagwanderer checks in with a couple of shares that are certainly relevant to recent posts here,
    happy to have them.....first he sends us a couple of earlier EP's from The Altered Hours (their most recent was posted yesterday), "Outskirts" and "Downstream"......have not listened yet, not even carpet bomb style, just gonna take ol' Zig's word for this one, he's not let me down before:
    The Altered Hours


    01 . Joy .
    02 . I'm On A High .
    03 . Outskirts .


    01 . The Balancing Act .
    02 . Daydream Parade .
    03 . Flowers Die .
    04 . Shimmer .
    05 . Cement .
    06 . Wicked Son .

    And, as if that weren't enough, he also contributes a link for a Bangs EP, "Call & Response"....again, have not heard it, I'm trying to get caught up on my listening, but I trust this is worth our time as well.


    Call & Response

    01 . Call & Response .
    02 . New Scars .
    03 . Kinda Good .
    04 . I Want More .
    05 . Leave It Behind .
    06 . Dirty Knives .

    Thanks to Zigzagwanderer, it's the great people with great musical submissions that give me a reason to continue this blog-type thing.

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  • 01/05/17--23:09: The Infinite Trip
  • John N sends me this crazy-ass piece of pure hippy psych.......never heard it before, but it is a real hoot. not much I can say, read the review below, it's quite accurate........thanks to John N, for helping to keep my buzz kidding this is worthwhile, crazy hippy psych usually is.

    STONE FREAKIN' HIPPY-01 Underworld Dream/02 Kalachakra/03 What's happening/04 Fall Into Earth/05 Sonic Love (Acoustic)/06 Stone Freakin' Hippy/07 Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang/08 Planetary Pilgrimage

    Stone Freakin’ Hippy is another FREE DOWNLOAD album comprising of eight tracks which have not been released anywhere else. These are all tracks that are either left over from previous projects or did not fit the theme of albums that were planned. They are not sub standard to our other works however so we like to give these out as a bonus to any of our followers.
    We are sure that you will enjoy these if you like our other albums 

    Once again there is a mixture of styles here to provide variation for the listener.

    Underworld Dream, Kalachakra and What’s Happening are more recent tracks experimenting with various styles of newer psychedelia and rock.

    Fall Into Earth has a distinct flavour inspired by vintage Yardbirds.

    Sonic Love is an alternative acoustic version of the track that appears on our limited edition vinyl that we made with Krauted Mind Records .

    Stone Freakin’Hippy is a bit of a fun track about the hippy idealogy that should put a smile on your face 

    Kiss Kiss Bang Bang is the forerunner of Mindrocker with another long trippy guitar solo on the end of a pure garage rocker.

    Planetary Pilgrimage is a Raga Rocker with electric sitar flutes and ethnic drums giving it some exotic flavours.

    Meanwhile we still continue to work on another official album for later this year……have a good trip !!!


    released May 5, 2016

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  • 01/05/17--23:15: Shocking Blue
  • Certainly you are familiar with their huge single, "Venus"....(remember? everyone thought she was saying "I'm  your penis").......ok, that song has been played out to the point of comedy, but here's the rub......a two disc, 50 track set of their "best" is damned good.......late 60's Dutch psych-pop, crispy clean in sound, good songs, strong female vocals.......actually, as I haven't listened to this in several years, I'm a bit surprised that they are basically remembered (Stateside at least) for "I'm Your Penis", as a lot of these songs sound like they should have been sure fire hit singles during the era when pop-psych could easilly get you some good chart numbers......GOOD songs here, such as "Hot Sand", "Wild Wind", "Boll Weevil" (the one the White Stripes overhauled)......give this a listen, at two discs/50 tracks, it is a bit excessive, but I predict you will find some worthwhile gems on this one........and you can still crack a smile when you hear "I'm Your Penis"........anyway, this is really good......I hadn't heard it in a while, as I aid, and intended to post it as kind of a lark, but really, it is worth hearing, and I don't think it turns up too often.......give it a test drive, it's good.

    DISC 1-01 Love Is In the Air/02 What's Wrong Bertha/03 Beggerman/04 Where My baby's Gone/05 Send Me a Postcard/06 Harley Davidson/07 Fireball of Love/08 Mighty Joe/09 Hot Sand/10 Wild Wind/11 Boll Weevil/12 Love Machine/13 I'm a Woman/14 Venus/15 California here I Come/16 Long and Lonesome Road/17 Love Buzz/18 The Butterfly and I/19 Alaska Country/20 Little Cooling Planet/21 Keep It If You Want It/22 Shocking You/23 Blossom Lady/24 I'll Follow the Sun/25 Shadows

    DISC 2-01 Who Save My Soul/02 The Queen/03 I Melt Like Butter/04 Eve and the Apple/05 A Waste of Time/06 The Devil and the Angel/07 I Build My World Around You/08 Dream On Dreamer/09 So Far From Home/10 Get it On/11 Good Times/12 Morning Sun/13 Loving Girl/14 Beggin/15 This America/16 Ball of Confusion/17 Mississippi Delta/18 I Won't Be Lonely/19 Come My Way/20 Gonna Sing Me a Song/21 Too Young (Mariska Veres)/22 Acka Raga/23 Poor Boy/24 Roll Engine Roll/25 When I Was a Girl

    Once in a while a record sounds nothing at all like it did years ago, if you know what I mean......I was seriously going to post this as a semi-joke, as I said before.......nope, too good for that, especially Disc 1.......some good shit here, that's the great thing, we just never know.......we just find stuff!

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    We continue to trace the stage history of The Clash, we move into some latter- day, "Combat Rock" era
    shows, ca. 1982....I think they were still a top notch band (and live band) through this era, one of the VERY few bands of all that cranked out masterpieces regularly (The Beatles, Sleater Kinney, maybe a couple more) in short order, without releasing any totally worthless material......

    Anyway these come from the Lewdd's stash, and as always, we cannot guarantee the sound quality as he keeps them all for archival purposes. Nonetheless, I get it, this is the Clash and, like the Beatles and some others, a near-total history of their live recordings is completely worthwhile.

    1982 AKRON-01 Intro/02 London Calling/03 The Leader/04 This is Radio Clash/05 Clash City Rockers/06 Know Your Rights/07 Guns of Brixton/08 Train in vain/09 The Call Up/10 Rock the Casbah/11 Police and Thieves/12 Police on My Back/13 The Magnificent Seven/14 Wrong em Boyo/15 Career Opportunities/16 Somebody Got Murdered/17 Brand New Cadillac/18 I Fought the Law/19 Armagideon Time/20 Should I Stay Or Should I Go/21 Clampdown/22 Straight to Hell/23 Janie Jones/Garageland

    2/25/82 HONG KONG DOLLARS DISC 1-01 London Calling/02 Washington Bullets/03 Tommy Gun /
    04 Guns of Brixton/05 Train in Vain /06 Know Your Rights/07 The Magnificent Seven /08 Ivan Meets GI Joe/ 09 White Man in a Hammersmith Palais /10 Wrong em Boyo /11 Koka Kola/12 Broadway /13 I Fought The Law /14 Career Opportunities

    2/25/82 HONG KONG DOLLARS DISC 2-01 Janie Jones/02 The Call Up /03 Brand New Cadillac /
    04 Somebody Got Murdered /05 Clampdown /06 Charlie Don't Surf /07 Police And Thieves /08 Stay Free/ 09 Armagideon Time /10 Safe European Home

    8/19/82 PITTSBURGH-01 Intro/02 London Calling/03 White Man In Hammersmith Palais/04 Know Your Rights/05 Spanish Bombs/06 Guns of Brixton/07 Somebody Got Murdered/08 Rock the Casbah/09 Ghetto Defendant/10 Mag 7/11 Police on My Back/13 The Leader/14 Car Jamming/15 Train in Vain/16 The Call Up/17 English Civil War/18 Garageland/19 Police and Thieves/20 Armagideon Time/21 Should I Stay or Should I Go/22 I Fought the Law/23 Straight to Hell/24 Pressure Drop

    1982 SHIBUYA JAPAN-01 Intro/02 Should I Stay Or Should I Go/03 One More Time/04 Safe European Home/05 Know Your Rights/06 Train In Vain/07 White Man In Hammersmith Palais/08 The Magnificent Seven/09 Guns of Brixton/10 Charlie Don't Surf/11 The Leader/12 Ivan Meets GI Joe/13 Junco Partner/14 Broadway/15 Stay Free/16 London Calling/17 Janie Jones/18 Somebody Got Murdered/19 Clampdown/20 This is Radio Clash/21 Brand New Cadillac/22 Armagideon Time/23 London's Burning

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    Here are some links sent to me from Zigzagwanderer this evening.....I'm excited about both, especially
    Wucan, as they are a new fave of mine from this past year, and they seem like a hell of a live act from the stuff I've heard......for those unfamiliar, they sort of combine 70s kraut-rock with modern-era stoner rock, sort of, and (see previous posts) with wonderful results....."Wucan Live" (previously posted) makes my 2016 top-20 list, might not even be an official release, but still fab........this submission is "Wucan at Freak Valley X-Mas Fest 2016" (Vortex Surfer MusikClub, Siegen, Germany 2016-12-17).....don't miss.


    01 king korea (6.36)
    02 franis vikarma (5.22)
    03 - (monitor recalibration) (0.29)
    04 dopetrotter (6.30)
    05 ?... (new one ?) (6.53)
    06 father storm (4.30)
    07 wandersmann (17.01)
    08x - (soundcheck)* (6.56)

    Also in this submission we have 2 albums from KiRKBiNSiNEK, psychedelic rock from Turkey......Turkish vocals, which you know I don't mind, but I haven't heard these yet.......sounds like good stuff though, I'll know in a couple of hours......Here is a review of "Sis Pus Sus"

    SiS PUS SUS:

    World In Sound´s first release from Turkey delivers pure and timeless oriental heavy psychedelic Prog Rock from Istanbul. Besides the usual instruments, they also use a Cello to create a truly unique and deep atmosphere, where the mystical vibe of “One Thousand and One Nights” meets Pink Floyd and King Crimson. Nine long epics reflect a wide and unpredictable, well-balanced spectrum of arrangements, rhythms, melodies, and climax. With no doubt these lads continue the great 1970s Turkish psychedelic rock tradition of Erkin Koray, Mogollar or Baris Manco. Watch out for this mindblowing space prog trip! This is music for the mind and body at highest level of creativity and proficiency.

    Formed in May 2008, Kirkbinsinek is Alper Antmen(guitars,lead vocals), Baris Güvenenler(Violoncello), Tolga Öztürk(basses,back vocals), and Özgür Devrim Akçay(drums,back vocals) and . The band is musically and spiritually impressed by the psychedelic movement of late 60’s and 70’s. In band’s music, besides this psychedelic impressions and improvisational parts, you can hear the modes of Turkish Folk Music and World Music.

    ok, here is the track list and link for the album above:


    01 . Hoyrat .
    02 . Nefes .
    03 . Derdim Dert .
    04 . Oyun .
    05 . Kara iplik .
    06 . it Dalasi .
    07 . Karanlik Cokunce .
    08 . Shijn .
    09 . Sis Pus Sus .

    AND here is the link/track list for "Live and Improvinisations" from the same band.....looking forward to
    hearing these, I'll probably be back in a couple of hours with some more stuff for ya.......

    01 . Dogaclama I .
    02 . Dogaclama II .
    03 . Dogclama III .
    04 . 29.11.13 Dogclama .
    05 . 05. 10. 13 Dogclama .
    06 . it Dalasi .
    07 . Karanlik Cokunce .
    08 . Karga Dogaclamasi .

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  • 01/06/17--23:41: A Non-musical post (or two)
  • Going through the non-music files looking for something (that I didn't find), I did trip on a couple of things
    that I thought I might post, just to, like, keep me unique and all that.

    First, this, how to describe 1955-6, a "humorous" record was released by Bill Buchanan and Dickie Goodman......"Flying Saucer"......the idea here is a "newscaster" (Buchanan) "interiews" a subject (in the 'Flying Saucer' case, a space alien), the questions are "answered" with snippets of various pop tunes.......really amusing if you are about 10, and Mr's Buchanan and Goodman carried on as the sole pracatitioners of this particular genre, at least until the 1970's or so........not terribly funny, or even listenable, but there is a whole collection of this stuff here, and I fell I perform a community service to anyone who has not had the pleasure......some various performers turn these in, as can be seen from the track list.....this is a weird little thing I just thought might brighten a day or two

    01 STEVE ALLEN, ALAN FREED, & AL COLLINS-The Spaceman/02 BUCHANAN & GOODMAN-The Flying Saucer (Part 1)/03 BUCHANAN & GOODMAN-The Flying Saucer (Part 2)/04  BUCHANAN & GOODMAN-The Flying Saucer The 2nd/05  BUCHANAN & GOODMAN-The Flying Saucer The 3rd/06  BUCHANAN & GOODMAN-The Flying Saucers Go West/07  BUCHANAN & GOODMAN-Santa & The Satellite (Part 1)/08  BUCHANAN & GOODMAN-Santa & The Satellite (Part 2)/09 CAPTAIN ZAP-Lunar Landing/10 DAVE BARRY/SARA BERNER-Out of This World Flying Saucers (Part 1)/11  DAVE BARRY/SARA BERNER-Out of This World Flying Saucers (Part 2)/12 DICKIE GOODMAN-Luna Trip/13 DICKIE GOODMAN-Hey ET/14 GIDDENS & SONS-The Space Man/15 JEFF HUGHES-Our Spaceman Came Back/16 JESSE LEE TURNER-The Little Space Girl 17-JON GOODMAN-The Return of the Flying Saucers/18 MANNY SCOOTZ-Cap Canaveral (Part 1)/19 MANNY SCOOTZ-Cap Canaveral (Part 2)/20 THE MERRY MARTIAN-The Flying Saucers In Brooklyn (Part 1)/21 THE MERRY MARTIAN-The Flying Saucers In Brooklyn (Part 2)/22 MISSLES-The Space Ship/23 RAY STEVENS-I Saw Elvis in a UFO/24 RUFF AND REDDY-Henry Goes to the Moon (Part 1)/25 RUFF AND REDDY-Henry Goes to the Moon (Part 2)/26 SHEB WOOLEY-Santa & The Purple People Eaters/27 SID LAWERENCE & FRIENDS-The Answer to the Flying Saucers/28 SPACEMAN-Man In Orbit/29 THOSE FIVE GUYS-You-Eff-Oh/30 VIK VENUS-Moonflight

    Some Xmas shit here, wish I'd have found it a couple weeks earlier, but still I think it's kind of rare? Not sure......I'd bet solid money that Brian likely knows all about these type of records and likely has a bunch of em too, hopefully he might check to put some flesh on the bones!

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  • 01/07/17--00:01: Ohio State Buckeyes 2003
  • Ahhhh, go dunk your head......I found this in the same stack of non-musical discs in which I found the "UFO"
    thing.....hey, the Buckeyes bit a big one vs. Clemson........but, hey, the thrilling 2014 National Championship run was incredible, as was this, the 2002 season, an amazing season, and a "mythical" national championship as well.....the year of Maurice Clarett, Craig Krenzel, Mike Doss........a great team, one of the many that we Buckeyes are accustomed to having.......I'm just fucking around, don't jump on me, they deserved to be drilled by Clemson, and the damn Vikings went nowhere this year after a 5-0 start......

    Anyway, any Buckeyes fans out there, take a second and dig this highlight disc from that amazing season, and it WAS amazing......if you recall, the game went to OT and OSU won it on a VERY questionable, if not an out and out piss poor officiating call......what do I say about that? I say "who gives a fuck?"...... Miami never got the benefit of an official's call before? Laughable........but that WAS an amazing team, and it was a plaesure to venture to Arizona and watch them win the title.......

    I got the chance to meet Coach Tressel when my son was on a college visit to Youngstown State where Mr. Tressell is currently employed......I shook his hand and thanked him for the 2002/3 season......normally, I'd feel silly doing such a this case,

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  • 01/07/17--00:17: Fraternity of Man
  • (scott) this has been sitting around for a while, I think I grabbed it off another blog in the last couple months or so.......quite the period piece, and, again, not one I think I see all THAT often....worth a listen, here are the brief details:
    The Fraternity of Man was an American blues rock and psychedelic rock group from the 1960s. They are most famous for their 1968 song "Don't Bogart Me," which was featured in the 1969 road movie Easy Rider. Its original members included three musicians from Lowell George's band The Factory – Richie Hayward later of Little Feat, Warren Klein, and Martin Kibbee – who joined Elliot Ingber from the Mothers of Invention and Larry Stash Wagner. Blues leads were handled by Ingber, and psychedelic leads were played by Klein, including "Oh No I Don't Believe It" (widely attributed to Ingber due to his association with the Mothers). The band broke up after recording two albums.


    ✪ Lawrence "Stash" Wagner - lead vocals, guitar
    ✪ Elliot Ingber - guitar
    ✪ Warren Klein - guitar, sitar, tambura
    ✪ Martin Kibbee - bass
    ✪ Richard Hayward - drums, backing vocals

    01. "In the Morning" - 4:22
    02. "Plastic Rat" - 3:41
    03. "Don't Bogart Me" - 3:00
    04. "Stop Me Citate Me" - 2:50
    05. "Bikini Baby" - 2:03
    06. "Oh No I Don't Believe It" - (Frank Zappa) - 6:15
    07. "Wispy Paisley Skies" - 2:22
    08. "Field Day" - 3:59
    09. "Just Doin' Our Job" - 2:21
    10. "Blue Guitar" - 4:23
    11. "Last Call for Alcohol" - 3:25
    12. "Candy Striped Lion's Tails" - 5:17

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  • 01/07/17--12:29: Monster Coyote
  • From 2011, here's a (I think) one-shot doom/death metal EP
    , cleverly entitled "Stoner to the Boner".......yep......pretty fair rowdy metal stuff, vocals don't QUITE degenerate to the "cookie monster" style that I dislike so much, just your normal grunts and groans and shouts......BUT there is some damn fine hard/heavy guitar work on this one. Check "Death Style", "Collapsed By Myself" and most of the rest of em.....pretty much for collectors of obscure metal stuff, but I for one would certainly fit that loud.

    STONER TO THE BONER-01 Death Style/02 Devilroad/03 Collapsed By Myself/04 Troublemaker/05 When I Cross the River/06 Gravitay 0-Eleven/07 Don't Mess With the Wrong Man

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  • 01/07/17--13:01: SON OF Garage Fuzz, Part 1
  • Nugget-heads rejoice, as I recently found this Torrent somewhere, it's nearly the size of the previous Garage

    I know the first Garage Fuzz series was off-the-charts popular, I hope this new series is as well recieved....I guess think of this set as "Rubble" to the first set's "Nuggets"? Well, maybe not, but there is some great stuff on this torrent as well......the first Torrent went to 22 parts, I'd guess this one might be closer to 15 or so, but hell, when can we get enough Nugget rock anyway?
    Fuzz torrent, but I am doing you the service of attempting to prune the overlapping tunes....I'll likely miss a few of them, but this SHOULD BE a fairaly fresh set of tunes for you collectors of this stuff!

    VOLUME 1-01 17TH AVENUE EXITS-A Man Can Cry/02 17TH AVENUE EXITS-Ain't Gonna Eat Out My Heart Anymore/03 A LITTLE BIT OF SOUND-Incense and Peppermints/04 AARDVARK-Salty Dog/05 AARDVARKS-Let's Move Together/06 ACT OF CREATION-I've Just Seen You/07 AGENTS 00-Little Miss Go Go/08 AL QUICK & THE MASOCHISTS-Theme From Sadistic Hypnotist/09 ALLIANCE-I'll Be Kind/10 AMERICAN EXPRESS-When the City Sleeps/11 AMOS BOYNTON & THE ABC'S-The Ballad of Bertha Glutz/12 ANN MARGARET-It's a Nice World to Visit/13 ANNABEE KNOX-Bo Bo Boggie Pack/14 ARROWS-Granny Goose/15 ARTHURS THUMB-Love Makes the World Go Round/16 AUTOSALVAGE-Rampant Generalities/17 AVENGERS-Open Your Eyes/18
    AZTECS-What Mood

    The tradition continues!

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  • 01/07/17--13:24: Kamikaze Queens
  • This band cranked out a few albums, late 00's, but the only one I have is this, "Voluptuos Panic" (2008)......Good female fronted pop/punk, hard rocking for certain, and quite listenable.....any of my friends in blog land have their remaining albums? I'd like to give them a spin, as this one is quite good......"Don't Look Back" rocks like hell, "Bad Bad Boy" rolls along like something from the a poor-man's Pretenders (VERY poor man, actually).......the title track is a Nashville Pussy-styled rocker, it's hilarious to hear them try to mouth the lyric "voluptuous panic" at the fast tempo of the song......and of course don't miss "Two Minute Fuck", which ironically clocks in at 1:24..........

    I love chick-fronted rock bands as I'm sure we know by now, this is another one to listen to, fans of the genre will appreciate's a 2.5 star effort, but the band themselves are worthy of further listening, should any be available.

    VOLUPTUOUS PANIC-01 Don't Look back/02 Sick Inside/03 True Love Never Dies/04 Young Blood/05 Bad Bad Boy/06 If You Love Me/07 Voluptuous Panic!/08 Loaded Gun/09 Romance Is Dead/10 Tarantula's Arms/11 2 Minute Fuck/12 The Morning After/13 Voluptuous Panic (Live)

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  • 01/07/17--22:09: A recent Sleater-Kinney boot
  • Jon S submits a recent boot from my favorate (current)  band, Sleater Kinney.......I have over 100 of their
    boots, and ALWAYS find something different and worthwhile on each and every one.....that's because to me they are such a great band......sound quality here is a bit off, but not enough to keep it from the world.....LOVE me some Sleater-Kinney, always will, anyone with any other SK boots/material is seriously requested to share them up!

    12/31/16 MASONIC AUDITORIUM SAN FRANCISCO-01 Intro/02 The Fox/03 Far Away/04 Oh!/05 Surface Envy/06 Little Babies/07 A New Wave/08 What's Mine is Yours/09 Milkshake N Honey/10 Get Up/11 Not What You Want/12 Bury Our Friends/13 Wilderness/14 Price Tag/15 Jumpers/16 Dig Me Out/17 Modern Girl/18 Let's Call It Love/19 Entertain/20 New Years Eve Countdown/21 Gimme Love/22 Dance Song '97/23 You're No Rock N Roll Fun/24 Faith/25 Rebel Rebel/26 Outro

    Thanks Jon S, Sleater-Kinney is one band, like Nirvana, Television, Roxy Music, The Clash, The MC5, and a few more, who will ALWAYS be posted here if submitted.......hey, I'm a "fan" of some bands as well !!!!!!!

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  • 01/07/17--22:54: Kix
  • Some glammy early 1980's hard rock/slick-metal.......not the greatest, but kind of overlooked in an era of Kix was formed by Ronnie Younkins, Brian Forsythe and Donnie Purnell in December 1977 in Hagerstown, Maryland. The first album, 1981's self-titled epic, is a pretty fair effort, actually, with solid rockers like "Atomic Bombs", "Love at First Sight" and actually most of the tunes here are solid if lightweight rockers.....really, not bad at all, particularly when compared to music of the same era/genre.......
    some piss poor metal bands (Poison, Ratt, Motley Crue, etc).......

    The follow up, "Cool Kids" is a similar effort, though not nearly as good as the first one...."Get Your Monkeys Out" is beyond stupid, exactly the kind of thing we'd expect Poison to do......however, "Burning Love" an a couple more would fit OK on the first effort.

    "Midnight Dynamite" came along in 1985, their best, I guess, and most successful IS 80's hair metal, which I generally hold a strong dislike for, but this does epitomize perhaps the "best" of the genre....a hard rocking album for certain, the title track, "Layin' Rubber", and "Scarlet Fever" are certainly typical 80's hair metal.........but NOT as bad as that stuff usually runs.

    Lastly we haev "Blow My Fuse" which sticks closely to the "Midnight Dynamite" format, plenty of poppish-rockers, nothing really exceptional here, but if you be a fan of these lads, here are four albums, certainly all you would ever need.

    No, I am not going to go in an "80'S HAIR METAL" direction, I was looking for something and tripped over Kix, whom I couldn't remember for fuck......anyway, pulled em out and gave em a, and I DO always talk enjoy these, they are not NEARLY as bad as some of us want them to be!

    KIX-01 Atomic Bombs/02 Love at First Sight/03 Heartache/04 Poison/05 The Itch/06 Kix Are For Kids/07 Contrary Mary/08 The Kid/09 Yeah Yeah Yeah

    COOL KIDS-01 Burning Love/02 Cool Kids/03 love Pollution/04 Body talk/05 loco-Emotion/06 Mighty Mouth/07 Nice on Ice/08 Get Your Monkeys Out/09 For Shame/10 Restless Blood

    MIDNIGHT DYNAMITE-01 Midnight Dynamite/02 Red Hot (Black & Blue)/03 Bang Bang (Balls of Fire)/04 Layin Rubber/05 Walkin Away/06 Scarlet Fever/07 Cry Baby/08 Cold Shower/09 Lie Like a Rug/10 Sex

    BLOW MY FUSE-01 Red Lite, Green Lite, TNT/02 Get It While It's Hot/03 No Ring Around Rosie/04 Don't Close Your Eyes/05 She Dropped me the Bomb/06 Cold Blood/07 Piece of Pie/08 Boomerang/09 Blow My Fuse/10 Dirty Boys

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  • 01/09/17--12:12: More Kamikaze Queens
  • If you remember WAYY back to saturday you will recall a post of mine from Kamikaze Queens......well, that was the only of their albums with which I was familiar, so Zigzagwanderer shoots us another one, this one "Automatic Life".....why not? here's the info:

    Kamikaze Queens .

    Automatic Life .

    01 - Tastee 29.mp3
    02 - Good Times.mp3
    03 - Snagged On My Stiletto.mp3
    04 - Automatic Life.mp3
    05 - I Wanna Know You.mp3
    06 - 3 Strikes.mp3
    07 - I Ain't Sorry.mp3
    08 - Sweet Geraldine.mp3
    09 - Do The Crab.mp3
    10 - I Was A Teenage Mermaid.mp3
    11 - Night Life.mp3
    12 - I Just Can't Help It.mp3
    13 - Trannequin.mp3
    14 - It Ain't No Sin.mp3

    Link ;

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  • 01/09/17--12:20: Info on Sex Museum
  • Reader chp sends us a bunch of info on Sex Museum, featured here last week sometime:

    They've got some 15 álbum a un their 30 year career, still going strong. Great band, thanks for sharing. 

    check links, there  discography, bio, pictures more.......thanks chp

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  • 01/09/17--12:28: Busted At Oz Comp
  • A great Chicago punk comp (1981)  sent in from John N.....there is some info attached, but let me explain one thing....there is a band with several tracks on here whose links were removed a while back. I am unsure who did it, but they will be referred to in the tracklist as "A Band Featured Here Once", so I don't have to use their name......this is a damn fine, **** compilation though!
    Busted at Oz was a 1981 live compilation, released on Autumn Records. It is thought of as the definitive Chicago punk recording, the one that truly represents the scene's earliest sound. It was recorded at legendary punk club Oz on March 9,10,11 of 1981. The album is still a big hit with punk fans, as it routinely sells for over $50 on eBay. A limited (500 copies) vinyl reissue was pressed by Permanent Records in 2011.

    Side One

    • A Band Featured Here Once - Bomb Shelter
    • A Band Featured Here Once- When the Screaming Stops
    • Strike Under - Fucking Uniforms
    • Subverts - March Forth
    • Effigies - Quota
    • Da - Fish Shit
    • Silver Abuse - Anti-Hot Dog
    • Silver Abuse - Pink Port Now
    • Silver Abuse - Bomb Shelter

    Side Two

    • Effigies - Guns or Ballots
    • Subverts - State of the Union
    • A Band Featured Here Once - Paranoia
    • A Band Featured Here Once - Libido
    • Da - The Killer
    • Strike Under - Anarchy Song
    • Silver Abuse - Jigaboo Jump

    Jigaboo Jump, eh?

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  • 01/09/17--23:05: Box of Frogs
  • Excited about this one, for real, you guys should like

     these as well.......used to have them, dunno what happened to em (as so often is the case).......I know I liked these albums, quite a bit in fact.....some fine rocking blues, from a group featuring assistance from (get all these), Rory Gallagher, Jimmy Page, Graham Parker, Earl Slick, Jeff Beck.........well, obviously, we have some Yardbirds influence here, and whatever the hell could be wrong with that?

    Thanks a ton to Zigzagwanderer for these......see, THIS is what you never have some music in your stash that you haven't heard in years......BUT, someone else may have fond memories of that album, and no way to locate it......THAT is why I do what I do......I implore you to dig through that music collection and PLEASE share with the rest of us anything you think would be of interest, and THAT doesn't take much, EVERYTHING that is posted is almost always appreciated by SOMEONE. Sharing is good......and, again, that is ALL we are doing here.

    Thanks Zig, you send some great shares......I hope you continue to, because YOU GET WHAT WE ARE DOING HERE, as opposed to so many who climax after deleting my links. Anyway, this is great and please try it if you are unfamiliar, it's worth your time!

    Box Of Frogs .

    01 - Back Where I Started.mp3
    02 - Harder.mp3
    03 - Another Wasted Day.mp3
    04 - Love Inside You.mp3
    05 - The Edge.mp3
    06 - Two Steps Ahead.mp3
    07 - Into The Dark.mp3
    08 - Just A Boy Again.mp3
    09 - Poor Boy.mp3
    10 - Nine Lives.mp3
    11 - X-Tracks.mp3

    Strange Land .

    01 - Get It While You Can.mp3
    02 - You Mix Me Up.mp3
    03 - Average.mp3
    04 - House On Fire.mp3
    05 - Hanging From The Wreckage.mp3
    06 - Heart Full Of Soul.mp3
    07 - Asylum.mp3
    08 - Strange Land.mp3
    09 - Trouble.mp3
    10 - I Keep Calling.mp3

    A couple of great and underappreciated hard rocking albums, trust me,you'll like these!

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    Ahh, it was about time I checked to see if you are still paying attention......NOT a great album, kind of
    unlistenable to me at least......BUT it is a somewhat "legendary" piece.......this album is entitled "Hapshash and the Coloured Coat Featuring the Human Host and the Heavy Metal Kids".......well, certainly not especially "metalic", but as a period piece, unstoppable! To make this even better this is a totally groovy vinyl rip, thanks (originally) to my Pops, BigMike43........this is a strange album, NOT really good, but you rarely see it anymore, and, hey, a VINYL rip? It'll be just like you were THERE!

    01-H-O-P-P Why?/02 A Mind Blown Is a Mind Shown/03 The New Messiah is Coming, 1985 (who the fuck was it, reagan? Lower case letters deliberate)/04 Auom/05 Empires of the Sun

    This is a rarity, from my Daddy's vintage vinyl I said, it's not great, but it is "significant", again, just click your heels three times and say "It's all about the variety!"

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